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    Challenge Mode FAQ by Superhotbunman

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 01/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ____                                   _     ____                        ____
    |    |     ____  ___       ___  ____   / \   / ___\                      / __ \
    | [] ||\  |_  _|/ __\||_||| __||_  _|  \ /   | |    ||  |\    |\ ||||/ / |_|| |
    |   _|| \   ||  ||   |__ || _|   ||    _X    | |    ||  | \   | \|||  /    / /
    | | \ ||\\  ||  ||__ || ||| |_   ||   /  \/  | |___ ||_ ||\\  ||\ |||\\   / /_
    |_|\_\|| \\ ||  \___/|| |||___|  ||   \__/\  \____/ |__||| \\ || \||| \\ |____|
     ____                          ____
    / ___\  ___           ____    / ___\  ___   _  _  _  _            ___   ___
    ||  _  / _ \ || |\ ||| ___|   | |    / _ \ | \/ || \/ ||\   |\ ||| _ \ / _ \
    || | | || || || | \|||| __    | |    || || |    ||    || \  | \|||| \ ||| ||
    ||__|| ||_|| || ||\ |||_| |   | |___ ||_|| |    ||    |||\\ ||\ |||_/ |||_||
    \____/ \___/ || || \||____|   \____/ \___/ ||\/||||\/|||| \\|| \||___/ \___/
    Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
    Challenge Mode FAQ
    And my very first FAQ!
    1. History
    2. Credits
    3. Legal Stuff
    4. Writer's info
    5. What is Challenge Mode
    6. Why play Challenge Mode
    7. How to get Challenge Mode
    8. Before going to Challenge Mode
       8.1 Weapons, Gadgets, & Items
       8.2 Bolts
       8.3 Other stuff
    9. What is new in Challenge Mode
       9.1 General
       9.2 Gadgets & Items
       9.3 Other stuff
       9.4 Weapons
    10. Weapon description and usage tips
    11. What should I buy if I have a million bolts
    12. What if I have finished Challenge Mode
    13. Additional explanation of aquiring Skill Points / Platinum Bolts / Nano 
    14. Guide for aquiring lots of bolts
    15. Battle strategies
        14.1 Optional Bosses strategies
        14.2 Arena strategies
    16. The Insomniac Museum
    17. Extra challenges
    18. Extra challenges strategies
    19. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. *History*
    Version 0.9: (20/1/2004) Added more stuff. Added a few new sections. I got all 
    Skill Points. I need 4 more Platinum Bolts. This guide is hardly complete 
    though, sorry...
    Version 0.8: (2/1/2004) Happy New Year, yesterday! Finished Challenge Mode. 
    Added more stuff.
    Version 0.6: (12/12/2003) Re-arranged the order of the contents. Added more 
    sections. Added more stuff. Currently on Planet Snivelak.
    Version 0.5: (11/12/2003) Correcting some major mistakes, must keep FAQ 79 
    characters in width. Contributions please.
    Version 0.1: (10/12/2003) Just started the FAQ. Just started playing in 
    Challenge Mode a few days ago. Contributions are very much appreciated.
    2. *Credits*
    I can only update the FAQ as I play. If you have things I don't have in this 
    FAQ, I would gladly add it and write your name right here.
    I would like to thank
    Insomniac- For creating the wonderful 'Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando' game.
    Sony- For making the PlayStation 2 and getting the game on it.
    My parents- For buying the PS2 and R&C 2.
    GameFAQs- For posting this FAQ.
    3. *Legal Stuff*
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    4. *Writer's info*
    Online 'alter ego': Superhotbunman
    E-mail: superhotbunman@yahoo.com
    Age: 16
    No more shall be said.
    5. *What is Challenge Mode?*
    There are only two ways to look at Challenge Mode. Second-half or second-time. 
    It can be considered as a second-half because you cannot completely complete 
    the game without playing the Challenge Mode. It can also be considered a second 
    time because you're playing the whole game again. The Challenge Mode is just 
    playing the game again on a harder difficulty setting. It reminds me of another 
    game I like, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The upside-down castle is like 
    the Challenge Mode.
    6. *Why play Challenge Mode?*
    To completely complete the game. And, who would want to miss out on the 
    opportunity to play this landmark game all over again?
    7. *How to get Challenge Mode*
    Complete the game once. It will ask you if you want to go back in time to 
    defeat Qwark again or take the Challenge Mode. You should know what to do.
    8. *Before going to Challenge Mode*
    You'll need to do a few things before going to Challenge Mode.
