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    Nariko by DreoreSilere

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    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale - Nariko Guide/FAQ

    Author: DreoreSilere
    Date Completed: 5/25/2013
    Since: 7/1/2013


    Hello, and welcome to my guide. While PSASBR was released in November of 2012, I only started playing the game since late March 2013. As such, I have not experienced many pre-balance changes that other players have experienced in the first few months of release. Still, I hope to share what I have learned about Nariko that may be helpful to both novices and experts with her, as she is one of my favorite characters to play as.

    Guide Information

    This guide is split into five parts and assumes the reader has learned the basics of PSASBR, including, but not limited to, the following below:

    • How to recover from a knockdown state
    • How to recover when knocked into the air
    • Blocking, ground dodging, and air dodging

    (Refer to Terotrous's guide for help on the basics.)

    The first part is the Nariko Guide/FAQ. I will introduce all her moves and combos in this section.

    Next is General Strategies. It is a fairly short section that will be helpful to players who just want quick tips to get better with Nariko.

    Third is Advanced Nariko Tech. This includes all of Nariko's mix-up options, anti-airs, and other various set-ups.

    Fourth is Match-Up Strategies. I'll put together everything I have used that will help Nariko play successfully against a certain character. Not all of my recommendations will work for everyone, so I invite anyone to ask me questions and raise concerns about the viability of my strategies. I can always update to make them better.

    Stage Strategies come last. I will mostly state when, where, and how to use her supers effectively to earn kills/points.

    When moves are referenced, I will use the format below:

    NNo directional input
    FLeft or right directional input
    UUp directional input
    DDown directional input
    gIndicates ground version of an input; usually omitted in this guide to avoid redundancy
    aIndicates aerial version of an input; must be used in air
    jumpIndicates that a jump is needed, usually by pressing X
    landIndicates that Nariko must land during a combo to follow-up with a certain move
    (reversed)Indicates that the move must be inputted while back is facing opponent; done easily by inputting a diagonal directional input
    #Indicates a pause where Nariko can cancel a Square sequence with any other action; not an input
    tIndicates the second tier of Nariko's particular ground Square string; accessible only by inputting the first tier of that ground Square string

    Version History

    • 2.54 - July 1, 2013
      • Converted FAQ to Formatted FAQ for GameFAQs-hosted guide.
      • Added Frequently Asked Questions section.
      • Revamped match-ups, adding match-up charts and other tidbits. Removed ineffective strategies and replaced them with more effective ones.
      • Minor spelling edits to a few sections.
      • Changed combo notation for easier reference.
      • Removed redundant information in General Strategies section.
      • Added Advanced Nariko Tech section, including mix-ups, anti-airs, tech chases, and throw resets.
    • 1.24 - June 4, 2013
      • Minor edits to some match-ups, esp. Sweet Tooth.
      • Added four more AP Bursts for combo-starters D1, U2, aF2, and aN3.
      • Edited Nariko introduction to introduce the term "BnB."
      • More credits.
    • 1.14 - June 3, 2013
      • Additional spelling mistakes corrected.
      • Super Cheats granted permission to host this guide; added to credits.
      • Guide now also hosted on Neoseeker.
      • Updated copyright notice.
    • 1.12 - May 28, 2013
      • Fixed several minor spelling mistakes.
      • Added contact info (how silly of me to forget).
      • Added that Nariko's aU2 can no longer start an AP Burst after 1.10 update.
      • Added a possible alternate kill set-up for Nariko's Level 1.
      • Added three special wall combos Nariko can do on the Fearless stage.
      • Added more info for various match-ups.
      • Added more credits.
      • Added more AP Bursts for the D1 and U2 starters.
    • 1.00 - May 25, 2013
      • The first version of the guide is completed. Includes introduction to guide and Nariko, general strategies, match-ups, stages, and credits.
      • Guide accepted on GameFAQs!

    Nariko Guide/FAQ

    Nariko is the protagonist of the game Heavenly Sword, which was released for the PS3 in 2007. She is one of the last two characters, along with Sir Dan, to be revealed for the original roster of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    In PSASBR, Nariko is a versatile character with a variety of melee combos as well as two projectile moves. What makes Nariko particularly interesting, however, are her ground Square moves. These are the sequences that result from those moves:

    1st TierPause2nd Tier

    After the first few attacks of a ground 1 sequence (before the #), Nariko can continue the corresponding 1 sequence or immediately cancel it with these following actions:

    • Attacking with a different ground 1 move
    • Jumping, preferably into an aerial move or an air dodge
    • Dodging backward
    • Dodging behind the opponent, preferably following up with a throw
    • Parrying with N2
    • N3, a long grab-type move that can be blocked

    In this guide, the # will be used to refer to this period where she can perform these actions. In battle, you will recognize this by a golden ring that appears at Nariko's feet. I will also call it the Key Pose.

    One might say this ability to switch approaches can be particularly useful, especially when put into a 1v1. There is, however, a caveat. The reason I prefer to use the term "sequence" instead of combo, when referring to Nariko's Square moves, is that once the Key Pose occurs, the combo "disconnects itself," allowing the opponent to react. This is somewhat unfortunate as it reduces the viability of her Square moves. As such, in order to be successful with Nariko in a match, one has to make use of her mix-up options as well as her 2 and 3 moves. (Check the moves section to see how Nariko can deal with the various reactions of her opponents.)

    To elaborate, think of the Square moves that occur after the # as moves that can only be accessed by inputting the Square moves before the #. With the exception of the D1 string, the Square inputs before OR after the # form a combo, but the whole sequence itself is NOT a combo because there is a break in the sequence where the opponent can react.

