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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shockinblue

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    	,--------.       ,--.                          ,---. 
    	'--.  .--',--,--.|  | ,---.  ,---.      ,---. /  .-' 
    	   |  |  ' ,-.  ||  || .-. :(  .-'     | .-. ||  `-, 
     	   |  |  \ '-'  ||  |\   --..-'  `)    ' '-' '|  .-' 
    	   `--'   `--`--'`--' `----'`----'      `---' `--'   
    	    ,--.   ,--.,--.,--.,--.,--.             ,---.    
    	     \  `.'  / `--'|  ||  |`--' ,--,--.    '.-.  \   
    	      .'    \  ,--.|  ||  |,--.' ,-.  |     .-' .'   
     	     /  .'.  \ |  ||  ||  ||  |\ '-'  |    /   '-.   
    	    '--'   '--'`--'`--'`--'`--' `--`--'    '-----'   
    Game: Tales of Xillia 2 (Japan Version)
    Creator: Namco Bandai
    Release Date: November 1, 2012
    Platform: PS3
    FAQ: Walkthrough
    Version: 1.00
    Author: Lillian Yeung (shockinblue)
    Last Updated: December 13, 2013
    Updated: answers to other options up to chapter 14
    Table of Contents
    I.      Introduction                                            [intro]
    II.     Characters                                              [chara]
    III.    Walkthrough                                             [wlkth]
                Chapter 1: Fate Begins to Turn                 [001]
                Chapter 2: Comes with Liabilities              [002]
                Chapter 3: Day to Day Reversal                 [003]
                Chapter 4: Origin, Rampage                     [004]
                  Jude Episode 1: Ideal and Reality            [J01]
                Chapter 5: Demon Lurking in the Back Alley     [005]
                  Leia Episode 1: Leia's Use                   [L01]
                Chapter 6: Clanspia Company                    [006]
                  Alvin Episode 1: Merchant Alvin              [A01]
                  Elise Episode 1: Elise's Friend              [E01]
                Chapter 7: Guide to Alt. World Destruction     [007]
                  Rowen Episode 1: Rowen and Marcia            [R01]
                  Jude Episode 2: Unexpected Reunion           [J02]
                  Milla Episode 1: Milla's Soup                [M01]
                  Leia Episode 2: if ~ A Certain Future ~      [L02]
                Chapter 8: Melody that Echoes Across the Sea   [008]
                Intermission                                   [INT]
                  Rowen Episode 2: Rowen's Secret              [R02]
                  Alvin Episode 2: Business Partner            [A02]
                  Milla Episode 2: Aim for Number One!         [M02]
                Chapter 9: Gaius' Test                         [009]
                  Gaius Episode 1: Encounter with Gaius        [G01]
                  Elise Episode 2: Strategy to Get Banish      [E02]
                  Alvin Episode 3: The Price of Betrayal       [A03]
                  Leia Episode 3: Leia Report                  [L03]
                Chapter 10: Ruins of Thunder                   [010]
                  Jude Episode 3: Jude's Responsibility        [J03]
                  Musee Episode 1: Spirit Communication        [MU1]
                Chapter 11: Milla Maxwell                      [011]
                  Milla Episode 3: The Milla Here Now          [M03]
                  Rowen Episode 3: Oath of Priceless Friends   [R03]
                  Gaius Episode 2: Things that Bind Us         [G02]
                Chapter 12: "Me" and Elle                      [012]
                  Alvin Episode 4: Decision and Departure      [A04]
                  Milla Episode 4: Milla, the Name of Betrayal [M04]
                Chapter 13: Arrival, and then...               [013]
                  Jude Episode 4: Celsius' Wish                [J04]
                  Elise Episode 3: Unreachable Heart           [E03]
                  Gaius Episode 3: Liese Maxia Sightseeing     [G03]
                Chapter 14: Ludger, Mission Complete           [014]
                  Leia Episode 4: Answer to the Homework       [L04]
                  Milla Episode 5: Maxwell's Miko              [M05]
                  Musee Episode 2: Musee's Present             [MU2]
                Chapter 15: A Brother's Wish, A Brother's Will [015]
                  Milla Episode 6: Desire, Persistenly         [M06]
                  Elise Episode 4: Before it Reaches the Heart [E04]
                  Alvin Episode 4: Wish for a Certain Future   [A04]
                  Jude Episode 5: A World Selfishly Dreamed Of [J05]
                  Musee Episode 3: Marching Co-Op Corps        [MU3]
                  Rowen Episode 4: From Me to You              [R04]
                  Gaius Episode 4: Decision, As a King         [G04]
                  Musee Episode 4: Musee's Secret Strategy     [MU4]
                  Extra Episode: Seeking That "Proof"          [EXT]
                Final Chapter: At the Judge's Gate             [FIN]
    IV.     EX Dungeon                                              [exd]
    V.	History                                                 [hist]
    VI.	Copyright                                               [ex]
    I.      Introduction                                            [intro]
    Oh hey there, welcome to my little corner on the internet. First of all, it
    has been an entire year since I last visited this site for the sake of a
    Tales Of game. Second, this is my... third walkthrough. I'm still not very
    good at it. You will find others a lot more useful than mine. Just take a
    quick look below and if you don't feel like I can help you, then please try
    another guide.
    What I'm aiming to provide in this walkthrough is a guide from start to
    finish, translations that are hopefully as accurate as can be, and trying to
    keep this as spoiler-free as possible.
    For those who have gone through my Tales of Xillia walkthrough, you will
    notice that the translations for items and such aren't up to par exactly,
    That being said. Updates will be slow. This time around, I'm going to write
    down the Kanji and translate it instead of writing pointless stuff like bug
    thingy. So hopefully this guide will be a lot more useful.
    Anyways, enough blabbering on my mind.
    Tales of Xillia 2 is the sequel to Xillia of course, and it takes place in
    Elenpios, the other world that you didn't get much of a chance to explore in
    the first game.
    There are also two new main characters. One is not playable. The gist of it
    is: your character, Ludger is saddled with a 20 million gald debt that
    limits his freedom; his only brother is missing; and he's promised to take
    a little girl he meets to the Land of Canaan. Hm. No big deal right?
    You also bump into the characters from the first game.
    Muse and Gaius are also playable.
    Cool, right?
    II.	Characters						[chara]
    The new batch:
       o 20 years old
       o Specialty: Cooking
       o Owner of one fat cat - Lulu
       o Has been rejected from working at Clanspia Company
       o Saddled with a 20 MILLION GALD debt
       o Wields: dual swords, dual pistols, hammer; capable of switching between
         all three in battle
       o 8 years old
       o Mission: Save her father by reaching Land of Canaan for help
       o Non-playable
       o Hates tomatoes
       o The "Boss" Cat
       o Ludger and Julius' cat
       o Ludger's older brother
       o An agent for Clanspia Company
       o Has a strong sense of responsibility
       o Attached to his brother
       o The president of Clanspia Company
       o Ludger's former classmate
       o Manages the payments for your debt
       o Nova's twin sister
       o Bisley's secretary
       o An agent for Clanspia Company
       o One of the Original Three Spirits beside Origin and Maxwell
       o Guardian of the Land of Canaan
    The original batch:
       o formed a business partnership with Yorgens to further relations between
         the two worlds
       o an Origin researcher in Elenpios, after graduating medical school
       o a reporter for a minor newspaper company
       o attends school in Kalaha Schall
       o Prime Minister of Liese Maxia
       o Gaius' right-hand man
       o very good with Elenpios technology (fast texting!)
       o Serving as Maxwell
       o King of Liese Maxia
       o gathers information in disguise while using his real name Aast Autwei
       o bad with technology
       o has returned to the human world for one purpose or another
       o madness no longer exists with Milla as an anchor
       o playful, sister-like, persona
       o lacks a human's common sense
    III.    Walkthrough                                             [wlkth]
      *----------------------------  PLEASE NOTE  ---------------------------*
      I've completed the game as of April 2013. The following walkthrough is
      still considered a rough draft. I will be polishing it continuously over
      the next several months (you know, life and all). 
    In this game, "your choice will spin the future" and you'll have to choose
    between two options using L1 (left) and R1 (right). I will try my best to go
    through both options and explain the outcomes. I'll try to be thorough.
    If you preordered this game and got the little leaflet with a serial code,
    log on to the Tales Channel+, log in (register first if you have to), click
    the Tales of Xillia 2 campaign banner, and input the code. From the next 
    page you can select which campaign goods to receive. Campaign (1) is the
    one with PS3 themes and the extra costumes. You'll receive another code,
    which you'll have to input in the Japanese PS Store.
    Insert the game and select NEW GAME. Configure your settings and press START
    and you'll start off with a fight! There's no point in trying to win, it's
    more for story effect so attack the shadowed figure and this person will
    speak to you saying that "what you need is choice!"
    After being "killed" you will wake up from the dream.
            ~ CHAPTER 1: FATE BEGINS TO TURN ~                      [001]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Orange Gel x3           o  Mix Gel                 o  Life Bottle
       o  500 Gald
       o  Trench Coat             o  Knitted Hat             o  200 Gald
       o  Life Bottle x2
       o  CLANSPIA TRAINING GROUND: Defeat 5 monsters
       o  TORIGRAPH: Head towards the station
       o  STORIBOGUE: Head to the front of the train
       o  MAIN: Young Man headed to the station
          { LEFT } "I was headed to the station cafe, you?" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } It's too troublesome, so ignore him
       o  MAIN: Who was that Girl just now...? 
          { LEFT } "She framed me. Called me a molester..."
          { RIGHT } "I don't know, we just met."
       o  MAIN: Why is Elle alone? 
          { LEFT } "Probably. It was too dangerous to leave her alone."
          { RIGHT } "Her parents might have been killed by terrorists..."
       o  MAIN: That Appearance
       o  Basic battle controls   o  Link                     o  Overlimit
       o  Arrowsel Orb            o  Jump, skid, weakness
    Ludger will wake up almost late for his entrance exam for Clanspia Company.
    When you arrive, Julius will ask if you realize the importance of the exam.
      { LEFT } "I know, Julius"
      Julius will say, "Even though you know, you still barely made it. You
      always had the knack for being courageous about the weirdest things."
      { RIGHT } "I know, brother"
      Julius will respond, "Enough of that, today I'm your proctor for the exam"
    Then he'll ask you, "What's with the strange face?"
      { LEFT } "...I dreamt that you killed me."
      Julius will say, "I killed you? Well I guess if you ate my Tomato Choux
      Cream, I just might." Ludger gasps and shakes his head, to which Julius
      says, "Then it's fine."
      { RIGHT } "It's nothing."
      Julius will respond, "I see, then let's start the exam."
    (I'm sorry. But, why would anyone on this earth make a Tomato cream puff.)
    For your exam you need to kill 5 monsters on the map. Leaving the area will
    result in a fail. Julius will toss twin swords to you. The way Ludger grips
    it prompts Julius to say some familiar words.
    Head down the ramp from the save point and towards the shore. You should be
    able to get all the items listed above. As you head back towards Julius,
    left of the save point path there's a slope heading up for one chest and a
    monster if you're still missing one. 
    After defeating the monsters, the intercom will sound. Head back to Julius
    to continue. When you reach him, a girl behind you will scream as she's
    about to be attacked by a monster.
      { LEFT } "Help her, brother!"
      Julius will respond, "What if I told you, you'd pass if you defeated it?"
      Ludger will look back at the monster, and Julius will say, "The exam isn't
      over yet." The monster will turn towards you after knocking the girl out.
      Ludger will hesitate and drop his weapons and try to protect himself as
      the beast lunges but Julius will save you and kill it last second. Because
      you couldn't make a choice, he fails you.
      { RIGHT} Save her
      You will fight the beast. It is a boss, but an easy enough battle.
      BOSS: ???     HP: 7800
      EXP: 90       GALD: 290
      Turns out it was a trap, and Julius will fail you because you jump into
      situations like saving a damsel in distress too easily. 
    After failing the exam there will be an anime cutscene switch to Elle who is
    with her father, running away from a bunch of masked goons. He will hand his
    watch to you and tell you to head towards the Land of Canaan, where they can
    be together; where any wish will come true. As she escapes on the boat, her
    dad's twin swords will be thrown on board.
    Her father will be shot dead, but the bullets pop out of him and he
    transforms into..something.
    Then the game will show the opening cutscene for the game. Enjoy the song,
    and you'll be back as Ludger, waking up the day after failing his exam.
    Julius remarks on Ludger's exam and says, "As your brother, should I give
    you some advice?"
      { LEFT } "Yes please, brother."
      Julius will respond, "You being so formal scares me." He'll give you a 
      look and say, "Don't let it get you down. With your cooking, the cafeteria
      by the station will surely take you."
      { RIGHT } "You don't really have to."
      Julius will say, "I guess so. You're not a kid anymore, after all. Are you
      still interested in Clanspia? I think you're more suited for the cafe by
      the station though."
    Lulu will claim she's hungry and Julius will ask what's on the menu.