    8.1 -Weapons, Gadgets, & Items-
    Get all the weapons and upgrade all of them. You should try to get the 
    Megaweapons as early as possible (when you just start the Challenge Mode). Also,
    get all the Gadgets and Items. Get all the Crystals and Moonstones to be traded 
    to the Psychic. Get all the Platinum Bolts too.
    8.2 -Bolts-
    Collect as much bolts as you can. Get enough bolts to buy the Megaweapons you 
    want when you start Challenge Mode. If you need to know, I calculated that you 
    will spend about 13 000 000 bolts in the game (weapons, ammunition, gadgets, 
    items, and some other stuff).
    8.3 -Others-
    Completely complete the first game first. Do all the missions, Arena challenges,
    Racing challenges, and Star Explorer challenges. Completely upgrade the Star 
    Explorer (Get the 'Nice Ride' Skill Point). Get all the Skill Points except the 
    'Weapon Envy' Skill Point (You can only get the 'Weapon Envy' Skill Point in 
    Challenge Mode, anyway). Get all the weapon mods if you have all the Platinum 
    Bolts. Or you can just move on to Challenge Mode and then do whatever.
     Note: There is a little disagreement to unlocking 'Sheep Blasters'. In 
     Deadmeat X's walkthrough, he says that you need to get all the Platinum Bolts 
     to unlock it. I, on the other hand, unlocked it by getting the 'Weapon Envy' 
     Skill Point.
    9. *What is new in Challenge Mode?*
    9.1 -General-
    First of all, the game will be more difficult. The enemies are the same, but 
    they do more damage. Nano Healing will heal more: The white nanos heal 4HP, the 
    purple nanos heal 16HP. New weapons will be unlocked. Weapon Packs gives more 
    ammo. 3 new things will appear in the Specials menu: 'Short Cuts', 'Random 
    Stuff',and 'First Person Mode'. More things will be added in Movies: 'Credits', 
    and 'Sketchbook'. Random Stuff has 'Sheep Blasters', 'Space-ish Wars' and 
    'Painting'. 'Sheep Blasters' is unlocked by getting the 'Weapon Envy' Skill 
    Sheep Blasters: Something like a 2-player co-operative horizontal Space 
    Invaders, without the shields. Player 1 controls the red Kilonoid, player 2 
    controls the green Synthenoid.
    Directional buttons / left analog stick: move Kilonoid / Synthenoid.
    [], X, O: shoot
    /\: continue playing R&C 2
    Space-ish Wars: Something like 2-player Asteroid versus battle (Remember 
    Asteroid? The one where you control a triangle-shaped ship to destroy 
    asteroids?). Player 1 will control the white sheep, player 2 will control the 
    black sheep. The shiny thing in the middle will suck your bullets in. If you 
    touch it, you will die.
    Up: move forward
    Down: move backward
    Left: turn left
    Right: turn right
    []: shoot
    /\: continue playing R&C 2
    Short-Cut: You can go straight to a certain destination like arenas, racing, 
    battle planets, et cetera. You can only go there by Short-Cut if you visited 
    there before in Challenge Mode. You can also go to the special 'Insomniac 
    Museum' if you went there before (I went there by a glitch).
    First Person Mode: Play the game in first-person view, FPS-style! The controls 
    are changed slightly. The wrench attack is Comet-Strike.
    D-pad / left analog stick-Up: move forward, Down: move backward, 
    Left-strafe left, Right-strafe right.
    Right analog stick-Up: look up, Down: look down, Left: turn left, 
    Right: turn right
    [],O,/\,X- same
    Shoulder buttons-L1, L2: shoot weapon, R1: crouch, R2: no use
    Press analog stick-L3, R3: same
    Select, Start: same
    Sketch Book: See what they do in the making of the game. It's kinda like a 
    slide show, so you will have to sit through it.
    Paintings: See what they paint
    Credits: See who is responsible for the creation of the game
    You will also get the Bolt-Multiplyer which multiplies your bolts. It is 
    neither a Gadget nor Item. I don't mean the total amount of bolts, it is the 
    amount of bolts you acquire at the moment you kill enemies. It will multiply 
    more if you kill more enemies without getting hurt. If you get hurt, the 
    multiplyer will go back to 1. Even if you have the Shield-Charger (or any 
    upgraded form), the multiplyer will go back to 1 if you get attacked (you don't 
    have to lose a HP). If you die, the multiplyer will remain the same. If you are 
    killed, the multiplyer goes back to 1. When you load a saved game, the 
    multiplyer will be the same. The maximum is x20. With the Bolt-Multiplyer, a x# 
    will appear under the bolt icon. If it is x1, nothing will be there.
