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    Qwark Vid Comic Guide by odino

    Version: 1.29 | Updated: 01/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
    Qwark Vid Comic Guide / FAQ
    Playstation 2
    Version:	1.29	released on 16th July 2005
    Author:		odino <ebayer20(at)lycos(dot)com>
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available to GameFAQs.
    		             TABLE OF CONTENTS
    01.) Introduction	  				| G0100  | 
    02.) Overview						| G0200  |
    03.) Issue 1						| G0300  |
         Issue 1 Qwark Icons				| G0310  |
         Issue 1 Health Upgrade				| G0320  |
    04.) Issue 2						| G0400  |
         Issue 2 Qwark Icons				| G0410  |
         Issue 2 Health Upgrade				| G0420  |
    05.) Issue 3						| G0500  |
         Issue 3 Qwark Icons				| G0510  |
         Issue 3 Health Upgrade				| G0520  |
    06.) Issue 4						| G0600  |
         Issue 4 Qwark Icons				| G0610  |
         Issue 4 Health Upgrade				| G0620  |
    07.) Issue 5						| G0700  |
         Issue 5 Qwark Icons				| G0710  |
         Issue 5 Health Upgrade				| G0720  |
    08.) Skill Points					| G0800  |
         Issue 1 Speed Guide				| G0810  |
         Issue 2 Speed Guide				| G0820  |
         Issue 3 Speed Guide				| G0830  |
         Issue 4 Speed Guide				| G0840  |
         Issue 5 Speed Guide				| G0850  |
    09.) Secrets						| G0900  |
    10.) Personal Bests					| G1000  |
    11.) FAQ						| G1100  |
    12.) Credits						| G1200  |
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    Update History:
    - 1.0	Initial Release	(23rd Nov 2004)
    - 1.1	Minor things  (26th Nov 2004)
    - 1.2	Thanks to all who e-mailed about suggestions & bugs, updated the
    	guide just a little. New SECRETS section! (9th January 2005)
    - 1.21	Corrects a minor mistake in the 5th Comic Token list, thanks to James
    	Morgan for finding it! Other minor updates. (10th January 2005)
    - 1.25	Updated minor things here and there. (5th March 2005)
    - 1.26  Fixed a few typos etc. (22nd June 2005)
    - 1.27  Apparently the first vid comic has an alternative name. Thanks to
    	Atlantea for pointing this out to me. (3rd July 2005)
    - 1.28	Typos corrected thanks to RSmit ;) (16th July 2005)
    - 1.29  Added note about the Insomniac Museum thanks to Fabled Log
    	(5th Jan 2006)
    01.)                         INTRODUCTION			G0100
    This is a guide for the Arcade game included in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your
    Arsenal (short R&C: UYA and also known as 'Ratchet & Clank 3') for the PS2.
    The guide includes an Issue guide, a list of Qwark Icons and Skill Point
    hints and additional information about the Vid Comics. You will find each
    Issue by following the story in R&C UYA, check a full walkthrough if you are
    having trouble finding any of them.
    You are required to play through the Arcade game when you first play R&C: UYA
    but one can later skip the issues in Challenge Mode.
    The reason I started this guide was because so many people had asked the same
    questions over and over again, so this might be useful! Please e-mail with
    any missing info & errors!
    I own the PAL version of this game but as far as I know there are no
    differences between the NTSC and PAL releases in terms of the Vid Comics. If
    you know of any then contact me about it.
    02.)                         OVERVIEW				G0200
    Blue Icons count for 1 point; Red Tokens 10. The Health Upgrade gives you 
    extra health bars and fills your current health when you pick it up. There
    is one health upgrade and 100 Qwark Tokens in every level and you get a
    Titanium Bolt if you find all 100. If you manage to beat Qwark's Speed record
    you will also gain a Skill point.
    You have infinite lives, unlimited time and there are a few checkpoints in
    each level. When you die, by either losing all health bars or falling off a
    platform, you will respawn at the last checkpoint.
    I suggest attempting these things separately, first trying to finish by
    getting the health upgrade and possibly all tokens and later when you have
    more or even all health upgrades to aim for the skill point. In my opinion
    these are the only somewhat challenging skill points in R&C: UYA and you
    should have them under your belt in a few attempt at the most.
