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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

    Version: 1.4.0 | Updated: 04/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Library (Continued)

    Wind Ruler

    LV 55Type Alchemic
    HP 2,500AIL RES 66
    ATK 60F RES 25
    SPD 69I RES 25
    PH RES 50L RES 75
    Cloud Sea Island
    Steady FistGod Powers
    Mere CapriceWorld's End


    LV 50Type Plant
    HP 5,000AIL RES 50
    ATK 56F RES 25
    SPD 51I RES 25
    PH RES 0L RES 25
    The Other Cradle
    Right BranchLeft Branch
    Stoppage PowderPower Divest
    Cleansing FlameOthers

    Sham Linca

    LV 40Type Human
    HP 500AIL RES 90
    ATK 80F RES 90
    SPD 60I RES 90
    PH RES 55L RES 90
    AttackStart Rush
    Adrenaline DanceSuperhuman Ability

    Silver Wolf

    LV 35Type Beast
    HP 750AIL RES 30
    ATK 52F RES 0
    SPD 80I RES 50
    PH RES 18L RES 0
    Cliffside Path
    AttackCircle Claw
    Tail RushShadow Book


    LV 40Type Human
    HP 500AIL RES 75
    ATK 54F RES 75
    SPD 40I RES 75
    PH RES 35L RES 75
    AttackHeat Hand
    Cool FootAncient One
    Superhuman Ability

    Grand Dragon

    LV 65Type Dragon
    HP 9,999AIL RES 50
    ATK 100F RES 70
    SPD 80I RES 70
    PH RES 120L RES 70
    Salt Desert-Lighthouse
    Chin of DeathBlaze Whirl
    EvolutionStrong Pressure

    Rampage Dragon

    LV 60Type Rare Slag
    HP 6,000AIL RES 40
    ATK 80F RES 25
    SPD 52I RES 75
    PH RES 65L RES 25
    Decayed Ruin Island
    Sky ClawIce Storm
    Disaster WingMorbid Claw


    Flyers can be found either on the ground in various areas or while traveling on the world map. Some flyers require a certain amount of memory points to be collected before they appear. If one isn't showing up, try completing more tasks before searching again. Each flyer picked up grants 25 memory points and there are a total of 40 flyers to collect.

    Harry's Sale - World Map (Vierzeberg Area)

    New Products - World Map (Vierzeberg Area)

    Welcome - World Map (Vierzeberg Area)

    To All Travellers - World Map (Hornheim Area)

    Salt! - World Map (Salt Desert Area)

    A Bazaar Message - Vierzeberg-Bazaar Street

    Exhibition! - Vierzeberg-Black Cat's Path (after first Bazaar)

    Slag Warning - Tunnel-Dried Waterway

    Prankster Warning - Dry Valley-Ravine

    Wolf Sighting - Salt Desert-Lighthouse

    Don't Play Dead - Oesten Marshland-Ruin

    Mid-sized Slags - Glass Factory-Vault

    Keep Your Distance - Zweiteturm-Archive 5

    Spirits Exist! - Steinfeder-Lab of Dusk

    Small Dragons - Serenity Island

    Ancient Dragon - Yggdrasil-Flower Valley

    Riesengang Guide - Start with it

    Vierzeberg Guide - Vierzeberg-Hill Plaza

    Hornheim Guide - Hornheim-White Crow

    Homunculus Town - Homunculus Town

    AG: Dry Valley - World Map (Dry Valley Area)

    AG: Glass Res. Rac. - World Map (Glass Factory Area)

    AG: Salt Desert - World Map (Salt Desert Area)

    AG: Ancient Library - World Map (Zweiteturm Area)

    AG: Tunnel Ruins - World Map (Tunnel Area)

    AG: Marshland Ruins - World Map (Oesten Marsh Area)

    AG: Herb Garden - World Map (Herb Garden Area)

    Monthly Alchemist - World Map (Yggdrasil Area)

    Noble Materials - World Map (Steinfeder Area)

    Distress Sale! - World Map (Yggdrasil Area)

    TCN: Possible Famine - World Map (Vierzeberg Area)

    TCN: Drifting Zone - World Map (Hornheim Area)

    TCN: Disappearance - World Map (Hallow Village Area)

    TCN: Reward! - World Map (Riesengang Area)

    TCN: The Chairman - World Map (Vierzeberg Area)

    Bomb Research - World Map (Riesengang Area)

    Medicine Research - World Map (Herb Garden Area)