    {Note} The table below is not accurate. It should give you a rough idea how it 
    Enemies killed means the number of enemies you have to kill, not the total 
    number you killed so far.
    Multiplier|Enemies killed
        x1    |       0
        x2    |       1
        x3    |       2
        x4    |       3
        x5    |       4
        x6    |       5
        x7    |       6
        x8    |       7
        x9    |       8
       x10    |       9
       x11    |      10
       x12    |      11
       x13    |      12
       x14    |      13
       x15    |      14
       x16    |      15
       x17    |      16
       x18    |      17
       x19    |      18
       x20    |      19
    9.2 -Gadgets & Items-
    You will lose ALL your Gadgets except the Charge Boots. You will also lose ALL 
    your items except the Commando Helmet, the armor you last have (probably the 
    Electro-Steel Armor),  Armor Magnetizer, Box-Breaker, and Mapper. You can get 
    them back by playing through Challenge Mode. The amount of Platinum Bolts will 
    be brought over to Challenge Mode (so you don't have to recollect them). Also, 
    the amount of Raritanium will be brought over.
    (Update after receiving the first question)
    The amount of Crystals and Moonstones will NOT be brought over. Why? Because 
    Insomniac saw through your plans for getting tons of bolts.
     Possible plan: Collect the Crystals and Moonstones the first time you play 
     but don't trade it to the Psychic. Instead, bring them over to Challenge Mode 
     and trade them to the Psychic. Instead of getting 1000 and 3000 for each, you 
     will get more (read below). And also, all the Crystals and Moonstones you get 
     in Challenge Mode can then be traded for bolts.
     Note: I'm still researching on this.
    9.3 -Other stuff-
    In Planet Tabora, you can trade Crystals for 10 000 bolts each instead of 1000. 
    That means, you can get a total of 900 000 bolts. You should be able to buy one 
    of the killer-priced weapons or the Carbonox Armor. In Planet Grelbin, you can 
    trade Moonstones for 30 000 bolts each. Yet another million in your pocket. A 
    total of 2 310 000 bolts. Also, there are more challenges in the arena, etc.. 
    The prize bolts are also more.
    New challenges are unlocked by completing other challenges. These are the full 
    list of challenges.
    Maktar Nebula
    "Introducing the new challenger for the arena. From no where in particular, 
    this guy!"
    Battle for Electrolyzer: 15 000
    Hazard Challenge- Watch your step: 15 000
    Battle Chainblade: 40 000
    Time Challenge- Kill 30 enemies in 30 seconds: 15 000
    Battle the B2 Brawler: 50 000
    Time Challenge- Kill 60 enemies in 60 seconds: 20 000
    Mega Challenge: 30 000
    Limited Weapon Challenge- 300 Heavy Lancer shots only: 15 000
    Limited Weapon Challenge- 8 Mini-nuke shots only: 20 000
    Tag Team- Chainblade & B2 Brawler: 60 000
    Endurance Challenge: 20 000
    Ultimate Challenge: 70 000
    Timed Avoidance- Dodge Chainblade for 2 minutes: 60 000
    Wrench Expert- Wrench only and don't take a hit: 90 000
    Total bolts=520 000
    Planet Barlow
    "All ya have to do is win the race, and you can be one of us."
    Challenge 1- Amateur Curcuit: 2 500
    Challenge 2- Intermediate Curcuit: 20 000
    Challenge 3- Vulkovar Curcuit: 30 000
    Challenge 4- Assault Curcuit: 40 000
    Challenge 5- Expert Curcuit: 60 000
    Total bolts=152 500
    Planet Joba
    Challenge 1: 40 000
    Challenge 2: 50 000
    Challenge 3: 60 000
    Challenge 4: 80 000
    Total bolts=230 000
    "Here is the returning champion of the arena. Ratchet, and this metal guy."
    Battle for Gravity Boots: 18 000
    Battle for Infiltrator: 18 000
    Battle Arachnoid: 75 000
    Damage Avoidance: 50 000
    Time Challenge- kill 90 enemies in 90 seconds: 50 000
    Battle Megapede: 125 000
    Limited Weapon Challenge- Wrench only: 50 000
    Timed Limited Weapon Challenge- Lancer all enemies in 60 seconds: 100 000
    Time Challenge- kill Megapede in 3 minutes: 100 000
    The Impossible Challenge!: 2 000 000
    Damage Avoidance- Battle Megapede and don't take a hit: 100 000
    Total Bolts=2 686 000
    Hrugis Cloud
    "Are you sure you said the right password, cuz the defenses are firing at us!"
