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    FAQ/Walkthrough by haarlem1982

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    ++++Introduction++++ [intro1]
    Hey there, welcome to my God of War: Ascension guide.
    God of War: Ascension is the 4th God of War Game to reach the consoles (the 6th
    if you also count the PSP versions), but this one is a prequel to the other 
    It takes place just after Kratos had killed his family, but before the events
    of God of War, nevertheless, Kratos is still as badass as he ever was.
    Buckle up and hold tight, this will be a wild ride!
    ++++Copyright++++ [copyr1]
    This FAQ is property of me, Marcel van den Ham, and may be not be reproduced
    in part or as a whole under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site other than the sites listed below or other
    wise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to host this guide
    ++++Contents++++ [conte1]
    Prison of the Damned.................[wch1]
    The Sewers...........................[wch2]
    The Guardhouse.......................[wch3]
    The Hectatoncheres...................[wch4]
    The Village of Kirra.................[wch5]
    The Cistern..........................[wch6]
    The Tower of Delphi..................[wch7]
    The Python's Belly...................[wch8]
    Ice Cavern...........................[wch9]
    The Temple of Delphi.................[wch10]
    Collectible Guide....................[colgu1]
    Version History......................[verhi1]
    Special Thanks.......................[speth1]
    Contact info.........................[conin1]
    This is the main portion of this guide, the walkthrough. Kratos will learn many
    skills, mostly by obtaining items that can all be upgraded. This will cost a 
    lot of Red Orbs. If you follow this guide, you will have full health and magic
    around the halfway mark, and max out your gear well before the final credits.
    In this section, I will point out areas where special stuff needs to get done
    for certain trophies, I will also inform you how to lay groundwork for other
    trophies the second it's available.
    The game is divided in chapters, sort of, so I will do the same.
    Anywho, without further ado, let's get it on!
    ++++Chapter 1++++ [wch1]
    Prison of the Damned
    We start of with a chained  Kratos, there's not much you can do untill one of 
    the Furies shows up and immediately introduces a new gameplay mechanic:
    Dodging during QTEs.
    It's not very hard, as soon as you go in slow motion, press the directional
    stick either left, right or back. Dodge successfully twice and Kratos will
    free one of his arms, start pressing [] or /\ to attack, while keeping a 
    lookout for slomo, so you can dodge.
    When you've done enough damage, Kratos will break free and drop down.
    Follow the Fury while breaking the pots you see, as these will give you Red 
    Orbs, the currency in God of War. 
    There are 4 different colors:
    Red, as stated, the currency. 
    Green, which restores health. 
    Blue, which restores magic. 
    Gold, which raises the rage meter.
    This meter is the one on the lower right of the screen, when it's full, your 
    blades start to glow and your attacks will do more dmage and become flashier.
    Later, this will also allow you to use Rage of the Gods, unlike other GoWs, in
    this one it's a single powerfull attack.
    For now, just follow the Fury, breaking everything that is breakable, I will
    not mention breakables from here on out, just attack anything that looks like 
    it can be broken.
    When you Jump over the broken pillar, you will be attacked by a few bugs, they
    are no threat whatsoever, so just kill them any way you see fit.
    After they are dead, continue following the Fury, killing all the bugs as you
    go, untill you enter a tunnel, go right first to open a red chest, these chests 
    give Red Orbs, then go left.
    After you've caught up with the Fury, and fell down the floor, you will be 
    attacked by a bug infested prisoner. This acts as a grappling tutorial, just 
    follow the on screen instructions and you'll be fine.
    When the dude is dead, some more will show up, again, deal with them any
    way you see fit, but while you're at it, use the R1+/\, R1+O and R1+X on a
    single enemy to unlock the Unleashed Trophy.
    Getting warmed up yet? Anyway after all that, some guys with swords will show 
    up, you can disarm them with O and pick up the sword for yourself with R1.
    Try to kill at least one of them with it, by pressing O, as there is a trophy 
    for killing enemies with all 5 different 'world weapons', I will give a heads 
    up whenever a new one is available.
    After they bite the dust, move to the glowing white dot on the floor and press 
    R1 to pull down a piece of the ledge and create yourself a stepping stone.
