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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

    Version: 1.4.0 | Updated: 04/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Characters and Events (Continued)

    Ernie's Events

    World Map: Ernie feels weird seeing Ayesha
    World Map: Ernie explains dangers of traveling
    World Map: Ernie and Ayesha have lunch
    World Map: Ernie's nose is red
    Ernie and the Landlord
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Ernie asks Ayesha for a favor
    Vierzeberg-Bridge: Deliver Riesen Ointment to Ernie
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Ernie discusses his dream (15 days later)
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Ernie introduces his customer (15 days later)
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Mr. Modus visits (15 days later) **
    Redeeming Myself
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Marietta worries about Ernie (1 day later)
    World Map: Ernie has a new business opportunity
    Vierzeberg-Bridge: Deliver Anti-Bug Grass to Ernie
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Lots of beans (15 days later) **
    World Map: Ernie's souvenir
    World Map: Ernie's always nice (after Tanya events?)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Ayesha's birthday (Year 3, 1/21 or later) (Sending Sheep Trophy)

    Marietta's Events

    Feminine Wiles
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Speak with Marietta about delayed deliveries
    Hornheim-Plaza: Learn about the missing packages
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Speak with Marietta **
    Sweet Sparkles
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: A homunculus wants to buy sparkles
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Marietta won't give up
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Marietta requests help
    Homunculus Town: Speak with the homunculi about sparkles
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Share info about sparkles **
    Homunculus Town: Marietta visits homunculi
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Marietta sells medicine to customer
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street: Marietta saves Ayesha from a Street Vendor
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Marietta sees Keith
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Marietta looks for Keith
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Speak with Marietta about Keith

    Harry's Events

    Glass Factory: After initial events at Glass Factory
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: World Treasures alchemy book (Year 2, Month 6 or later)
    Taste's Like Mom's
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: After winning second contest
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: After winning fourth contest
    Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: After winning fifth contest
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Ask Fred for help
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Ask Marietta about Harry's story
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Return to Fred with Marietta's info
    Workshop: Create Flower Muffin with Comfort Taste property
    Vierzeberg-Harry's HQ: Deliver Flower Muffin to Harry **

    Marion's Events

    A Budding Bond
    Riesengang-Village Plaza: Marion trying to enter ruins (Year 2?)
    Riesengang-Village Plaza: Glide wonders about Marion
    Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Marion apologizes with letter
    Riesengang-Village Plaza: Marion keeps trying **
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Marion's home country
    Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Marion's work
    World Map (Tunnel): Marion and Linca working
    Vierzeberg-Marion's Office: Hallos villagers return (Post-game)

    Ranun's Events

    Fragrant Wind Meadow: Meet Ranun for the first time
    Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Ranun is hungry
    A Precious Balance
    World Map: Ranun plays the bagpipes
    World Map: Ranun waits for the wind
    World Map: Ranun and Ernie meet **
    A Legend Retold
    Vierzeberg-Bridge: Ranun and Ernie are a good duo
    World Map: Ranun wants to quit
    Hornheim-Plaza: Ranun is trapped
    World Map: Ranun has changed
    World Map: Meet Ranun after speaking with Marion (post-game) **
    Riesengang-Village Plaza: Ranun explains his work
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Regina saves Ranun
    World Map: Ranun misses the eclipse (if you got the Eclipse Flower yourself)

    Nanaca's Events

    World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Poro is sick
    Oesten Marsh-Swamp: Complete Nanaca's request **
    Instead of Money
    World Map: Nanaca herds cows
    World Map: Nanaca mimics Juris
    World Map: Juris can join your party **
    Nio Can't Come Home
    World Map: Nanaca gives you a blanket
    World Map: Poro is gone
    World Map (Spring Water Forest): That's not Poro
    World Map (Evershade Woods): Poro runs away
    World Map (Oesten Marsh-Swamp): Poro disappears
    World Map: Tell Nanaca what happened to Poro **
    World Map: Poro came back
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Shopping with Nanaca
    The Cowgirl's Secret
    World Map (Pasture Way): Nanaca has obedient cows
    World Map (Salt Desert-Hill): Cows like salt
    Steinfeder (Enter directly from world map): How'd she get here? **
    Ayesha's Workshop: Nanaca visits
    World Map: With Juris in party (after slaying the dragon)

    Fred's Events

    Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: First meeting
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Fred opens his bakery
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: History of bread
    New Bread
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Fred meets Marietta
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Fred needs new bread ideas (6 days later)
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Speak with Marietta about bread
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Bread and pie differences **
    Amazing Bread
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Trying out new meat bread (15 days later)
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Bite-sized bread (15 days later)
    Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza: Fred is generous (Feeding Trophy)
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Fred misunderstands
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Ultimate bread (1 day later)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Get Kyle's opinion on the bread
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Get Odelia's opinion on the bread
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Report taste test results **
    Vierzeberg-Fred's Bakery: Clarification
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Fred shopping

    Odelia's Events

    Can't Eat Sweets Time
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia's bored
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia tries sweets
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia tries tea with sweets
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia tries cake (Dreaming Automaton events next)
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia's tooth **
    Dreaming Automaton
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Malfunctioning slags
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: After fixing control panel
    Zweiteturm-Entrance: Odelia returns **
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar?): Odelia's lost
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Odelia collects overdue books
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Odelia buys books (Year 3)

    Kyle's Events

    Kyle's events are intertwined with Juris's.

