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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - FAQ/Walkthrough

    Version 1.2 - March 27, 2013

    • Added - Beastiary


    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    Firstly, thanks for reading my guide. I am writing this guide without having played the previous game all the way through, so it is going to be from the perspective of a new player. Please keep this in mind if you are using this guide and have already played the first game.

    That being said, I suggest you read through the gameplay section before you head into the game. If you played the first game, you already have a leg up on new players. There may still be some new things you haven't seen before.

    Recent events have made me appreciate everyone who reads and uses my guides and the support you have given me is much appreciated. Because of this, and suggestions recieved by email, I have added a section where you guys can continue to support me through donations.

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    If you DO wish to donate, the optimal way is to send a gift through Paypal to krystalnexus(at)yahoo(dot)com. Another option, is to send an amazon gift card to the above email, that I can use for private needs or to purchase future games to write guides for.

    Thanks again for your time. I in no way want you to feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.



    Most of the following information can be found in the game or it's manual, but I will try and go into a little more depth than their simple explainations.



    Standard and Town ControlsDungeon ControlsBattle Controls
    L AnalogMove cursorMove character-
    R Analog-Camera Movement-
    D-PadMove cursor (Chirper Mode)Up - Camera Zoom In, Down - Camera Zoom Out-
    XConfirm, Text AdvancementExamine, Interact, Symbol Attack-
    OCancel, ExitJumpStandby
    O + SquareSkip Dialog--
    TriangleMain MenuSkill Menu
    SquareChange view modeTreasure SearchHard Drive Divinity
    R1Change data displayed--
    R2--Switch Battle Menus
    Start-Show/Hide Dungeon Map-
    SelectHelp Menu-


    Battle Basics

    Compared to Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, the battle system has not changed much. If you are familiar with the previous game you can probably skip all this.


    Enemy HP/GP & Guard Break

    In the top left corner of the battle screen will be listed all enemies HP (Hit Points) and GP (Guard Points). When an enemy's GP reaches 0, you will Guard Break them. In this state, you will do more damage to an enemy until they regain more GP.


    Turn Order

    In the top right corner of the battle screen is the turn gauge. This gauge shows the turn order of your characters and the enemies in battle. You can use this to take advantage of knowing who will act next. For example, if you need to heal an ally you can determine if you need to do it asap, because a monster is going to attack next, or if your healer is going to get a turn first. You can also use this to know when enemies are going to attack and if you can kill them before they get their turn.


    Symbol Attack

    While walking on the dungeon maps, you have the opportunity to strike an enemy by hitting X before it makes contact with your character. Doing so will give not only start your characters at the front of the turn order, but if the enemy is too low level it will instantly die (this feature can now be toggled on and off in the Config menu).


    Front and Back Rows

    There are a total of 8 battle slots with characters in front and back rows. Only the front 4 slots appear in the battle party, while the back 4 slots are your alternate team. During battle you will be able to switch between your front and back row characters freely. See Partners and Lily Rank for more information.


    Commands & Combos

    You start with some basic Combos already equipped. As you level up and learn more skills, you can start to customize these combos even more.

    Here's a basic layout of what a basic combo looks like:

    1stAttack or Slash
    c+2 Triangle - Rushes
    4thRapid Hit
    Square - Heavy Hits
    2ndPower Hit
    3rdPower Hit
    4thMighty Blum
    X - Breakers
    2ndBreak Hit
    3rdBreak Hit
    4thBreak Hit

    Each attack type has an emphasis on different types of attacks:

    • Rushes - Number of hits
    • Power - Raw Power
    • Breakers - Breaking enemy Guard

    You can change these combos to anything you want between battles. Instead of burning AP, as in mk2, players will have a certain amount of CP that is needed to equip and use combo skills.



    Pressing Triangle in battle will bring up your Skills menu and select certain skill attacks, as long as you have required SP to use the skill. Skills are powerful attacks that can be gained through leveling up and usually effect a range of enemies or allies, making the positioning of your character important in battle.

    You can view your skills in the Commands Menu under SP Skills to view the following info:

    TypeThe type of Skill.
    AffinityThe Skills element.
    CategoryThe Skills attack type (Physical, Magic, Healing, Magical Combo, etc.
    RangeThe Skills range.
    Hit CountThe number of consecutive hits the skills performs.
    PowerThe general power of the Skill.
    Guard DamageThe damage dealt to the enemy's Guard Gauge.
    EffectDisplays the ailment, if any, that the Skill inflicts.



    Unlike many other JRPG's, you can not flee from battle by command. Instead, you will need to position a character to the battle arena border before a flee option appears.


    Hard Drive Divinity

    You can activate HDD by pressing R2 in battle to bring up the option and then hitting Triangle to active. By sacrificing 20% of your maximum SP, you will change into your powerful CPU form and attack, as long as you have the SP. Note that while in HDD the character will eat up the SP and when it reaches 0 they will automatically change back to normal form. By changing processor units, you can drastically change the CPU and CPU Candidates stats against certain enemies (including certain elemental resistances).


    EXE Drive Gauge

    Once in HDD the girls get access to the EXE Drive Gauge, which allows them to perform EX Finishers. As the Drive Gauge increases, by giving or receiving damage, EX Finishers will become available at the end of an attack chain. Rushes raise the gauge the fastest and if a character with a high Lily Rank is in the back row they can Assist in an EX Finisher, making it even stronger. When the Drive Gauge is high enough, the CPU's can use the EXE Drive to perform devastating attacks.


    Status & Equipment Menus

    The Status Menu is where you can view your characters Stats.

