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    Boss FAQ by Dandude776

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    R A T C H E T   &   C L A N K   :   U P   Y O U R   A R S E N A L
                             B O S S   F A Q
    Last updated 12/6/04          By Dandude776 (AKA NinjaChicken776)
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Planet Florana
    4. Qwark Episode 1
    5. Annihilation Nation – Fight 1
    6. Planet Tyhrranosis
    7. Annihilation Nation – Fight 2
    8. Planet Daxx
    9. Holostar Studios 
    10. Obani Draco
    11. Qwark Episode 4
    12. Metropolis
    13. Launch Site – Fight 1
    14. Launch Site – Fight 2
    15. Contributor Info
    16. Contributor Recognition
    17. Thanks
    18. Legal Stuff
     Version 1.0 – 11/12/04
    First version! I’m pretty sure I got all the bosses, but if there is 
    one missing, tell me!
     Version 1.1 – 11/22/04
    Well I have quite a lot to add since it took GameFAQs 10 days to 
    upload, and I’ve been playing R&C since. More names of bosses, mentions 
    that I accidentally suggested using a weapon you shouldn’t have (Heh), 
    and some other random updates.
     Version 1.2 – 12/6/04
    Some new contributed strategies, the damage done by Qwark’s attacks, 
    and one or two little tidbits, like the fact that the Splitter Rifle is 
    surprisingly effective against the final boss.
    -More/Better strategies I guess
    -Any attacks or sequences I missed
    -Maybe I’ll add the Space Pirate Captain from the 2 Lost Captain Qwark 
    -Possibly the damage done by each attack
    -Maybe a “Quick-Tips” section like in my Matrix Boss FAQ
    Ahoy hoy! My name’s Dandude, and this is my 4th FAQ! Hurray! Anyway, 
    bosses are always the best part of every great game, and R&C:UYA has a 
    lot of cool ones – Some of which can be a challenge. So this FAQ is 
    here to help out. Anyhoo, Ratchet & Clank gives you a ton of weapons to 
    play around with, so for every boss fight you have many options. If you 
    have a favorite weapon that you tend to fight well with, by all means 
    use it. My suggestions are just the things that worked for me. And 
    always try a boss first before you read this. It’s best to experience 
    their attack patterns first hands, so you’ll be ready. Also, some 
    bosses are fights in the many arenas, which means that you’ll be able 
    to fight them again with heavier weaponry. My suggestions for the 
    gladiator bosses are always for your first confrontation with them, as 
    later on you can blow them away with much more high tech explosives. 
    And as a general tip, in most fights it’s just you and the boss, so I 
    find it best to lock onto them (If your weapon has that), and then just 
    strafe around while firing at them. Well then: On with the FAQ!!
    *NOTE: Throughout the guide I might refer to a weapon by both it’s 
    original and upgraded name. Sorry, but sometimes I just forget what 
    name it started with. Most are pretty obvious (When I say Quantum Whip 
    I’m referring to the Plasma Whip, and N90 Hurricane refers to the N60 
    Storm), but the following are some less obvious ones:
    Spitting Hydra -> Tempest
    Annihilator -> Decimator
    LOCATION: Planet Florana
    ATTACKS: Boomerang..............................5 Damage
             Upward Slash...........................4 Damage
             Call for Reinforcements (Tiki Men).....4 Damage
                                     (Blood Flies)..3 Damage
                         Plasma Whip
                         Shock Blaster
    Hurray, the hero of the galaxy returns... Thinking he’s a monkey. 
    Before the battle you’ll find a convenient Gadgetron Vendor, so stock 
    up on ammo if you need it, or buy any new weapons you crave. Qwark 
    isn’t that tough, but his boomerang does a surprising amount of damage, 
    so keep your guard up. Stay back and strafe back and forth, side-
    flipping over the boomerang (Remember to move right when you land so 
    you don’t get hit when it goes back top Qwark), and unloading the N60 
    Storm on Qwark. If you get an opening (He throws a wild shot), dash up 
    and hit him a few times with the Plasma Whip too. After doing some 
    damage to him he’ll leap up into the trees, and call a bunch Tiki guys 
    in to help. The Shock Cannon handles them pretty nicely, and the Plasma 
    Whip is fun to test out. After nailing them all Qwark attacks again. 
