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    Radec by RoyalShine

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              |           Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale           |
              |                   A Guide to Radec                      |
              |                    By: RoyalShine                       |
    Version 1.01
    Table of Contents [0000]
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    Table of Contents.........................................[0000]
    Version History...........................................[0001]
    About This Guide and Me...................................[A000]
    Who is Radec?.............................................[B000]
      Pros and Cons...........................................[B001]
    General Strategies........................................[C000]
    Strategies Against Others ................................[D000]
      Big Daddy...............................................[D001]
      Evil Cole...............................................[D003]
      Colonel Radec...........................................[D004]
      Emmett Graves...........................................[D006]
      Fat Princess............................................[D007]
      Nathan Drake............................................[D014]
      PaRappa the Rapper......................................[D015]
      Sir Daniel..............................................[D019]
      Sly Cooper..............................................[D020]
      Sweet Tooth.............................................[D022]
    Version History [0001]
    1.00 - Very first version. Strategies, Moves, and other basic moves written
    1.01 - Added extra information to NEUTRAL CIRCLE and UP GRAB
    About This Guide and Me [A000]
    Thank you for reading this guide! I was inspired by DreoreSilere to create a 
    character guide for Radec. I put time and effort into this guide to help out
    everyone, whether you are completely new to the game, new to using Radec, or
    just curious as to what I might say for the strategies. Before going on, I 
    want to point out that there is no "correct" way to play any character. This
    guide is purely the way that I use Radec, and I hope that you can maybe pick
    a thing or two out to help you!
    As for me, my name is (obviously) RoyalShine, but you can call me Matt if
    you prefer to use real names. I've been playing PSASBR since mid-December,
    when the game was still pretty new. Throughout the months that I played, I
    have seen character patches, new additions, buffs/nerfs, and all of the like.
    I've always wondered why there were never any character guides to this game,
    until I saw DreoreSilere create a Nariko guide, and I wanted to try to make
    a guide for the character I'm currently using, while using the Nariko guide 
    to help create a layout for my guide. I like consistency, after all.
    If you guys want to add me on the PSN, my name is KickassPudding.
    This is my first FAQ, so it might not come out perfect like I want, but I
    hope to try to make updates to it to better help you guys out. Now, on to 
    the guide!
    Who is Radec? [B000]
    Radec is from the Killzone games, specifically Killzone 2 (he's the bad guy).
    Unlike characters such as Raiden, Kratos, or Kat, you don't see very many
    Radecs out fighting. Most players will agree that Radec is low tier, and some
    even argue that he's the worst character in the game. Whether or not it's
    true, don't let it discourage you. Radec is a very fun character when you get
    skilled with him.
    However, like many people say, Radec is limited to what he can do. In the
    pros and cons section, you can see...well, his pros and cons.
    Pros and Cons [B001]
    + His sniper is one of the only attacks that go all the way across the screen
    + Has a lot of moves to distance himself from enemies
    + Can easily trick enemies with a lot of his moves (like down square)
    + Has cloase range attacks for enemies who slip past his guns
    + Pretty easy to learn
    - He isn't that versatile or fast
    - Slower AP gain
    - He doesn't have any good combos
    - None of his moves combo into a super (except for one for his level 2)
    - Level 1 can be slow, is easily interupted
    - Many of his moves leave him wide open to be attacked (punished)
    - Isn't very good in 1v1
    - Players might predict your strategies
    Moves [B002]
    Ground Square
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Square (x2)  Gun Boot                        20 (10,10)    
    Side Square          Knife Blast                     30 (10,20)    FLINGS
    Up Square            FSK-7 Fury Combat Knife         20            LIFTS
    Down Square          Surprise Grenade                10
    Air Square
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes  
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Square       Air Double Kick                 25 (5,20)     LIFTS
    Side Square          Air VC8 Shotgun Pistol          30            FLINGS
    Up Square            Air FSK-7 Fury Combat Knife     20            LIFTS
