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Reviewed: 12/11/12

You're a long ways from home, Lee.

Fair Warning! This review is for The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner. If you're reading this now, I sincerely hope you are not thinking of starting the game at this point without playing through Episodes 1-3.

Episode 3 sure shook things up, huh? Lots of party members gone and three new faces to take their place. We've also changed scenery considerably thanks to finding that train and now Lee and company find themselves in the coastal city of Savannah, Georgia, hoping to learn something about Clementine's parents as well as find a boat. But Savannah is just as destroyed and messed up as every other city and just as dangerous. And with someone obviously talking to Clementine through her (now un-broken) walkie-talkie you really have no idea what to expect out of this episode.

Episode 4 consists of a lot of exploring, given the new area and all. It also returns to the choices directly affecting whether certain people in your party live or die, which is always interesting. You'll encounter a lot of new circumstances and people throughout the chapter and as always initial impressions and actions chosen by you are as important as ever. Highlights include a hidden group of survivors, multiple mysterious individuals and a totalitarian society. In the end, the story does a fantastic job of showing the group struggling to survive in a new area, has the series excellent pacing and then sets the game up for a big finish for Episode 5.

The game play is of course more of the same. It actually takes after Episode 3 more than the other episodes, as you have a few segments where you'll have live-action gun play and need to rely on a (admittedly small) amount of SKILL to overcome some dangers instead of just your wits. Wits are still valuable though, as the game has quite a few small puzzles to work out, although most of them simply require having the right item in your inventory. There's also some sneaking around in this game, which we really haven't seen since Episode 1, which is pretty cool.

The graphics are of course very similar to everything you've seen so far, but since you're doing quite a bit of exploring in a new town you'll get to play around in a lot of new backgrounds. Thankfully the series graphical quality is quite high. The backgrounds you'll encounter are all wonderfully detailed. Animations are still all very good as well. Pretty much more of the same. I also experience less lag than usual in Episode 4, but of course your experiences may vary!

The audio in the game maintains its quality as well. You'll meet several new people and, as usual, they all sound great. The voice actors all fit their characters very well (Whoever is in charge of the talent just did a fantastic job throughout the entire game. Telltale better keep that guy employed!). The standard orchestra music returns to support dramatic and touching moments in the story and is always welcome. Great voice acting picks and pretty much more of the same.

After all the bombshells in Episode 3, Episode 4 loses a bit of re-playability. Choices and friendships don't mean much when there's hardly any survivors left after all. Still, previous choices and friendships still come into play and there is some life and death moments worth re-visiting. There's also a MAJOR choice near the end of the chapter that really emphasis friendship that you just won't believe...

Overall: 8/10

Episode 4: Around Every Corner is a solid entry. Not quite as dynamic as Episode 3 but very solid with a great story, new surroundings and the quality you've come to expect from the other episodes up to now. Not a whole lot of re-playability after the last episode but Episode 4 is still pretty long and fulfilling in and of itself. Have fun and keep playing!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner (US, 10/09/12)

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