    Hornheim-White Crow: First meeting in tavern
    Hornheim-Plaza: Kyle lends a room
    The Devil's Cooking
    Hornheim-White Crow: Conversation with Juris (Juris recruitable)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Conversation with Ernie (Do Ernie's events if not triggering)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Kyle wants revenge (1 day later)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Event requiring a Red Devil (1 day later)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Deliver Hell Soup with Tasteless property
    Hornheim-White Crow: Revenge results (10 days later) **
    Victory Party
    Hornheim-White Crow: Ayesha and Ernie like sweet things
    Hornheim-White Crow: Kyle's plans for Juris (after Silver Wolf events)
    Hornheim-White Crow: After slaying the dragon
    Hornheim-White Crow: Bring Juris to the party (To Them Trophy)
    Hornheim-White Crow: Kyle reminisces **
    Hornheim-White Crow: Bring Regina to meet Kyle
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Kyle shops
    Hornheim-Plaza: Kyle feels sluggish (Year 3, Month 1)

    Tanya's Events

    Young Girl's Longing
    World Map: Tanya sells salt
    World Map: Tanya finds a Salt Flower
    World Map: Tanya talks about fashion
    World Map: Ayesha talks about Hornheim and the bazaar
    Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path: Find a souvenir for Tanya
    World Map: Deliver the souvenir to Tanya **
    Future Beautiful Girl
    World Map: Tanya has a new goal
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Ernie wants to help (Ernie's Events completed)
    World Map: Tanya and Ayesha visit hotsprings (Ernie's Long Legs Trophy)
    World Map (Ernie): Share idea with Ernie
    Vierzeberg-Harry's Room: Tanya's letter
    Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street (during Bazaar): Tanya's visit (Dress Up Trophy) **
    World Map: Thoughts on trip
    World Map: Bring Regina to meet Tanya
    World Map: Graveyard of the slags


    New requests appear 15 days after the previous one is completed.

    Nice Lady & Passionate Youth

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    The Love SicknessNoneAnti-Sick Powder x3700 Cole
    Burning Love720 DaysBomb Ice x3800 Cole
    So Happy, It's Scary540 Days(Lucky Charm) items900 Cole
    A Passionate Gift360 Days(Jewel) items1,000 Cole
    An Eternal PartingUntil EndEverpure Water x33,000 Cole

    Innocent Boy & Girl

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Let's Play LowNoneWax x3400 Cole, Spiky Fruit x10
    Construction Work720 DaysPale Clay x3500 Cole, Anti-Bug Grass x10
    Sweet Dreams540 Days(Sweetener) items500 Cole, Sugar Tree Sap x10
    It's Not a Lie!360 DaysGold Hive x3600 Cole, Ancient Trash x10
    Treasure Found!Until EndGenug Water Pot x11,000 Cole, Silver Hive x10

    Talkative Lady

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Pursuit of BeautyNonePressed Oil x3700 Cole
    The Good Life720 DaysDetergent x3700 Cole
    Fascinating Fruit540 Days(Fruit) items1,100 Cole
    Spicy and Beautiful360 Days(Spice) items1,100 Cole
    Hooray to Health!Until End(Food) items3,600 Cole

    Nature Girl

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Natural LifeNoneVeggie Soup x3400 Cole, Sturdy Shirt
    Organic Style720 Days(Dried Plant) items500 Cole, Knitted Shirt
    Hair Ornament540 DaysFeather Pin x1600 Cole, Leather Shirt
    Natural Stones360 DaysPolished Crystal x2800 Cole, Fur Shirt
    Wild FashionUntil End(Leather) items1,050 Cole, Gold Shirt

    Familiar Seeker

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    PreservativesNoneDried Medical Herb x3600 Cole
    Keep Away the Cold720 DaysFur Gloves x1800 Cole
    Field of Fertilizer540 DaysRich Fertilizer x31,000 Cole
    Magical Implements360 Days(Magic Tool) items2,000 Cole
    Seeking ElixirUntil End(Elixir) items4,400 Cole

    Keen Peddler

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Replenishing PaperNonePulp Paper x3600 Cole
    Flammable Materials720 DaysGelatinous Oil x3800 Cole
    The Veggie Market540 Days(Vegetable) items800 Cole
    The Customer's Sake360 Days(Meat) items1,400 Cole
    Stock Up on FoodUntil EndGrain Powder x305,000 Cole

    Old Gentleman

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    The InspectionNoneScent Bag x3450 Cole, Eagle Feather x1
    Fire Creatures720 DaysFire Element (Animal) items500 Cole, Gold Object x1
    Ancient Language540 Days(Ancient Word) items600 Cole, Lucky Clover x1
    The Legendary Beast360 DaysBeast Leather x11,500 Cole, Pixie Breath x1
    ArchaeologyUntil EndGoddess Pot x13,000 Cole, Word Stone-Man x1


    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    A Blessing!NoneBaguette x3550 Cole, Red Flower x3
    It's Necessary720 DaysCoarse Salt x3700 Cole, Ash Ball x3
    Getting Water540 Days(Filter) items850 Cole, Soul Slag Stone x3
    House Architecture360 Days(Lumber) items1,000 Cole, Crystalline Ether x2
    Quality of LifeUntil End(Sundry) items1,150 Cole, Paradise Feather x1

    Thin Lady

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    InjuredNoneRiesen Ointment x2800 Cole
    Has a Chill720 DaysSquash Tea x3900 Cole
    Nutrition Needed540 DaysMineral Powder x31,000 Cole
    Dizzy360 Days(Tonic) items1,200 Cole
    Get WellUntil End(Medicine) items1,400 Cole

    Older Sister

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Wants to DesignNoneZettel x3700 Cole
    To Make Clothes720 DaysLeather x2-3700 Cole
    Tailoring Thread540 DaysStrong Yarn x31,100 Cole
    Wants a Gemstone360 DaysEarth (Jewel) items1,100 Cole
    Wants an AccessoryUntil End(Accessory) items1,500 Cole

    Oldest Elder

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Back PainNoneMedical Patch x3500 Cole, Big Taun x3
    Favorite Vase720 DaysPreserve Pot x2600 Cole, Hard Taro x3
    Favorite Antique540 DaysWeird Talisman x2700 Cole, Green Seed x3
    Favorite Flowers360 DaysEarth (Flower) items800 Cole, White Salat x2
    Favorite AssetsUntil EndEarth (Precious Ore) items1,500 Cole, Bear's Best x1


