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    FAQ/Walkthrough by I N F E R N O

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 02/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        ____        __       __         __     ____        ________            __  
       / __ \____ _/ /______/ /_  ___  / /_   /  _ \      / ____/ /___ _____  / /__
      / /_/ / __ `/ __/ ___/ __ \/ _ \/ __/   >  _ </\   / /   / / __ `/ __ \/ //_/
     / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ /__/ / / /  __/ /_    /  <_\ \/  / /___/ / /_/ / / / / ,<   
    /_/ |_|\__,_/\__/\___/_/ /_/\___/\__/    \_____\ \  \____/_/\__,_/_/ /_/_/|_|  
                                              \_____\ \
            __  __       __  __                ___                         __
           / / / /__     \ \/ /__  __ ______  / _ | _______ ___ ___  ___ _/ /
          / /_/ / _ \     \  / _ \/ // / __/ / __ |/ __(_-</ -_) _ \/ _ `/ / 
          \____/ .__/     /_/\___/\_,_/_/   /_/ |_/_/ /___/\__/_//_/\_,_/_/  
                     Game.......................Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
                     Platform...................PlayStation 2
                     Author.....................Evan "I N F E R N O" Falon
                     Started....................December 4th, 2004
                     Updated....................February 26th, 2005
                     AOL Instant Messenger......IxNxFxExRxNx0 
                     MSN Messenger..............xl_inferno_lx@hotmail.com
                        | This document is Copyright |
                        |    2004-2005, Evan Falon   | 
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                   1) Version History ............. [VHST01]
                   2) Information ................. [INFO02]
                   3) Controls .................... [CTRL03]
                   4) On-Screen Display ........... [SCRN04]
                   5) Pause Menu .................. [PSMN05]
                   6) Special Items ............... [SPCL06]
                   7) Weapons ..................... [WPON07]
                   8) Gadgets ..................... [GDGT08]
                   9) Armor ....................... [ARMR09]
                  10) The Phoenix ................. [PHNX10]
                  11) Walkthrough ................. [WALK11]
                       Planet Veldin ..................... [VLDN00]
                       Planet Florana .................... [FLRN01]
                       Starship Phoenix  ................. [PHNX02]
                       Planet Marcadia ................... [MRCD03]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX04]
                       Annihilation Nation ............... [ANNI05]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX06]
                       Planet Aquatos .................... [AQUA07]
                       Starship Phoenix  ................. [PHNX08]
                       Planet Tyhrranosis ................ [NOID09]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PNX010]
                       Planet Daxx  ...................... [DAXX11]
                       Annihilation Nation  .............. [ANNI12]
                       Holostar Studios  ................. [HOLO13]
                       Planet Obani Gemini  .............. [GMNI14]
                       BlackWater City   ................. [BLAK15]
                       Obani Draco ....................... [DRCO16]
                       Zeldrin Starport .................. [ZDRN17]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX18]
                       Metropolis ........................ [MTRP19]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX20]
                       Planet Zeldrin .................... [ZDRN21]
                       Planet Aridia ..................... [ARDA22]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX23]
                       Qwark's Hideout ................... [QWRK24]
                       Starship Phoenix .................. [PHNX25]
                       Planet Koros ...................... [KROS26]
                       Command Center .................... [CMND27]
                  12) Online ...................... [ONLN12]
                  13) Cheats ...................... [CHTS13]
                  14) Skill Points ................ [SKIL14]
                  15) Titanium Bolts .............. [TBLT15]
                  16) Trophies .................... [TRPH16]
                  17) Special Thanks/Legal ........ [THNK17]
                  18) Copyright ................... [CPRT18]
    1)                          Version History                            [VHST01]
    | Version................Date..............Updated   | 
    Version 0.00 ..........12/04/04......... Started FAQ
    Version 0.05 ..........12/04/04......... Added format, started walkthrough
    Version 0.10 ..........12/05/04......... Added more to the walkthrough
    Version 0.15 ..........12/05/04......... Added info, controls
    Version 0.15 ..........12/08/04......... Cleaned up format, finished controls
    Version 0.15 ..........12/09/04......... Display, some cheats and trophies
    Version 0.20 ..........12/10/04......... More walkthrough, some Titanium Bolts
    Version 0.20 ..........12/11/04......... Phoenix, Skill Points, walkthrough
    Version 0.25 ..........12/13/04......... More walkthough updates
    Version 0.30 ..........12/14/04......... Walkthrough, added more hosts to allow
    Version 0.35 ..........12/15/04......... Several levels in the walkthrough
    Version 0.40 ..........12/16/04......... Special items, armor section added
    Version 0.50 ..........12/17/04......... Added all weapon information
    Version 0.60 ..........12/18/04......... Added all gadget information
    Version 0.65 ..........12/18/04......... Added navigation feature to the guide
    Version 0.70 ..........12/20/04......... All trophies done, floor and character
    Version 0.75 ..........12/21/04......... Added the Pause Menu section
    Version 0.80 ..........12/21/04......... Added every Titanium Bolt location
    Version 0.85 ..........12/22/04......... Added the online section
    Version 0.90 ..........12/23/04......... More walkthrough, almost complete
    Version 0.95 ..........12/23/04......... Walkthrough complete, spellchecked
    Version 1.00 ..........12/31/04......... Fixed several small errors
    Version 1.01 ..........01/03/05......... Fixed more errors, added a boss tip
    Version 1.02 ..........01/19/05......... Fixed an error, edited thanks section
    Version 1.03 ..........01/31/05......... Fixed a weapon price and name error
    Version 1.04 ..........02/12/05......... Added new cheat
    Version 1.05 ..........02/26/05......... Added a new site available to host
    2)                            Information                              [INFO02]
    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal is a PlayStation 2 videogame, released in 
    North America on November 2nd, 2004. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (also 
    referred to as R&C:UYA) is a platformer game. Both Insomniac and SCEA helped
    design and publish this great game.
    3)                              Controls                               [CTRL03]
                           X  ..... X Button
                           [] ..... Square Button
                           /\ ..... Triangle Button
                           () ..... Circle Button
                           <- ..... Left D-Pad Button
                           -> ..... Right D-Pad Button
                           Up ..... Up D-Pad Button
                           Down ... Down D-Pad Button
                           L3 ..... Left Analog Stick Pressed Down
                           R3 ..... Right Analog Stick Pressed Down
                           Start .. Start Button
                           Select . Select Button
                         |        Menu Controls        |
                     Start  ................ Pause/Start Game
                     Left Analog  .......... Highlight Menu Item
                     X  .................... Select Menu Item
                     Left Analog  .......... Change Setting
                     X  .................... Toggle Setting
                     /\  ................... Previous Screen
                         |       Vendor Controls       |
                     /\  ................... Enter Vendor
                     Left Analog  .......... View Merchandise
                     X  .................... Purchase
                     []  ................... Test Weapon
                         |        Map Controls         |
                     Select/R3 ............. Display World Map
                         |       Basic Controls        |
                   Right Analog ............ Control Camera View
                   Left Analog ............. Run
                   Left Analog (Halfway) ... Walk
                   X  ...................... Jump
                   X (Twice) ............... Double Jump
                   /\ (Held) + Left Analog . Weapon Quick Select
                   /\ (Tap) ................ Switch To One Of Last 3 Weapons
                   X  ...................... Pull Up From Ledge
                   Left Analog ............. Move While Hanging On Ledge
                   [] then Left Analog ..... Turn Bolt With Wrench
                   []  ..................... Swing Omniwrench
                   [], [], [] .............. Omniwrench Multi-Strike
                   X, [] ................... Omniwrench Hyper-Strike
                   R1 (Held) + [] .......... Omniwrench Comet-Strike (3rd Person)
                   R2 (Held) + [] .......... Omniwrench Comet-Strike (Lock-Strafe)
                   []  ..................... Omniwrench Comet-Strike (1st Person)
                   Start ................... Skip Cinematic Scenes
                   /\  ..................... Interrupt Messages
                         |    Third Person Controls    |
                 R1 ................................ Drop From Ledge
                 () ................................ Fire Weapon/Use Gadget
                 L2/R2 (Held) + Left Analog ........ Strafe
                 Strafe + Left Analog -> or <- ..... Flip Left/Right
                 Strafe + Left Analog Up or Down ... Back Flip
                 L1 ................................ Sniper View
                 R1 (Hold) ......................... Crouch
                 R1 (Hold) + Left Analog ........... Crouch Turn
                 L1 (Tap) .......................... Center Camera
                 L1 (Hold) ......................... Look Mode
                 L1 (Hold) + Left Analog ........... Look Mode Turn
                 L3 ................................ Nanotech/Bolt Display
                 R1/R2 ............................. Zoom Flux Rifle In/Out
                 /\ (Held), R1 (Held), Left Analog . Alternate Quick Select
                      | First Person/Lock-Strafe Controls |
                    X or L1 .................. Jump
                    X or L1 (Tap Twice) ...... Double Jump
                    X or L1 .................. Grab Ledge and Hang
                    X or L1 .................. Pull Up From Ledge
                    Left Analog .............. Move While Hanging
                    R2 ....................... Drop From Ledge
                    Left Analog .............. Strafe
                    Left Analog + X/L1 ....... Flip Left/Right
                    Left Analog + X/L1 ....... Back Flip
                    R2 (Hold) ................ Crouch
                    R2 (Held) + Right Analog . Crouch Turn
                    L2 (Hold) ................ Look Mode
                    L2 (Held) + Right Analog . Look Mode Turn
                    L3 (Tap) ................. Nanotech/Bolt Display
                    L2 (Held) + Left Analog .. First Person Targeting
                    Left Analog Up/Down ...... Zoom Flux Rifle In/Out
                    /\ (Held), R2 (Held) ..... Alternate Quick Select
                         |     Single Play Controls    |
                    Left Analog .............. Scroll World Map
                    Right Analog Up/Down ..... Zoom World Map
                    [] ....................... View Missions
                    L1/R1 .................... Scroll Between World Maps
                    /\ (Next To Ship) ........ Display Galactic Map
                    Left Analog + X .......... Locate Planet On Galactic Map
                         |       Online Controls       |
                    Left Analog + X .......... Select Respawn Point
                    Select ................... Display Level Map
                         |  Ratchet Swimming Controls  |
                       Left Analog .............. Stroke
                       [] ....................... Dive Underwater
                       X ........................ Resurface
                       R1 ....................... Use Hydro-Pack
                         |        Clank Controls       |
                    /\ (Held) + Left Analog .. Select Command
                    [] ....................... Punch
                    X (Hold) ................. Glide (In Air/While Jumping)
                         |     Giant Clank Controls    |
                        [] ....................... Punch
                        X ........................ Jump
                        /\ ....................... Throw Bomb
                        () ....................... Fire Missiles
                        L2/R2 .................... Strafe
                        L1 ....................... Look Mode
                 | Heli-Pack/Thruster Pack Controls (3rd Person) |
                   R1 (Held) + X ............ High Jump (Stationary)
                   R1 + X ................... Long Jump (Running)
                   X (Hold) ................. Glide (In Air/While Jumping)
                 | Heli-Pack/Thruster Pack Controls (1st Person) |
                   R1 (Held) + X/L1 ......... High Jump (Stationary) 
                   R2 + X/L1 ................ Long Jump (Running)
                   X (Hold) or L1 ........... Glide (In Air/While Jumping)
                              |  Vehicle Controls  |
                        /\ ....................... Enter/Exit
                         |       Hovership Driver      |
                      Left Analog .............. Move
                      Right Analog ............. Steer/Pitch Ship Up/Down
                      L1/L2 or X/[] ............ Raise/Lower Ship
                      R1 or () ................. Fire Weapon
                         |       Hovership Bomber      |
                         Left Analog .............. Aim
                         Right Analog ............. Rotate Camera
                         () or R1 ................. Fire
                         |      Turboslider Driver     |
                    Left Analog .............. Steer
                    X ........................ Accelerate
                    [] ....................... Brake/Reverse
                    () or R1 ................. Fire
                    R2 ....................... Switch Between Driver and Gunner
                         |      Turboslider Gunner     |
                         Left/Right Analog ........ Aim
                         () or R1 ................. Fire
                         |       Turret Controls       |
                      Left/Right Analog ............. Aim
                      () or R1 ...................... Fire
                      R2 ............................ Zoomed View
                         |     Data Entry Controls     |
                  D-Pad ........................... Select Field To Open
                  D-Pad Up/Down + X ............... Virtual Keyboard
                  Up/Down + X ..................... Select Character/Command
                  [] .............................. Backspace/Delete
                  L1 .............................. Shift
                  R1 .............................. Space
                  L2 .............................. Caps
                  () .............................. Done
                  /\ .............................. Cancel
                         |   Qwark Vid Comic Controls  |
                      Left Analog ..................... Move
                      [] .............................. Punch
                      X ............................... Jump
                      R1 (Held) + Left Analog ......... Aim Weapon
                      () .............................. Fire Weapon
                      R1 .............................. Duck
    4)                         On-Screen Display                           [SCRN04]
                         |         Single Player       |
                                  Health Level
    Your health level is displayed on the top of the screen, in the center. It
    shows your health number, followed by your maximum health number. The larger
    the maximum number, the more hits it will take to kill you. Upgrade your health
    by filling the Nanotech Level Meter.
                              Nanotech Level Meter
    The nanotech level meter is located directly under your health level. It shows
    a bar, that will fill up depending on the enemies you have killed. When the bar
    reaches it's maximum, you will get a higher maximum health, and the bar will
                                 Current Weapon
    Your current weapon is shown under the ammo count, to the left side of the
    screen. The icon will change depending on what weapon you have selected at any
    given point in the game.
                                Weapon Tri-Select
    The weapon tri-select shows your current weapon, as well as your last two used
    weapons. You are able to switch between these three weapons by tapping the /\
                                Weapon Power Meter
    The weapon power meter tells you how close you are to upgrading your weapon. It
    is located directly above the weapon tri-select, and when the bar reaches the
    top, your weapon will upgrade to the next level.
                                   Bolt Count
    Your bolt count tells you how many bolts you currently have. You can find the
    bolt count on the upper right hand of your screen. When you defeat enemies, 
    break crates, or get rewards, your bolt count will increase.
                                   Max Ammo
    Your maximum ammo is located above the weapon power meter, and it shows the
    maximum ammo that your selected weapon can carry.
                                 Ammo Remaining
    Your ammo remaining is shown directly before your max ammo, and it tells you
    how many rounds you have remaining in your selected weapon. Break ammo crates,
    or go to a vendor to increase the ammo you have remaining.
                         |         Quick Select        |
    Your quick select screen can be customized by entering the pause menu, and
    editing the order and appearance of weapons. Hold down /\ to bring up the quick
    select menu, and navigate around with the left analog stick. Highlight a weapon
    and let go of /\ and you will resume your game with your selected weapon.
                         |             Maps            |
    Maps display your current position in the game. Navigate around them by using
    the left analog stick. The arrow is your current position, the gray areas are
    the areas that have not been discovered yet, the star is your ship's location,
    and the question mark is a mission.
    5)                             Pause Menu                              [PSMN05]
    The Pause Menu comes up when you press the Start button. Use the left analog
    stick or d-pad to navigate through the pause menu. To select a subsection of
    the pause menu, press X. To exit from the pause menu press Start again, or /\.
                         |           Missions          |
    The mission section of the pause menu shows you your current mission, as well
    as missions you have already completed. On the right side of the screen is a
    picture of where the mission takes place. Directly above this image is the
    location that the mission will take place on. The left side of the screen
    indicates the name of the mission, as well as the description. On the lower
    half of the screen, the current mission as well as previous missions are
    listed. Highlight them to read the description. When you complete a mission,
    the name will be darkened, and the Mission Completed notice will appear.
                         |           Weapons           |
    The weapon section of the pause menu shows all the weapons that you have in
    your arsenal. From this screen, you can read descriptions of the weapon, the
    level of a selected weapon, see how close you are to upgrading a weapon, the
    ammo, and the ability to select this weapon for use when you unpause the game.
    Use the left analog stick or d-pad to navigate through the weapons section. On
    the right side of the screen is a picture of the selected weapon, and under is
    the information on the next upgrade. To the left of this picture is the
    description of the weapon, as well as the name, ammo, power, and level. Under
    the description and picture is a visual list of all the weapons that you
    currently carry.
                         |           Gadgets           |
    The gadget section is similar to the weapon section, and holds the same basic
    information. A picture as well as a description of the selected gadget is on
    the upper half of the screen, with a visual list of all available gadgets on
    the lower half of the screen. Press X to select a gadget, and it will be
    equipped when you exit the pause menu.
