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    Challenge Guide by eaglenitewillow

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    *            Magic the Gathering:Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013              *
    *                             Challenge Guide                                 *
    written by:  eaglenitewillow
    *                             Table of Contents                               *
    -(C1.0) Challenge Section
        (C1.1) Reverse the Assault
        (C1.2) Exalted Army
        (C1.3) Drake Expectations
        (C1.4) Stolen Goods
        (C1.5) Obliterate This!
        (C1.6) Say Your Praetors- This one must be done 5 different ways to be 
               completed.  Each with its own sub heading as denoted below
               (C1.61) Sheoldred, Whispering One
               (C1.62) Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur
               (C1.63) Urabrask the Hidden
               (C1.64) Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger
               (C1.65) Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
        (C1.7) Desperate Measures
        (C1.8) Sculpting the Perfect Warrior
        (C1.9) Replica's Revolt
        (C1.10) Goblin Raider
    -(CI) Contact Info
    -(VH) Version History
    -(LE) Legal
    -(CR) Credits
    *                                Introduction                                 *
    I decide to do this guide so that i could help others with the challenges in 
    this iteration of Duels of the Planeswalkers.  I have been going to Gamefaqs
    for many years and thought I should give something back.  This is my first
    guide i have done so hopefully everyone will like and use it.
    All of the answers to the puzzle will be here and I will update this FAQ when
    new challenges arise.  I have done these challenges and i will be putting what
    I used to beat them here.  If anyone found another way to do them, I would be
    more than happy to post them here as well.
    To go to the section you want, you can also hold control and hit the F key.
    *                         (C1.0) Challenge Section                            *
    (C1.1) Reverse the Assault:
    When you start, Garruk will attack with all three of his creatures.  Use your
    Goblin Piker to block his Sentinel Spider.  Use you Dragon Hatchling to block
    his Deadly Recluse.  Don't worry about the Stampeding Rhino, let him through.
    This will bring you down to one life, and it will go to your turn.
    Now that its your turn, cast Act of Treason on Garruk's Sentinel Spider.  Go
    to your combat phase and attack with both of your creatures.  Garruk will now
    be at 4 life.  Now that combat is over, cast Fling targeting Garruk and then 
    on the spider you stole for the final damage to him.
    (C1.2)Exalted Army:
    Start by casting both of your Pacifism's, one on Serra Angel and the other on
    the Rune-Scarred Demon.  Go to your combat phase and attack with everything
    you got.  He should block your Nefarox with his Lumengrid Gargoyle.  You need
    to pause the timer after he blocks.  
    With the timer paused, cast Seize the Initiative on your Skyhunter.  This will
    give you the rest of the damage you need to finish the challenge.
    (C1.3)Drake Expectations:
    For this one you will have to manually tap your lands so that you will have 
    what you need to cast certain spells.  First cast Time Warp making sure you
    leave one island open.  Also make sure you target yourself and not Garruk.
    Now cast your Sage owl.  Put the cards back this way: Blaze, Furnace of Wrath,
    Mountain and then Time Warp.  Skip your combat phase and go to your next turn.
    You will draw the Time Warp.  Cast Time Warp on yourself and pause the timer.
    Next cast your Reverberate and make a copy of Time Warp again targeting
    yourself. This will give you some drakes from Talrand and two more turns.
    Again skip your combat phase and go to your next turn.  You draw the mountain
    that you placed.  Put it into play. You have two Talrand's Invocation's in 
    your hand, cast them both.  Once again, skip your combat phase and go to your
    next turn.
    Now you will draw your Furnace of Wrath.  Put it into play.  Now cast your
    Rapture targeting your Talrand, Sky Summoner.  You will both lose life and 
    the spiders blocking your path will be gone.  Now go to your combat phase and
    attack with all your available creatures(one should have summoning sickness).
    Another challenge done!!
    (C1.4)Stolen Goods:
    When the challenge starts, Talrand takes your equipped Cudgel Troll.  Your 
    Leatherback Baloth has a Pacafism on it as well.  Put the Lightning Greaves
    on the Baloth.  Now you need to take the Ring of Kalonia off your stolen 
    Troll and put it on the Pack Leader.  Now put the Lightning Greaves back on
    Pack Leader.  Go to combat and attack with the Pack Leader.  After he blocks
    with the Troll, pause the timer.  Cast your Divine Verdict on the Troll and
    your creature will get through for the damage to win.