    HPYour characters Hit Points. If it reaches zero, the character will be incapacitated.
    APYour characters Action Points. The more a character has, the more actions they can take in battle.
    SPYour characters Skill Points. These are gained through combat and are used when Skills are performed or transforming into HDD.
    Next EXPThe EXP required for your next level up.
    TitleThe characters title.
    Title InfoThe special traits linked to that title.
    STRInfluences physical attacks.
    VITInfluences defense against physical attacks.
    INTInfluences magic skills.
    MENInfluences defense against magic skills.
    AGIInfluences turn order and the probablity of escape.
    TECInfluences the probability of a successful hit.
    AVDInfluences the probability of evading attacks.
    LUKInfluences the probability of critical hits.
    MOVInfluences how far a character can move in battle.

    The Equipment Menu is where you can change your character's equipment.

    WeaponInfluences attack.
    ArmorInfluences defense.
    OrnamentsInfluences HP, AP, and other stats.
    DiscInfluences stats based on the idea chips embedded in the disc.
    CostumeChanges the characters costume.
    AccessoryChanges the characters appearance.
    Processor UnitsCPU and CPU Candidates only. Influences the stats and appearance of the HDD form.

    Note that for the ability to customize your Processor Core Unit textures has returned from Neptunia Mk-2.



    Unlike normal back and front rows in most RPG's, partners in the back rows will not appear in battle unless you switch them in. This means that in the beginning of the game you will probably not want to create Partners, since you will have only 2-3 characters active in battle.


    Lily Rank

    By partnering two people together you can increase the Lily Rank between them and the front row fighter receives Support Effects and Assists from it's rear member. The higher the Lily Rank between the front and back partner, the better support the front row will receive.


    Support Effects

    The support effect is the bonus that your front row character will recieve if that character is placed in the back row. Note that unlike the previous games, where Lily Rank was primarily used for endings, the Lily Rank's bonus and can be viewed in detail by hitting Triangle in the Partner Setup menu.


    Town Maps


    The shops are where you Buy and Sell items. These update after story event, so make sure you check them often.


    The Basiclicom, known as the Base, is where you can watch previous events, view previous event CG's, listen to the game's BGM. You can also talk to the CPU, CPU Candidates, and Basilicom Oracles. Additionally, the start of every chapter will feature some broadcasts from the Nepstation that include info, shopping offers, and quizes.

    Scout System

    Inside the Basilicom you can also access the Scout System. This system allows you to send NPC scouts to any dungeon in hopes of finding items, money, new dungeons, more powerful monsters, and new scouts.
    How it works is that any scout sent to a dungeon within a certain region has the ability to discover new dungeons within that area. For example, if you send a scout to Otorii Great Forest in Planeptune, that scout has the ability to find other unlockable dungeons in Planeptune and Planeptune only.


    The Guild is where you can sign up for and report your Quests. Quests are the way in which you increase a towns shares and each town has their own quests, so check often and accept quests for areas you are going to be visiting. Be careful when doing quests multiple times, as repetitive quest accepting can lower your chapter rank. Note that Quests that increase your Quest Rank will be marked with the Advancement Test title and quests that advance the story are marked with brackets.
        • Hunting Quests: Kill a certin number of enemies
        • Item Delivery Quests: Collect a certain number of items
        • Time-sensitive Quests:
        • Repeatable Quests: Can complete multiple times

    Item Development

    Item Development is the area where you can sythesis items. In order to make an item you need a few things: a Product Proposal, certain ingredients, and sometimes you will need a partner and a certain Lily Rank. Characters with low Lily Rank can not participate in item development. Note that some items will appear in the shops once you make them through item development.


    Dungeon Maps

    Besides the basic enemy encounters there are some things to note on a dungeon map:

    Harvest Points

    Marked with a ?, these can be checked by pressing X to gain random items for quests and Item Development.


    Every map has some set treasure that are floating blue boxes. These items are fixed and will always be the same reward.

    Hidden Treasure

    Every map has one hidden treasure that can be found by running around pressing Square to perform Treasure Search. Note that maps with multiple areas, have one item per area. These items are random and will change and respawn each time you exit and enter a dungeon.

    Save Points

    Marked with a S on the map, these are the only place in a dungeon where you can save your game. Saving can be done in a town or the world map at any time.



    • True Ending
    • Good Ending
    • Normal Ending

    -Info Coming Soon



    This walkthrough is split into chapters, just like the game. Within each chapter are the major headings marked by two lines above and below the heading, which are major points in the game. These events are usually such things as visiting a dungeon or returning for a major event in town. Smaller headings, events within the major heading, are marked by one line above and below the heading name. These events are smaller events that take place within each major heading.

    All headings are marked with a name that correspondes to what the save file is currently named. If you are looking for a specific point in the game, simply do a Ctrl+F search for whatever the title of your save file is (minus the chapter).




    Planeptune: Today's Gamindustri

    After the game's introduction to Gamindustri, the player will be in control of Purple Heart as she battles against her sisters. Use the SP combo available to attack any of the girls before being defeated. Fortunately, you are merely playing a video game and have just lost. Watch the scene with Histoire and have Nepgear introduce the crew of colorful CPU's. After the lecture you will be out on your butt and get your first tutorial.

    If you are more familiar with the Chirper from the previous Neptunia game, you can press Square to change the town map mode.


    • Kamraman has an event icon on him, so talk to him to watch a music video of Neptune and Nepgear.


    Undertake a Quest

    Take a look at the Shops, the Basilicom, and the Guild. Accept the story quest [Noobs] Dogoo damage! and when you are ready head for the world map to unlock Virtua Forest.


    Virtua Forest Safe Zone - My big sister

    When you arrive, head straight to your right and grab the treasure with a Healing Grass and then head to the objective crystal to learn about basic Combat, Skills, and Hard Drive Divinity. Neptune is really weak, so just Defend with her and let Nepgear do all the work.

    Don't forget to hit Square as you run around until you find the hidden treasure in each area. This also fulfills a one of the Challenges.

