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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

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    Centennial Flower

    Date: Year 1, 12/3 Now that the contest is done, it's time to head to Hornheim. First, stock up on Bright Crafts and Squash Tea, and make sure you have at least three Memory Inks from Marietta (registered). On the way to Hornheim, you should meet Ernie, so buy some Honey (x2), Polish Powder (x5) and Leather (x5). Linca's second event will also occur at Spring Water Forest. Continue south to reach Oesten Marshland.

    Watch the scene with Nanaca and Poro, then start clearing the area. Steel Skin and Yellow Elementals you've met before, but the red Tracker slags are new. Like the Carriers, they move twice a turn and have a lot of health (165 HP). Use your bombs and skills to take them out along with the weaker Nano-Slags. Once the area is cleared, continue south to the Swamp.

    Collect all ingredients in the area, but you can leave two groups of enemies since you do not need to fight very many for the (Search) goal. You can fight them for the experience/loot if you want. Clear out the next area, the Ruin, and pick up the flyer and Glass Tiara in a chest, then return to the world map. Travel back to the first part of Oesten Marshland for a flyer and scene with Regina. Cliffside Path is a tiny area with just Poison Squirrels, but some new ingredients. Clear it and then enter Hornheim.

    Date: Year 1, 12/19 Once you arrive, Kyle Tarenbert will introduce himself. You don't have access to a workshop (nor your container), so save the requests for later. You will need at least 2,400 Cole though, so if you do not have enough, complete any request you can. Visit Kyle's tavern, the White Crow, for a scene and a flyer near the wall. Enter the Balloon Pier and approach the man near the balloon. Rent a balloon for 100 Cole and travel to Homunculus Town. In the town, pick up the flyer and speak with the homunculi.

    Homunculus Town Shopping

    Purchase the following from the merchant homunculus:

    • Dirty Alchemist - 2,300 Cole
    • Body Energy Powder x3

    Return to the balloon and travel back to Hornheim. Visit the White Crow and Kyle will lend you a room for your workshop. Two additional scenes will occur at White Crow involving Ernie (if you did his events) and Regina.

    Hornheim Requests

    Draw some Clean Water from the well in the Plaza and purchase the following from Kyle's shop:

    • World Travels - 2,100 Cole
    • Spice Fruit x5
    • Dried Moss Grass x5

    Register a Sunset Broth, Bean Milk and Distilled Water with Kyle, then complete the following requests:

    • White Crow
      • Healthy Main Dish - Black Baguette x3
      • Shorted on Delivery - Tea Leaf x3
      • Enjoying Alcohol - Honey x1
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • Prayer Candle - Wax x5
      • Polishing is Fun - Polish Powder x3
      • Dinner Trouble - Bean Soup x3
      • Sweet Fruit - Ripe Fruit x4
      • Lost Youth - Leather x3


    • Tonic

    When you're done, rent a balloon again and travel to the Salt Desert. Use the harvest point at the end (start?) of the pier, but no more than nine times if you want to save a day.

    Travel to the Lighthouse and you'll get a flyer along the way. Inside the area, you will meet Tanya Volta. Pick up the nearby flyer after the scene and explore the area. New enemies Red Skins are ridiculously strong and have 288 HP, but there are only two in the area. A Howling Beast (205 HP) is also new but isn't as dangerous. Focus on these two and use area attacks to take care of the weaker enemies.

    When you're done with the Lighthouse area, leave and return to the balloon pier. A scene will occur with Tanya and a new area, Salt Desert-Bones, will appear. Travel there and after the scene, deliver your three tonics to complete *Centennial Flower*. Bitter Squirrels (157 HP) are here, as well as Howling Beasts and a Red Skin. Defeat them if you're confident, but it's not necessary. Harvest the area to find a Silver Fur which is very important to make better Nomadic Shoes.

    Return to the balloon pier and you should meet with Tanya along the way. She will sell various ingredients. Visiting her will usually result in an event, but you can save that for post-game.

    Making Nomadic Shoes Again

    Purchase from Tanya the following:

    • Black Bone x5
    • Flame Root x5
    • Red Flower x5
    • Purple Flower x3

    Return to Hornheim and complete these requests:

    • White Crow
      • Nutrition Supplement - Mineral Powder x3
      • The Top Shelf Stuff - Distilled Water x2
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • Drawing is Fun - Memory Ink x3
      • Bit Bitter Sweets - Bitter Muffin x3
      • The Price of Youth - Worker Compress x3

    Purchase from Kyle:

    • Spice Fruit x5
    • Dried Moss Grass x5
    • Baguette (10 needed for a request later)
    • Distilled Water x3 (registered)

    To make the best Nomadic Shoes you'll need alchemy LV 27. These shoes will cut down travel time even further and also increase your running speed on the field. Follow this recipe:

    • Add Shining Scale
    • Power Pour Silver Fur
    • Add Silver Fur
    • Add the rest


    Date: Year 1, 1/18 Write down Salt Nio into your diary if you want (you can probably just write down all memories from now on). Travel back towards Vierzeberg and you will run into Nanaca at Oesten Marsh-Swamp. Help her out by harvesting the gathering points in the area and delivering a couple Bitter Moss Grasses. Return to the world map and another event will have Regina open up a shortcut to Riesengang.

    In Riesengang-Lower you can find a Resonance Bell. Focus your attacks on the Pico-Slags since their skills are quite strong. When you've cleared the area, return to the world map. Travel between Riesengang-Lower and Riesengang Village for a possible flyer then enter Riesengang Village for some requests.

    Riesengang Requests

    Complete requests:

    • Village Plaza
      • Tailoring Thread - Strong Yarn x3
      • Help with Blasting - Black Powder x3
      • The Town's Bakery - Baguette x10

    Travel towards Ayesha's Workshop and there will be a scene at Dry Valley. Head to Altugle Herb Garden and you should get a flyer and one of Linca's events. Return to Ayesha's Workshop to gain the recipe for a Nimbus Stone. Craft one and return to Dry Valley. Enter Dry Valley-Lake Bed to complete *Rainflower*, then travel to Vierzeberg.