    (C1.5)Obliterate This!:
    First cast Cloudshift on you War Priest of Thune.  This will get rid of the 
    arrest that is on it.  When it returns from exile, taret the Arrest on the Rage
    Nimbus.  Skip combat and go to Liliana's turn making sure to pause before her
    combat phase.
    Use your Rage Nimbus's ability and make sure you manually tap both Mountains
    to do this, and target her Phyrexian Obliterator.  Use your Rage Nimbus to 
    block the Obliterator.  Dont worry about the Gargoyle.  After you declare your
    blocker, pause the timer.  
    Now you will want to use your Seize the Initiative on the Nimbus and use your
    Undying Evil on your Oxidda Scrapmelter.  You will kill the Obliterator with
    first strike and this will trigger its ability.  Now you will have to sacrifice
    6 of your permanents.  Get rid of your Hatehound, the Scrapmelter, the nimbus
    and three lands(doesnt matter which ones).  Now some things are gonna resolve.
    When pop up message shows up, target Liliana.  When Scrapmelter comes back, use
    it to kill the Gargoyle, then target Liliana again.  Now she will have no one
    to block with, and what do you know, you have just enough to kill her when you
    attack.  Sweet victory!!
    (C1.6)Say Your Praetors:
    This challenge actually has five differnt ways that you can beat it.  It will
    keep track of which color you creature you killed each time you beat it.  I 
    just did it all at once to get it done.  You will also get a trophy for doing
    this challenge as well.  For the most part, you will be doing the same thing
    each time you do this challenge.  I will do them in the order of the colors in
    the challenge screen.
         (C1.61) Sheoldred, Whispering One
    You only have the Baneslayer Angel to block with, so block and then pause the
    timer.  Now you will want to use Giant Growth and Brute force on your Angel.
    This will kill the Praetor and Jace will finish out his turn.  Go right to your
    combat phase and attack.  At this point Jace will cast Leaf Arrow so you will
    need to pause the timer and use Veteran's Reflexes on your angel to keep her
    alive and get the win.
         (C1.62) Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur
    Again you use your Angel to block and then pause so you can cast Brute Force.
    Only cast that.  When it gets to your turn, you will have to sacrifice the
    Angel.  You will get Niveous wisps for your draw.  Use it on Jace's Elesh Norn.
    This will net you another card.  Since Jace has 4 more creatures than you, you
    can cast Avatar of Might for two green mana.  Play the Avatar, then use Burst
    of Speed and the Veteran's Reflexes on the creature you played.  This will 
    untap your Avatar and let you attack for the win.
         (C1.63) Urabrask the Hidden
    Block Urabrask with your Angel and pause to use your Giant Growth to kill the
    attacker.  On your turn you must sacrafice you Angel once more.  Play your
    Avatar of Hope for two white since you have less than 3 life.  Play Burst of 
    Speed and Brute Force on the Angel.  Attack for the win yet again.
         (C1.64) Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger
    Use you Angel like before and use Giant Growth and Brute Force again as well.
    When Jace uses Thought Scour, pause timer and play your Paralletric Feedback
    on it.  This will do a point of damage directly to Jace.  Get rid of your angel
    like before.  Now cast the Sizzle you just picked up for the win.
         (C1.65) Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
    Same as before, block and use Giant growth and Brute Force.  Once more, get rid
    of the Angel.  Play your Spark Elemental and then useVeteran's Reflexes on it.
    Swing in for the kill one last time.  Now you have it done all 5 ways and a
    trophy to boot!!
    (C1.7) Desperate Measures:
    To start, cast Earthquake for 4 lands.  It will kill one of your creatures,
    but you won't need it.  You will also notice that Yeva does not have the green
    creatures anymore.  Play your Phyrexian Processor for 7 of your 8 life.  Play
    the Faith's Shield, doesn't matter which of your creatures you do it on since
    they both get the effect.  Since your opponent only has blue creatures, pick
    blue for the protection.  Attack and you are done.
