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    Walkthrough by vhayste

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                     L E G O  T h e  L o r d  o f  t h e  R i n g s  
                                W A L K T H R O U G H
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
    Illustrated online version of the guide is available below
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                          T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S
    C01 - CHAPTER 1: Prologue	
    C02 - CHAPTER 2: The Black Rider	
    C03 - CHAPTER 3: Weathertop	
    C04 - CHAPTER 4: The Pass of Caradhras
    C05 - CHAPTER 5: The Mines of Moria
    C06 - CHAPTER 6: Amon Hen
    C07 - CHAPTER 7: Taming Gollum
    C08 - CHAPTER 8: The Dead Marshes
    C09 - CHAPTER 9: Track Hobbits
    C10 - CHAPTER 10: Warg Attack
    C11 - CHAPTER 11: Helm's Deep
    C12 - CHAPTER 12: Osgiliath
    C13 - CHAPTER 13: The Secret Stairs
    C14 - CHAPTER 14: Cirith Ungol
    C15 - CHAPTER 15: The Paths of the Dead
    C16 - CHAPTER 16: The Battle of Pelennor Fields
    C17 - CHAPTER 17: The Black Gate
    C18 - CHAPTER 18: Mount Doom
    __ C01 | Chapter 1 ___
    ______ Prologue ______
    Once you have controls, you can destroy several objects here to gain some
    studs but I do suggest to just play normally until you have the chance to
    gather the multiplier blocks, which can easily and quickly rack up your
    Press Square to attack and press X to jump. Beat 5 orcs with banners, then
    beat 3 orcs with shields. Mash on Square to remove the shields from the
    shielded ones. Hold Triangle, then choose Elendil to bring down the towers
    and beat the orcs on top.
    The fight with Sauron is very simple. Just use Elendil, run around to avoid
    his strikes and wait until he slams his weapon to the ground. Once his
    weapon gets stuck, slash it three times. Beat the orcs entering the grounds
    to regain hearts.
    Use Isidur to take out the orcs and destroy the lava rocks. Jump across the
    platform. Continue by jumping up the bars and shimmy to the right. Destroy
    the boulder to reveal the ramp. Switch to Elrond to jump higher and push
    the boulder below. Switch back to Isildur and destroy the rocks again.
    Continue jumping across and just take out the last batch of orcs in front
    of the gate. On the next screen, just cross the bridge.
    ______ C02 | Chapter 2 ______
    ______ The Black Rider ______
    Follow the clear studs as your waypoint. Continue down the path to the
    fields until you see the big pointer arrow.
    Stay hidden by not going to the light. If you get seen by the Rider, keep
    pressing Circle to resist. Hit the first rock that you'll come across. Pick
    up the debris by pressing Circle, then throw it at the bird. Continue
    Switch to Sam, press Circle in front of the digsite. Dig up the rock and
    throw it at the boulder.
    Continue to the right, wait for the Rider to pass by. Hit the tree, then
    hide inside it until the Rider passes again. Move to the right.
    Enter the small hatch in the tree, then make your way across and reach the
    bird. Cross the river. Switch to Sam and grow the plant. Move forward.
    As Gandalf, mash Square to repel Saruman's magic. Avoid his fireballs by
    moving from left to right. Wait for his jump, then jump up before he lands
    to avoid the shockwaves, he will do this multiple times. Once he's tired,
    press Circle to lift him up the smash him to a statue. 
    Smash all the rocks and plants, then press Circle to grab the parts and
    place them in your inventory. Put all three parts in the checkered part of
    the boulder, then push the boulder afterwards. Move forward.
    Pick up the fruit then throw it at the branch. Move along. Pick up another
    fruit then throw it at the owl. Switch to Sam and grow a plant. Walk up the
    ramp and walk across the flower. Switch to Merry, go down to the fishing
    area and time your button press to catch a crab. Go back up to the
    riverbank and throw the crab at the torch. Cross the river. Switch again to
    Sam to dig up, pick up the item and throw it at the beehive. Enter the
    treehole and crawl under. Pick up the fruit and throw it at the bird. Exit
    to the background.
    During the chase, avoid the logs and the riders while collecting studs and
    Continue down the path following the stud trails. You'll reach the Prancing
    Pony, there is an arrow waypoint in front of it's door, then talk to the
    guy outside to start a quest.
    From the Prancing Pony's entrance, head to the upper right area to find the
    Blacksmith's Shop. Get the Blacksmith Design inside the center of the
    house. Bring it to the shelf located in the upper left corner of the house.
    Press Circle on the shelf and select the Mithril Trowel. Ride the bellows
    and jump up and down over it. Press Circle to bring up the menu and select
    the Treasure Trove. Equip the Mithril Trowel and go outside. Bring the
    Mithril Trowel to the guy outside the Prancing Pony.