    Challenge 1: 29 000
    Challenge 2: 90 000
    Challenge 3: 100 000
    Challenge 4: 110 000
    Total bolts=329 000
    Planet Gorn
    Challenge 1: 65 000
    Challenge 2: 250 000
    Challenge 3: 300 000
    Challenge 4: 350 000
    Total bolts=965 000
    9.4 -Weapons-
    All the weapons you have so far will be carried over to the Challenge Mode. In 
    addition, you can buy the Megaweapon upgrade for your weapons. It costs a lot, 
    but it is very useful. Also, the Clank Zapper weapon will be unlocked. It is 
    only possible to get the 'Weapon Envy' Skill Point in Challenge Mode. The ammo 
    will also cost less. The 'Weapon Envy' Skill Point requires you to buy every 
    weapon in the game and upgrade the first 16 weapons, even though it says "Get 
    all weapons; Upgrade all weapons". I got the skill point even though my Clank 
    Zapper hasn't got a single experience point.
    Cost: Initial weapon
    Ammo: 200
    Ammo cost: 1
    ]Heavy Lancer[
    ammo: 300
    Ammo cost: 1
     ]Mega Heavy Lancer[
     Cost: 150 000
     Ammo: 400
     Ammo cost: 1
     ]Ultra Heavy Lancer[
     Ammo: 500
     Ammo cost: 1
    ]Gravity Bomb[
    Cost: Initial weapon
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Mini-Nuke[
     Cost: 1 500 000
     Ammo: 20
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Mini-Nuke[
     Ammo: 30
     Ammo cost:
    Cost: 5 000
    Ammo: 35
    Ammo cost:
    Ammo: 35
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Multi-Star[
     Cost: 150 000
     Ammo: 40
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Multi-Star[
     Ammo: 70
     Ammo cost:
    ]Seeker Gun[
    Cost: 5 000
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
    ]HK22 Gun[
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega HK22 Gun[
     Cost: 150 000 (not sure)
     Ammo: 40
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Hk22 Gun[
     Ammo: 50
     Ammo cost:
    ]Pulse Rifle[
    Cost: 20 000
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Vaporizer[
     Cost: 400 000
     Ammo: 12
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Vaporizer[
     Ammo cost:
    ]Miniturret Glove[
    Cost: 25 000
    Ammo: 20
    Ammo cost:
    ]Megaturret Glove[
    Ammo: 20
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Megaturret[
     Cost: 550 000
     Ammo: 30
     Ammo cost: 
     ]Ultra Megaturret[
     Ammo: 50
     Ammo cost:
    ]Blitz Gun[
    Cost: 15 000
    Ammo: 40
    Ammo cost:
    ]Blitz Cannon[
    Ammo: 40
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Blitz Cannon[
     Cost: 375 000
     Ammo: 50
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Blitz Cannon[
     Ammo: 60
     Ammo cost:
    ]Shield Charger[
    Cost: 100 000
    Ammo: 5
    Ammo cost:
    ]Tesla Barrier[
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Tesla Barrier[
     Cost: 250 000
     Ammo: 10
     Ammo cost: 100
     ]Ultra Tesla Barrier[
     Ammo: 15
     Ammo cost: 100
    Cost: 65 000
    Ammo: 12
    Ammo cost:
    Ammo: 12
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Kilonoid[
     Cost: 450 000
     Ammo: 20
     Ammo cost: 
     ]Ultra Kilonoid[
     Ammo: 40
     Ammo cost:
    ]Lava Gun[
    Cost: 20 000
    Ammo: 200
    Ammo cost: 1
    ]Meteor Gun[
    Ammo: 200
    Ammo cost: 1
     ]Mega Meteor Gun[
     Cost: 200 000
     Ammo: 300
     Ammo cost: 1 
     ]Ultra Meteor Gun[
     Ammo: 400
     Ammo cost: 1
    Cost: 100 000
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
    ]Heavy Bouncer[(My favourite!)