    Furthermore, any ground 2 or 3 attack (with the exception of N3) that you input after the Square moves has a significant delay. N3 is the fastest ground move to cancel into from a Key Pose, but it ONLY forms a combo with D1.

    With that said, watch closely how a Nariko plays:

    Players new to Nariko may mindlessly input different Square moves without mixing up to confuse their opponents. They may have a lot of trouble against blocking or dodging opponents.

    Intermediate players may find the Square moves to be useless and rely on the overly long combos that start with N3. Outside of a 1v1, this will usually leave Nariko (and her victim) vulnerable to a super from another opponent.

    Experts will most likely take advantage of the mix-up options that her ground Square moves offer, but they will also be aware of her other combo-starters. They may play offensively when Nariko has the advantage, but rely on punishes, counters, and defensive strategies against harder opponents.


    Once you have played Nariko enough, you will notice that most of her major combos end the same way - with her and her opponent in the air. Let us call this portion of her combos her "bread and butter," or BnB for short. This is usually the following:

    1.U2jumpaN111the shortest combo-ender
    2.aN3aN111adding in 10 extra AP
    3.aU2aN3aN111adding in Nariko's chain swing

    Sometimes, the aU2 won't be in there. Sometimes, the aN111 may be replaced with an aF1 or aD2. And there are some combos that don't even include aN3. It doesn't matter. What you should really take note of are the various ways that Nariko can lead into these combos, either from her ground 1 mix-ups or aerial moves. Here's a secret: Nariko can lead into her BnB from ANY of her moves but two - her grounded F2 and F3. (Well, guess it's not a secret anymore, huh?)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why does Nariko pause halfway through her g1 combos?

    I honestly have no idea.

    In her own game, Heavenly Sword, Nariko does pause between most of her moves, but enemies were usually stunned enough so that the player has enough time to think about which move to execute next.

    In Playstation All-Stars, Nariko is essentially given an artificial handicap. (Yes, I call it a handicap.) The golden ring at her feet signals a break in her "combo." During this short (but oh-so-crucial) period, she cannot block, throw, or execute any directional Triangle or Circle move. Yes, she can mix-up between any of her Square strings, similar to how she plays in her own game, but the best option at the Key Pose period is usually an aerial move. For the most part, you're going to have to make deal with this weakness and turn it into a mix-up game.

    2. What is the difference between N111 and F11? Other than the fact that they're totally useless?

    They aren't useless at all. They're used to lead into her mix-ups. N111 is fast-hitting, but has short range. F11 has more horizontal range, but is slower. Switch between the two according to the situation. You might not even use them at all in lieu of her other moves. These two mix-up starters, however, have helped me a lot against Cole and Kat. Also, note that N111 is the only one of Nariko's moves that matches the lightning-quick speed of Kat's rapid kicks.

    It is actually the 2nd tier of moves (tN111 and tF11) that I would say are useless in most circumstances simply because of the fact that they are so punishable on dodge. And the reason why they are so punishable is because the only way to access them is to input the 1st tier of moves and then allow a gap in your strings. The animations for the 2nd tier of moves do look cool though.

    3. What should I do after a g1 set-up? I'm getting destroyed out there!

    Nariko can punish almost any defensive option (except for maybe blocking, which is the bane of her existence). In return, she is herself very punishable. To use her effectively, you're going to have to pay close attention to the person you're hitting or else risk getting knocked around like a rag doll. Sometimes, it is about luck too, so don't blame yourself if you lose, but you should always get a good read on your opponent to increase your chances of winning. Check N111/F11 Mix-Ups for details.

    4. If Nariko's other moves punish various defensive options by themselves. Then what's the point of her g1 moves and mix-ups?

    Here are the reasons:

    • Mix-ups after an N111/F11 allow you to punish escape options in a more controlled way. You can't really predict what your opponent will do when you're both moving all over the stage. Once you get in a g1 hit, you'll have an easier time playing rock-paper-scissors.
    • Nariko dodges faster during the golden ring than dodging manually. She can also jump-cancel and parry-cancel. This makes up for her inability to immediately block after any of her first-tiered g1 moves.
    • N1 in particular is Nariko's fastest move. Her chain moves have more range, but N1 is the only attack that takes the same priority as, say, Kat's quick attacks.
    • F1 is the only way Nariko can combo into a throw. Not that useful really - but just throwing this out there.
    • U11, an anti-air alternative to U2, while not used as much, can be jump-cancelled even on whiff.
    • Nariko's aerial chain moves, including aU1 and aD2 in particular, have a lot of landing lag. If you find yourself getting punished a lot against people who dodge or block your aerial attacks, D1 allows a safe and quick way of hitting your opponents.

    5. Why do you suggest dodging behind your enemy after N111/F11 to throw them? Can't you just throw after?

    No, you can't throw right after (when she has the golden ring at her feet). There's a considerable delay before she can do so. You might as well dodge to confuse the blocking opponent and throw them from behind. Dodging to throw and just waiting before you are able to throw take the same time to execute.

    You can immediately throw after a D2 though.

    6. Help! People just keep jumping around and I don't know what to do!

    If your enemy is hardly on the ground, your ground set-ups obviously won't work, so you'll need some anti-air options. If you don't make use of these, you'll find yourself having a much harder time against characters like Fat Princess, Cole, and Kat whose most dangerous moves involve them staying in the air. Check the Anti-Air Options for details.

    7. I'm really having trouble against people who turtle block.

    Even though Nariko can punish all other forms of tech, there's really not much to do as Nariko if your opponent keeps blocking. You just have to keep throwing them if they continue to block the whole match. Even if Nariko can't gain good meter from her throws, she still has to use her throws to discourage blocking.