      { LEFT } "Tomato Omurice"
      Julius responds, "You just want to feed me tomatoes don't you, but I don't
      { RIGHT } "Mabo Curry"
      Julius says, "You're really fired up, aren't you?"
    Julius will then pick up Lulu and says he gets the Royal Cat Food, and then
    thinks twice and decides to give him the Crunchy Cat Food because Lulu's
    been gaining weight recently. Lulu clearly does not agree. 
    The scene will forward where he's fixing the watch while you're cooking and
    after the news plays, Julius informs you that he needs to go on a trip. He
    asks if you want anything.
      { LEFT } "I want your pocket watch."
      Julius will say, "Something this old? I'd rather get you a new one."
      { RIGHT } "Nothing in particular."
      Julius will say, "You don't have to hold back, you know. But if you say
      you want a house, I might be troubled."
    In the end he suggests getting a neck tie for you. When he reaches for the
    pocket watches, the gold one looks like it's vanishing for a second, and he
    takes notice. But leaves soon after. 
    Once the scene ends, the game will search through your other game save files
    and if you've got the Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia save and clear save files,
    you get some extra goodies:
      XILLIA SAVE FILE (JUDE): Always Jude attachment
      XILLIA SAVE FILE (MILLA): Always Milla attachment
      VESPERIA SAVE FILE: Runaway Man (Yuri) attachment
      GRACES F SAVE FILE: Hugger Sophie attachment
    I believe these need to be Japanese version save files. If you tried to save
    money by buying Asian verions like I did, I believe you can still get these
    attachments if you play the demos of Graces F and Vesperia and saved from
    those, if that's even possible.
    Ludger will leave home too towards the special train mentioned on the news.
    Head down to 1F and leave your complex. Head towards the next screen and
    you will switch to a scene upon meeting a familiar face: Jude.
    You will overhear his conversation: Leia wants Jude to interview Baran in
    her place, but he doesn't have a clue which one's the Special Train, and
    then she hangs up on him. Typical Leia.
    He might not know which one's the special train.
      { LEFT } "Want me to show you? I'm going to the station too." + JUDE 
      Jude will say, "Is that all right with you? Thank you!"
      { RIGHT } "If it's the special train you're looking for, try the station."
      Jude will respond, "They all look the same; last time I got on the wrong
      one and ended up all the way in Dovole."
    Ludger will show him the way. Down the street behind you, Elle walks along
    looking for the station too. As she looks down at the pocket watch, it turns
    transparent and falls through her hands. She picks it up thinking she
    dropped it, and meets Lulu who shows her the way.
    Back to Ludger, you just need to head to the next map where the station is.
    When you reach the station, another anime cutscene will take place and you
    get to meet two new characters, non-playable though, Bisley and Vel. When in
    control, head further into the station and talk to the man with a star above
    his head.
    He says he's busy and to take the lost kid to the main office. This confuses
    Ludger and Elle will come out from behind him and trick the guard using you
    as a scapegoat. The guard will try to restrain you daring you to run.
      { LEFT } Resist
      He slaps the guard.
      { RIGHT } "You've got it wrong! That girl lied!"
      The guard will respond, "You're just making it worse for yourself."
      The bystanders will say, "A molester, and the victim was a kid, too."
    The chime will ring and the locker beside you will burst open with masked
    goons who gun down the place and race off into the train.
    What will you do? THIS ONE IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } Board the train
      Ludger runs straight into the train.
      { RIGHT } Get out of here!
      You'll hear a girl scream from inside and you run into the train.
    The scene continues where everyone seems to be dead except Lulu and Elle. As
    you reach them, the train takes off. Ludger reaches for the watch but it
    vanishes and Elle wakes up. At the same time one of the goons will walk over
    to you.
    What will you do? THIS ONE IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } Face him
      As you two face off, the goon will wonder if you're an agent of Clanspia
      based on your fighting skills. As she knocks you back and prepares to
      shoot you, Elle will toss you her dad's swords and you'll battle the goon.
      { RIGHT } Surrender
      The first shot misses your ear, but after Elle screams, the goon will try
      to kill her instead. Ludger will grab the swords and attack the goon.
    After the fight, Jude and Bisley will meet you. Bisley remarks on Jude's
    martial arts and his world's (Leise Maxia) use of spirits. Then he'll turn
    to you. Bisley will offer his hand:
      { LEFT } Shake his hand and introduce yourself
      Bisley will say, "As expected of someone related to Julius." After shaking
      hands, he says he considers Ludger as family (probably in relations to the
      { RIGHT } Refuse his hand and stay silent
      Bisley will say, "Are you perhaps related to Julius?" He takes your hand
      anyways and says he'll have to have a word with Julius about you, but 
      Ludger doesn't seem to approve of that.
    Vel will provide information: Ludger Will Kresnik, Julius' brother but from
    a different mother. Jude will wonder about your last name (remember the
    Kresnik spear from the first game?)
    You will then find out that the goons, are actually from Arc Noa, and are
    terrorists. They plan to crash the train. What will you do?
      { LEFT } "Stop the train!"
      Elle questions how you plan on doing that, and Jude says they need to head
      to the control room.
      { RIGHT } "If you're going to stop the train, we should scout as we go."
      Bisley agrees. 
    Regardless of what you choose, Jude will join the party and you'll have to
    go through the other cars. Open the door beyond the save point and Jude will
    introduce the Arrowsel Orb to you. In fact, he'll hand you one and then you
    will enter a battle for a Link tutorial. 
    Go through two more cars for another battle and then you'll get an arrowsel
    orb tutorial. Basically, depending on what kind of Absorber you equip, you
    can learn different Skills, Artes, and so on. You will earn Elemental Cores
    in battles that automatically go towards these skills based on the Absorber
    you've selected. Luckily, even when you have say 15/15 for one skill, you
    don't drop back down to 0/50 for the next thing (i.e. Arte), it'll still be
    15/50. Was that easy to understand?
    Go through a couple more doors until the scene switches to the others. Elle
    will notice that her watch is missing and she'll chase after Ludger looking
    for it. Bisley warns her not to, but she mentions it's importance to get to
    the Land of Canaan which sparks Bisley's interest.
    Head through the door and one more for a scene. Head up the stairs for a
    scene to find Julius.
    He'll say, "Ludger!? Why..."
      { LEFT } "Brother, what are you doing here!?"
      Julius will reply, "Work." Bisley will walk in saying he thought Julius
      was a good subordinate and refers to him as a Clown Agent, saying he works
      { RIGHT } "What was that... Just now!?"
      Julius will reply, "So you saw." Bisley will enter saying Julius has
      protected and cherished (possibly "hid") him well.
    Julius will then attack Bisley but won't land a hit. He backs up and pulls
    out both watches and Elle's watch will reappear. Jude will alert to a terro-
    rist behind him.
    What will you do? THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } Protect the girl
      Ludger will deflect the bullet with the swords and Julius will toss the
      gold watch, which will merge with Elle's. When Ludger pulls Elle away, it
      { RIGHT } Protect Bisley
      Ludger will deflect the bullet and Bisley will remark on Ludger's reaction
      timing as, "Amazing." While Julius will protect Elle by taking a bullet in
      the arm. He drops the watch and it merges with Elle's. Julius will push
      her towards Ludger and the watch reacts.
    A light will engulf the train and Ludger will transform. He'll kill the
    terrorist with a spear to the astonishment of Julius, Jude, and Bisley. You
    will then be transported somewhere familiar looking.
    Elle will introduce herself and as another terrorist appears, he'll be
    knocked out by some new faces who repeat earlier said lines. Nova introduces
    herself as Ludger's classmate. 
    Odd situation aside, what will you do?
      { LEFT } For now, we've got to stop the train
      Nova will mention spotting a white coat wearing terrorist.
      { RIGHT } Try to find my brother
      The group decides to look for Julius, who seems to know something.
    There will be an automatic battle with an Overlimit tutorial. And then a 
    tutorial on jump, skidding, and enemy weaknesses. 
    When you reach the end, head up the stairs, but something is off about this
    Julius. He will tell you, "Leave everything to me."
      { LEFT } "Tell me what happened"
      Julius will tell you, "There's no need for you to know."
      { RIGHT } "...Okay."
      Julius will tell you, "Good boy." But Elle says this won't get her to
      Canaan, and Julius claims he doesn't know where that is.
    He will then charge and knock you off the balcony, trying to kill you.
    BOSS: JULIUS              HP: 7680
    EXP: 130                  EC: 10
    DROPS: Tomato Omurice (MED), Feather Pen
    Nova and the president will enter and upon seeing the dead bodies he will
    tell you to kill Julius.
      { LEFT } "I can't kill my brother!"
      Julius will call you soft and kills Nova and the president. Elle screams.
      { RIGHT } Kill my brother
      When he prepares to deal the final blow, the watch reacts.
    Ludger transforms and the spear pierces Julius, turning him into a gear that
    END CHAPTER 1---------------------------------------------------------------
            ~ CHAPTER 2: COMES WITH LIABILITIES ~                   [002]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Brandy "NOEL RAY"       o  Bourbon "MOONLIGHT"  
       o  400 Gald                o  Strange Fragment        o  Round Beret
       o  Head back to Torigraph
       o  Pay off 5,000 Gald to leave Dovole
       o  MAIN: Debt Contract 
          { LEFT } "It's not something you need to worry about Elle."
          { RIGHT } "Nova's my friend, it'll work out somehow."
       o  MAIN: Elle's Circumstances 
       o  Deliver PRETTY FEATHER x10 to the girl at Dovole Station
       o  WOOD BADGE REQUIRED to take quest
       o  Get FOSSIL SHELLS x2
       o  Geth PRETTY FEATHER x1
       o  Defeat IRALE HORSE x3
       o  Get FOSSIL SHELL x1
       o  Get BEAST FANG x1
       o  Get TERRA CRAB x2
      [THE MAGNET...] REWARD: 511 GALD, 104 POINTS
       o  Get IRON SAND x2
       o  Defeat IRALE CHUNCHUN x 4
       o  Defeat IRALE PLANT x4
    You will wake up in a bar with Elle lying on the bench beside yours. The
    only thing you can do is talk to the guy with the star above his head.
    The guy in red says, "Trains terrorists huh, how dangerous."
      { LEFT } "What happened?"
      He will tell you, "You're in Dovole. I carried you here and treated you
      because the hospital is filled with the injured."
      { RIGHT } "And you are...?"
      He will tell you, "You're saviour. As long as you can remember that much,
      then it's OK."
    Jude enters and refers to the guy as Ridou, the Healing Agent of Clanspia
    Company. He excuses himself and Ludger will examine the watch as Elle wakes
    up. She wants her watch back.
      { LEFT } "It's my brother's watch"
      Elle will respond, "No way! Papa gave me this!" And she'll punch him in
      the side.
      { RIGHT } "Are you still hurt?"
      Elle will look down at her self and says she seems fine.
    Ludger will pocket the watch anyways and Elle will pound his gut calling him
    a thief. Ridou will interupt demanding 15 million gald as payment for his
    medical services - what!
    Nova will enter looking for Ridou. Turns out she works for a bank owned by
    Clanspia and she's here to oversee the transaction.
      { LEFT } "Oversee the signing?"
      Ridou will tell you, "Of course, you're free to do whatever, but I'm going
      to need some insurance." And he'll pull Elle to the side with him.
      { RIGHT } "You're safe too."
      Nova will say, "What are you talking about?"
    Before you talk to Ridou again, check the wine shelf under the television
    and the middle shelf behind the bar for some alcohol. Cool.
    Talk to Ridou who asks, "Are you going to sign the debt contract?"
      { LEFT } "All right, I'll sign it."
      Ridou will tell you, "A wise choice."
      { RIGHT } "...No, wait."
      Ridou will say, "You can run if you want, but she'll have to pay up."
    You really have no choice, signing is the only way to continue. Jude will
    walk in right before you sign it asking you know the consequences. You
    basically have limited freedom until the debt is fully paid. Ludger will
    hesitate again, but after being egged by Ridou ("Maybe you should as your
    brother to bail you out") be signs the contract.
    Only after signing does Nova announce that the total debt is 20 million and
    not 15 million. Apparently he forgot to mention Ludger's family's medical
    fees too. At this, Lulu hangs his head in shame. Nova announces she'll be
    there to support you, but even Ludger doesn't want that.
    Exit the bar.
    Head out of this area for a scene. Your party will talk about the Land of
    Canaan, Jude will say there is a possibility it exists based on his
    experience with spirits. He'll also proclaim Elle lost, because she doesn't
    know how to get there or anything other than the name.
      { LEFT } "...Want to go together?"
      Elle is happy but remembers to be stubborn and says she has no choice
      since he's still got her watch.
      { RIGHT } "Why do you want to go there?"
      Elle promised her father and says promises must be kept.
    She then switches the topic to Julius, who seemed to know something. Jude
    will ask if that person was your brother.
      { LEFT } "I don't know..."
      Elle will say, "Even though you're siblings?"