    ___ C03 | Chapter 3 ____
    ______ Weathertop ______
    Follow the stud trails until you reach Weathertop to enter a cutscene.
    You need 3 firewood for the bonfire. First is located in the background,
    smash the plant to get it. Second is in the foreground, destroy the gray
    plant to get it. Lastly, you need to go up the ramp on the upper left. Hit
    the rock, then press Circle to build the sliding floor below. Go back down
    and push the boulder, then enter the small hatch. Hit the rock on the left
    to get the last firewood. Build fire on the bonfire area below.
    Enter the small hatch again, this time jump up to the bar on the right of
    the ledge, then hit the bird's nest and pick up the egg that will drop
    below. Use Sam to grow the tomato plant on the lower part area. Hit the
    tomato plant and pick up the tomato. Use Merry to catch a fish in the
    fishing pond near the ramp. Give all the ingredients to Sam to have them
    cooked, use Sam to cook all the food in the bonfire.
    Destroy all objects on the left and build a bridge. Cross the bridge.
    Switch to Sam. Grow a plant, then pick up rocks and throw them at two vines
    on the left. Jump across. Use Sam again to grow another plant, jump up the
    plant to the ledge above. Crawl under the small hatch. Build the bonfire,
    light it up and burn the vines.
    Follow the path upwards. Jump up and hang onto the vines to bring them
    down. Press Circle to build a bridge then cross over it. Continue hiking
    upwards. Use Sam to destroy the plant below the climbable area. Build the
    bonfire and light it up. Grab the bars and continue pulling up. Use Sam to
    grow yet another plant and jump across it. Exit on the door at the trail
    There are 5 bonfires you need to lit up. First, Use Sam to light up the one
    in the center area. Second, grow up a plant on the left side, then smash it
    and assemble the parts, then light it up. Third, smash the wagon in the
    background and assemble the parts, then burn it. Fourth, you need to do
    this with Frodo, near the center area assemble some white-colored lego
    parts, then switch to Sam to burn it. Finally, on the top left area, push a
    statue using Sam. Then switch to Frodo to repair it, then again to Sam to
    light it up.
    Here you need to hit 5 ringwraiths with the torch. Hit the very first one
    with Aragorn's torch. Second, use Sam to build a bonfire on the left area
    close to where the wagon was before. Light up the torch and hit another
    one. Next, there are 3 rocks on the grounds. Pick one, throw it at any of
    the vines in the side areas, then pick up the torch that drops to the
    ground. Light up and fire away. Repeat this for the last few enemies.
    As Arwen, simply follow the stud trails on the next two sequences to
    trigger cutscenes. Then as Frodo, continue following the studs again until
    you reach the council. 
    Switch to Legolas, follow the trail, use his bow by holding Square and aim
    at the rocks on the upper left side of the river. Shoot the plants 3 times
    to make the rocks fall down. Cross the river and follow the path again.
    _________ C04 | Chapter 4 _________
    ______ The Pass of Caradhras ______
    The taller characters can carry the smaller characters here, which means
    Gimli and the Hobbits can be carried by pressing Circle, then press Square
    to throw them. Only Gimli though has the ability to destroy rocks if you
    throw him away. Switch to Gimli, go down to the right, smash the rock with
    his axe. Enter the hole, Jump up then press Square to make Gimli do an
    aerial smash on the lego floor below, enter the hole again.
    Jump up the bars, then shimmy to the right. Push the boulder down. Switch
    to Gimli and jump up above the ledge. Switch to any taller character, jump
    up and carry Gimli through the snow. Switch back to Gimli, smash the gray
    rock. Enter the hole and jump-smash the floor again. Go back up, then
    jump-smash the floor again. Build the lego parts to make some steps.
    Jump up the steps and break the rock. Go back down then jump across. Switch
    to Legolas then shoot the vines, jump up and shimmy to the right
    afterwards. Smash the crates to reveal the firewood. Bring 3 firewood to
    the bonfire then have Sam light it up. Press Circle to build the harpoon
    machine. Stand beside the harpoon then tap Triangle to ride it, then shoot
    away to make a tightrope bridge across. Switch to Legolas and cross the
    tightrope. Press Circle to equip Legolas' bow then shoot the 3 targets
    above. Use Legolas to jump across the poles to the other side. Then shoot
    the target mark on this floor. Pick up Gimli and throw him at the rock,
    then climb up.
    Pick up Gimli and cross the deep snow. Switch to Gimli, enter the hole,
    smash the gray floor. Drop down and build the bonfire. Switch to Sam and
    light up the fire. Continue forward while avoiding the falling debris. Pick
    up Gimli and throw him at the rock. Jump across. Carry Sam through the
    snow. Switch to Sam and build the small hatch. Now carry Gimli across the
    snow, enter the hole and smash the gray floor.