    After the battle, Neptune will realize how weak she actually is and cry about it and you will get a quick tutorial on Guard Break. I suggest you spend a short amount of time to level up a bit while you have the very strong Nepgear by your side. Head straight and grab the Healing Grass treasure and then cross the bridge. There is a Life Fragment treasure in the bottom left that you should get. There is also a treasure back across the bridge and north with Preorder Campaign x3.


    Planeptune: Let's Visit Everyone

    Return to the Planeptune Guild and turn in the quest for killing Dogoo to advance the story. Once you are done, stop in at the Item Development area to learn about synthesis and synthesis a Life Fragment. There are now new quests at the Guild that can be completed.


    To Leanbox!

    Head to the Basilicom to official meet and learn more about Vert, Chika, Leanbox, and their lack of a CPU Candidate.


    To Lastation!

    Head to the Basilicom to official meet and learn more about Uni, Noire, Kei, and Lastation.


    To Lowee!

    Head to the Basilicom to official meet and learn more about Ram, Rom, Blanc, Mina, and Lowee.


    Planeptune: What's up with this?

    Head to the Planeptune Guild to learn about the Rei Ryghts group that seems to be asking for the resignation of the CPU's. There are also some new quests available that you should pick up.


    Station Area - Over There

    Head down the steps and check both sides of the stairs for Healing Grass x2 and a Life Fragment. Clear out the area of enemies and then head up the stairs to the east to get upstairs and reach a Leather Armlet in a treasure. Continue out the other side and hug the east wall to a STR Booster and then head west to the objective crystal. Watch the event to meet Rei and hear some mysterious conversation.


    Planeptune: LA, LA, LA!

    Head to the Planeptune Basilicom and meet Compa and IF and then watch the cutscene to see what has happened to Rei since she ran off in the Station Area. After more cutscenes, where Nepgear finally puts her foot down, you will find yourself alone and wandering off by yourself. Head to the guild and finish any quests, but don't accept any more as we will not have access to this world map in a bit.

    Head to Virtua Forest Safe Zone and finish off anything you need to do and then head to the objective crystal in the upper left corner of the map for a cutscene with Rei.


    Chapter 1


    Planeptune: It's called WORK!

    After Neptune disappears, the mysterious Croire will congratulate Rei and Neptune will find herself falling to her doom, no worries! Noire will unhappily break your fall before you quickly realize that something strange is up. Noire is younger and the new CPU of Planeptune is a girl named Plutia (Plutie, for short?).

    After learning about the Seven Sages, and the Lily Rank system, check out the new items in the shops and head to the Guild for a scene. Accept the new quests, including the story quest [Urgent] Verification and then return to the Basilicom and talk to Neptune for a scene that changes Neptune's clothes...well, at least she isn't naked. When you are ready, head to the world map, which has changed and now only has Lowee in it's World Shares.

    I suggest buying the Rapier and Hunting Sword for Noire and Neptune so their attacks affect multiple enemies. This will help in the coming battles.


    Otorii Great Forest - No HDD for me!

    Start by heading forward and grabbing the Healing Pod x4 on the left side before taking the bridge across to the left. There is a SP Charger in the bottom left corner and an Auto-map Dungeon x4 just north of this. Clear the area and head back across the bridge and north. There is a Detoxin in the bottom right that you should get and then jump up the small ledge and follow it north. Grab the Healing Grass and then hear north, up the ramp to another Healing Pod. Finish your quests and then return to Planeptune.


    Planeptune: To become a CPU...

    Head to the Planeptune Guild and turn in the quest for a scene about how one becomes a CPU. After the long talk, you can leave, but in order to advance the story you will need to accept the story quest, [Donate] Will he see me?. If you need to head back to the forest for the Mysterious Halo, do so. Once you have the two Mysterious Halos, return to Planeptune and turn them in.


    Abnes Appears

    You will need to exit and re-enter the Guild to get another scene about Blanc, Lowee, and the Seven Sages, it appears as if Rei is here as well. After the mysterious meeting, Abnes will bust in and get beaten by Neptune at her own game...that little girl sure is weak. After the long scenes, head to the Guild and accept [Bond] Best ingredient. Once you have the two Begging Bowls, return to Planeptune and turn them in for another scene with the Seven Sages.



    Head to the Planeptune Basilicom for another scene, with a very small and dial-up Histy. After the scene, head back into the Basilicom and talk to Neptune for a quick scene about slippers and Noire. When you are ready, accept the [Desire] Lovely rice story quest at the guild and complete it.


    Noire's Quest

    After the scene, Noire will head off and Plutia will determine that she is heading off to find a CPU Memory...we must beat her to it, but first drop by the Guild for new quests.


    Zeca Ruins No. 1 - Don't follow me!

    Follow Noire to the ruins for a scene and then learn about status effects from Histy.

    Once your are ready, head north and then west and down the ramp and get the Daito (PP) treasure. Now head north and hug the right wall to take a ramp down into an offshoot area with three treasure: Nep Bull (PP), Healing Grass x2, and a Life Fragment. Head back and continue north and check the right side of the room, across from the stairs, for a Healing Grass x2. Now take the stairs around the back of the room to get the Life Fragment before heading to the objective crystal.

    Meet Arfoire, in her younger, less ugly years, and Pirachu, who you may remember from Neptunia mk2.

    Boss: Arfoire

    This is one of those boss fights that you can not beat, so just sit there and take it.

    Plutia will run into Pirachu and realize that the girls are in trouble...we told you not to get her angry! Plutia's HDD form will be revealed and her remarkable body as Iris Heart will save your ass. Enjoy the many CG backgrounds of Iris Heart, Purple Heart, and Black Heart as they all transform and take on Arfoire for reals, with EX Finishes!

    Boss: Arfoire (2)

    With all three girls in HDD mode you should have no problem with this battle. Make sure to keep yourself healed by using Plutia's skills and focus on rushes and EX finishers. Eventually, Arfoire will go down.

    After the battle you will learn about EXE Drive and be on the world map.


    Planeptune: Bad Plutia!