    From fighting the Tiki guys you should be close so just dodge his 
    upward slash attack and keep hitting him until he falls.
    LOCATION: Qwark Vid-Comic: Episode One
    ATTACKS: Spines
    Wow wasn’t that vid-comic fun? Heh heh, nothing better than an old-
    school side scrolling mission. And now you face the old school boss: A 
    robotic worm which digs through the walls, squirms around the three 
    platforms, and then digs away again. Just pick up the ammo pickups 
    whenever they falls, stand in one place, and either shoot up or across 
    at the worm. I tend to unload all of my ammo with each pass, so always 
    get the ammo pickups. Obviously don’t touch the worm, or you’ll be 
    damaged. After some passes, a small avalanche will trigger, causing 
    several rocks to fall from the sky. They can be hard to see against the 
    background, so stay on the ground level and just watch out for rubble. 
    After depleting the worm’s health the vid-comic immediately ends.
    LOCATION: Annihilation Nation (Various arena matches)
    ATTACKS: Gary – Chaingun
                    Rocket Rain
             Helen – Plasma Whip
                         N60 Storm
                         Megaturret Glove
    Don’t worry you don’t have to fight Helen and Gary at once; It’s a tag 
    team battle. You’ll start the fight against Gary (The big guy with the 
    chaingun), then fight Helen (The big robot with the Viking hat and 
    whip), then fight Gary again, then Helen again to finish her off, and 
    then Gary a final time if you didn’t get him last time. They’re not 
    that hard. Gary’s chaingun can be dodged by just flipping over it or 
    moving backwards and forward. Just dodge and either hold down the N60 
    Storm or move closer to smack him with the Shock Blaster a few times. 
    If you have the Megaturret Glove, drop a few megaturrets in the center 
    of the ring so they will be able to target both Helen and Gary. After 
    depleting about a half of Gary’s health he bails out and Helen falls 
    behind you. Rotate the camera if it doesn’t turn all the way around and 
    give you a clear view of Helen. Use the same attack strategy and just 
    hop over the slow shockwaves she hits out, and don’t go close or feel 
    the wrath of the plasma whip. After knocking her down to half health 
    Gary drops down again. Try to finish him off as quickly as you can or 
    else he’ll start blasting rockets into the sky which fall down and 
    really hurt you. Luckily the rockets all have aiming cursors where they 
    are going to land, so keep moving to stay out of the barrage of 
    rockets. After doing a lot of damage to Gary, Helen hops back in and 
    continues her attack. However if you don’t kill her quickly Gary will 
    star the rocket rain again, forcing you to dodge rockets while fighting 
    Helen. Take her down and then finish Gary to end it.
    If you decide to fight them later in the game (Or do one of the later 
    challenges) they become pathetically easy. The Decimator makes short 
    work out of them, and both the Bouncer, Splitter Rifle, and Plasma Coil 
    can easily finish each round with them in only 1 or 2 shots.
    LOCATION: Planet Tyhrranosis
    ATTACKS: Tentacle Whip
             Gattling Gun
                         Shock Cannon
                         N60 Storm
                         Agents of Doom
    (Thanks to both Protego1337 and MasterVG71782 for reminding me of the 
    AHHHH GIGANTIC TYHRRANOID!! RUN!! Anyhoo this battle isn’t that tough. 