    Use Sam to crawl under the hole as well to go down the lower area. Build
    the bridge and cross it. Smash the wooden pile beside the tent and pick up
    3 firewood, then build and burn the bonfire. Grow the plant to make
    everyone cross down to the lower area. Switch to Legolas and shoot the
    targets above. Build up the debris. Carry Gimli and throw him at the rocks.
    Continue across.
    Use Gimli to smash the rock on the right side area, crawl under the hole,
    slice the tree on the right once, climb up the rope, then jump up. Smash
    the crate, then build a turnstile. Tap Circle repeatedly to turn the
    turnstile, walk across to the left. Jump-smash the gray floor to drop down,
    then build the door parts. Switch to Legolas, shoot the target at the upper
    left area. Jump up, then jump across to the pole, swing to the left.
    Continue going upwards and shimmy to the right using the bars. Press Circle
    to drop down to the ledge below you. Shoot the target to the right, then
    swing to the pole and jump across. Push the statue, jump down and build
    another set of door parts. Switch to Sam, build the bonfire in front of the
    gray door. You need 3 firewood again, they are in three wooden piles which
    you can see in the pics below. Pick up wood, build fire, then head to the
    To defeat The Watcher, wait for its tentacles to get agitated and smash
    themselves in the ground. Approach the tentacle and hit it with your melee
    attacks, do this four times. As you can see in the video below, it's pretty
    hard to hit the tentacles if they land near the water so just stay patient
    and wait until it lands far from the water. Once The Watcher shows its
    head, pick up Gimli and throw him at the monster's face. Then shoot the
    exposed face with an arrow. Do this twice. 
    Simply enter the entrance to the Mines of Moria. It's in the map near your
    location, you can even set it as waypoint and follow the studs.
    _______ C05 | Chapter 5 ________
    ______ The Mines of Moria ______
    Follow the path down, then to the right. Shoot the target twice using
    Legolas. Jump across the bar. Continue up until you reach the cliff to the
    left, smash the object to reveal the ladder. Switch to Gimli, climb up the
    ladder, switch back to Legolas, pick up Gimli then throw him at the rock.
    Enter the gate.
    Simply follow the stud trails, then mash Square while following the trail
    in the river sequence.
    ___ C06 | Chapter6 ___
    ______ Amon Hen ______
    This area is similar to the Black Rider stealth sequence. If Boromir
    catches you, keep pressing Circle to resist. Walk to the right, pick up 
    the item, move up, throw the item at the branches. Continue on the path. 
    Crawl under the small hatch near the stairs, then push down the pillar.
    Drop down and build the stairs. Walk up the left flight stairs. Smash 
    the rocks on the left side of Boromir, pick up the item, then throw it 
    at the gray columns above. Build the stairs. 
    Walk up and hit the birds, then drop down.Continue to the right. Smash all
    the objects near Boromir, including the pillar to the left, and build the 
    catapult. Hit the catapult to make it fire a boulder. Follow the path
    Pick up the item along the road then throw it above Boromir. Continue
    along. Hit the small rock near Boromir, pick up the item then throw it 
    at the upper left area. Build another set of stairs. Walk up and push 
    another pillar. Go down and follow along. Enter the small hatch left of 
    Boromir. Hit the rocks on the right, pick up the item then throw it at 
    the arch above where Boromir is. Follow the path upwards then resist the
    Head to the rightside area, smash the wooden oar, pick up the torch, light
    it up in the fire, then use the torch to burn the plans and branches
    blocking the path. 
    Switch to legolas, jump up the elven platfor, jump up the tightrope, hit 
    the target. Build the rubber steps. Use Gimli to smash the rock blocking 
    the way. Continue upwards. Throw Gimli at the pillar to the right. 
    Use Legolas to jump to the pillars then shoot the bars. Jump across the
    bars. On the high platform, push the pillar to the bottom. Use Gimli to 
    jump-smash the gray floor. Push the two pillars near the upper ledge so 
    they will act as steps next to each other. Jump across and continue the
    Smash the huge log using Gimli, throw Gimli at the rock above, then 
    assemble the pieces. Switch to Legolas, jump up the fallen log, shoot 
    the bar, jump across the bar to the upper area. Assemble parts again,
    then push the pillar down to the lower area. 
    Use Aragorn to pick up the green-glowing sword. Follow the green mist 
    until Aragorn crawls and finishes his tracking by the bushes above.
    Beat down the Uruk-Hai on the ground using your melee, then for the ones
    atop the pillars just smash the pillars they are standing on first.
    Continue beating up the orcs until you reah the last area where you need to
    throw Gimli at the rock first. Then climb up and beat the orcs on top and
    shoot the orcs on the top left ledge. 
