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How do I purchase Upgraded Ammo in Zombies? 4
How do I activate my ScoreStreaks in multiplayer? 2
Can you have dual PSN account logins in split-screen online? 5
Swapping CarePackages in Black Ops 2? 4
How do i prestige guns in MP? 5
Once you reach level 55 in mp is there any other way of getting unlocks? 7
Why Can;t anyone join my party in black ops 2? 1
Will Prestiging my player reset my Weapon Levels/Prestiges and Camo unlocks? 2
Will restarting the story or replaying the missions reset my completed challenges? 4
How do you make the turret work in tranzit? 2
Recent Questions Answers
Can someone help me create a Sylveon emblem? 1
How can I trickshot ? 0
Anyone willing to help me get Diamond Camo on snipers ? 0
Why cant I invite people when I am online? 0
Does anything happen to my PS3/game if I bought Black Ops 2 season pass when I already have three of the map packs? 0
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Unresolved Questions Answers
No more upgrade tokens? 5
(Zombies) Why is there a teddy bear on the mystery box? 3
How can I fix BO2 freezing? 2
How does the Scorestreak/Killstreak work in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer? 3
How much exp do you need to reach Master Prestige? 5
Why is my skull on zombies mode no longer changing? 8
takes forever to find a game in MP or zombies? 3
Question about the bank in Buried (zombies)? 2
How to reset safe zone? 2
Is anyone esle having Skullcandy SLYR mic problems with Tranzit? 1

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