    The massive Tyhrranoid falls from the ceiling and snarls at you, and 
    then the fight begins. At first all it will do it slowly stumble over 
    and swipe at you with it’s tentacles. Just lock-on and strafe backwards 
    while firing Annihilator missiles at it. If you don’t have the 
    Annihilator or have no ammo, just blast the N60 Storm, or step around a 
    corner and toss out the Agents of Doom. After doing some damage Momma 
    Tyhrannoid leaps to the ceiling and starts firing a gattling gun at 
    which you can avoid for a second before the next scene begins. So now 
    that Momma Tyhrannoid is at half health and angry, it lets loose it’s 
    rocket launchers and destroys part of the arena, also causing the force 
    field to the bridge to turn off. Now the game switches to the view of 
    Momma Tyhrannoid, and you have to run across the bridge while killing 
    Tyhrranoid Underlings and evading Devastator missiles until you reach 
    the next platform. Any multitarget weapon is good for dealing with the 
    Tyhrranoid Underlings (Those little, round, one-eyed troops), but I 
    prefer the Shock Cannon. Just strafe left and right to avoid the 
    targeting reticule of the missiles, blast the Tyhrranoid Underlings, 
    and reach the next arena where Momma Tyhrannoid starts her attack over. 
    Finish her off, and Qwark suddenly hops out, steps on Momma 
    Tyhrannoid’s eye, and takes credit for your kill. Hahaha.
    7. SCORPIO
    LOCATION: Annihilation Nation (Various arena matches)
    ATTACKS: Saw Wave
                         Agents of Doom
                         Megaturret Glove
                         Nitro Launcher
    Scorpio isn’t that tough, but the skill point associated with him can 
    be a pain if you’re lacking in health or armor. Anyway, Scorpio has 2 
    attacks: His Saw which he uses from afar, and his Flamethrowers which 
    he uses up close. The Saw isn’t that tough to dodge. It’s pretty much a 
    very concentrated shockwave that moves pretty fast, but you know he’s 
    about to fire it because his head will jerk down to place the saw and 
    kick it off. Just jump over it, because it does semi-hone-in on you, 
    turning a bit to hit you. He also has dual flamethrowers which can be 
    annoying, since they sweep pretty far around him and are hard to jump 
    over. Your best bet is to stay away and dodge the saw while hitting him 
    with whatever you have. Watch out though, because he does have treads 
    and moves pretty quickly, and can easily rush over and toast you with 
    the flamethrowers if you’re not careful.
    *SKILL POINT: You might have noticed a skill point called Bash the Bug. 
    Well, to get it you need to beat Scorpio using only your wrench. Sound 
    hard? It’s not too bad. First, wait until later in the game when you 
    have more health and better armor. Second, if you have the Shield 
    Charger between levels 1 and 4, use it. At level 5 it becomes the Tesla 
    Shield, which will zap Scorpio and prevent you from getting the skill 
    point. Anyway, from the beginning zip over as close as you can to 
    Scorpio, and constantly strafe around towards his back side while 
    hitting him repeatedly with the wrench. If you’re lucky he will 
    continue using the Saw attack, which is great for you: You’re so close 
    that just by standing away from his head you cannot possibly be hit by 
    the saw. If you’re not so lucky he’ll turn quickly and use the 
    flamethrowers. If he does, try and stand back and tossing your wrench 
    (Duck+O) whenever you have an opening from the flames. Just whittle him 
    down, and he’ll break eventually.
    LOCATION: Planet Daxx
    ATTACKS: Homing Rockets
             Sweep Laser
                         N60 Storm
    After running away from it’s swarm of seeking rockets throughout the 
    stage you finally get to take the Warp-Drive Jet (Not official name) 
    head on. You fight this battle on a circular floating platform, and the 
    Jet will blast away the outer ring as the fight goes on. Anyway the Jet 
    really only has two attacks: A small swarm of heat-seeking rockets, and 
    a laser which sweeps across the ring. The rockets aren’t that tough to 
    avoid, as they mark their target much like the rockets you’ve faced 
    before. They fire shortly after locking though, so keep moving 
    throughout the fight. And obviously stay away from the edge of the 
    ring. The laser is very easy to avoid; Just side-jump over it. Anyway 
    on to the battle: The most obvious thing you’ll notice is that the Jet 
    teleports around the ring. A lot. After firing a rocket swarm the jet 
    will immediately summon a black hole, warp out, and the reappear 
    somewhere else around the ring. Thing essentially means that you need 
    to be blasting it while evading it’s attacks, because you’ll never get 
    a good opening. Megaturrets are very handy, as you can drop them down 
    and then just focus on avoiding rockets while they bombard the Jet. The 
    Annihilator is a good primary weapon that wears the Jet down easily, 
    and if you run out of ammo (Be sure to have stocked up at the Gadgetron 
    vendor earlier), the N60 Storm should finish the job.