    If your hobbit gets caught, switch to Boromir then attack the orc holding
    the hobbit. Simply go to the upper leftmost area and crawl under the small
    hatch using a Hobbit. Attack Lurtz. The second part is the same except you
    have to clear out some plants blocking the small hatch first. For the last
    part, go to the rightmost part, build the plank then jump up and attack
    Wait for Lurtz to throw his shield, jump down and get stuck. Attack him
    like crazy. If he catches you, switch to the other character and hack away.
    Follow the stud trails to trigger the next cutscene.
    _____ C07 | Chapter 7 _____
    ______ Taming Gollum ______
    Go to the left area, hit the blocks, build the stairs using Gandalf's
    staff, then climb up the stairs. Continue along the path until you will
    trigger a scene below the tower. Build the stairs at the bottom of the
    tower. Climb up. Break the chain then climb up again.
    To avoid the Balrog's attack, stay at the foreground ledge of the tower,
    then jump up as he does his swipe and shockwave. Wait for the lightning
    bolts to crash down, stand at the area hit by lightning, then hold Circle
    to gather up and point the crosshair on one of his wings, you'll know if
    you hit the right spot if his body turns red. Do this two more times,
    hitting his other wing, then his chest. 
    You have to find six fishes and put them in the basket. First is in front
    of you. Second is below the ledge where the basket is. Next switch to Sam,
    go to the right area then climb up the rocks using Sam's elven rope by
    pressing Circle then holding left on the left stick to gain momentum, once
    you're high enough, press X upwards to jump up. Hit the plants then build a
    ladder, then climb up and get the fish. 
    Now go to the right and use Frodo to enter the dark cave, then once inside 
    use Sam to dig up the fish. Next go to the rightmost area with the colored 
    tile floor, push the pillar to the right then up, use Sam to dig up the
     plant then grow the vines . 
    Climb up the vines, jump across the pillar. Hit the brown objects below 
    the vines with Sam to reveal a fireplace, you need 3 firewood to light 
    it up, the first two are in the brown areas that you can see in the 
    current screen, the last one is on the rocks on the left. 
    Put the firewood in the fireplace, light it up using Sam, then climb up 
    and pick up the fish. Keep going right, smash some brown plants, use Sam 
    to build the object and climb up using the Elven Rope. Press up on the rope
    to climb up, then jump up the ledge. Build the flower, climb up the flower 
    using Frodo, enter the small hatch, shimmy to the right, then pick up the 
    fish on the dark cave. Drop down and walk to the right, push the boulder 
    on the right, throw the fishes into the basket by tapping Circle in front 
    of the basket. Enter Gollum's lair. 
    Pick up the fish in the middleground, then throw it at Gollum. Once he
    drops down, press Circle in the glowing area using Sam to pull him up, then
    mash the button prompt to struggle and hit him. Switch to Frodo, enter the
    dark cavern on the background, smash the objects and pick up the fishing
    Use Sam to dig up the dirtpile using Sam to grab a golden hook. Throw
    the rope at the wall on the left, then pull down the large rocks to get a
    fishing hook. Combine these items by bringing up your inventory, make sure
    the items are equipped in one character only. Go to the left area, climb up
    using Sam's rope, hit the item to get a pole. Combine this with the first 2
    item to create the fishing pole. Fish at the dock on the left, follow the
    button prompts, get the fish. Throw the fish at Gollum, then repeat the
    same process to damage him. Keep doing this until his hearts are gone. 
    Follow the trails to trigger the next cutscene.
    ______ C08 | Chapter 8 _______
    ______ The Dead Marshes ______
    Follow Gollum, make sure to stay at the brown areas while crossing the
    marsh to avoid drowning, hit X if you are starting to drown . Use Sam on
    the digsite to acquire a bucket, get water at the well on the top left
    area, then put out the fire blocking the way. Continue along. Use Sam to
    dig up and grow a plant, climb up, burn the trees with the birds on it, go
    down and get water then climb up and put out the flames again. Follow the
    path. This time make sure to jump on the floating plants. On the next
    island, move to the right area and cross the plant-bridge on the right,
    stand at the connecting platform to make the next connecting-path rise up.
    Make your way across, get water and wash away the fire. Follow the path
    that Gollum made. Keep jumping to cross the marsh faster. Switch to Frodo,
    stand at the platform on the upper right island to fill up the water pool
    on the island before it, , switch to Sam, go back down to the island in the
    lower right, get some water and stop the flames. Move along. Switch to Sam
    to pull the branches from the tree, cross the plants, use the rope to pull
    out the skull inside the skeleton. Backtrack to the lower left area, cross
    the bridge connected to the skull and get some water, go to the lower left
    area and snuff out the fires, cross the marsh. Halfway through the new path
    made by Gollum, there is a floating plant, jump across it and use Frodo
    inside the dark tree to build a rope attachment. Use Sam to pull down the
    water atop the tree, grab some water, follow Gollum's path and put out the
    flames, move across to enter the next cutscene.