    8. Is there a list of changes to Nariko that I should know about?

    Yes. These are very important changes too:

    • Patch 1.10:
      • U2
        • No longer able to be jump-cancelled on whiff.
      • aU1
        • Start-up increased by 2 frames.
        • Gravity does not turn on until later throughout the animation.
        • Nariko is now a lot more vulnerable when she lands if the move is blocked.
      • aD2
        • Causes knockdown reaction when airborne victim is grabbed. (Note that this only occurs offline. Online, it is glitched!)
      • aU3
        • Will now recover the same way as the ground version. This reduces the fire rate of her disc throws and leaves her more vulnerable at close range even when used in the air.
      • Level 2
        • Cost decreased from 350 AP to 325 AP.
        • Fire limit of 6 has been removed. Now infinite for the duration of the super state.
        • Rate of fire decreased.
        • Turning the cannon will knock away nearby opponents. (Online, it is glitched if opponent blocks.)
      • Level 3
        • Super now ends regardless of active 3 move.
        • Fixed bug where super would not end if Nariko held block.

    9. Hey, Nariko's aD2 is glitched! Tell me I'm not just seeing this!

    Here's what I wrote in the message board a while ago:

    After this so-called balancing, Nariko's aD2 is now glitched. You may not notice it in a chaotic match, but it is there, and it is huge. Not noticing it can be deadly for the Nariko player. Blue_BaIIz noticed this first, but I don't think he has explained it thoroughly to anyone yet.

    Superbot intended for aD2 to now knockdown aerial opponents to the ground only, and it appears so on the Nariko player's screen. The same cannot be said when you look at the opponent's screen. On the opponent's screen, instead of a heavy slam knockdown, they are butt-dropped, and as such, will endure the same recovery of a butt-drop. This allows them to input any move earlier than the knockdown from the aD2 is supposed to do to them.

    Because of this discrepancy, Nariko will witness the opponent INSTANTLY teleporting from a flattened state to whatever move they input. They will never roll from a wake-up because on THEIR screen, they have actually been butt-dropped.

    I used to think I could effectively tech chase opponents from a knockdown after the aD2 by using a D3 (the purgatory swords that appear from the ground), but since this only works on opponents who roll from a wake-up, it's NOT possible here because they are NOT knocked down on THEIR screen. This has gotten me killed so many times, long before I even realized what was happening. Anyone who uses a super on you to "punish" you will appear as if their connection is lagging, when in fact, it's not, was not, and will never be a connection issue. It's a glitch.

    So you ask me: if they are really butt-dropped, then I can just follow-up with a move as if aD2 was never changed, right? Wrong. Even if I follow up with, say, an aD1 (she slams her red Heavenly Sword into the ground), it will never hit them. Yes, even on their screen, they will get up from the butt-drop and not even get hit by that move. They SHOULD be, but they are invincible. You need to see it for yourself to see how impossible that is. It's hard to describe with words.

    But alas, there's more. Even though YOU yourself can't follow-up with a move, seeing as how they are knocked down on YOUR screen, anyone else (in a FFA or your partner in a 2v2) can follow-up with a move on the "kinda-sorta, really" butt-dropped opponent. Remember that the knockdown effect ONLY appears on the Nariko player's screen.

    10. Are there any other Nariko glitches I should know about?

    Plenty. Most of them occur online, but NEVER offline.

    • Nariko's N3, U2, jump, aU2, aN3, aN111 combo will ALWAYS only give 100 AP online instead of 130 AP.
    • If you use her N3 move at the same time someone tries to throw you, the opponent will get knocked away as if hit by an AP Burst.
    • Nariko's Level 2 is glitched online. People can block to avoid being knocked away by the cannon. Offline, they cannot block to avoid it.
    • Nariko's Level 3
      • In a 2v2, if your partner hits your victim at the same time you grab them with any of her moves, they will die instantly instead of you having to go through the whole attack animation.
      • Sometimes, a 1 or 3 move will end up knocking down the victim instead of killing them. I suspect this is due to latency.
    • Unsure if this is a glitch or not, but Nariko will grab objects like Sackboy's bounce pad if you use her 1 move during her Level 3. Very annoying when this happens.

    11. What is/are Nariko's worst match-up(s)?

    See the Match-Up Strategies section.

    12. I'm not used to this new format for your guide....

    I know it would be difficult to suddenly accept the new version of my guide, but there really was no other way if I was going to make the content in my guide easily readable and referenced. I apologize to those who were used to my old combo notation - the new format just wasn't compatible with it.

    Pros & Cons


    • Versatile, with both melee and projectile attacks.
    • Her parry has the least recovery of any character's in the game.
    • Has a lot of mobility, especially with aU2.
    • Gap in Square moves allow her an escape option (also a con).
    • Plenty of mix-up options to confuse opponents.
    • Has many AP Burst (130+) combo-starters.
    • Can set-up many combos and kills for a partner in a 2v2.
    • Level 3 super has potential to get 9 kills in one use.
    • High-reward playstyle


    • Viability reduced in a 1v1.
    • Very punishable.
    • Level 1 super is considerably hard to use, especially in a 1v1.
    • Level 2 super leaves her vulnerable, and is hard to use on certain stages.
    • Gap in Square moves can backfire.
    • D2 is hard to link with N1 or N3.
    • Most combos that include N3 or aN3 are long-winded, leaving her vulnerable to any attack by another opponent.
    • Cannot combo reliably from Throws.
    • Cannot combo reliably into Supers.
    • Cannot turn during moves, unlike other characters.
    • High-risk playstyle