    LOCATION: Holostar Studios
    ATTACKS: Flying Rocket Barrage
    RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Giant Clank Punches
    (Thanks to both Maximusair 888 and MasterVCG71782 for reminding me of 
    the name)
    In the (Sadly) only Giant Clank mission of the game you get to fight 
    the Terror of Talos in a city set, along with tiny military tanks and 
    choppers, and Giant Ninjas. The military does barely any damage to you, 
    so don’t worry about them, although the Giant Ninjas can be a nuisance. 
    Luckily, you can defeat them easily by jumping on them. With a 
    perfectly aimed jump you can destroy a Giant Ninja in one hit. As the 
    fight begins it’s just you and the Terror of Talos. Just leap over and 
    keep punching the Terror of Talos, hopefully pinning him against a 
    wall, and just keep whaling on him. If he flies, use Rockets to bring 
    him down again. After doing some damage he’ll fly away, and you’ll be 
    attacked by 2 waves of 6 Ninjas. Destroy them all with jumps, and the 
    Terror of Talos returns with 12 Ninjas to finish you off. Blow up any 
    Ninjas that come your way, but deal mainly with the Terror of Talos, 
    because the fight ends when he falls.
    LOCATION: Obani Draco
    ATTACKS: Shockwave Flare
             Call for Back-Up Dancers
    RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Megaturret Glove
                         Plasma Whip
                         Multi-Disk Gun
    Easily one of the craziest fights in the game, here you get to take on 
    Courtney Gears and her back-up dancers in a funkadelic disco arena 
    complete with strobe lights, while the “Robots Must Be Free” song 
    blares in the background. I’ll be honest: The first time I did this, I 
    was so confused by the lights and Courtney constantly teleporting 
    around the arena that I just threw out as many Megaturrets as possible, 
    activated my Agents of Doom, and then just kept shooting Annihilators 
    over and over until Courtney Gears was destroyed. Haha. Anyway, I now 
    have a better idea of what’s going on: Okay, first off Courtney is a 
    wimp. She’ll teleport to one of the cages floating around the arena, 
    and then summon a bunch of manic Back-Up Dancers to appear in the 
    center of the arena and spin around cutting you if you’re nearby. The 
    Plasma Whip is fun to use here, but the Shock Blaster or Multi-Disk Gun 
    is nice too. Anything to damage them all at once. Keep watch though, 
    because although the Back-Up Dancers just spin around, you can still be 
    burned by Courtney’s shockwaves. So keep an eye out for a wave of 
    light, and be ready to jump over it. After destroying a bunch of 
    Dancers, Courtney will warp to the center arena and just continue 
    blasting out jump-able shockwaves, interspersed with pink fireballs for 
    you to lazily avoid. Hit her with a few Annihilators while leaping over 
    them and she’s gone. “One disposable pop-star... Disposed!”