    Down Square          Air Surprise Grenade            10
    Ground Triangle
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Triangle     STA3 Light Machine Gun          15 (5,5,5)
    Side Triangle        VC32 Sniper Rifle               30            FLINGS
    Up Triangle          LS13 Shotgun                    30            FLINGS
    Down Triangle        M327 Grenade Launcher           20            LAUNCHES
    Air Triangle
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Triangle     Air STA3 Light Machine Gun      15 (5,5,5)    
    Side Triangle        Air VC32 Sniper Rifle           30            FLINGS
    Up Triangle          Air LS13 Shotgun                30            FLINGS
    Down Triangle        Air M327 Grenade Launcher       20            LAUNCHES
    Ground Circle
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Circle       VC21 Bolt Gun                   20 (10,10)    FLINGS
    Side Circle          TR-X Teslite Grenade            5             SHOCKS
    Up Circle            VC5 ARC Rifle                   5 (per hit)   
    Down Circle          VC1 Flame Thrower               30 (full)
    Air Circle
    Input                Name                            AP Gained     Notes
    =====                ====                            =========     =====
    Neutral Circle       Air VC21 Bolt Gun               20 (10,10)    FLINGS
    Side Circle          Air TR-X Teslite Grenade        5             SHOCKS
    Up Circle            Air VC5 ARC Rifle               5 (per hit)
    Down Circle          Air VC1 Flame Thrower           40 (full)
    Throws (R-Stick)
    Input                Name                                          Notes
    =====                ====                                          =====
    Down Grab            Helghan Stomp                                 KNOCKDOWN
    Side Grab            Executioner                                   FLINGS
    Up Grab              Vicious Assault                               LIFTS
    Supers [B003]
    Level 1: WASP Lock On
    AP Cost: 125
    Radec's level 1 is considered by many to be slow. The reason for this is that
    you press R2 once to pull out the WASP, and a cursor will come up. Then, you
    aim at an opponent, and press R2 again to fire the gun. The bad thing is that
    it's hard to use close range, and is easily interupted. However, if you lock
    on to an enemy, the missles will follow the target and most likely kill them.
    Use it's "length" to your advantage, and catch other's off guard with it.
    Since most people expect Radecs to use their level 1, they instantly dodge
    when they hear the super's sound and the "I'm finished with you!" that Radec
    says. If you have trouble with them dodging your level 1, wait until they roll
    to use it.
    Level 2: Super Arc Cannon
    AP Cost: 325
    Radec pulls out his gun, and shoots a thick green blast of energy across the
    map, killing anyone who either touches it or gets near it. This is a great
    super for getting quick kills, and can easily catch people falling from the
    air. One great thing about this super is that it's fast enough to where your
    enemies won't have enough time to react and try to kill you with their supers
    first, like you can with Big Daddy or Ratchet. I personally only use my level
    2 when I can't get any kills with my level 1 or when I'm just trying to
    finish the match to win. Be careful on some maps though; platforms can work
    against you. Also, you can use your Side Square on an enemy and right away use
    your level 2 as a follow up to be used as a "Kill Confirm."
    Level 3: STA-X6 Jetpack
    AP Cost: 750
    Radec hooks his jetpack on, says "Expect no mercy," and the screen goes into a
    first person mode where Radec shoots at every opponent on the screen. There's
    not much I can say about his level 3. Just point at the others and shoot like
    there's no tomorrow! A word of advice: a lot of people will try to just roll
    back and forth, so learn to follow them and shoot during the couple frames 
    when they're vulnerable.
    General Strategies [C000]
    One of Radec's biggest downfalls is that he doesn't really have any great
    combos like other characters do. There are a couple two-move combos that he
    can do, like:
    Up Grab --> Up Triangle (30 AP + any AP knocked out)
    Side Square --> Side Triangle (60 AP)
    But other than those two, as far as I know, are the only "combos" that Radec
    can perform. Don't let this fool you: Radec has a lot of great moves for any
    situation thrown at him.
    If you've seen any Radec online, you've probably experienced the typical noob
    Radec used in a way that a lot of people tend to. You'll see many of these
    Radec users do things such as:
    - Always run away from any incoming enemies
    - Occasional UP/SIDE CIRCLE
    - Use level 1 as soon as they get it
    - Spam SIDE SQUARE if enemies catch up
    Don't get me wrong, some of these things have reason, but inexperienced Radecs
    overexaggerate the above traits, and rarely (if ever) use any other moves.
    I'll try my best to help you with different strategies so you don't seem like
    "another one of those Radecs."