    Date: Year 1, 2/1 Back at Vierzeberg, Keith will be there to greet you. He'll make a request and will be waiting at Zweiteturm, but before that, you should visit all the areas for any events. You should see Marietta still having trouble with the homunculus customer and will request your help. Another one of Ernie's events should also occur. Write Nio in the Rain into the diary.

    Vierzeberg Requests

    Craft the following buy stuff from Marietta (Zettels, Bombs, etc.) to raise the shop level (or you can overwrite the Wax):

    • Preserve Pot (register at Marietta's)
    • Gelatinous Oil (register at Marietta's)
    • Rich Fertilizer

    Complete these requests:

    • Black Cat's Path
      • Organic Style - Dried Root x7
      • Field of Fertilizer - Rich Fertilizer x3
    • Hill Plaza
      • Sweet Dreams - Natural Syrup x4
    • Bazaar Street
      • Flammable Materials - Gelatinous Oil x3

    Date: Year 1, 2/5 You will need to meet with Nanaca on the world map for five separate events. You should be able to trigger her events by entering Vierzeberg (or any other town) between meetings. She should be at Riverside Way now and you can also reach Half-Florescent Field and Nearby Forest using zero travel days for events with Ernie and Linca. Nanaca will also sell various items, including alchemy books.

    Nanaca Shopping

    Purchase from Nanaca:

    • Nomadic Life - 700 Cole
    • Life with Cows - 1,300 Cole
    • Cow Milk x10
    • Rich Cow Milk x5
    • Cow Cream x3
    • Fluffy Whip x3
    • Aged Cheese x3

    Return to Vierzeberg and deliver ten Anti-Bug Grass to Ernie at Vierzeberg Bridge. Buy some Zettel, Pulp Paper and regular Bombs (need 10) from Marietta for future requests. Also restock on Squash Tea and Bright Crafts. Trigger the next two Nanaca events and Juris should now be able to join your party. Return to Vierzeberg Bridge and speak with Juris if the bazaar is up.

    Vierzeberg Shopping


    • Hard Skin x3 (Juris)
    • Strong Yarn x3 (registered, Wilbell)
    • Polished Crystal x3 (Regina)
    • Preserve Pot x5 (registered, Marietta)

    Leave the city and an event should occur between Juris and Regina. Return to Harry's Room for another scene involving Regina shopping. Now write Instead of Money into the diary and replace Regina with Juris in your party. Trigger two more Nanaca events (who's still at Riverside Way!). You will gain the *Lost Calf* goal after the second event, and now you can head towards Zweiteturm.

    Running in Circles

    Date: Year 1, 2/14 You'll be traveling between Vierzeberg, Hornheim, Riesengang and Zweiteturm for a couple laps, so there will be several requests to complete. Along the way to Zweiteturm will be events at Spring Water Forest and Evershade Woods involving Poro. At Zweiteturm will the first of Odelia's events. Speak with Keith and deliver any magic tool item you have (like a Poison Aqua).

    Zweiteturm Shopping

    Purchase from Odelia's shop:

    • Elementalors - 3,200 Cole
    • Mineral Powder x3

    Leave and re-enter the zone (via Archives) for an optional scene with Keith. If you don't want to completely waste a day here, you can fight some monsters for experience or harvest some ingredients.

    Continue traveling towards Hornheim and you will complete *Lost Calf*. One of Juris's events will also occur. Buy some Medicinal Leaves and Reaper Herbs from Ranun if you meet him. Continue to Hornheim and write Alchemist Qualities into the diary. Visit the White Crow for a scene between Juris and Kyle. Keith will also have a chat with you at Balloon Pier.

    Hornheim Requests

    Purchase these items from Kyle:

    • Noble's Synthesis - 1,000 Cole
    • Bean Milk x1 (registered, need 4 for a future request)
    • Sunset Broth x1 (registered, need 3 total)


    • Passion Perfume
    • Cow Cream

    Visit Kyle for a scene and complete requests:

    • White Crow
      • The Healthy Salad - Salat x6
      • Making Up for a Loss - Hard Skin x3
      • Recess - Sunset Broth x3
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • The Special Cream - Cow Cream x4
      • Origami is Fun - Zettel x5, Pulp Paper x5
      • Preservation Trouble - Preserve Pot x2
      • Toward Reality - Taro x13
      • A Fancy Smell - Passion Perfume x2


    • Liquid Butter
    • Golden Nectar (register with Kyle)

    Date: Year 1, 2/28 Visiting Kyle once more will result in an event where he'll request Hell Soup with the Tasteless property, but only if you have a Red Devil pepper. You should have some from the gift from Wilbell's teacher. Synthesize the soup using Draw Power to gain the Tasteless property and deliver it to Kyle.

    Once you're done, rent a balloon to Homunculus Town and speak with the resident at the front to learn what they like. Then speak with the homunculus near the back to finally learn what *Sparkles* mean to them. Return to Hornheim and check with Kyle for another event, then leave for Riesengang.

    Riesengang Requests

    Complete the following:

    • Village Plaza
      • Nutrition Needed - Mineral Powder x3
      • Wants a Gemstone - Polished Crystal x3
      • Favorite Vase - Preserve Pot x2
      • Drink After Work - Bean Milk x4
      • Battle Essentials - any extra weapons

    Also visit the homunculus merchant near the Boss's House

    • Legendary Witches - 1,400 Cole

    Travel north to Nearby Forest and you should bump into Ernie for a scene related to Regina. Return to Vierzeberg for a long scene and the Flower Smell trophy. Speak with Marietta to complete *Sparkles*, then visit Hill Plaza to see the results of Linca's cooking. Return to the workshop for one of Ernie's events, then write all the new memories into the diary.

    New (Alt) goals will also start appearing and they cause new ingredients and monsters to appear in old areas. Which areas they appear for first are randomized, but one important area is (Alt) Hallos Village because it's only place to harvest Red Devil peppers if you didn't get them from Wilbell's teacher.