    (C1.8) Sculpting the Perfect Warrior:
    This one is a little more involved than the others.  Since you will have a 
    Puresteel Paladin in play, always take the card when it asks you if you want
    to draw a card.  Also when you use the equipment, use the zero cost option on
    Start by using your Sculpting Steel.  Make a copy of Batterskull. This will
    give you a token.  Equip the originl Batterskull on the token that has 
    Mortarpod attached to it.  Kill off this token and hit the Porcelain 
    Legionnare for a point of damage and gain yourself one life.  
    Equip your other token with the Mortarpod and then kill it off hitting the
    Legionnare like before gaining you another life and killing his creature.  
    Play the Phyrexian Metamorph making a copy of your Puresteel Paladin.  Play
    your Darksteel Axe and the Sword of Feast and Famine.  Like I said before, draw
    the cards when asked.  You will draw an Island.  Put it into play.  Now equip
    everything you have(for zero I might add) onto the Metamorph you cast.  He will
    be the one without the Arrest on him.  Now he will be a 17/14.  Attack Odric
    with your newly beefed up guy.  He will be down to 3 life, you will be to 18 
    and all your lands will be untapped.  
    Sadly you need to sacrifice this beefy one to hit Odric for a point of damage.
    Now play your Repulse on the Puresteel Paladin and then re-play him.  Put the
    Mortarpod on him and then kill him off hitting Odric once again for a point of
    life.  Return the Batterskull you made(it's the one with the double card symbol
    on the left side of it) to your hand.  You now have Sculpting Steel back.
    Finally, re-play the Sculpting Steel copying the Mortarpod giving you another 
    token to sacrifice.  Pop it and hit Odric for his last life point.
    (C1.9) Replica's Revolt:
    First off, play the Rite of Replication that you have kicking it to make 5 
    copies of the Archaeomancer you have.  You will now be able to take 5 cards out
    of your grave yard.  Take all 3 of your Rite of Replications and whatever you
    like for the other ones since you will not need those two.  Kick another Rite
    of Replication and choose on of Garruk's forest's(it is also a creature at this
    Use another Rite of Replication without the kicker on Garruk's Acidic Slime.
    When it comes into play on your side, destroy the Natures Revolt Garruk has in
    play on his side.  This returns all lands back to normal and you will now have
    forests you can use.  
    Use the last Rite of Repliction without the kicker and making sure you manually
    tap so you will have two Islands left to use out of the 4 you have and make a 
    copy of Garruk's Ursapine.  Use its ability on your original Archaeomancer 3
    times to pump him to a 4/5.
    Lastly, play your Spectral Flight on the same Archaeomancer to pump him to a 
    6/7 flyer.  Attack and you are done.
    (C1.10) Goblin Raiding:
    First things first.  Cast your Goblin Ringleader.  The cards you get are not 
    what you are looking for.  Use the Temple Bell drawing both of you a card.  You
    will get a Chandra's Fury which is what you are looking for.  Go to your combat
    phase and attack with everything you got.  
    Ajani will block three biggest creatures you have, two of which are Goblin 
    Raiders.  When he blocks, pause the timer.  Now play the Chandra's Fury you
    drew on yourself.  Yep, you heard me, on yourself.  This will kill one of your
    creatures that was blocked and also kill your Goblin Arsonist.  When his
    ability triggers, hit one of your blocked Goblin Raiders with the damage and
    then pause the timer again.  Now play the Gut Shot in your hand paying life for
    the casting cost and target the other Goblin Raider that was blocked.  
    You have to kill your guys off so that his Baneslayer's will not gain him life.
    After doing that, the rest of your creatures will get through with enough
    damage to win the final challenge.
    *                         (CI) Contact Information                            *
    If you wish to contact me,  send an e-mail to eaglenitewillow@live.com
    *                           (VH) Version History                              *
    version 1.1 Added table of contents
                Changed legal a bit
                Added version history
                Added credits section
    version 1.0 Basic outline of the guide
    *                                 (LE) Legal                                  *
    Copyright (C) June 27, 2012  by jeff heffelfinger  (eaglenitewillow)
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Only the following sites are allowed to host this guide:
    *                                (CR) Credits                                 *
    eaglenitewillow(that's me)- for writing this guide
    robvalue- for taking the time to answer all my questions and for the guidance
              he has given me for the guide design.

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