    When you get up there, open the green chest for a health refill and follow the
    hallway and climb the ladder.
    Open the Red chest and the door to get back outside, go up the stairs and see
    the gate slammed shut before you as some more sword guys spawn, again, kill
    them however you please.
    After you've killed the ensuing group of bugs, it's time to meet the first 
    boss, the Hectatoncheres, well, his arm.
    +Boss+ Hectatoncheres Arm
    Phase 1
    This thing only has a few attacks: 
    An overhead double slam, which is blockable.
    An overhead one armed slam, blockable, followed by a sweep, dodge.
    It can also follow up the swipe with another one, also dodge.
    For the rest, just keep pounding it, while staying evasive, it will go down 
    When it's had enough, you'll get a prompt to press R1, also notice the white
    arch above it's head, telling you it's grabbable, this happens with every boss
    signalling it's QTE time.
    About the QTEs, as far as I've been able to determine, they're somewhat random,
    but I'll list the ones I get anyway, it was:
    [], [], [].
    Phase 2
    His attacks have changed a bit:
    He still has the overhead slam, just evade to the side
    He swipes the entire plateau, jump down on either side
    He pokes the lower gaps, I don't think I need to explain this.
    Again, just a poundfest, when he's had enough the QTE was:
    /\, X, spam L1&R1.
    Afterwards, you'll get into an on rails section, where you just slide down and
    move left or right to avoid obstacles, get used to 'em, you'll be seeing a lot
    more of these.
    ++++Chapter 2++++ [wch2]
    The Sewers
    Alright, first things first, we need to get out of this pit. See the white 
    lines on the wall? Those are climbing points, just jump up to them and Kratos
    will start climbing, you just need to point the stick in the right direction.
    When you reach the top, you'll get an on screen message for the climb jump,
    just point the stick to the left and press X.
    At the end, open the gate and shimmy to your right, follow the only path you
    can take untill you get up on a plateau, leave the green chest for now and go 
    Go through the open door and open the 2 red chests, then pull the lever.
    This releases some spear guys, try to take one of their spears and kill them 
    with it. Go inside the alcove they came from and pick up the Prisoner's Oath
    Stone artifact.
    These artifacts unclock certain cheats after you finish the game and there is 
    a trophy if you collect them all.
    Anyway, open the green chest we didn't open just now and pull the chain by 
    mashing O to open the gate, head inside.
    There's nothing you can do here, just keep moving untill you are attacked 
    again, there will be a few waves of enemies, just take them out however, but if
    they swarm you too much, just resort to R1+/\, as the grab animation in this
    one leaves you invincible, while dishing out damage to multiple foes, whenever
    you need crowd control, use this move.
    Afterwards, use the grapple point with R1 to get out.
    ++++Chapter 3++++ [wch3]
    The Guardhouse
    Puzzle time! Well sort of, anyway, start by going left and opening the green
    chest if you need health, then pull the lever.
    Climb the ladder that appeared and jump down to the plateau you started on, 
    then pull back the crank with R1 and moving backwards.
    Before you can finish this, you will be attacked by a cyclops, the easiest way
    I found in dealing with them is by just pressing [] two or three times, then 
    dodge out of the way.
    At some point, you will stagger it and get a prompt to grab him, do so and you
    can control it. Use it to kill the sword guys that spawned and finally kill it
    Pull the chain again and head through the reopened gate, climb the ladder once 
    more and use the grapple point to end up on the higher platform.
    Open the Red chest and go right, use the next graple point and press [] when 
    prompted, if you fail to do this, press X first to jump up and regain momentum.
    After the cut scene, start mashing L1&R1, and it's time for another round
    against one of Hectatoncheres' arms.
    +Boss+ Hectatoncheres Arm part 2
    Phase 1
    This thing has pretty much the same moveset as the first one, just implemented
    a little different.
    Swipe: It puts it's hands at the edge of the screen, time your jump to dodge 
    Shorter swipe: this lodges you against the wall, mash L1&R1 to escape
    Overhead Slam: It will put 2 hands on the floor, boxing you in, just stay
    close to either hand and attack.