    Vierzeberg Requests

    Purchase from Marietta:

    • Amuletopedia - 3,000 Cole
    • Basket (for a request)

    Purchase from Fred:

    • Grain Powder x10

    Complete requests:

    • Black Cat's Path
      • Hair Ornament - Feather Pin x1
      • Magical Implements - Preserve Pots and extra whetstones/dyes
    • Bazaar Street
      • The Veggie Market - Blue Devil x5


    • Flan Charcoal (register with Marietta and re-purchase, need 4)

    Date: Year 1, 3/7 Travel to Half-Florescent Field for an event with Ernie. He'll give you a Mellow Animal. This unique item will guarantee a win for any future treasure contest, but it'll cost over a thousand cole to register and buy one. Now travel to Mountain Way for a new Linca event, then to Fragrant Wind Meadow to meet with Nanaca and complete *Lost Calf Report*. Head to Zweiteturm.

    Zweiteturm Shopping

    After the event, Odelia should sell new items. Buy the following:

    • Shining Jewels - 4,500 Cole
    • Bottomless Pot x1 - this is needed to make a Portable Container later

    Another optional Keith scene if you leave and re-enter the zone.

    Head to Hornheim and visit the White Crow for the results of the Hell Soup.

    Hornheim Requests

    Purchase the following from Kyle:

    • Traditional Meds - 1,700 Cole
    • Golden Nectar (registered, need 4)

    Complete the following:

    • White Crow
      • A Glass of Nectar - Nectar Water x2
      • An Urgent Request - Flan Charcoal x4
      • Drinking Snacks - Aged Cheese x3
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • Sweet Celebration - Golden Nectar x4
      • A Little Rest - Aged Cow Milk x3
      • Shopping Trouble - Basket x1
      • The Light of Hope - Slag Stone x13
      • Pretty Jewelry - Various accessories (unequip if needed)

    Toby, the balloon guy, might offer to sell a balloon for 20,000 Cole now, but sometimes he might not. Either way, fly over to Homunculus Village for a scene and another flower petal. Return to Hornheim and leave for Riesengang. After one scene with Regina, leave and re-enter her house for another. You should get the Big Sister's Heart trophy afterwards. Write The Tailor into the diary and you will gain an extra accessory when synthesizing! Next...

    Riesengang Requests


    • Weird Talisman

    Complete requests:

    • Village Plaza
      • Dizzy - Dragon Tail x10
      • Favorite Antique - Weird Talisman x2
      • Delayed Itis - Body Energy Powder x3 (can buy from homunculus merchant)

    Date: Year 1, 3/22 Head towards Vierzeberg and Juris's first event will trigger at Half-Florescent Field if he has 10+ friendship points. Return to Vierzeberg and you will gain a new goal to visit *Zweiteturm Again*. Check around Vierzeberg to trigger any events. Some notable ones include Marietta making a request and Linca at Bazaar Street.

    Vierzeberg Requests


    • Zettel x5 (registered, Marietta)
    • Flan Charcoal x5 (registered, Marietta)
    • Grain Powder x10 (Fred)

    Complete requests:

    • Black Cat's Path
      • Natural Stones - Polished Crystal x2
      • Seeking Elixir - Living Clay x20
    • Bazaar Street
      • The Customer's Sake - Beast Meat x15

    Note: You may have noticed the *Sun-shy Flower* goal being completed despite not doing anything for it. There are actually two other flowers that could be obtained instead of the ones involving the homunculi and Poro, but they require waiting until Year 2, 11/11.

    Once you reach Year 2, Ranun will have a chat with you at Hill Plaza in Vierzeberg about an eclipse. If you're in Hornheim or Cliffside Path on exactly 11/11, you will get the Eclipse flower. Alternatively, if you miss the eclipse, a scene will occur where Ayesha will mention missing it and then Ranun and Ernie will show up in Vierzeberg later to give you the petals.

    The other flower, the Darkness flower, is obtained after the eclipse. A new goal will show up in your notebook and will inform you to visit the ruin in Riesengang. Enter Riesengang-Lower (which is the shortcut opened by Regina) to obtain the petals.

    Remember, you only need two out of the four to continue the story, and once you return to Vierzeberg after obtaining two, the others will be lost. If you really want to collect all four, I would suggest finishing Nanaca's and Marietta's events, but do not return to Homunculus Town for the petals. Wait until 11/11 to get the eclipse petals, then grab the ones at Homunculus Town and Riesengang Ruin before returning to Vierzeberg.

    Date: Year 1, 3/24 Travel to Zweiteturm and there should be an event for Linca at Evershade Woods. The goal to find a fitting foe cannot be completed until post-game in year 3, so don't worry about it. Once inside Zweiteturm, see Odelia to learn where Keith is, then speak with her again for another one of her events.

    Proceed through the archives, avoiding monsters and ignoring gathering points, to reach Archive 5. You should fight one battle to trigger a scene with Juris. Anyway, after speaking with Keith in Archive 5, pick up the flyer near the center desk and harvest the three gathering points, but no need to fight any battles. Do the same with Archive 6 and once you reach 7, return to the world map. Re-enter Zweiteturm at the entrance and speak with Odelia for one more scene.

    Date: Year 2, 4/3 Head to Hornheim and a couple events will occur. The first will involve Juris and a Silver Wolf. The second triggers at the Plaza and it's for *The Missing Package*.

    Hornheim Requests


    • Ocean Stars
    • Corrective Glasses (for a request)

    Complete requests:

    • White Crow
      • The Final Course - Ocean Stars x3
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • Offering of Flowers - Moonlight Grass x2 (purchased from Ranun)
      • Finding Something - Corrective Glasses x1
      • The Miracle Drug - Living Clay x7
      • Thing Called Living - Flan Charcoal x4 (don't lose the reward)

    Head towards Riesengang and you'll encounter the Silver Wolf at Cliffside Path. Nothing will happen so continue to Riesengang and an event with Regina receiving a letter will occur. Add her to your party, replacing Juris and travel north for an event at Nearby Forest. Ranun will also be nearby so buy the Diamond Ball and Success Ring from him. Since it's now year 2, Wilbell's events will continue at Vierzeberg. Replace Regina with Wilbell, then check around town for various events.