    Return to Planeptune's Basilicom for the mandatory bath scene that all JRPGs must have. After hooking up a connection with the Big Histy and watching the scene, we will be introduced to Nepstation, which you can now check through the Basilicom TV's.


    Chapter 2


    Planeptune: Histy is Pissty...

    Three years have past and Lastation now exists, YAY! Watch the scenes with the more traditional looking Blanc and her Minister. After the events, head back to Planeptune's Basilicom and talk to Neptune for a scene involving Neptune's ears and then the TV for a few new Nepstation events.

    Nepstation Quiz Answers:

    • Nepgear
    • CPU Memory
    • Plutie

    The girls have decieded to go nap at Noire's, since Histy has kicked you out on your butts, so head for the world map.


    Jet Set Range - Walking is so hard

    Enter for a scene and learn about Viral Enemies. If you are familiar with them from the previous game, you will know that viral enemies are stronger and should be focused on first. You will also learn about Mini-Bosses, which appear as "Dangerous Monsters" on your mini-map.

    Start by heading north and getting the Youth Bandage (PP) and continue to find a Paralaxin (PP) in the upper right corner. Cross the bridge to a Healing Grass and then go north. Avoid the dragon mini-boss and take the warp behind him to a treasure with a Life Fragment and STR Booster. Now continue to the next area.

    Head north and jump up the ledges to get the two treasures with Paralaxin and Sports x3 and then continue across the for an INT Booster. Head north and across the bridge for the Free Scenario x3 and then get the final treasure with a Life Fragment before you use the save. Make sure to save and heal up and then approach the objective crystal for a boss fight.

    Boss Lizard Guard

    This guy hits hard and heals for a lot so you will need to go all out with your abilities. Keep yourself healed and use your SP Skills to beat this guy to a pulp.


    Lastation: Lastation Leeches

    Head to the Basilicom so that Noire can whip you into shape and you can learn about the Scout System. If you send a scout out, you should get the trophy It's Soutin' Time!. Now it's time to return to Planeptune.


    Planeptune: The Scout System

    Head back through Jet Set Range and return to Planeptune. Unfortunately, Histy picks up on the fact that you left without learning almost anything of value, other than the Scout System, and will send you back.


    Lastation: Study More!

    Head back through Jet Set Range and return to Lastation and talk to Noire, who will join the party again. The only thing to do is accept the quests at the Guild and watch Noire fail to admit how much she missed you. Awww...poor Noire.


    Wanderer's Cave - Lowee's Border

    Head north and then up and around to the ramp and continue south to the first treasure with the Dogoo Man (PP). Continue west across the bridge and grab the Healing Pod (PP) and then south. The path splits here into two other paths like a pitchfork, so take the furthest west path and jump up the steps to a Life Fragment. Return to the path split and head up the middle now to grab the Arcade x3, before the bridge, and the STR Booster, on the bridge, before avoiding the Dolphin and zoning to the next area.

    Head north and then around the area to the south, ignoring the northern path, and grab the AGI Booster x2. Now return to the northern path and take it to a bridge. Once again the path splits to the south, so examine both the paths for an SP Charger and then return to the bridge and cross it. Avoid the second dolphin and head west to a treasure with Big Online x4 and another with Healing Pod x2 and then exit the zone, if you have completed your quests.


    Lastation: I'll crush them all!

    After the scene with Blanc getting very pissed over the upstart taking all her shares, head to the Lastation Basilicom. Histy will call noire and still be very pissty at the girls and a report of missing kids will be relayed between them. Meanwhile, the Seven Sages realize how bad open conflict can be and devise a plan to stop Blanc from starting a war.


    Bandicrash: Lowee's CPU Enters

    Head straight ahead and grab the treasure with a Claymore, which you should equip unless you already got this from the hidden treasures earlier. Continue and take the bridge west to get the Non-RPG Growth x3 next to the bridge and then circle the area clockwise for some enemies. Now return to the east side of the bridge and head north and go down the ramp for more enemies. Jump up the ledge, grab the STR Booster treasure and head north more. Avoid the Phoenix as you grab the two treasures on the left side with Orthodox x3 and Die So Fast x3 and then save.

    Enjoy the jealous "heart" talk and a really bad nickname for Blanc and then watch as the battle of witty insults occurs. Luckily for Blanc, the "Lastation Soldier" comes rushing in for a quick meta-discussion and then informs the girls that someone is attacking Lastations software factory. Off we go!


    Soni Wetland - That's Blanc, but...

    Two dungeons open up, but instead of heading to the event one let's take care of the optional one - Soni Wetlands.

    Start by heading counter-clockwise and getting the INT Booster between the first two circle platforms. Continue north up the long bridge to the next circle platform to get the STR Booster and then head west to another treasure with a Healing Pod. In the middle circle, avoid the dragon and get two treasures with Tuffmil x2 and SP Charger x2 and then head back out and continue counter-clockwise. As you head back down toward the entrance you should find the AGI Booster on the long left bridge. Now let's go take care of the event dungeon.


    Kuzarat Facility - Who's at Fault?

    Start by heading east into the room across from the exit and check the southeast corner for two treasures with Tuffmil x2 and a Bronze Sword for Noire. Now exit and head south, grabbing the SP Charger x2 before heading east to the exit where there is two more treasure: a Life Fragment and Casual-oriented x3. Now head to the next area.

    Start by heading east again and grab the SP Charger and then hug the east wall and head down the alley for three more treasures: P. SP Charger x2, Famous Voice x3, and a Tuffmil. Now head for the save and use it before entering the west room and grabbing the Kinda Pervy x4 and STR Booster x3 before you head for the objective crystal.

    Pirachu doesn't seem too happy about Plutie being there, but that doesn't stop the group from calling him "rat" over and over again. After a quick intro to the newest Seven Sage, Copypaste, twice and Pirachu's title card being denied, we will be in for a fight.