      { RIGHT } "That wasn't him."
      Jude says they should look for the real Julius by GHS but it doesn't
    Head back to the station and try to use the machines where the star is
    located on the map. You won't be able to get a ticket because of your debt.
    Damn. Jude suggests you find jobs to do in town, and he'll even help. He
    better, he was the one who dumped you on Mr. Healing Agent.
    Head back to the last area with all the shops. There should be a scene where
    a guy in a white jacket asks if you're looking for jobs to do. Seems legit
    since he's part of Clanspia Company.
    This is basically how you're going to do all your sidequests and events in
    this game. As well as Giganto battles. I call it the Quest Board. Also, you
    can only take up to a certain amount of quests at a time. Some might even
    require you to have a certain item first. There are three types of requests.
      MONSTER ICON: Fight a certain number of the monster requested
      ! BUBBLE: Complete a request for a person by collecting what they need
      ITEM POUCH: Collect a certain number of this item as requested
    Accept what missions you can and head out into the field to start completing
    them. When ever you reach the goal of these quests, the notice will pop
    up on the bottom right of your screen, then you need to head back to the
    quest board and choose to accept the payment for the quests.
    All of these are easy to do. And when you head out into the field, you can
    now also find bigger shiny spots that are actually a random number of
    elemental cores. Cool.
    When you've collected enough money, a window will open showing Nova and your
    debt. The listing is as follows:
    You can press X to get rid of this screen. But Nova will pester you until
    you give her money. If you find you can't get rid of her and have to pay up
    but let's say you still have something to do like a Character Episode, pay
    as little as possible and keep going on.
    If you ever need to access this window for your debt, press L2. Fair warning
    though, she's going to annoy the living daylights out of you. Expect it.
    After paying the required amount, you can access the machine and select the
    only option that takes you back to Torigraph.
    END CHAPTER 2---------------------------------------------------------------
            ~ CHAPTER 3: DAY TO DAY REVERSAL ~                      [003]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Whiskey "EX MACHINA"    o  Ludger's Pajamas        o  Feather Pen
       o  Mantle                  o  Clan Dual (swords)      o  Earth Absorber
       o  Apple Gel x3            o  Orange Gel x3           o  Life Bottle x3
       o  Dark Bottle x2          o  Leather Coat            o  Boots
       o  1000 GAld
       o  Return to Ludger's home
       o  ETC: Relieved
          { LEFT } "Does it remind you of anything?"
          { RIGHT } "...Relieved?"
       o  ETC: Relation to Ivar
       o  ETC: Simple Question
          { LEFT } "To the point of bleeding."
          { RIGHT } "...Just a little bit."
       o KURURU: Torigraph, right after receiving Cat Dispatch quest
       o TOHRU: Toribran field, last map before Heliobogue, east side
       o Hand over TOMATO OMURICE (MED) x1
       o Find Luke in Dovole (he's up the stairs from the Quest Board)
       o Find Rubyruby in Irale Field (she's located west of the exit from
         Torigraph on top of mushroom rock beside a crawl-in space)
       o Find Suzu in Torigraph (located in the station by the ticket booth)
       o Defeat ANCIENT CAT x1 in Toribran Field
       o Get LEATHER x1
      [WANT TO TAKE A RISK?] 450 G, 113 P
       o Defeat CHUNCHUN x5
       o  Get FOSSIL SHELL x1
       o  Get ANCIENT FISH SCALE x2
      [WANT TO TAKE A RISH?] REWARD: 490 G, 123 P
       o  Defeat BALD EAGLE x5
       o  Defeat LAND MANDORA x5
       o  Defeat WILD BOAR x5
       o  Get EGGS x2
      [CAT STUDY] REWARD: 495 G, 124 P
       o  Defeat ANCIENT CAT x5
      [DANGEROUS TAIL] REWARD: 715 G, 140 P
       o  Get SCORPION TAIL x1 (drop from Giganto)
      [BROKE A NAIL...] REWARD: 714 G, 145 P
       o  Get BROKEN NAIL x2
       o  Defeat IRALE TOAD x5
      [THE MAGNET...] REWARD: 715 G, 146 P
       o  Get IRON SAND x2
      [ONE FOR THE ALL] REWARD: 722 G, 147 P
      [IT'S OKAY TO CRY] REWARD: 711 G, 145 P
       o  Get ONION x2
    Head back to the apartments, but instead of heading up to yours, go to the
    southern one and head up to the third floor. Enter the first room and check
    the shelf for some alcohol. Cool. Now head back to your room because there
    is nothing else to do.
    When you reach your home, another scene will take over. Jude will ask, "So
    this is Julius' home?"
      { LEFT } "...It's our home. I'm just freeloading."
      Elle will call you a NEET (not in Education, Employed, or Training), and
      { RIGHT } "It took him a long time to get this place."
      Elle wonders when she can go back to her home.
    Jude wants to continuing talking but Lulu will interrupt for his meal, and
    the group will decide to eat. Ludger heads towards the kitchen but Elle says
    she doesn't like tomatoes!
      { LEFT } "Don't say like or hate. They're delicious."
      Elle will say, "It's not about like or hate, it's an opinion, and that's
      my right!" Jude will say, "Elle knows a lot of big words."
      { RIGHT } "I got it. I won't put any in."
      Elle wonders why her dad and adults all like tomatoes so much.
    When you gain control, enter Ludger's room and search his closet for his
    pajamas, the chest beside it for a mantle, and his desk for a feather pen.
    When you're ready, check the kitchen to continue the scene and Bisley will
    walk in like he owns the place. Ivar will appear out of nowhere and knock
    down Ludger, only to be pinned by Jude after.
    Bisley will then show you the news of the aftermath of the train incident.
    Julius now has an arrest warrant - er, wanted poster - and so does Ludger,
    apparently. Bisley then makes an offer, find Julius and your arrest warrant
    will be waived.
      { LEFT } "Okay, I'll catch him."
      Bisley says, "You don't waver, you made a good choice."
      { RIGHT } "Wait a minute..."
      Bisley says, "Don't regret it."
    Vel gives you information on where to go next between Heliobogue and Maxbard
    but need to pay off some more of your debt before you can travel that far.
    Bisley asks if this is how Julius raised you to be, without goals or results
    to show. This pisses Ludger off, of course.
    After they leave, Ivar asks Bisley why he bothered to put up such a show.
    Apparently, the guy has plans for Ludger.
    When in control, head out of your building and you should be stopped by a 
    girl, who speaks like a cat, and has lost all 100 of her cats. She wants you
    to look for them across the world. Huh. Not like you have much choice, but
    it is fun. Apparently, each cat resembles a Tales of series character.
    Now, there should be a new option in the MENU screen near the bottom where
    you can send Lulu out to different places to search for items. He'll go off
    and after a while he'll come back with some goods. This is a great tool for
    finding what you need to complete certain quests. Item quests with the black
    and blue pawprint icon means that the item can be found using Lulu's search.
    When in control, you should find the first cat right in front of you,
    Kururu. Further up ahead is Ivar, check the bag beside him to net: earth
    absorber, clan dual (swords), apple gel x3, orange gel x3, life bottle x3.
    With those in your bag, you're free to continue through town. At this point
    a whole new list of quests should be available. At the same time, previous
    quests have become available again but for less gald. Giganto are also
    available now too. 
    When you've paid off the next installment, you will receive a phone call
    from Nova, and can now choose where to go next.
                  { LEFT }                           { RIGHT }
                  Maxbard                            Heliobogue
    In this case, I went with Heliobogue first. Head there through Toribran
    field, and press circle at the entrance to Heliobogue to start Chapter 4!
    END CHAPTER 3---------------------------------------------------------------
            ~ CHAPTER 4: ORIGIN, RAMPAGE ~                          [004]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Peach Pie (Medium)      o  Silk Cloak              o  1800 Gald
       o  Iron Salet              o  Lamella Leather         o  Pretty Ribbon
       o  2500 Gald               o  Side of Rice (Medium)   o  1000 Gald
       o  3000 Gald               o  Bronze Circlet
       o  Rescue Baran
       o  ETC: Tipo vs Lulu
       o  MAIN: Alvin and Elise
          { LEFT } "He's cute, especially the horns" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
       o  MAIN: Terrorists Arc Noa
       o  ETC: One Year Ago...
       o  Weapon Shift
       o  Defeat LAND MANDORA x6
      [LIZARD RESEARCH] REWARD: 565 G, 153 P
       o  Defeat KING COCKATRICE x3
       o  Get DESERT GOLD DUST x1
       o  Get TUNA x1
      [CAT RESEARCH] REWARD: 624 G, 187 P
       o  Defeat ANCIENT CAT x8
      [I WANT IT FRIED] REWARD: 1000 G, 195 P
       o  Get POTATO x1
       o  Defeat CAVE CHUNCHUN x2
       o  Defeat CAVE PLANT x2
       o  Defeat GRAND TORTOISE x3
       o  NARCISS: THIRTEENTH FLOOR LAB, on a crate by the desk
    Upon entering there seems to be something wrong with the security system.
    All the researchers have been kicked out. You also encounter Alvin! It seems
    that Arc Noa is behind this too, a terrorist attack if you will. They're
    holding all the Liese Maxia researchers hostage along with Baran. 
    Alvin will say, "This is a terrorist attack by Arc Noa, and I used to be a
    member, but will you trust me?"
      { LEFT } "I trust you."    + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin will say, "I get it, you seem to be friends with Jude after all."
      Elle will ask if Alvin's a friend of Jude's, and although he says yes,
      Elle isn't easily tricked. Alvin says, "You can't fool a kid's eyes, huh."
      { RIGHT } "Sorry, but I don't trust you."
      Alvin will say, "That's normally the case." Elle will say, "Why ask some-
      thing strange?" Alvin will reply, "I don't want to lie anymore." Alvin
      will ask for your co-operation as a friend of Baran's.
    After this scene you the system will give you some types on forming a good
    relation with the original Xillia members. You can view how your bonds are
    growing by entering MENU, using the left stick to scroll through the party,
    pressing O (circle) to view STATUS, and then pressing SQUARE to view the
    relationship page.
    From here on out, any choices you make will affect how fast each bar grows.
    Doing each character's "Episodes" and choosing correctly will make the bar
    grow too. 
    Head inside and start exploring. Aftering exiting the first hall, Ivar will
    drop down from the sky and hand you a pair of guns. Then he'll throw you
    into a tutorial/fight on how to use them as well as switching between
    weapons by holding down L1 and pressing R1. 
    Keep exploring. Eventually, if you recall from the first game, you'll end in
    an alley with a door for a building in the lower east. When you get to this
    screen, you will encounter Elise and Tipo!
    Apparently she's here on a field trip with her class, who managed to escape
    safely to a room while Baran remained behind to let them run. Of course,
    Elise is now looking for help and she just happened to run into you guys.
      { LEFT } "What a cute girl." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise blushes at the compliment, and Elle glares at Ludger calling him a
      { RIGHT } "Was that a spirit arte just now?"
      Elise: "It's rare for people from Elenpios isn't it?"
      Jude: "Despite how she looks, she's a spirit arte genius"
      Elise: "Despite how I look...?"
    Thunder will clap in the sky and Elle, being scared of thunder, will scream
    and the party will end up somewhere else, again.
    From where you end up, save and head inside the building. Go through all the
    rooms starting from 1F to search for treasure chests. You should find some-
    thing in almost every room. From the 10th floor, you'll have to go up the
    stairs since the elevator will not work after getting to the 10th floor. And
    don't forget when you get to the 13th floor, there's actually a 14th floor
    with a single room containing a treasure chest. Make sure you get it before
    entering the room on the 13th floor.
    Save in the room on the 13th floor and head out the other door. On the other
    side is Volt! Oh my, didn't we take him down in the last game? Either way,
    you'll have to take him down.
    BOSS: VOLT          HP: 36960
    EXP: 252            EC: 20
    WEAK: Gun           RESIST: Fire & Wind (Electric), Hammer
    DROPS: Silver Ore, Piko Hammer
    THUNDER SPIRIT x2   HP: 3180
    WEAK: Earth, Water, Gun
    RESIST: Hammer, Fire, Wind
    After you've defeated him, Ludger will pierce him with his Corpse Shell,
    shattering the gear and bringing the party back to where they started. Hm.
    Either way, go inside the building again and up all those floors and going
    through the rooms for the treasures. At least this time around there are no
    monsters to attack you.
    In the room on the 13th floor, south of the save point is a cat on a crate
    next to the desk. Awesome. Save if you'd like and head out the other door.
    No battle, just a scene where you find Baran. He will explain how far the
    research on Origin has gotten, but it still seems unstable.
      { LEFT } "Origin seems dangerous."
      Baran and Jude will explain it still has some kinks to sort out, but they
      are working on it. When they ask about Julius, Baran will say Julius
      always had a thing for tomatoes.
      { RIGHT } "Putting that aside, tell us about Julius."
      Baran: "Are you the police or something?"
      Alvin: "Baran."