    Vierzeberg Requests

    Complete requests:

    • Black Cat's Path
      • Wild Fashion - Fur x15 (The Gold Shirt reward is pretty good)
    • Bazaar Street
      • Stock Up on Food - Grain Powder x30 (buy more from Fred)


    • Polished Crystal x3 (Regina)
    • Amethyst Stone x3 (Regina)
    • Shining Crystal x3 (Regina)
    • Dangerous Meat x3 (Juris)
    • Eagle Feather x3 (Juris)
    • Cryptid Fur x3 (Juris)
    • Gold Ball x3 (Linca, if her shop's open)
    • Epicure Nut x1 (Linca, if her shop's open)


    • Genug Water Pot

    Date: Year 2, 4/15 Visit Marietta again with Wilbell in your party to start a *Treasure Hunt*. Leave town and Wilbell will tell you where to find some treasure. Might as well clear Harvestful Forest on the way to the Glass Factory.

    Enter 1F of the ruins for a separate scene with Harry. Travel to the Core defeating monsters to complete the (Travel) goal, though you may need to refrain from using your staff because you have to do an actual battle for it to count. No need to harvest either since there are no new ingredients yet. After reaching the Core, return to 3F for a scene, then grab the flyer and return to the world map.

    Travel to the newly available Grand Rocky Mountain and clear the area. Only three enemies in the area consisting of Steel Skins, Bitter Squirrels and Mirage Elementals. Once that's done, ignore the two new areas, Pond Forest and The Farthest Forest, and return to Vierzeberg. Speak with Marietta to complete *Treasure Hunt*.

    Better Equipment

    It's time to create some dyes and whetstones with powerful properties. You should be alchemy LV 36 at this point. Make a Glass Tiara using the Diamond Ball from Ranun as the (Jewel) and follow these steps:

    • Draw Power Glass Rod
    • Power Transfer Diamond Ball
    • Consume remaining CP by Power Pouring the next ingredient
    • Add last ingredient

    Your Glass Tiara should have properties in this order:

    • AIL RES +50
    • Skill Enhance LV3
    • Stats +6
    • ATK +5
    • SPD +5

    Now craft a Fortune Card using the tiara as the (Lucky Charm):

    • Power Transfer Glass Tiara
    • Add the remaining ingredients and AIL RES +50 (and only AIL RES +50) should be pushed off

    Now Stats +6 and Skill Enhance LV3 should be at the bottom. Next is to craft a Nimbus Stone using the Fortune Card as the (Mystery) ingredient:

    • Draw Power on two other ingredients first
    • Power Transfer Fortune Card

    The important properties are now at the top of the list again. Similarly, make some Polish Powder using the stone as the (Ore) to get the Stats +6 and Skill Enhance LV3 at the bottom of the list. Finally, use the Polish Powder to make Training Dye. Use Draw Power on the other three ingredients and Power Transfer the powder last to have the desired properties at the top. Register this at Marietta's.

    If the dye only has Property Copy 1, you will have to use the item twice to get both properties onto your armor. Follow the same steps as above, except using the Success Ring from Ranun and the White Obsidian from a request to get Red Power and Spirit Power (and maybe Fairy Power as well) onto dyes.

    Once the three dyes are made and registered, grab a spare metal armor (Cuirass, etc.) and use the dyes to get the properties you want on it. The property list should look something like this:

    • Fairy Power
    • Spirit Power
    • Stats +6
    • Skill Enhance LV3
    • Red Power

    Synthesize an Expert Whetstone (or Soul Whetstone if you want), using the armor as the (Metal) ingredient, and transfer all five properties onto it. Register it with Marietta. Equip the best weapons and armor you have, then use the whetstone and dyes to improve them. Equip the spare tiara and fortune card with Skill Enhance LV3 on Linca and all her skills will cost 0 MP!

    Date: Year 2, 5/17 Now that you have semi-ultimate equipment, it's time to test them out. Head all the way to Ayesha's Workshop. Check the indicator next to the cauldron to craft the Flower Crystal. After the scene head to Dry Valley for another scene, then to Riesengang. At the village will be a chaotic event and you will be forced to battle a couple Carriers and Nano-Slags. The residents won't be available for requests until you defeat the giant slag in the ruins. Enter Riesengang-Middle to meet...

    Boss: Fortress

    The first boss of the game is a giant slag called Fortress. Its attacks can hit all characters in a single zone, so your party should remain separated. Energy Shell is a timed attack that inflicts slow and Double Arm is its basic attack. It'll occasionally use Power Flare and Mirage Bomb, both of which deal fire damage.

    Once Fortress's is below 50% HP, he'll use Final Charge. This is in preparation for a field hitting Final Blast attack. Even if you have powerful equipment, your party's defenses are still pretty bad. Finish the battle quickly with Linca's best skills.

    After the battle you will unlock the One Who Rules the Land trophy and receive the Forbidden Nocturne alchemy book. While you're in Riesengang...

    Riesengang Requests

    Complete requests:

    • Village Plaza
      • Big Bada Boom - Bomb x10
      • Favorite Flowers - Red Flower x6

    Return to the world map and Keith will be waiting. He'll warp you to Zweiteturm to discuss some ideas (if you saw Nanaca again where Poro returns, additional dialogue is spoken). You will learn how to make a Transmitter, but more importantly, Keith will be able join your party. Add him to your party, then leave the zone and return for an Odelia event.

    Note: The events at Steinfeder and later on at Zweiteturm are needed to unlock Keith's ending. They must be completed before fighting the final boss, otherwise his ending will be unobtainable for the playthrough.

    If you have visited Odelia enough times, the new event will involve fixing *A Control Panel*. This goal MUST BE DONE BEFORE the events at Steinfeder or else Keith's ending will be unobtainable. Pass through the upper archives to reach Archive 7 and examine the control panel to complete the event. Return to the world map and a scene will trigger when you reach the entrance.