    03.)                         ISSUE 1				G0300
    Issue 1: Pirate Booty! (aka Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder)
    This is more or less like a tutorial, Qwark will tell you a lot about the
    game and you shouldn't have any problems finishing it. Don't bother shooting
    the eel half-way through the Issue and fire the fiends coming from both sides
    instead. When you reach the end of the level you will have to face off with
    this foe nonetheless.
    Boss:  	| Space Eel |
    This Boss is quite easy, just fire the gun at it from a platform where the
    eel doesn't pass. New ammo will drop down each time after the boss has
    passed. After 2 times there will be debris falling from the ceiling so hide
    underneath a platform. At this time the eel will not come by. Once the debris
    is gone, the same attack pattern starts again.
    Qwark Icons							G0310
    Location:							Total:
    1 Icon after the first few jumps and guarded by a rat		 001
    3 Icons, jump up and left					 004
    1 RED Icon, at the end of the upper platforms			 014
    1 Icon just before the elevator					 015
    19 Icons along the elevator ride				 036
    1 RED Icon at the top of the elevator ride			 046
    4 Icons on the disappearing platforms				 050
    1 RED Icon in the top left corner of the disappearing platforms  060
    2 Icons after the disappearing platforms			 062
    2 Icons in while jumping gaps and avoiding enemies		 064
    8 Icons before the throwing enemy, guarded by many fiends	 072
    6 Icons after the gun while jumping gaps and defeating fiends	 078
    1 Icon in the enemies infested area				 082
    1 RED Icon on top of the flame throwing enemy			 092
    8 Icons on the last stretch leading to the boss			 100
    Health Upgrade							G0320
    Can hardly miss it - part of the tutorial & plain in sight. Qwark will
    explain what the health upgrade is all about, too.
    04.)                         ISSUE 2				G0400
    Issue 2: Arriba Amoeba
    This can be annoying with all those Amoeba, but the level itself is quite
    easy. Quite often you can avoid battle or push enemies into the fences/off
    Qwark Icons							G0410
    Location:							Total:
    3 Icons are just after the first fight with the Amoeba		 003
    6 Icons are on the first wall jump				 009
    2 Icons are just before the first gun				 011
    2 Icons are above the first gun					 013
    1 RED Icon is after the gun and where you fight a bio robot and 
      a lot of Amoeba. Jump to a ledge on the top right.		 023
    3 Icons are on the moving platforms				 026
    3 Icons are on the wall jump					 029
    1 Icon is on the wall jump after that				 030
    4 Icons, while you hang on to the moving platform		 034
    1 RED Icon after the 2nd gun, get on the moving platform and 
      jump off the wall with the pink sign to reach it		 044
    4 Icons along the way to the 3rd gun				 048
    2 Icons between the electric fences				 050
    5 Icons after the 4th gun, drop straight down before the 
      platform instead of directly onto it				 055
    2 Icons on the moving platforms					 057
    4 Icons are on the next wall jump				 061
    1 Icon after the wall jump					 062
    2 Icons on the disappearing platforms while on the way up	 064
    4 Icons after dropping down between the electric fences		 068
    1 RED Icon after dropping down between the fences, punch the
      wall on the left and drop down to reach it.			 078
    4 Icons on the next few platforms				 082
    3 Icons in between the two walls after a bunch of Amoeba	 085
    1 RED Icon between the two walls, wall jump to reach it		 095
    5 Icons on the way up on the moving platforms			 100
    Health Upgrade							G0420
    In the area where there are three moving platforms, and the last one is going
    up and down. Stand on that last one, and at its max height jump to the left
    and punch through the wall to find it.[NinjaChicken776]
    05.)                         ISSUE 3				G0500
    Issue 3: Shadow of the Robot
    Be prepared for some shooting in this level, plenty of guards to keep you 
    busy. There aren't any particular hard parts, but don't be surprised if you
    take a few hits. A tip for the bombers is to aim where they are coming from
    and start shooting just before they pop in the foreground - that way they
    won't get a chance to drop any bombs thus the mini-boss is finished much much
    quicker and no harm done to you.