    Again, just keep whacking it, it isn't very hard. 
    When you hurt it enough, it will fall down, press R1 near it and mash Oto pull 
    down a pillar on it.
    Phase 2
    After a little damage is done, it will retreat, spewing some bugs in the arena,
    kill them and continue your onslaught.
    Again, when it keels over, press R1 and mash O to bring down another pillar.
    Phase 3
    Again it will retreat, but now it will join the fray after it spawns bugs, it
    has also learnt a new move, a downward handslap, followed by a head smash, roll
    into it to evade.
    After enough damage is done, grab it for the QTE, mine was:
    Afterwards, open the red chests to your left and pull the lever, lowering a 
    gate on the other side.
    You will end up near some rotating mechanism, while dogs attack. Just grapple 
    them to automatically kick them into it.
    When the dogs are gone, a grapple point will appear, but don't use it yet.
    First jump up the scaffolding to your left and climb up to open a red chest.
    By now, you should have enough orbs to upgrade your weapon, do so.
    From here on out, I will not tell you to upgrade your weapons anymore, I will 
    point out now however, do not start putting major orbs in your weapons untill
    you have all four elementals, you'll know what I'm talking about when we get
    the first one, imo, the last one we get is the most usefull, but that's just 
    my opinion.
    Anywho, just grapple the mechanism to send the elevator up.
    When it stops, you'll be attacked by a larger group of dogs, deal with them in 
    the same way and remove the locks on each side.
    Grapple the mechanism again to move up further, only to have it destroyed by 
    the Fury.
    Ignore the dogs, the elevator will fall and you need to climb up as fast as you
    can, since the mechanism will go haywire and chase you.
    At the top, open the green chest and climb the ladder.
    ++++Chapter 4++++ [wch4]
    The Hectatoncheres
    Cross the bridge to the left and open the door of the house.
    When the cutscene ends, you'll be pit against a group of spear dudes and bugs.
    Your best bet is to fill your rage meter on the bugs and then start pounding 
    the spearguys, or just R1+/\ them into oblivion, whatever you want...
    Next stop, the Hectatoncheres.
    +Boss+ The Hectatoncheres
    Phase 1
    OK, not exactly a boss fight per se, it will spawn sword guys, while it's teeth
    grab the platform you're on. Your goal is to punch the teeth, while also 
    dealing with the guys. I found it easiest to just R1+/\ them into the teeth.
    Be carefull though, it will head butt you from time to time and you need to be
    quick, or it will eat you, literally.
    Phase 2
    Another one of his arms, you should know what to do by now.
    Phase 3
    This one's fun, you'll be using it's own arm for a game of 
    'Why are hitting yourself', just go bananas. You will move on to another 
    grabbed fight with the Fury, just repeat what you did the first time and she
    will go down without any trouble.
    After the cutscene follow the only path you can take to end up in...
    ++++Chapter 5++++ [wch5]
    The Village of Kirra
    Pick up the club sparkling right in front of you, and take a right.
    The first door on your right can be broken to reveal a red chest, the door 
    right next to it can also be broken for another red chest.
    At the end of the path, open the two white chests for a Gorgon's Eye and a 
    Phoenix Feather, after collecting five eyes your health will increase, the 
    feathers increase your magic, although you don't have any yet.
    Move back to the split and go straight to reach another split, here you'll be
    attacked by a Juggernaut and some dogs, kill the Juggernaut first and try to 
    kill one of the dogs with the club.
    Use the same startegies for the Juggernaut as for the cyclops, move in with 
    some quick hits, dodge. When you do enough damage you'll go into another 
    punch/dodge sequence.
    Be carefull as a second one will show up after about a minute, so be quick.
    When the peace has returned, take the right path and at the end, jump up the 
    cage looking thingy and from there onto the roof, grab the Circe's Vial 
    artifact and open the chest for another Feather.
    Jump back down and take the cage with you back to the split, jump on the cage
    to open the hard to miss red chest. Note that when you're pushing something,
    Kratos will speed up.
    Take the forward path now. At the end there will be a crank and a green chest,
    don't use the crank yet, instead move to the back and go right to find another
    Eye. Now turn the crank.