    Now that that's taken care of, head to Evershade Woods with Keith in your party where he'll talk about *Human Malice*. This will cause Steinfeder to appear in the middle of nowhere. Travel back to Zweiteturm and trigger Odelia's two final events. You can purchase Soft Muffins and Venus Bread Stars from her afterwards for healing. The following will take just over 30 days, so don't worry about the treasure contest. Travel to Hornheim.

    Hornheim Requests

    Purchase from Kyle:

    • Distilled Water x3 (registered)

    Complete requests:

    • White Crow
      • Gain By Losing - Zettels, Pulp Paper, Tonics and any other spare (Sundry) items
    • Hornheim Plaza
      • Spiky Festival - Spiky Fruit x14
      • Gathering Pebbles - Wind Core x6
      • Main Dish Trouble - Baguette x10 (buy from Kyle)

    Head to the Balloon Pier and speak with Toby. Purchase a balloon for 20,000 Cole and return to the world map. You will now be able to travel to new islands, but you'll have to clear their individual (Travel) goals to reach all of them. You can even save time with battles by not striking the enemy on the field and hoping that Ayesha doesn't have the first turn (spamming Valkyrie Dive will never get boring, right?).

    The first island, Waterfall Island is pretty small and uninteresting, but the second, Serenity Island contains a flyer and a cow you can get milk from for free. The next two, Beginning Island and Cloud Sea Island are more of the same, but you'll finally unlock Decayed Ruin Island and Steinfeder. The island contains the book History of Water, so pick that up and clear the area.

    Enter Steinfeder and clear the first area of enemies and grab all the ingredients. Watch the scene inside the Depths to unlock the Building Block trophy. A boss fight will occur immediately after.

    Boss: Mecha-Dragon

    The Mecha-Dragon will attack a single target with Sky Claw that lowers ice resistance. Disaster Wing will attack all party members in a single zone, so you'll want to keep them separated. Ice Storm deals major ice damage to the entire field and rearranges your party's positions. This can still be a tough fight, but your attacks should heal through any damage done, especially Linca. Use Keith to defend if another character's health drops to low.

    You can actually lose this battle with no effect on future events, but you will miss the One Who Rules the Sky trophy.

    After the battle, travel north ignoring the stationary Porters and enter the Lab of Dusk. You will gain the book Causality of Dusk after the scene. Grab the flyer in the corner and return to the world map (or fight the Porters to level up). Fly back to Hornheim and add Juris to your party. Fight the Silver Wolf at Cliffside Path then travel to Vierzeberg for the treasure contest and a request that's near its deadline.

    Visit everyone in town for all the events. Notable events include getting the World Treasures book from Harry and a scene where Ayesha bumps into Marion and Linca. This indicates you have completed 90+ Requests necessary for one of the endings. For the treasure contest, you can use the Mellow Animal, but make sure to register it with Marietta first since it's a one of a kind item.

    Vierzeberg Requests


    • Dyes and Whetstones to improve equipment of other characters


    • Everpure Water
    • Beast Leather

    Complete requests:

    • Bazaar Street
      • The Legendary Beast - Beast Leather x1


    • Portable Container
    • Lightning Stern
    • Transmitter

    The Portable Container will allow you to access your Container from anywhere, but you will still need to put items in your basket if you want to use them in battle. If you didn't buy the Bottomless Pot from Odelia, you will need a Night Fog Bottle to make one. They can be found in (Alt) Glass Factory or bought from Wilbell's shop. She also sells the Crystalline Ether needed for the Transmitter.

    Travel to Zweiteturm and add Keith to your party again. Speak with Odelia to learn about the *Two Cradles*. You'll now have to proceed all the way down to the bottom of the archives. Harvest all the gather points in Archive 8 to complete the (Search) goal. There's one more gather point in the bottom corner of Archive 9, but you don't need to harvest it. Approach Odelia to learn about the other cradle, Dritteturm.


    Back at Vierzeberg will be a scene with Nio (10 days after making the Transmitter). The final area, Yggdrasil, will now open to the east. While traveling there, you can clear The Farthest Forest and Pond Forest.

    In the first area of Yggdrasil, there are no enemies, so find and harvest the four gathering points. Proceed north to Flower Alley. Follow the path north, defeating the Green Elementals and gathering ingredients along the way. At the very top will be a flyer and a treasure chest holding the book Synthesis Origins.

    The final area, Flower Gate, is more of a maze. Take the upper path to fight a monster, then go back and take the lower path. Grab the harvest point and then continue left to another. From here, take the upper left path to another monster, then return to the lower left path to a harvest point. You'll see a green gate to the left and a scene will trigger as you approach. Before entering, continue left and follow the path to find three more enemies and a Phoenix Bracelet. You will need one more battle for the (Search) goal so enter the green gate to find it.

    Boss: Yggdrasil

    The final boss is easier than the Mecha-Dragon and about equal to Fortress. Like them, its attacks will hit entire zones and will have two actions per turn. Basic attacks include swinging its branches and Cleansing Flame, a fire attack that also inflicts slow. As the boss loses HP, it will cast a spell to heal, but only one or two times a battle. Its strongest skill, Dusk's Light will hit the entire field.

    You might want to use Ayesha's Searching assist skill to find a Time Guard Flower since it's a rare item.

    After the battle will be a short scene unlocking the Reunion trophy. Return to the world map and watch the end of Ayesha's journey.


    Nio will now be able to join your party! You will gain several goals, one for each party member, but they cannot be completed until the third year. If you followed the walkthrough, all the characters' pre-year 3 events should be complete, except for Nio's Events of course. Wilbell also doesn't have 80 friendship points yet, so you should put her in your party. But first...

    Making a Metastasis Wing

    Craft a Metastasis Wing and you can use it to warp to any workshop from anywhere. Do NOT use it while inside a town because it will cause a day to pass. Return to the world map first then warp. It's fine to use it anywhere else and the workshops are even added to the shortcut menu.