    My very basic strategy is SIMILAR to the one above. I start off with a couple
    shots of the sniper rifle to get them jumping. Usually, they find my snipers
    annoying, so at least one person will come after me jumping in the air. When I
    see this, I use SIDE/UP CIRCLE to get some more AP off of them. Then, I will
    use my NEUTRAL SQUARE a couple times on them or go back and forth with my DOWN
    SQUARE to try to confuse them. Then I'll UP GRAB to UP TRIANGLE or SIDE SQUARE.
    From there, I either repeat the process, or will chase after them and keep
    them guessing what I'll do. Occasionally, I'll use DOWN CIRCLE and NEUTRAL
    TRIANGLE to mix it up and still keep them from predicting me.
    Confused? Let me explain how often I use each of the moves, and what situations
    are the best time for them.
    Square Moves
    Neutral: I tend to use the kick two or three times on people who get really
    close to me, until they either block or roll out of the way.
    Up: I never really use the knife, but it's an alternative to the shotgun when
    your enemies end up above you from either falling or jumping over your guns.
    Side: This is good after a couple of kicks from Radec, and I'll use this quite
    frequently during matches to combo off of my sniper. The air version is a 
    good substitute for the shotgun for enemies that will end up right next to you
    (instead of above you).
    Down: One of my most used moves, I always use this instead of running away
    from enemies. The direction you face will change the way you spin, and I like
    to confuse my enemies. Also, it's great when you're falling and you want that
    extra bit of horizontal movement to dodge/confuse your opponents. Additionally
    it's a good combo-breaker for enemies who have those long, annoying combos.
    Triangle Moves
    Neutral: I usually use the machine gun when I think someone is going to rush
    towards me, or when I try to lock down enemies from afar. It's also great to
    hold enemies in place for a teammate to use their super!
    Up: The shotgun is one of Radec's moves that give 30 AP (the best he can get
    from one move grounded), so use it after up grabs. It's sure to annoy the hell
    out of your rivals.
    Side: The sniper. Everyone's most hated move by Radec. I use this at the
    beginning of a match or if I send the enemies flying away with one of my other
    moves. Use that long range to your advantage people; just make sure that it's
    not the only move you use.
    Down: I don't really like to use his grenade launcher that much, because it
    takes a long time to explode, and enemies can usually dodge it, unless they
    weren't paying attention or are just really dumb. It does give 20 AP, so if
    you find it useful, then go right ahead and use it.
    Circle Moves
    Neutral: I don't use this move that often, because it has a long start up
    period, and the enemy will usually block the bullet or block the explosion.
    However, my good friend Karstien mentions: "The neutral circle seems useless,
    but once it hits you have the opponent locked. They have to try and block or
    dodge, meaning you have a free attempt at a combo or sniper shot...Also, if
    they are really bad, you can look pro by confirming a level 1 from the wall
    bounce it provides." Thanks, Karstien!
    Up: I'll use this along with SIDE CIRCLE if I think an enemy is going to come
    jumping my way.
    Side: I'll use this along with UP CIRCLE if I think an enemy is going to come
    jumping my way.
    Down: I don't really use my grounded DOWN CIRCLE, but if I jump at a grounded
    enemy, I will try to start using my flamethrower. If it hits them, it will stun
    them for a couple seconds, and it can give you 40 AP if you hit the enemy with
    the entire thing (over 40 if you get multiple enemies).
    Up: I use this very often on enemies that block my moves (like my kick and
    machine gun) or that try to roll behind me. You should get used to doing this
    a lot, because it will give you a decent amount of AP, and you will take out a
    chunk of your opponents AP too. All they can do is just sit there and watch.
    A better version of this combo would be to UP GRAB > JUMP SQUARE SQUARE >
    JUMP SQUARE SQUARE > UP TRIANGLE, which give 80 AP + any stolen AP (Karstien).
    Side: According to rumors, SIDE GRABS steals the most AP. I'll only use my
    SIDE GRAB if my opponent has a lot of AP or if he's going for his level 3.
    Down: I never use this unless it's an accident. You can't really do much with
    this grab, and the other ones will benefit you more.
    Although I've explained a couple of these above, here are just some "quick
    tips" for you to keep in mind.
    1) Unless you think you'll hit with your SIDE SQUARE, don't use it, because
    it's very punishable.