    Qwark Icons							G0510
    Location:							Total:
    1 Icon just at the start, along with the gun			 001
    3 Icons after a fight with robots on some platforms		 004
    1 Icon at the 2nd gun						 005
    2 Icons at the end of a long part with barrels before 3rd gun    007
    1 RED Icon after that long stretch of rolling barrels, jump to
      the first platform and then wall jump off the left wall to
      reach the platform above. Just before the 3rd gun.		 017
    2 Icons in the next part with barrels				 019
    2 Icons in the part with a small lava pit			 021
    3 Icons on the ladder leading to the bombers			 024
    3 Icons in the bomber room, wall jump to the highest one	 027
    1 RED Icon above the door that opens when you defeated the
      bombers, jump to get grab it.					 037
    1 Icon in the next part with the lava, barrels and a bomber	 038
    2 Icons above and below the platform with fire around it	 040
    2 Icons between the platforms with fire going around them	 042
    1 RED Icon, after 2 fire platforms and a guard, a ladder goes
      down so drop down to grab it					 052
    6 Icons in the next part with a bomber, guard & lots of barrels  058
    10 Icons along the elevator					 068
    1 RED Icon along the elevator, by a guard on the left		 078
    1 Icon at the start of the fire part				 079
    1 RED Icon along the way between flames				 089
    1 RED Icon just after the other red icon, can't miss it		 099
    1 Icon at the end of the fire part				 100
    Health Upgrade							G0520
    Right at the start, after the first big fight with robots and you get to
    rolling platforms, drop down before the next part with rolling barrels,
    there's a gap with the upgrade in it and a ladder to get back out.
    06.)                         ISSUE 4				G0600
    Issue 4: Deja Q All Over Again
    This Issue starts rather easy with some jumping action. Just make sure
    those Q-blocks are green before you jump to the next one. Once you get on the
    bus there will be some hectic fight against bees, simply punch them off if
    they get annoying. Once the bus crashes completely, jump off and the bees
    will all have died anyway. Now you get a gun -  use it to fight off those bee
    swarms and hives for the remainder of the level. The mini-bosses will fire
    a beam onto the ground which then splits into both directions so get ready to
    jump over it. The swarm requires 3 hits from your weapon. You can hit it 3
    times in a row but often the bees fly too high when they charge the beam. A
    useful tip is to make a wall jump to gain height and blast them. Continue all
    the way to the top and enter the chamber to meet up with...
    Boss:  	| Dr.Nefarious |
    Dr.Nefarious is very easy, it helps to have all health upgrade up to that
    point. Simply unload your ammo onto him and then start punching him. Soon
    there will an ammo drop so pick it up quickly. Unload the next 10 rounds and
    start punching some more. He should have fallen by then. If you drag this out
    too long you'll have to put up with additional hazards so don't bother.
    Qwark Icons							G0610
    Location:							Total:
    1 Icon is just after the first Q-block				 001
    3 Icons are on the slide, can't miss them			 004
    1 Icon is after the 3 Q-platforms				 005
    4 Icons on the next slide, can't miss them			 009
    1 Icon on the Q-block						 010
    3 Icons while jumping to the next platform from the Q-block	 013
    3 Icons on the next few Q-blocks				 016
    5 Icons along the rope slide, can't miss them			 021
    1 Icon just after the next few disappearing platforms		 022
    1 Icon on one of the Q-blocks					 023
    1 Icon just after the Q-blocks					 024
    1 RED Icon if you go underneath the bus and drop down twice	 034
    1 Icon on the ladder leading to the bus				 035
    1 Icon on the bus						 036
    1 RED Icon while on the bus, just after the bus starts flaming
      and the bees attack, it's slightly covered by some plant	 046
    1 Icon just after the bus crashes				 047
    1 Icon on the ladder just after the bus ride			 048
    1 Icon just next to first gun					 049
    1 RED Icon, after the gun pickup, destroy a beehive on a
      platform, jump up and grab it, before the first mini-boss.	 059
    1 RED Icon, after 3 more beehives there is ladder leading to a
      large arched window, jump to the top left and there it is	 069
    3 Icons, after the first mini-boss and a few ladders		 072
    1 RED Icon, destroy a beehive underneath a platform		 082
    1 Icon next to the ammo and the second mini-boss		 083
    1 Icon, destroy the beehive after the second mini-boss		 084
    2 Icons in the chamber of the third mini-boss			 085
    1 RED Icon, go up the ladder and there is a large round window,
      go left and pick it up					 095
    2 Icons, next to the large round window				 097
    2 Icons up a few ledges						 099
    1 Icon with the second last mini-Boss				 100
    Health Upgrade							G0620
    After the large round window, go right and up left 3 platforms, then jump
    left to grab another one, up and follow along and you'll find the upgrade.
