How do I beat gargoyle?

  1. Can't seem to beat it. What level should I be at and who should I use? I am at the end of chapter 4 and need this to finish a quest. I am at level 67.

    User Info: gargenmul

    gargenmul - 4 years ago


  1. Okay, Gargoyle has crazy high VIT stat, so you might want Magical forms of attacking, like Iris Heart or Green Heart. His TEC stat also isn't that great, meaning a debuff to it tends to make him miss, Green Heart can do that. A Debuff to his STR and a buff to your VIT, such as from Iris Hearts Legendary Seven skills and one of White Hearts buffs respectively, can take care of that.

    If you venture into Leggo Island and So Shal Forest(or whatever it's called) in Planeptune and Hello Continent, you can find the plans for the Dreadnaught Spear, one of the strongest, and the CPU Ring, which gives tons of stats, including 200 AGI and 50 resist to Fire. The ring makes his magical stuff, all Fire based, MUCH weaker, making his physicals the only threat.

    Hero Drink item is VERY cheap for what it does, 20% HP and 1500 SP restoration, and helps with spamming your powerful skills for extra damage.

    Try to avoid staying close to him, as he has an attack that hits all around him and can easily OHKO your party, even if his TEC and STR are debuffed.

    User Info: MystearicaGrant

    MystearicaGrant - 4 years ago 0 0

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