    Hide behind the tree using Sam, then equip Frodo's elven cloak and wait
    until the Black rider passes overhead. Follow Gollum to the next island and
    do the same thing on this island. Follow Gollum again. Repeat same hiding
    tactics. Continue along. Hide and wait again. Follow Gollum's trail. Hide
    under the dark tree using Frodo's phial. Move along. Use Sam' s rope to
    pull yourself up the tree branch, jump to the other side with the sloped
    incline. Stand above the other end of the see-saw, switch to Frodo, cross
    over the other end of the see-saw, hit the tree. Follow the path, then
    follow Gollum. Burn the huge log using Sam, then use the hiding tactics
    again and wait. Move along. Use Sam's rope to pull down the branch, then
    build the bridge and cross it. Make the plant grow by digging up with Sam,
    then climb up.
    As Faramir, walk up to the upper left area and wait for the oliphaunt to
    pass by. Jump up and grab one of the ropes hanging from the animal and
    climb up, beat the enemies, smash the barrels, grab the rope and climb up
    to the topmost platform. Beat the oliphaunt master by following the button
    prompts. Do this on another oliphaunt.
    You cannot pass the red gaze right now. Switch to Aragorn's team using the
    character change menu. Head to the marker by following the stud trails.
    ____ C09 | Chapter 9 ______
    ______ Trach Hobbits ______
    Use Legolas to shoot the 3 targets inside the fires. Build the stairs then
    use Gimli's jump + Square to smash the rock. Use Aragorn and pick up the
    green item. Follow the green mist using Aragorn to track the surroundings.
    Once you've followed enough, two small scenes will show up, then you will
    be able to build a rope device. Switch to Legolas and shoot the target on
    the left, pick up the rope and attach it to the rope device. Pick up the
    green item and track the area again using Aragorn until you reveal a
    breakable floor. Use Gimli to jump-smash the floor, pick up the green item
    and track again using Aragorn to reveal the path up north.
    Follow the path down. Break the rocks, go downhill. Avoid the shots while
    beating the orcs that come down, wait until they slide down then hit them.
    Move along, jump up the bars beside the upper ledge on the right, jump with
    one character first, switch to the other, jump to the other bar. Build the
    ladder. Climb up the ladder. Hit the orcs. Continue along. Beat some more
    orcs. Continue to the right. An armored orc will appear, keep attacking to
    destroy him. Crawl under the small hatch. Move to the right. Smash the
    trees, build the ladder and climb up.
    Use Fangorn to simply trample and walk over the orcs to destroy them. When
    you reach the barrier, pick up the rocks using Fangorn and throw it at the
    barrier to destroy it. Move along the path. As Fangorn, pick up Merry and
    cross over the river. Stomp along some orcs while walking down the path
    ahead. Switch to Merry and crawl at the hatch, jump to the vines to bring
    down some water and douse the burning log. Walk ahead.
    Follow the studs to reach the next chapter.
    ____ C10 | Chapter 10 ___
    ______ warg Attack ______
    Beat down the enemies, then hit Grima with the staff. Hold Circle to lift
    up Theoden and damage him. A bunch of other guards will appear, beat them
    down as well. Build a cage. Hit Grima, but this time don't lift up Theoden
    yet, instead keep on hitting Grima until he runs into the cage and get
    caught. Lift up Theoden and you're done.
    Use Legolas at all times during this battle. He can shoot arrows while
    riding which makes the battle much easier. Keep in mind that if you are
    next beside an enemy and too close at him, Legolas cannot start the
    animation of shooting, so keep you distance. Once your horses run away,
    approach an enemy, hit Square to hang onto an orc and keep pressing the
    button prompt to take his rid
    ___ C11 | Chapter 11____
    ______ Helm's Deep______
    Hit the target on the upper left, build the gears. Use Gimli to jump-smash
    the rock on the foreground, pick up the gear, connect it to the gears in
    the background. Crank the gears, build the stairs and climb up. Have Gimli
    smash the rock on the upper level, then climb up again.
    Use Legolas to shoot the middle ladder. Go to the right area and hit the
    ladder to bring it down. Switch to Gimli, go to the left and smash the rock
    to bring down another ladder.
    Shoot the center ladder again. Go to the far right, use Gimli to enter the
    small hatch, push the box, build the rock, smash it with Gimli. Go back to
    the left, hit the ladder with the brown parts. Then go further left, smash
    another rock with Gimli.