      Baran: "All right, all right. I didn't know he had other family, but he
             did look like an older brother-type."
    Elle asks about Julius's whereabouts, Baran will say he hasn't seen him in
    the last six months. They talk about the Land of Canaan and another voice in
    the sky will reply, and it turns out to be Musee.
    What's she doing in the human world? Apparently, she's looking for Milla.
    Why, you may ask. Turns out she helped Milla come to the human world since
    Milla sensed something wrong with the purification of souls and left but
    hasn't returned since. Musee, worried for her sister, is now out looking for
    her. Since Milla's not with you, Musee will fly off again leaving Jude with
    lots of conflicting thoughts.
    END CHAPTER 4---------------------------------------------------------------
    Either way, your next destination is decided: Maxbard. But first, lots of
    quests, giganto and Jude's Episode 1 is now open. Talk to the soldier by the
    exit to skip back to Torigraph.
    At the entrance, Nova will stop to give you some of her trash, which is your
    treasure for the keeping. It's the Item Ball which brings back the Auto Item
    from the last game. Cool.
    Some new quests will now open since you can access Rusale Field from Helio-
    bogue. Also, you can start doing Character Episodes now. You can find Jude
    by the playground in the apartment area. Talk to him to start his episode.
            ~ JUDE EPISODE 1: IDEAL AND REALITY ~                   [J01]
    Jude will ask, "Did you play here in this park when you were little?"
      { LEFT } "Brother made my play here quite a lot."
      Jude: "I see, I'm an only child so I envy you."
      { RIGHT } "I was more of an indoor type."
      Jude: "I was more or less the same, I'd often read lots of books in my
    He will receive an emergency phone call from Heliobogue. He needs to go
    there right away to take care of something.
      { LEFT } "I'm going too, maybe I can be of help."  + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude: "Really, that would be great!"
      { RIGHT } "Will you be okay by yourself?"
      Jude: "Yes, it's what I do after all."
    Either way, Elle will enthusiastically acompany Jude. So head to Heliobogue.
    Talk to the soldier at the exit of town to skip to Heliobogue. Then talk to
    the researcher by the front doors to skip straight to the 13th floor. 
    Basically the guy with the shades is threatening the researcher for one
    thing or another - most likely Origin's research/results, but it can't be
    handed over because the researchers haven't made it 100% successful yet.
    Jude will enter and tell the guy as much and tell him to leave. The guy will
    offer Celsius' stone but Jude denies its authenticity because he was there
    when the ship carrying Celsius sunk in Liese Maxia and all it's property
    should be with Liese Maxia's government. Either way, the guy leaves behind
    the stone for them and goes away.
    What will you do?
      { LEFT } "Are you okay?"   + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude: "I'm okay. I'm sorry for bringing up sad memories, Maki-san."
      { RIGHT } "Who are they?"
      Jude: "A group involved with Origin's results." (Sorry, not correctly
      translated at the moment!)
    Leave the building to continue the scene.
    Jude will apologize for getting you involved.
      { LEFT } "You worry too much." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
       Jude: "I'm told that often."
      { RIGHT } "Does this happen often?"
      Jude: This is the first time they've gone this far."
    Jude wonders if he's just being impatient.
      { LEFT } "Ah, going at your own pace is fine."   + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude: "I know what I'm aiming for but sometimes I realize my own feelings
             and am unsure of what to do."
      { RIGHT } "Are you forcing yourself, Jude?"
      Jude: "I've got to think of my position as a research too for the sake of
             others, this is something I need to overcome."
    Jude thanks you for coming with him today, it was really reassuring.
    END JUDE EPISODE 1----------------------------------------------------------
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Lamella Guard           o  2800 Gald               o  Piyo Han
       o  Dark Bottle x3          o  3000 Gald               o  Leather Boots x2
       o  Sage                    o  Strange Fragment x3     o  2500 Gald
       o  5500 Gald               o  Round Beret
       o  Defeat NED DRAGON x4 (TATARU MINES)
       o  Defeat LIZARD MAN x5 (TATARU MINES)
      [I WANT IT SQUEEZED] REWARD: 1012 G, 206 P
       o  Get CARROT x2
      [GOBLIN RESEARCH] REWARD: 589 G, 165 P
       o  Defeat MINE GOBLIN x4 (TATARU MINES)
       o  Defeat BLADE BEAK x3
       o  KAINYAS: RUSALE FIELD, first map
       o  LEIRA: RUSALE FIELD, second map, through a tunnel/hole
       o  MOCHI: DIMENSION-TORN HILL, at the dead end, under a tree
       o  TSUCCHI: TATARU MINES, first map, first intersection
    Some areas should now be open to you. Mainly Rusale Field (from Heliobogue),
    Tataru Mines (from Rusale Field), and the Dimension Torn Hill (from Rusale
    Field). So, take up some monster hunting requests for Rusale Field or at
    this point, the ones for Tataru Mines should be open too, and head out.
    Talk to the guard at the exit to jump to Heliobogue. Then talk to Baran to
    quick jump to the exit for Rusale Field.
    In the first map, not too far in, you should find the cat Kainyas. In the 
    second map, if you go through one of the holes, you'll find another cat,
    At the last map of the field, if you head east to Dimension Torn Hill, you
    will find the cat Mochi at the end under a tree.
    If you've taken up quests and feel like earning lots of elemental cores,
    take a trip to Tataru Mines.
    In the first room, in front of the corridor across from the entrance you'll
    find the cat Tsucchi. Unlike the first game, you don't need to activate
    any crystals or seals. Traverse as far as you'll dare. Honestly, I didn't
    have enough items to stay alive so I only stayed long enough to complete
    the monster hunts and then I left.
    When you've paid of the next installment in your loan, Nova will give you
    access to Maxbard. Get there from the station, and when you arrive, look
    around. If you look at the map, you will notice a STAR in the first map.
    Ignore that and head into the building for the shopping arcade. You can find
    the CAT Richea outside the Accessory Shop window.
    Head back to the star on the map and Elle will notice a weirdo at the mark.
    Talk to this weirdo to start the next chapter.
            ~ CHAPTER 5: DEMON LURKING IN THE BACK ALLEY ~          [005]
       o  Meet Leia's informant
       o  MAIN: Journalist Leia
          { LEFT } "A married couple." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } "Like mother and daughter."
       o  ETC: Wanted Poster
       o  MAIN: Evil Ruler
       o  ETC: Everyone's Changed
          { LEFT } "Yeah, looking great."
          { RIGHT } "Not like Rowen's."
       o  ETC: What is Tipo?
       o  Weapon shift
    The weirdo turns out to be Leia, who's trying to catch a cat named Julius.
    The cat must be caught!
      { LEFT } "I'll catch it!" + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Julius will bite Ludger and come out from hiding.
      { RIGHT } "It's Lulu's turn."
      Boss cat will meow and Julius will come out from hiding.
    Leia will catch it. Alvin wonders on the credibility of Clanspia's sources.
    Leia asks if Elle's your sister.
      { LEFT } "Something like that."
      Elle will say, "No way, we just have a relationship." But the wording will
      shock Leia.
      { RIGHT } "No way!"
      Elle will adamantly deny it for the both of them.
    Elle says Leia is not Jude's girlfriend-person.
    Anyways, Leia knows you're looking for Julius Will Kresnik now, and that 
    Ludger and Julius are related, so as a friend of Jude's, she's going to help
    you out. You need to talk to her informant at Dovole.
    Head toward the station and Ivar will stop you again, this time to hand over
    the hammer. There will be a quick tutorial and now you can change between
    weapons using both L1 + R1 and L1 + R2. Bash Ivar up to end the mock fight.
    Elise and Alvin will stay behind to catch the cat. So head to Dovole and
    talk to the lady with the green hair when you arrive at Dovole Station. This
    is the informant, Joe. And just because you have Jude with you, she's 
    willing to spill some extra beans on Arc Noa and Buraat. At the same time, 
    she also tells you that there's a foreigner walking around the back alleys
    looking a bit shady.
    Head to the back alley where the inn is located and walk through the tunnel,
    the group will be stopped by some Buraat members and Jude will have a gun
    pointed at the back of his head. 
    "Buraat!" THIS ONE IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "Why Jude!"
      Jude gets beaten up. Leia will try to fight back only to have a gun
      pointed at her.
      { RIGHT } Save Jude! + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Ludger will step on Lulu's tail cause him to screech and draw attention 
      away from Jude. Jude will evade the gun shot.
    Elle screams and the group transports again. This time Jude catches the guy
    in time and forces his hand behind his back. After, Jude starts questioning
    them and then the bad guys all draw their guns saying they're going to 
    rid the world of Leise Maxia people. That's not fair.
    Rowen will trap them with his arte and then kill the bad guys as an act of
    revenge for Elise, Gaius, and Drossel. Whatever that means. Then he turns 
    into a monster saying he'll do the same thing to Ludger and Elle next!
    BOSS: ROWEN?         HP: 34869
    EXP: 180             EC: 20
    DROP: Dark Bottle    STEAL: Tofu Senbei
    Ludger will transform and destroy the gear bringing the group back to their
    own time. The end up behind the bad guys, but Gaius and Rowen will interrupt
    their deaths. Gaius will scare them for information with his sword and let
    them run away with their lives. Apparently, they're after the Origin Tech
    because they use it in their terrorists attacks and hope to use that to 
    appeal to others who share their goals. 
    Leia will thank Gaius, but he asks them to call him by his real name while
    in public, Aast. How will you address him?
      { LEFT } "Thank you, Aast." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      "That's fine," Gaius replies. 
      { RIGHT } "You saved us, your highness."
      Elle will say this. Gaius will reply, "It's Aast."
    Rowen will say despite how the king looks, his replies are child-like.
    Jude will explain what happened earlier from when Elle screamed. Rowen will
    find this intriguing, and he'll ask to join your group to further study this
    phenomenon. "Mind if I join you?"
      { LEFT } "I don't mind." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen introduces himself, and Gaius will make Jude renew his vow to better
      the world with Origin before leaving.
      { RIGHT } "Gramps as a comrade huh..."
      Leia says despite that, Rowen is reliable. He'll mention that sometimes
      his back aches though.
    Elise and Alvin will return to the party, mostly completing the prequel
    group for your party. They managed to catch the cat, but not without a
    battle scar (Alvin got a boo boo. And his pride his hurt, dawh.)
    Your next goal is to head to Jirat Port where Julius' witness has been
    sighted. Of course, you're going to have to return some more money first.
    This time, the goal is 15,000. This brings and end to this chapter.
    END CHAPTER 5---------------------------------------------------------------
      [BURDEN OF A DEBT 1] REWARD: 1000 G, 320 P, HEAL BANGLE x1
       o  Bring Nova the Classmate Contact List in front of Clanspia's building
      [LOST DAYS] REWARD: 1500 G, 480 P, HEART RING x1
       o  Capture the cat, Malik
    At this point, if you check the Quest Board, there should be some new quests
    available with red lettering. The two new ones are events which you can do
    right away. Accept them and head back to Torigraph.
    Head to the apartment area and outside Ludger's condo, talk to the lady with
    the green speech bubble. Head inside and catch the cat Malik on the ground.
    Before leaving, head up to Ludger's room and check the shelf beside his bed
    for his Classmate Contact List.
    Head back outside and remember to talk to the lady to conclude one quest.
    Good, now head to the Clanspia Company and find Nova standing outside with a
    guy. Talk to her to finish off the quest. Collect your rewards.
    You can now also do Leia Episode 1. Talk to Leia, she's standing against
    the railing at the fork that leads to Clanspia Company, to start.
       o  CHAR: Leia's Texts
       { LEFT } "...It's similar, Alvin." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
       { RIGHT } "Emoticons are necessary, right, Leia." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
            ~ LEIA EPISODE 1: LEIA'S USE ~                          [L01]
    Start with a scene where Leia is given random jobs by the chief instead of
    writing articles. 
    So that's Leia's boss...
      { LEFT } "A pointless person."
      Leia will say he's usually easy going but really strict when it comes to
      writing articles. Leia wants to write good articles like her boss.
      { RIGHT } "All bosses are like that."
      Alvin will make some comment about the boss.
    Either way, her boss just gave you a package to deliver to the station so
    head there and talk to the guy at the booth. Leia will hand over the package
    and the guy will mention how Liese Maxia people heal with spirit artes, and
    if they ever face some kind of problem with that, they should come to
    Your group will walk away but Leia will stop short saying she was just a bit
      { LEFT } "Do you think he was being sarcastic?"
      Alvin says, "On the contrary, because it had no malice in it, that makes
      it all the weirder."
      { RIGHT } "Why are you so surprised?"
      Leia says, "There are doctors in Liese Maxia, too, and they can treat 
      those kinds of illnesses. It's just strange that people here would think
      that way."
    Head back to the street and find the boss on the map. He's heading off to 
    interview someone and Leia wants to go too but he won't let her. He says, if
    she doesn't know what's needed to interview someone, then she shouldn't be
    writing articles at all.