    From here on out, I will not tell you to open chests anymore, I will point you
    to them, but you don't need me to tell you to open them.
    Anyway, when the rope has lowered, go back to where we opened the red chest and
    shimmy along the rope.
    When you reach the other side, follow the path and you will be attacked by 
    another group of bugs, yawn..., climb up the ladder when you're done.
    Jump off to the left and follow the ledges untill you reach solid ground again.
    Move forward untill you reach a scaffolding and break the door for another red 
    chest. Continue on to get the first elemental: Fire of Ares.
    This one comes equipped with a magic attack, press R2 to unleash it. This will
    also come with the Rage move for free, when the meter is full press L3+R3 for
    a powerfull attack. Every elemental also has it's own color of orbs it will 
    give when killing an enemy with said element, be it the supermove magic, or 
    just killing them with a full meter, in this case it's gold orbs.
    Anyway, you'll be ambushed by a large group of enemies, kill them but keep an
    eye on your health and don't be afraid to use magic when you're in a bind, 
    there are more than enough opportunities to refill it.
    When the doors open, continue forward and jump off the end of the bridge.
    You'll be attacked by a Minotaur and two guys on a platform tossing spears at 
    you, first jump on the platform to take them out so you can fully focus on
    Again, use quick attacks and evasion to kill it easily. Three smaller minotaurs
    will also join in, they can block your grapples, so be carefull. The Minotaur
    can be finished by a QTE.
    Jump up the roof on the left for a red chest and an Eye, on the right roof, 
    there are two reds.
    Get on the platform the speardudes were on and continue, jump across the 
    broken bridge and grab the sling, kill some of the Harpies with it and open 
    the green/blue chest. These chests basically let you decide what you want:
    Want health, open it when it's green, want magic, open it when it's blue.
    Start climbing when you're done.
    When you're done playig Cliffhanger, kill the 3 spreardudes near the waterwheel
    and move to the back of it for two red chests.
    Go back to the front, and pull the crank back as far as you can, then quickly
    climb up the debris to the right of it and jump up the bucket. From there jump 
    up the aquaduct.
    Follow the only route you can untill you reach a door, from here go right and
    scale the wall past the narrow ledge.
    At the other end there will be some more bugs, climb up the scaffolding when
    they're gone and open the hard to miss red chest.
    Try to cross the bridge and drop down to a lower area, there will be some dogs 
    and harpies to keep you company, show them your affection.
    During the fight, you probably saw a red chest inside the building, there is 
    also another Eye in the same one. Right outside it is a green chest.
    Move on to the right and take note of the broken chest, we will run into some 
    more of them, but we can't do anything with them yet, don't worry, we'll come
    across it again.
    Go into the building you see to the next puzzle.
    It kind of reminds me of the giant roller puzzle in the first GoW, but this
    one is less complicated. On the center platform there are three cranks, you can
    get there by breaking the planks blocking it.
    Wait for the roller to pass the lower left one, then pull them all out 
    clockwise. When that's done, run to the right, climbing the blocks that came
    out of the wall, but be quick, they will retract pretty quickly.
    On the top platform, open the two red chests and get the Feather and Eye, our 
    first health upgrade, yay!
    Pull the crank in the center and go back the way you came, notice the camera
    pointing you towards that glowing thingy? Go there and press R1 to pull down a 
    pillar and create another stepping stone.
    On the other side you will have to fight a Gorgon, be carefull, as they can 
    turn you to stone with their 'red laser beam', just roll whenever they do it
    and block their other attacks.
    All the way in the back, there is another broken chest, again ignore it for now
    and go through the door.
    You will end up in a labirynthine building, which is fairly easy to navigate.
    To the left is a dead end with a painting, the discription gives some weird
    letter combination, at this point I'm not sure what to make of it, if it means 
    anything at all.
    If you turn around from this and move on, there is another broken chest.
    Forward is yet another broken chest and the start of the next chapter.
    ++++Chapter 6++++ [wch6]
    The Cistern
    Start by killing the bugs and destroy the cocoon like thing on the leftmost 
    door for some free orbs.