    2) SIDE/UP CIRCLE on any enemies jumping your way.
    3) DOWN SQUARE is pretty good to retreat with, but you can still get hit.
    4) Learn to master his combos. SIDE SQUARE to SIDE TRIANGLE and UP GRAB to UP
    TRIANGLE probably gets you the most AP gain, unfortunately.
    5) Don't be afraid to use your SIDE TRIANGLE when enemies are far away. Don't
    worry about what people say about his sniper, it doesn't mean you shouldn't
    use it.
    6) He has some sort of "kill confirm" for his level 1. If you time it right,
    it works every time. Use your DOWN SQUARE to retreat and drop a grenade. Most
    opponents won't care about being hit by them, and you can time your level 1 by
    using it a "millisecond" before the grenade explodes, and they will be stunned
    JUST long enough for your Wasp to kill them.
    Strategies Against Others [D000]
    As my friend DreoreSilere puts it: "PSASBR...somehow manages to get the player
    stuck in 1v1 situations, due to the fact that many people play Stock matches."
    This is correct. If you have a bad partner (or maybe they're just having an
    "off day"), or your partner dies during a 2v1, then you will be stuck against
    the last person opposing you. I will give you a couple strategies for going
    against a typical player of each character based on MY experiences.
    Big Daddy [D001]
    The "dads" of the underwater dystopia Rapture usually will use "one" button
    only: Triangle. People who use this love to just rush at you and use your drill
    while occasionally using the electric shock to try to confirm a level 1.
    Don't let their super armor (the red invincibility they get shortly) and
    massive size fool you; these guys are slow, predictable, and easy to hit. I
    say you need to learn their typical drill rushes and dodge them, and pick them
    apart slowly. Since a lot of them tend to use their level 2, you might want to
    save a level 1 when they get it, and try to shoot them when they come at you.
    Also, you'll notice they like to ground drill, as this gets them easy AP; for
    this, make your you block when he falls from the air above you.
    Cole [D002]
    Be careful! Cole has an easy kill confirm for his level 1: his freeze rocket.
    Cole is a pretty versatile character. Skilled Coles will probably do a combo 
    that involves a tether, freeze rocket, and ice block. Try to not stay in the
    air much for Cole to lower any chances of him tethering you and doing his
    annoying combo, block a lot to not get frozen by his freeze rocket, and be
    wary of his thunder drop. He likes do jump into the air (sometimes with his
    ice) and slam down hard, which might BUTTDROP you for him to combo you or
    freeze you to kill you. Keep some distance and use your DOWN SQUARE or SIDE
    TRIANGLE, but not too much distance, because he can send up a rocket and 
    direct it at you with his lightning bolts.
    Evil Cole [D003]
    Just like his heroic counterpart, Evil Cole has a kill confirm for his level 1.
    If you see him with a level 1 and he charges some flame in his arm, he most
    likely is going to try to kill you. To counter this, jump a lot in the air,
    and use your second jump and/or your DOWN SQUARE to stay longer in the air to
    confuse him and make him waste his punch. Also, look out for his sludge mines.
    He can use these to help him combo. Finally, watch out for his thunder drop and
    tether; they're just as dangerous as his other self's. Otherwise, he's a pretty
    standard character, and your basic strategies will work on him.
    Colonel Radec [D004]
    Facing yourself, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. What-
    ever weapons you find yourself using  will most likely be what they're going
    to use as well. Expect lots of sniping to happen from long distance, and try
    not to jump towards them when they spam it, because they will use their SIDE
    and UP CIRCLE to keep you away. If they use SIDE SQUARE (which they probably
    will), block or roll when you get close to them and punish them. Use your
    machine gun and your grab combo as much as possible. You shouldn't have too
    many problems going against someone you should be familiar with.
    Dante [D005]
    This bad boy is probably the most combo-heavy character in the entire game.
    Most Dante-users will start off with a basic square combo and will chain off
    of that. Try to never (I repeat never) get hit, or at least as little as you
    can, because one hit means they will probably get a 100+ AP combo off of you.