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Heavy Bouncer[
     Cost: 200 000
     Ammo: 40
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Heavy Bouncer[
     Ammo: 60
     Ammo cost:
    ]Minirocket Tube[
    Cost: 50 000
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
    ]Megarocket Cannon[
    Ammo: 25
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Megarocket[
     Cost: 650 000
     Ammo: 40
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Megarocket[
     Ammo: 60
     Ammo cost:
    ]Plasma Coil[
    Cost: 150 000
    Ammo: 15
    Ammo cost:
    ]Plasma Storm[
    Ammo: 15
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Plasma Storm[
     Cost: 750 000
     Ammo: 25
     Ammo cost: 
     ]Ultra Plasma Storm[
     Ammo: 50
     Ammo cost:
    ]Hoverbomb Gun[
    Cost: 120 000
    Ammo: 10
    Ammo cost:
    ]Tetrabomb Gun[
    Ammo: 10
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Tetrabomb Gun[
     Cost: 1 250 000
     Ammo: 15
     Ammo cost: 50
     ]Ultra Tetrabomb Gun[
     Ammo: 25
     Ammo cost:
    ]Spiderbot Glove[
    Cost: 15 000
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
    ]Tankbot Glove[
    Ammo: 8
    Ammo cost:
     ]Mega Tankbot Glove[
     Cost: 375 000
     Ammo: 16
     Ammo cost:
     ]Ultra Tankbot Glove[
     Ammo: 24
     Ammo cost:
    Cost: Weapon found
    Ammo: Uses no ammo
    ]Ultra Black Sheepinator[(My favourite!)
    Ammo: Uses no ammo
    ]Tesla Claw[
    Ammo: 200
    Ammo cost: 1
    ]Mega Tesla Claw[
    Ammo: 400
    Ammo cost: 1
    ]Bomb Glove[
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost:
    ]Mega Bomb Glove[
    Ammo: 60
    Ammo cost:
    Ammo: Uses no ammo
    ]Mega Walloper[
    Ammo: Uses no ammo
    ]Visibomb Gun[
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost: 200
    ]Mega Visibomb[
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost: 100
    ]Decoy Glove[
    Ammo: 20
    Ammo cost: 50
    ]Mega Decoy[
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost: 25
    Cost: 1 500 000
    Ammo: 4
    Ammo cost: 10 000
    ]R.Y.N.O. II[(My favourite!)
    Cost: 1 000 000
    Ammo: 100
    Ammo cost: 50
    ]Clank Zapper[
    Cost: 1 000 000
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost: 100
    ]Clank Shocker[
    Ammo: 30
    Ammo cost:
    10. *Weapon Description and Usage Tips*
    -Lancer / Heavy Lancer / Mega Heavy Lancer / Ultra Heavy Lancer-
    Replacement for the Blaster. Not that useful, not that useless. A pistol 
    upgrades to a machine gun. Good range, low power, rapid-fire.
    -Gravity Bomb / Mini-Nuke / Mega Mini-Nuke / Ultra Mini-Nuke-
    The crowd-clearing weapon. The further you upgrade it, the bigger the blast 
    radius. It is also very powerful. You can clear an area with only one shot. 
    The weapon lobs a bomb onto the ground and it explodes.
    -Chopper / Multi-Star / Mega Multi-Star / Ultra Multi-Star-
    An average single-target and multi-target weapon. Best to use use it in open 
    areas for single-target and a closed room for multi-target. Good to be used 
    against Megapede because it moves alot and the weapon will chase it everywhere. 
    You will have a short down-time if you launch this weapon, so jump around while 
    launching it.
    -Seeker Gun / HK22 Gun / Mega HK22 Gun / Ultra HK22 Gun-
    Upgrade it immediately. It will truly shine when it becomes the HK22 Gun. The 
    Seeker Gun will launch a seeker missle forward. When it goes near an enemy, it 
    will stop and change it's direction to crash into the enemy. The HK22 Gun 
    launches 3 seekers missles. Trice the fun! Shock Mod for dealing with multiple 
    enemies, Lock-on Mod to focus attack on one enemy.
    -Pulse Rifle / Vaporizer / Mega Vaporizer / Ultra Vaporizer-
    Can you say 'sniper'? This is a sniper rifle. Just like any other sniper 
    rifles, it is a very long-ranged weapon. It also has a sniper scope. It is very 
    powerful and can kill most enemies in one shot. Shock Mod for groups of 
    enemies. Use it sparingly due to it's very limited ammo. The Vaporizer fires 
    explosive bullets. Affects nearby enemies.
    -Miniturret Glove / Megaturret Glove / Mega Megaturret / Ultra Megaturret-
    If you played strategy games, you should know what this is for. This is a 
    defensive structure, sort of. Toss it into the middle of an enemy group and 
    hide. The Miniturret Glove fires a constant stream of bullets. The Megaturret 
    fires a more powerful homing rocket. The weapon is very useful at the 
    beginning of the game, but gets less useful later in the game. This weapon is 
    surprisingly weak later in thet game. The Shock Mod can create utter chaos in 
    enemy groups. It will self-destruct if it cannot find any enemies within it's 
    rather small firing range or runs out of ammo.