    Boss: Copypaste

    This guy hits hard, so heal as needed and kick his ass with skills like Neptune's Critical Edge, Noire's Lace Ribbons, and Plutia's super strong Fighting Viper. He should go down in no time, but watch your health carefully as some of his hits can do massive damage.


    Planeptune: Shall we head home?

    Start by heading to the Guild and grabbing the new quests, which you might want to go complete now. I am going to cover the optional dungeon where many of them take place now.

    Zeca Ruins No. 2

    The enemies here are weak, except the Metal Jelly's. If you get in a fight with a Metal Jelly, shift to HDD and use your skills to take it out. Start by heading north and grab the Healing Circle (PP) and then continue north. Ignore the western path that leads to the flag and head south up the ramp for two treasures with AGI Booster x3, Yandere x3 and the Hero Drink (PP). Now continue west and then north to grab the Idol x4 near the flag. Now continue to the final treasure in the next room with Voice Actor x4.

    If you have the quest for with the Dangerous Shampuru, you want to kill the mini-boss in this section. It shouldn't be that hard if you have HDD and SP to use a couple skills.

    Now head to the guild to talk to Big Histy to find out that in reality only three days have past, at least in HER reality. You will finish the chapter and get a Nepstation rating depending on the following: Quests, Shares, Scouting, and Enemy Ko's


    Chapter 3


    Planeptune - I WILL GO TO LOWEE.

    Noire will still be pissed about what she thinks Lowee did to her factory and complain enough to get Plutie pissed. After a quick beating from Plutie, Noire will be determined to head to Lowee and "COMPLAIN DIRECTLY". You will also gain Plutie's S3-2X series.

    Before doing anything, head back to the Basilicom and talk to Histy for a a flashback on how she first met Plutia and then check out the Nepstation for more news, shopping and a quiz.

    Nepstation Quiz Answers:

    • Scout System
    • Lady Black Heart
    • Lastation

    In order to advance you will need to accept the [Firece] Save her! quest and complete it in Bandicrash.


    Kidnapping Incidnet

    Once you have completed the quest, head back to the Basilicom to see that Noire is finally back to normal. Abnes will also appear and blame you for the kidnapped kids.


    • Mr. ?: In the bottom left of the screen you should see a ? with an event. This man will give you Development Discs, which you can burn Idea Chips to make some awesome gear. For now you get the Cassette and Floppy_Disk


    Rud Arms Sewer North - Lowee's CPU

    Since there is nothing to do in Planeptune or the surrounding area, head through Jet Set Range to Lastation's area and enter the new area.

    This zone is identical to the other ice cavern, even in where treasures are placed. Start by heading north and then up and around to the ramp and continue south to the first treasure with the Reflex (PP). Continue west across the bridge and grab the Reflex x3 and then south. The path splits here into two other paths like a pitchfork, so take the furthest west path and jump up the steps to a Life Fragment. Return to the path split and head up the middle now to grab the Reflex, before the bridge, and the SP Charger x2, on the bridge, before zoning to the next area.

    Head north and then around the area to the south, ignoring the northern path, and grab the Studded Bracelet (PP). Now return to the northern path and take it to a bridge. Once again the path splits to the south, so examine both the paths for the Studded Armlet (PP) and then return to the bridge and cross it to the objective crystal.

    You will be forced to Lowee, so if you want the last two treasure of Rat (PP) and Life Fragment you will need to reenter the zone from the Lowee side to get them.


    Lowee: Vert Appears

    Unfortunately, Plutie got lost along the way in your rush past Lowee's border and has arrived in Lowee under the assumption that the other girls are the ones who are lost. Luckily, the three find each other quickly and Neptune recognizes Vert, who doesn't seem to want anyone to know who she really is, but she joins your party all the same.

    Head to the Basilicom for a scene where Blanc states her intentions.


    Castle Exterior - Three CPU's Pain

    Head north and grab the treasure with the Beam Katana (PP) and then go east for the Mechanical Sword (PP) before taking the teleport.

    This area is condensed into a maze like area of fences and bridges. Start by heading north and crossing the bridge to enter the southern gardens to reach a treasure with a Healing Pod x2 in the southeast corner. Now return back to the bridge and enter the northern gardens and cross them to the northwest to reach the next bridge, avoid Fenrir. You may want to clear out the north garden, but to advance you need to enter the eastern room and enter the teleporter. Head north and grab the Life Fragment and then cross the bridge to another teleporter. Head out of the room and go south for a Healing Grass treasure and then go north and head to the next zone.

    Start by heading all the way north to a treasure with Healing Grass x2 and then through the north garden around the outside to use the teleporter in the northeast corner. Head south and grab the Healing Pod x2 and then get the SP Charger x2 before heading north to the teleporter. Head all the way south ignore the side room and the garden entrance to get the Detoxin near the entrance to the area. Now you can clear the garden, if you want, and cross through the west room. There isn't anything in either garden, but you can clear them if you want. When you are ready, head for the save and save and then grab the Paralaxin to the south. You can now advance to the objective crystal.

    Boss: White Heart

    Blanc hits really hard, so make sure to keep your characters up to almost full health with Plutia. You EXE Gauge will likely be full and Noire's EXE Inifinite Slash will do massive damage as well as do debuffs. Keep your health up and use your abilities and Blanc should go down.

    After the fight, Mr. Badd will reveal himself and poor Blanc and the others will get thrown into prison. After a long scene where Sadie throws down the jest of it all, Blanc will join the party and Vert will save the day.


    Underground Cave/Castle Chambers - Retake This Nation?

    You start on the second floor of the Castle Chambers map, called Underground Cave. Head north and follow the path until it splits and head south to circle around back toward where you started and grab the Blade Hammer (PP). Now return to the fork and go north to find the Eject Button (PP) at the top of the three way fork. The left path is a dead end with two treasures: the Energy Fragment (PP) and a Healing Drink. To advance, return to the fork and take the middle path south to an objective crystal. After the girls speak their minds, continue south and grab the Hover Movement x4 before you zone to the Castle Chambers.