    Climb the statue and jump on the bridge, then move towards the camera for 
    two red chests and an Eye, now go the other way.
    After killing some more bugs, you'll get to another on rails section, just 
    press X when prompted and don't forget to grapple the grapple point to be done 
    with this one.
    Climb up to the top and keep going untill we get the next elemental: The Ice of
    Poseidon. This one will give extra red orbs whenever you kill an enemy with the
    rage meter full, so it could be a wise investment to give it at least two 
    levels, although the extra orbs will not really be needed.
    Anyway, kill all the enemies that spawn, you should know how to efficiently do
    that by now.
    Afterwards, go through the door and take a left, keep going untill you reach a
    green, a blue and an Eye chest.
    Jump down onto the snake and release it's collar to ride it.
    Grapple the tower and start climbing, once inside, go right and down the stairs
    for another Feather, then go up all the way and back outside.
    First, go right for two red chests, then go past the ladder, while killing the 
    cocoons and the bat or whatever it is that spawns from it, for another red 
    chest and an Eye.
    Open the green chest if you need the health, then climb the ladder.
    ++++Chapter 7++++ [wch7]
    The Tower of Delphi
    Immediately, you will be attacked by a chimeara, it has 3 stages, first you 
    need to cut off it's tail, just start wailing on it while being carefull not 
    to get into the poison it spews.
    Then it's time for it's ice breathing lion head, the idea is the same, just 
    keep hitting it while being evasive.
    Finally, it's the goat head's turn, again aggression combined with evasion gets
    the job done easily.
    When you've sent your playmate to meet it's maker, start pulling the crank to
    start up a mechanism that still seems blocked somehow...
    Anyway, get into the hole in the side of the snake and first move to the camera
    for another red chest, then open the green one if needed.
    Slide down, evading the walls and pushing the prompted buttons whenever you're
    uhh... prompted, I guess, untill you land on a platform with lots of cocoons,
    that spawn more of those annoying bats.
    There will also spawn some guys with shields, if you disarm one with R1 and 
    take it, the Tools of the Trade trophy will unlock, and you'll need to disarm 
    them anyway to be able to kill them without magic.
    When that's done, take the green chest if you need it and climb up the crates,
    don't climb to the second level yet, on the leftmost side, behind some wooden
    planks, is a red chest.
    Now, climb up all the way and go left, use the grapple points and when you get 
    back on the snake's back, go towards the camera to find another grapple point.
    This leads to a red chest and another Eye.
    Jump back down and go the other way to the next red chest you probably saw in 
    the distance.
    You can't get there yet, so jump down.
    ++++Chapter 8++++ [wch8]
    The Python's Belly
    Elemental time again, this time, the Lightning of Zeus, killing enemies with
    lightning yields blue orbs.
    Anyway, kill the speardudes that appear and when the door opens, go through it 
    and climb up. Now, instead of going forward, first jump up towards the camera 
    to get the red chest we saw earlier along with another one and a Feather, 
    giving us our first magic upgrade.
    Head for the other side and jump down to the blue snake.
    Don't go to the red chest yet, first go towards the camera to get a red chest
    and yet another Eye for the second health upgrade.
    Now, go all the way back to the red and jump inside, press X when prompted and
    don't forget to grapple.
    Climb up to the top, jump to the grapple point and force your way back into the
    red one for another slide section, just move around the gaps and you'll be
    When you're back outside, start killing the cocoons and other nasties that 
    show up and grapple to the other part of the snake.
    Climb to the top again and free snakey boy or girl... forgot to ask...
    Jump and grapple back to the blue when prompted and be attacked by a manticore
    for a QTE, for me it was:
    And we're back to killing cocoons and bats again, so get to it.
    Afterwards, slide down into the snake, jump and grapple when prompted and start
    climbing some more.
    At the top, take note of the green/blue chest and jump to the right to jump 
    onto a platform, only to have to start climbing, again.
    After you've successfully navigated some grapple points, you will have to fight
    a group of bugs and bats. If you grab a bug here, you will use it as an ice
    grenade, effectively freezing anything it hits, pretty funny.
    When done, grapple onto the snake and release it, this will take us into the 
    next chapter.
