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Reviewed: 11/12/12

An extremely weird experience

The premise behind 007 Legends is you are "reliving" some of bonds early missions ( of course Craig is bond in all of them, however, each of the movies had a different actor) and while that sounds fairly interesting they found a way to bungle the whole thing up.

Graphics: 4/10

I am not a graphics person and graphics don't define a game, but I can't help but think this game looks similar to Quantum of Solace which came out back in 2008. That aside there is nothing that stands out for either good or bad reason in this game, this is one of those games that looks like it could be a late gen ps2 / xbox game and not a next gen title. The level design for single player also feels quite outdated and for some reason just gives off the boxy vibe that old school shooters had. Again this isn't necessarily game breaking or a reason to not play the game it just feels slightly underwhelming for a ps3 game and a movie license that has been around for 50 years.

Audio: 7/10

I found the audio was solid, again nothing that stood out as being weird or poor but again it just felt extremely standard and again very much like Quantum of Solace. Gun shots sound appropriate, solid Voice acting from Craig, Dench as well as the villains from the old bond films and a decent, if not repetitive, soundtrack.

Gameplay: 3/10

This is where the game (in my opinion) really suffers, especially when it comes to the campaign aspect of the game. The main issue really has to be the cumbersome cover system, I have had a couple of really cheap & cheesy deaths because I would press L1 to get ready to fire only to have my cursor and bond pop up like I am ready to fire only to have the gun not come up leaving me vulnerable to fire while I can't do anything about it. I list this as a main issue as it wasn't in 1 particular area where this would occur it seemed to happen more often than not, you can work around it by pulling out of cover and going back in but for a $60 game I expect the basic features to work properly. Another issue I have with the campaign is in regards to the "fight" sequences and I use the quotes around fight because generally after you disarm the bad guy a semi-QTE event plays out in which you flick the corresponding analog stick to throw a punch, repeat until the game deems the character your fighting has had enough then it plays out the cut scene. Maybe I was hoping for me but after the first one of these I find them to be extremely cheap and a lazy way out (Come on these are 'legendary' Bond films / villains after all). I am really surprised that activision doesn't spend a bit more money on these games so they have something to compliment the annual CoD game, but Alas this is what us bond fans get. If you picked this game up on launch and passed it before the credits rolled there was a message indicating that there was some skyfall DLC to come (as of today it is available), however, you think they could have delayed the game and just released it all at once on the 13th if they were worried about having spoilers for the upcoming skyfall movie. Having played these missions I can't say they are anything special and feel a bit tedious compared to some of the other scenes. Last but not least I also found it strange how certain movies seemed to have more attention paid to them while others are just a compilation of annoyingly picky sequences (sorry but the extreme stealth scenes are overly picky and break up the flow of the game in a bad way). There are some driving sequences that are interesting the first time you play through but after that feel very generic.

All throughout campaign you earn XP by doing various gun challenges & secondary objectives which can then be spent on upgrading gadgets or guns. I found after completing the campaign (sans Skyfall missions) I was able to upgrade all of the gadgets and close to 2 weapon types. While it is cool that they allow you to upgrade gadgets & weapons I was hoping for something a little bit more than what we got.

Where I had some fun was doing the challenges mode that returned from Golden Eye Reloaded. I had fun with this as you can tweak how the mission plays out (how aggressive are the AI, do they throw lots of grenades, have half health etc) lots of customization which means you can replay challenges in order to get a 5star rating and by beating some you unlock more.

Multiplayer: 7/10

Multiplayer is pretty fun but at the moment seems to be iffy on whether or not its going to work (servers seem finicky at the moment). There is the usual assortment of modes and with the common leveling up system to 'prestige' / 'legend' etc. Much like the challenge mode I think this is where most of the fun will be had with this game as it plays out much like most normal shooters do whereas the single player is full of tedious scenes that get irritating fast. My only real nit pick with online is it appears that certain guns are slightly stronger and give a somewhat unfair advantage or each room ends up using the same weapons which also becomes quite boring after awhile. I also noticed there to only be a few maps (this could be due to folks wanting to play the same few maps over and over though) which may or may not effect other peoples enjoyment of the online play.

Verdict : 4/10

This isn't an average score as I weigh the gameplay component quite a bit higher than the other components and that is this games biggest failing point, especially with the campaign mode. For the odd enjoyable segment in the campaign there are 2 - 3 extremely tedious parts that require multiple attempts due to the inevitable "cheap" death. I can't say this is a dreadful game, but I do feel that the campaign was relatively short and the challenges are only fun to a point that it is really hard to justify a $60 price tag especially with all of the other quality titles out there. It would be nice if for the next bond we get some visual upgrades as well as a complete tweak of the single player campaign, heck I like the idea of combining multiple films in one game but make the campaign longer than 2 sections per each film and give Bond the treatment it deserves because this franchise most definitely deserves better than what was thrown together for this game. This is a game that does some things well (multiplaye, challenge mode) and has good ideas that need to be fleshed out some more (upgrading gadgets & weapons) and then things that need some overhaul (clunky cover system, graphics & campaign).

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: 007 Legends (US, 10/16/12)

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