    -Blitz Gun / Blitz Cannon / Mega Blitz Cannon / Ultra Blitz Cannon-
    Every good game should have a shotgun. And this is the game's shotgun. Not so 
    powerful, close-range, spread-shot gun that is strong enough to stun the enemy 
    temporarily. Stronger enemies can withstand it's power. Punish them with the 
    Acid Mod.
    -Shield Charger / Tesla Barrier / Mega Tesla Barrier / Ultra Tesla Barrier-
    It's an energy shield that damages enemies on contact and protects you from 
    enemy attacks. One of the hardest weapons to upgrade. But once you do, it is 
    one of the most useful weapons in the game. Upgrade it immediately. The Tesla 
    Barrier not only protects you more, it also attacks enemies that comes to near 
    with an electric shock (it is not called the Tesla Barrier for nothing). It has 
    no mods, but it should suffice.
    -Synthenoid / Kilonoid / Mega Kilonoid / Ultra Kilonoid-
    Do you think the game is sometimes a bit too hard? Ever wished Clank could help 
    you more? Do you need a dependable side-kick? Well now you can! Summon 4 
    partners and they will follow you everywhere. They will attack enemies on 
    screen within their range of fire. They will disappear when they run out of 
    ammo. When they upgrade to Kilonoids, they will fire more rapidly and will 
    throw bombs if the enemy is close enough. No mods too.
    -Lava Gun / Meteor Gun / Mega Meteor Gun / Ultra Meteor Gun-
    The Lava Gun is the big brother to the Pyrocitor. It shoots a stream of 
    red-hot lava. But, when it upgrades to the Meteor Gun, it changes completely. 
    Some players will not like this. The Meteor Gun launches balls of fire that has 
    limited range and engulfs enemies in flames. It is much stronger than the 
    Ultra Heavy Lancer.
    -Bouncer / Heavy Bouncer / Mega Heavy Bouncer / Ultra Heavy Bouncer-
    Works well as a single-target and multi-target weapon. Does better in closed 
    rooms than open areas. One of my favourite weapons. I like the sound. 
    Understand? No? Okay, this is what it means.
    Poom: Launch a Bouncer Bomb.
    Boom: Bouncer Bomb explodes.
    Ping: Minor Bouncer Bomb bounces of the ground
    Blam: Minor Bouncer Bomb explodes on contact with enemy
    Krak: Unexploded Minor Bouncer Bomb self-destructs after a while
    The Minor Bouncer Bombs tends to bounce toward enemies. A Bouncer Bomb 
    contains about 20 Minor Bouncer Bombs. It is not that strong, but it's number 
    should cover that weakness.
    -Minirocket Tube / Megarocket Cannon / Mega Megarocket / Ultra Megarocket-
    Brother of the Devastator. It is an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). The 
    Minirocket Tube lauches a powerful homing rocket. The Megarocket Cannon can 
    launch 4 rockets at once by holding the circle button then releasing it (kinda 
    like the Rocket Cannon in Unreal Tournament).
    -Plasma Coil / Plasma Storm / Mega Plasma Storm / Ultra Plasma Storm-
    Comes with a built in Shock Mod. That's the whole point of this weapon. With 
    the Plasma Coil, shoot an enemy and the surrounding enemies will get a shock. 
    The Plasma Storm, on the other hand, launches a plasma orb that shocks enemies 
    as it passes by. It has a very long range, so you can hide and attack enemies. 
    It is best used against many enemies because it will only shock an enemy once.
    -Hoverbomb Gun / Tetrabomb Gun / Mega Tetrabomb / Ultra Tetrabomb-
    Cousin of the Visibomb Gun. This weapon launches a hovering spike bomb that 
    you can control by holding the circle button when you launch it. You can only 
    move it left and right though. If you don't hold the button, it will travel 
    straight ahead. Press or let go of the circle button to detonate it. It has 
    infinite range and is very strong with a huge blast radius. The Tetrabomb Gun 
    will launch 5 bombs at the same time that will hover apart the further it 
    travels. The Lock-on Mod makes no difference. Does well against multiple 
    enemies. Close range attack for a single enemy.
    -Spiderbot Glove / Tankbot Glove / Mega Tankbot Glove / Ultra Tankbot Glove-
    Stay safe and destroy your enemies with this weapon. The Spiderbot Glove will 
    send a Spiderbot that you can control before it self-destructs in 30 seconds. 
    You can even remotely collect bolts but not Platinum Bolts, health, and ammo. 