    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Help with BlastingNoneBlack Powder x3800 Cole
    Drink After Work720 DaysBean Milk x3-41,100 Cole
    Delayed Itis540 DaysBody Energy Powder x31,200 Cole
    Big Bada Boom360 DaysFire (Bomb) items1,300 Cole
    Banquet PrepUntil EndScorching Drink x2-42,000 Cole

    Pride of Village

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Test of CourageNoneFlame Aqua x2400 Cole, Junk x3
    The Real Deal720 Days(Junk) items500 Cole, Green Spiky Fruit x3
    The Town's Bakery540 Days(Bread) items600 Cole, Fully Ripe Fruit x3
    Battle Essentials360 Days(Weapon) items700 Cole, Word Stone-Sun x2
    Off to AdventureUntil End(Adventure) items1,000 Cole, Land Dragon Scale x1

    Middle-aged Man

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Lost YouthNoneLeather x3800 Cole
    The Price of Youth720 DaysWorker Compress x31,000 Cole
    Toward Reality540 Days(Nutritional) items1,400 Cole
    The Light of Hope360 Days(Mystery) items3,000 Cole
    The Miracle DrugUntil End(Elixir) items3,000 Cole, Dragon Scale x1

    Elegant Lady

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Sweet FruitNoneRipe Fruit x4450 Cole, Beehive x10
    Bit Bitter Sweets720 DaysBitter Muffin x3450 Cole, Lady's Beard x3
    A Fancy Smell540 DaysPassion Perfume x2500 Cole, Honey Melon x3
    Pretty Jewelry360 Days(Accessory) items500 Cole, Fairy Tail x2
    Thing Called LivingUntil End(Sundry) items600 Cole, White Obsidian x1

    Old Gentleman

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Dinner TroubleNoneBean Soup x3800 Cole
    Preservation Trouble720 DaysPreserve Pot x2900 Cole
    Shopping Trouble540 DaysBasket x11,000 Cole
    Finding Something360 DaysCorrective Glasses x11,300 Cole
    Main Dish TroubleUntil End(Bread) items2,400 Cole

    Admirable Girl & Edgy Boy

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Polishing is FunNonePolish Powder x3400 Cole, Clean Water x5
    Drawing is Fun720 DaysMemory Ink x3500 Cole, Aged Cow Milk x5
    Origami is Fun540 Days(Paper) items500 Cole, River Wood x3
    A Little Rest360 Days(Milk) items600 Cole, Dragon Bone x2
    Gathering PebblesUntil End(Gemstone) items750 Cole, Gold Spiky Fruit x3

    Festive Guy

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Prayer CandleNoneWax x51,500 Cole
    The Special Cream720 DaysCow Cream x4-51,500 Cole
    Sweet Celebration540 DaysGolden Nectar x41,500 Cole
    Offering of Flowers360 Days(Flower) items1,500 Cole
    Spiky FestivalUntil End(Spiky Fruit) items1,500 Cole

    Healthy Man

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Healthy Main DishNoneBlack Baguette x3800 Cole, Living Clay x3
    Nutrition Supplement720 DaysMineral Powder x3800 Cole, Hard Jagged x3
    The Healthy Salad540 Days(Vegetable) items900 Cole, Silver Liquid x3
    A Glass of Nectar360 DaysNectar Water x2900 Cole, Ether Bubble x3
    Eat the FragranceUntil EndSecret Pot x31,000 Cole, Big Gemstone x3

    Busy Youth

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Shorted on DeliveryNoneTea Leaf x3-41,000 Cole
    Making Up for a Loss720 DaysHard Skin x41,000 Cole
    An Urgent Request540 DaysFlan Charcoal x42,000 Cole
    Gain By Losing360 Days(Sundry) items2,000 Cole
    A Little BetUntil EndMelt Steel x2-43,000 Cole

    Gourmet Man

    RequestTime LimitRequiredReward
    Enjoying AlcoholNoneHoney x1-21,000 Cole
    The Top Shelf Stuff720 DaysDistilled Water x21,100 Cole
    Recess540 DaysSunset Broth x31,200 Cole
    Drinking Snacks360 Days(Cheese) items1,300 Cole
    The Final CourseUntil EndOcean Stars x32,400 Cole

    World Map

                                11____10____18a.....18b....18c.18d      40d
      _31____30                  |     |    17              |           40c
     |        |                  |    09____08____          19__39      40b
     |       29        38c       |          /     \         |    |__40a_/
     32    ___|        38b      12________13      07c..07d__20
      \__28_____       38a                 \        07b
          |     \       |                  14         :
      ____|     36     /              16a__15         07a              02c
     |           |    37         16c.16b                \_             02b
     |          35____/           |                       \           02a
     |           \               21___22_     23d23e23f    06          |
     |           34               |      \    23c   23g    |           01
     |            \_33            |       \23a23b   23h    05          |
     \__27_______    \_    25     |                 23i    |          03a
                 \_____26_/ |    24a                      04a____     03b
                            24c.24b_______04d.......04b.04c      \___03c
    01 Ayesha's Workshop11 Old Coal Mine21 Evershade Woods31 Salt Desert-Hill
    02 Altugle Herb Garden12 Grassland Hill22 Wayward Forest32 Salt Desert-Mountain
    03 Dry Valley13 Mountain Way23 Zweiteturm33 Waterfall Island
    04 Riesengang14 Fragrant Wind Meadow24 Oesten Marshland34 Serenity Island
    05 Nearby Forest15 Spring Water Forest25 Cliffside Path35 Beginning Island
    06 Half-Florescent Field16 Hallos Village26 Hornheim36 Cloud Sea Island
    07 Tunnel17 Harvestful Forest27 Homunculus Town37 Decayed Ruin Island
    08 Riverside Way18 Glass Factory28 Salt Desert38 Steinfeder
    09 Vierzeberg19 Grand Rocky Mountain29 Salt Desert-Lighthouse39 Pond Forest
    10 Pasture Way20 The Farthest Forest30 Salt Desert-Bones40 Yggdrasil

    Harvest Areas

    Items marked with * are (Alt) items.