    Punish as much as you can, and drop those grenades to stop his comboing. Block
    often. Watch out for his "empty cancel," which will be when he hits you three
    times, and does this extremely fast gun/angel-dash combo that lets him hit you
    over and over while you CRUMBLE. This can also confirm into his level 1. Also,
    Dante will try to use a fire wheel move that will knock you into the air to
    confirm into his level 2. Jump and SIDE SQUARE if you catch him doing this.
    Finally, be wary of his counter, because this can just start a combo.
    Emmett Graves [D006]
    What a happy camper Emmett Graves is. Typically, he will send out a turret out
    to shoot at you (thankfully, Radec doesn't have any combos for it to disrupt)
    and will shoot his green energy gun at you. If he wants to keep away, then let
    him. You have your SIDE TRIANGLE to snipe his ass until he can't put up with
    it. When he starts getting closer, you can use more mid range weapons like
    NEUTRAL TRIANGLE and possible NEUTRAL CIRCLE if it tickles your fancy. You
    don't have to worry too much about his close range. Just NEUTRAL SQUARE and
    SIDE SQUARE will help you out. Just remember to take out his turret as soon as
    possible. You get a little bit of AP, plus it's one of his best weapons. Last,
    if you're going to try to approach him, be aware of his mines that he can toss
    at you.
    Fat Princess [D007]
    Don't take the FP light-heartedly. She is one of the most annoying characters
    in my opinion. She can run away and jump all around you while she sends her
    minions off to hurt you. Just like for Dante, refrain from using any moves that
    will leave you open, because she has a couple combos she can use, and she's 
    the only character (other than Raiden) where every hit from her can be a
    deadly kill confirm for her level 1. Use your SIDE and UP CIRCLE to limit her
    time air camping, or jump a lot with her if you're having a hard time keeping
    her grounded. Jump and spam your DOWN SQUARE, and be careful for her swordsman!
    Heihachi [D008]
    Because Heihachi excels in close-quarter combat, try to distance yourself from
    him. Use your NEUTRAL TRIANGLE to lock him down far away, and spam DOWN SQUARE
    (can you tell I like that move?). If you find an opportunity, SIDE SQUARE to 
    SIDE TRIANGLE. Heihachi also has a counter, so be aware of it. If he gets you
    in the air, dodge his kicks. Finally, watch out for his punches. Most Heihachi
    users will charge their fists or will forward punch to confirm their level 1,
    so snipe charging Heihachis and watch out for that punch.
    Isaac [D009]
    You'd be screwed against someone like Isaac if you were a melee user like
    Raiden or Heihachi, because one thing Isaac is known for is his mine. It can
    take a lot of damage, it can stick to walls, and he can use it to camp. I
    normally try to keep my distance away from Isaac and his mine, and I'll be
    okay. Just stick to the basic moves, like your DOWN SQUARE, UP/SIDE CIRCLE,
    and NEUTRAL/SIDE TRIANGLE, and only go close to him if he strays away from 
    his mine.
    Jak [D010]
    Even though Jak and Daxter was one of my favorite games growing up, I can get
    annoyed of my hero if a person really knows how to use him. For starters, you
    will find most Jaks using their Wave Concussor (red circle) falling from the
    air, and their melee when you get close. Fortunately, Radec has plenty of long
    range weapons in his arsenal to use on Jak, and since Jak has a lot of recovery
    time for his moves, you shouldn't have too much of a problem trying to fight a
    Jak. You might want to use your SIDE/UP CIRCLE to keep him from being in the
    air, since he just loooves to. Block when he walks towards you, because he's
    probably going to use melee, and punish with your grab combo or sniper combo.
    Other than that, use your general strategies and you should do just fine.
    Kat [D011]
    A typical Kat user will do one combo where they hit you three times, attract, 
    hit three times, and do one more attack. Kat is not only considered high tier,
    but a lot of people put her in a "Kat Tier" above high tier. I don't know too
    many strategies against Kat other than to try to dodge her attract, and jump
    when you see her slide across the ground. DOWN SQUARE and DOWN CIRCLE might
    help a bit, but just try to watch out for her combos, and good freakin' luck.
    Kratos [D012]
    Ugh...Kratos. I hate you. This is the noobiest character to use in the whole
    game. A dangerous character, Kratos tends to use his chains since it has almost
    no recovery time, and skilled Kratos will use his counter if he catches you
    using long range weapons on him. Fortunately, one of his best moves (side
    square) is also his downfall. Learn to predict when he will use this and BLOCK.