    Square Moves

    g1 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    N1Heaven's Dance 110 (5, 5)2 Hits
    N11Heaven's Dance 25
    N111, #Heaven's Dance 35N1 Key Pose
    (At N1 Key Pose) tN1Heaven's Dance 410 (5, 5)2 Hits
    (At N1 Key Pose) tN11Heaven's Dance 510 (5, 5)2 Hits
    (At N1 Key Pose) tN111Heaven's Dance 615 (5, 10), or 30 (5, 10, 15)2-3 Hits, Causes KNEEL State at 2 Hits & KNOCKDOWN State at 3 Hits
    F1Devil's Paradise 110Causes BUTTDROP State
    F11, #Devil's Paradise 210 (5, 5)2 Hits, F1 Key Pose
    (At F1 Key Pose) tF1Devil's Paradise 310Causes CRUMPLE State
    (At F1 Key Pose) tF11Devil's Paradise 425 (10, 5, 10)LIFTS Opponent
    U1Rising Divinity 110 (5, 5)2 Hits
    U11Rising Divinity 220LIFTS Opponent, U2 Key Pose
    (At U1 Key Pose) tU1Rising Divinity 315 (5, 10)Whiffs on Grounded Opponents
    (At U1 Key Pose) tU11Rising Divinity 420 (5, 5, 10)
    D1Angel's Judgement20LIFTS Opponent, D1 Key Pose
    (At D1 Key Pose) tD1Angel's Judgement 210Causes KNEEL State
    (At D1 Key Pose) tD11Angel's Judgement 320 (5, 15)2 Hits, Causes KNOCKDOWN State

    a1 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    aN1Heavenly Depart 15Cancel into aU1 Possible
    aN11Heavenly Depart 25Cancel into aU1 Possible
    aN111Heavenly Depart 330EJECTS Opponent
    aF1Devil's Grin30EJECTS Opponent
    aU1Unfurled Sky20 (5, 5, 5, 5)1-4 Hits, LIFTS Opponent
    aD1Devil's Descent20LIFTS Opponent, Whiffs on Aerial Opponents

    Triangle Moves

    g2 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    N2Melee Counter20 or VariableReflects Projectiles, Causes BUTTDROP State at Close Range
    F2Debris Sweep10 (5, 5)2 Hits, Pushes Back Opponent, Counts as Projectile Move
    U2Aerial Moment20LAUNCHES Opponent
    D2Compassion20PULLS Opponent to Nariko

    a2 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    aN2Melee Counter20 or VariableReflects Projectiles, EJECTS Opponent at Close Range
    aF2Debris Sweep10 (5, 5)2 Hits, Pushes Back Opponent, Counts as Projectile Move
    aU2Heroine Moment20
    aD2Reunion20Causes BUTTDROP State (Grounded Opponent Only)

    Circle Moves

    g3 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    N3From Father10 (2, 2, 2, 4)Causes SHOCK State, (leaves opponent in air slightly above ground)
    F3Fire Rocket20Aimable Projectile, LIFTS Opponent
    U3The Basics20Aimable Projectile, Bounces Off Walls & Opponents, Causes BUTTDROP State
    D3Purgatory20Causes CRUMPLE State on Grounded Opponents, EJECTS Aerial Opponents

    a3 Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    aN3Warm Embrace10 (2, 2, 2, 4)Causes SHOCK State, (leaves opponent in air when used on grounded opponent)
    aF3Fire Rocket20Aimable Projectile, LIFTS Opponent, Cannot be Reflected or Countered
    aU3The Basics20Aimable Projectile, Bounces Off Walls & Opponents, Causes BUTTDROP State
    aD3Purgatory20Causes CRUMPLE State on Grounded Opponents, EJECTS Aerial Opponents

    X Moveset

    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    (Toward a Wall) (Hold) XNariko Clings to Wall
    (During Wall Cling) XNariko Jumps Off Wall


    InputName of MoveAP GainedInformation
    Forward ThrowPossessionVariableLIFTS Opponent
    Up ThrowMoment's AngelVariableEJECTS Opponent, Leaves Nariko in Air
    Down ThrowDevil's HeelVariableCauses KNOCKDOWN State


    InputName of MoveAP CostInformation
    R2 (Level 1)Twing Twang150
    R2 (Level 2)Dawn Siege325
    R2 (Level 3)The Goddess750
    (During Level 3) 1Stolen KissQuick Recovery on Whiff
    (During Level 3) 2Whirling Passion
    (During Level 3) 3Adoring TravelerLong Recovery

    Combos, Throws & Supers

    Nariko has a lot of AP Burst combos. You may or may not choose to start at her Key Poses (#), where the opponent has ample time to block, attack, counter, dodge roll, or jump. Whichever way you choose to play Nariko, just know that she is like a double-edged sword - high-risk, high-reward.

    For this section, I will provide an explanation of each move. Look out for the lists of opponent actions and what you should do when that situation arises. The "Recommended Follow-Ups" are my preferred moves that will form a combo with that particular move. I've also listed a few high AP combos that are possible that start with that move. When I list the possible actions to take after a set-up, it is generally assumed that you should continue the full combo for a combo-starter (i.e., N3 into U2, etc.).

    (As a general reminder, always truncate combos when there is a high chance of being interrupted.)


    Heaven's Dance (NEUTRAL SQUARE)

    Nariko hits an opponent with a flurry of blue dual-blades, leading to a Key Pose.