    LOCATION: Qwark Vid-Comic: Episode Four
    ATTACKS: Punches
             Toxic Cloud
             Rainbow Beam
    You’re first confrontation with Dr. Nefarious!... And he’s actually 
    quite a challenge. The difficult part of this battle is that you fight 
    in a fairly compact space, and Dr. Nef has multiple attacks to hit you 
    at all distances. Close up he’ll attack you with kung-fu which can do 
    damage very quickly, so try and keep your distance. He’ll always 
    telegraph the Firewalls with a small blast underground, so stay away as 
    they do devastating damage. He usually casts multiple Firewalls at a 
    time, so stay between the blasts. The Toxic Cloud is a big pain: A red 
    noxious gas which lazily floats towards you and does damage if you get 
    hit. The best way to dodge it is to wait for it to come close and then 
    wall-jump over it. This is the tough part though: Dr. Nef likes to 
    blast a Toxic Cloud and then walk up behind it so that if you mis-time 
    your wall-jump, you’ll fly straight into his punches. Watch Dr. Nef 
    closely: If he’s far behind the gas, leap far over it to make Dr. Nef 
    step backwards, and then move back towards the wall behind the gas. If 
    he’s coming up right behind it, just risk a huge jump and hope for the 
    best. If you’re quick, you can leap out of Dr. Nef’s face before he 
    punches you. The Rainbow Beam is a snaking laser beam that you can try 
    to avoid by staying near the wall and at the last second jumping up and 
    sliding down as it dissipates under you. For offensive, there’s not 
    much to say: Just keep firing bubbles over and over, whenever he’s 
    standing still. Don’t just run for ammo whenever it appears, as it’s 
    usually very close to Nef and you don’t want to get hit. Be careful, 
    and you’ll be alright.
    If you don’t fire the bubbles rapid fire, and instead in a slow rhythm, 
    you can nail Dr. Nef against the wall and prevent him from attacking at 
    all! Try it out!
    You can kill Dr. Nef in a matter of seconds by rushing him and pounding 
    him with melee attacks!
    LOCATION: Metropolis
    ATTACKS: Energy Shockwaves
             Dual-Rocket Launchers
                         Agents of Doom
                         Splitter Rifle
                         Lava Gun (!)
    (Thanks to Protego1337 for pointing out that it’s Klunk not Clunk)
    (Thanks to Maximusair 888 for pointing out that you should not yet have 
    the Shield Charger)
    (Thanks to Cheeseman222, for pointing out that the Splitter Gun rocks)
    Hurray, what fun: A fight with a massive, well-armed, evil version of 
    Clank! And it’s atop a moving train! Great! This battle isn’t actually 
    that hard if you can stay out of Klunk’s way, but get pinned by 
    rockets, and you’re gone. Actually falling through the gap between 
    trains is a killer too. Klunk has only two attacks: His main attack is 
    a grenade-like move, in which he fires off a glowing orb. The orb will 
    slam into the ground and release a VERY quick shockwave around it. The 
    shockwave is fast, so you need to jump before the orb hits the train. 
    His other attack is quite annoying: He’ll hover in the air, and then 
    thrust across the length of the train, right over you, while firing 
    rockets straight down. Which means that if you’re caught under him, 
    you’ll take a lot of pain. When the battle starts, Klunk is at the far 
    end of the train, blasting energy orbs at you. After you jump over a 
    few and damage him, he’ll do a rocket run, and try to blast you into 
    submission. Try to strafe from one edge of the train car to the other. 
    It’s hard to avoid the rockets, but you can do it. Then he’ll land at 
    the other end, and repeat the pattern. Luckily, you really only have 
    endure one rocket-run, because after the first dash, a second train 
    will pull up beside yours (It carries some ammo crates too, which is 
    nice). Watch out though: There IS a gap between cars, so if you don’t 
    jump across, you’ll fall and die. And be extra careful, because you 
    can’t thrust or hover without Clank. With the second train the fight 
    becomes easier, since you have a much wider space to avoid rockets. 
    Again though, watch out for the gap. Just keep pounding Klunk with 
    whatever you have, and it will end quickly.
    *MORE FUN*
    Here’s a little freak occurrence that might happen to you: Klunk 
    falling off the train! It has actually happened to some people! If for 
    whatever reason you are fighting Klunk and he tumbles off the train, 
    unfortunately for you the only known cure is to quit or restart the 
    battle. I have heard of Klunk falling off at the battle’s start, or 
    being knocked off by a Splitter Rifle shot early in the match, so just 
    watch out!