                         |         Quick Select        |
    The quick select section of the pause menu allows you to customize your weapon
    selection on the go. When you press /\ while playing in a game, your quick
    select menu will appear. Press R1 while holding /\ to bring up the second ring
    of your quick select menu. Use the left analog stick or d-pad to select
    weapons or gadgets to put in the quick select rings. Use R1 or L1 to choose
    the preferred location for a specific gadget or weapon. Press [] to bring up
    the second ring, and use the same controls to customize it as you did with the
    first ring. The key to your success often depends on which weapon you choose,
    so put your best weapons in your first ring.
                         |            Items            |
    The item section of the pause menu displays each of the current items that you
    carry. To check the description of a specific item, highlight it by using the
    left analog stick or d-pad.
                         |           Options           |
    The options menu lets you customize how your game is played, from the camera to
    the sound.
    [Save]                                       The save option lets you save your
                                          progress in any of 4 available save files
    [Load]                                        The load option lets you load any
                                             one of your files that have been saved
    [Controls/Camera]                              The controls/camera section lets
                                             you customize your controls as well as
                                                      how the camera views the game
    [Audio/Visual]                            You can customize how loud your music
                                             is, as well as the television settings
    [Quit Game]                                      The Quit Game option exits you
                                                             from your current game
                         |             Help            |
    In the help section, you can review the help logs by selecting Help Log and
    pressing X on it. The Controls section lets you view your current set of
    controls. The Moves section tells you each one of Ratchet's moves, as well as
    how to use them during the game.
                         |           Special           |
    [Cheats]                                       The cheats section allows you to
                                                  use your acquired skill points to
                                                               buy different cheats
    [Skins]                                          The skins section lets you use
                                               your Titanium Bolts to buy new skins
    [Skill Points]                                   The skill points section tells
                                                    you which skill points you have
                                                  completed, as well as those which
                                                    are still available to complete
    [Cinematics]                                   The cinematics section shows you
                                                 each one of the cutscenes that you
                                                      have seen in the game already
    6)                           Special Items                             [SPCL06]
                         |            Health           |
    Health comes in blue spheres called Nanotech, and adds to your current health.
    You can find health in clear crates with black outer casing. The Nanotech
    itself is blue with white dots. It is often found with crates of bolts and
    ammo. In the single-player mode, Nanotech will restore part of your health, but
    in online multiplayer games, Nanotech restores all of your health.
                         |            Bolts            |
    Bolts are the equivalence of money in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Use
    bolts to buy anything from weapons to armor upgrades. Bolts come your way from
    many places, the most common is in boxes. Brown wooden crates contain bolts,
    which can be collected by breaking open the crate. Special tasks and challenges
    will also reward you in bolts.
                         |            Crates           |
    There are 5 different types of crates in R&C:UYA, each with an individual type
    of result. The boxes contain bolts, explosives, ammo, bolt multiplier, and
    Inferno Mode. Wooden crates contain bolts, which buy you weapons as stated in 
    the previous section. Red crates with yellow painting are filled with
    explosives, and will detonate when broken open. Dark blue crates with the "G"
    logo on the side are Gadgetron crates, which contain free ammo. The turquoise
    crates with the "x (Bolt Symbol)" on them contain bolt multipliers. When broken
    the crate gives you a number which your bolt intake will be multiplied by. For
    example, if you get a x2 multiplier and get 10 bolts from killing an enemy,
    your actual bolt intake will be 20. This lasts for a limited time, so collect
    as many bolts as you can during the duration of the multiplier. The yellow
    crates with the red flame on them contain Inferno Mode. Inferno Mode makes you
    invincible for a short period of time, and gives your wrench a boost of power
    temporarily. You may only use your wrench while Inferno Mode is activated, and
    when it runs out you may use your weapons again.
                         |           Vendors           |
    Vendors come in two different forms, weapons and armor. Weapon vendors sell you
    new weapons, as well as ammo for weapons you already own. A new feature allows
    you to max out all ammo instead of maxing out ammo for individual weapons. You
    can still max out a single weapon's ammo, but this feature allows you to save
    time and buy ammo all at once. Armor vendors sell you the newest in armor
    technology, and will notify you when a new suit of armor becomes available.
    7)                              Weapons                                [WPON07]
    Weapons in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal come about after unlocking them
    after completing levels. Each weapon has unique qualities, from power to the
    amount of ammo available. Weapons can be upgraded from their original version 1
    to version 5, a much more powerful version, by gaining experience from use.
    After completing the game once you have the option to enter into challenge
    mode, where you will be able to upgrade weapons (except the RY3NO) to version
    8. Version 6, the first version of a Mega weapon must be bought during
    challenge mode.
    The description following the weapon's name explains how the weapon works, and
    how it is best used. The place that it is available will explain where you may
    first acquire the weapon in the single player mode. The first version of all
    weapons do not have a special ability, but versions 2-5 do. These special
    abilities range from different mods, to additional features that will do more
    damage to an enemy. The power is gauged on the pause menu, and it relates to
    the amount of damage enemies who are hit by the weapon will take. When weapons
    reach version 5, they have a new name and will always acquire a new ability.
    The mods that come with the extra abilities are automatically added to your
    weapon, unlike R&C:GC where you bought them. There are three types of mods,
    shock mods, acid mods, and lock-on mods. The shock mod will shock the enemy it
    hits, as well as shock any enemy near them. The acid mod will do damage to the
    enemy or enemies it hits even after the original hit. The lock-on mod allows
    you to hold R2+L2 to bring up the enemy's health, as well as lock on all future
    shots as long as it stays in range.
    The order of the weapons is based on the level that you receive, or are able to
    buy the weapon. The weapons listed last are the Mega weapons, version 6 through
    version 8, available only in challenge mode after being bought from the
    The format is as follows:
    [Weapon Name]
                                           Where Available At
    [Version 1]
    [Version 2-4]
    Extra Abilities
    [Version 5]  * New Name *  
    Extra Abilities
    [Shock Blaster]
                   The Shock Blaster is a great weapon for groups
                   of enemies because of the blast radius. It fires
                   many small shots, doing damage to many enemies who
                   are far away, and great damage to enemies who are close.
                                          Available on Veldin
    [Version 1]
    [Version 2]
    Super attack after charging shot
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    Shock Mod
    [Version 5]  * Shock Cannon *   
    Beam of death after charging shot (10 ammo)
    [Nitro Launcher]
                    The Nitro Launcher is best used against a large
                    group, because of the damage it does to all
                    surrounding enemies. It  is a bomb that will
                    explodes upon impact.
                                          Available on Veldin
    [Version 1]
    [Version 2]
    Acid Mod
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Nitro Eruptor *   
    Missile added
    [N60 Storm]
               The N60 storm is a typical gun, firing single shots at
               a fast rate. It is the average weapon in R&C:UYA, both
               strong in situations, and weak in others.
                                          Available on Florana
    [Version 1]
    15,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    Shock Mod
    [Version 5]  * N90 Hurricane *   
    [Plasma Whip]
                 The Plasma Whip acts much like Ratchet's wrench, it
                 can be thrown as well as used to hit enemies that are
                 near you. Each time it is used, it's range is a circle
                 around you, hitting anyone near.
                                          Available on Florana
    [Version 1]
    7,500 bolts
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Quantum Whip *  
    Sonic Shockwave
              The Infector can turn enemies into bodyguards, by releasing
              an infection that, in later versions, will make the enemy
              attack other enemies. When used wisely, this weapons can
              be very useful, especially against large groups of enemies.
                                          Available on The Phoenix
    [Version 1]
    18,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Infects enemies close to target
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    Faster infection
    [Version 5]  * Infecto-Bomb *  
    Any enemy hit will be infected
    [Suck Cannon]
                 The Suck Cannon will suck up smaller enemies, and the
                 use them against other enemies by firing them out again.
                 Large enemies will not be effected by the Suck Cannon, so
                 it is mainly useful for a mix of enemies, or a group made
                 up of all small enemies.
                                          Available on The Phoenix
    [Version 1]
    8,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    Ammo is on fire
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Vortex Cannon *
    Shoots enemies out as comets
    [Spitting Hydra]
                    The Spitting Hydra lets you target multiple enemies
                    at once. It is very useful against groups of enemies
                    because of the long range, good power, and great
                    targeting ability.
                                          Available on Marcadia
    [Version 1]
    40,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Target 4 enemies
    [Version 3]
    Target 5 enemies
    [Version 4]
    Target 6 enemies
    [Version 5]  * Tempest *
    Target 7 enemies
    [Agents of Doom]
                    The Agents of Doom come in 4 small robots, who will
                    act as your temporary bodyguard. They will seek out
                    and destroy any enemy within range. This is a very
                    useful weapon because it can be deployed in addition
                    to using your regular weapons.
                                          Available on Annihilation Nation
    [Version 1]
    60,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Agents fire lasers
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    Agents fly on jet packs
    [Version 5]  * Agents of Dread *
    Agents have heat seeking missiles, and explode onto enemies when near death
    [Flux Rifle]
                The Flux Rifle is the equivalence of a sniper rifle.
                You can zoom in on enemies from a great distance away
                and fire shots at them. The Flux Rifle has great power
                and is useful for taking out strong enemies from a safe
                                          Available on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    75,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    Explosive shots
    [Version 5]  * Splitter Rifle *
                 The Annihilator fires  very powerful single missiles
                 at enemies. The Annihilator has a good range, and is
                 useful because of the effects on powerful enemies, and
                 because of it's fast rate of fire. This should be in
                 your quick select as soon as you buy it.
                                          Available on Tyhrranosis
    [Version 1]
    150,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Small bombs appear after explosion
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 5]  * Decimator *
    12 missiles come out after shot hits
    [Holoshield Glove]
                      The Holoshield Glove is useful because it can
                      be combined with an regular weapon in a tough
                      area. It protects you from enemy fire, and when
                      upgraded will deal out damage to enemies near
                      you. Once the shields take a certain amount of
                      damage, they will disappear.
                                          Available on Tyhrranosis
    [Version 1]
    30,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Repairs Ratchet, hurts enemies
    [Version 3]
    Shocks enemies
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Ultrashield Launcher *
    Shocks enemies 3 times
    [Disc Blade Gun]
                    The Disc Blade Gun shoots discs out at enemies.
                    The discs will eventually break into more smaller
                    discs after hitting an enemy, when you upgrade this
                    weapon. Very useful when in a small space, or when
                    fighting a large group of enemies.
                                          Available on Obani Gemini
    [Version 1]
    175,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Ricochet off walls
    [Version 3]
    Ricochet off enemies
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Multi-Disc Gun *
    After ricochet, a new disc is made
    [Rift Inducer]
                     The Rift Inducer creates black holes that will
                     suck up any enemy that is near. The Rift Inducer
                     is useful against small enemies in large packs until
                     it us upgraded, when it is then useful against large
                     enemies. Bosses and very large enemies will not be
                     sucked up by the Rift Inducer.
                                          Available at Holostar Studios
    [Version 1]
    180,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Rifts will combine if near
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Rift Ripper *
    Rifts shock enemies
                 The Qwak-o-Ray turns enemies into ducks, much like the
                 weapons in previous Ratchet & Clank games that turned
                 enemies into chickens and sheep. The beams that comes
                 from the Qwack-o-Ray must be held on an enemy for a long
                 enough time for the enemy to turn into a duck. For the
                 larger enemies, it takes a while for them to turn into a
                 duck, but for small enemies it is almost instant.
                                          Available on Aridia
    [Version 1]
    200,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Explosive bombs come from ducks
    [Version 3]
    Homing bombs
    [Version 4]
    Ducks will attack other enemies
    [Version 5]  * Qwack-o-Blitzer *
    Ducks are on fire
    [Miniturret Glove]
                      The Miniturret Glove allows you to throw out
                      turrets that fire at enemies. It is very useful
                      because you can combine this weapon with your
                      regular weapons to take out many weapons in less
                      time. The Miniturret Glove is useful in large
                      groups of enemies, and can be thrown into a group,
                      then run away from. Let the turret do the work for
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    25,000 bolts (Free with R&C:GC save)
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    Turrets shoot ice
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Megaturret Glove *
    Turrets shoot missiles
    [Lava Gun]
              The Lava Gun shoots out lava at enemies, causing great
              damage to them. Hold the fire button to create a stream
              of lava, and spin the right analog stick in a circle to
              make a circle around you, damaging any enemy near you.
              This is a very powerful weapon, and is useful in many
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    40,000 bolts  (Free with R&C:GC save)
    [Version 2]
    Acid Mod
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Liquid Nitrogen Gun *
    Freezes enemies
    [Shield Charger]
                    The Shield Charger creates a shield around you that
                    protects you from enemy fire. It is a more powerful
                    and useful weapon than the Holoshield Glove. It can
                    also be used with any regular weapon for a deadly
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    250,000 bolts (Free with R&C:GC save)
    [Version 2]
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Tesla Barrier *
    Shocks enemies in range
             The Bouncer returns from R&C:GC, and fires a large bomb
             out at enemies. Upon impact the large bomb explodes, releasing
             many smaller bombs that will continue to inflict damage
             upon enemies in range. The Bouncer is great to clear out
             rooms of enemies without actually entering the room. Toss
             a few rounds of The Bouncer into a group of enemies, and
             watch them turn into scrap metal.
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    150,000 bolts (Free with R&C:GC save)
    [Version 2]
    Acid Mod
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Heavy Bouncer *
    More damage with more bombs
    [Plasma Coil]
                 The Plasma Coil is a single shot weapon, which fires a
                 bolt of electricity at enemies. When hit, enemies as well
                 as enemies near are shocked by the electricity. This weapon
                 is useful in all situations because of the power on one
                 single enemy, and the effects by the electricity on a
                 group of enemies.
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 1]
    250,000 bolts (Free with R&C:GC save)
    [Version 2]
    Acid Mod
    [Version 3]
    Lock-on Mod
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Plasma Storm *
    Shocks enemies in range
                             |    Mega Weapons    |
    Mega weapons are available in challenge mode only, which is an option you have
    after you beat the game. Mega weapons must be bought in the same area that the
    regular weapons were acquired. Mega weapons have no additional extra abilities,
    because they are at their maximum ability level. The only thing that will
    change is the cost, power, name, and ammo carried.
    The order of the mega weapons is based on the order of the original weapons,
    which goes by order you are able to acquire the weapons in.
    The format is as follows:
    [Version 5 Weapon Name]
                                           Where Available At
    [Version 6]  * New Name * 
    [Version 7]  * New Name * 
    [Version 8]  * New Name *  
           The RY3NO launches 8 separate missiles at it's targets,
           each going after an individual enemy or crate. The RY3NO
           is the most powerful weapon in the game, and the downfalls
           are simply the huge price on the ammo and weapon itself.
                                          Available at Florana
    [Version 1]
    Cost 3,000,000 bolts
    [Version 2]
    Instantly kills targeted enemy
    [Version 3]
    [Version 4]
    [Version 5]  * Rynocirator *  
    Instantly kills all enemies on the screen
    [Shock Cannon]
                                          Available on Veldin
    [Version 6]  * Mega Shock Cannon * 
    420,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Shock Cannon * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Shock Cannon *  
    [Nitro Eruptor]
                                          Available on Veldin
    [Version 6]  * Mega Nitro Eruptor * 
    380,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Nitro Eruptor * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Nitro Eruptor *  
    [N90 Hurricane]
                                          Available on Florana
    [Version 6]  * Mega N90 Hurricane * 
    460,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga N90 Hurricane * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega N90 Hurricane *  
    [Quantum Whip]
                                          Available on Florana
    [Version 6]  * Mega Quantum Whip * 
    180,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Quantum Whip * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Quantum Whip *  
                                          Available on The Phoenix
    [Version 6]  * Mega Infecto-Bomb * 
    220,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Infecto-Bomb * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Infecto-Bomb *  
    [Vortex Cannon]
                                          Available on The Phoenix
    [Version 6]  * Mega Vortex Cannon * 
    100,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Vortex Cannon * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Vortex Cannon *  
                                          Available on Marcadia
    [Version 6]  * Mega Tempest * 
    540,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Tempest * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Tempest *  
    [Agents of Dread]
                                          Available on Annihilation Nation
    [Version 6]  * Mega Agents of Dread * 
    66,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Agents of Dread * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Agents of Dread *  
    [Splitter Rifle]
                                          Available on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Splitter Rifle * 
    340,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Splitter Rifle * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Splitter Rifle *  
                                          Available on Tyhrranosis
    [Version 6]  * Mega Decimator * 
    580,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Decimator * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Decimator *  
    [Ultrashield Launcher]
                                          Available on Tyhrranosis
    [Version 6]  * Mega Ultrashield Launcher * 
    140,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Ultrashield Launcher * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Ultrashield Launcher *  
    [Multi-Disc Gun]
                                          Available on Obani Gemini
    [Version 6]  * Mega Multi-Disc Gun * 
    500,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Multi-Disc Gun * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Multi-Disc Gun *  
    [Rift Ripper]
                                          Available at Holostar Studios
    [Version 6]  * Mega Rift Ripper * 
    780,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Rift Ripper * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Rift Ripper *  
                                          Available on Aridia
    [Version 6]  * Mega Qwack-o-Blitzer * 
    300,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Qwack-o-Blitzer * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Qwack-o-Blitzer *  
    [Megaturret Glove]
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Megaturret Glove * 
    620,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Megaturret Glove * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Megaturret Glove *  
    15,600 (Best In Game)
    [Liquid Nitrogen Gun]
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Liquid Nitrogen Gun * 
    260,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Liquid Nitrogen Gun * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Liquid Nitrogen Gun *  
    [Tesla Barrier]
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Tesla Barrier * 
    700,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Tesla Barrier * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Tesla Barrier *  
    [Heavy Bouncer]
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Heavy Bouncer * 
    740,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Heavy Bouncer * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Heavy Bouncer *  
    [Plasma Storm]
                                          Available at Slim Cognito on Aquatos
    [Version 6]  * Mega Plasma Storm * 
    820,000 bolts
    [Version 7]  * Giga Plasma Storm * 
    [Version 8]  * Omega Plasma Storm *  
    8)                              Gadgets                                [GDGT08]
    Gadgets are acquired throughout the games by reaching certain areas in levels,
    completing certain tasks, and some gadgets are with Ratchet from the start of
    the game.