      { LEFT } "So what was he trying to say?"
      Alvin says, "Was that even advice, wasn't it more like bullying?"
      { RIGHT } "Does he even know anything about the people he hires?"
      Leia turns the bosses words into something positive.
    END LEIA EPISODE 1----------------------------------------------------------
    After the episode, Leia will give you a Search Gald skill tome. And Leia
    gets a Colour Variation costume. 
    Anyways, pay the next installment when you're ready to continue the story
    and Nova will give you access to Jirat Port.
    Head to the shopping arcade in Maxbard. When you get there, you'll get a
    scene with this merchant guy shouting about something awesome. By the end of
    it, you can now SYNTHESIZE items from the shop menus, yay. And you also get
    some free junk items.
    Head all the way to the other side where the port is, and talk to the guy in
    the booth to head to Jirat port.
    When you arrive, Joe, the informant will give you WINGED BOOTS which allows
    you to "Dash" by pressing R2 when you're running. 
    When in control, talk to the Clanspia employees in the inn to start the next
            ~ CHAPTER 6: CLANSPIA COMPANY ~                         [006]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Yakisoba (MED)          o  Leather Mantle           o  2700 Gald
       o  3200 Gald               o  Holy Bottle             
      HA MIL
       o  Copper Mass             o  Pot au Feu (BIG)         o  Prayer Cloth
       o  Potato                  o  Purple Bead              o  Napple
       o  Pearange                o  Glowing Fruit            o  Pearange
       o  Liqeuer Bottle x2       o  3000 Gald                o  Silver Ore x2
       o  2200 Gald               
       o  Hard Scales x2          o  2200 Gald                o  Toy (for Cats)
       o  3400 Gald               o  Strong Water Absorber    o  Pearl
       o  Carrot                  o  Seafood Stew (MED)       o  Glowing Fruit
       o  Rappig Ears             o  Tomato A La Mode (MED)   o  Prayer Cloth
       o  2200 Gald               o  Headdress                o  4600 Gald
       o  5300 Gald               o  Half Guard
       o  3800 Gald               o  Strange Fragment x2      o  Stinger x2
       o  1800 Gald
       o  Sacred Ashes
       o  Silver Ore x2           o  2500 Gald                o  Hard Coat
       o  8500 Gald
       o  Sandwich (MED) - 20F    o  Bunny Stuff Animal - 10F o  Purin Pan (MED)
       o  "1 Damage" Skill for various characters
       o  Kari Kari (Cat Food) x5
       o  Friend Link S x2
       o  "Recall" Skill Tome
       o  Return collected Data to Clanspia Company
       o  ETC: Ludger's Choice
          { LEFT } Pants + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } Skirts + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
       o  MAIN: Bisley Karcsi Bakur
          { LEFT } "Like the King of Elenpios"
          { RIGHT } "Like the boss of the underground."
       o  ETC: Earnest Woman
          { LEFT } "Do you even know what that means?"
          { RIGHT } "In a sense, I guess."
       o  MAIN: 2 Countries' Relationship
       o  Corpse Shell
       o  SCHRODINGER: JIRAT PORT, INN, on a crate
       o  YOCCHI: JIRAT ROAD, WEST MAP, northwest part, behind a boulder
       o  RENKON: HA MIL, climb up the tall trees
       o  RUKIRUKI: GARI ROAD, east of Kijil Beach entrance, behind big boulder
       o  RUKARUKA: KIJIL BEACH, last map, by chest with strong water absorber
       o  DANON: NY AKERIA, house on east side of map
       o  HAROHARO: SOGUDO MARSH, second map, upper level, inside tunnel
       o  NORSE: NY AKERIA ROAD, raised part, south end
       o  CHO-CHAN: MILLA'S HUT, behind Milla's seat
       o  SPANYA: SPIRIT MOUNTAIN, corner of peak in the last map
       o  POCCHI: CLANSPIA COMPANY, on a bench outside Bisley's office
       o  TSUDA: CLANSPIA COMPANY, 20th floor office, by the sleeping bag
       o  Find HAROHARO in Sogodo Marsh
       o  Get SACRED ASHES
       o  Get VEGETABLE SET
    The agents hand over a copy of data on the Alternate Worlds that they took
    from Julius. With this, Vel calls in and tells you to return with that to
    the company in Torigraph. Elise and Rowen will stay behind to administer
    healing artes leaving you with Jude, Alvin, and Rowen.
    At the exit of the inn, the cat Schrodinger is sitting on the crate. Any
    idea who he's supposed to be?
    Anyways, I just realized something. Any installments you pay aside from the
    ones needed to continue on - say you've started this chapter already, and
    you press L2 to bring up Nova and pay back a bunch of gald - will give you
    bonuses. These bonuses are sent to Ludger's post box on the main floor of
    his apartment. So basically, I paid off maybe 30,000 Gald. Now. I'm not sure
    if I had to pay this to explore outside Jirat Port, or if it's not entirely
    But I paid anyways to get Nova off my back for a while. And then I started
    exploring all the way till I hit Ny Akeria. You can go further than that
    area, unfortunately. There is no old man at the end of Sogodo Marsh to take
    you to Kan Bulk. And there's no dimensional hole at the top of the Spirit
    But, I suggest visiting these places and netting all the items and doing
    the quests associated with these places. You can also tackle the new
    giganto. So here's a basic break down as far as exploring goes.
    JIRAT ROAD: Giganto (West Map)
    HA MIL: Copper Mass (Crates across from Weapon Seller)
            Prayer Cloth (Elder's House, 2nd floor, last room)
            Pot au Feu (Elder's House, stair case facing black pipe)
            Potato (Elder's House, window)
            Purple Bead (Apple tree)
            Napple (2nd House, by the window)
            Glowing Fruit (Shack, main floor)
            Pearange (Shack, basement, by the desk)
            Pearange (by the crates behind tall tree)
    KIJIL BEACH: Merchant has new armor
    NY AKERIA: Carrot (House next to Quest Board)
               Seafood Stew (House north of Entrance from Kijil)
               Glowing Fruit (Bush between houses on East)
               Rappig Ears (inside other house on east side)
               Tomato a La Mode (Inn, chest)
               Prayer Cloth (Inn)
    When you're good to continue, head back to Torigraph. If you've paid off 
    more of your debt and received some bonuses, you can find them in Ludger's
    post box.
    Head inside Clanspia Company and talk to the Vel in the lobby. She'll ask 
    you who are the others with you. Elle and Leia will make a lot of noise
    marvelling at the building.
      { LEFT } "My friends." + JUDE, ALVIN, LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Vels says she only asked for Ludger. Jude will say he's a companion. Alvin
      says he's a guardian for the minors. Leia says she's guardian #2, and Elle
      will claim to be the guardian of Lulu. Vel will make a call while Alvin
      says Leia can't actually be a guardian. 
      { RIGHT } "Complete Strangers."
      Leia and Elle take offence.
    Either way, Jude will say he came as your friend. Alvin came as a guardian
    for the minors. Leia will also claim to be a guardian. Elle, following the
    gag will say she's Lulu's guardian. Hehe.
    Vel will take the data and tell you to meet Bisley. When in control, head to
    the room with the star. You'll enter Bisley's office. He asks you between
    good news and bad news, which do you want to hear?
      { LEFT } "Of course, good news."
      Bisley wants you as an agent for the company. Leia will ask about the bad
      { RIGHT } "Bad news...?"
      Bisley says Ludger needs to be arrested, still. Leia will ask for good
    Basically, Bisley isn't giving you much of a choice to become an agent.
    Because if you don't become one, Ludger gets arrested. Bisley wants to hire
    Ludger to destroy the alternate worlds because the alternate selves are
    sucking the souls of the originals.
    Bisley then says, "For the sake of the world, won't you lend your power?"
      { LEFT } "...Okay."
      Bisley and Ludger shake hands and says, "I expect great things from you."
      { RIGHT } "Was my brother involved too?"
      Bisley says, "He was the best agent, destroying 100 worlds."
    Jude will ask why Alternate Worlds exist, Bisley will respond with, "The
    protector of the Land of Canaan, the grand spirit Chronos creates them."
    Bisley will walk off and expect you to follow him so you can learn how to
    use your power, the Corpse Shell.
    Leia will ask you, "Is it really okay?"
      { LEFT } "It's not that great, but..." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Leia says, "Think of it as a chance." But can't quite put it into words
      and smiles instead.
      { RIGHT } "It's fine, this is what I've always wanted."
      Leia says, "Your brother was an agent, too, so Ludger probably has the
      talent for it as well." Alvin responds, "The talent to destroy worlds?"
      Leia will counter, "No! The talent to be recognized, unlike myself."
    When you've searched all the rooms for items and what not, head down to the
    first floor, then take the elevator on the other side of the room. Take it
    down to Basement Floor 10 and save if you must. Head inside the room and use
    the green panel to take the lift down. Exit this room and talk to Bisley at
    the bottom of the stairs.
    He will share his knowledge of Ludger's power. It is called the Corpse Shell
    and it's the only power capable of destroying alternate worlds. To do so,
    the time factor must be found. 
    The quickest way to learn how to use that power is through practice, so he
    pins you against some monsters. This is a battle tutorial for the Corpse
    Shell ability. Press down both analog sticks to activate it when the circle
    on the bottom right is fully lit. The less damage you take, the longer you
    stay in this form. You can now use certain skills. Depending on how many
    attacks you use before the arte follows, the arte will be different. Also,
    you can now press X then use the L analog to use different artes. Try it out
    before finishing the tutorial and taking care of the monsters.
    It shouldn't take too long.
    Afterward when the scene continues, Elle will mutter to herself that the
    Corpse Shell power belongs to her dad. (DUN DUN DUN...!)
    Anyways, only Kresnik family members have this power, and it's more like a
    curse if anything. Either way, he'll send you the details later for the 
    worlds, and you should rest until then. After he leaves, Nova will call and
    tell you not to slack off with paying off your debt.
    END CHAPTER 6---------------------------------------------------------------
    When you exit the building, Vel will give you the World Map, FINALLY. No
    more walking from one location to the next. Press R3 to view the map. You
    will notice the icons next to the location names. The red ! bubbles are for
    character episodes, and the green ! bubbles are for event sidequests. 
    At this point, a whole new batch of quests should be available. Along with
    three new Giganto. You can find them in Ny Akeria field (enter from Milla's
    home entrance), and Kijil Beach (middle area with the waterfall). The third
    one's location is marked as ????
       o  Return to Ludger's home and talk to Elle
      [JOE'S REQUEST 3] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, DISGUISE MASK x1
       o  Defeat CHUNCHUN x 1 (IRALE)
      [THAT UNKNOWN] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, ABSORBER x1
       o  Defeat RAPID HORSE x1
      [THE HUMUS...] REWARD: 1844 G, 374 P
       o  Get NAMELESS FRUIT x2
      [BRING IT RIGHT NOW] REWARD: 1825 G, 356 P
       o  Get BEAST FANG x1
      [] REWARD: 1429 G, 413 P
       o  Defeat VONT x 7
      [] REWARD: 1855 G, 377 P
       o  Get WILD BIRD EGG x2
      [] REWARD: 1485 G, 372 P
       o  Defeat TORTOISE x 3
      [DEFEAT THE AXE BEAKS!] REWARD: 1380 G, 345 P
       o  Defeat AXE BEAK x 3
      [GRANDFATHER CRAB] REWARD: 1848 G, 375 P
       o  Defeat LAND CRAB x 2
      [MYSTERIOUS NIGHT] REWARD: 1832 G, 358 P
       o  Get MYSTERY FLUID x1
      [] REWARD: 1515 G, 424 P
       o  Defeat RAPID HORSE x 6
       o  Defeat GOBLIN x 8
       o  Defeat NEEDLE SPIDER x 4
       o  Get SECRET FRUIT x 1
      [IT'S DONE...] REWARD: 1800 G, 351 P
       o  Get SHED SHELL x1
      [I WANT TO ORDER GLUE] REWARD: 1848 G, 375 P
       o  Get GLUE x 2
      [WOLF RESEARCH] REWARD: 1453 G, 406 P
       o  Defeat WOLF x 6
      [CRAB RESEARCH] REWARD: 1469 G, 396 P
       o  Defeat CRAB MAN x 5
       o  Defeat TOAD x 5
       o  Defeat SHORE MANDORA x 3
      [GRASS RESEARCH] REWARD: 1469 G, 396 P
       o  Defeat INSECT PLANT x 5
    So, open the world map and the first stop is Dovole! Head into the alley and
    talk to Alvin to start his episode.
            ~ ALVIN EPISODE 1: MERCHANT ALVIN ~                     [A01]
    Alvin wants your help with his sales pitch. 
      { LEFT } "Okay, I'll help." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin thanks you.
      { RIGHT } "Hm, seems troublesome."
      Alvin responds, "Don't say that now, it's pretty simple, just go along."
    Head out of the alley for a scene where Alvin is trying to secure a sale.