    Here's a great strategy for defeating Giant Klunk. After repeated 
    failures taking on Giant Klunk with the annihilator, mini-turrets, and 
    agents of doom I had a crazy idea. Charge him with the lava gun. It 
    really works.
    From the start of the fight close in on Giant Klunk. When you're half 
    way across the middle train car toss out 1 Agents of Doom egg. They'll 
    divert his fire. Now just keep on charging and whip out the Lava Gun. 
    Get practically underneath Giant Klunk and keep the pressure on. You're 
    safe from Giant Klunk's rockets because you're inside his firing arc. 
    After a while Giant Klunk runs for it and you have to chase after him. 
    Just repeat the whole process all over again.
    Nothing beats the good old fashion frontal assault when it comes to 
    video games.
    LOCATION: Launch Site
    ATTACKS: Energy Shockwaves
             Dual Sweep Lasers
             Energy Shield
             Rocket Rain
                         Heavy Bouncer
                         Nitro Erupter
                         Gadgetron PDA
                         Charge Boots
                         N90 Hurricane
                         Splitter Rifle
    Here it is: The final battle with Dr. Nefarious. The future of organic-
    kind hangs in the balance. Don’t let us squishies down. Dr. Nef is a 
    tough boss for the unprepared-So don’t expect to win unless you’ve got 
    some armor (At least better than your starting armor) and some upgraded 
    weapons. If you played R&C2, you have been spoiled by the Mutant 
    Protopet: This final boss lays the Protopet to shame. Around as tough, 
    if not tougher, than the difficult battle with Drek in R&C1, Dr. Nef 
    takes you through 3 phases, and you’re going to need a heck of a lot of 
    firepower. Which is why the Gadgetron PDA is nearly a required gadget. 
    If you don’t have it, get it now: Go to the Qwark’s Hideout stage, and 
    go around the underground ice passage near your ship. At the end of the 
    path you’ll find a vending machine where you can buy the Gadgetron PDA 
    for some bolts. Buy it! It will allow you to restock up on ammo for any 
    Gadgetron weapon (Which means everything besides the Bouncer, Lava Gun, 
    Megaturret Glove, Shield Charger, and Plasma Coil). The shipping fee is 
    high (Ten-fold, actually), but it’s very useful to your survival here. 
    Welcome to your fight with Dr. Nefarious:
    The fight begins in a round arena, with Dr. Nefarious across from you. 
    Dr. Nef has a wicked Holopunch, in which he’ll slap so hard that a 
    shadowy hologram of him will fade across the ring and try to punch you. 
    These come at a straight line, you lock on to Dr. Nef and keep circling 
    around him. After doing some damage he’ll switch to a laser sweep; Much 
    like the sweeping lasers you’ve dealt with before, excep Dr. Nef does 
    two at a time. Either continuously back away from him, or stay in the 
    middle so you can jump over both lasers at once. After draining more 
    health he’ll immediately start blasting out Energy Orbs which act very 
    much like Giant Klunk’s: They’ll explode into shockwaves on impact. 
    However, Dr. Nef’s orbs at faster and more powerful, and he’ll throw 
    out more than one at once. So keep moving and jumping all over the 
    place, and use up every Plasma Coil shot you have, before moving on to 
    the Bouncer. After depleting his energy you’ll go to a cut-scene in 
    which Dr. Nef will fall to his knees and beg Ratchet for forgiveness... 
    Before floating up into the air, summoning an energy shield, and 
    blowing a massive hole in the arena.