    Altugle Herb Garden

    Spiky FruitSpiky Fruit
    TaunGreen Spiky Fruit *
    Big Taun *Taun
    Trio Taun *Mutated Taun *
    Dried RootTrio Taun *
    Honey Poppy *Dried Root

    Dry Valley

    ValleyLake BedRavine Way
    Moss GrassMoss GrassMoss Grass
    TaroDecade Taro *Decade Taro *
    Hard Taro *Aqua Light *Stump Mushroom
    Wood Fragments *Mtn. Bird FeatherAnti-Bug Grass
    Muddy WaterMuddy WaterFresh Water Moss *
    Water Crystal *Rock Tree *Muddy Water
    Thin FruitThin FruitRiver Wood *

    Riesengang Ruin

    Earth Stone *Pyrite StoneWhite Salat *
    Pyrite StoneGreen Gemstone *Earth Root *
    Eternal CrystalBlue Gemstone *Ether Bubble *
    Gold Ball *Rouge Gemstone *Bright Ore
    Fire StoneEternal CrystalLava Stone
    FluoriteFire StoneSilver Liquid
    Ancient Trash *FluoriteNever-Melting Ice

    Nearby Forest

    Spiky Fruit
    Mtn. Bird Egg
    White Flower

    Half-Florescent Field

    Baby's Breath
    Stump Mushroom
    Awakening Herb


    TunnelBroken BridgeOld DamDried Waterway
    Soft StoneSoft StoneSalatBitter Moss Grass *
    PeatPeatLiving Clay *Salat
    Pale Clay *Iron Mixed StoneCrystal StoneDarkness Shoot *
    Iron Mixed StoneBronze OreMud BallBone Fossil *
    Bronze OreEternal Crystal *Fossil Oil *Crystal Stone
    Pyrite Stone *Scorching Ore *FluoriteMud Ball
    Junk *Word Stone-Star *Black Spring *Fluorite

    Riverside Way

    Spiky Fruit
    Moss Grass
    Dried Root

    Pasture Way

    Spiky Fruit
    Dried Root
    Anti-Bug Grass
    Thin Fruit

    Old Coal Mine

    Soft Stone
    Iron Mixed Stone
    Fire Stone

    Grassland Hill

    Moon Leaf
    Big Bone
    Purple Flower
    Ripe Fruit

    Mountain Way

    Glasses Beans
    Moon Leaf
    Bitter Tree Seed
    Honey Poppy

    Fragrant Wind Meadow

    Awakening Herb
    Bronze Ore
    Round Moss
    Red Flower

    Spring Water Forest

    Queen Bee Hive
    Natural Syrup
    Lady's Beard
    Water Crystal

    Hallos Village

    Red Devil Seed *Seabird EggSeabird Egg
    Cure FruitPhlogistonEternal Crystal
    PhlogistonMilch Bean *Ash Ball *
    Red Devil *Big Milch Bean *Round Moss
    Sharp Pepper *Small Milch Bean *Liquid Crystal
    Charcoal PiecesCharcoal PiecesGhost Cloth *
    Dried FatDried FatBroken Item *

    Harvestful Forest

    Jagged Leaf
    Red Flower

    Glass Factory

    Pyrite StonePyrite StoneWind Core *Pyrite Stone
    Star StoneStar StonePrisma CrystalStar Stone
    Pretty Ore *Crystal StoneGlass CoreCrystal Stone
    Shining Crystal *Glass CoreLuminous GemstoneCorundum Stone *
    Crystal StoneBright Ore *Scorching OreGlass Core
    Amethyst Stone *Word Stone-Sun *Purification Block *Element Core *
    Glass CoreNight Fog Bottle *Never-Melting Ice *Lava Stone *

    Grand Rocky Mountain

    Rich Root
    Star Stone
    Old Melon
    Rock Tree

    The Farthest Forest

    Mutated Taun
    Luminous Grass
    Moonlight Grass
    Piece of Wood

    Evershade Woods

    Smoke Mushroom
    Cure Fruit
    Big Bone
    Ghost Cloth

    Wayward Forest

    Green Spiky Fruit
    Metal Leaf
    Bitter Leaf
    Bitter Melon


    Archive 2Archive 4Archive 5+6Archive 8+9
    JunkPhlogistonWord Stone-StarPhlogiston
    Ancient TrashAqua LightWord Stone-MoonAqua Light
    Broken ItemWind CoreWord Stone-SunWind Core
    Earth StoneEarth Stone
    Word Stone-Sea *
    Lucky Clover *
    Gold Object *

    Oesten Marshland

    Ripe Cure Fruit *Bitter Moss GrassLump of Fat
    Lump of FatLump of FatMarsh Slime
    Marsh SlimeAntique MossBlack Bone *
    Extinct Bird Egg *Mossy Driftwood *Egg Stone *
    Pale ClayBlack SpringPale Clay
    Living ClaySilver Liquid *Living Clay
    Mossy Driftwood *Ancient Trash *Silver Hive *

    Cliffside Path

    Green Spiky Fruit
    Fresh Salat
    Blue Devil
    Charcoal Pieces

    Salt Desert

    Soft LeafGold Spiky Fruit *Soft LeafSoft LeafFlame Root
    Bone FossilBone FossilBig Gemstone *Bone FossilBlack Bone *
    Aqua LightEarth StoneNight Crystal *Aqua LightDragon Bone *
    Salty WaterOld MelonSalty WaterEpicure Nut *Spice Fruit
    Reaper Herb *Fire Spirit Breath *Lucky Clover *Eagle Feather
    Oblivion Clover *Never-Melting IceSalty WaterCrystalline Ether *
    Salty WaterSilver FurSilver Liquid *Fully Ripe Fruit