    You need to hit the ladders again. Some of them are similar to the ones
    before - shoot the center ladder, hit the ladder with brown parts, smash
    the rock on the left with Gimli, only this time there is another ladder
    that Legolas needs to shoot and a ladder that you need to bring down by
    throwing Gimli into it.
    Go to the left area and hit the rock with Gimli. Build the ladder, climb
    up, shoot the target with Legolas, pull yourself up the bar, then jump
    over. Push the rock to help your friends climb up.
    Throw Gimli at the orcs, beat the enemies, destroy the battering ram then
    build up the object. As Legolas, shoot two ladders located on the left
    area. After the quick scene, keep shooting the ladder that they raised up
    until it goes down. Build the sliding floor then push the block across.
    Switch to the members below and build the platform, jump on it and climb
    On the next scene, simply follow down the path that the camera provides
    Switch to Frodo's gang and follow the stud trails.
    __ C12 | Chapter 12 ___
    ______ Osgiliath ______
    Switch to Faramir and shoot the target above Frodo's group. Switch to the
    hobbits and crawl under the hatch. Jump across, go down the stairs and use
    Sam's rope on the barricade. Switch back to Faramir, build all three parts
    for the sliding floor. Push the pillars so they get to be arranged from
    lowest to highest next to each other, jump over the pillars and shoot the
    far target at the background. Have Frodo's team enter the gates, switch
    back to faramir, shoot the target at the far right, switch back to Frodo
    and use his phial to brighten up the dark area. Smash the door and build
    the hatch. 
    Crawl under using Sam, use the rope on the wooden parts above and build
    the plank. Switch to Faramir, shoot the orcs, jump over to the right,
    shoot the orc above and build the ladder. Shoot the target on the
    far background. As the hobbits, jump over the bouncing plank, build the
    ladder, climb up and grab the sword. Use the sword to break Gollum's
    As Gollum, climb up and turn the crank. Go down the path. Switch back 
    to Faramir, shoot the orcs, climb up the stairs, shoot the two targets
    above, build the sliding floor, push the pillar to the left, then shoot the
    two orcs in the background. Use Gollum, go down and climb up the upper
    area, then push the pillar to the left and down to the first floor. Switch
    to Sam to grow the flower and jump over to the higher floor. Use Sam to
    build fire.
    Switch to Faramir, shoot the orcs, move to the right and hit the wooden
    barricade, then shoot the Nazgul who is blocking Frodo's path. Switch
    back to Sam, go down and dig up the gear. Smash the gray rocks in
    the foreground and use Gollum to fish in the dock and get a crank. 
    Use the crank on the gear to open the door. Enter the door and follow 
    the path. Use Faramir, go all the way down and to the right, beat the
    orcs and shoot the Nazgul. Move to the right and build the ladder. Climb 
    up. Go back to Team Frodo, move to the right, and smash all the objects. 
    Build the stairs and climb up. Use Faramir, go to the right and shoot 
    Keep following the path, stomp down on orcs and break the towers along the
    way if they are blocking your path. Midway through, hit a tower to bring it
    down and use it as a bridge to cross the the other side. Pick up the water
    silo then throw it at the burning flames. Throw the rocks at the towers to
    bring them down and serve as stairs. Finally, hold Circle near the tower
    supports to destroy the dam.
    Climb up to progress to the story.
    ______ C13 | Chapter 13 _______
    ______ The Secret Stairs ______
    Walk down to the lower left area, use Gollum to climb up and hit the
    boulder to make it drop down. Use Sam to jump up and dig up a skull, then
    throw it at the plants to the right. Use the rope to pull down the plants.
    Switch to Frodo, go back to Sam's location, jump across the vines and to
    the other side. Light up the cave, hit the object behind, build the slider
    and push down the rock to the lower area. Build the stairs, then light up
    the cave below. While Frodo is still inside the cave, switch to Sam, enter
    the cave, dig up and build a turnstile. Use the turnstile, use Sam's rope
    and pull down the pillar. Build the wooden parts and burn it using Sam.
    Build the next set of stairs and climb up.
    Go to the upper right area, dig up and build the slider. Use Frodo to enter
    the cave on the left, switch to Gollum and climb up. Push the boulder down,
    then go down and push the rock to the upper right area, climb up. Use Frodo
    on the cave at the upper right, smash things inside and pick up the rock.
    Throw the rock to the webs located outside to the top left. Use Sam's rope
    to pull down the pillar on the left. Climb up the vines and shimmy to the
    left. Continue upwards through the stairs. Hit the webs and have Gollum
    climb up. Once on top, hit more webs and build a see-saw, jump on the left
    side of it. Go back down and continue to the right. Use Sam to crawl under
    the hatch and grow some plants. Go down and build some steps, jump up and
    continue upwards.
    Continue upwards through the cave, when you see the fork, go to the right.