    Now you have to fight your way across a war-torn battle field of the 
    toughest Tyhrranoids (And enemy troopers, and giant robots), in order 
    to reach the plateau and finish your fight with Dr. Nef. Along with 
    dealing with Tyhrranoids, Dr. Nef will be floating above you, mocking 
    you, and firing energy blasts for you to avoid. Along the path are ammo 
    and nano crates, and Space Rangers will eventually come to help you out 
    a bit. You have two choices: Either take it slow and fight your way 
    through the war-zone, collecting ammo and nano as you fight waves of 
    Tyhrranoids. It’s long, and you’ll inevitably take some damage. Your 
    other choice is my preferred method: Skip it. Use you Charge Boots: 
    (Double tap R1) to zip through the field, and keep doing it every time 
    the charge wears off. You can skip the entire sequence, zoom across the 
    bridge, and continue your fight on the plateau. It’s less fun, but 
    necessary if you’re losing health fighting the Tyhrranoids. At the 
    start of the second battle, use your PDA and restock on supplies if you 
    need them. And then finish your fight with Dr. Nef.
    The final fight works much like the first, except that at the start 
    turrets will fire a ton of rockets into the air, causing a hail-storm  
    of rockets (As usual with the markers on the floor), Dr. Nef is now 
    faster, he can teleport, and he can summon multiple holograms at once. 
    The rockets are not a problem as long as you keep moving, so just try 
    and dodge the holopunches as best you can while blasting Dr. Nef. Once 
    you deplete your Bouncer and Plasma Coil, use the Annihilator, and if 
    you run out of that use the Nitro Erupter. If that is finished, use the 
    PDA. The fight is long, but you can prevail!
    Hey Dan, I wanted to offer an alternative way to defeat Dr. Nefarious. 
    You can use only your level 5 N90 Hurricane and level 5 Splitter Rifle. 
    Now I had 100 Nano Points and the best armor (Infernox), but basically 
    you use the Hurricane all the time with lock on mode and jump when he 
    throws anything at you except for the lasers! When he uses the laser 
    beams you can jump out of range (they're pretty short) and use the 
    rifle with the zoom in. Now 8 shots are enough for him to blow the hole 
    in the arena. Then you, like you said, boost through the robot army and 
    in the final arena again use the exact same tactic.
    LOCATION: Launch Site
    ATTACKS: Energy Pulses
    RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Hovercraft Turret
                         Splitter Rifle
    Well looks like it’s not over after all. Dr. Nefarious has been 
    defeated but he launches the Biobliterator anyway, and it’s up to you 
    save the day. Hop into the nearby Hovercraft, and take off. The 
    Biobliterator is pretty easy. Just get on level with it, and hold 
    either left or right on the left analog stick while adjusting the right 
    analog stick to stay aiming at it while you circle around. Dip up and 
    down if you’re taking fire, and just continue shooting until it 
    explodes. Enjoy the funny, but abrupt ending, and then move onto 
    Challenge Mode! Congratulations!
    *MORE FUN*
    Just because your ship blows up, doesn’t mean you’re gone! You’ll 
    tumble back to the arena, and find a Turbo Slider (Those ATV like 
    things) which you can drive to the other half of the battle field, and 
    find a hangar with another hovership! You can even damage the 
    Biobliterator with the Turbo Slider, so although I’ve never tried it, 
    if you want to mess around you can try sitting back and blasting away. 
    Also note the many destroyed ruins of dead Giant Klunks scattered 
    around. Why were there so many?!
    The Splitter Rifle does a ton of damage, so you should destroy the 
    Biobliterator before you run out of ammo [Just use the PDA if you do]. 
    You can even stand in one spot, as the Biobliterator’s rockets do 
    negligible damage at this point in the game.
    If there’s a better strategy for a boss, if I suggested using a weapon 
    you don’t have (Sorry I’m on challenge mode, so most of the weapon 
    suggestions are from memory), if there are attacks I missed... etc, e-
    mail me (Or find me on the UYA board on GameFAQs)! My e-mail address is
    Be sure to make the topic something like "FAQ", "Ratchet & Clank", 
    "FAQ"... etc. Something that will let me know it has something 
    to do with this. I get a ton of spam, and if I don't know what your e-
    mail is, into the trash it goes. I have 3 other FAQs, and I have 
    gotten numerous good contributions that I trashed just because the 
    sender didn't put a good subject! Anyway, try to only make 
    contributions or ask questions about bosses. If you have a 
    question regarding the game (Such as beating a certain level, getting 
    skill points, looking for trophies/titaniums... etc), please check 
    another FAQ or ask on the board.