    Leia will taste the fruit on the right plate and claim that as delicious
    after receiving an inconspicuous wink from Alvin. The merchant will ask you
    what you think.
      { LEFT } "The left one is tastier."
      Leia will say you like sour ones better.
      { RIGHT } "I think the one on the right is tastier, too." + ALVIN RELATION
    When you hear shouting, head back into the alley and save Yorgens. Ivar will
    drop down from the roofs and attack your attackers. Then he'll turn on you
    and you'll have to fight him.
    BOSS: Ivar          HP: 54200
    EXP: 841            GLAD: 7500             EC: 20
    WEAK: Wind          STRONG: Earth
    DROPS:Try again Stick, Stamina Ring        STEAL: Omusoba (MED)
    After, Ivar will flee and the fruit merchant will notice your group and
    cancel the deal. Leia will try to cheer Alvin up.
      { LEFT } "It's because we are involved with each other, right?" + ALVIN
      Alvin says he just doesn't want to lie anymore.
      { RIGHT } "You're quite negative aren't you."
      Alvin says, "Yeah, something like that."
    END ALVIN EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ELISE EPISODE 1: ELISE'S FRIEND ~                     [E01]
    Next, head to Ha Mil through the world map and talk to Elise.
    Elise wants your help to find the popular stuffed animal, Banish.
      She hears it's even hard for agents to get it, but with Ludger's help, she
      thinks they'll be able to get one for Elle.
      { RIGHT } "Do you want one, too, Elise?"
      Elise says it's not for her, it's a present for someone else.
    Rowen comments that Elise and Elle are already like sisters.
      { LEFT } "Yeah, Elle thinks so, too." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Tipo says Elise's so mature.
      { RIGHT } "Your names are alike, too."
      Rowen and Tipo will say the only thing that's the same is the letter E.
    END ELISE EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
    If you're done with the quests and whatever else, pay off the next portion
    of 50,000 and receive a call from Vel. Head to the company lobby and talk to
    the sisters to start the next chapter.
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      AW NO.F4216 - ASCORD
       o  Mystery Fluid x2        o  Chicken Roll (MED)       o  Verbana
       o  Vegetable Set x2        o  Intelligence Ring        o  Nameless Fruit
       o  Tomato a la Mode (MED)            
       o  Silver Ore x2           o  3000 Gald                o  Hard Scales x2
       o  Side of Rice (MED)      o  Bless Blade              o  Long Coat
       o  4000 Gald               o  Mabo Curry (MED)         o  Garnet
       o  Light/Fire Absorber
       o  Ludger's "Jacket Off" Costume
       o  Enter Alternate World
       o  Find and destroy Time Factor
       o  MAIN: Ludger's Power
       o  MAIN: The Grand Spirits
       o  MAIN: World Research
          { LEFT } "It means to kill everyone in this world."
          { RIGHT } "...You guys shouldn't worry about it."
       o  ETC: Lulu's Owner
          { LEFT } "It's my brother."
          { RIGHT } "Of course, it's me."
       o  CHAR: if ~Milla and Musee~
    The original cast wants to join you on your crazy adventure.
      { LEFT } "I can't involve you guys any further..." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says, "If it's a danger to Origin and this world, then I want to lend
      my power."
      They saw it doesn't have anything to do with helping Elenpios specifically
      but they all want to help you out. At least, Elise, Leia and Rowen do.
      Alvin says he'll just tag along.
    Vel explains that your job is to enter the alternate worlds and destroy the
    time factor, which could be anything - even a person.
    Access the alternate worlds through the world map. You'll notice a list for
    alternate worlds. So when you're saved, stocked, and ready to continue,
    select Alternate World NO.F4216.
    When you arrive, you'll start off in Torigraph Station. Vel will call and
    confirm your warp and tell you to find the time factor as quick as possible.
      { LEFT } "GHS can connect through worlds?"
      Vel will say they're using the Corpse Shell power in a way to connect.
      { RIGHT } "How do I find it?"
      Vel explains that the Time Factor responds to the Corpse Shell power.
    Apparently, only the other form's weapon can defeat the time factor. Without
    destroying it, you cannot return to the real world. Wish she'd have told the
    party that before they warped. Oh well.
    Leia and Jude will split from the party to gather information in town. Your
    remaining party must enter Ascord. Check the machine to enter Ascord.
    Go to the start for a scene and oh my, Jiland is alive and in Elenpios! For
    those who didn't play the first game, or can't really remember this guy,
    Jiland was Nachtigal's right hand and a bad guy. He died in the first game.
    BONUS SCENE: Alvin
    He'll guide your group through Ascord while explaining things about the
    Alvin will knock him out, and when in control, search Jiland for a Guest
    Card and Jiland's Memo.
    Continue into the first hall, enter the code 8778 in the first door on the
    left and enter. Exit out the other door. Along the way there should be a
    scene where Elise spots the big tomatoes.
      { LEFT } "Brother would be in heaven if he saw these."
      Elle comments that both Julius and her dad really like tomatoes.
      { RIGHT } "Next time I'll make some tomato dishes for you guys."
      You'll learn that Alvin also has a dislike for tomatoes, but he'll eat
      ketchup though. Mimicing Elle, he think it's totally okay to be a child.
    When you exit out the other door, enter the room above and check the machine
    to upgrade your Guest Card. Use the card to access the door across the hall.
    Exit out the other side and enter room across the hall and check the
    monitor. I'm not sure if it does anything, but I selected both options
    Exit and enter the code 7654 to enter the next room. Head out the other door
    and take the lift at the end. Save and ignore the door in front of it,
    because you need to do something else first. Head to the room south of the
    save and punch in the code 8708. Go out the other door at the end, enter
    the room across the hall, check the monitor and enter Maintence Mode. This
    should lower a giant cylinder into the room on the other side.
    Backtrack to the save point. You might want to save, and then head inside
    for a scene. Prepare for a boss fight against the Grand Spirit, Asuka.
    BOSS: Asuka      HP: 78090
    EXP: 725         EC: 20
    WEAK: Dark, Gun
    DROPS: Diamond
    What will you do with Asuka?
      { LEFT } "Release him."
      Ludger will shot some more bullet at the tank, freeing Asuka. He will then
      speak to the party saying if they seek the help of the Grand Spirits, they
      best find the Land of Canaan quickly. Jilan will attack Asuka and get
      himself killed. Then Asuka disappears. 
      { RIGHT } "Capture him."
      Elle and Rowen will use their artes, and Asuka will curse Ludger, because
      he's part of the Kresnik family. He'll ask if you plan to turn Origin and
      all with it into nothing. He also says the end is near before he leaves.
      Jiland will shoot Rowen, and then get chased away by Ludger.
    Jude and Leia return to the party with information on a long haired spirit
    being sighted in Heliobogue's area. Elise and Rowen will stay behind to bury
    Jiland before following (LEFT), or Elise will stay behind to treat Rowen 
    Use the world map to head back to Torigraph of this AW (Alternate World).
    Head to Heliobogue manually by foot. Because this is an alternate world, you
    can search for new items, search points, chests, whatever. But because it's
    an alternate world, there are NO CATS.
    When you arrive at Heliobogue, talk to Baran and transport to the exit for
    Rusale field. That is, unless you want to go through the place and search
    for items. Then by all means.
    Head to the Dimension Torn Hill. Save before actually entering, you might
    want it. Head towards the star to continue. Anime cutscene! And you meet
    Chronos - I love his voice!
    He'll try to kill you.
    BOSS: Chronos        HP: 100596
    EXP: 870             EC: 20
    WEAK: None
    DROPS: Strange Fragment
    To be honest, I died the first time around because I had stupidly synth'ed
    a sword weapon for Ludger that would REDUCE hits. Which I didn't realize
    until I died from being owned and changed the weapons. It was also 4 in the
    morning and I couldn't be bothered to die again so I changed the setting to
    Easy. Bah.
    When you win, Chronos is unscathed, and he'll try to kill you again but
    Julius steps in to block the attack. Julius will bark at Ludger to hand over
    the watch.
      { LEFT } Hand over the watch.
      Ludger holds out the watch, Julius grabs his wrist and transforms. He 
      pushes the attack to the side causing a dimensional tear. Julius grabs you
      and makes a run for it. 
      { RIGHT } Refuse.
      Julius gets knocked back. Ludger will transform and charge, but gets
      knocked back. He dodges an attack that opens up a warp hole. He grabs
      Julius and enters the portal.
    The group follows your escape. And Chronos will comment on it as luck. 
    Ludger, Elle, Jude, and Leia land outside Milla's home. Head back to Ny
    Akeria for now. Along the way you'll fight a battle and you'll find that
    Ludger cannot transform. This worlds Milla will step in and kill the
    monsters telling your group to keep away from her turf.
    Head into Ny Akeria and find the rest of your party plus Julius. He still
    insists that you hand over the watch.
      { LEFT } "Answer me first, brother!"
      Julius says, "Origin's Trial" but tells you not to mind it if you don't
      know what that means. 
      { RIGHT } "That's the first thing you say after meeting like this...?"
      Julius will apologize and says he'll talk to Bisley about it.
    Ludger in a fit throws the watch to the ground but Elle rescues it claiming
    it's her dad's and she's not giving it up. Alternate Milla will walk in
    again telling them all to shut up and then walks away saying she'll feed the
    hungry Lulu. Elle will run off after her.
    Head to Milla's home - the one south of the Kijil entrance. Talk to Elle to
    continue. She says you're all so slow!
      { LEFT } "Don't go off on your own."
      Elle says she's not alone, she's with Lulu.
      { RIGHT } "Don't make us worry..."
      Elle apologizes. 
    Milla will ask why you're all here, too. Eventually Alternate Musee will 
    barge in and say it's time to perform that ritual at the usual place. She
    also treats this Milla like she's trash. Not cool.
    But the whole party notices the dark aura around this Musee. Milla will tell
    you all to get out and then she leaves.
    Follow after her to her hut beyond the field to continue.
    When you arrive, your party will try and reason with Milla. Before that,
    Leia pulls out her cellphone saying she hasn't contacted her workplace at
    all! Milla will attack Leia's cellphone, calling it Jin. Alvin asks Ludger
    what to do.
      { LEFT } "We have to use force..."
      Alvin and Leia can't fight her, even if she isn't the real Milla.
      { RIGHT } "We've got to deceive her."
      Alvin tries to reason with Milla about Musee.
    Milla says, "Don't bullshit me!" (Direct translation!)
      { LEFT } "It's not a lie, Musee's changed, hasn't she?"
      Milla says it's her fault because Musee protected Milla.
      { RIGHT } "Has she always been like this?"
      Milla tells you not to insult her sister.
    Milla: "It's my fault..."
      { LEFT } "That's not true. The Time Factor changed her."
      Alvin and Leia explain what the time factor is, that it's the thing
      attached to Musee and that it messes with the world, like Jin.
      { RIGHT } "You don't think anything's manipulating her?"
      Milla claims Musee is a Great Spirit, there's no way she can be manipulat-
      ed. But Alvin says, "Hasn't there been times when she talks to something
      that isn't there?"
    Alvin continues to say that Musee wasn't always like that, right, that they
    used to get along great as sisters. This causes Milla to realize that Musee
    has changed from her previous kind, protective self. Ludger shows his Corpse
    Shell power.
    She asks if that'll make Musee return to normal.
      { LEFT } "...Yes."
      Milla agrees to co-operate until the factor is destroyed.
      { RIGHT } "Whether you believe or not is up to you."
      Milla mutters, "I wonder if she'll say my soup is delicious."
    Milla discloses Musee's location, at the top of the mountain, and says she
    will attack her sister with fire to give you guys a chance.
    After the scene, the game will tell you that the Arrowsel Orb system does 
    not exist in this world, but as Milla is now a part of the party, she can
    use this system and the absorbers.
    Head to the back of Milla's home to open the path to the Spirit Mountain.
    From here, it's pretty straight forward, make sure you go through the holes
    to pick up treasures and what not.
    At the peak, Musee will be talking to some invisible entity. Milla will call
    out to her, and Musee will reject Milla. She attacks with fire as planned,
    but it backfires as Musee claims to have been betrayed, transforms, and
    attacks back.
    BOSS: Musee (Factor)     HP: 96300
    EXP: 1044                GALD: 110       EC: 30
    WEAK: Light
    STEAL: Pearange          DROP: Artes Ball
    After the fight, Factor Musee will try to kill Milla, what will you do?
      { LEFT } Help Milla. + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla will stab Musee through the front, and Ludger will destroy Musee
      from the back with the Corpse Shell.
      { RIGHT } Kill Musee.
      Ludger will kill Musee.
    With the time factor destroyed, Elle will latch on to Milla before the world
    shatters, causing her to come back to the real world with the rest of the
    party, huh. Ludger gets this cleaner looking factor called, Canaan's Guide.
    Milla wants an explanation for all this.
      { LEFT } "...I destroyed your world."
