Review by jmills287

Reviewed: 11/27/12

Entry Level Competition for Super Smash Bros

Of course this game is going to have major criticism. It's going up against the behemoth Super Smash Bros. Keep in mind Super Smash Bros comes out once per console so Nintendo has plenty of years on Superbot, the primary developer for Playstation Allstars Battle Rolale which I think is a horrible title, which was created three years ago.

This being the first game, the original Super Smash Bros starts with only 12 characters. This one has 20. I don't know who Fat Princess is but I am familiar with the others.

These are the only things holding me back from enjoying this game more then Super Smash Bros (now referred to as SSB) 1) There are no smash attacks. Maybe because SSB is titular for "smash"ing, but it is an essential part of my gameplay and probably everyone's. 2) You can't use the analog stick to jump. I still haven't gotten used to it. 3) Instead of being knocked of the stage, you are killed(?). It's more fun for someone to knock you to the edge of the stage but you make it back to someone waiting to finish you off. 4) Because you can't be knocked off the stage there is no recovery attack which makes sense, but I find myself trying to make a triple jump or attack someone coming from a platform below. I haven't played every character, but Cole does have an attack that shoots him up but it has to be done standing, not freefall. 5) In SSB I seemed to always be facing an enemy unless I was running away. In this game I seem to always be facing away and it takes precious milliseconds to react.

Now the things I like about the game over SSB. The characters have 3 attack buttons instead of 2 which allows for plenty attacks and specials like a traditional fighting game (I consider SSB to have its own category), but there are no smash attacks which makes all these attacks dull and not very explosive. 2) I like the fact that a meter builds up for a super attack but I don't like that it makes it a race to who gets there first gets the kill. If it just did damage I'd like it better and still have to smash someone off the level.

If you don't think of this as Super Smash Bros competition it's a great game. But It has a ways to go to catch up.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (US, 11/20/12)

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