    You will have a second or two of him with his arms stretched out waiting to be
    grab-comboed. Be patient, because quite a few Kratos are aware of this, and
    will try to not use it. My only advice is to roll/dodge a lot, punish, and try
    to keep your distance and use your TRIANGLES frequently.
    Nariko [D013]
    Nariko has long combos, but they usually can be interrupted midway with any
    sort of attack. If she combos you, try to hit her. Use all of the weapons you
    have against her, and watch out for her counter. DOWN SQUARE can be really
    helpful if you find her chasing after you and comboing you more than you can
    put up with. NEUTRAL SQUARE her and sniper combo her to annoy her back.
    Nathan Drake [D014]
    Nathan Drake is one of the most predictable characters in the entire game.
    Whether the Drake user is skilled or not, they will most likely spam their
    barrel, AK, slide, and grenade launcher. I find that Radec's machine gun has
    a longer range than Drake's AK, and can be used to get him to jump. When he
    jumps, he will kick out a barrel and then try to AK you again. Get him to keep
    off of the ground, and use your SIDE/UP CIRCLE to hurt him. Don't stay above
    him for too long, because he'll try to use his grenade launcher on you. Lastly,
    If he starts using his slide more often, just start jumping and spamming your
    grenades, and hope that you get your supers fast enough to kill him before he
    gets his level 3 (like most of them save up for).
    Parappa the Rapper [D015]
    Parappa is yet another melee guy, who tends to either lasso you with his mic
    to bring you close (and combo off you), or jumps in the air and diagonally
    dash towards you on his skateboard. Try to block or roll when you feel like
    he's going to grab you with his mic; punish if you dodge it, or roll away if
    you don't. Don't anticipate his level 1 or 3, because almost all Parappas will
    use their level 2. Grab combo him a lot, and try to make sure he doesn't get
    his level 2. UP/SIDE CIRCLE for jumping Parappas, and for the love of god, I
    cannot stress enough to use DOWN SQUARE.
    Raiden [D016]
    Raiden is the most difficult close range fighter (in my opinion). He's fast,
    has great AP gain, has many combos, and can confirm into his level 1 with
    a bunch of his moves. I find that UP GRAB to UP TRIANGLE helps a lot to drain
    some of his AP and to hurt him from up close. I also like to use my NEUTRAL
    TRIANGLE to keep him from rushing me horizontally, SIDE CIRCLE to keep him
    from rushing me diagonally, and my DOWN SQUARE to confuse him and break his
    combos. Try to keep yourself from using any melee moves, because it's only
    going to backfire. This would be the best time to be rolling and blocking like
    a beast!
    Ratchet [D017]
    First things first: WATCH OUT FOR HIS GRAB! He will try to suck you up and spit
    you back out so he can use his level 1 on you. Okay, now that I got that out
    of the way...Ratchet is very good overall. He has a sniper to use against you,
    minions to walk to you to explode, and a couple handy melee attacks to make
    you think twice before approaching him. If he likes to play keep away with his
    sniper, then play along and use your sniper to your advantage, and SIDE
    TRIANGLE it up all day. When he starts getting annoyed of you, use your mid-
    range weapons and keep him annoyed of you. Watch out for his wrench, and make
    sure to punish whenever you can. If you can, DOWN CIRCLE and flamethrower his
    ass to get 30 AP (or more if you jump into it).