    Please note that if I use your contribution, I might reword it a bit, 
    or spell check it or something to make it sound better and make sense!
    ******VERY IMPORTANT*******
    Please do not Instant Message me via AOL. I really like getting e-
    mails about my FAQ, but IMs are just not good. If it's a contribution, 
    it's too easy for me to accidently close the IM box or delete your 
    good idea, or anything else. Also, from my Undead FAQ, Terminology FAQ, 
    and Enter the Matrix FAQ, a few people told other people what my screen 
    name was and they started harassing me. Needless to say, I easily used 
    my super powers to make their computers explode, but just do not IM me 
    or tell other people to harass me. I'm not afraid to hurt you. : )
    Stuff to e-mail me:
    -If there’s a boss I missed, or if the bosses are out of order (Again, 
    a lot of this is from memory since I’m in challenge mode)
    -Other strategies!
    -If I suggested using a weapon you’re not supposed to have during the 
    fight... hahaha
    -Thanking me for writing this (^_^)
    -If you find a website other than the one's listed in the Legal Stuff 
    section hosting this!
    -If you want to host this on your website! I'd be happy to let you, 
    but you must ask first!
    Stuff not to e-mail me:
    -Spam. Honestly. Do I have to explain?
    -Flames. Do you think I really care that you hate my Boss FAQ 
    so much that you use it as toilet paper? If you have constructive 
    criticism, say something. If you have no reason, don't.
    -Please don't ask me to help you find titanium bolts, trophies, or do 
    anything besides bosses.
     -O’Aka XXV, for the extra stuff for the Qwark vs. Nefarious fight
     -MasterVG71782, for reminding me of some boss names
     -Maximusair 888, for reminding me of some boss names, that you don’t 
    have the Shield Charger for Klunk, the damage for Qwark’s attacks, and 
    for pointing out that Courtney Gears has a fireball attack.
     -Protego1337, for reminding me of some boss names, and pointing out 
    that you shouldn’t have the Plasma Coil during some fights... Whoops!
    -Ramy Watts, for the little Dr. Nef strategy
    -Cryo Phantom, for pointing out that the Splitter Rifle is fantastic 
    against the Biobliterator.
    -Random Lawnmower, for the e-mail regarding the falling Klunk glitch
    -Jeff Klusnick, for the Lava Gun vs. Klunk idea
    -Cheeseman222, for reminding me that the Splitter Rifle works wonders 
    on Klunk
    -Lt. Joe, just for saying that my FAQ was great. = )
    -Bogman245, for pointing out that melee attacks can take down Dr. Nef 
    in the comic
    17. THANKS
    Some people/stuff I'd like to thank:
    -To anyone who read this
    -To Insomniac for making such a great series
    -To Warcraft III which kept me busy while playing R&C at the same time
    -To Me, I guess...
    -To Any website that hosts this
    This FAQ is copyright, Danny Markowitz, 2004. All rights reserved. It 
    may only be used on the following website(s):
    Just note that GameFAQs will always have the lasted version.
    Do not use any or all of it without my permission. All of the text is 
    owned and was written by Daniel Markowitz. You may print it out if you 
    want, but don't turn it into a strategy guide and sell it, unless you 
    send me the profits! That would be okay! If you are want to use my FAQ 
    on your website, you must ask my permission first, and you may not 
    alter or change the text in it anyway. All in all, if you really want 
    to use it for something (litter box for your pets... whatever.) 
    besides just a personal FAQ, ask me first.
    _,.-~=*'`"^THE END!!^"`'*=~-.,_

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