    07.)                         ISSUE 5				G0700
    Issue 5: The Shaming of the Q
    In this Issue you'll need to be fast all the time, because the icy water is
    rising and if it catches up with you will harm you. About half-way through
    the level you can go left or right, left is where the health upgrade is, so
    get that first, kill yourself and then go right to collect the rest of the
    icons. The robots can be annoying as they shoot before they even see you,
    get used to it and shoot while you jump up the ramps so they die while you
    land. It's not too hard after a few attempts.
    Qwark Icons							G0710
    Location:							Total:
    1 Icon just at the start after you hop onto the first ledge	 001
    2 Icons on the next height					 003
    2 Icons along the way						 005
    2 Icons along the way when avoiding the purple flames		 007
    3 Icons around the spiky area					 010
    2 Icons where you first break the ice blocks			 012
    1 RED Icon just after you break the ice blocks, jump onto the
      next platform, hop to the one on the right and then wall jump
      to the next one up						 022
    7 Icons on the way up						 029
    1 RED Icon when you reached the top there is a platform even
      higher, wall jump on the right to reach it			 039
    6 Icons on the way up						 045
    3 Icons on the way right, opposite where the health upgrade is	 048
    2 Icons up the ladder						 050
    1 RED Icon on top the ladder, just before breaking ice blocks    060
    4 Icons while going up						 064
    1 Icon on the ladder						 066
    2 Icons in the narrow passage					 067
    1 RED Icon in the gap after 4 purple flames come along		 077
    2 Icons in the next ice block					 079
    5 Icons in the room with lots of ice				 084
    1 RED Icon in the room with lots of ice blocks, you can jump
      on the first block to reach it or wall jump to get it		 094
    1 Icons along the way						 095
    5 Icons going up to the finish					 100
    Health Upgrade							G0720
    About a quarter of the way through the level there is a large pathway of
    platforms leading up, and they veer right, before you climb up a ladder
    avoiding those fireballs. Before the ladder section, jump across and to the
    left and climb up the shortcut to find the health.[Dandude776] Qwark should
    be shouting "Don't look down, don't look down" just before this point.
    08.)                         SKILL POINTS			G0800
    Issue 1 Speed Guide						G0810
    Time to beat: 2:40
    Try to jump as many fiends as possible, but don't get hit by those skulls as
    they will cost you more time. You can get onto the lift in 6 seconds, then
    dodge those Molotov cocktails and punch the rats, you can't speed up the lift
    but don't get off it either as it'll stop. A tip: At the lift at the
    beginning, you can wall jump the rest of the way up to save a few good
    seconds. [Dandude776]
    Once on top, simply jump through the thrower. Moving on, you should be at the
    mid-level in around 45 seconds. Shoot the fiends coming from left and right,
    knowing how many come from each side and when will help you shoot in advance,
    you can move on when they are all dead. For the next part try to blast fiends
    in the way as it doesn't cost you time and reduces the risk of being hit.
    Dodge those skulls and hopefully the moving platform won't be at the other
    side when you arrive, or it could cost you a few seconds. You should be at
    the boss well before you hit the 2 minute mark. The eel can be defeated in 3
    rounds, after that there is a pause where debris falls down, this costs you
    time but you might still be able to make it anyway, depending how fast you
    were at the beginning.
    You can damage the eel very hard by punching it when you run out 
    of ammo. The punches do a lot damage, but they'll require a sacrifice 
    of some health though, so be prepared.[Teemu Lyly]
    This might shave off a couple of seconds if you have enough health available.
    Try this after a few health upgrades if you can't beat it quick enough without
    Issue 2 Speed Guide						G0820
    Time to beat: 2:10
    This shouldn't be a problem. Simply punch your way through or jump over 
    enemies as they come. Knowing when there will be enemies approaching helps a
    lot so you can fire in advance.
    Issue 3 Speed Guide						G0830
    Time to beat: 1:50
    Issue 3 can be a tight affair. Simply blast away if you know there will be
    robots, but ignore the ones coming up from behind. Don't forget to jump barrels
    and quickly dispatch the bombers. You might get hit a lot so an extra health
    upgrade or two is a good idea.