    Head to Hill Plaza in Vierzeberg and deliver some Gold Hives from Yggdrasil to the girl there. All remaining requests have deadlines that are at the end of year 3, so you can do them whenever you want. Focus on completing Tanya's Events and Fred's Events if you haven't done so already. Also, you can work on getting a couple more good properties onto dyes/whetstones. The Old Gentleman in Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street has a request that rewards a Word Stone-Man that contains the property Soul Words.

    More Equipment Properties

    Once you have the Word Stone-Man, use it as the (Mystery) ingredient to make a Nimbus Stone. Then, like before, make a Polish Powder and then a dye with Soul Words and All Soul Pour on it. You only need Soul Words on one piece of equipment and it's up to you if you want All Soul Pour (+20% critical damage). Having the Power Denial synthesis skill at alchemy LV 45 can make this process much easier.

    For HP +25, you will need to combine HP +10 and HP +15. The Fortune Cards from way back at the beginning of the game has HP +10. Use it to make a Nimbus Stone then Polish Powder. Now, Soul Whetstones can learn HP +15. Transfer the HP +10 early during the process, and then use Draw Power to get HP +15 to pop up and it'll combine with the HP +10. You can then transfer the HP +25 to a dye by going whetstone -> Genug Blessing Pot -> Dye.

    All that's left is to make some Accessories and to farm for the best Weapons and Armor.

    Once Year 3 arrives, the only thing you need to worry about is to not forget to bring Linca when going dragon hunting with Juris. Complete the year 3 events for Wilbell, Regina, Linca, Juris, Keith and Nio listed in Characters and Events to finish their individual help goals. Also, don't forget about the remaining treasure contests. The only starred goals remaining would be to craft all items, then you'd be free to play around with alchemy, collect all Flyers or to challenge any of the (Alt) bosses.

    Grand Dragon Boss

    Waiting in (Alt) Salt Desert-Lighthouse is the monster Compact Dragon. It can be easily defeated, but if you want a challenge, weaken it and wait a few turns and it will use the skill Time Flow to transform into a Grand Dragon. This creature has 9,999 HP and is the toughest fight in the game.

    Its Blaze Whirl attack will reduce the effect of items and its other attacks can weaken your character's stats. Chin of Death is especially powerful and can be quite dangerous if it targets a character twice in a row. Once you reduce its HP to 50%, it will use Evolution to heal and boost its own stats. Your attacks will start to miss more often, making healing difficult if you're relying on absorbing damage dealt.

    Ultimate Equipment and a good supply of Healing and Support Items is highly recommended.


    Once you run out of time, the ending events begin with Ayesha and Nio in their workshop. Nio will ask a question and which answer you give will determine which ending you get.

    • I have a job from Ernie...
      • Working Ma'am ending or individual character endings
    • I have to make a delivery...
      • Girls Gathering! ending or individual character endings
    • I have a letter from Mr. Harry...
      • Treasure Hunter ending or individual character endings
    • I have nothing in particular.
      • Sage's Hermitage ending
    • ...I forgot something important.
      • Search for the Truth ending
    The End of the JourneyFail to rescue Nio or no other ending fulfilled
    The Witch and the AlchemistComplete Friends I Can Rely On (Wilbell's Events)
    Future of a Female ProspectorComplete Regina Kurtis Bridge (Regina's Events)
    And the TrioComplete 8 Lincas (Linca's Events)
    Hunter LifeComplete Slaying the Dragon (Juris's Events)
    Search for the TruthComplete History of Alchemy (Keith's Events)
    Working Ma'amComplete 90+ Requests
    Treasure HunterWin all six treasure contests
    Girls Gathering!Complete Friends I Can Rely On (Wilbell's Events)
    Complete Walking Slowly (Nio's Events)
    Complete Future Beautiful Girl (Tanya's Events)
    Complete Sweet Sparkles (Marietta's Events)
    Complete Veterinarian (Nanaca's Events)
    Sage's HermitageComplete Large Slag (Keith's Events)
    Complete Working Ma'am ending requirements
    Complete Treasure Hunter ending requirements
    Complete Girls Gathering! ending requirements

    A scene involving Ayesha getting advice from Marion occurs when Working Ma'am requirements are met. For Girls Gathering! a scene involving Nanaca, Marietta, and Wilbell will occur and similarly, for Sage's Hermitage, Nio will come talk to Ayesha.

    New Game+

    After the credits you will be prompted to save. Loading this file will start new game+ where the game will restart from the beginning with certain things carried over from the previous playthrough. Only the following carry over:

    • Money
    • Each character's equipped items
      • Weapon
      • Armor
      • Accessories
      • Ayesha's adventuring equipment
    • Ayesha's synthesis skills

    Everything else is reset including characters' levels, items in your basket and container, and store inventories among other things. Due to this, you might want to sell everything in your basket and container on the last day to increase the amount of money you have in new game+. New game+ will also allow you to skip the beginning and start the story at the point where Ayesha reaches Vierzeberg on 4/11.

    Ayesha Altugle

    Unlike the rest of the characters, Ayesha is able to equip special adventuring equipment that provide several benefits. Such items can reduce the number of days it takes to travel on the world map, reduce the time required to harvest materials and even allow access to the workshop container from anywhere in the world.

    Reactive Skills
    Concentration2 GaugesIncrease PH RES and SPD for 5 turns in battle
    Searching1.5 GaugesObtain an item during battle
    Passive Skills
    FlexibleDecrease PH damage by 10%
    Tool HandlingShorten the WT when using an item by 15%
    Synthesis Skills
    Without HasteAlchemy LV 10You can decide for yourself the order you put in the ingredients.
    Apply PropertyAlchemy LV 15Can reveal 1 property. The property depends on the item.
    Draw PowerAlchemy LV 20Increase the property value of the next ingredient by +15
    Property EXAlchemy LV 25Can reveal 3 properties
    Power PourAlchemy LV 25Obtain the effects of the chosen ingredient but increases the cost
    Score BonusAlchemy LV 30The power of the item will increase according to its score
    UnleashingAlchemy LV 30Can reveal 5 properties
    Power TransferAlchemy LV 35Can copy the property of the next ingredient
    Expert's SkillAlchemy LV 40The cost of all Synthesis Skills will be halved
    Power DenialAlchemy LV 45Delete 1 property