      Milla's in slight disbelief and asks, "Then where are we?" Leia explains
      that this is a different world, but Milla doesn't understand. She asks 
      about Musee, but Alvin says the one she knew has disappeared along with
      the world she was from. She punches Ludger saying he tricked her. 
      { RIGHT } I don't know how to tell her.
      Julius will speak the truth in your place. Milla doesn't believe him, and
      when he says he destroyed Musee too, Milla will punch him.
    Ludger picks up a phone call from Jude. Head back to Ny Akeria to join the
    rest of your party. If you haven't been here before, as you go down, now's a
    good chance to collect new treasures. If you've already been here, then you
    can head back to Ny Akeria.
    Although, there's one chest in Milla's house that contains a Fire/Light
    absorber, if you haven't gotten that yet. I'm not sure if it's a new chest,
    or if I just missed it the first time around. 
    When you reach Ny Akeria, Julius will take Canaan's Guide from Ludger, but
    then Ridou and Ivar show up. Ridou is now Ludger's superior, and as such,
    reveals that you've been duped by Julius from the start - he failed your
    exam on purpose. 
    As your boss, Ridou also orders you to attack Julius and go to the Land of
    Canaan. Julius wants you to believe in him.
      { LEFT } Follow Ridou's orders, and defeat Julius.
      Julius looks pretty betrayed. The brothers will draw their swords. 
      Luckily, your party will still be with you.
      BOSS: Julius      HP: 81510
      EXP: 725          GALD: 110         EC: 20
      WEAK: Wind        STRONG: Earth, Light, Dark
      DROP: Okakagumi
      Ridou will step on Julius and call him weak. Ridou tells him not to worry,
      Clanspia will look after Ludger. Milla asks if you understand the feeling
      of hurting a sibling. Ivar will point his sword at Milla and tell her to
      go with them. You'll be automatically transported to Clanspia HQ. 
      { RIGHT } Believe my brother.
      Ludger won't attack and Ridou dislikes this, especially when the brothers
      band together. So instead, he knocks Julius over and then says you need to
      be taught a lesson for being disobedient!
      BOSS: Ridou       HP: 78375
      EXP: 725          GALD: 110         EC: 20
      WEAK: Light, Dark STRONG: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind
      DROP: Treat, Holy Symbol
      After that, he'll have you come with him to Clanspia headquarters. 
    Talk to Vel in the lobby. Nova will come up and ask about Julius.
      { LEFT } "You dont' have to worry about him."
      Nova will agree, since he did raise you in place of your parents.
      { RIGHT } "...There hasn't been any news."
      Nova asks why you're not worried, since Julius raised you in place of your
    Head into Bisley's office and you'll find out about Origin's Trial: find him
    in the Land of Canaan, and he will grant you any one wish. A contract 
    between the three great spirits: Maxwell, Chronos, Origin.
    "Any wish can be granted..."
      { LEFT } "It seems to much like a fairytale."
      Bisley replies, "You've seen things that are more than fairytale-like."
      { RIGHT } "Will he really grant any wish?"
      Bisley says, "Origin is the creator of all spirits and made a contract to
      test humans."
    Jude has a flashback of Maxwell (from the first game) saying this is his
    Julius will mention about the truth of the Kresnik family, that their blood
    continues to seek the Land of Canaan. It's usually a father/son combo, but
    Bisley says sometimes it can be between brothers too.
    Elle will interrupt, saying the conversation is running. Alvin will agree.
    Bisley will reveal that you need 5 pieces of Canaan's Guide to find the way.
    You already have MAXWELL'S DIMENSION SWORD.
    Vel says the remaining four are: RONDAU'S IMAGINARY DUST, KAIBAKU GENMA'S
    EYEBALL, HEART OF THE ARK GUARDIAN, and the last one remains unknown
    although Julius seems to have an idea. Ridou explains that they don't exist
    in this world anymore, which is why they get sent to Alternate Worlds where
    they still do.
    So, TIME FACTOR = CANAAN'S GUIDE?, bringing them back to the real world is 
    an agent's real job. Another essential component is the Kresnik Key, which
    is apparently Ludger, according to Bisley. 
      { LEFT } "The power isn't Elle's?"
      Elle and Ludger share a look, Julius whispers for her to keep quiet.
      { RIGHT } "My power..."
      Bisley says his is the power to find alternate worlds, or something like
    This time, Elle's stomach will interrupt the conversation - Milla comments
    on the noise level. Bisley decides to end the conversation here since the
    little miss needs to eat Ludger's cooking. Before walking out, he says
    Ludger should be able to reach the Land of Canaan.
      { LEFT } "It's not like I want to go."
      Bisley asks how you plan to pay back your debt then. Julius says he'll
      take care of it but Ridou and Bisley put Julius in his place and shut him
      { RIGHT } "I'll try."
      Bisley says he expects things from you. Elle agrees to help. And Julius
      can't believe you.
    When in control, head to Ludger's apartment to continue. Jude and Milla will
    come along for the food. Ludger serves Mabo Curry. Elle asks if it's spicy.
      { LEFT } "I made it to fit your tastes."
      Elle asks if you even know what her tastes her before she eats and decides
      she likes it.
      { RIGHT } "Are you bad with spicy? You're still a child."
      Elle being petulant says, "It's not like I dislike it" and digs in then
      says, "This is Elle's version!" Milla says even cooking uses Jin. 
    Jude and Milla will get into a conversation over Origin, and he intends to
    go to the Land of Canaan and make a wish for a world that can thrive without
    Jin if it was possible.
    When in control, follow Elle out to the swings to continue. She comes to the
    conclusion that without her, Ludger will be in a pinch.
      { LEFT } "What are you trying to say?"
      Elle says that they're partners.
      { RIGHT } "Yeah, I will be."
      Elle says, "See, I knew it. Without Ludger around, I'll be in a pinch too"
    Elle says, "So will you go with me to the Land of Canaan?"
      { LEFT } "Aah, I'll go."
      Ludger returns the watch.
      { RIGHT } "...Guess I don't have much of a choice."
      Elle says, "Your tension's kind of off." And then she'll lunge in and take
      back her watch. She says, "It's fine if I hold on to it right? Besides,
      this watch belongs to my dad anyways!"
    Elle says it's a promise.
    END CHAPTER 7---------------------------------------------------------------
    Nova will call and say you can access Samangan Port now, cool. I'm not sure
    if you need to pay off an installment for this though. Well, anyways, there
    is a bunch of stuff, namely episodes, before you continue the next chapter,
    so, here we go again!
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      AW No. F4218 (Jude Episode 02)
       o  Chamomile               o  3200 Gald             
      AW No. F421C (Leia Episode 02)
       o  3000 Gald               o  Rage Iron                o  2700 Gald
       o  Snow Coloured Pompom    o  Hard carapace
       o  Clown Feather x2        o  3700 Gald                o  Gold Dust
       o  5600 Gald               o  Might Ring               o  Fur x2
       o  Herb x2                 o  1300 Gald                o  6000 Gald
       o  Mushroom Powder         o  Ruby                     o  1500 Gald
       o  Light/Earth Absorber
       o  Strong Vines x2         o  Silver Helm
       o  5700 Gald               o  Stamina Ring
       o  Gold Dust               o  Snow Coloured Pom Pom    o  4200 Gald
       o  Strong Wind Absorber    o  Opal                     o  2800 Gald 
       o  Kitty Alice Band        o  3400 Gald
       o  MAIN: A World without Shell
          { LEFT } "Certainly, there's no guarantee."
          { RIGHT } "Is that something Maxwell should say?"
       o  MAIN: We're partners
          { LEFT } "Se-ce-ret."
          { RIGHT } "We promised to go to the land of Canaan together."
       o  ETC: Strange Material
       o  ETC: Alvin's an old man
          { LEFT } "No, you really are an old man."
          { RIGHT } "Somehow."
       o  CHAR: Rowen and Marcia
          { LEFT } "As expected of Rowen." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } "What did it mean?"
       o  ETC: Elle's Friends
       o  ETC: Fun city, Kalaha Shawl
       o  CHAR: Leia and Aguria
          { LEFT } "Something happen in the past?"
          { RIGHT } "What kind of person was she?"
          Alvin will imitate Leia:
            { LEFT } "Sounds alike."
            { RIGHT } "That's right, Alvin."
      [MY BROTHER'S PATH] REWARD: 2500 G, 800 P
       o  Talk to Bisley in his office
      [DAD'S PRESENT] REWARD: 2500 G, 800 P, ELLE'S BAG x1
       o  Deliver CLOWN FEATHER x10 to DOVOLE STATION
      [DROSSEL'S CRISIS!?] REWARD: 2600 G, 832 P, LINK LONG x1
       o  Get GALT REMUS x1
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 5] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find YUNI in Kalaha Shawl
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 6] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find NYANDABO in Kurama Side Road
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 7] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find CHII in Samangan Forest
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 8] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKA GEL x1
       o  Find TAKA in Baamia Gorge
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 9] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find TORCH in Tataru Mines
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 10] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find ZACK in Samangan Field
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 11] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
       o  Find NATALNYA in Tarasu Field
       o  Defeat MINE GOBLIN x5
       o  Get EARTH MANTLE x1
       o  Get WINDMILL MODEL x1
       o  Get FEATHER x1
      [WISH FOR SEEDS] REWARD: 2497 G, 508 P
       o  Get WILDFLOWER SEED x2
       o  Defeat GREEN BUTTERFLY x5
      [THAT HARD THING] REWARD: 2410 G, 470 P
       o  Get HUGE CARAPACE x1
      [BEAT THE SWORD BEES!] REWARD: 1951 G, 563 P
       o  Defeat SWORD BEE x5
       o  Get CLOWN FEATHER x1
      [SAND PAM PAM] REWARD: 2405 G, 469 P
       o  Defeat WIND SPIRIT x5
      [HE SLAYER] REWARD: 2080 G, 600 P
       o  Defeat GENTLE HE HE FU~ x5
      [TURTLE RESEARCH] REWARD: 1944 G, 505 P
       o  Defeat ANGRITAS x2
       o  Get STEEL ORE x2
       o  Defeat PRITACHIGARE x 5
      [BONE RESEACH] REWARD: 2003 G, 559 P
       o  Defeat SKELETON x4
       o  Defeat LAND TRENT x2
    For starters, let's head off to Maxbard, talk to Rowen to start his episode.
            ~ ROWEN EPISODE 1: ROWEN AND MARCIA ~                   [R01]
    Rowen asks if you know how Maxbard was founded.
      { LEFT } "A new city built last year, right."
      Rowen answers, "Yes, a city built where the shell once existed."
      { RIGHT } "A city built to connect two countries."
      Rowen answers, "By building this city, the two countries are finally at
      the starting line of a new relationship
    Elise joins in and Rowen comments that Elise is serious about learning, too.
      { LEFT } "Rowen, you teach?"
      He says it's no big deal.
      { RIGHT } "Studying... reminds me of a my student days."
      Rowen comments that you were a student until recently, too.
    Vel will call and tell you to enter the alternate world through the entrance
    in Maxbard. Rowen and Elise will go with you. Pick the fourth member of your
    party and use the world map to access A.W. NO.F4214.
    Exit the station for a scene where your group sees Prime Minister Marcia
    talking with some citizens of Elenpios - apparently they dislike Liese 
    Maxians - no surprise there, but what about Marcia?
      { LEFT } "I understand their feelings."
      Elise asks if you think like them, too.
      { RIGHT } "I've got to say something." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elise agrees and doesn't understand why people can't get along.
    Marcia choose the option to make everyone happy regardless of origin. Follow
    her into the station after noticing the dark shroud of the factor. Use the
    machine to board the train. Move to the end of the train to eavesdrop on
    Marcia talking to somebody. Enter and no one will be there until you reach
    the end where the cat is waiting. And your party will realize that the cat
    is the time factor.
      { LEFT } "...Okay, let's settle this."
      Elise doesn't quite agree with killing the cat.
      { RIGHT } "Killing a time factor cat is a little..." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen will agree, even though he's a dog-type.
    Either way, the cat transforms and attacks you.
    BOSS: Sou (Factor)    HP: 68139
    EXP: 1376             EC: 30
    WEAK: Light, Dark
    Afterward, the cat will leave some parting words before you kill it and the
    world shatters. The cat asks you to be Marcia's strength in his place. Rowen
    will say aside from a talking cat, what's got his attention is...
      { LEFT } "The last thing he said, right?"
      Rowen comments that Marcia in the real world might think like that Marcia,
      which is a good thing, and he'd love to meet with her for a chat.
      { RIGHT } "About Marcia?"
      Rowen says he's met the Marcia of this world, and she is very similar to
      that of the alternate world. 
    Rowen says, "It feels like I should seize the opportunity."
      { LEFT } "I'm sure it'll go well."
      Rowen will comment something about himself.
      { RIGHT } "With your eagerness, you'll be fine." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen says it's nothing like that, but millions of lives are counting on
    END ROWEN EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
    Head to Ha Mil and talk to Jude under the big trees to start his episode.
