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Reviewed: 01/16/13 | Updated: 01/23/13

Evil Remastered

"Evil Remastered"
When Doom 3 was released on the Xbox, I looked at the cover and said "That thing looks like it's going to be hard to kill." Little did I know that I was picking up one of my favorite games of all time that day. Now this game is by no means perfect, and certainly is not the best game of all time, but personally, this game is in my top 10 among games like Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Which stands at #1), and other great games that everyone has come to love. So you can understand my excitement when I found out this game was being remastered for our current generation, and you can understand why I was more excited when I found out it would have EVERYTHING along with "The Lost Mission" which was unavailable back then. Doom 3 is a great game, even though I've played it 10 times through, it still manages to make me jump every now and then.

Visuals 8/10
It's an older PC/Xbox game so obviously the graphics aren't going to be ground breaking, but basing this on the improvements they added to them, they did pretty well. The textures are no longer as muddy, but like I said, the game was re-mastered, not re-made so you will still see a lot of graphical "mudding". Anyway, the game is a lot sharper with the added HD features and it looks pretty cool in 3D too (for those who have a 3D television). The best part about the upgraded visuals though is without a doubt the lighting. If you played Doom 3 on the Xbox then on the PS3, there is a noticeable difference.

Now about the 3D in Doom 3 BFG. It looks cool, and I would have played this game in 3D if it weren't for one pesky addition/removal. In the original you hipfire with a crosshair in the shape of a circle, which makes it perfect for this game as it is a 1st person hipfire game where the ability to Aim Down Sight (ADS) is irrelevant and impossible. But why did they decide that for the 3D setting, a red laser should emit from the barrel of your gun (yes the barrel, not even any visual attachment) that is absolutely awful? I tried killing a simple Imp with the 3D settings on and found out that I was having a hell of a hard time doing even that because I couldn't aim properly. The original crosshair is a static crosshair that doesn't move. The laser is active as it moves with the barrel of your weapon which doesn't even effect the accuracy of your weapon. 3D would have been really cool, but this factor completely ruined that option.

Sound 8/10
Doom 3 has always had a scary atmosphere with ambient sounds that are eerie to listen to. The sound of a crying mother in hell, the sound of... something moaning around you, all of the whispers being carried around the facility, the movement of everything around you. There is a lot of sound in this game that will make you turn around and question whether or not something was there just a moment ago. As far as character/weaponry sounds, there is no difference. I think the only thing I noticed was that the Gatling Gun sounds a tiny bit different in pitch, deeper if you will. Other than that, everything pretty much sounds the same.

Gameplay 8/10
There isn't much depth with the gameplay, but there doesn't need to be in this game. Doom 3 is a tight corner, small corridor type game. You wont find yourself in a huge open space often, and when you do, watch out, something is coming for you in that room. Anyway, it's pretty easily summed up as it's just a 1st person hipfire shooter. All you will do in-game is collect a few PDA's, unlock some storage lockers, occasionally check your PDA for a code, and open doors/activate objects. Other than that it's just linear point A to B, grab this, proceed to X etc... Still though, it manages to stay fun.

Controls are a bit wonky and there are a few features missing from the original Doom 3 games. You can no longer assign a weapon a weapon to the D-Pad for a quick switch which sucks because two of the items assigned to the D-Pad are fists and grenades. I use neither. I never bothered to see what the other two weapons are assigned, but I'm assuming the Soul Cube and RoE's "Hearts" would be one. Sprint is another annoying key that you have to constantly hit. Sprint is assigned to L3 and coming from an FPS fan it just feels weird. I'm used to that function being assigned to R3.

One more thing I need to hit that is annoying in this game is the new "Check-Point Save" as the case describes. It's horrible. Not only does it take about a minute to actually save your data to resume playing, but it causes slight lag bits both before and afterwards. I would rather prefer the old system where I hit a single button for a quicksave when I want to, none of this check-point crap.

Content 10/10
Lots of content. You get Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil, and the added Doom 3 Lost Mission. How awesome is that? Even if you didn't like Doom 3, or if you didn't like the old Doom games (Say whaaat...?), you should get this game. You can play split-screen with Doom and Doom II which adds even more fun. You don't see a whole lot of split-screen games anymore and that's depressing.

Multiplayer 3/10
Yes! Split-screen Doom and Doom II! Wait... No splitscreen co-op for Doom 3? Oh... The multiplayer. Yeah I have a connection that gives me a ping rating of 10ms. When playing this game my ping was over 9000!!! Well, not really, but over 300 which is ridiculously unplayable. Sure I can kill the other non-hosting players, but I was not able to land a single strike against the host, and neither could anyone else in all the game modes I played. Multiplayer was something I looked forward to since I never had Xbox Live, so this is a disappointment for me.

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Product Release: Doom 3 BFG Edition (US, 10/16/12)

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