    Sackboy [D018]
    Although Sackboys have some decent moves to hurt you up close, most of them
    tend to sit in the back and send out their fan and throw jelly balls or cup-
    cakes at you until you do something about it. If they're too annoying for you
    to put up with, go up close and NEUTRAL SQUARE, grab combo, and DOWN CIRCLE
    him as much as possible! If he proves too difficult to be close too, settle
    away from him and try to snipe him with SIDE TRIANGLE, or possible maneuver
    around him and use your UP CIRCLE to go through any walls/platforms and hit
    Sir Daniel [D019]
    Sir Daniel seems to be another character that not many people use, due to his
    horrible level 1 and situational level 2. He's also very clunky, and does not
    have a very good AP gain or great moveset. Don't be fooled though; his shield
    absorbs any projectile thrown at it, which is really bad news for Radec, his
    rival. For this match, you're going to have to get up close and personal. Use
    you're melee moves, and punish him when he misses his shield rush. If he tries
    hitting you up with his sword, hold down to make sure he can't confirm into 
    his level 1. Just remember: NO PROJECTILES...unless he doesn't have his shield
    Sly Cooper [D020]
    The good thing is that Sly can't block, and (especially if it's 1v1) he's easy
    to see when he turns transparent. The bad thing is that he has a pretty handy
    counter that can steal AP from you, OR it can confirm into his level 1. If you
    learn to predict when he uses this counter, you should be fine though. I like
    to use DOWN CIRCLE and flame his ass to get me 30+ AP, and I'll try to keep
    from doing one move more than once in a row to keep him from predicting any-
    thing to counter me. In my experiences, Sly's don't jump as much as a lot of
    other characters, so you won't have to use your SIDE/UP CIRCLE as much. Just
    use your basic strategies, but watch out for that damn counter.
    Spike [D021]
    Spike has great close range and mid range attacks, but nothing really long
    range like Radec. Be cautious of Spike's Bananarang, banana peels, and shock
    gun. Use your NEUTRAL/SIDE TRIANGLE for Spikes who keep distance, and DOWN
    SQUARE and NEUTRAL SQUARE against Spikes who chase you. He doesn't have any
    kill confirms that I know of, and most Spikes tend to use their level 3 (or
    level 2 if their impatient), so doing your grab combo comes in handy.
    Sweet Tooth [D022]
    Sweet Tooth doesn't really have much range so, keeping him away from you will
    hurt his chances of winning by a lot. Since they tend to jump a lot for their
    mine and their knife attack (which is a kill confirm), try to jump and SIDE
    SQUARE or UP TRIANGLE. UP/SIDE CIRCLE if he is starting to jump at you from a
    distance. Other than this, he's a pretty predictable character, and doesn't
    have much going for him, so keep these in mind while using your general
    strategies. You should do just fine.
    Toro [D023]
    Since Toro has three forms, he uses different strategies with them. One form 
    is his "karate" form (Justice Toro), which is all close combat. Use all of your
    SQUARE moves, and your grab combo. Another form is his "ninja" form (Torobi),
    who tends to throw stars, and rush across the floor bringing up bones. For
    this form, try to stay in the air, but not above him, because he can throw
    stars directly up. DOWN CIRCLE like there's no tomorrow. His last form, Oni
    Toro, usually attacks from the air at a diagonal angle. Try to dodge roll away
    when he jumps in the air to start diving at you, and punish him with your 
    NEUTRAL TRIANGLE. Block and grab combo him, SIDE TRIANGLE, and keep him
    guessing what you'll do and when you'll do it. Finally, use your UP/SIDE
    CIRCLE to keep him out of the air.
    Zeus [D024]
    Finally, we get to Zeus. Zeus is extremely slow, but his AP gain is amazingly
    fast. When he's used right, he can get his supers incredibly easy. Still, he
    is really slow, and you can punish him very easily. It's easy to do an air
    SIDE SQUARE and air UP TRIANGLE while he's stuck in the air shooting his
    electricity. You can even use your level 1 if they're distracted long enough
    by their electricity. I think an average Radec can easily take on an average
    Zeus by using your general strategies and easily punishing Zeus. However, I
    don't think your DOWN SQUARE is as useful against him, because his super armor
    would keep him from getting hurt and you from gaining AP, which will give him
    more opportunities to get some off of you.
    Credits [E000]
    I'd like to thank the following for the help of creating this guide:
    - GameFAQs for letting me publish this to help everyone out.
    - Sony and the PS3 for letting me play this great game.
    - SSM and Superbot for creating this game in the first place.
    - DreoreSilere for creating a guide for Nariko that inspired me to make this.
    - Karstien for giving me some helpful tips on NEUTRAL CIRCLE and the combo.
    - The community for PSASBR for either letting me win or whooping my ass.
    - You, the reader(s), for reading this guide I spent a lot of time on.
    If you guys can help me out at all, I would love to update this guide. I don't
    have an email I regularly check up on, but you can always send me a message
    through GameFAQs if I missed anything or if you have any other tips on Radec
    I could add.
    Copyright [F000]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    violation of copyright.
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