    Send it beside and enemy and it will detonate in their face. The Tankbot is a 
    Spiderbot with a turret on it. The turret is very weak but has infinite ammo. 
    The turret is fired using the [] button. You can also press the circle button 
    to detonate it yourself. The Mega and Ultra Tankbot can shoot bombs with the X 
    button. Hold and release the X button to launch the bomb further. It is very 
    strong and will become really useful the more you upgrade it. This weapon has 
    an Acid Mod that helps deal extra pain.
    -Sheepinator / (Ultra) Black Sheepinator-
    Megacorp's answer to Gadgetron's Morph-o-ray. Also one of my favourite weapons. 
    The Sheepinator will turn harmful enemies into harmless white sheep. The Black 
    Sheepinator is the last upgrade of the Sheepinator. It will turn enemies into 
    explosive black sheep! Enemies will rather attack the black sheep. There is 
    some differences to the Morph-o-ray if you haven't noticed. The Sheepinator 
    cannot be fired if you are doing anything but stand still, walk, or run. Unlike 
    the Morph-o-ray, the "morphing ray"'s effect is not collective. If you stop 
    firing or switch targets, the morph gauge will go back to zero instead of 
    gradually going down. This is a big dissapointment for me because I liked my 
    Gold Morph-o-ray. Oh, and one more thing; when you use the gold Morph-o-ray, 
    turn on the 'Enemies have big head' cheat and laugh.
    -Tesla Claw / Mega Tesla Claw-
    It sucks! The five transferred weapons sucks! It is so much weaker in 
    Ratchet & Clank 2. The Tesla Claw shoots electric that curve towards an enemy 
    in range and continuesly damages it. When the enemy is destroyed, it instantly 
    attacks another nearby enemy, guaranteeing no waste of ammo.
    -Bomb Glove / Mega Bomb Glove-
    There is no point using this weapon since you have the Gravity Bomb and 
    Bouncer. It tosses a bomb.
    -Walloper / Mega Walloper-
    I used to use this weapon because it is stronger than the wrench. But now, the 
    wrench is as strong as it. So, no point using it too. Ratchet will collect 
    electricity in it then makes a short dash while punching. Looks like Jak's 
    -Visibomb Gun / Mega Visibomb-
    Okay, this weapon has slightly more use than the other transferred weapons. 
    I used it to see what is ahead if I cannot see with the Pulse Rifle's scope or 
    the Spiderbot. Other than that, it is weak, so no point using it. You must be 
    in a safe place first. If you are damaged while controling the Visibomb, it 
    will detonate the Visibomb and you can no longer control it. It will launch a 
    Visibomb that you can control. You will see from the on-board camera. It is 
    very fast, so it can't turn around much. Press circle to detonate it. Or just 
    crash it into an enemy.
    -Decoy Glove / Mega Decoy-
    This weapon is the most useful out of the 5 transferred weapons. Most of the 
    time, I use the Black Sheepinator as a decoy, but if the enemies are too 
    strong, I use this. Ratchet will throw an inflatable decoy and enemies will try 
    to attack it. The Mega Decoy can withstand more damage.
    "Words cannot describe the devastating force of the Zodiac". Uh, right.
    The Zodiac will destroy every single enemy in your screen. Bosses won't be 
    affected. It takes 2 seconds to fire the Zodiac, so be in a safe place. Enemies 
    that attack you will cancel the firing sequence. Ratchet will lift the Zodiac 
    above his head. The Zodiac will gather energy, then with a flash, all the 
    enemies on screen dissapears. You can fire it while you move, but you have to 
    make sure you keep the enemies on screen. Looks cool, but considering the 
    price of it's ammo, you better hope there is an ammo crate nearby.
    -R.Y.N.O. II-
    The successor to one of my favourite weapons. It is different than the R.Y.N.O.
    The R.Y.N.O. II fires powerful rockets with no homing capability instead of 
    the R.Y.N.O.'s powerful missles with great homing capability. The R.Y.N.O. II 
    will lock-on to all enemies and crates in your screen. One button press will 
    fire one rocket only at a randomly selected target. It will always target 
    ememies first. One rocket is strong enough to kill most enemies. Only the huge 
    enemies need more than one shot. The Lock-on Mod allows you to send all fired 
    rockets to one enemy. And in case you are wondering, R.Y.N.O. stands for 
    "Rip You a New One".