    You can head for the world map if you need to heal and don't mind losing your EXE Drive. From the entrance, go east until you hit the teleporter and take it to the next area. Head north and then cross the bridge to access the steps to the southern gardens, which has a Tuffmil and Healing Pod treasure. Exit the garden area and continue north and walk through the middle garden, getting the SP Charger x2, and then enter the room on the right and take the teleporter. You can now head to the objective crystal.

    The objective crystal blocks the path further into the dungeon, but if you come back there is the following treasure: Muddy x4 and a Life Fragment.

    Mr. Badd and Pirachu are so busy setting up their little speech that they don't even seem to notice us sneak up behind them. Since he won't willingly admit his badness, I guess we are gonna need to whip him into submission. With a little faith and a whole lot of inappropriate Sadie comments, all four CPU's join the fight.

    Boss: Mister Badd

    Mister Badd is really bad and he hits like a truck too. Use your EXE Drive and abilities to beat him to a pulp while keeping your characters spread apart so each attack only hits 1 character, or you will be hurting quick. Use Plutia to keep your health up as needed and you should be okay.

    After saving the day, the girls will enjoy a quick camera op with a shaking and submissive Mister Badd and Blanc will regain her nation.


    Chapter 4


    Planeptune: Basilicom Day Care

    It appears that Neptune decided to crash at Noire's place and it has been a while since you visited. After a fun scene with Blanc, Noire, and Neptune, the girls will enter the Basilicom to find babies. Not just any babies tho, those are very familiar babies... After the cutscenes you will gain the following series: Plutie's STV-00 series, Blanc's Super BW series and NTD-64 series.

    There are loads of events at the Basilicom that you should watch, including the Nepstation broadcasts.

    Nepstation Quiz Answers:

    • Lady Blanc
    • Vert
    • Neptune

    If you watch Plutia's events you will learn a new ability called Stress Release!, but she will also scare baby Compa.

    In order to advance the story, you will need to accept the quest [Bone] Rock Soul and head to the Castle Exterior in Lowee to fulfill it.

    If you hit O to back out of the town and then hit it again, you will have access to the world map to fast travel to each location.


    Planeptune: To Leanbox

    It appears that it is time for Neptune to head home, or is it? Well, of course it isn't! That would be the shortest game ever. Nepgear messes up the transmission and accidentally gets sucked into the new dimension to join Neptune. Unfortunately, since she is no longer a CPU Candidate, Nepgear has been relegated to babysitter while the girls take up Leanbox's invitation to visit.

    Suaho Mountain Range

    This is an optional area that you now have access to. I am going to quickly cover it, but you are not required to go here.

    Start by heading north and grabbing the Taboo Staff on the left side of the first area. Continue north, and make sure to get the SP Charger in the upper right before crossing the bridge to two more treasures with a Healing Drink and Reflex. Now continue north and cross the bridge, where the Roc lies. You can probably take it on if you have an EXE Drive, as Plutie's EXE Drive will tear through it. Now head to the next zone.

    The is a treasure right next to where you spawn in with a STR Booster Z x2. The path splits north and west, with the west being a dead end with some treasure. Start by taking that west path across a bridge to two treasures with AGI Booster Z x2, Anti-Venom x2 and INT Booster Z x2. You can clear out the rest of this western area, but there is no more treasures there. Return to the split and head north past the Roc and across the bridge to a treasure with P. SP Charger and Plutie's Zep Doll. Now continue north to a treasure on the right side of the last area with Tuffmil x2, before leaving the area.

    When you are ready to continue with the story, head to Lastation's area and enter Gigo Main Entrance.


    Gigo Main Entrance - Go Motorboating

    Start by grabbing the Rabbit (PP) directly north of the entrance and head into the large open area that has a 4-way split. Taking the eastern branch first, grab the Basic Hammer (PP) and then return and go down the west side now. The Healing Drink (PP) should be in the smaller area that you walk through before heading south to the area with the mini-boss. The Big Crab is weak to Paralysis, so use Noire's P. Fencer combo and hope the paralysis sticks, otherwise you will need to make sure to heal. Break his guard and then use an EXE Drive to finish him off. On the southern side of this area is the Silver Anklet (PP) that you should grab before returning to the large room and heading north. Grab the Hitting Badge (PP) and exit to the next zone.

    Enter the large circle and hug the right wall to get the Misanga of Joy (PP) and then take the eastern most branch of the split all the way north to get the P. SP Charger treasure. Return to the large area and take the middle branch this time and follow it north for a Life Fragment in the first area and another Life Fragment by the broken flag. Now head southwest and take the western branch instead of returning to the main area. Grab the Healing Pod and then walk to the objective crystal.

    It appears as if Leanbox has left a boat for us to ride to the island, and it's a good thing too since I think the girls are not overly up for swimming all the way. After the quick scene you will be back on the World Map and Leanbox will be available.


    Leanbox: Hey, the Ocean.

    As you enter Leanbox it becomes very apparent that Vert has been richly lavishing herself on that tiny little island with all her followers. Head to the Basilicom and her collection of "interesting" things will corrupt poor Plutie's little mind and then Vert will show up and comment on everyone lack of boobs, except her own of course. Oh well, I guess that was just Vert's way of saying hello.


    Planeptune: Salutations!

    Since having our boobs made fun of once a day seems like enough for the girls, it's time to go home. Apparently Nepgear has gone emo about being left behind by her big sister, but it's nothing that a little love can't fix.


    Wanna work?

    With Nepgear now in the party, we can freely explore.


    • Noire is chilling in the plaza and has some news about The Legendary Seven, could this be something related to game endings?