    The format is as follows:
                The Hydro-Pack is used while Ratchet swims underwater,
                and allows Ratchet to swim faster. Hold R1 while swimming
                underwater to increase Ratchet's speed.
                                           Available from the start of the game
                The Heli-Pack uses Clank to jump high, and jump far. To
                jump high, hold R1 and press X. To jump far, press R1 and
                X at the same time while running. The Heli-Pack also allows
                Ratchet to glide, by jumping and holding the X button.
                                           Available from the start of the game
                The Thruster-Pack uses Clank to jump high, and jump far. To
                jump high, hold R1 and press X. To jump far, press R1 and
                X at the same time while running. The Thruster-Pack also allows
                Ratchet to glide, by jumping and holding the X button.
                                           Available from the start of the game
                The Refractor protects Ratchet from laser beams, and allows
                him to refract laser beams to targets of his choice. To use
                the Refractor, equip it and stand in a laser beam. Hold L1
                and aim the beam to a destination.
                                           Available on Planet Marcadia
                 The Tyhrra-Guise allows Ratchet to disguise himself as
                 a Tyhrranoid. His appearance as well as language is now
                 disguised as a Tyhrranoid. To talk to another Tyhrranoid
                 press () when briefed, then press or hold the corresponding
                 buttons during the conversation.
                                           Available after Annihilation Nation
                 The Hypershot will get Ratchet to places he otherwise would
                 not be able to go. Use it to grab onto small green floating
                 objects and swing to the other side, or use it to open
                 floating platforms. () will execute both of these maneuvers. 
                                           Available from Helga on the Phoenix
    [Gravity Boots]
                 The Gravity Boots allow Ratchet to defy gravity, and walk
                 on specially designed walls. Simply walk on the designated
                 surfaces, and Ratchet's Gravity Boots will keep him from
                 falling. Ratchet will be able to reach new places and get
                 special items using the Gravity Boots.
                                        Available after Part III of BlackWater City
    [Warp Pad]
                 The Warp Pad allows Ratchet to warp from one position to another
                 without actually moving there. Simply set out a warp pad on a
                 location, then return to the original warp pad and you will be
                 able to warp to the second warp pad. This will allow Ratchet to
                 reach places he otherwise would not be able to.
                                           Available after Part 5 on Aridia
    [Gadgetron PDA]
                 The Gadgetron PDA allows you to buy ammo for any weapon
                 while out in the field. No longer will Ratchet be held
                 down by the stationary vendors, he can now buy his ammo
                 while in the middle of a fight. The only drawback is that
                 the ammo will cost 10 times more than when bought at a
                                           Available on Qwark's Hideout
    [Qwark Vid Comic 1-5]
                 Qwark Vid Comics are given to Ratchet after completing
                 various tasks. The Vid Comics are used to unlock more
                 missions in single play mode, as well as educate you
                 on the story of Captain Qwark.
                                           Available after completing various tasks
                The Hacker will allow Ratchet to break into locks, disable
                them, therefore opening the next section of the level. The
                Hacker engages Ratchet in a mini-game, where he needs to collect
                the green icons and destroy the red icons. When enough green
                icons are collected, the door will open. Some of the hacker
                puzzles in later levels have more than one level.
                                           Available from Helga on the Phoenix
    [Bolt Grabber V2]
                 The Bolt Grabber V2 combines the power to gather bolts from
                 a greater distance than before, with the ability to break
                 crates from a greater distance than before. Simply jump and
                 use the Omniwrench to break crates when in range, and the
                 bolts will be gathered for you if you are in range.
                                           Available on the Zeldrin Starport
                 The Nano-Pack will carry extra health for when Ratchet is
                 low on nanotech. Simply collect health while at the maximum
                 level of health, and it will be stored in your Nano-Pack.
                 When Ratchet is in a critical state, the Nano-Pack will
                 automatically release a certain amount of health, healing
                                           Available on the Crash Site
                 The Map-O-Matic reveals areas of the map to Ratchet that
                 contain special items, as well as secrets. Titanium Bolts,
                 Trophies, and even new gadgets are shown as green on the
                              Available after the last Ranger mission in Metropolis
    9)                               Armor                                 [ARMR09]
    During the course of the single player missions, armors will become available.
    There are a total of 4 armors that you can buy, each costing more than the last
    as well as blocking more enemy fire.
    The format is as follows:
                                                                    Where Available
                                                                Next Playable Level
                                                                % of Damage Reduced
    [Magnaplate Armor]                                                 20,000 Bolts
                                                          The Phoenix (First Visit)
                                                                    Planet Marcadia
    [Adamantine Armor]
                                                                       60,000 Bolts
                                                         The Phoenix (Fourth Visit)
                                                                 Planet Tyhrranosis
    [Aegis Mark V Armor]
                                                                      250,000 Bolts
                                                        The Phoenix (Seventh Visit)
                                                         Planet Kerwan (Metropolis)
    [Infernox Armor]
                                                                    1,000,000 Bolts
                                                                     Completed Game
    10)                           The Phoenix                              [PHNX10]
    The Phoenix is the command ship in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. You may
    return to The Phoenix before and after missions. It contains may different
    features, some required and some just for fun. It also keeps track of some of
    your stats.
                             |    Trophy Room     |
    The trophy room stores all of the trophies you earn during your time playing
    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. If you want to display the trophy viewer,
    press /\. To move between your trophies, press R1 or L1. To rotate the trophy
    move the left analog stick, and to zoom in and out use the right analog stick.
    There are two different types of trophies, Floor Trophies and Character
    Trophies. Floor Trophies are earned after an outstanding performance in the
    Battlefield or Arena. Character Trophies are available all around the galaxy,
    and are hidden from Ratchet.
                             |    Armor Vendor     |
    The armor vendor is located on the east side of The Phoenix, and is available
    at all times when aboard. Conserve your Nanotech when in battles by purchasing
    the newest types of armors. Each armor has as specific % of damage that it
    blocks. The more expensive the armor, the more % of enemy attacks it is able to
    block. Ratchet is updated when new armors are available to buy.
                             |    Weapon Vendor     |
    The weapon vendor aboard The Phoenix equips you with all the newest weapons and
    more! Any weapon available to buy can be tested in the VR Deck by highlighting
    and pressing []. If you have an original Ratchet & Clank save on your memory
    card, Gadgetron will give you a 10% discount on all weapons.
                             |      VR Deck       |
    The VR Deck is available at all times on The Phoenix, and lets you get
    familiar with new weapons and gadgets. Test any gadget or weapon in the VR
    Deck to become a skilled player. You can also compete in challenges
    specifically designed for the VR Deck, and earn bolts as a reward!
                          | VG-9000 Video Game System |
    The VG-9000 Video Game System is the newest technology available for use. Use
    this video game system to play Qwark Vid Comics that you collect through the
    story mode of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
                             |    Ship Vendor     |
    The ship vendor is back with a whole new attitude. Customize your ship any way
    you want by changing the wings, nose, and even paint job.
    11)                            Walkthrough                             [WALK11]
                         |         Planet Veldin       |                   [VLDN00]
    This level is all about learning the basics, so simply listen to the narrator
    and follow the instructions. First move forward towards the robots, and a
    cutscene will start. You'll be given a Shock Blaster, and need to take out the
    enemies in front of you. Once that's done, keep going forward and you'll see
    some robots shooting at enemy Tyhrranoids. After defeating them, you'll get a
    new weapon; the Nitro Launcher. Use the Nitro Launcher to kill the ship in
    front of you, and continue forward.
    You will encounter more enemies as well as another vehicle. Defeat the enemies
    with your Shock Blaster, and use the manual aim to shoot the vehicle. More
    enemies appear as you move forward, use the Shock Blaster on the mix of large
    and small enemies. This will level your Shock Blaster while you continue with
    the mission.
    After crossing a small bridge, take out a few more large enemies. The path
    ahead allows you to go left or right. Left takes you to crates for some extra
    bolts and ammo, and right takes you the straight route to the next section of
    the mission. Hop aboard the dropship with your new robot comrades, and head
    You'll end up jumping out of the back end of the ship, whether or not you want
    to. Just enjoy the freefall, and watch out for the missiles. They're easy to
    avoid, and even if you do think you're going to get hit, they're only for show.
    Waiting for you are three waves of enemies, who now fire laser shots at you.
    Strafe with R2 or L2, and kill them with your Shock Blaster. If you want to,
    you can use the Nitro Launcher which is a bit faster because of the blast
    radius. The doors will open up for you, so head through them. On your left,
    climb to the platform. There will be a ship shooting at you, so hide behind the
    barrier in the middle until you're ready to engage it. Strafe both ways while
    adding in some jumps so you won't get hurt. Use the Nitro Blaster on the ship,
    and it'll go down quick. A bridge forms, and the mission ends.
    Planet Florana is up next, so prepare to look for a mystery character.
                         |        Planet Florana       |                   [FLRN01]
    As soon as you land, head to the vendor and restock on ammo. Also, if you have
    enough bolts, buy the Plasma Whip, or the N60 Storm. If you can only buy one,
    pick up the N60 Storm.
    Hop over the platforms and take out the insects. This is a good time to try out
    your new weapon or weapons. Next, there will again be two possible paths, so
    take the one to the left first. You will encounter a green box, which
    multiplies your experience and bolts by a 2. Break the rest of the boxes, and
    head down the opposite path quickly so you can gain experience. You will run
    into two enemies, one with a boomerang. It's easy to avoid, simply jump when it
    is heading towards you. Use the N60 Storm on these two for some easy experience
    then jump onto the platform ahead of you. 
    A worm will rise out of the swampy water. Its bark is worse than its bite, so
    take out your Nitro Launcher and strafe to avoid it's attacks. If you hit it,
    it'll cry out in pain, so don't worry about it's attacks too much. Two or three
    hits will take care of him. After taking out more tribesmen, jump onto a few
    platforms and use the long jump technique to get over the gap. Tribesmen will
    start to rush you, so use your Shock Blaster to do damage to the group. After
    three waves of them, they will stop rushing you. Climb the yellow ladder, and
    take on some more enemies.
    Next, you'll need to get down from your platform, so run off and hover down
    onto to platform with a tribesman on it. When you're over his head, attack with
    the wrench and he'll take some major damage. Kill the worm with your Nitro
    Launcher, and take care of the other tribesmen. In front of you is an orange
    box, containing Inferno Mode. Break it to become temporarily invincible, and
    carry a more powerful wrench. You can't use your weapons, but you won't really
    need to. You should be able to take out the first two waves of tribesmen that
    attack you fairly easily between Inferno mode and your choice of weapon when it
    wears off. Three tribesman will attack after a bridge is lowered, the Shock
    Blaster is again very useful because of the crowd. Now you'll need to wall
    jump up to another ladder, which takes you to a zipline and some more enemies.
    Kill them and jump up to automatically hook onto the zipline, which takes you
    to a fight with two worms and lots of flying bugs.
    Focus on the bugs first, using your Shock Blaster you should take them out
    which avoiding any damage from the worms. When the insects are gone, turn your
    attention to the worms with your Nitro Launcher. Dispose of them like you
    always have: strafe and fire. Now continue to three more tribesmen, you can use
    your Nitro Launcher if you still have ammo left, but the Shock Blaster works
    fine as well. A bridge drops, a ladder is there, climb up with your Shock
    Blaster in hand to fight more bugs. Once they are gone, use the zipline to
    cruise to the next cutscene.
    You will jump onto platforms, eventually finding that they don't stick around
    for more than a few seconds. Gather yourself and place the camera in a good
    position to run up the hill with falling rocks. You should be able to jump over
    most, but if you really want to you can run around them. If you get hit you
    just lose one bar of health. Get to the top to find tribesmen, take them out
    and navigate over more disappearing platforms. Ahead is a section with panels
    that shoot out fire, alternating. Either find the sequence, or just hop and
    jump you way to several blocks that will try to crush you. Jump over these so
    they don't make you into a pancake, and you will run into more enemies. Make
    quick work of them with your favorite weapon. Next is basically the same thing
    over, so hopefully you've learned your lesson from the last section. Don't
    stand on one section of the fire platforms for too long, make sure you jump
    over the blocks, and kill any bugs that are near. One more hill with tumbling
    rocks and you're at a vendor, so max out your ammo for the boss fight.
                                  [Boss Fight]
    The boss, and the mystery man ends up to be Qwark, who thinks he's a monkey. No
    matter though, he's relatively easy and only has a few basic attacks. Strafe
    around the opposite side of the area, and lob some Nitro his way. If you get
    too close he'll swing at you with his boomerang, and if you're too far away
    he'll throw his boomerang at you. Stay far away and jump over the boomerang
    when it comes near you. A Nitro Launcher will full ammo will easily take down
    Qwark. When he gets low on health he'll send out tribesmen and bugs. Don't mind
    them, just keep pummeling him with Nitro, and he should go down easily.
    Sit through a nice cutscene of Qwark cramming into your ship, and fly to the
    Starship Phoenix.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX02]
    Check out all the features of the Phoenix, your only real mission here is to
    lead Qwark into his cage in your room. He'll automatically go into his cage
    when you reach the cutscene in your room. Back on the main deck, head to the
    armor vendor and pick up the Magnaplate Armor, which protects you from enemy
    fire by 33%. It's 10,000 bolts, and you can always come back to buy it if
    you're short on bolts.
    Get the VR Training out of the way now, since it's very easy, and you can use
    the bolts to buy anything you can't afford.
                                    [Warm Up]
    Defeat all of the robot enemies, five waves is all that come at you. Try to
    test your new weapons, or level up your old ones. Just avoid the circles on the
    ground, they represent a grenade that will be thrown at you by the robots. You
    receive a 300 bolt reward for this challenge.
                                [Don't Look Down]
    In this level the floor disappears, otherwise it's basically the same challenge
    as Warm Up. There are 6 waves of robots, who throw grenades and have a sort of
    flamethrower. Stay on the outer edges and you'll avoid the floor disappearing.
    500 bolts is your reward, and you unlock 2 more VR Training missions.
                                  [The Shocker]
    This is the exact same challenge as Don't Look Down, only you have to use your
    Shock Blaster. Try to get the enemies into a group so you can conserve ammo.
    There are only 3 rounds, but be careful of the disappearing floors and ammo
    problems. 500 bolts for your troubles.
                                  [Speed Round]
    You get 60 seconds to defeat 2 waves of enemies. The floor stays put here, so
    you shouldn't have any trouble with it. I recommend using the Spitting Hydra if
    you have bought it, because it disposes of 3 enemies at a time. Only 400 bolts
    for completing this mission.
                                [Wrench Beatdown]
    You may only use your wrench in this challenge. The same easy robots will come
    after you in 3 waves to challenge you for your 600 bolt reward. Take them out
    as soon as they spawn, and for the ones who survive you have a few options. You
    can throw your wrench at them if they're far enough away, or you can go in
    swinging. The robots with flamethrowers can be killed by jumping over the flame
    and swinging your wrench down.