    -Clank Zapper / Clank Shocker-
    At last, Clank will help you to kill enemies. With the Clank Zapper, Clank 
    will fire green electric bolts randomly at any enemy in front of you. It is 
    strong, but Clank needs a little encouragement to attack. When he decides to 
    attack, his transmitter on his head will glow green. When it upgrades to 
    Clank Shocker, Clank will not only fire electric bolts more frequently, but he 
    will also fire laser beams out of his eyes at enemies behind you and set them 
    on fire! The laser beams are fired much more often. No more back-stabbers!
    11. *What should I buy if I have a million bolts*
    I am not telling you what to buy, just suggesting. You will get your first 
    million on Planet Tabora. If you have the Electro-Steel Armor, you won't need 
    the Carbonox Armor. Buy the R.Y.N.O. II for now. For your next million, just 
    buy a Mega Weapon. Your next million, or rather, 3 million will be on Planet 
    Joba. Now, buy the Carbonox Armor. If you don't want the Clank Zapper, spend 
    the rest on Mega Weapons. Buy the Mega Mini-nuke and Mega Tetrabomb as soon as 
    possible. Then, you can buy whatever you want.
    12. *What if I have finished Challenge Mode*
    Do you have anything better to do? Okay, after you defeated the Mutated 
    Protopet again, the game will ask you the same thing. Now, you have to choose 
    if you want to play Challenge Mode again or go back in time to before you 
    defeated the Protopet. There isn't much left to do, it is about time to get a 
    new game. Or try out some extra challenges I have for you below.
    13. *Additional explanation of aquiring Skill Points / Platinum Bolts / Nano 
    Although there are already several guides on this, a little more explanation 
    might be needed.
    -Skill Points-
    -Platinum Bolts-
    -Nano Boost-
    14. *Guide for aquiring lots of bolts*
    The best place to get lots of bolts on foot in Planet Allgon, planet of the 
    over-population of Protopets.
    15. *Battle Strategies*
    It is about time someone wrote about this. Well, I'm here.
    15.1 -Optional Bosses strategies-
    15.2 -Arena strategies-
    I could hardly find a guide in GameFAQs that has guides for the arena. I'll 
    write it here soon.
    16. *The Insomniac Museum*
    There are 3 ways to get here. GameFAQs already has a guide to it.
    Anyway, There is no map for the museum. You might get lost (I did). When I have 
    time, I'll make a map of it right here. It won't come too soon, by the way.
    17. *Extra Challenges*
    These extra challenges are made by myself, and you can mail me more challenges.
    These challenges are of no importance, but as a test of skill, maybe.
    -Ratchet & Clank-
    i. I read a few guides in GameFAQs that say you need the R.Y.N.O. to defeat 
    Drek. Well, I was too lazy to get the R.Y.N.O. the first I played the game, so 
    I had to defeat Drek without it. I managed to pull it off, after 4 tries. So, 
    how about it? My challenge: Defeat Drek without Gold Weapons or the R.Y.N.O., 
    if you haven't done it yet.
    ii. You remember the 'Girl Trouble' Skill Point? Well, I'm trying for that now. 
    But, how about defeating that boss with a Walloper? I defeated it with a 
    Morph-o-ray. 2 challenges.
    -Ratchet & Clank 2-
    i. Okay, you may have the 'Dukes Up' Skill Point. But how about destroying the 
    Mother-Ship with only melee attacks? I done that because I thought there was a 
    Skill Point for it. So, will you take the challenge?
    ii. Play through the game using only the following weapons:
        Lancer / Heavy Lancer / Mega Heavy Lancer / Ultra Heavy Lancer
        Gravity Bomb / Mini-Nuke / Mega Mini-Nuke / Ultra Mini-Nuke
        Sheepinator / (Ultra) Black Sheepinator
        Tesla Claw / Mega Tesla Claw
        Bomb Glove / Mega Bomb Glove
        Walloper / Mega Walloper
        Visibomb Gun / Mega Visibomb
        Decoy Glove / Mega Decoy
    It will be easier if you transfer the Gadgetron weapons from the R&C save file.
    Note: I will write a guide for this. Given the lack of time, someone else might 
    want to write the guide instead.
    18. *Extra Challenges Strategies*
    19. *Frequently Asked Questions*
    1. Will Crystals, Moonstones, Raritaniums, Bolts and Platinum Bolts be carried 
    over to Challenge Mode when you beat the game?
     Only the Raritaniums, Bolts, and Platinum Bolts will be carried over. You will 
     have to recollect the Crystals and Moonstones again in Challenge Mode. With 
     this, you can have another chance to get the "Heal Your Chi" and "Be a Moon 
     Child" Skill Points. You can also get lots more bolts.
    Copyright 2003 Superhotbunman

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