    Issue 4 Speed Guide						G0840
    Time to beat: 4:45
    To start memorize the pattern of the maze thing in the beginning. Also when
    there is a rope jump so that you basically land on the bottom of it. I've
    gotten past the first part in under 50 seconds this way. [BoboBobThe3rd] 
    Nefarious can be defeated very quickly, fire all ammo at him and then start
    punching until you get more ammo. He should fall before doing any fancy moves
    and hopefully you have enough health left to go into a one-on-one close-up.
    You should even have enough time to commit suicide when confronting Dr.
    Nefarious. If you only have a few health bars left just let yourself killed by
    him and you'll restart at this chamber with full health and only lost around
    5-10 seconds max. With full health you don't need to worry about losing a few
    bars when doing close-quarter-combat with Dr. Nefarious.
    Issue 5 Speed Guide						G0850
    Time to beat: 2:00
    You have to be fast in this level anyway, but what saves you time is not
    dying of course. Easier said that done. Avoid those missile firing robots and
    flames - go left at the junction where the health upgrade was (shortcut) and
    just make sure you get there in one piece. You should have all health upgrades
    by now but it is important that you don't fall down into the freezing water.
    09.)                         SECRETS				G0900
    There are secret Quark comics to be found in the Insomniac Museum.
    How to get to the Insomniac museum? There are two ways:
    1. One way is to get all trophies and the door in the trophy room will unlock
    so you can teleport to the museum.
    2. Another way is to go to Metropolis and follow the path over and into the
    first building, then hop up onto the left window sill and break the window,
    then hop across to the next building. Hop up onto the left side again and
    break this window, and there's a teleporter. Go to it at 3:00am - 4:00am for
    the Insomniac Museum.[essence of halo]
    Note: You must be playing in Challenge Mode to active this, thanks go to
    [Fabled Log] for pointing that out.
    Tip: You don't actually have to wait until 3-4am in the morning/at night to
    enter that teleporter. Simply set your Playstation 2 internal clock to a time
    between 3am and 4am, start the game and it should be operational.
    Once inside there is the familiar sofa where you can select to play two
    hidden comics. One is the 6th comic that was dropped from the game as stated
    in the comments by the developers, and the other one is the Unedited Vol. 1
    comic. If you complete the sixth comic it will unlocked on the Starship
    Phoenix where you can play it directly. The other level won't carry over to
    the Phoenix. [Samuel Aran]
    If anyone wants to submit a guide or token list for those extra levels please
    feel free to do so!!
    10.)                         PERSONAL BESTS			G1000
    Issue 1: 2:34
    Issue 2: 2:07
    Issue 3: 1:45
    Issue 4: 3:43
    Issue 5: 1:58
    See FAQs for more info about Personal Bests.
    11.)                         FAQ				G1100
    i)	Where can I find the health upgrade for Issue x?
    Use the guide above, that's what it's there for. And if you can, don't ask
    the same question in the GameFAQs forum as it's been answered so many times.
    ii)	Can I submit my Personal Bests?
    I said yes here at first, but it seems unnecessary. If you have a really fast
    time, let us know how you did it with some tips for the speed guide and it
    might get mentioned - but the time alone isn't enough to add and update all
    the time. I personally don't play the comics enough to really challenge the 
    records and also don't find much thrill in doing so :=) There are web sites
    that keep track of gamers records for various games such as Tekken and
    Warioware Inc. If anyone knows a site that keeps times for the Quark Vid
    Comics then e-mail me and I will mention it here.
    iii)	There is a sixth Vid Comic in my list, underneath the 5th?!
    Read the SECRETS section. You must have played the Insomniac Museum level and
    it got unlocked in your list.
    iv)	Where ARE the Comic Books?
    You will get them while you progress through the game. I will not spoil this
    for you. If you are still having trouble finding them then you are most likely
    having trouble with the game itself and should check out a full walkthrough
    at GameFAQs.
    12.)                         CREDITS				G1200
    First thanks goes to Insomniac Games for making such a great game. Looking
    forward to the upcoming ones, too.
    Sony for the great PS2 it is played on.
    All the fellow gamers who provided useful tips, info and errors.
    And finally, GameFAQs for hosting this.

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