    Hit the debris. Move along. Go to the upper right area to find a climbable
    wall for Gollum. Get Frodo close to the spiders to scare them away, climb
    up using Gollum. Push down the rock, then switch to Frodo and crawl under
    the hatch. Follow the path forward using Frodo, hitting the webs along the
    way. Destroy the skeleton and build some bars, then pull yourself up. Smash
    all the objects around, build a basket, then pick up the rocks and throw
    them at the basket.
    Follow the path downwards to escape the giant spider.
    Follow the stud trails to reveal the next chapter.
    ____ C14 | Chapter 14 ____
    ______ Cirith ungol ______
    Bear in mind that you need to grab the phial to scare away Shelob the
    spider, and you need to get Frodo's sword Sting to hit it. Once Shelob is
    afraid, stand in front and press Circle, then follow the button prompts.
    Beat the spider minions afterwards. If you lose the phial and sword, just
    grab them somewhere in the screen. If Shelob sticks at the background
    shooting webs at you, throw the phial at it by holding Square then
    releasing. Near the end, you will lose the phial and the sword, go to the
    background area, smash the glowing web to reveal the phial, pick it up,
    rinse and repeat.
    Use Sam's rope to pull down the lamp above, pick up the rock then throw it
    at the chain holding the lamp. Go down, beat the orcs, use Frodo to light
    up the cave on the left and get the gear. Use the gear on the gear device
    on the top left, then hang onto the chains using both characters. Go down
    and beat all the orcs, exit out. 
    Go to the right, pick up the rock, throw it at the pipe above, pick up the
    amor part. Go further right, light the fire near the clothesline using Sam,
    grab the rope on the opposite right end, build the catapult, ride it by
    pressing triangle near it. Go to the far right, hit the barrels, go down
    and grab the armor part. Using the debris from the barrels, build the
    ladder, climb up using Frodo, go all the way to the left, then equip the
    cloak to pass through the gates. Climb up the ladder, beat the orc, smash
    all objects, grab the two purple items, combine them to make a rock hammer,
    jump-smash the rock ala Gimli style, beat the orc on the room below, get
    the armor part, turn the crank and get out. At the second floor, go all the
    way to the left, light the fire, push off the two crates, go down and build
    the slider. Push the pillar to the right. Jump up at the last alcove, hit
    the door, get the armor. Make sure both characters are equipped with a
    helmet and body armor, head to the gate. 
    Switch to Aragorn and follow the path. After the cutscene, Use Aragorn
    again and follow the studs.
    _________ C15 | Chapter 15 ________
    ______ The Paths of the Dead ______
    Follow the path. Use Aragorn's blade to beat the ghosts and smash all the
    glowing pillars. Build a ramp once all four pillars are destroyed. Walk up
    and move along. Once you see a breakable rock on the floor, use Gimli to
    break it, build the hatch then enter it. Switch to Legolas, jump up on
    Gimli's ledge, shoot the target, jump over the bar and to the upper ledge.
    Push down the crate. Build the ladder and climb up using Gimli, jump over
    the bars and shimmy upwards. Jump over to the platform on the right and
    jump-smash the rock. Move along. Use Legolas to shoot the targets and build
    the bridge. Continue ahead. Once you reach another area, go to the upper
    left and smash the rock using Gimli, build a jumping bar and use Legolas to
    jump up. Don't approach the smoke since Legolas gets disturbed by the
    ghosts, just shoot the target, jump across to the right and push off the
    crate. Jump up to the ledge, hit the red rocks using Aragorn and continue
    ahead. Use Gimli to destroy the rock on the wall. Move along. In the next
    area, go to the right and smash a red rock using Aragorn, push off the
    statue and climb up the ladder. Use Legolas to cross the rope, switch to
    Aragorn, pick up Gimli and pass him to Legolas. Smash the rock and build a
    hatch, enter it. Use the turnstile and enter the gate.
    Hit the four rocks using Gimli, build the platform and hit the King of the
    Dead using Aragorn. Once the King is hit, he will exit and summon skulls to
    flood towards you, go to the sides of the room to avoid this. Build the
    platforms from the skull debris and hit him again. On the last part, you
    need to build four platforms. Jump over to the platform where the King is
    near and slice him with Aragorn. Quickly jump to another platform to avoid
    his counter-swipe after you hit him. Do this 3 more times.
    Follow the path to reach the next chapter.
    ____________ C16 | Chapter 16 _____________
    ______ The Battle of Pelennor Fields ______
    Follow the path, take note of the objects that you can pick up by smashing
    the boxes with the Square prompts.
    Wait until the dragon smashes its head in the ground and is dizzied, hit it
    3 times. It will recover and you need to wait until it bangs its head
    again. Rinse and repeat.