    Nio Altugle

    Active Skills
    Pana Rush4 MPDeal PH damage to a medium area and knock back their turns
    Pana Charge8 MPDeal PH damage to all enemies. May inflict Hold
    Panacea10 MPCure all satus ailments of an ally, and also increase ATK/SPD/All RES
    Specialty20 MPRevive KO'd ally and recover HP, and give continuing recovery
    Pana SpecialSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Cheer2 GaugesIncrease ally's ATK/SPD/PH RES
    Utmost Nursing2 GaugesRecover ally's HP and MP
    Passive Skills
    Sister's LoveIncrease Nio's critical rate when Ayesha is in critical condition
    Ready to GoIncrease the max for each gauge by 50% during action

    Nio's Events

    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: After making Flower Oil (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Ghost story (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Ghosts eat people (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: After synthesizing (Optional)
    Nio's Grave
    -Herb Garden-Depths: Nio visits her grave **
    -Riesengang-Regina's House: Bring Nio to visit Regina
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Nio meets Wilbell
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Nio meets Marion and Linca
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Wilbell is a third wheel
    -Vierzeberg-Bridge (during Bazaar): Visit Nio's bazaar shop
    -Hornheim-White Crow: Nio meets Kyle and Juris
    -Zweiteturm-Entrance: Nio meets Keith
    Walk Slowly
    -Anywhere: Win a battle with Nio
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Nio wants to help (Year 3)
    -World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Nio gathers herbs
    -Hornheim-White Crow: Nio is growing
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Nio is strong (Nio LV 30+?)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Nio is even stronger (Nio LV 35+?, 10 days later) (Sisters Thereafter Trophy)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Nio gets Ernie to help (30 days later) **

    Regina Kurtis

    Active Skills
    Double Smash5 MPDeal PH damage to target and increase damage target takes by 10%
    Stone Crack12 MPDeal PH damage to a small area and also decrease their ATK
    Flare Blast10 MPDeal Fire damage to a medium area. May inflict Blind
    Rock Blast20 MPDeal Fire damage to all enemies, and knock back their turns
    Lady EndSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Timer Blast2 GaugesDeal Fire damage. May inflict Weak
    Smoke Ball1.5 GaugesFlee or increase evasion for special battles
    Passive Skills
    Prospective GutsChance of keeping 1 HP when KO'd in battle
    Woman's NerveIncrease evasion and critical by 15%

    Regina's Events

    Regina's forest area events can occur in Nearby Forest, Harvestful Forest or Spring Water Forest.

    Exterminating Slags
    20Riesengang-Regina's House: Prospector party
    -Riesengang-Village Plaza: Prizes for winning
    -Riesengang-Upper: Clear all enemies
    -Riesengang-Middle: Clear all enemies **
    -World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Shortcut unlocked
    -World Map (Riesengang-Middle): Giant slag parts
    The Tailor
    -World Map (Oesten Marshland): Talking about the past
    -World Map (Forest area): Talking about family
    -Hornheim/Vierzeberg during bazaar: Regina meets Juris (Juris recruitable)
    50Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street: Regina shopping
    -World Map (Ernie): Speak with Ernie
    -Riesengang-Regina's House: Regina needs a model
    -Riesengang-Regina's House: Bring Juris to Regina (Big Sister's Heart Trophy) **
    -Riesengang-Village Plaza: Regina gets a letter (15 days later)
    Regina Kurtis Bridge
    -World Map (Forest area): Regina sleeps in
    80Riesengang-Regina's House: Letter from parents (Year 3, post-game)
    -World Map (Forest area): Regina's last labor
    -Tunnel-Broken Bridge: Building a bridge
    -Tunnel-Broken Bridge: Bring Adhesion Jelly x3 to Regina (The Last Labor Trophy) **
    -Riesengang-Regina's House: Regina's plans

    Wilbell Voll-Ersleid

    Active Skills
    Pumpkin Bomb9 MPDeal Fire damage to a medium area
    Arcane Call24 MPDeal Fire damage to a medium area plus continuous damage
    Shielding12 MPIncrease PH RES and decrease status ailments
    Element Call15 MPSummon a small spirit to perform recovery actions for a short time
    Meteor StormSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Meditation2 GaugesRecover own MP and also treat status ailments
    Magic Ward2 GaugesReduce damage received by 50%
    Passive Skills
    Witch's QualityIncrease Max MP by 30 and skill power by 10%
    Fire MagicDeal additional Fire damage

    Wilbell's Events

    Bell Doesn't Learn
    20Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Requesting Madder Holy Iron
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Studying with Wilbell (1 day later)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: More studying with Wilbell (1 day later, Alchemy LV 20+)
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Craft Madder Iron
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Wilbell lectured (3 days later) **
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Gift from Wilbell's teacher (3 days later)
    Secret Treasure Search
    40Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Wilbell thinks of new ideas (Year 2)
    -Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Wilbell goes on a treasure hunt (1 day later)
    -Leave Vierzeberg: Wilbell knows where treasure is
    -Glass Factory-Core: Looking for treasure
    -Glass Factory-3F: Treasure found
    -Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Report back to Marietta **
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Gift from Wilbell's teacher (Year 2, 10/1 or later)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Wilbell's great-great-grandmother (3 days later)
    Friends I Can Rely On
    80Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Wilbell won't give up (Year 3, post-game)
    -Leave Vierzeberg: Catching the wind (Wilbell in party)
    -Cloud Sea Island: Defeat the Wind Ruler (Wind Ruler Trophy)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Report to Bell's teacher **


    Active Skills
    Start Rush6 MPDeal PH damage to target. May inflict Hold
    Stomp Charge13 MPDeal PH damage to a medium area. May inflict Hold
    Adrenaline Dance7 MPDeal PH damage and increase odds of being targeted
    Valkyrie Dive10 MPDeal PH damage to all enemies. May inflict Slow
    Raging EdgeSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Checkmate2.5 GaugesStop a target's action. Invalid on strong enemies
    Knock Out1.5 GaugesDeal PH damage to a target and knock back their turn
    Passive Skills
    Calm and SereneDecrease effects of status ailments and shorten WT by 15%
    Reinforce BodyDecrease PH damage by 15% and increase critical damage by 15%

    Linca's Events

    Linca's events can occur in a road area such as Mountain Way, Pasture Way, Wayward Forest and Altugle Herb Garden, or a forest area like Nearby Forest, Spring Water Forest, Grassland Hill and Grand Rocky Mountain.