                                  [Hot Stepper]
    This is a longer version of Don't Look Down, and gives out 700 bolts. The same
    strategy as always works, kill robots right out of the gate and watch out for
    the disappearing floor panels.
                                [90 Second Slayer]
    You have 90 seconds to kill all robots. I found the Plasma Whip especially
    useful here because of it's good range. 1,000 bolt reward, not bad.
                               [Nerves of Titanium]
    12 rounds of, guess what, more robots. The Plasma Whip should be upgraded to at
    least level 2 at the end of this mission. There's way too many robots to try to
    get a lock on and kill, so just whip out the whip and take care of them. After
    you're done, you get a 2,000 bolt reward and a Titanium Bolt.
    Now that the VR Missions are out of the way, continue with your story missions.
    When you've led Qwark to his cage, and tried out all the Phoenix has to offer,
    head to the end opposite your ship. You will be transported to the bridge where
    you meet Sasha. The President, and Sasha's father is in trouble at his compound
    so you'll need to go save him. Go back to your ship and blast off to Marcadia.
                         |       Planet Marcadia       |                   [MRCD03]
    Follow the path in front of you, and kill the baddies that are on the road.
    Climb up the steps to enter into a large open space with a lot of enemies. Take
    out your Shock Blaster to make quick work of them. After you've disposed of
    them, go up the stairs located by a pool of water. Some vehicles will come
    after you, but your Nitro Launcher can stop them fairly easily. Use your
    long jump to get to the other side of the path, and break open the crate to get
    Inferno Mode. The enemies coming after you should be no trouble since you're
    After a cutscene, you'll run into a few more enemies before being able to jump
    on the dropship. You'll need to choose "Secure the Area" from the list to
    continue. Here you unlock a few mini levels that are needed to regain control
    of the president's compound. 3,000 bolts are awarded to you, so buy some ammo
    if needed before the mini missions.
                                  [Air Assault]
    Here you'll need to protect your rangers from the incoming enemies. If all of
    the rangers die, you fail and will have to start over.
    You jump out to see your rangers stationed in the middle of the battlefield,
    with several barriers protecting them from enemy fire. You'll have to battle
    wave after wave of incoming enemies before this mission is over, so get the
    ammo and health on the opposite side of the turret when you need it. The middle
    can get crowded and chaotic, so try strafing around the sides, taking out one
    side of the battlefield, then switching to the other side. When it's all over
    you'll be rewarded with 4,500 bolts. Choose the next mission to continue.
                                [Turret Command]
    In this mission, you take control of the turret to destroy enemy dropships.
    Walk forward and man the turret, and you'll see the enemy dropships coming.
    Try to get the dropships before they drop off enemies, and it'll be a lot
    easier on you later in the mission. If a dropship does drop enemies off, you
    will need to kill them and still take out the ship. You can't be hurt while on
    the turret, so just keep your focus and never let off circle or R1. 6,000 bolts
    are yours when all the ships have been destroyed.
                                 [Under the Gun]
    Here you need to protect the repair team for two minutes, so they can get the
    turret back online. It's basically the same mission as air assault, only some
    of the enemies will focus on the turret instead of you. Use your Nitro Launcher
    for large packs of enemies when they are dropped of by their dropships. After 2
    minutes is up, collect your 7,500 bolt reward and move on.
                                   [Hot n' Run]
    Now you're getting somewhere, even more turrets need to go back online. You'll
    need to use your wrench to activate the automatic turret system. The bolts are
    green on your radar, so run to them and hit square to put your wrench on it.
    Move the analog stick in a circle to make Ratchet turn the bolt. When it stops
    turning the turret has been activated. Enemies will try to stop you from
    turning the bolts, but since you're spinning you can avoid some of the fire. If
    things get too heated, jump off the bolt and clear out your area, then get back
    to work. After you activate all the turrets, you'll get 9,000 bolts. Not bad
    for a day's work.
    After saving the President and his compound, there's yet another thing wrong.
    The defense shields are down, and you'll need to repair it. He sent out a
    repairman but he went missing. Choose Laser Defense from the mission menu and
    you're on your way there.
    In front of you is the Refractor, it will keep you safe from lasers, while
    allowing you to refract them elsewhere. Stand in the laser beam and press L1 to
    refract the laser into the hole near the door, and it'll open. In the next room
    you'll need to turn a bolt, then refract the laser into the machine. Turn the
    crank once more to open the door.
    Now you'll be faced with lava, so turn the bolt after refracting the laser.
    Redirect the laser once more, and small platforms will appear for you to use.
    Quickly get over them, because they will tip over if stood on for too long.
    Destroy the enemy that appears once you cross the bridge, and you will be
    told of the spider that follows the laser. Use the Refractor to make the spider
    go up the wall, and onto the spider symbol. Then aim at it to make the next
    door open.
    Turn a bolt, and then get on top of a platform so you can redirect another
    laser to open the next door. Here you will need to turn yet another bolt, and
    then refract two lasers into two different holes. Get near the hole so you can
    refract the lasers into them. Follow the path to go to a cutscene with Al the
    missing repairman. Clank will chat it up with him in a cutscene that will
    eventually lead to you getting a Qwark Vid Comic. Go backwards and step on the
    transporter to head back to The Phoenix.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX04]
    Head to your room, and go to the video game system to play the first Qwark Vid
    Comic. This one is pretty easy, just follow the only path possibly while
    killing any rats or enemies that get in your way. Be sure to collect all 100
    tokens to get a Titanium Bolt. The end of this level requires you to kill a
    worm that moves around the screen. Get the ammo for the gun and hope onto one
    of the three different platforms to shoot at it. Be sure to change platforms
    after each round with the worm, because it's route changes.
    The bolts you receive after beating the Qwark Vid Comic depend on how many
    tokens you collected, as well as your time. Watch the cutscene of Qwark
    regaining his memory, then watch the Annihilation Nation video. You'll need
    to win at Annihilation Nation to get a holographic gadget, so go back to your
    ship and head out to Annihilation Nation.
                         |     Annihilation Nation     |                   [ANNI05]
    Watch the annoying little cutscene about how no one knows Ratchet, I think the
    novelty of this idea has worn off. Anyhow, start by heading forward where
    you'll see two fire platforms. Take a second to see how they rotate so you can
    easily avoid them. After the fire platforms, go through the door and you'll
    meet some flying green enemies. If they get too close they'll reveal blades and
    will spin around towards you. Use your Shock Blaster to blow these guys away.
    Push the button in the middle of the room and head whichever way it points. For
    the purposes of this guide, I will explain heading LEFT first. Go through the
    door and down the stairs. This section requires you to strafe to avoid the
    different types of fire. Directly in front of you are two green cannons. These
    cannons will fire laser beams at you if you stay in one place too long, so
    travel by them quickly. Next you'll see a robot on the last set of platforms.
    It's useful to use your plasma whip on him, because you can reach him without
    going onto the last platform. When you're on that last platform, he won't turn
    to meet you, so killing him is simple.
    Go left and up the few stairs and face two guards standing on rock platforms.
    Your Spitting Hydra can be useful here, so target both of them from a long
    distance and keep firing. If you get too close they can hit you with their
    laser beams, so keep your distance. After disposing of them, you will need to
    travel over two more fire platforms. Again, memorize the sequence of these
    platforms as to avoid any damage. There will be a strafing guard up ahead, so
    jump over his beam and use your weapon of choice to kill him.
    Go through the door and collect the health. Step on the button and you will
    head RIGHT. As soon as the door opens, you will see more floating green
    enemies, followed by another robot guard. After you take care of them you find
    another button. Stand on it to open  the next door. You will head LEFT to find
    long blocks that will push you into the lava. Jump over them when they are
    extended, or run by them while they are not. Before you find the end of the
    extending blocks you will be confronted by 3 floating spinners and another
    robot guard. This is the end of the  first section of the Annihilation Nation
    challenge, so run forward and grab the second Qwark Vid Comic.
    You enter into an arena and prepare for 10 rounds in order to win your new
    gadget. The first round consists of guards with swords. They don't have much
    range, so take them out with your choice of weapon. The next round is a bit
    harder, and the guards with the blue laser beams will face you yet again. Keep
    your distance, and use the Spitting Hydra to take care of them. The third round
    is simple the green spinners, and can be finished with the Shock Blaster quite
    The next round is a mix of the guards with swords and the guards with
    laser beam attacks. The Nitro Launcher is especially useful against groups of
    these enemies. When you finish with round four, the spinners are back in round
    five. In round six you get a box with Inferno Mode in it, so use it wisely to
    finish this round. Rounds 7 through 10 are a mix of enemies, so use your crowd
    controlling weapons (Nitro Launcher, Plasma Whip). 
    You'll get the holographic gadget for beating Annihilation Nation, and a
    message from the President's daughter that tells you that Qwark has been put in
    charge. You can continue with the missions, or stick around for some extra
    bolts. Choose from the first three side missions, and get started.
                                  [Crispy Critters]
    This is the exact same course as the first part of Annihilation Nation. The
    only difference is you get only 2,000 bolts.
                                  [Pyro Playground]
    This is basically the same challenge as Crispy Critters, so use the same
    strategy as before. Time the fire platforms, and take your time. 3,000 bolts
    are your reward.
                                    [Suicide Run]
    Fire platforms, and more enemies. Make a straight line for the end of this
    challenge, and you'll receive 4,000 bolts.
                                   [Robot Rampage]
    12 rounds of angry robots who want nothing more than to separate your head from
    your neck. The enemies are the same as the second part of Annihilation Nation,
    the enemies with a sword, laser beam, and of course the green spinners. The
    arena will change as the rounds go on. Sometimes sections of the outer arena
    will flip over to reveal spinning blades, other times the center will flip over
    and show a lava pit. The last arena change is a large gun in the center, it
    will shoot in a straight line, so you'll need to jump over it once to avoid it.
    After beating this mission, you're 6,000 bolts richer.
                                  [The Terrible Two]
    This is much like the ChainBlade and B-2 Brawler fight in Ratchet & Clank:
    Going Commando. There are two large enemies who will switch off during the
    course of this fight. On of the enemies carries a whip, while the other has a
    gun and access to hundreds of missiles.
    The first enemy will fire a gun at you, which can be easily avoided by jumping
    and floating to the ground. Later, he will fire hundreds of missiles at you,
    which can be avoided by looking at the targets on the ground. The red targets
    mean a missile will hit very soon. So either stay near the white targets, or
    stay hovering in the air for as long as you can.
    The second enemy has a whip, and will send out a shockwave that you have to
    jump over to avoid damage. The second attack is getting close to you and
    swinging the whip at you, so jump over it to avoid damage. When both enemies
    get low on health, their attacks will combine. Defeat them both for a 4,000
    bolt reward.
                               [90 Seconds of Carnage]
    This challenge is the same as Robot Rampage, only with a timer. Use your crowd
    controlling weapons, and don't worry about ammo to pass this challenge. You
    receive a 3,000 bolt reward after finishing.
    You get more time as well as more enemies. Use the same strategy to pass this
    mission and get the 4,000 bolts.
                                  [Whip It Good]
    6 rounds of enemies, and 1 Plasma Whip. If you run out of ammo you will fail
    this mission, so use your whip wisely. Throw your whip when you have many
    enemies in front of you to make the best use of your ammo. You can also make
    the clumsy enemies hit each other to conserve ammo. After completing this
    challenge you get a 3,000 bolt reward.
                                 [Hydra'N Seek]
    Four rounds using only your Spitting Hydra. Conserve your ammo by maxing out
    the number of enemies you can hit. The targets will turn red when you can hit
    no more enemies. You can also let them kill each other like in Whip It Good.
                              [Two Minute Warning]
    You have two minutes to defeat the warriors seen in The Terrible Two. Use the
    same strategy, and hit them with all that you've got. Spare no ammo, and take
    chances to complete this challenge.
                               [Championship Bout]
    This is the last, and hardest mission out of these challenges. You face 24
    rounds of enemies, and then fight the two enemies you saw in The Terrible Two,
    and Two Minute Warning. The arena will change randomly, and after the first few
    rounds you will get boxes of ammo. After a while some rounds will be timed, and
    some will stay untimed.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX06]
    Now you'll have to play the Qwark Vid Comic #2, so go to your room and start up
    your video game system.
    The Qwark Vid Comic is pretty linear, and has little to offer in terms of
    variety. Your gun is now a flamethrower, so use it wisely. Your new enemies
    include slime and an enemy in a suit of armor with a slime gun. The slime
    enemies can be punched, but they will reappear as more smaller enemies. You
    can punch them once and be on your way, so don't let them slow you down. The
    enemies with the armor is where your flamethrower comes in use. If you have a
    steady stream of fire on them, you'll take care of them no problem. If they
    fire balls of slime at you, just jump over and them shoot them.
    Once you finish, head off to Planet Aquatos.
                         |        Planet Aquatos       |                   [AQUA07]
    Go straight forward and use the lift, which will take you down to meet your new
    friend Skidd. He'll show you his hacker, which gets you through the level.
    Don't expect him to fight or anything, just take care of a few doors. He's also
    afraid to swim, so that's your job as well.
    Follow Skidd and meet some slime, the same thing as you fought in the Qwark
    Vid Comic #2. Take care of them all in order for Skidd to hack open the next
    door. The next area is filled, so use a crowd control weapon. My personal
    favorite for places like this is the Spitting Hydra, and it should be pretty
    useful for this situation. Kill all the enemies in this room, and then enter
    the next area. Skidd should create a bridge for you once all enemies are gone.
    The next room is filled with more enemies, so throw some Nitro their way.
    You should see a pool of water, which is where you find out Skidd won't swim
    into it. Dive down into the water and get a mini-lesson on swimming. There's
    only one way to go underwater, so get back to the surface in the next room.
    You'll get a call from Sasha warning you of giant slime monsters, so be on your
    Shoot the wall of slime and a huge slime monster will come roaring out. He's
    not as bad as he looks, so keep firing at him with the weapon of your choice.
    Once he's down go into the room and hit the switch to let in Skidd, who will
    create another bridge. Cross the new bridge and enter the next room, take out
    the enemies until you find another swimming section.
    This part of the level has underwater bombs, so don't get too close or they'll
    explode. Take your time, there's no time limit or and rush to get things done
    quickly. If you want to, you can touch the red boxes and then swim away to get
    some extra bolts. Once you've surfaced climb the ladder, and kill some more
    slime monsters. Another giant slime monster shows itself, so use the Nitro
    Launcher, or another powerful weapon to take it out. You'll be rewarded with
    another sewer crystal which is worth bolts later in the level. Hit the switch
    and Skidd will come in.
    The next room is filled with baddies, so try leveling up one of your lesser
    used weapons. Skidd will create another bridge when you're done, so go across
    it and hit the switch. A cutscene will start and you'll meet Slim Cognito
    again. He's had a few problems since you last met him, but is more than willing
    to give away some free weapons if you have a Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
    save file on your memory card. You can get the Lava Gun and the Miniturret
    Glove free of charge. Enjoy your new weapons on the way to your submarine,
    which you take to the base of Dr. Nefarious.
    This section of the level lets you control both Ratchet and Clank. You start as
    Clank so go forward and avoid the lasers blocking the path. Hit the switch in
    the middle of the room to open the door to the next area. Watch the cutscene
    and find Skrunch, Qwark's monkey to be your new sidekick. He's basically a
    mindless servant, so take your new banana gun and shoot it anywhere you want
    him to go.
    Shoot the gun to the button on the other side of the bridge, and Skrunch will
    hop over the gap and create the bridge for you. In the next area there are bots
    with search lights. Shoot a banana on one side of the room to distract the
    guards and continue unnoticed. Now you're at a dead end, and Clank radios to
    Ratchet that he needs to activate the next bridge.
    Now you're in Ratchet's boots, so activate the TyhrraGuise and go forward to
    the Tyhrranoid standing behind the barrier. Talk to him using the () button,
    and you'll go through a small section of DDR, R&C style. Simply press the
    corresponding button when it appears on the top half of the screen. Once you
    complete talking to the guard, he'll let you through. Do the same thing to
    another guard, and he will lift up a girder in order to search for 5 bolts.
    Now you control Clank again, still with Skrunch the monkey. Go past the lasers
    that are spinning around, and make Skrunch open the next door by shooting a
    banana onto the switch. He'll only stay there for a few seconds, so don't
    waste time. In the next room, to the right of the fan, you'll find some small
    robots that Clank will control. 
    Go back out of the room and back to the hall with the fan. Hold /\ and select
    "Attack" from the quick select to make the small robots attack the fan. Once 
    it's down keep traveling forward. Fire the banana gun to distract more guards,
    move into another room and make Skrunch jump on the switch to raise the
    elevator. Make the robots enter the hole with "4" above it, and the barrier
    will disappear. Continue forward to switch back to Ratchet.
