How to increase Lily Ranks on Characters?

  1. I know its through battles, but if that is the case, then why is Noire is still a 0 rank towards Neptune, if all entirety the game, she never left the frontlines along with Neptune? Is there something I'm missing here?

    What is the actual process in battling to raise it?

    User Info: MidnightSun

    MidnightSun - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Lilly ranks only increase after you battle with a character in the back for a certain number of battles.
    So, if you have Neptune in the front of the party and Noire partnered with Neptune in the back, their lilly ranks will increase.
    You can also increase the rate which lilly ranks increase with particular discs. Some of the red idea chips have a lilly rank + effect.
    Currently the lilly rank increases from cut-scenes are not working...

    User Info: monkeys_of_ra

    monkeys_of_ra - 4 years ago 0 0

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