    If you head to Zeca Ruins No. 2, there is an event where you find the first of the Legendary weapons and Neptune can learn Inafune Sword VI and Who Did This!? Nova!. Back in town, you can gain the twin sword from the ? in the plaza, which will give Plutia Meanie Face!! and Old Stinker!!.

    In order to advance the story, you will need to accept the Guild quest, [Machine] Robo Machine, which is completed in Kuzarat Facility.


    Planeptune: Arfoire Sallies Forth

    Apparently Leanbox's hardware doesn't seem to go as well as planned, despite "Thunder Tits" big show. Of course it gets blamed on us, and a challenge is set down. Meanwhile, the Seven Sages are up to no good and seem to be doing a little scheming of their own.


    Halo Forest - Just Vert? Easy.

    Head north until you come across two treasures on the east side of the area with the Excel-Lance (PP) and Beam Saber (PP). Keep going north and when the bridge heads off to the west ignore it and keep going. Head down the ramp to an open area with the dungeon flag and Action Memory (PP). Now return to the bridge and grab the two treasure around the area with the Panacea (PP) and Healing Rain (PP) before saving and approaching the objective crystal.

    How nice of Vert to give Nep Jr. a CPU Memory, but how not nice of her to steal her as our little sister. Oh well, I guess the beat down is going to be a two-for-one special.

    Boss: Green Heart and Purple Sister

    Start by defending to pull the CPU's forward and close together in a group to allow your attacks to hit both. Focus on breaking the guard of both CPU's while keeping your party healed. Purple Sister doesn't do that much damage, but Green Heart's attacks can do up to 3k each time. Use the turn counter to determine if you need to heal straight away for if you can wait. When the guards are down, blast them both with Black Hearts EXE Drive that should hit them both and then finish off whoever is left.

    Poor Vert, she just wanted to be successful right? After a swift beating by Iris, and some concerning news about the Seven Sages, both Vert and Nepgear join the party and you are free to leave the map.


    Leanbox: Seven Sages Go Wild!?

    Instead of going straight to Leanbox, return to Planeptune and talk to Histoire to contemplate the bitter end to this dimensions Neptune. You can now go to Leanbox.

    It appears that the new and improved Copypaste is just as annoying as the previous one and Arforie is still up to her old hag ways. After a bunch of drama we get to defeat Copypaste again.

    Boss: Copypaste (2)

    At level 40ish, this guy was a push over. Keep to the usual strategy of keeping the girls apart and healing as needed. Build up the EXE Drive, but save it for the Arfoire fight that follows. Make sure you are close to full health going into the next fight.

    Boss: Arfoire (3)

    Unlike Copypaste, Arfoire is no push over. She hits hard and has no issue with smacking the girls down within 2 hits. To make up for her massive attacks she is rather weak to your attacks. Break her guard fast and use that EXE Drive that you stored up from the Copypaste fight to defeat her quickly.

    After the fight Vert will unexpectedly thank the other CPU's, but Arfoire and Copypaste will escape. Back in Planeptune, Vert continues to try and temp Nepgear with her comfy pillows and you will complete chapter 4.


    Chapter 5


    Planeptune: Trouble Everywhere

    Things don't seem to being going too good in the other dimension and Rei Ryghts seems to be taking hold on the citizens of Lowee. Meanwhile, in the current dimension the Seven Sages are still plotting to overthrow the CPU's and this time they seem to be sending in their last mysterious member. At the Basilicom the babies seem to have grown up overnight, I guess it has been longer than we thought, and IF, Compa, and Peashy are just having way too much fun rating on Nepgear. After the cutscenes you will gain the following series: Plutia's White Cast series, Noire's Night Blue series, and Vert's G-Cube series.

    There is a few things to note, firstly the Colosseum is now open and can be used to change shares and gain rare items. The next major thing is that you may notice that the kids are now visible in the Basilicom. Why is this important? Because they sometimes give you items that relate to the game endings. See below:

    In order to get Good Ending, rather than the generic Normal Ending, you will need to gather a total of 5 items from the kids. Gathering all 5 will lock you out of Normal Ending and put you into Good Ending, which you will get unless you unlock True Ending. In order to get all the endings in one run we will need to be careful not to unlock all these items. The items are as follows:

    • At the start of Chapter 5 in Planeptune - Compa's Syringe and IF's Notebook
    • After helping the first of three continents in Chapter 5 - Nep's Pudding
    • At the start of Chapter 6 in Planeptune - Plush and Peshy's Drawning

    In order to make sure we can get Normal Ending, you will want to avoid getting the items in Chapter 6 while making a backup save to split your game into 2 paths: one for Normal Ending, and one for Good/True Endings. I will warn you when to make saves later, so don't worry now.

    Make sure to get the two kid items and then talk to Neptune for a quick scene about the Colosseum, mentioned above. There is also new Nepstation broadcasts.

    Nepstation Quiz Answers:

    • Nepgear
    • Main Character
    • No warranty

    Which nation you help first is totally up to you, but I am just going to follow a random order of my own choosing.

    Adaldik Forest

    This optional area opens up in the PC Continent at the start of the chapter. Start by entering and heading north to find the Time Bangle (PP). Continue and cross the bridge for the Thunderclap Ring (PP) and then head west to another treasure with Eject Button x2. Now cross the bridge back to the other side and continue north and down the ramp. On the east side of the area, jump up the ramp and get the Molten Ring (PP) and head up to find two more treasures south of the save with the Absolute Zero Ring (PP) and Gale Ring (PP).


    Lastation: Someone's spying on me!

    Head to Lastation to see what Noire is up to and how things are doing in her nation. It appears that not only has someone hacked Lastation, but they have also been spying on Noire through a camera located nearby. Luckily, Nepgear is there to point it out and navigate us to the evil doer.


    National Factory - I sense something...!

    Head east into the big room and grab the three treasures there with Healing Pod x2, Eject Button x2, Mail Breaker (PP), Silver Bracelet (PP), and a P. SP Charger. Now exit and head south and get the Nep Bull C (PP) and Life Fragment by the save and make sure to use the save before you advance to the objective crystal to the east.