    Waterfall Island

    Green Seed
    Hard Jagged
    North Wind Fruit *
    Fermented Syrup
    Verdure Grass
    Nectar Water *
    Aqua Spider Thread *

    Serenity Island

    Bitter Moss Grass
    Dried Moss Grass *
    Wind Core
    Fermented Syrup *
    Medicinal Leaf
    Verdure Grass *
    Quality Fur

    Beginning Island

    Trio Taun *
    Bitter Moss Grass
    Red Devil Seed
    Wind Core
    Honey Melon *
    Jewel Beans *
    Medicinal Leaf

    Cloud Sea Island

    Gold Spiky Fruit *
    Green Seed
    Hard Jagged
    Gold Hive *
    Fermented Syrup
    Verdure Grass
    Golden Fruit *

    Decayed Ruin Island

    Bitter Moss Grass
    Red Devil Seed
    Egg Stone *
    Earth Stone
    Medicinal Leaf
    Ancient Root *
    Gold Object *


    Black Bone
    Corundum Stone
    Aurora Stone *
    Diamond Gemstone *
    Moon's Gold Vein *
    Element Core
    Lava Stone

    Pond Forest

    Gold Spiky Fruit
    Sugar Tree Sap
    Clean Water
    Spring Water


    YggdrasilFlower AlleyFlower Gate
    Gold Spiky FruitGold Spiky FruitGold Spiky Fruit
    Gold Meat *Gold HiveGold Hive
    Gold HiveGolden Yarn *Word Stone-Man *
    Mysterious Silk *Paradise Feather *Genesis Capsule *
    Dunkelheit *Piece of WoodPiece of Wood
    Piece of WoodAncient Root *Pixie Breath *
    Nectar WaterNectar WaterNectar Water

    Black Cat's Path

    Marietta's shop in Vierzeberg.

    General Goods500x1 (Limited)
    Medicinal Cooking1,200x1 (Limited)Alchemy Basics completed
    Huntsmen's Life900x1 (Limited)
    Life Necessities1,400x1 (Limited)Alchemy Basics completed
    Amuletopedia3,000x1 (Limited)
    Glasses Beans24x10
    Cow Milk36x10
    Beast Meat36x10
    Clean Water45x10
    Riesen Ointment30x5
    Mtn. Bird Egg27x10
    Basket500x1 (Limited)
    Fragrant Staff150x1 (Limited)
    Twisted Pickax150x1 (Limited)
    Fancy Broom150x1 (Limited)
    Sturdy Shirt100x1 (Limited)
    Cuirass150x1 (Limited)
    Register: (Bomb), (Magic Tool), (Sundry), (Medicine), (Supplement)

    Reception Desk

    Odelia's shop in Zweiteturm.

    Alchemy Perfection2,300x1 (Limited)
    Useful Bombs1,800x1 (Limited)
    Elementalors3,200x1 (Limited)
    Shining Jewels4,500x1 (Limited)
    Bright Craft128x3After first two Odelia's Events
    Mineral Powder117x3
    One Drop Recovery150x3After Dreaming Automaton event
    Aroma Mist132x3
    Half Paper144x2
    Black Powder85x2
    Memory Ink64x2
    Glass Rod96x2
    Himmel Schenk600x1 (Limited)After first two Odelia's Events
    Bottomless Pot400x1 (Limited)
    Clean Pollen228x3After Dreaming Automation event
    Everpure Water339x3
    Leather Shirt250x1 (Limited)
    Magic Plate250x1 (Limited)
    Mystery Talisman1,000x1 (Limited)After first two Odelia's Events
    Royal Baguette156x2After Can't Eat Sweets Time event
    Crisp Danish51x2
    Caramel Danish148x2
    Soft Muffin173x2
    Venus Bread Stars164x2

    White Crow

    Kyle's shop in Hornheim.

    Traditional Meds1,700x1 (Limited)
    Noble's Synthesis1,000x1 (Limited)
    World Travels2,100x1 (Limited)
    Veggie Soup54x10
    Squash Tea83x5
    Coarse Salt59x5
    Pressed Oil73x5
    Hot Baguette122x3After Hell Soup events
    Gelatinous Oil123x3
    Distilled Water141x3
    Ripe Fruit20x5
    Red Devil36x5After Hell Soup events
    Spice Fruit28x5
    Dried Moss Grass36x5
    Cure Fruit22x5
    Natural Syrup32x5
    Anti-Sick Powder63x3
    Fur Shirt400x3
    Sunset Broth111x3After Hell Soup events
    Register: (Synthesis), (Food)

    My Shop

    Homunculus's shop in Homunculus Town or Riesengang (after visiting Homunculus Town).

    Legendary Witches1,400x1 (Limited)
    Dirty Alchemist2,300x1 (Limited)
    Body Energy Powder90x5
    Ice Aqua115x5
    Natural Syrup53x10
    Fragrant Staff315x1 (Limited)
    Fancy Broom325x1 (Limited)
    Twisted Pickax345x1 (Limited)
    Protector Sword355x1 (Limited)
    Ancient Blade355x1 (Limited)
    Crystal Ring415x1 (Limited)
    Metal Stirrer450x1 (Limited)
    Ebony Staff660x1 (Limited)
    Charm Broom670x1 (Limited)
    Alloy Pickax690x1 (Limited)
    Glass Blade670x1 (Limited)
    Bloody Splinter700x1 (Limited)
    Star Ring720x1 (Limited)
    Single Mixer815x1 (Limited)
    Sturdy Shirt300x1 (Limited)
    Knitted Shirt560x1 (Limited)
    Leather Shirt1,020x1 (Limited)
    Alloy Plate350x1 (Limited)
    Magic Plate600x1 (Limited)
    Crystal Plate1,075x1 (Limited)

    Fred's Bakery

    Fred's shop in Vierzeberg.