    N111 is a quick combo that will easily give you 20 AP. Unfortunately, you can't do much with it if the opponent knows how to escape afterward. This is also the reason why doing the high AP combo that starts with this move is not recommended. Luckily, N111 and F11 despite their flaws, allow Nariko the ability to perform mix-ups, escapes, and counters. If you can correctly guess what an opponent will do in a match, you will do well. Check N111/F11 Mix-Ups for details.

    (Note, again, that there is a very noticeable delay between when you are able to use any ground attack, except N3, during the Key Poses.)


    After the Key Pose, if the N111 sequence is used again, she whirls her chains around her in a short radius, hitting up to 6-7 times.

    High AP Combo:

    20 + 155 APN111#tN111D1#N3U2jumpaN3aF1

    N111 is not part of the real combo. It is required for tN111, however.

    Sadly, this combo will never occur against an opponent who simply knows how to hold the block button, and it won't continue after the third tN1 because of the different hitboxes of some characters. If you are playing against a relatively new player though, feel free to show off.


    Devil's Paradise (FORWARD SQUARE)

    Nariko slices the opponent a few times with the Heavenly Sword, leading to a Key Pose.

    F11 is just like N111, but it has more range and slower start-up. It can also be used to combo into a throw, but other than that, it still suffers from the same problems N111 has, and that is that the sequence of attacks after can be easily escaped.

    Check the N111 table above to see what you should do at the Key Pose.


    After the Key Pose, if the F11 sequence is used again, she causes a crumple state with a blade, and then does a series of acrobatic kicks that lifts the opponent.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After F1 (Devil's Paradise 1),

    Any Throws

    While this may guarantee a throw, F1 is still pretty slow, and this does not work on a blocking opponent (who you can simply throw anyway).

    High AP Combos:

    20 + 155 APF11#F11U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    tF1 will crumple the opponent. When he is crumpled, Nariko can branch off into other combo moves, but this is the combo I generally would use. In any case, she can't do much else because this is another beautiful combo that, unfortunately, will never occur against a player who simply dodges or blocks.

    Note that you must double jump after the U2.


    Rising Divinity (UP SQUARE)

    Nariko arches her chains upward, lifting her opponent in the air and leading to a Key Pose.

    This move may not seem useful. After all, it has a long start-up and can whiff sometimes. However, it can be an important tool to find out how an opponent recovers from a lift or eject attack. You can also use this after an N3 if you want to take chance at a mix-up at the cost of potentially 50 less AP. At the Key Pose, keep an eye out on what the opponent does if this move does connect. Check the U11 Mix-Ups for details.

    U11 also makes a somewhat effective anti-air. It's slower than a U2 but can be jump- or dodge-cancelled on whiff.


    After the Key Pose, if the U11 sequence is used again, she jumps, spins around with her blades, and does a final backflip blade attack after landing.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After U11, #, tU1 (Rising Divinity 3)

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 130 + 130-135 APU11#tU1U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    This combo is highly dependent on whether the opponent recovers down or not. If they do not recover downward at the key pose, continue the combo. If they do recover downward, immediately dodge behind where they will tech down and throw them. You can also use an N3 at the Key Pose, but sometimes it will end up being blocked depending on how fast they tech down.

    Note, the tU11 combo follow-up after the Key Pose must be cancelled halfway with the U2. This means you must use Rising Divinity 3 but not Rising Divinity 4.

    Combo 2155 AP(on aerial opponent) U11#jumpaN11(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U2jumpaU2aN3aF1

    U11 can be followed upon when used as an anti-air, though aN11 to reversed aU1 is hard to pull off.


    Angel's Judgement (DOWN SQUARE)

    Nariko does a roundhouse kick, lifting her opponent in the air. This leads to a Key Pose. A unique property of this move is that it causes a heavy slam knockdown on short-hopping opponents. Use it to knock them down and tech chase their wake-up.

    This is a key tool if you do not want to risk being punished by dodges when using your other ground Square moves. D1 allows you to jump or dodge cancel pretty quickly in case you whiff or only chip an opponent.


    After the Key Pose, if the D1 sequence is used again, Nariko slices once with her sword, flipkicks forward, and slams the sword into the ground, knocking down the opponent.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After D1, #, (Angel's Judgement 1)

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1155 APD1#N3U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    This is somewhat safe, but you have to commit to the N3 by standing still at the Key Pose due to the fact that you must delay your input to the N3 to connect the combo. This makes D1 particularly unsafe if you decide to start off with it raw because it is hard to predict whether your D1 will be blocked/dodged or not.

    If you have trouble connecting a N3 from a D1, simply let go of all buttons, wait a few frames, and then press Circle.

    Note that Combo 1 will not work if D1 is fully spaced.

    Combo 2155 AP(fully spaced) D1#U11#aN11(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U2jumpaN111

    Well, this is a doozy, but will work if D1 hits an opponent at its farthest possible distance. As usual, dodge roll or jump if D1 is blocked.

    Thanks to Blue_BaIIz for finding this combo!

    (Note that aN11 to aU1 makes use of the ability to cancel an aN111 string after the 1st or 2nd hit with an aU1.)

    Combo 3130 APD1#jumpaD2landD1#jumpaD2landD1

    Nariko used to have this amazing loop using D1 and aD2, but with the change to aD2 on aerial opponents high above the ground, it is now harder to pull off. Basically, you have to wait until each D1's lift lets them fall back down. Just before they fall down, you have to use an aD2 on them. If you are really skilled at timing, it's a great way to humiliate your opponent, but there's not much else you can get from it.

    Combo 4140 APD1#jump backward, turn around mid-airaD2aD1 (move forward during animation)U2jumpaN3aF1

    The jumping backward looks complicated on paper, but it really isn't. With this, you're essentially jump-cancelling to make sure you're a little safer on block or whiff. Plus, it will help with the timing to get that butt-drop on a close-to-the-ground aerial opponent.