    As we suspected, the Seven Sages are behind the hacking of Lastation and the final member is revealed to be Anonydeath. With an unexpected voice and attitude, Anonydetah professes his love and stalker behavior for Noire, as well as some secrets about what she does when no one is looking. Oh well, I guess we will just have to try and break him of this habit.

    Boss: Anonydeath

    This fight can go really bad if you don't listen to the totorial and focus on taking out the jamming bots first. There are two bots, one that jams Items and one that jams Skills. Take them out before focusing on Anonydeath with your EXE Drive.

    Unfortunately for us, Anonydeath has a backup plan that covers us from destroying him...or does he? Noire will thank you for the help, buts she will need to attend to her nation for a while and leave again.


    After completeing the first nation, no matter which it is, head back to Planeptune for a scene where Abnes gets he butt kicked by a bunch of toddlers. Afterwards, you will gain the third item for Good Ending, Nep's Pudding.


    Lowee: Did We Do It!?

    At the Lowee Basilicom, it appears that Copypaste was up to no good when a guard offered him his hearts desire to destroy as much as he likes at the nearby Quarry. Being as stupid as he is, he decided to do just that. Unfortunately for him, Blanc still wants revenge.


    Mines: Sir Copypaste!

    Head north to a ramp that you need to take to head south again and get the treasure with a P. SP Charger. Cross the bridge and take the middle branch at the fork and head all the way north for the Silver Armlet (PP) and a Healing Pod. Now return to the fork and take the west branch and then take the northern branch to find two treasure next to the ledge that contain the Atom Breaker (PP) and Hero Drink C (PP). Now drop and head north to the save, which you should use, and then walk to the objective crystal.

    Copypaste seems to be enjoying himself, but more astonishing is his friendship with the Lowee workers. I am almost going to feel bad when I grind his face into Blanc's foot, but he does sort of deserve it, right?

    Boss: Copypaste (3)

    Copypaste can hit the girls for 5k sometimes, so being at full health is your best chance of surviving. Work on getting his guard low and then use Plutia's EXE Drive to take a good chunk of his life. You can then finish him off with other SP Skills or another couple EXE Drives, if you have yours charged up to level 3, as I did.

    The Lowee miners seem to be really pissed at Blanc for destroying Copypaste and the girls decide to book it and leave her to clean up the mess.


    Leanbox: Stopping The Root

    Just selecting Leanbox's nation will get you the cutscene where a monster attacks the party as they rest. Luckily Vert comes to the rescue and all four girls will get into a fight with some creatures. Afterwards, the girls try to bail on fighting any more of the icky creatures but with a little bit of persuasion from Vert they agree to fight.


    Zega Forest: Mister Badd Flees

    Start by heading to the second area and grabbing the Unbranded Katana (PP) and then continue north. Cross the bridge and get the treasure with an Eject Button and Silver Armlet and continue west to another treasure with an Anti-Paralysis and Healing Pod. Now go back to the bridge and cross and head north. Head down the ramp first and across the area to jump on the ledge with a treasure containing the Plan - Primrose. Head north to where the Turtle mini-boss is and get the two treasures with an Energy Fragment and Angel Wings (PP). Use the save before you head up the final ramp and encounter Mr. Badd.

    Boss: Mister Badd (2)

    Start by defeating Mr. Badd's kids with some aoe SP Skills or basic attacks, if they are grouped together. These little guys get lots of turns and can dish out some good damage if you let them live too long. Once they are defeated, work on Mr. Badd aby breaking his guard and then using Plutia's EXE Drive, which should take him down to a sliver of health. Finish him off with normal attacks or another EXE Drive, if needed.


    Planeptune: They Took the Kids!

    With all three nations save, head back to Planeptune where everyone has regrouped. As the girls notice the silence, a small muffled cry will call out from Histoire's book and the girls will learn that the Seven Sages kidnapped the kids. Time to go kick some sage ass for stealing our dear kiddos.


    Haneda Mountain Range: ???

    Head north and grab the Panda (PP) in the left side of the first area before continuing. In the next open area is a Anti-Seal (PP) you should get before heading west across the bridge for two treasure with the Anti-Venom (PP) and Eject Button x2. Now continue north, avoiding the Fenrir Wolf unless you want to fight it, and cross the bridge. There is three treasures just to the north with Crazy Difficuly x4, Taboo Staff x2, and Jargon x4 that you should get before zoning to the second area.

    When you zone in you will automatically be presented with two paths, the path to the west leads to a dead end, but also contains two treasures: the AGI Booster Z (PP) and the INT Booster Z (PP). Back at the entrance, head north and grab the Gorilla x4 and then continue to the bridge where you encounter the objective crystal.

    Pirachu and Arfoire will split up and only Compa and Pirachu will be there when we reach the bridge. Despite an urge to show off his logo, Pirachu wisens up when Plutia steps up and tells us where Arfoire ran off to. Onward!

    Cross the bridge and grab the Racing x3 and continue north. There is a treasure with Male-oriented x4 that you should grab across from the save and then use the save, as Arfoire is about to get a beatdown.

    Boss: Arfoire (4)

    Arfoire is not overly difficult and depending on your level she may prove easier than the Fenrir Wolf in the zone you might have just fought. Start by spreading the girls out and breaking her guard. Once it is down, throw in some EXE Gauge you have built up and she will go down without doing very much damage to the girls.

    Plutie doesn't seem to be able to stop now and Arfoire is in for the rage that follows. After a brief intermission, where only the characters will ever know what happened, IF, who is now traumatized, gets harassed by Plutia and then the group will regroup with Compa. Unfortunately, it appears as if Rei ran off with Peashy and she is not nearby. When the girls return to the Basilicom Peashy has mysteriously returned, just what was it she got out of Rei's purse?