    Stand at the baiting platform, wait until the Witch-King strikes, jump away
    to avoid the strike, then hit him when his weapon gets stuck. You need to
    do this 2 more times, there is another platform you need to build on the
    right and another one hidden by smashing the items on the lower left area.
    Switch characters, stand behind the Witch-King, then hit Circle during the
    choking scene. 
    You need Aragorn and Legolas to defeat the oliphaunts. Some oliphaunts have
    red rocks on their feet, just smash them with Aragorn, then mash Square.
    For the others, use Legolas to shoot the two targets on their legs on one
    side of their body, jump up the bars on the legs, jump up the ropes, climb
    up to the top and beat the riders. 
    Use Legolas to shoot the targets along the way as you follow the trail.
    _____ C17 | Chapter 17 _____
    ______ The Black Gate ______
    Use Gimli to jump-smash the rock that was thrown by the troll into the
    screen. Build the platform, bait the troll, wait until he attacks, jump
    away to escape and his weapon will get stuck. Next destroy the rocks that
    were thrown by the catapults, build the platform, then bait the troll
    again. Some red morgul blocks will drop down, use Aragorn to smash them and
    build another platform, then bait again.
    Wait until the Nazgul's dragon looks up and reveals the target on it's
    chest, shoot it with Legolas.
    Head to the left area, shoot the targets on the shoulders of the troll.
    Build a hatch using the rocks that the troll has smashed, use a small
    character to enter the hatch. Stand on the circle at the edge of the ledge,
    jump up to the troll and keep hitting it. 
    Same thing here, hit the Nazgul's dragon in the chest once the target shows
    up. For the armored troll, wait until it gets exhausted, then use Aragorn
    to stand in front of it and damage it by pressing Circle. After in runs
    off, go to the leftmost side and build objects using the destroyed rocks
    from the troll. Shoot the 3 targets to reveal the jumping bars, jump up to
    the ledge above, hit the rocks and build the baiting floor. Bait the troll,
    jump away before he hits you, then jump and walk across the troll's chain
    when it gets stuck, shoot him to end the battle. 
    Switch to Frodo and follow the studs to the final chapter.
    __ C18 | Chapter 18 ____
    ______ Mount Doom ______
    Walk up, break the two brown boxes below the ledge, build a ramp, then walk
    up ahead. Frodo can't jump here, so use Sam to jump across the island in
    the lava, then use the rope to pull down rocks so Frodo can walk across.
    Have Frodo stand atop the first platform that you'll see after you walked
    across the lava rocks. Switch to Sam, jump up the bars, pull yourself up to
    the very top, use the rope to climb up the ledge, stand atop the platform
    on the ledge to make Frodo's platform go up, walk across using Frodo. 
    Use Frodo's phial to light up the dark cave, push the rock inside, use Sam 
    to dig a rock, throw the rock at the target above, cross the rocks to the 
    next area.
    Avoid the burning flames, then use Sam to climb up the bars, walk across
    the lava rocks as Frodo. Smash the objects blocking the cave, cross
    the cave using Frodo, use Sam to pull down the rocks above, cross the rocks
    again. Make Frodo stand on the platform at the right, use Sam to jump up
    the middle rock and then to the left platform to elevate Frodo. Use Frodo
    to walk at the plank on the left, then fall down to the left platform to
    make Sam go up. 
    Use Sam to jump across, dig up and build a bridge forFrodo, then walk
    Use Sam's rope to pull down a huge rock, then walk up. Smash the objects
    the slider, build a pillar, push the pillar to the left side, make Frodo 
    stand at the right platform, use Sam to jump up the ledge above Frodo's 
    platform on the right, use the rope to make it across the left platform,
    until Frodo moves to the top of the pillar, then push the pillar to the
    Switch to Frodo, light up the cave, walk to the right, then smash the rock.
    Switch to Sam, enter the hatch, go down the lava floor below. Use Frodo to 
    enter the hatch as well, then go to Sam's area.
    Simply pick up the rocks and throw them at Gollum. If one of the two
    characters is being mauled by Gollum, switch to the other character and
    smack Gollum with a stone.
    The idea here is mash Square with Frodo when he is being attacked by
    Gollum. Once he's not holding Frodo anymore, use Sam to smash Gollum. You
    need to hit him with Sam to reduce his hearts. Each time he gets hit by
    Sam, he brings Sam down to a lower level, just build the platforms, jump
    up, rinse and repeat. For the final heart, once he lets go of Frodo, use
    Frodo to walk all the way to the rightmost area and build a platform using
    the silver bricks for Sam. Jump up and hit the schizo to end him.
    Simply run down the path while avoiding the rocks blocking the way. 
    Congratulations on finishing the main story! 
                  L E G O  T h e  L o r d  o f  t h e  R i n g s 
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
                                ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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