    Intro to Baking500x1 (Limited)
    Baking at Home700x1 (Limited)
    Festive Baking1,200x1 (Limited)
    Grain Miracles2,300x1 (Limited)
    Royal Baguette147x3After New Bread event
    Crisp Danish48x5After New Bread event
    Bitter Muffin122x5
    Soft Muffin144x3After New Bread event
    Bread Stars65x10
    Meat Bun93x5After New Bread event
    Country Bread86x5
    Traditional Bread147x3After New Bread event
    Grain Powder (Quality 55)53x10
    Grain Powder (Quality 80)61x3
    Liquid Butter122x5
    Cow Milk36x10
    Rich Cow Milk58x3
    Flaky Bread70x5One event after New Bread event
    Register: (Food)

    Sunset Wagon

    Ernie's shop on the world map.

    Spiky Fruit20x10
    Green Spiky Fruit42x3
    Water Crystal45x3
    Big Taun39x3
    Bitter Leaf30x5
    Rich Root45x5
    Seabird Egg33x5
    Pale Clay42x3
    Queen Bee Hive45x3
    Milch Bean39x3
    Polish Powder56x5
    Coarse Salt63x5
    Soft Metal Rod81x5
    Dried Medical Herb36x5
    Bean Soup77x5
    Register: (Sundry), (Supplement), (Synthesis), (Magic Tool), (Medicine)

    Stardust Idol

    Ranun's shop on the world map.

    Nomadic Shoes2,000x1 (Limited)
    Speculator Die1,000x1 (Limited)
    Diamond Ball3,000x1 (Limited)
    Star Stone77x3
    Water Crystal72x3
    Queen Bee Hive72x3
    Green Spiky Fruit63x3
    Moonlight Grass86x3
    Ghost Cloth59x3
    Bone Fossil77x3
    Never-Melting Ice108x3Two events after A Precious Balance
    Lady's Beard77x3
    Medicinal Leaf77x3
    Reaper Herb65x3
    Nectar Water130x3
    Success Ring750x1 (Limited)Three events after A Precious Balance
    Scorching Drink500x1 (Limited)
    Strong Yarn300x1 (Limited)
    Polish Powder300x1 (Limited)
    Secret Pot500x1 (Limited)

    Flower of Salt

    Tanya's shop on the world map.

    Coarse Salt (Quality 50)42x10
    Coarse Salt (Quality 70)63x5
    Coarse Salt (Quality 80)105x3
    Soft Leaf65x5
    Salty Water20x5
    Black Bone83x5
    Liquid Crystal31x5
    Flame Root54x5
    Extinct Bird Egg200x1 (Limited)
    Baby's Breath20x10
    Red Flower33x5
    Purple Flower53x3
    Honey Poppy37x3
    Ripe Fruit28x5
    Fully Ripe Fruit51x3

    Cow's Bell

    Nanaca's shop on the world map.

    Nomadic Life700x1 (Limited)
    Life with Cows1,300x1 (Limited)
    Cow Milk24x10
    Rich Cow Milk46x5
    Aged Cow Milk250x3
    Crowned Cow Milk999x1 (Limited)After Poro returns event
    Cow Cream105x3
    Fluffy Whip104x3
    Aged Cheese122x3
    Cow Dropping13x10
    Dried Medical Herb41x3
    Cure Fruit33x3
    Bitter Melon31x3
    Ripe Fruit28x3
    Epicure Nut300x1 (Limited)
    Rich Fertilizer153x3
    Fermented Cheese198x3
    Cow Cream500x1 (Limited)

    Magic Shop

    Wilbell's bazaar shop in Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street.

    Fire Stone11x5
    Hard Claw18x3
    Big Taun26x3
    Unglazed Charm400x1 (Limited)
    Dragon Tail26x3
    Living Tail28x3
    Living Clay30x3
    Aqua Spider Thread100x1 (Limited)
    Luminous Gemstone30x3
    Dried Medical Herb38x3
    Dry Herb66x3
    Tea Leaf67x3
    Trio Taun100x1 (Limited)
    Star Stone51x3
    Crystalline Ether81x3
    Phlogiston63x 3
    Night Fog Bottle36x3After Treasure Hunt event
    Night Crystal78x3
    Fire Spirit Breath66x3
    Egg Stone72x1 (Limited)After Wind Ruler event
    Spirit Magnet1,500x1 (Limited)
    Magisha Sheet224x1
    Bone Powder272x1
    Register: (Supplement), (Synthesis), (Magic Tool)

    Best Ore Shop

    Regina's bazaar shop in Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street.

    Iron Mixed stone14x10
    Word Stone-Star16x5
    Glass Core28x5
    Word Stone-Moon24x3
    Bronze Ore24x5
    Crystal Stone26x10
    Pale Clay28x5
    Pyrite Stone30x3
    Word Stone-Sun150x1 (Limited)
    Soft Metal Rod93x3
    Polished Crystal141x3
    Artisan Whetstone100x3
    Polish Dye100x5
    Pretty Ore48x3After Prospector Party event
    Silver Liquid54x3
    Scorching Ore51x3
    Prisma Crystal54x3After The Tailor event
    Amethyst Stone54x3
    Shining Crystal60x3
    White Obsidian322x1
    Genesis Capsule300x1 (Limited)After Last Labor event
    Diamond Gemstone350x1 (Limited)
    Moon's Gold Vein400x1 (Limited)
    Register: (Bomb), (Magic Tool), (Jewel), (Accessory), Madder Iron

    Tasty Dining

    Linca's bazaar shop in Vierzeberg-Marion's Office.

    Slag Stone11x5
    Mtn. Bird Feather25x3
    Big Claw27x3
    Slag Gem20x3
    Big Bone20x3
    Red Slag Stone24x3
    Beast Meat24x3
    Dragon Tail26x3
    Ancient Trash27x3
    Lump of Fat28x3
    Cow Cream93x3
    Silent Shoes450x1 (Limited)
    Gold Ball84x3
    Bean Soup72x3
    Meat Bun93x3
    Epicure Nut80x1 (Limited)
    White Salat69x3After 8 Lincas events
    Word Stone-Man300x1 (Limited)
    Royal Baguette248x2
    Dragon Bone500x1 (Limited)
    Register: (Weapon), (Armor)

    Hunt for Dawn

    Juris's bazaar shop in Vierzeberg-Bridge.

