Where can I find Magical Shell?

  1. Have no clue where to start.

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Accepted Answer

  1. You first need to to do everything necessary to get on true ending path, because you will need to access chapter 10... As a reminder of what to do in order to access chapter 10 :

    -Good Ending-

    Have the following Key Items before the end of Ch.6:

    o Compa's Syringe
    = Nepu please hold onto this
    -Ch.5, opens up after the 'Young Girls Attack' event.

    o IF's Notebook
    = You're Smart IF
    -Ch.5, opens up after the 'Young Girls Attack' event.

    o Neptune's Pudding (YOU DO NEED THIS!)
    = [Neptune] I've got pudding
    -Ch.5, happens right after the 'VS Abness who will win!?'

    o Pishe's Doll
    = Pishe is alright
    -Ch.6, opens up after the 'Time for revenge' event.

    o Pishe's Drawing (Will only appear if you've got the pudding)
    = I drew this for you
    -Ch.6, opens up after the 'Pishe is alright' event. Must have seen the
    '[Neptune] I've got pudding' event in order for this event to appear.

    -True Ending-

    Acquired all the Key Items from the Good Ending, and seen the following
    events in these dungeons at the beginning of Ch.8 and before the end of Ch.9
    (Can be done in any order):

    o Liberec Gow Island (Planeptune)
    o Vita Le Dimension (Lastation)
    o Shall Total Forest (Hello Continent)
    o Keraga Dimension (Hello Continent)
    o Factory Mark CPC Game (CPC Continent)
    o Graphis Pass (Edin)

    (all credits goes to Treeof Mana, you can check his Neptunia guide on Gamefaqs)

    Then on chapter 10, go to the dungeon "Planeptune Alley" in the "Hyperdimension", and fight Dominance Machine, they are the regular bosses of the place, and drops Magical Shell.

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