    Combo 550 APD1#tD11

    This one does not lead to an AP Burst, but tD11 does flatten the opponent, giving Nariko a chance to tech chase. Normally, D1 to tD11 requires you to commit, but landing D3/aD3 to D1 to tD11 is easier to pull off if you are punishing dodge rolls. Check Knockdown Tech Chases for an appropriate follow-up.


    Heaven's Depart (AERIAL NEUTRAL SQUARE)

    Nariko hits an opponent with her blades in the air.

    The aN111 sequence can be cancelled at any time with an aU1.

    Since the last aN1 ejects the opponent, it cannot start a combo, but it makes for an excellent end to most combos.

    High AP Combo:

    130-135 APaN11(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    This makes use of the cancel into an aU1. You can get in an aN11 against someone who is just above the ground, though the fact that a raw aN1 is hard to connect in the first place makes it less useful as an actual combo-starter. Think of this combo as a glorified aU1 starter. If you whiff the aN11, you can pretty much execute the aU1 safely and continue into that combo anyway for 95 AP. Not too many Nariko players make use of this technique.



    Nariko slashes an opponent with the Heavenly Sword while in the air, ejecting all opponents in front of and above her.

    This move is similar to the aN111 combo in that it ejects an opponent after it is finished. While this move does give less AP overall than aN111, it is the only way that Nariko can gain 30 AP using one move. Use this as a quick zoning tool to knock back opponents, and also to bypass some armored attacks.

    High AP Combo:

    130 AP(certain distance from wall) aF1landU2jumpaU2(may or may not be reversed) aF1

    aF1 starts a situational wall-bounce combo. It also has a lot of block stun so it is somewhat safe on block, but be careful that you don't get punished on your landings on dodge.


    Unfurled Sky (AERIAL UP SQUARE)

    Nariko spins around in the air with her chain blades.

    Though this is highly punishable if the opponent knows how to time his attack right before you land, it is extremely safe in all other situations. Use this along with aD2, U2, and aU2 to keep your enemy on his feet. This move is also an invaluable tool to get pressure off yourself.

    If you're feeling especially dirty, you can use this to punish people who like to throw you. As long as you hover just above the ground and use it liberally, it will usually prevent throws.

    As of the 1.10 patch, this move now has 2 more frames of start-up. Nariko will also not "fall down to the ground" as quickly as she did pre-patch. This has made it less spammable and makes her slightly more vulnerable before landing.

    Recommended Follow-Up:

    High AP Combos:

    These two combos are hard to pull off at first, but are a godsend once mastered, since aU1 is a "relatively" safe move to start off with (smarter players may punish you at that small gap before you land).

    Combo 1135-140 APaU1 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Here, aU1 must hit a grounded opponent 3 or 4 times. Nariko also must be very close but a little above the opponent. After U2, a double jump is required.

    Combo 295 AP(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    For this one, aU1 in this case must hit very close to the ground, and it can only hit once for 5 AP before landing.

    Combo 3155 AP(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U11#jumpaN1(reversed) aU1land(reversed) U2jumpaU2aN3aF1

    If you're really good at switching between reverse moves and forward-facing moves, try this on for size. Like Combo 2 from the D1 starter (see above), this makes use of the ability to cancel an aN111 string with an aU1. Here, you must cancel it after the first aN1.

    If you have a lot of trouble pulling this off, try tilting the analog stick diagonally to the direction you want to face after a move. If you're still having trouble, I suggest you just settle with 95 AP from the first version above.


    Devil's Descent (AERIAL DOWN SQUARE)

    Nariko slams the Heavenly Sword into the ground, lifting grounded opponents.

    I wouldn't say this move is very safe to use. Not only does it have a lot of landing lag, but it does NOT hit aerial opponents unless they are very close to the ground. And even in that rare case, it will cause a heavy slam knockdown instead of lifting them.

    Despite its weaknesses, it's generally the only good follow-up to an aD2. And it can be used to punish down-teching opponents in an aerial mix-up. Check Combo Resets for more information.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    High AP Combo:

    150 AP(on grounded opponent) aD1N3U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    This is another way to lead into Nariko's BnB. However, this combo-starter is very unsafe, and I don't recommend using it unless it's after an aD2.




    Melee Counter (NEUTRAL TRIANGLE)

    Nariko quickly parries with her blades, reflecting projectiles or countering at close range.

    If you're playing at a high level, you will want to use this move, as it leads to a very easy AP Burst combo. Just be careful you don't get punished with throws, as smart opponents will try to bait out your counter and attack after your active frames end or throw you.

    Note, the aerial version ejects opponents instead of allowing for a follow-up.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After Ground Melee Counter connects at close range,

    • D1
    • N3 (walk forward after connect)

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1130 APN2 (must connect)D1#bunny hopaU2aN111

    Combo 1 is an amazingly quick and reliable combo after a counter.

    Combo 2150 APN2 (must connect)walk forwardN3U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Use Combo 2 if you really, really want to guarantee an AP Burst, as the first combo can whiff occasionally. I prefer Combo 1, however, because I accidentally end up firing a rocket instead of using N3.

    To easily bait counters against opponents who spam attacks when being attacked, you can try a g1 or D2 set-up.




    Debris Sweep (FORWARD TRIANGLE)

    Nariko sweeps debris in front her of two times, pushing back opponents a short distance. This counts as a projectile move and is reflected by Kratos's counter and absorbed by Sir Daniel's shield.