    The lasers on the floor are spinning in a circle, so time your moves and hit
    the button in the middle. Talk to another Tyhrranoid so he will open yet
    another barrier for you. The bridge needs to be extended, so talk to the
    Tyhhranoid on the right. Step on the switch to enter the office of Dr.
    Nefarious. Instead you get Clank, how disappointing, finish the cutscene and
    jump down the pipe in the office.
    Continue forward and you'll meet Al again, who will buy your 2 sewer crystals
    for cold hard bolts. You can go back to your ship now, or you can collect
    more crystals for bolts. You can always come back for crystals, so let's hop
    in the ship and go back to The Phoenix.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX08]
    Meet up with Qwark and your team, and you'll listen to Qwark put all of the
    responsibility on you yet again. Enjoy the nice drawings Qwark's made, then
    go back to your ship and head out to Planet Tyhrranosis.
                         |      Planet Tyhrranosis     |                   [NOID09]
    You start this stage with a free fall down to Planet Tyhrranosis. The missiles
    that are coming after you have a pinkish tint to the afterburners, so focus on
    those especially. I found that rotating the left analog stick in a circle lets
    you avoid most missiles pretty easily. If you do get hit, backtrack as soon as
    you hit the ground and you'll find a box with health in it.
    You're paired up with two robot bodyguards, so if you want you can let them do
    most of the work here. The first room you get to will have several enemies, so
    take out a crowd control weapon and blow them away. There's a round power
    generator in the middle of the room, and if it isn't blown up by the time you
    finish off the enemies, wack it with your wrench to save ammo. When it blows,
    watch the cutscene of the explosions. This introduces you to the task as hand,
    blowing the generators for the turrets on Planet Tyhrranosis. Continue on to
    the next room to get a cutscene from Sasha. You now get a vehicle to drive
    around the level.
    The vehicle can only be used for destroying one turret, so head to the right
    and go after that green dot first. Skrunch the monkey will take out most
    guards, so fly past them without worry. When you get to the dot, you'll see the
    very same type of power generator that you destroyed a minute ago. You can run
    this one over with your vehicle. Watch the cutscene of the turret blowing up,
    then continue on with your mission.
    Now, turn left to the nearest green dot, and drive towards it. For this one
    you'll have to get out of your car, but it will still be there when you get
    back. Follow the path to the second turret until you come across a few
    platforms. Jump on these platforms and continue forward, taking out Tyhhranoids
    and other enemies along the way. Keep going forward, and you'll stumble upon
    the second turret. Destroy this any way possible, I suggest the wrench because
    it saves you ammo.
    The next turret is accessed by a elevator, so get out of your jeep and walk
    onto the platform to go down. You should be underground, and see enemies almost
    immediately. Swing your wrench down to give the first guard a little surprise,
    then follow the path forward. You will come upon the second to last turret,
    destroy it any way possible. Return to the surface to find the last turret.
    The last turret is in the upper left hand section of your map. Once you get
    there, jump onto the building and throw some Nitro towards the group of
    enemies. A couple dropships will come and send in enemies, so be sure to take
    them out as soon as they land. When they have all been destroyed, keep on the
    path going forward to find the fourth turret to destroy.
    View the cutscene where the giant door in the north part of the map is blown
    to pieces. Head that way and go down on the elevator into the new area, this is
    where you will fight the Tyhrranoid boss.
                                  [Boss Fight]
    The Tyhrranoid boss is pretty easy to predict, but a bit harder to avoid. It
    only has two attacks to start off with, so learn the ways to avoid it. You will
    have the Tyhrranoid in front of you, and you'll have to walk backwards. Use the
    strafe technique to keep the giant Tyhrranoid in front of you, and still be
    able to blast it.
    The first attack it has is to swing it's arms at you, which can be avoided by
    jumping. The arm will hit the ground while you jump, then you land, then the
    other arm will hit on your second jump into the air. The only hard bit is to
    try to stay on the platforms. If you fall off, you'll restart the entire
    The second attack that the boss Tyhrranoid has is to latch onto the ceiling and
    fire a machine gun at you. Use the Annihilator, or the Spitting Hydra to do
    major damage to it while it can't move. Simple jump over the bullets when they
    come near you, they're in a line and only come around a few times so you should
    have plenty of time to aim and fire repeatedly.
    When the Tyhrranoid is at about half health, the camera will go into it's eyes.
    It will start to fire missiles at you, but as long as you keep moving you will
    be unharmed. Head towards the opening it created with the missiles for the next
    section of the boss fight. Small Tyhrranoids will try to attack you, but as
    long as you're moving they won't do a thing. Try to aim the missiles into the
    boxes of health so you can regain health and keep moving at the same time.
    Don't worry about the small Tyhrranoids, they'll disappear after the missile
    section is over.
    The last part of this boss fight is the same as the first, so use the same
    technique until the boss Tyhrranoid is dead. Don't spare any ammo, and be sure
    to use your most powerful weapons. Once the giant Tyhrranoid is dead, you'll
    view a cutscene of Qwark squashing the beast, and charming the ladies.
                    *** Tip Submitted By Benjamin Kabaker ***
    This fact is a useful one.... the Momma Tyrranoid may only have ONE health bar,
    but there are two targets you can damage.  The Tyrranoid herself is one.... and
    the weapon grafted to her back is another.  In other words, a weapon like the
    Spitting Hydra, Plasma Coil, or any weapon with a shock mod will inflict more
    damage due to this.
    You now have two choices, return to the Phoenix, or do optional Ranger battles
    for some extra bolts. For the purposes of this guide, we'll move on to the
    Ranger battles.
                             [Assault on Kavu Island]
    This mission starts with a free fall among the Rangers. Avoid the missiles by
    rotating the left analog stick when a missile comes near you, and you'll get
    to the ground just fine. Just in front of you are a few enemies, mostly small
    but there are a few with lasers. Use the Spitting Hydra to take them all out,
    then get your ammo back with the crates on either side of the path.
    Before you get to the bridge, go to the left and you'll see a bolt and some
    crates. Press [] to lock onto the bolt, and rotate the left analog stick to
    extend the bridge. Once the bridge has been extended, let the Rangers still
    alive take out some of the immediate enemies. There will be a single turret
    that fires missiles at you, so focus on that first. The missiles it fires will
    loop around a bit, the go directly down into where you're standing. The only
    way to avoid it is to jump as soon as it's about to hit you. After taking out
    this turret, continue forward to face more Tyhrranoids and 4, yes 4, more
    turrets. Use the Spitting Hydra or Annihilator to take them out quickly. Once
    you've secured the island, you get an 8,000 bolt reward.
                           [Dogfight Over Kavu Island]
    For this mission, you're put into a plane, and told to destroy the enemies on
    Kavu Island. The truth is you just need to take out the dropships, and the rest
    of the enemies won't matter. There will be about 15 of these dropships, so
    learn how to deal with them early. They'll send out two rows of broken lasers,
    so move left and right according to where the lasers are going. Once the fire
    stops it's your chance to hit them hard. Aim to where the dropships are going
    to be in a second or two, depending on how far away they are. Once all of the
    dropships have been destroyed you're rewarded with 12,000 bolts.
                             [Operation Thunderbolt]
    Operation Thunderbolt actually requires you to take out all enemies in a
    fighter plane. The only change here is there are less dropships, more enemies
    focusing their fire on you, and several turrets scattered throughout the map.
    The dropships can be taken out the same way as in Dogfight Over Kavu Island,
    the enemies can be killed with one or two well placed shots, and the turrets
    are the only thing that you need to be worried about. They will fire missiles
    at you, and combined with the fire from dropships and enemies it can be too
    much to handle. 
    Either take these turrets out first, or last since they are definitely the
    toughest. The way to avoid the missiles is to let it come close to you, then
    veer off to one side. Otherwise it will follow your path to one side. When all
    red dots are gone, the 16,000 bolts are yours.
                               [The Final Battle]
    This is it, the final battle over Kavu Island. The 'noids are sending all they
    have, which isn't much as it seems. "Don't worry Sarge, this one's 'gon be a
    cakewalk" says a Ranger with his robotic western accent. Wrong. As soon as you
    get to the bridge to find the lonely Tyhrranoid running away, you meet two
    dropships and even more flying and ground enemies. This is a perfect time for
    your Nitro Launcher, or even the Spitting Hydra. They're all compacted on the
    one tiny bridge, so take advantage and wipe them out all at once. Once the
    first bridge is cleared, move forward towards more enemies.
    After the middle section, filled with 'noids of all sorts, is clear move on to
    the final bridge leading to the final section. "This is it ladies", the last
    stand of the Tyhrranoids on Kavu Island. The main thing here is the two turrets
    connected to the building on the left. Strafe and hit them with anything you
    have left. If you're having trouble with them, using the Plasma Whip while
    right next to them works very well, since they almost never hit you. Just be
    sure that you're so close that you're touching them. More small 'noids come out
    from the end of the level, so finish them off with the N60 Storm and grab your
    $20,000 bolt reward on your way back to The Phoenix.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PNX010]
    When you get back to The Phoenix, you get a message from Dr. Nefarious and his
    butler, making fun of the Q-Force. Al tracks the message for you and tells you
    that it comes from planet Daxx. However, on your way Helga stops you and tells
    you about gadgets. If you're an old Ratchet & Clank gamer, the only new thing
    for you will be the new design for the hacker.
    The two different gadgets you will use are the Hypershot and the Hacker. The
    Hypershot opens platforms and lets you swing onto spinning green balls which
    could not be reached otherwise, and the Hacker lets you hack through locks and
    access places you would not be able to reach otherwise. To use the Hypershot,
    press () while aiming in the direction of a green folded up platform, and it
    will unfold and be useable for a short period of time. To use the hacker, stand
    on the pad and press /\ to activate. Collect the green gems, and destroy the
    red ones. Don't let any red get to the top or you fail, and remember that all
    blue barriers cannot be destroyed, so you'll just have to wait for them to
    The sections start with the Hypershot, then the Hacker unlocks a wall jumping
    section. Then another Hypershot will get you to another Hacker puzzle. Another
    wall jumping area, then one more Hypershot that sends you to the final Hacker
    stage. Once it's over, you complete the course, get the gadgets, and a new
    Titanium Bolt for your troubles. Time to blast off for Planet Daxx.
                         |         Planet Daxx         |                   [DAXX11]
    To start, there will be a couple of ways to venture forward. Start by going
    left, past the vendor so gear up if you need to. Head up 3 steps to encounter
    some red flies. If they get too close, they'll bite you, so take out a good
    crowd controlling weapon like the Plasma Whip or Shock Blaster, and send them
    to their graves. After the flies are gone, you'll run into a floating half
    robot. This type of enemy is hard to target sometimes since it can float pretty
    high off of the ground. It also has heavy armor, so it will take a couple shots
    from a strong weapon to kill it. It's attack is simple, shoot a stream of
    broken up laser shots at you, reload, and repeat the process over again.
    I found the best way to defeat this robot is with a Shock Blaster, and if you
    have it, the Shock Cannon. Hide behind the rock, which will give you cover
    while the robot fires away at you, but when he's done strafe out to meet him.
    You'll need to jump to hit him, but once hit he'll be knocked backwards and it
    will take a second or two for him to come back strong. Keep jumping side to
    side to avoid his fire, and continue to pour on the Shock Blaster or Shock
    Cannon fire. 
    Once he's down, jump over the gap and take a left. Go down to meet some flies
    as well as another tough robot. Since the flies swarm you quickly, and the
    robot is ready to fry you up, use the Spitting Hydra or the Tempest if you've
    upgraded it. This should take out most of the flies and get a good hit on the
    robot. This robot likes to float a bit higher than the others, so the Shock
    Blaster or Shock Cannon might not work. Try holding circle while having the
    Spitting Hydra out, then getting near him and jumping until you hear the
    lock-on sound. Around three hits from the Tempest will kill him, a few more if
    you've still got the Spitting Hydra.
    Continue on through the shelter area, breaking all the boxes inside. When you
    come out you'll be met with another set of flies and yet another tough robot.
    Again, use the same technique to take these baddies out. Crowd control early,
    and the Tempest when only the robot is left. From here, go up to the left and
    cross the bridge. As soon as you get across it, a hoard of flies and 3 robots
    will approach you. Quickly equip the Nitro Launcher and send a few rounds their
    way. These robots float very close to the ground, so almost any weapon will
    work on them. The only thing to avoid is falling off the bridge, and keeping
    out of the way of the robot's fire. You can use the two large rocks for cover
    if you need to.
    When all enemies have taken a dirt nap, go to the left and double jump over the
    gap. Go up again to get ammo, health, and some free bolts. Go into the house
    and you'll receive the charge boots. Press R1, R1 to go straight forward at a
    very quick pace. Remember not to use them near places where you can die,
    because you can easily go off the edge without warning. Go back to your ship
    to go the second way and finish the mission.
    This way takes you to the right of the vendor, so again load up with all the
    ammo you will need. Hypershot to the next dock, then take a right onto a
    platform. Now, a large dropship will be chasing you, firing missiles wherever
    you try to go. To avoid it, sidestep and jump over the red targets on the
    ground. Hypershot again to get to another platform, then use the Hypershot
    to extend a floating platform. Get to another safe platform and do the same
    thing over, extend the floating platform to get to a Hypershot swinging
    section. Continue forward, then go left to a wall jumping section. In front of
    you now will be two Hypershot platforms, followed by two Hypershot swinging
    sections, then a safe platform where the ship attacks you some more.
    Hypershot swing twice to get to a platform, then extend two platforms with the
    Hypershot. Swing twice, land on the platform, extend two more floating
    platforms, then swing yet again. Now there will be 5 extendable platforms,
    followed by a Hypershot swing section. Swing twice, the go across 3 safe
    platforms, long jumping onto the last one. Now you will prepare for the final
    battle with the ship that's been chasing you.
    The ship has several attacks, fire lasers at you, fire missiles at you, and
    finally cross it's two lasers across the platform you are on. The first laser
    can be avoided by jumping over it, this should not stop you from firing Nitro
    it's way. The missiles will take a bit of maneuvering, so strafe and keep
    moving in large circles while firing. Every now and then the ship disappears,
    but it reappears where you see the distortion in the background. Once it's
    health gets low, it will sweep and cross the two lasers. Jump and use Clank
    to hover while the lasers go under you. If you've run out of Nitro, use the
    Annihilator or Tempest to take it out completely.
    When the fight is over, use the Hypershot to get over to the control center.
    You will see a video edited of Courtney Gears telling robots to rise up and
    such. Once the cutscene is over, take the yellow taxi back to your ship.
    Now that you've gone through two of the paths, there's only one left. Take
    the same path you took the second time around, using the Hypershot to go over
    the lake. Now instead of going right, go left, onto the elevator that will take
    you up. You will be met by 3 guards, so take cover behind the boxes. Don't stay
    too long or the boxes will be destroyed and you'll be open for damage. Once
    the three guards are gone, 2 more guards and a large robot will attack you.
    Take them out and head to the right.
    Now you'll have an even greater task, 5 guards all looking to take you down.
    Put out some turrets, or even use the Agents of Doom. Again, the Tempest will
    work wonders here, even if some guards are hiding. When the 5 guards have been
    taken care of, continue forward. To the right are bolts, and to the left is
    where you will continue the mission. A few guards and some small triangular
    looking robots stand in your way, so dispose of them.
    Go forward and the wall will drop revealing guards. Take them out, and go both
    right and left to get some extra bolts. Next is a very large robot, but he
    shouldn't be too much of a hassle if you've got an upgraded weapon. In fact, 2
    Tempest shots takes him down. Go forward and the left until you see your next
    section of the mission. On the lower level are a bunch of guards, but don't
    engage them just yet. Go to the left and down the path to get extra health,
    ammo, and bolts. Now go back and try to pick off some guards before you engage
    them in a battle. There are 4 guards, and they won't give you much trouble if
    you've found your own way of taking them out by now.
    Over the gap is another large robot, followed by a Hypershot swinging section
    that lands you in the middle of a robot gang. These are only the small triangle
    robots, so the Plasma Whip can take them out easily. Continue forward and use
    the hacker (2 levels) to open the next section. There will be 3 guards that
    need to be taken out, and once they're gone head up and right to the next room.
    Take out the bots and guards in the room and move to the back of it to get some
    extra bolts and press a button. Go to the right for another 2 levels of the
    Hacker. Continue on to face many guards, all which can be handled by some
    turrets in good places, or the Tempest. Towards the back of the room, the bots
    will throw everything they've got at you. Take cover and lob Nitro their way to
    finish the stage. Grab some bolts in boxes on either side of this room, and
    go to the last 3 levels of the Hacker. Watch the cutscene about the Obani
    Moons, and get the coordinates. Head back to your ship, mission completed.