    Soft Fur14x3
    Quality Fur30x3
    Queen Bee Hive30x3
    Seabird Egg21x3
    Dangerous Meat20x3
    Beast Meat23x5
    Fresh Meat40x3
    Shining Scale30x3
    Land Dragon Scale100x1 (Limited)
    Big Bone20x3
    Eagle Feather54x3
    Hard Skin93x3
    Fortified Leather119x3
    Cryptid Fur150x3
    Paradise Feather200x1 (Limited)
    Crystal Claw250x1 (Limited)
    Black Fang300x1 (Limited)After Silver Wolf event
    Silver Fur300x1 (Limited)
    Bear's Best400x1 (Limited)
    Gold Meat500x1 (Limited)
    Beast Leather216x1
    Dragon Scale1,000x1 (Limited)After Dragon Slaying event
    Dragon Fang1,000x1 (Limited)
    Register: (Sundry), (Accessory)

    Nio's Pharmacy

    Nio's bazaar shop in Vierzeberg-Bridge.

    Medicinal Leaf48x5
    Hard Jagged51x5
    Silver Hive51x5
    Dried Moss Grass54x5
    Moonlight Grass54x5
    Medical Patch92x5
    Anti-Sick Powder107x5
    Squash Tea133x5
    Mineral Powder187x3
    Aroma Mist211x3
    One Drop Recovery240x3
    Medical Solution400x3
    Time Guard Flower2,000x1 (Limited)
    Ripe Cure Fruit57x3
    Decade Taro63x3
    Honey Melon63x3
    Lucky Clover63x3
    North Wind Fruit63x3
    Gold Spiky Fruit66x5
    Trio Taun69x3
    Golden Fruit69x3
    Earth Root72x3
    Spring Water72x3
    Element Core81x3
    Register: (Medicine), (Sundry)

    Spiky Fruit

    LV 1Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 0Air 15Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Fruit), (Spiky Fruit)
    Wind Power
    Spark Fruit
    LocationsDropped By
    Altugle Herb Garden
    Herb Garden-Corridor
    Nearby Forest
    Pasture Way
    Mountain Way

    Green Spiky Fruit

    LV 11Quality 50
    Fire 0Water 5Air 30Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Fruit), (Spiky Fruit)
    Storm Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Herb Garden-Corridor
    Wayward Forest
    Cliffside Path

    Gold Spiky Fruit

    LV 26Quality 70
    Fire 10Water 0Air 40Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Fruit), (Spiky Fruit)
    Tempest Power
    Burst Fruit
    LocationsDropped By
    Salt Desert-Lighthouse
    Cloud Sea Island
    Yggdrasil-Flower Alley
    Yggdrasil-Flower Gate


    LV 1Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 5Air 0Earth 15
    Categories: (Plant), (Medic. Herb)
    Dirt Power
    Fix Slight Wound
    LocationsDropped By
    Altugle Herb GardenFruit Hamster
    Herb Garden-CorridorPoison Squirrel
    Mountain Way

    Big Taun

    LV 5Quality 60
    Fire 0Water 10Air 0Earth 25
    Categories: (Plant), (Medic. Herb)
    Rock Power
    BigFix Wound
    LocationsDropped By
    Altugle Herb Garden

    Mutated Taun

    LV 16Quality 70
    Fire 0Water 10Air 15Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Poison), (Medic. Herb)
    Rain PowerUsage Control
    Neural PoisonQuality Change
    LocationsDropped By
    Herb Garden-CorridorBitter Squirrel
    The Farthest Forest

    Trio Taun

    LV 20Quality 90
    Fire 0Water 15Air 0Earth 45
    Categories: (Plant), (Medic. Herb)
    Black Soil PowerMultiplication
    Fix Major Wound
    LocationsDropped By
    Altugle Herb GardenGolden Rat
    Herb Garden-CorridorGreen Elemental
    Beginning Island

    Baby's Breath

    LV 1Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 0Air 15Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Flower), (Fermented), (Salt)
    Wind Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Half-Florescent FieldGrass Elemental

    Luminous Grass

    LV 16Quality 60
    Fire 0Water 0Air 30Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Poison), (Medic. Herb)
    Storm Power
    Dark Vision
    LocationsDropped By
    The Farthest Forest

    Moss Grass

    LV 2Quality 45
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Oil), (Smelly), (Herb)
    Good w/ Liquid
    StinkyRepel Monster
    LocationsDropped By
    Dry Valley
    Dry Valley-Lake Bed
    Dry Valley-Ravine Way
    Mountain Way

    Bitter Moss Grass

    LV 12Quality 80
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 18
    Categories: (Plant), (Oil), (Smelly), (Herb)
    Nice w/ Liquid
    BitterRepel Monster
    LocationsDropped By
    Tunnel-Dried Waterway
    Oesten Marsh-Swamp
    Serenity Island
    Beginning Island
    Decayed Ruin Island

    Dried Moss Grass

    LV 18Quality 65
    Fire 23Water 0Air 0Earth 25
    Categories: (Plant), (Smelly), (Dried Plant), (Herb)
    Flame PowerGreat w/ Liquid
    Fainting in AgonyMonster Calling
    LocationsDropped By
    Serenity Island


    LV 1Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 10
    Categories: (Food), (Nutritional), (Root), (Grain)
    LocationsDropped By
    Dry ValleyTree Elemental

    Hard Taro

    LV 12Quality 60
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 20
    Categories: (Food), (Nutritional), (Root), (Grain)
    SmallSome Nutrition
    LocationsDropped By
    Dry Valley

    Decade Taro

    LV 20Quality 80
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 45
    Categories: (Food), (Nutritional), (Root), (Grain)
    Black Soil PowerNicely Made
    Full of Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Dry Valley-Lake Bed
    Dry Valley-Ravine Way