    Amulet Research - World Map (Hallos Village Area)

    Materials Research - World Map (Homunculus Town Area)

    Magical Research - World Map (Zweiteturm Area)

    Nio was There! - 50 Points - HP Up, MP Up

    A Reliable Big Sister - 150 Points - ATK Up, Artisan's Whetstone

    The Promise - 200 Points - MP Up, HP Up+

    A Little Witch? - 250 Points - MP Up, Magic Knowledge

    Ruins Showing - 100 Points - SPD Up, Refined Dye

    Fellow Travellers - 200 Points - SPD Up, Sundry Knowledge

    A Strong Bodyguard - 200 Points - Friend, Friend+

    My First Alchemy - 300 Points - Discoverer, Discoverer+

    Hallos Village - 200 Points - MP Up, Nomadic Shoes

    The Glass Factory - 200 Points - HP Up, Corrective Glasses

    Salt Nio - 300 Points - HP Up, Full Swing

    Nio in the Rain - 300 Points - MP Up, Water Knowledge

    Alchemist Qualities - 250 Points - Alchemy Studies, Alchemy Studies+

    Nio in My Dreams - 300 Points - MP Up, Medicine Knowledge

    Homunculus Journey - 200 Points - MP Up, MP Up+

    Nio Can't Come Home - 200 Points - HP Up, HP Up+

    Solar Eclipse Nio - 200 Points - MP Up, MP Up+

    The Eclipse Flower - 200 Points - HP Up, HP Up+

    Sleepy Nio - 200 Points - HP Up, HP Up+

    History of Alchemy - 250 Points - Alchemy Skills, Alchemy Skills+

    Reunion with Nio - 200 Points - HP Up, Happy Memory

    It's a Promise - 300 Points - SPD Up, Virility

    Exterminating Slags - 250 Points - SPD Up, Bomb Knowledge

    The Tailor - 250 Points - ATK Up, Accessory Knowledge

    Regina Kurtis Bridge - 250 Points - PH RES Up, Bomb Knowledge

    Bell Doesn't Learn - 200 Points - SPD Up, Synthesis Knowledge

    Secret Treasure Search - 250 Points - SPD Up, Magic Knowledge

    Friends I Can Rely On - 200 Points - PH RES Up, L RES Up+

    Cooking - 250 Points - ATK Up, Food Knowledge

    Looking for Myself - 250 Points - SPD Up, Water Knowledge

    8 Lincas - 200 Points - Eagle Eye, Eagle Eye+

    Instead of Money - 250 Points - 1st-Rate Adventurer, 1st-Rate Adventurer+

    Silver Wolf's Grave - 250 Points - PH RES Up, Food Knowledge

    Slaying the Dragon - 200 Points - ATK Up, Sundry Knowledge

    Large Slag - 250 Points - SPD Up, Synthesis Knowledge

    Nio's Grave - 200 Points - ATK Up, AIL RES Up+

    Walk Slowly - 250 Points - PH RES Up, Medicine Knowledge

    Ernie and the Landlord - 100 Points - ATK Up, L RES Up

    Redeeming Myself - 100 Points - SPD Up, F RES Up

    A Precious Balance - 100 Points - PH RES Up, I RES Up

    A Legend Retold - 100 Points - ATK Up, I RES Up

    A Contest Win - 200 Points - ATK Up, L RES Up

    Tastes Like Mom's - 100 Points - PH RES Up, F RES Up

    Sweet Sparkles - 100 Points - PH RES Up, I RES Up

    Feminine Wiles - 100 Points - SPD Up, AIL RES Up

    A Budding Bond - 100 Points - PH RES Up, I RES Up

    Dreaming Automaton - 100 Points - SPD Up, AIL RES Up

    Can't Eat Sweets Time - 100 Points - PH RES Up, AIL RES Up

    The Devil's Cooking - 100 Points - SPD Up, I RES Up

    Victory Party - 100 Points - ATK Up, F RES Up

    New Bread - 100 Points - ATK Up, L RES Up

    Amazing Bread - 100 Points - ATK Up, F RES Up

    Veterinarian - 100 Points - PH RES Up, AIL RES Up

    The Cowgirl's Secret - 100 Points - ATK Up, I RES Up

    Young Girl's Longing - 100 Points - PH RES Up, F RES Up

    Future Beautiful Girl - 100 Points - SPD Up, F RES Up


    There are 26 Bronze, 7 Silver, 5 Gold and 1 Platinum trophies. All trophies are hidden except for the Platinum.