                         |     Annihilation Nation     |                   [ANNI12]
    Start by going past the flaming platforms, avoiding the flames by learning the
    patterns. Step on the button located in the center of the next room, and
    continue to the right. Enemies will appear right in front of you, so take them
    out before jumping over the floating platforms. There will be more enemies on
    the ledge above you, so use the Annihilator or Tempest to wipe them out. The
    next door will be on your left, so go through it and take out the ninjas. Open
    the next door to fight two large robots who fire lasers at you, along with one
    more ninja. Next there will be 3 robots with spiked fists who will spin towards
    you. They don't have much direction, simply forward and back, so take them
    out with a weapon you haven't leveled up much.
    When you pass these enemies, you will finish the course but be teleported into
    an arena to fight Scorpio. It's two attacks are to lift it's tail above it's
    head and let go of a spinning saw. Jump over the saw to avoid it. Eventually
    he will shoot dual flamethrowers, which cross in the middle. Stay as far away
    as you can, and jump over the line of fire when it comes near you. When you
    defeat Scorpio, you will get a Qwark Vid Comic and a quick cutscene with
    Courtney Gears. You can stay at Annihilation Nation, or go to Obani Gemini.
    For the sake of this guide, I will outline the challenges you have unlocked at
    Annihilation Nation.
    This is the same fight you just went through with at the arena, no changes at
    all. Use your most powerful weapons to get his health down early, ammo should
    not be a worry of yours. Avoid the flamethrowers and spinning blades he sends
                                 [BBQ Boulevard]
    Start by getting across the platforms of fire. This time there are two of them,
    and the sequence alternates. Take your time to get over, then go into the next
    room and press the button. Go to the right and down some stairs to encounter
    a few spinning robots. Again, they have no real will of their own, just spin
    in a straight line. Use any weapon you need to level up to take them out, then
    jump onto the next platform. Go up one more and across another platform, and
    you will see yet another spinning robot. You can snipe him with the N60 Storm
    so you won't deal with him during landing.
    Glide down onto the platform the spinning robot was on, and go up a platform
    then to the right. There will be 2 more spinning robots along with a ninja bot.
    Use your Tempest to target them all, and turn them into scrap metal. Go to the
    left and avoid the fire on two sides. Missiles will be coming from a large bot
    in the middle, but the range is poor. Take out a powerful weapon and storm it
    to take it down. When you proceed forward, small robots will come out from the
    tunnel. Go into the next room, collect the health a step on the button, from
    here you head left.
    Across the bridge you will see 3 ninjas, after them is more health and another
    button. Go right to find 2 robots firing lasers, with a ninja on the middle
    elevated platform. They'll target you quick, so take them out with a powerful
    weapon. Get to the top of the stairs and 3 spinning robots will come out after
    you. Use your least leveled up weapons, or better yet throw some mini-turrets
    their way and get to the end of the course.
                                [Maze of Blaze]
    For this course, you receive 8,000 bolts and another chance to take on the same
    course, give or take an obstacle, that you just completed! At least you'll get
    some extra bolts and more missions when you complete it.
                              [Cremation Station]
    For this course, the ending is the same as the previous two, and the only
    difference is the fire platforms in the beginning. Learn the pattern, and use
    the previous strategy to earn yourself 10,000 bolts.
                                 [Chop Chop]
    This is an arena battle, using only the Disc Blade Gun. Save your ammo and
    hopefully you already have, or will upgrade this weapon during the challenge.
    Once you defeat all enemies, you are rewarded with 8,000 shiny new bolts.
                               [One Hit Wonder]
    This is one of the more difficult challenges, because it doesn't allow you to
    be hit at all. The first few rounds of enemies are fairly easy, but when the
    course changes, it adds another dimension to it. Stay in the middle for the
    first half of the rounds, then go to the edges to avoid the lava center in
    the last few rounds. When you finish all enemies off with perfect health, you
    receive 15,000 bolts.
                               [Cycling Weapons]
    Just when you thought you had your favorite weapons all picked out, they go and
    throw this challenge at you. It's not as hard as it seems because they don't
    give you the Suck Cannon to fight robots with lasers, it's pretty much the same
    five or six weapons each time. When you run out of ammo for one weapon, you
    switch to the next. Know your weapon icons well to make the best use of your
    ammo. When you're finished, you're rewarded with 8,000 bolts.
                               [Counting Ducks]
    6 rounds of hard robot fighting, well it's not very hard. It's still 6 rounds,
    and you'll still get 9,000 bolts for wiping the floor with their face plates.
                               [The Annihilator]
    Yet another course through the fiery Annihilation Nation, and the course
    basically stays the same. What a shame, 12,000 bolts and a slight headache from
    the same course.
                             [More Cycling Weapons]
    Hopefully after fighting Scorpio twice, and completing the Cycling Weapons
    challenge, you'll be a master at both. This challenge combines both, making
    you switch weapons to fight Scorpio. Again, I suggest you get familiar with
    your weapon icons so you won't waste valuable ammo. When Scorpio goes down for
    the 3rd time, collect your 10,000 bolts.
    Apparently Scorpio can't get enough of you, or else someone's playing a cruel
    joke on him. Defeat Scorpio within a set amount of time, which is not given,
    and pick up your 10,000 bolt paycheck.
    Now that you've completed all of the Annihilation Nation challenges that there
    are to complete, head to Holostar Studios.
                         |       Holostar Studios      |                   [HOLO13]
    Holostar Studios is where Ratchet and Clank shoot Secret Agent Clank, the TV
    show. You start with a cutscene of Ratchet and Clank in a fake ship, Ratchet
    accidentally ejects Clank out of the ship therefore getting fired. Now Clank's
    new partner/valet is Skrunch the monkey. Personally I like Skrunch better than
    The scene, and mission start with Clank fighting four small ninja robots. If
    you let them be for a few seconds they will wind up and strike you. Clank
    hasn't had many missions before this, so his health should be conserved. Keep
    hitting [] to kill the ninjas, each takes two hits. After they're gone, hop
    over the bar and hit the small computer to open the laser door. Keep going
    forward until you come upon a room with Skrunch and more ninja robots in it.
    Take out the robots, and shoot the banana gun onto the button. Make sure you're
    on top of the platform, because the button will make the elevator go up. When
    you're at the top, let Skrunch the monkey get on the platform, then stand on
    the button to have him join you.
    There will be a gap that Clank cannot cross, so shoot a banana onto the button
    and Skrunch will use the wire to the left to get it. The laser system can be
    destroyed by punching the small computer, and this will let your small robot
    sidekicks go across the bridge without being killed. Choose "Enter" from the
    command list to open the next door. There will be robots waiting for you, so
    take them out and go across the platforms to the next door. From here you
    become giant Clank, and fight a giant robot for the final scene.
    The giant robot will shoot missiles at you to start, so jump up and shoot
    missiles right back at him. If you can get close enough, punch him and it will
    do major damage. Once his health gets down several giant ninjas will come after
    you. Keep track of them with the number on the bottom left. Simple get far away
    from them and shoot missiles as they try to make a straight line to you. When
    the ninjas are gone, you'll fight the giant robot again. Get his health down
    again and more ninjas will come out. Eventually you'll be able to fight both
    the ninjas and the giant robot. Focus on the robot until he goes down, and the
    director yells cut.
    After Clank's cutscene, you get to play as Ratchet again. Some small enemies
    will be in front of you, as will a large robot with a laser. When they have
    been taken out, enter into the door to get to more enemies. Take these new
    enemies out and continue to the next door. There will be a Hacker section at
    the end of this path. It will unlock an elevator that you ride to the top to
    meet more enemies. There's another Hacker section at the end of this new room,
    which unlocks the door in front of you.
    Use your Hypershot on the next section until you get to more enemies. Take them
    out to trigger the large enemy ship. Blast it with your most powerful weapon
    until it goes down, then continue on. You'll go down to meet more enemies. Use
    your crowd controlling weapons, I suggest the Nitro Launcher because they're in
    small little packs together. More enemies will come from the final door, so
    take them out and continue forward to your ship.
                         |     Planet Obani Gemini     |                   [GMNI14]
    After you exit from your ship, use your Refractor to aim the laser into the
    receiver to open the door. Use the jump pad and refract the laser into the
    satellite. Your task on this mission is to continue to refract the laser beams
    into the satellites in the sky. Use the jump pads to gain access to more laser
    beams that you will refract into satellites. The only opposition are small
    robots that are on ground level. When you are done, a green transporter will
    open to you and will send you off to Obani Gemini Pollux.
    This section of the level is very linear, so follow the first path you see
    until you come across a jump pad. When you get to the top there will be a few
    enemies, the hardest of which will send a blue shockwave at you. It's pretty
    hard to dodge because of the small bridge, so jump over it. Cross the next
    bridge and jump off another pad to get to a large robot with a machine gun.
    Take cover and hit it with your most powerful weapon, then use the zipline to
    get down. Continue forward and jump off the next pad you get to, then cross the
    bridge and take out more enemies. Use the jump pad to get to another platform,
    which will trigger a cutscene. You'll get a call from the Rangers which tells
    you that Blackwater City is under attack and they need your help.
                         |       BlackWater City       |                   [BLAK15]
    Start the mission by freefalling out of a dropship. Rotate the left analog
    stick in a circle to avoid the missiles.
                    [Part I: The Battle of Blackwater City]
    You start with a few simple Tyhrranoids in front of you, but once they're gone
    a dropship with bring more 'noids. Take advantage of your Ranger's help, as
    well as the barriers you can use for cover. Once all the Tyhrranoids are gone
    some saucers and small 'noids will come for you. Take these out with a simple
    weapon like the N60 Storm, go to the bridge and help take out the enemies to
    earn yourself 15,000 bolts.
                             [Part II: The Bridge]
    As soon as you start enemies will be in front of you. Take cover and take care
    of them. Two dropships will come and bring in Tyhrranoid reinforcements. After
    you take out these noids, you'll see that the 'noids are storming the bridge.
    It's not much of a storm, and they can't hurt you while they're behind the
    shield. Take your N60 Storm and shoot anything that comes across the bridge to
    get the 20,000 bolt reward. 
                           [Part III: Counterattack]
    Now that you've taken out most of the Tyhrranoids, you can go on the offensive.
    Four mech like robots will be in front of you, so hide behind your Ranger
    allies until you get your choice of weapon out. Take out the robots, then head
    down the ramp to engage 2 turrets. Strafe and jump side to side to avoid the
    fire from the turrets, and lob Nitro or another powerful weapon to take care of
    the turrets.
    Some sauces will come from behind you, as well as 2 dropships with more 'noids.
    When you take these new enemies out you will be rewarded with 25,000 bolts as
    well as a pair of Gravity Boots. You'll get a cutscene with Skidd, who is in
    trouble. Go to Obani Draco to check out the situation.
                         |         Obani Draco         |                   [DRCO16]
    Go forward and snipe the small robots that stand in your way on the next
    platform. Use the long jump to get to the next platform, snipe the robots on
    the final platform, and long jump into to a tunnel. This is where your Gravity
    Boots will come in handy, so head into the tunnel. Go forward until you get to
    the section with the platforms covered in purple water. Wait for the water
    level to drop, then strafe across the platform before the water rises again.
    The next tunnel will have fire and electricity to avoid. Stay in the middle of
    the sections that are not electrified, and keep a straight path to avoid any
    damage. Next, you'll go around in a circle with your Gravity Boots. Take out
    the robots that oppose you and continue forward. When you see the giant disco
    ball type object, go down the tube below it. Kill the small robots in your way,
    and avoid more fire and electricity. There will be another section with water,
    where you'll need to strafe across platforms to avoid it. One last fire and
    electrified section and you'll get a cutscene with Courtney Gears and Skidd
    being turned into a robot. It's time for another boss fight.
                                  [Boss Fight]
    This boss fight will start by Courtney sending out spinning robots after you.
    Their legs will hurt you, so throw some turrets and try to find Courtney. She
    will be in a cage firing boomerangs of electricity at you to begin with. Let
    your turrets take care of her dancers, and focus your most powerful weapon on
    Courtney while avoiding her fire.
    Eventually Courtney will come out of her cages and face you 1 on 1. She'll send
    out shockwaves for you to avoid, as well as fire lasers at you. Throw turrets
    all around the small arena, then concentrate heavy fire on her until she goes
    down. Watch the cutscene saying that Nefarious's ship has been located, then
    blast off for Zeldrin Starport.
                         |      Zeldrin Starport       |                   [ZDRN17]
    Go to the left and into Qwark's ship, and you'll be transported to a new
    area. The first section is composed simply of medium difficulty robots. When
    you take them out you'll come to a ladder, so climb it to get to the next
    room. There's more robots in this room, so use the Bouncer, Tempest, or any
    other choice of crowd control weapon you have. At the end of the bridge,
    before the elevator, there are ninja robots, so take them out before they can
    get close enough to hurt you. When you take the elevator up, you will be
    attacked by more robots, so dispose of them and move on.
    You'll see a cutscene with Nefarious and Qwark, and ultimately the ship will
    be on a 60 second self-destruct sequence. Go back to your ship within the 60
    seconds, through all of the robots who would rather take you out than save
    themselves. Once you get back you'll try to rescue Qwark, but Clank will
    leave instead. Head back to the Phoenix with Clank to prepare for the next
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX18]
    As soon as you get back to the Phoenix, the rest of the Q-Force will remember
    Qwark for the good that he has done. Al will give you the 4th Qwark Vid Comic,
    which is your next mission. You'll have no choice but to complete all the Vid
    Comics to find the clue of where Nefarious is going to attack next. When you
    finish the Vid Comic, you'll see that Nefarious is targeting Metropolis.
                         |          Metropolis         |                   [MTRP19]
    Start by going down the stairs and to the right over the bridge. In the room
    after the bridge are several small Tyhrranoids, along with a medium sized
    Tyhrranoid. Take these out with a good crowd control weapon, the Tempest or
    Spitting Hydra works well against these weak enemies. When you get to the end
    of the room, a large 4-eyed Tyhrranoid appears. He's very strong, so take out
    one of the more powerful weapons you have to take him down. Try to combine
    weapons like the MiniTurret Glove, Shield Charger, Agents of Doom, and any
    other weapon. Any combination of these should do the job.
    Continue forward out of the room to be confronted by a dropship. Again, a
    powerful weapon should take it out. When you get across the bridge, a large
    flying (4-eyed) Tyhrranoid comes after you. Take him out to continue into the
    next room, where 2 medium Tyhrranoids wait. There's also a vendor here, so take
    out the 'noids and get some more ammo. Turn left to the outside area where
    several Tyhrranoids wait for you. Take them out and turn to the right where
    you'll need to high-jump to get to the next area. A medium and large Tyhrranoid
    will engage you, so a multi-targeting weapon as well as a powerful weapon will
    work in this situation.
    Continue to the left and go down where you'll find 3 medium 'noids. After they
    are taken care of, go to the right where a large Tyhrranoid will break down
    from the ceiling. Make quick work of him with the Annihilator/Decimator and
    continue forward to meet another 2 large Tyhrranoids. When they're done, head
    left and jump over the gap to see a dropship come down and let off a few medium
    sized Tyhrranoids. Take these guys out and go to the left where you'll see a
    Gravity Boot section. Walk up the Gravity Boot surface and turn to the right.
    A single medium sized Tyhrranoid will be waiting for you. Take him down and
    go around the next 2 corners to find 2 medium sized Tyhrranoids. Take them down
    and go right to get back down on the ground.
    Go to the right to find more medium Tyhrranoids, take them out with your choice
    of weapons. You'll find a bolt and a laser beam in this area. Turn the bolt to
    make the machine that catches the beam come towards you. Now, refract the beam
    using the Refractor into the machine. The beam should now point towards the
    next area. Follow it until the wall on your left ends, then refract the beam
    into the small machine on the lower part of the wall. This will unlock a
    bridge, which takes you to the next section. Take out the 'noids here and
    you'll be in for another boss battle.
    You see Clank has been switched with a robot named Klunk, who you will now
    fight on a moving train.
                                  [Boss Fight]
    Giant Klunk has only two attacks, both of which can be avoided by double
    jumping into the air. His first attack is sending a red beam at you, which
    explodes into a large circle. Jump to avoid the shockwave it lets out, and you
    won't take any damage. The second attack is when Klunk fires rockets at you,
    which can be avoided by moving in large circles, and jumping when a rocket
    nears you. Klunk often moves back and forth between sides of the train, and is
    open to be hit hard during this time.