    Bear's Best

    LV 30Quality 100
    Fire 0Water 20Air 0Earth 50
    Categories: (Food), (Nutritional), (Root), (Grain)
    Earth PowerAmazingly Made
    Great Vitality
    LocationsDropped By
    Red Skin
    War Bear

    Glasses Beans

    LV 7Quality 30
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 15
    Categories: (Food), (Oil), (Bean), (Grain)
    Dirt Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Riverside Way

    Red Devil Seed

    LV 12Quality 55
    Fire 35Water 0Air 0Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Gunpowder), (Spice)
    Scorching Hot
    Burns Your Tongue
    LocationsDropped By
    Hallos Village
    Beginning Island
    Decayed Ruin Island

    Green Seed

    LV 17Quality 85
    Fire 0Water 15Air 0Earth 30
    Categories: (Food), (Vegetable)
    Black Soil PowerWell-Made
    Green Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Waterfall Island
    Cloud Sea Island


    LV 5Quality 50
    Fire 0Water 15Air 0Earth 0
    Categories: (Food), (Vegetable)
    Water Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Tunnel-Old Dam
    Tunnel-Dried Waterway

    Fresh Salat

    LV 9Quality 60
    Fire 0Water 20Air 0Earth 0
    Categories: (Food), (Vegetable)
    Water PowerGood w/ Liquid
    Some Nutrition
    LocationsDropped By
    Cliffside Path

    White Salat

    LV 22Quality 90
    Fire 0Water 40Air 0Earth 15
    Categories: (Food), (Vegetable)
    Flood PowerStable Matter
    SoftFull Nutrition
    LocationsDropped By

    Stump Mushroom

    LV 4Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 0Air 0Earth 10
    Categories: (Food), (Vegetable)
    Good w/ Liquid
    LocationsDropped By
    Dry Valley-Ravine WayTree Elemental
    Half-Florescent Field

    Smoke Mushroom

    LV 7Quality 60
    Fire 10Water 0Air 0Earth 20
    Categories: (Plant), (Gunpowder)
    Dirt PowerGood w/ Liquid
    StinkyVery Bitter
    LocationsDropped By
    Evershade Woods

    Darkness Shoot

    LV 14Quality 70
    Fire 0Water 10Air 0Earth 20
    Categories: (Plant), (Poison)
    Heighten PowerDivision
    Visual Poison
    LocationsDropped By
    Tunnel-Dried Waterway

    Jagged Leaf

    LV 6Quality 50
    Fire 0Water 0Air 5Earth 15
    Categories: (Plant), (Herb)
    Wind Power
    Very Nice Smell
    LocationsDropped By
    Harvestful Forest

    Metal Leaf

    LV 9Quality 40
    Fire 0Water 0Air 15Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Herb)
    Wind Power
    HardSharp Spike
    LocationsDropped By
    Wayward Forest

    Hard Jagged

    LV 15Quality 70
    Fire 0Water 0Air 15Earth 20
    Categories: (Plant), (Dried Plant), (Herb)
    Storm SoulGreat w/ Ore
    Evolve Materials
    LocationsDropped By
    Waterfall IslandMirage Elemental
    Cloud Sea Island

    Moon Leaf

    LV 7Quality 55
    Fire 0Water 0Air 20Earth 0
    Categories: (Plant), (Oil), (Medic. Herb)
    Wind PowerGood w/ Liquid
    LocationsDropped By
    Riverside Way
    Grassland Hill

    Bitter Leaf

    LV 10Quality 65
    Fire 0Water 0Air 20Earth 5
    Categories: (Plant), (Seasoning)
    Storm Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Wayward Forest

    Soft Leaf

    LV 15Quality 80
    Fire 15Water 0Air 30Earth 15
    Categories: (Plant), (Seasoning), (Salt)
    Tempest PowerNice w/ Liquid
    LocationsDropped By
    Salt Desert
    Salt Desert-Bones
    Salt Desert-Hill

    Awakening Herb

    LV 4Quality 45
    Fire 20Water 10Air 5Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Medic. Herb), (Herb)
    Wind Power
    Nice Smell
    LocationsDropped By
    Half-Florescent FieldGrass Elemental
    Fragrant Wind Meadow

    Dried Root

    LV 2Quality 40
    Fire 5Water 0Air 0Earth 10
    Categories: (Plant), (Fuel), (Dried Plant), (Root)
    Dirt Power
    LocationsDropped By
    Altugle Herb GardenFruit Hamster
    Herb Garden-Corridor
    Pasture Way
    Mountain Way

    Rich Root

    LV 9Quality 70
    Fire 0Water 10Air 5Earth 20
    Categories: (Plant), (Root)
    Dirt PowerWell-Made
    Some Nutrition
    LocationsDropped By
    Grand Rocky MountainPoison Squirrel

    Flame Root

    LV 16Quality 60
    Fire 35Water 0Air 0Earth 15
    Categories: (Plant), (Gunpowder), (Root)
    Flame PowerFire Spirit
    Fire Guard
    LocationsDropped By
    Salt Desert-Mountain

    Earth Root

    LV 21Quality 85
    Fire 0Water 15Air 10Earth 50
    Categories: (Plant), (Elixir), (Root)
    Earth SpiritDirt Soul
    LocationsDropped By
    Riesengang-LowerBitter Squirrel

    Cure Fruit

    LV 6Quality 50
    Fire 0Water 5Air 20Earth 0
    Categories: (Food), (Medic. Ing.), (Fruit)
    Wind Power
    Prevent Ailment
    LocationsDropped By
    Hallos Village
    Evershade Woods

    Ripe Cure Fruit

    LV 17Quality 75
    Fire 0Water 10Air 30Earth 0
    Categories: (Food), (Medic. Ing.), (Fruit), (Fermented)
    Storm PowerHeighten Power
    Prevent Ailment
    LocationsDropped By
    Oesten Marshland