    -World Map (Road area): Linca is good with swords
    20World Map (Forest area): Linca wants cooking lessons
    -World Map (Forest area): Linca prepares meat (10 days later)
    -World Map (Forest area): Linca makes a stew (10 days later)
    -World Map (Forest area): Linca cooks eggs (10 days later)
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Marion on Linca's cooking (15 days later) **
    Looking for Myself
    -World Map (Road area): Linca talks about clothes
    25Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street: Linca is making friends (5 days later)
    -Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street: Linca is wary of strangers (1 day later, Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Marion discusses Linca (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Linca befriends Pana (1 day later, Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Linca forgets her wallet (Optional)
    Linca's bazaar shop will be available after completing the above optional events
    -World Map (Evershade Forest): After making friends event
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Tell Linca about Juris's dragon hunt
    -Salt Desert-Lighthouse: Slay Old Oath Dragon (with Juris)
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Linca's thoughts on dragon slaying
    -World Map (Road area): Linca's thoughts on Marion **
    8 Lincas
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Cold weather (Year 3, 10/1 or later)
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Linca's past (1 day later)
    80Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Another Linca?
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Explaining the situation
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza/Harry's Room: Linca has a message (10 days later)
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Accept Linca's invitation
    -Oesten Marsh-Ruin: Battle Linca if you want (The Two Trophy)
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Results **
    -Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street: Linca shopping
    -World Map (Riverside Way): Linca returns
    -Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Linca's hair

    Juris Gruden

    Active Skills
    Hunter Blow6 MPDeal PH damage to a target and decrease their ATK
    Hunter Raid10 MPDeal big PH damage to a target. May KO a target with one blow
    Snipe Shot7 MPDeal PH damage to a target and additional damage
    Rain of Shots13 MPDeal PH damage to a medium area. Effect will repeat again later
    Grand SlamSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Focus Soul2 GaugesTemporarily increase Max HP during battle
    Rage Fang1.5 GaugesProtect a character and counterattack the enemy
    Passive Skills
    Aim MasterIncrease attack accuracy by 50%
    Hunter's KnowledgeIncrease damage by 15% for critical and may increase ability

    Juris's Events

    Juris's events on the world map can occur in woods areas including Harvestful Forest, Half-Florescent Field, Evershade Woods or The Farthest Forest. His events are also intertwined with Kyle's Events.

    10World Map (Woods area): Juris keeps watch
    25World Map (Woods area): Juris finds food (Optional)
    30World Map (Woods area): Eating cats? (Optional)
    35World Map (Woods area): Juris's parents (Optional)
    Silver Wolf's Grave
    -Anywhere: Win a battle with Juris (Ayesha's LV 25+)
    15Hornheim-Plaza: Silver Wolf (after Kyle's Hell Soup request)
    -World Map (Cliffside Path): Declaration of war
    -World Map (Cliffside Path): Battle with Silver Wolf (30 days later) **
    -Hornheim-White Crow: Celebration
    Slaying the Dragon
    -World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Witness a dragon
    -World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Talk about dragons (after Silver Wolf events)
    -World Map (Cliffside Path): Another dragon sighting
    -Hornheim-Crow's Room: Test of skills (Year 3, post-game)
    -Salt Desert-Lighthouse: Slay Old Oath Dragon (Bring Linca!) (Ancient Dragon Slaying Trophy)
    -Hornheim-Crow's Room: Juris visits **

    Keithgriff Hazeldine

    Active Skills
    Heat Hand12 MPDeal Fire damage to a target and decrease their Fire RES
    Cool Foot12 MPDeal Ice damage to a small area and decrease their Ice RES
    Mirage Trick20 MPPut up a wall for all allies, and activate a counterattack
    Double Up40 MPContinuously use MP to activate effect timely to a medium area
    Ancient OneSuperDeal huge PH damage to a target
    Reactive Skills
    Refresh Time2 GaugesRecover from status ailments and MP
    Overflow1.5 GaugesIncrease ally's ATK/PH RES/SPD
    Passive Skills
    All KnowledgeIncrease ability against special enemies or enemies 5+ levels above him
    Heal RingRecover HP automatically during action in battle

    Keith's Events

    -Zweiteturm-Entrance: Keith likes books (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Keith goes shopping (Optional)
    -Zweiteturm-Entrance: Keith talks about slags (Optional)
    -Vierzeberg (during Bazaar): Keith helps with synthesis (Optional)
    -Herb Garden-Corridor: Keith is investigating (Optional)
    History of Alchemy
    These events must be done BEFORE saving Nio
    -Hornheim-Balloon Pier: Keith talks about the valley
    -World Map (Evershade Woods): Keith talks about human malice
    *A Control Panel* (Odelia's Events) must be completed BEFORE the next event!
    -Steinfeder-Depths: Encounter Mecha-Dragon (Building Block Trophy)
    -Steinfeder-Lab of Dusk: Read about the two cradles
    -Zweiteturm-Entrance: Ask Odelia about the two cradles
    -Zweiteturm-Archive 9: Learn more about the two cradles **
    Large Slag
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Forgetting something? (Year 3, post-game)
    -Hornheim-White Crow: News of big slag
    -Decayed Ruin Island: Defeat Rampage Dragon
    -Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Keith stays **
    -Zweiteturm-Entrance: Paradise (Year 3, 1/1 or later) (At Paradise Trophy)
    -Vierzeberg/Zweiteturm: Keith and Wilbell in party meet
    -Vierzeberg: Keith and Linca in party
    -World Map (Riverside Way): Keith has a habit