    This boss battle really tests your choices in weapons, so combine all of your
    available weapons to take down Klunk. Be sure to have these weapons available
    and in your quick select before the battle begins: Mini/MegaTurret Glove,
    Shield Charger, Agents of Doom/Dread, Annihilator, and the Plasma Coil.
    Throw out some turrets on both sides of the train to begin with, and release
    a set of Agents. These will work on Klunk without you having to do a thing.
    Now select the Shield Charger in case you get hit. Equip either the Annihilator
    or the Plasma Coil, which ever has been leveled up further. Keep hitting Klunk
    with shots while he tries to attack you. Eventually you'll need to replace your
    turrets, Agents, and Shield. When Klunk is at about half health another train
    will pull up next to yours, there is some ammo aboard this train, with a crate
    of health. Break both of these crates and continue pounding away at Klunk.
    When Klunk goes down, you'll be transported back to your ship and given the
    opportunity to save the Rangers yet again. The Ranger missions are as follows.
                              [Part I: Countdown]
    For this mission you'll be in a ship, and told to take down all of the charges
    set out by the Tyhrranoids. The charges have 4 legs, and are all black. They
    have been waypointed with green dots on your map. Ignore the Tyhrranoids and go
    straight for the charges. The charges will go down rather easily with the
    powerful gun on the ship. Once you have destroyed all of the charges you'll
    move onto the next mission.
                            [Part II: Urban Combat]
    You start off with a freefall down to where the Rangers are held up. Use the
    circle technique, simply rotate the left analog stick in a slow circle, to
    avoid the missiles. When you get down to the Rangers, the 'noids will be
    heading towards you from across the bridge. The bridge will be the main place
    that the Tyhrranoids will come from, but saucers and dropships will come from
    all sides. Once all the Tyhrranoids are dead the mission is over and you are
    able to move on.
                             [Part III: Tower Attack]
    In this mission you're back in the ship heading for 4 different points on the
    map again. However, in this mission all Tyhrranoids must be taken out. Work
    your way around the towers, avoiding the flying 4-eyed 'noids with the green
    laser beams as well as the turrets, and you'll be fine.
                            [Part IV: Air Superiority]
    Take the Ranger's ship and take out all the dropships in the area. Forget about
    all of the Tyhrranoids on the ground, and focus all your attention on the
    dropships flying around the area. Their patters vary, so try to stick with a
    dropship flying towards you, or directly away from you. Aim ahead of their path
    so your fire catches them straight on. Once all dropships are taken out you
    move on to the last mission.
                             [Part V: Turret Command]
    You take control of a single turret and take out the 'noid's air forces during
    this mission. Use () to fire and the left analog to control the turret. The
    waves will start with saucers, then dropships, followed by more saucers, more
    dropships, and finish with saucers. Hold the fire button down since there is no
    ammo for the turret, and let your aiming rectacle go across the screen taking
    out any saucers in the way. Take out the ones who are close because they'll
    open fire on you. Aim ahead of the dropships to hit them and stop them from
    shooting at you.
    When you finish all of the Ranger's missions, you'll receive the Map-O-Matic,
    which shows all secret areas on your map by coloring the area green.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX20]
    When you return to the Phoenix, you'll view a cutscene summarizing the events
    that have happened in the galaxy so far. Ratchet will remember about how Qwark
    was looking for something as Nefarious's ship went down, and you'll head off to
    the crash site of Nefarious's cruiser.
                         | Planet Zeldrin (Crash Site) |                   [ZDRN21]
    After exiting your ship, glide down to the vendor on the ground level of Planet
    Zeldrin. Go forward until several robot guards emerge from the wreckage. Take
    them out and move forward to some more wreckage. Even more guards come from
    both sides, out of the wreckage. A giant robot with more robot guards come out
    to try to take you out, so take cover behind the small bits of wreckage on the
    ground. After these robots have been taken out, the path bends to the left
    where you'll come across a small tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel are
    two floating guards with a giant robot. Use a powerful weapon to take these
    bots out, and continue forward.
    Jump over the gap and make quick work of the small robots. Go right to face a
    medium sized robot guard, then take the sharp left to face more small robots
    with another giant bot. The Spitting Hydra/Tempest works well against the
    smaller robots, and will level up fast against the giant robot. Continue
    forward up the rocks, then take a left and go up some more rocks. Take out a
    few small robots and you'll be faced with a choice.
    You can either go right to get to a secret area, or forward to continue with
    the mission. To the right is a Hypershot section, so swing up and past a few
    more obstacles to find the nanopack. Continue forward if you want to keep on
    with the mission, where you'll find more robot guards with small robots. When
    they're gone, go to the right and hop aboard the elevator which takes you up to
    another area. There will be two floating guards hovering over a small gap, so
    take them out and jump over the gap. Go up and take out the small bots and
    2 guards. 
    Use the Hypershot to get down and view a cutscene. Apparently Qwark has
    survived the crash and called on a taxi to get himself out of the area. Now
    you'll have to get back to your ship to catch up with him. Use the vendor to
    stock up on some ammo for the next small section. Use the two Hypershot 
    platforms to get to the other side of the area. Your Gravity Boots are put into
    use for the next section, so go up and face a robot guard. Take him out and go
    to the right over the electricity. To the left are two guards, so throw a black
    hole their way to make quick work of them.
    Continue forward, then left over the electricity to find a giant robot waiting
    for you. Take him out and go right to find 2 more floating robot guards. When
    they're gone, go up onto the top of the object you just climbed up. There will
    be several small robots and a medium sized robot guard. They're good for a few
    bolts and some weapon experience, so take them out and use the zipline to get
    down to your ship.
    The Rangers will call again, asking for your help. Head to Planet Aridia to
    save them yet again.
                         |        Planet Aridia        |                   [ARDA22]
                      [Part I: The Tunnels of Outpost X12]
    Simply go along the linear path with the Rangers and take out all of the
    Tyhrranoid resistance. You'll be rewarded with 10,000 bolts at the end of the
                      [Part II: Ambush In Red Rock Valley]
    The Tyhrranoids are sending ground troops after the Rangers, so protect them
    from the enemies. Next are the saucers as well as dropships, followed by an
    all-out attack by the Tyhrranoids. When you take out all the 'noids, you'll get
    a reward of 15,000 bolts.
                           [Part III: Assassination]
    The green dots on your map are the leaders of the Tyhrranoids, and the targets
    of your mission. Take them all out to get a 20,000 bolt reward.
                         [Part IV: Reclaim The Valley]
    Use your wrench to activate the four turrets around the area. When all turrets
    have been activated, collect your 25,000 bolt reward.
                            [Part V: X12 Endgame]
    Go through the tunnels again and take out the rest of the Tyhrranoid forces on
    Planet Aridia. For taking out all of the 'noids, you'll get 30,000 bolts and
    the Warp Pad.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX23]
    When you get back to the Phoenix, Al tells you that he can reverse the process
    of turning "squishies" into robots. He also gives you the mysterious Qwark Vid
    Comic #5. Play the Vid Comic and you'll find out that Qwark has a hideout on
    the Thran asteroid belt. Qwark's secret hideout is your next destination, so
    head back to your ship and blast off.
                         |       Qwark's Hideout       |                   [QWRK24]
    Jump out of your ship and go forward onto the moving platform. Hop off on the
    other side and face some small gnomes. Go forward to the white square on the
    ground and set up the Warp Pad. Go back and press the button to activate the
    elevator, then press () to warp up to the top where the elevator is. Continue
    forward to find 3 gnomes, followed by a few barriers. Several Qwark bots will
    appear, so take cover and take them out.
    Continue forward and go up to the next area, filled with gnomes. Take out the
    gnomes and set out another warp pad next to the barrier. Go back and step on
    the button, then warp back and continue forward before the barrier returns. 
    Stop off at the vendor before sliding down the zipline to the next area. The
    next area is set on solid ice, so Ratchet will have a hard time moving around.
    Find a good barrier and take out the Qwark bots that appear. Go forward up the
    ladder, then take a left. Go over the two Hypershot sections to get to a
    sweeping laser and more Qwark bots.
    After the Qwark bots have been taken out, continue forward over the ice
    platforms, and glide down onto the circle of ice. Hit the spinning laser to
    stall it for a few seconds while you take out the Qwark bots that appear in
    front of you. When the bots are gone, keep going forward. Go up and to the left
    to face more gnomes and Qwark bots. From here you'll see a small cutscene
    showing you the crack in the wall. Clank will need to go through this crack in
    the wall to open the next door.
    Move Clank forward into the next room and unlock the two small bots on either
    side of the room. Send them to attack the fan in the next tunnel, then have
    them go into the hole to unlock the next section. Go past the lasers and
    across the platforms and view the cutscene with large icicles falling from the
    ceiling. This creates a path for you to go across, so jump across the platforms
    that lead you to a suitcase.
    The suitcase contains the banana gun, which lures Skrunch to your side. Use
    Skrunch to distract the robot guard, then make Skrunch go across the next gap
    by firing a banana onto a button. This will create a bridge for you to cross.
    In the next room start by taking out the gnome cannon, then use Skrunch to
    distract another guard to get another bot. Make the bot go into the hole, then
    go up the elevator and past the lasers to get another bot. Make this bot go
    into the hole which opens a new area.
    Make your way past the lasers in the next section and step on a button to go
    back to Ratchet. Walk forward into Qwark's room and view a cutscene. Take the
    taxi back to your ship, where you'll get a message saying that the Phoenix is
    under attack.
                         |       Starship Phoenix      |                   [PHNX25]
    When you get out of your ship aboard the Phoenix, everything will be red due to
    the warning lights going off. Go forward to see the Rangers being swarmed by
    the ninja robots. Take out these ninja robots before they get near you, and go
    to the next area. Take out the ninjas below and on top of the stairs in front
    of you. Take a right into another room, and use the Hypershot to cross the gap.
    Take out the ninjas in the next room, and climb up the ladder to use the
    Refractor to open the next door. In the next room are more ninjas, along with a
    giant robot. Clear this room and go though the last door to view a cutscene.
    Your crew has been hiding all along, but at least they're still safe. You,
    however have another mission on Planet Koros.
                         |         Planet Koros        |                   [KROS26]
    From the vendor, head forward and take out the medium robots. Use the comet
    strike (jump and []) to earn some major bolts on this level. Everything is
    breakable, so using a comet strike every so often will earn you a lot of extra
    bolts. Continue down the steps to meet more medium bots. Take them out and
    take a left. Turn to the left and enter the area with the giant robot. Take
    him out for some good experience, then continue forward along the path. Kill
    a few more medium bots, and keep heading forward. An area will open up and
    a few small bots will come up. Take them out and go to the right where you'll
    encounter more medium bots.
    Go forward to see the next gate drop, which reveals a giant robot. Take him out
    and long jump over the gap to fight some medium sized robots. Go to the right
    up some black boxes, then continue forward to meet up with more bots. A giant
    robot and a dropship with guards will stop you for a while. Use a powerful
    or crowd controlling weapon to take these guys out, then keep going forward.
    Hit a continue point after you go to the left around the gate. Stop off at the
    vendor to get some ammo, then face the dropship and robot guards. Take them out
    and go to the right and up to another area. More guards come, followed by a
    dropship and guards. When they're all gone, continue forward to meet more robot
    guards, followed by a right turn to meet more guards. Use the spiral ramp to get
    up to the next area. More guards and a giant robot await you, so take them out
    and continue forward. Take out the next guards and go up the stairs to meet a
    giant robot. To the right is a dropship, followed by a bridge. After you cross
    the bridge you'll view a cutscene.
    Clank destroys the Biobliterator, and you get a call from Sasha telling you
    that another Biobliterator has been constructed, and that you must take out
    this second Biobliterator. Return to your ship to head off to the Command
                         |        Command Center       |                   [CMND27]
    Stop at the vendor, pick up the Flux Rifle if you don't have it already. Use
    the Flux Rifle or Splitter Rifle to take out the two large Tyhrranoids that are
    on the platform below you. When this is done, go back to the vendor and restock
    on ammo. Go back to the ledge and use the Hypershot to get across the gap, and
    down onto the platform. The gate opens in front of you, so have a powerful
    weapon out. Take out the 4 eyed Tyhrranoid that appears in front of you.
    Continue forward and take out the two medium Tyhrranoids on platforms with the
    Flux Rifle.
    Jump over the gap to get to the Gravity Boot section. Go up and avoid the
    grates full of fire. You'll encounter two medium sized Tyhrranoids, but the
    Rift Ripper should take care of them fairly easily. Step on the button in front
    of you and equip the ThyrraGuise. Talk to the Tyhrranoid who lets you up the
    elevator. Go forward and go back to your Ratchet form to climb up the ladder.
    Go back to the Tyhrranoid skin with the ThyrraGuise and talk to the Tyhrranoid
    who will open the force field for you. Go down the elevator and to the left to
    encounter several robots. Stop after taking out the robots and scout out the
    next area with the Flux Rifle. There are 2 medium Tyhrranoid on platforms, and
    1 large Tyhrranoid in between them. Take these enemies out from afar to avoid
    any damage, then cross the gap. Move forward through the area, and activate the
    platform in front of you with the Hypershot.
    Go to the left and take out some medium bots, 2 medium sized Tyhrranoids, and 2
    large Tyhrranoids on platforms. The Flux Rifle helps here because you are out
    of the range of most of the 'noids in the next room. In the back of this area
    is a Hacker puzzle with 4 stages. Once the door opens, go forward to find 3
    medium sized Tyhrranoids. Take them out and crank the bolt on the right.
    Refract the beam to the middle island, which will break the beam up to the left
    and right side of the room. Use the Gravity Boots to go to the left side of the
    room and refract the laser into the hole. Get down and go to the right side of
    the room to refract this laser into it's hole.
    The door opens for you, so go forward into the next room. Here stand 3 large
    Tyhrranoids with 2 medium Tyhrranoids. Take them out however you choose, then
    go forward and left to the Nefarious boss fight. You jump into your ship to
    try to catch Nefarious, but he has already begun the launch sequence. You'll
    have to get out and freefall to where Nefarious is at. Avoid the many missiles
    by circling around in the air until you land in front of Dr. Nefarious.
                                  [Boss Fight]
    You start off in a circular area one on one with Nefarious. His attacks are
    simple, but very effective. He'll send out a hologram at you, he'll send
    bullets at you, and he'll send a shockwave at you. Put out plenty of turrets,
    as well as Agents to help with this part of the fight. Keep hitting Nefarious
    while strafing and jumping over his attacks. Once he's lost a bit of his health
    you'll see a cutscene of him pretending to die.
    Go along the path and take out the various enemies, from Tyhrranoids to giant
    robots. When you take all these enemies out you'll get back to fighting Dr.
    Nefarious. He will now fire a laser beam at you, which can be avoided by
    running in the same direction as it's heading. You're just as fast, so don't
    stop and you won't be hurt. Eventually a few Rangers will give you support.
    When you get close to Nefarious again he'll fire missiles which rain from the
    sky. Look at the ground to see where they are going to land. Nefarious will now
    repeat his attacks from the first arena, along with another two new attacks.
    His purple/red laser returns to chase you, as well as his missile attack. Use
    turrets and Agents to help again, and keep up with your ammo by using the PDA.
    When Nefarious's health is gone he will transport into the Biobliterator. The
    Biobliterator will transform into a giant robot.
    Just in the nick of time, Captain Qwark will come and join in the battle. Get
    in the ship next to you, hold down the fire button and keep your aim on Dr.
    Nefarious. He'll fire two types of missiles at you, straight missiles and
    heat-seeking missiles. Avoid the straight missiles by moving to one side, and
    avoid the heat-seeking missiles by going towards Nefarious and the
    Biobliterator. When you take down the giant robot version of the Biobliterator,
    Nefarious will be defeated. He will try to transport, but due to not setting
    a location for the transporter to send him to, he and Lawrence are transported
    to an asteroid for "5 to ... 10,000 years".
    The Q-Force is pictured watching the new Secret Agent Clank movie, cue the
    credits and the end of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
    You'll now have the chance to warp back in time to before you defeated Dr.
    Nefarious, or continue the game in Challenge Mode. In Challenge Mode you will
    face harder enemies, get greater rewards, and of course have access to much
    more powerful weapons. You will carry over all your weapons and most of your
    gadgets to Challenge Mode, and will go through the story mode again.
    To get 100% in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, you must enter Challenge Mode.
    12)                               Online                               [ONLN12]
    The online mode of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal can support any amount of
    players from 2 to 8. There are 3 different game modes to choose from, each
    with a unique set of rules and goals. Once you are connected to the online
    network, enter a game of either Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or Siege.