    This may not seem like a useful move. After all, it only gives a measly 10 AP. But, what do you know, it pushes back opponents to the perfect distance for her Level 1 super. It can also be used to prevent a super trap after a knockdown. If you anticipate that your enemy is going to wait for you to recover and kill you, immediately use F2 in their direction to get some space. If all pans out, you will cancel their Level 1.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After aF2 (at perfect height),

    An interesting property of the aerial version of this move is that it will recover quite quickly if used high enough above the ground. Furthermore, if it connects at the PERFECT height, it can be followed-up with a U2. I have played Nariko enough to know that there won't be many situations that will give you the opportunity to make use of that, but it can still be useful.

    High AP Combo:

    130 AP(on aerial opponent) aF2 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Again, aF2 has to hit the opponent at the perfect height.


    Aerial Moment (UP TRIANGLE)

    Nariko launches the opponent in the air with one of her chain blades.

    Unlike Kratos, Dante, or Kat, Nariko's "launcher" move cannot be held down to automatically jump up when it connects. However, she is allowed to jump manually right after it hits an opponent, even if it chips (opponent blocks). When it whiffs, she cannot jump immediately, as there seems to be a few frames of recovery added on.

    Use this as a combo-starter when you notice people are "jump spamming," as its hitbox actually extends upward above Nariko, instead of just diagonally in front of her.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1140 APU2U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    In order for this combo to be possible, the first U2 must connect to an opponent that's at point-blank range. Alternatively, you can truncate the combo by using only one U2 and settling for 90 AP. This would be if your enemy is too high for a second U2 to hit.

    Combo 2150 APU2wait until opponent drops down a littlejump forwardaF2 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaF2aN3aN111

    Here, you must jump forward and high enough so that aF2 will recover fast enough, allowing you to immediately follow up with another U2. Tricky to master, but very helpful to get those extra AP Burst points.

    Combo 3140 APU2bunny hop forwardU2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Combo 3 is just another way to land Combo 1. Just bunny hop forward after the first U2.

    Thanks to Blue_BaIIz for discovering these combos. These combos cement U2 as an essential tool to Nariko's offense.

    Combo 4150 APU2wait until opponent drops down a littlejumpaN3aF2 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaU2aN3aF1

    This is yet another way to land an AP Burst from U2. Refer to F2 for more help on connecting this.


    Compassion (DOWN TRIANGLE)

    Nariko pulls the opponent to her with her chain blades.

    This move is similar to both Kratos's, PaRappa's, and Toro's pull moves. Unlike Kratos's, it does not eject the opponent. It has much more range than PaRappa's microphone grab, and it allows much more mix-ups than Toro's pull.

    If not for the miniscule window of time to link D2 to N3, Nariko would be ridiculously annoying. If you cannot pull off that link, check D2 Mix-Ups for details.

    If you're unsure and want to be safe after using D2, then just jump and use aU2. If you're attacked, at least you will be in the air, disrupting most combos. If you're countered, you will still most likely end up behind the opponent, with them vulnerable to attack. You also can't be thrown while in the air. Just be careful if your enemy has some dangerous anti-air options, like, say, another Nariko (Mirror Match).

    One important thing to note is that smarter opponents will activate their Level 2 once they're pulled in. It's pretty funny to see Big Daddy activate frenzy mode after being pulled in. Still, you don't want to fall into that trap - never pull anyone in if they have a Level 2 ready.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    • N111 (2-3 frame link)
    • N3 (1 frame link)

    High AP Combo:

    150 APD2N3U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    This combo-starter would be perfect if not for the extremely tight timing between D2 and N3. While this has the potential to pull an opponent toward Nariko from a safe range and generate huge AP, this set-up is generally only viable against non-blocking opponents, unless you have perfect timing. Expect this combo to only work once in a real match, if at all.


    Heroine Moment (AERIAL UP TRIANGLE)

    Nariko "attaches" one chain blade to the air and slashes with the other. This move leaves her a distance from where she started.

    This move functions similarly to Nathan's move, but it's exceptionally faster. Use it as a mobility tool to get in close to your opponents as well as to escape from many forms of attack. You can only use it once while in the air, however.

    Note, if you use this mid-combo while near a wall, it will bounce the opponent off, preventing a follow-up with N3. Try following up with U11 or another U2, instead of aU2, after an U2 if you are near a wall.

    Pre 1.10 patch, this used to be able to start an AP Burst combo if it was followed by an aD2. Unfortunately, with the change to aD2, she has lost this capability.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    • aD2
    • aN3
    • aF1 (if you make a mistake and end up behind them in Nariko's BnB)

    AP Combos:

    Combo 140 AP(on grounded opponent) aU2aD2

    You can't really follow-up anymore, so this is all you have.

    Combo 270 AP(on aerial opponent) aU2aN3aN111

    You can finish the rest of her BnB if they're in the air.



    Nariko pulls herself to the opponent and slams them to the ground. On grounded opponents or opponents just close enough above the ground, buttdrop state occurs. Aerial opponents go into knockdown state.

    This move is an essential tool to Nariko's aerial offense. It is harder to predict than N3 or any other ground move, but is still punishable on block and whiff due to the landing lag after an aerial move.

    As of the 1.10 patch, it no longer leaves aerial opponents high above the ground in a buttdrop state on the Nariko player's screen. If they are grabbed while in the air, she cannot follow up with any other move.

    Thanks to for telling me that aD2 CAN still be followed up against opponents who are in the air but very close to the ground.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    After aD2 connects on grounded opponent,

    High AP Combo:

    130 AP(on grounded opponent) aD2aD1 (move forward during animation)U2jumpaU2aD2

    aD2 is generally a very safe combo-starter and leads to many different combos from the one shown above. This is the one I prefer, however, as it's very quick. Just be careful you don't get punished on block due to your landing lag.