    ++++Chapter 9++++ [wch9]
    Ice Caverns  
    This can be an annoying section, you'll have to fight mini minotaurs, 
    the annoying guys that block your grapples on the moving snake, while also 
    having to either destroy or evade barricades. The annoying part is when you 
    take too long, you will be shoved into a hole and die, so make the barricades 
    your prime target.
    When you get in range of the grapple point, immediately use it, because again,
    if you're too slow, you die. Also, don't immediately try to jump, it will take
    a few seconds for the second and third ones to appear.
    When you're back on the snake, there will be a few bugs to keep you busy, but
    keep a lookout for another grapple point.
    When you hit land, start running, as the floor will collapse, use the grapple 
    point at the end for another slide.
    Back on the snake, it will be doggies this time, after grappeling, start 
    climbing, fast, as the structure will fall apart.
    After that, you will be attacked by more mini minotaurs, and the grapple point 
    is on the other side this time, so stay awake!
    Anyway, this will get you into yet another slide, but after this you will 
    finally be back at the tower.
    Before starting the mechanism however, go back inside and down to get the
    Oracle Seeker's Offering artifact. Now go outside and to the top.
    I knew it wouldn't be this easy...
    +Boss+ Manticore
    Phase 1
    This thing isn't too difficult, just evade it's fire untill it lands, then get 
    to it's side and start attacking. It has a nasty tail swipe though, jump to 
    evade it. If it hits you, you will get caught, move your left analog stick to 
    break free.
    When you've done enough damage, you'll get into another mash/dodge sequence,
    signaling the end of the phase.
    Phase 2
    It will stay grounded, just keep at it and you will take it down in no time.
    There will be bats to annoy you, but just focus on the main target, there is no
    QTE for this fight.
    Afterwards, pull the crank and go inside.
    From here on out, I will no longer mention green and/or blue chests because 
    they're so obvious, unless they help me point you to something else. 
    ++++Chapter 10++++ [wch10]
    The Temple of Delphi
    ++++Collectible Guide++++ [colgu1]
    ....Work in progress.....
    I will give the locations of all the artifacts here, I will also list their 
    -Prisoner's Oath stone
     Chapter 2
     After pulling the lever releasing the speardudes, check in that alcove to find
     it on the floor.
    Effect: Gives infinite Rage.
    -Circe's Vial
     Chapter 5
     At the second right turn, go all the way to the back and use the cage as a 
     stepping stone to get up on the roof. It's inside the building on the floor.
    Effect: Triples the time for combos.
    -Oracle Seeker's Offering
     Chapter 9
     When returning to the tower after all 3 snakes are freed, go back inside and 
     go down, it's on the floor just before the empty chest.
    Effect: Gives 10 times as many red orbs.
    -Alethia's Charm
     Chapter 11
     When you get on the second floor by crossing the chandelier and using the 
     hourglass as stepping stone, it's directly to your right, on the floor.
    Effect: Decreases damage by one third.
    -Boat Captain's Idol
     Chapter 15
     When you get to the 'side scrolling' swimming part, take lower path, it will
     be on the floor near the end.
    Effect: Grants infinite magic.
    -Orkos' Cloak
     Chapter 16
     After the 'General Kratos' cutscene, before fighting the spiderlike enemy, go
     right past the blue and green chests, it's on the floor next to a door.
    Effect: regenerates health over time.
    -Stonemason's Chisel
     Chapter 21
     At the start of the chapter, after you get to the second floor, when you are
     in front of the pressure plate, turn around and go towards the camera. It's in
     a piece of wood, just before a platform with a white chest.
    Effect: Reduces cooldown time.
    -Archimedes's Treatise
     Chapter 23
     When you reach the room with Archimedes' corpse, it's to the left of a green 
     and a red chest on a table.
    Effect: Automatically win QTEs.
    -Statue Worker's Doll
     Chapter 25
     When the square platform that goes up by tossing dogs in the fire locks for 
     the first time, go to the left side of the platform, it's to the left of the 
    Effect: Increases amount of stun dealt to enemies.