    [Capture the Flag]                    Go to the enemy base and grab their flag,
                                            then return to your own base. Touch the 
                                             enemy flag to your own secured flag to 
                                            score. Preventing the enemy from taking 
                                         your flag means it will be easier for your
                                                                     team to score.
    [Deathmatch]                           A free-for-all with anywhere from 2 to 8 
                                               players, each trying to kill as many 
                                             enemies as they can in a set amount of 
                                           time. The winner is whoever has the most 
                                                          kills at the end of time.
    [Siege]                               Get to the enemy base and destroy all the
                                             equipment. Warp into the inside of the
                                             base to destroy the power core and win
                                                                          the game.
    13)                               Cheats                               [CHTS13]
                         o=-=-=-o                                 o=-=-=-=-o
                         | Code |                                 | Result |
                         o=-=-=-o                                 o=-=-=-=-o
    Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 (During Title Screen) ..................... Sly 2 Demo
    Up, Up, Down, Down, <-, ->, (), [], [] (During Vid Comic) .... Qwark in a tu-tu
    Up, Up, Down, Down, <-, ->, (), [], [] (Insomniac Vid Comic) ... Quark in black
    (), [], (), [], Up, Down, <-, <- (While Paused) ..... Double Bladed Laser Sword
    Up, Down, <-, ->, [] (Main Menu, Highlight "Stats") ........ Unlock Squat Stats
    " MEGHAN " (Enter after pressing [] in Qwark Vid Comic) ....... Pirate vs Ninja
    "Ying_Tzu" (Enter after pressing [] in Qwark Vid Comic) ....... Bombs Away Game
    14)                             Skill Points                           [SKIL14]
    Skill Points can be earned after completing tasks. Once you get enough Skill
    Points you can unlock cheats.
    [Skill Point Name]                                 [How To Receive Skill Point]
                                |    Florana     |
    [Stay Squeaky Clean]                  Complete the Path of Death with no damage
                               | Starship Phoenix |
    [Strive For Arcade Perfection]           Get all Qwark Tokens on all Vid Comics
    [Turn Up The Heat]                                       Buy the Infernox Armor
    [Beat Helga's Best Time]         Complete "Gadget Training" in under 50 seconds
    [Monkeying Around]                    Hit Qwark's monkey twice with your wrench
    [Set A New Record For Qwark]               Beat Qwark Vid Comic 1 in under 2:40
    [Set A New Record For Qwark]               Beat Qwark Vid Comic 2 in under 2:10
    [Set A New Record For Qwark]               Beat Qwark Vid Comic 3 in under 1:50
    [Set A New Record For Qwark]               Beat Qwark Vid Comic 4 in under 4:45
    [Set A New Record For Qwark]               Beat Qwark Vid Comic 5 in under 2:00
                                |    Marcadia    |
    [Reflect On How To Score]                  Use the Refractor to kill 20 enemies
                         |     Annihilation Nation     |
    [Bash The Bug]                                    Kill Scorpio with your wrench
    [Lights, Camera, Action]             Kill 5 cameras during a gauntlet challenge
    [Flee Flawlessly]              Complete a gauntlet challenge and take no damage
    [Be An Eight Time Champ]                   Finish all eight gauntlet challenges
                                |    Aquatos     |
    [Hit The Motherload]                           Collect each Sewer Crystal (101)
    [Search For Sunken Treasure]                       Blow up all boxes underwater
                                |  Tyhrranosis   |
    [Be A Sharpshooter]                     Kill 10 Tyhrranoids with the Flux Rifle
                                |      Daxx      |
    [Bugs To Birds]                     Use the Quack-o-Ray to morph 15 Blood Flies
                                |   Obani Moon   |
    [Get To The Belt]          Jump off the tallest building into the asteroid belt
                               | Blackwater City |
    [Bash The Party]                         Using your wrench, kill 20 Tyhrranoids
                               | Holostar Studios |
    [Feeling Lucky?]        Hit a slot machine with your wrench and get the jackpot
                                |   Metropolis   |
    [2002 Was A Good Year In The City]                     Destroy the flying blimp
                                |   Crash Site   |
    [Aim High]                                                   Kill 10 Skreeducks
    [Suck It Up]                             Use the Suck Cannon to kill 40 enemies
                                |     Aridia     |
    [Go For Hang Time]           Use the Turbo-Slider to get 2 seconds of hang time
    [Zap Back At Ya]                           Use the Refractor to kill 10 enemies
                               | Qwark's Hideout |
    [Break The Dan]                                                Kill the snowman
                                |     Koros      |
    [You Break It You Win It]            Destroy everything while in the Robot base
                                |     Mylon      |
    [Spread Your Germs]                         Infect 30 enemies with the Infector
                                |     Cheats     |
                [Cheat Unlocked]                  [Skill Points Required]
         Ratchet & Clank have big heads                5 Skill Points
                  Time Freeze                         10 Skill Points
              Secret Agent Clank                      15 Skill Points
                Big Head A.I.                         20 Skill Points
                Ships to Ducks                        25 Skill Points
                 Mirror Words                         30 Skill Points
    15)                            Titanium Bolts                          [TBLT15]
                                |    Florana     |
    1) Located in some crates, so glide down to a platform on some water. Jump off
    the edge of this platform, and glide under it to find a ladder. Climb the
    ladder and enter the room containing the first Titanium Bolt.
    2) Look for this Titanium Bolt inside of the Fiery Path of Death. After you
    pass the rocks rolling down the hill, you'll see some platforms. Jump to the
    platform made out of rock, then go right to see the river of lava. Just double
    jump to the platform to get your second Titanium Bolt.
                               | Starship Phoenix |
    3) Complete all of the VR challenges, and you will receive a Titanium Bolt
    after the mission "Nerves of Titanium."
    4) Get all 100 Qwark Icons in the first Vid Comic. You will receive the
    Titanium Bolt after collecting your 100th Icon.
    5) Get all 100 Qwark Icons in the second Vid Comic. You will receive the
    Titanium Bolt after collecting your 100th Icon.
    6) Get all 100 Qwark Icons in the third Vid Comic. You will receive the
    Titanium Bolt after collecting your 100th Icon.
    7) Get all 100 Qwark Icons in the fourth Vid Comic. You will receive the
    Titanium Bolt after collecting your 100th Icon.
    8) Get all 100 Qwark Icons in the fifth Vid Comic. You will receive the
    Titanium Bolt after collecting your 100th Icon.
    9) Complete "VR Gadget Training" after finishing planet Tyhrranosis. The
    Titanium Bolt is at the end of the course.
                                |    Marcadia    |
    10) When you are at the pool of water with stairs on either side of you, go up
    the stairs into the next area. Go right in this area and follow the paths until
    you get to a wall jumping section. Wall jump up and follow another path down a
    hallway to get your Platinum Bolt.
    11) In the Laser Defense Facility, return to the bridge that is activated by
    the Refractor. You will need the Gravity Boots to get this Titanium Bolt, so
    come back when you have them. Cross the bridge and go to the right in the next
    room, go two more rooms and walk up the Gravity Boot path. Refract the laser
    into the hole, and return to the second room after the bridge. A door will be
    open, and you will see your new Titanium Bolt.
    12) This Titanium Bolt also requires the Gravity Boots, so return to Marcadia
    when you acquire them. Right before the end of the level, there is a path that
    is accessible with the Gravity Boots. Use them to get to the ceiling, and grab
    the Titanium Bolt.
                              | Annihilation Nation |
    13) Enter "Heat Street" and play through the course until you step on the first
    button. If it reads right, continue to the next button where it will read left.
    When going left, go across the platforms and climb on top of the rocks to get
    your Titanium Bolt.
    14) Enter "Maze of Blaze" and press the button that sends you to the right.
    When you encounter the two bots on either side of a bridge, kill them both and
    jump up to the left. Go forward to collect your new Titanium Bolt.
                                    | Aquatos |
    15) After swimming to unlock the door for Skidd, he'll use the Hacker to open a
    bridge. Below the bridge is a Titanium Bolt.
    16) In the second swimming section, the Titanium Bolt is underwater in a small
    17) In the sewers, down a long path will be a Titanium Bolt. The Map-O-Matic
    will help you find it.
    18) In the sewers, there will be 3 bridges, the top of which will have a 
    Hypershot section. Swing across to the Titanium Bolt.
    19) Return to Aquatos with the Hacker and look for a Hacker section to the left
    after pressing a button to let Skidd in. Hack open the door and find a Titanium
                                  | Tyhrranosis |
    20) Behind the building to the far right is a Titanium Bolt. The building can
    be found by using the path on the right after jumping the bridge with the
    21) Return to Tyhrranosis with the Hypershot, and go to the section with the
    elevator you used to get to a power generator. Go forward when the path goes to
    the right, and you will see a Hypershot section. Swing across to the Titanium
                                     | Daxx |
    22) Get the Charge Boots by taking the path behind your ship. Next, continue
    the level as normal until you come to a robot on an indented platform in the
    wall. Kill him and press the switch, then use the Charge Boots to go back to
    the previous room, where a new door will be open. Go through the door and to
    the end of the area to get a Titanium Bolt.
    23) At the end of the level, after you discover the Courtney Gears video, the
    door leading to the taxi will open. Go out it and turn to the right. There will
    be a Hypershot section which leads you to another Titanium Bolt.
                               | Holostar Studios |
    24) When you come to the studio with cameras and seats, turn around to face the
    rows of seats. On top of one of the sections of seats is a Titanium Bolt.
    25) Return to Holostar Studios with the Gravity Boots, and walk up the Gravity
    Boot section near your ship. Continue along the path until you get to the
    higher spiral section, continue it until you reach the Titanium Bolt.
    26) Return to Holostar Studios with the Gravity Boots, and walk up the Gravity
    Boot section near your ship. Continue along the path until you get to the
    lower spiral section, continue it until you reach the Titanium Bolt.
                               |   Obani Gemini   |
    27) When on Pollux, go left across the bridge and onto a jump pad. Jump up to
    the Titanium Bolt.
    28) To get this Titanium Bolt you need the Charge Boots. Go to the section with
    the lava, and activate the Hypershot switch then use the Charge Boots to get
    through the tunnel leading to the Titanium Bolt.
                               | Zeldrin Starport |
    29) Before the first Hypershot section, turn around and double jump to an area
    that contains a Titanium Bolt.
    30) After the Hypershot section, use the black crates to climb up, then double
    jump to another platform with a Titanium Bolt.
                               |    Metropolis    |
    31) In the Tower Attack section, use your ship to fly into the Titanium Bolt
    that is located behind one of the buildings.
    32) Go left in the first building and use the Hypershot to get to a ledge that
    contains a Titanium Bolt.
    33) After a hallway that is made out of only glass, jump to the right and go
    along the ledge of the building. Jump up to get the Titanium Bolt.
                               |    Crash Site    |
    34) Find the Gravity Boot section near your ship, and continue along the path
    until you reach the Titanium Bolt.
                               |      Aridia      |
    35) During the X12 Endgame mission, use the Gravity Boot section before the
    turrets (it's to the right) to get to the Titanium Bolt.
    36) During any of the missions, go to the middle of the area with the large
    bridge. Under the bridge is a section for your Gravity Boots, walk up and get
    the Titanium Bolt.
                               |  Qwark's Hideout |
    37) Exit you ship and go right into the caves and into the funnel type area.
    Continue until after the first set of lasers, and you will see a Titanium Bolt
    floating on a platform in the water. Glide or jump down to get it.
                               |      Koros       |
    38) When you come across the black crates, climb them the go to the left. Go
    around the ledges until you climb on top of the buildings, climb up the ladder
    and get your Titanium Bolt.
    39) When you come across the black crates, climb them the go to the left. Go
    around the ledges and jump over the fence to get a Titanium Bolt.
                               |  Command Center  |
    40) When using the Tyhrra-Guise, go up the elevator and go to the left. Jump
    down and get the last Titanium Bolt.
                                |      Skins     |
                [Skin Unlocked]                  [Titanium Bolts Required]
                   Trooper                           5 Titanium Bolts
                  Brainius                           6 Titanium Bolts
                   Bugnoid                           6 Titanium Bolts
                Constructobot                        6 Titanium Bolts
                    Robo                             5 Titanium Bolts
                 Robo Rooster                        6 Titanium Bolts
                 Snowman Skin                        6 Titanium bolts
                Tuxedo Ratchet                       6 Titanium Bolts
    16)                              Trophies                              [TRPH16]
                                | Floor Trophies |
    [Friends of the Rangers Trophy]                       Successfully complete all 
                                                             Ranger Battle missions
    [Annihilation Nation Trophy]               Successfully complete all challenges
                                                             in Annihilation Nation
    [Nano Finder Trophy]                                Get a maximum health of 200 
                                          (This can only be done in challenge mode)
    [Skill Master Trophy]                               Successfully complete every 
                                                         Skill Point challenge (30)
    [Titanium Collector Trophy]                       Collect all 40 Titanium Bolts
    [Omega Arsenal Trophy]                           In challenge mode, upgrade all 
                                                   weapons to Omega Level (Level 8)
                              | Character Trophies |
                         |        Planet Florana       |
    [Ratchet]            • At the top of the first wall jump you run into,
                         use the ladder on your right to jump into a room on your
                         left. Walk out of the room onto the side of the building,
                         go along the edge into a new room to get the trophy.
                         |      Planet Tyhrranosis     |
    [Al]                 o-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o
    W = Water            • Travel to the upper right of the map on your way to take
    A = Al Trophy        out, or where you took out one of the power generators. On
    R = Ratchet          your way to the turret power source, you will run into
    S = Small Rock       enemies who are on top of rocks. After taking care of the
    L = Large Rock       enemies, look atop one of the rocks near the water. You
          _A_            can either glide off the next platform to get it, or high
         |   |           jump off of one of the smaller rocks to get the Al trophy.
       R_|   |           
      |  | L |     *High-jump off small 
     / S |   | W   rock onto large rock*
                         |         Planet Daxx         |
    [The Plumber]        • Return to the same room where you got the Charge Boots,
                         and jump onto the small platform to get the trophy of The
                         |       Holostar Studios      |
    [Clank]              • This trophy is only accessible by the use of the Heli-
                         Pack or the Thruster-Pack, so you need to have Clank on
                         your back. When you use the Hacker to unlock the elevator
                         stay on the elevator when it reaches the top. Use the
                         high-jump to see your next destination, an orange
                         platform which holds your new trophy. High-jump onto this
                         platform and pull yourself up to get the trophy.
                         |          Metropolois        |
    [Skrunch]            • After the first bridge and into the building, then turn
                         to the right and break the glass. The trophy will be right
                         in front of you.
                         |          Crash Site         |
    [Dr. Nefarious]      • Kill the enemies who are on top of a platform near the
                         first curve in the path. Jump onto this raised area and
                         get the trophy.
                         |        Qwark's Hideout      |
    [Captain Qwark]      • From Qwark's personal room, go back to the last section
                         and head right (left if you haven't gone into the room
                         yet), and Qwark's trophy will be there.
                         |            Koros            |
    [Courtney Gears]     • When you get to the point in the level where you head
                         to the right and up several black boxes, stop at the top.
                         Head to the left out onto the ledge of the building,
                         inside of the building is the trophy.
                         |        Command Center       |
    [Lawrence]           • Before your first Hacker section, you will need to find
                         the barrier, climb the ladder, and grab the last trophy.
    17)                         Special Thanks/Legal                       [THNK17]
    Special thanks go to:
    • Insomniac and SCEA for bringing this masterpiece to gamers everywhere.
    • The R&C:UYA game manual which I used for my controls section.
    • http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for generating my ASCII
    • Neoseeker.com for hosting my guide, and having a great gaming site.
    • GameFAQs.com for hosting my guide, and being a wonderful site for all gamers.
    • CheatCC.com for hosting my guide, and having tons of useful gaming help.
    • IGN.com for hosting my guide, and being a fantastic site for gamers.
    • CheatHappens.com for hosting my guide, and maintaining a great gaming site.
    • HonestGamers.com for hosting my guide, and being a great gaming site.
    • The only sites that have my permission to use this guide are Neoseeker.com,
    GameFAQs.com, CheatCC.com, IGN.com, CheatHappens.com, HonestGamers.com, 1up.com
    PlanetVeldin.com, and GamePlayWorld.com. All other sites must email me and ask
    to use my guide before putting it on their site.
    18)                              Copyright                             [CPRT18]
                    This FAQ is copyright 2004-2005 Evan Falon.
     This FAQ may not be altered, reposted, plagiarized, or used to make a profit 
                    without permission from myself, Evan Falon.

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