    Note that you must pause a split second before performing aD1 and use it as close to the ground as possible, or else you will risk using it on a blocking opponent.


    From Father (NEUTRAL CIRCLE)

    Nariko grabs the opponent and hits 4 times, shocking the opponent on the 4th hit.

    Many may say this is the bread and butter move of Nariko. I disagree. While it starts an excellent AP Burst, it is easily interrupted, goes on for too long for the small amount of AP it gives, and leaves Nariko vulnerable to everyone else in a FFA or 2v2. I do not deny that it is still useful though, especially in a 1v1.

    Note: Whiffing N3 on a blocking opponent, while not as risky as aD1 and D3, is still quite dangerous. Not to mention it makes people think you are trying to throw them.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1130 APN3U2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Ah, everyone's go-to combo, a robust combo-starter in itself, and it can be set-up in many ways. However, it is very easy to interrupt in a FFA or 2v2 unless other opponents are distracted. Do not even think of using this when your partner has no lives left in a 2v2 Stock match and you're left in a 1v2.

    UPDATE: I have noticed a glitch that occurs online that will only give Nariko 100 AP with Combo 1. If you are willing to practice enough, the combo below will always give you the right amount of AP, or more.

    Combo 2150 APN3U2wait until opponent drops down a littlejumpaN3aF2 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaU2aF1

    The timing from U2 to aN3 here is tricky. If you refer back to the section with aF2, you'll find that to make aF2 connect with U2, you have to input aF2 at the perfect height. When playing online, you can generally extend Nariko's BnB until the last [[aN111]. This will give you 20 extra AP.




    Fire Rocket (FORWARD CIRCLE)

    Nariko magically pulls out a cannon and fires an aimable rocket.

    Another very punishable move, but you can use while closing distance or just stay in the background, firing at distracted opponents in a FFA. You can also use it to zone slow characters like Sir Daniel.

    High AP Combo:

    140 AP(above opponent) aF3landU2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    Surprisingly, you can even start off a combo with Nariko's rocket! It is obviously not very practical in most situations, but it is funny if pulled off successfully.

    You must be above the opponent and aim the rocket back and toward the back of the opponent. This will lift them and make them vulnerable for an U2.

    UPDATE: aF3 cannot be reflected, deflected, countered, or absorbed. This makes a great temporary zoning tool against characters like Sly or Sir Daniel. Always remember to curve it close in front of you to make sure people can't approach you as easily.




    The Basics (UP CIRCLE)

    Nariko throws an aimable disc that buttdrops a grounded opponent. You can aim this by tilting up or down on the directional stick.

    This is one of two projectile moves that make Nariko such a versatile character. However, just like F3, it is very punishable if it is avoided. I have had people simply walk up to me during its recovery frames and kill me with their super while I was powerless to do anything. While this is an excellent zoning tool, you have to be really careful when using this when your opponent can quickly close distance.

    As of the 1.10 patch, it no longer recovers quickly when used just above the ground. Nariko can now no longer kill confirm into her Level 1 without a left wall.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1150 APU3 or aU3 (aim downward)D2N3U2jumpaN3aN111

    You can easily follow up Nariko's "disc" with a D2. But, again, the hard part is connecting D2 with N3. It's often better to just do a D2 set-up and watch what your opponent will do.

    Combo 2140 AP(close-range) U3 or aU3 (aim downward)D1#U11#aN111

    Combo 2 is if you happen to be close enough for D1to connect.




    Purgatory (DOWN CIRCLE)

    Nariko slams her blades to the ground, causing larger blades to appear from the ground, crumpling all grounded opponents around her, and ejecting aerial opponents.

    I am torn on this move. It leads to many combos, but smart opponents can block and take advantage of the slow start-up and recovery time. I have been punished and killed because of this move more times than I can count.

    For the above reasons, do not fall into the trap of using it too much, as it can form a nasty habit. While you can trap opponents who roll from a knockdown, others can just guard immediately after recovering. This spells certain death, especially against characters like Sweet Tooth, who have fast Level 1 supers.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    • (may or may not be reversed) D1
    • U2

    High AP Combos:

    Combo 1130 AP(on grounded opponent) D3 or aD3(may or may not be reversed) D1#aU2aN111

    Though both D3 and aD3 are long to start-up, easy to see coming, and therefore very punishable, you can use them to catch opponents who dodge roll. Also, if you're positive that the opponent is going to recover from a knockdown with a roll, use this as well.

    Note: If you happen to connect D3 or aD3 and are facing backwards, just input the corresponding diagonal direction to easily follow-up with Angel's Judgement 1.



    Nariko grabs the opponent in the air, hitting them 4 times and shocking them on the 4th hit.

    Use this to catch opponents who air-tech incorrectly. It can also be used to continue combos that leave the opponent in the air. My preferred follow-up is an aN111, as that gives the most AP.

    Note: If you are having trouble connecting aN3 to aF1 or aF2, you must time your button mashes until after the 4th hit of aN3 is done.

    Recommended Follow-Ups:

    High AP Combo:

    140 AP(on aerial opponent) aN3aF2 (move forward during animation)landU2jumpaU2aN3aN111

    I was surprised myself when I found that aN3 could start an AP Burst. Unfortunately, your opponent has to be in the air at the perfect height. If you are really good at positioning, try your luck with this. If you can land it consistently, it would be a great anti-air tool, but whiffing aN3 can be somewhat dangerous due to landing lag.

    Thanks to BAM sama from PSAS Arena for finding this combo.

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