    -Antikythera Mechanism
     Chapter 28
     After the huge fight on the elevator and closing the door and pulling the 
     lever in the 'backwards dimension' go back through the portal. It's on the 
     right side of the cage that holds the Eyes of Truth.
    Effect: Slowly drains health over time.
    +Gorgon's Eyes+
    There are more eyes in the game than you need to max out your health. I will 
    just list the first chests (20 total) that give them, if you need another one,
    try searching in the more white chests section.
    1. Chapter 5
    At the first fork, take a right and you will find it in the back.
    2. Chapter 5
    When rwaching the crank that lowers the rope, go to the back of the screen, 
    it's behind the cogs.
    3. Chapter 5
    In the area with the 2 speardudes on an elevated platform and minotaurs, it's 
    on the left roof.
    4. Chapter 5
    Inside a house, between the collapsing bridge and roller puzzle.
    5. Chapter 5
    On the second floor in the roller puzzle room, you need to go there to solve 
    the puzzle, so it's kinda hard to miss.
    6. Chapter 6
    After climbing out of the room, head towards the camera and you'll find it.
    7. Chapter 6
    Cannot be missed.
    8. Chapter 7
    After exiting the tower, head past the ladder.
    9.  Chapter 7
    After getting back to the red snake after a short grappeling section involving 
    the yellow one, head towards the camera to see another grapple pooint into the
    yellow snake.
    10. Chapter 8
    When you get to the blue snake, head for the camera and walk all the way to the
    11. Chapter 10
    After breathing gas for the first time, go past the big door and keep going 
    right, to break down another door.
    12. Chapter 10
    When you get to the balcony with two gas fumes, breathe it in and take the 
    right staircase, after killing the enemies, take the statue and drag it into
    the room on the left side closest to the stairs. Put it on the metal grate on 
    the floor and breathe gas. Use the newly created stepping stone to climb up to 
    13. Chapter 10
    Take the left staircase this time, kill the enemy and take the statue into the
    room closest to the stairs. Put it on the switch and breathe gas. Now get the 
    statue off the switch and run to the gate. Stand there untill the gas wears off
    to slip under the gates.
    14. Chapter 10
    In the same hallway as the previous one, go into the only room you haven't been
    in yet and breathe in the gas, jump down and run to the breakable door to get 
    15. Chapter 11
    After getting across the spiked floor, go back through the door to get it.
    16. Chapter 11
    In the main room with the hourglass, breathe in the gas and go to the far left 
    corner, break down the door to find it.
    17. Chapter 14
    The same place as number 6, you come from the other side this time, so it's 
    really hard to miss.
    18. Chapter 15
    As soon as you hit the water, swim down and go right. If you pass a pillar, 
    you're too far and need to go back.
    19. Chapter 15
    At the docks, go left, really hard to miss.
    20. Chapter 17
    Take a right form the red and green chests at the start of the chapter.
    +Phoenix Feathers+
    There are more feathers in the game than you need to max out your magic. I 
    will just list the first chests (15 total) that give them, if you need another
    one, try searching in the more white chests section.
    +More White chests+
    Here I will list the remaining white chests, as of now, I don't know which ones 
    hold Eyes or Feathers, maybe I'll try to figure that out in the future, but for 
    now, just stick with it.
    +Broken chests+
    ++++Multiplayer++++ [mulpl1]
    Coming Soon
    ++++Trophies++++ [troph1]
    Coming Soon
    ++++Version History++++ [verhi1]
    V0.0, March 24 2013
    Decided to start this guide.
    V0.1 March 25th 2013
    Got the guide up to chapter 6.
    V0.3 March 27th 2013
    Got the guide up to chapter 10
    Started the collectibles guide
    Took out some typos
    ++++Special Thanks++++ [speth1]
    ++++Contact info++++ [conin1]
    If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about this guide, you can 
    send an e-mail to haarlemthehardest@yahoo.com. Just state that it is about this
    guide and I will get back to you asap, just be nice, I won't anwser if you just
    kick this guide down. Also, use normal English or Dutch(my native language). If 
    your e-mail helps me learn things about the game I didn't know or the info is 
    otherwise helpfull, I will put it in here and off course credit you.

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