A true prototype can NEVER have enough Blackwatch-busting power! Introducing the Excessive Force Pack, the most insanely over-the-top pack Radical Entertainment has ever created!! Ever wanted to one-shot ANY enemy in NYZ with a Retina Plasma Laser? You got it! How about getting your hands all over an experimental Viral Infector Grenade Launcher? Also includes three all new and awesome skins [Armored Heller, Agile Armor Alex Mercer, Zombie Mercer] and three new over the top Force Multiplier powers [Shockwave, Chaos Creator mode, Medusa's Wrath] Excessive Force is about to become your middle name.

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#34 lowest rated PS3 action adventure game (#372 on PS3, #11219 overall)


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#12 easiest PS3 action adventure game (#127 on PS3, #3764 overall)


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