How do I get Blue Water / Paint in OsTown Fountain & Access Last 2 Cartoon Screens?

  1. Epic Mickey 2 -- How do I get blue paint/water in the OsTown Fountain?
    I can see it is possible, because there is a transportation tube next to the Gag Factory in OsTown and tubes underground -- to use when water is finally in the fountain.
    Down one level, there are two sets of transportation tubes one to take us to OsTown when the turnstile we used in the pool area is underwater. The other to go forward in the game. After all, the pause menu states we are no longer in Episode 1, 2, or 3, but states, Epilogue: Work together to use the turnstile and open the way forward.

    The gremlin / guardian at that level says he is working to get the machine working. He says, Ah, good luck friends. Then he says, Alrighty then, Ill be right here, trying to fix up the others.

    Now, we can go down further, and there are 4 shimmering handles on the pipes that have little gold arrows over them and can be targeted to have a red arrow. I have worked really hard to spin the four pipe faucet handles rapidly, so the target arrows disappear. When the handle near the balcony spins, green thinner steam escapes from one pipe and I am told, That isnt very constructive, but I guess it worked. I spin all 4 handles, hardest one first so I dont time out, but am not given a notice or reward.

    Using a Nintendo Wii, I have played through Epic Mickey. I played to the credits in Epic Mickey 2, and went through all the areas several times, to acquire quests and challenges, and make sure I painted enough so I left all the water blue paint. I have reconstructed the fountain with Mickey & Oswald Statues. Sometimes areas of OsTown are thinned and other times painted.

    PLEASE, WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA FOR BLUE WATER PAINT IN THE FOUNTAIN, and probably the corresponding use of the transportation tubes and a way forward? All the clues are there that there is a way!
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    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thank you for answering. Maybe I did not make my question clear.

    In EM2, do you ever end up with blue water paint in the big, cracked pool around the statue in OsTown? If water is in the fountain, then you will use transport tubes beside the gag factory to go to the lower level, because the turnstile will be covered with water.
    I have drained the thinner that originally covered the turnstile, and have been down to all the levels, including building the Mickey and Oswald statue.
    After I finish Episode 3, and see the credits, I press pause to see I am now in the Epilogue and am told to keep exploring. Later, in OsTown, the Pause message is to work together to turn the turnstile and go further in the game. Now, I am thinking that this is just a message that they negligently left for the area when they truncated EM2 into two games -- we will have to buy EM3 to satisfactorily finish the game and accomplish the water in the whole, big fountain and uniting Main Street.

    Have you or anyone else gotten blue paint-water to fill the fountain and cover the turnstile?

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    You pumped the thinner out of that big fountain area to reveal the turnstile lift. I want water put in that area, covering the turnstile, so we have to use the transport tubes that are one level down.

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm not sure about the conditions youhave to finish before I just testet it once and it "worked" with the same rotating lift you came from the ground to this first basement level you can rotate further down

    (at least in mean street and canyon the abbility of the water depends on how much of the are is colored/thinned)


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