    Platinum Trophy

    All Trophies Earned - Platinum - All Trophies Earned.

    Main Quest Trophies

    What were you doing? - Bronze - Ernie came to the workshop when you were in a rush.

    Amusing Ayesha - Bronze - You dropped your wallet, and a weird girl saved you.

    Bazaar! - Bronze - You took part in Vierzeberg's bazaar.

    Thrilling Treasure Contest - Bronze - You took part in Harry's Contest.

    Flower Smell - Bronze - You were reunited with Nio in a surreal place.

    Reunion - Bronze - You accomplished your goal of reuniting with Nio.

    Character Event Trophies

    Only Building Block is missable if you fight the final boss before seeing it. Refer to Characters and Events.

    Wind Ruler - Bronze - You went with Wilbell to accomplish her task.

    The Last Labor - Bronze - You helped Regina with her last labor.

    The Two - Bronze - You watched the battle between Linca and Linca.

    Ancient Dragon Slaying - Bronze - You slayed the dragon with your party.

    At Paradise - Bronze - You saw Keith enjoying his hobby.

    Big Sister's Heart - Bronze - You dressed Juris up with Regina.

    Sending Sheep - Bronze - Ernie carried you home safely.

    Sisters Thereafter - Bronze - You talked to Nio after she came back.

    Dress Up - Bronze - You saw Tanya all dressed up in Marietta's Store.

    Feeding - Bronze - You saw Fred giving his bread to children.

    To Them - Bronze - You attended the party for Juris.

    Building Block - Bronze - You discovered a gigantic slag at an ancient ruin.

    Ernie's Long Legs - Bronze - You relaxed your body at a salty hot spring.

    Boss Trophies

    Defeat Fortress and Mecha-Dragon.

    One Who Rules the Land - Bronze - You defeated a powerful land combat-type slag.

    One Who Rules the Sky - Bronze - You defeated a powerful flying-type slag.

    Ending Trophies

    All endings except for the normal ending can be chosen at the end. For the normal ending, run out of time before fighting the final boss to see it.

    The End of the Journey - Bronze - Your long journey ended and your new life began.

    The Witch and the Alchemist - Silver - You went with Wilbell to get permission to open a shop together.

    Future of a Female Prospector - Silver - You went to visit Regina, who retired from prospecting and went back home.

    And the Trio - Silver - You went with Marion and Linca to their new post.

    Hunter Life - Silver - You spent time with Juris and Nanaca, earnestly engaged in a hunt.

    Search for the Truth - Silver - You decided to go with Keith to search for the truth about alchemy.

    Working Ma'am - Gold - You continued to accept requests from others and became a master apothecary.

    Treasure Hunter - Gold - You decided to go on a journey with Harry to search for treasure around the world.

    Girls Gathering! - Gold - You became friends with all the girls, and had a girls gathering party.

    Sage's Hermitage - Gold - You were worshipped and praised as Lady Ayesha by the townsfolk.

    Thrilling Treasure Contest Trophies

    Winning all six of the Thrilling Treasure Contests will grant you these.

    First Victory! - Bronze - You won the Thrilling Treasure Contest for the first time.

    Grand Champion! - Silver - You continued to win the Thrilling Treasure Contest, and were given the title of Grand Champion.

    Level Trophies

    Pretty simple. Just raise your alchemy and battle levels.

    One High Point - Bronze - Your Alchemy Level reached 50.

    Another High Point - Bronze - Your Battle Level reached 50.

    Memories Trophies

    These trophies are obtained by writing memories into your diary. They're gained at 14, 28 and 42 memories, respectively.

    A Flower of Memories - Bronze - You've started collecting memories. But your journey has just started.

    A Bouquet of Memories - Silver - You've collected many memories. But your journey still continues.

    A Garden of Memories - Gold - You've collected a lot of memories. It's proof that you went on a long journey.

    Version History

    1.0.0 - March 15, 2013

    • Initial version

    1.1.0 - March 18, 2013

    1.2.0 - March 22, 2013

    1.3.0 - March 25, 2013

    1.3.1 - March 29, 2013

    • Girls Gathering! ending requirements confirmed (Endings)
    • Visiting Nio's bazaar shop is a required event (Nio's Events)
    • Fixing tables and other minor changes

    1.3.2 - April 1, 2013

    1.3.3 - April 4, 2013

    1.4.0 - April 15, 2013


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