            ~ JUDE EPISODE 2: UNEXPECTED REUNION ~                  [J02]
    Seeing all the fruit here, Jude asks if you have any fruit-based recipes.
      { LEFT } "I do...like peach pie." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude figures you could probably make a pearange pie with the fruit.
      { RIGHT } "If it's tomato recipes, I have a lot."
      Jude says, "But isn't Tomato a vegetable..." Ludger must have made a face,
      because Jude corrects his mistake by saying Tomatoes are like fruits. He
      then says Ludger must really like Tomatoes, to which Elle puts in her
    Vel will call and tell you to enter the next alternate world. Jude and Milla
    will come along. Select the fourth member of your party and head out. In
    Alternate World No.F4218, you will start out at Tataru Mines. Huh. Head
    further in to find that there are a lot of injured people scattered around,
    and monsters as well.
    Head through the mines, most enemies here are weak against Wind and Light.
    In the second map, talk to the marked NPC, this is Jude's dad from the first
    game, except in this world, the bond doesn't exist - otherwise his dad, 
    Derrick, would be in Liese Maxia. 
    Basically, there's a beast further into the mines that's injuring people. 
    Derrick and the others are to evacuate. He refuses to leave the injured
    behind though. Jude steps in and says all they have to do is take care of
    the beast.
    What will you do?
      { LEFT } "Defeat the beast."
      Jude agrees to go with you.
      BOSS: Exectusk (Factor)     HP: 105792
      EXP: 1786                   EC: 30
      WEAK: Fire, Wind, Light     STRONG: Dark, Earth
      After the fight, you will have to make another choice. THIS IS TIMED:
         { LEFT } "...is this okay?" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
         Jude will say there is no other way. Looking away, Jude will say
         { RIGHT } "Let's deliver the finishing blow."
         Jude will nod and say, "Yes, please." Looking away, Jude will say
      { RIGHT } "Jude, stay behind." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says she's more than enough, and Jude says he'll catch up after.
      BOSS: Exectusk (Factor)     HP: 105792
      EXP: 1786                   EC: 30
      WEAK: Fire, Wind, Light     STRONG: Dark, Earth
      Jude finds you and asks if you were considering his circumstances back
         { LEFT } "Not at all." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
         Jude says, "Is that so? Then we'll leave it at that."
         { RIGHT } "It's fine, at least this much." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
         Jude remains speechless. 
    Derrick  walks over and gives him something. Jude manages to introduce
    himself as Jude Mathis and the world shatters before Derrick can arrive to
    a conclusion.
    What will you do?
      { LEFT } "What's wrong, are you sick?"
      Jude will explain that Derrick is his dad, but Jude hadn't been born yet,
      he's just a bit worried about his dad in the real world. 
      { RIGHT } "Hmm, that Mathis person, was he..." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says that person was the alternate self of his dad, but in that world
      Jude never existed.
    He's been worried about his dad ever since Jude moved to Elenpios for
      { LEFT } "You can always meet."
      Jude thinks about Ludger's parents.
      { RIGHT } "Show your face sometimes." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude agrees saying seeing the alternate self made him think of that.
    Jude says even though they can't meet, what they're aiming for is the same.
    A call will come in and Jude needs to go to Heliobogue, go with him. Head to
    the room on the 13th floor for a scene.
    Celsius has appeared and is struggling against whatever she's trapped in.
    She'll try to attack the female researcher, Maki. What will you do? THIS IS
      { LEFT } "This is bad... run!"
      Jude will step in by himself and say, "We never intended to hurt you," 
      but Celsius will cut him off saying he tried to manipulate her but he gets
      { RIGHT } "STOP!"
      Ludger and Jude will step in and Celsius will go on to say, "How many
      times do I have to say it for you humans to understand; spirits aren't a
      tool for you to control!"
    Maki ends up throwing the stone at Celsius causing her to disappear. Baran
    then demands an explanation. Apparently, Celsius' appearance was thanks to
    Maki who says, "the research needs an experiment with Great Spirit class,
    spirits, and I thought Jude's device would work!" She wanted to be useful to
    Jude suggest discontinuing the use of the device in research. He realizes
    that the device is faulty and caused Celsius to be angry. 
      { LEFT } "Is it okay to just stop?" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says he made a tool to control spirits, and there is no excuse for
      { RIGHT } "I think it's for the best, too."
      Jude says not knowing the problems that came with a device to control
      spirits isn't an excuse.
    END JUDE EPISODE 2----------------------------------------------------------
    With that done and over, head to Ny Akeria next to do Milla's episode.
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 1: MILLA'S SOUP ~                       [M01]
    The elder will mistake Milla for the original one and ask when she had 
    returned from the Spirit World. Elle encourages her to make a big pot of
    soup for everyone, and the elder says she's free to use whatever ingredients
    While on the topic of soup, Elle asks if you think Milla's soup is
      { LEFT } "It certianly is." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says there's a gentle taste to the soup.
      { RIGHT } "It would be more delicious if cooked a little longer."
      Milla says, "You're one to talk."
    Elle then says, in ranking order, her dad's soup is the best. Followed by
    Ludger's, making Milla number 3. Slightly insulted, Milla says she can make
    a soup way better than Elle's dad and expects Mr. Number 2 Ludger to help.
      { LEFT } "Guess there's no choice..." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla thanks you but expects you to do more than offer tips.
      { RIGHT } "No way, think on your own."
      Milla says, "Well, you know her favourites more than I do. But of course,
      I can do it by myself."
    Jude offers to help too.
    END MILLA EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
    Now that you've gotten the episodes done and out of the way, you should take
    time to explore the new areas, if you gained access to Samangan Field. If
    you did, then you can now traverse to Kalaha Shawl and Baamia Gorge among
    other places.
    To get to Samangan Port, you need to take the boat from Jirat Port. From 
    there, it would be a good idea to take on some quests for this region, like
    the cat ones.
    So head into Samangan Field and if you take the south exit from the first
    map, you should enter the forest. 
    Regardless if you played the first game or not, there are lots of spaces to
    crawl through, and there are also poisonous mushrooms lying around. If you
    step on these, it'll confuse you momentarily and make your fights with
    monsters a bit difficult.
    Anyways, from the first map of this forest, if you take the south exit to
    the dead end, you should see a pair of children. And then next to them,
    hidden away in the grass is the cat Moon.
    In this entire area, on the center southern map, the one that is also a dead
    end area, there is another cat, Chii - find her for the quest.
    Once you exit out the other end of this forest, you'll find yourself back on
    Samangan Field, on the western map that includes the entrance into Kalaha
    Shawl. But before entering the city, note that you can find the cat Taka in
    the northern map.
    In Kalaha Shawl, you can find two more cats. The first, Noonya is in the inn
    on the left side behind the barrier. The second cat, Yuni, is in Drossel's
    home behind the pillar on the right.
    If you head into Kurama Side Road, you can find Michael at the southeast
    end. Nyandabo is located in the northwest area after you crawl through a
    When you're ready, talk to Leia by Taras Field exit to start the next
            ~ LEIA EPISODE 2: if ~ A CERTAIN FUTURE ~ ~             [L02]
    Leia explains that while doing an interview, she met up with Drossel, who
    tells her that Clanspia Agents have been going missing while working in the
    area. They deduce it to the Alternate Worlds. Right on time, Vel will call
    in and confirm the disappearances.
    Leia and Alvin will join in on your adventue, select your fourth member, and
    off you go! When you arrive at AW No. F421C, you will be at Baamia Gorge. 
    Talk to the girl, Aguria, you may remember her from the first game. Either
    way, in this world it seems like Leia and her are friends. She asks, "Why
    did you bring guys?"
      { LEFT } "Don't ask something so boring."
      Aguria replies, "Are you screwing around?" and Alvin will tell her to
      { RIGHT } "Nice to meet you." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Aguria teases Leia, "You fled to another man after being rejected by Jude,
    If you don't understand what's going on. Clanspia agents have been missing,
    as in coming here but not returning. You've been sent to find out the
    reason. Apparently, Aguria in this world is here for that reason too. She
    will head further in, and you most follow after her.
    After the scene, activate the character skit. Then head further into the
    gorge. When you find Aguria again, in the last map, walk up to her for a
    scene. She says that the monster below is killing people from Elenpios. She
    seems to have a deep hatred for them. But Leia wants to believe in Elenpios
    citizens and their Origin research so that Jin doesn't have to be used. 
    Aguria calls her naive. What will you do?
      { LEFT } "Why won't you believe in the people of Elenpios?" + LEIA
      Aguria calls them trash, and gets punched by Leia.
      { RIGHT } "You hated us this much..."
      Aguria says, "You're from Elenpios? Get away from me, Pig" and gets
      chopped on the head by Leia.   
    Aguria jumps down to fight the monster but gets striked and she screams. You
    will then jump down and face the monster yourself.
    BOSS: Hungratzam        HP: 110166
    EXP: 2128               EC: 30
    WEAK: Dark, Hammer      STRONG: Earth, Light
    Afterward, you will find Aguria lying on the floor.
      { LEFT } Destroy the time factor immediately.
      Ludger will shake his head at Leia and destroy the time factor.
      { RIGHT } Let's wait a bit more.   + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Leia will try to wake her up and gets kicked for it. Aguria asks if Leia
      if she really trusts them. And Leia says yes, afterward Aguria will leave
      now that her business is done here.
    After returning to your own world, Leia asks if it was a good thing to
    destroy the alternate worlds.
      { LEFT } "That's right."
      Alvin whispers, "If we didn't, we can't be saved."
      { RIGHT } "...That's what I want to believe."
      Leia says she wants to write about the existence of the alternate worlds
      one day.
    END LEIA EPISODE 2----------------------------------------------------------
    When you've gathered enough money for the next installment, 100,000 Gald,
    Nova will pop up and ask you to pay. If you pay the full amount, this
    actually triggers the next chapter. So be careful, especially if you're not
    ready to continue.
    Once you've paid the amount, Vel will call saying Julius has escaped with
    the Canaan's Guide (Maxwell's Dimension Sword), and at the same time, some-
    one named Aast sent a note saying he'll wait outside the Clanspia Company.
      { LEFT } Chase my brother.
      Head to Jirat Port and talk to Ridou. 
      { RIGHT } I want to meet Aast though.
      Head to Clanspia Company and find Aast, er, Gaius.
    At this point, the next two chapters - 8 and 9 - are back to back and
    involve Gaius and Musee - the last remaining playable characters for your
    party. The only question is, who comes first?
    IF YOU CHOSE LEFT: Head to Jirat Port and talk to Ridou. >>> [008]
    IF YOU CHOSE RIGHT: Head to Clanspia Company and find Gaius. >>> [009]
    NOTE: If you do Chapter 9 first, please refer to Intermission [INT] to do
    the extra sidequests that occur between these two chapters.
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      AW NO.F4227
       o  Midi Blouse             o  Stripe Ribbon
       o  Karikari x2             o  High Guard Skill         o  Friend Link S
       o  Elise's 1 Damage        o  Jude's Restore Plus
       o  Head to Ha Mil
       o  Enter Alternate World and find Julius
       o  MAIN: Milla's Sister
          { LEFT } "Why did you change?"
          { RIGHT } "I didn't know the old you, but the current you is good."
                    + MUSE RELATIONSHIP
    Head to Jirat Port and talk to Ridou (marked as a STAR on the map). This
    starts the next chapter. Ivar will try to pick another fight by calling 
    Milla fake, but then she retorts and he backs off. Ivar realizes that even
    their strictness is different. He converses with Jude that the real Milla
    has yet to return.
    Elle will ask why Ridou is wearing sunglasses, Ivar will tell her he was
    punched while Julius made his escape. Getting down to business, Ridou tells
    you to branch out and search for witnesses. If you find Julius, he is to be
    returned alive so that Ridou can return the favour (or punch). 
    Your part will consist of Elise and Milla, and your next destination is Ha
    Mil. When you enter, you will find Musee! Elise asks the spirit if she's
    been bullying people again, and Milla is surprised to see her "sister."
    Musee knows that this Milla isn't the real one either, so when asked who she
    really is, Milla grudginly introduces herself as the "previous Maxwell." 
    Musee then gets the explanation of what has happened up until this point.
    Some lady will walk in calling Musee a pearange thief. Apparently, Musee
    wanted to try eating since she's heard about "hunger" from Milla but has
    never experienced it herself since she is a spirit. A call from Vel will
    come in telling you to go to another Alt. World and Musee asks if she can
    come along.
      { LEFT } "I don't mind, but why?" + MUSE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee says she's worried about this Milla since their features are so
      alike. Milla, in turn, tells Musee to mind her own business.
      { RIGHT } "No."
      Elle and Elise insist that you let Musee join. Musee will fake cry.
    When you're ready, transport to AW NO.F4227 and land in Kijil Beach. Head
    through the first map, making sure to pick up the two chests. Then in the
    second map, you will get a scene. Elle will walk towards the shore looking
    at something shiny. Musee will mention that people are stronger when they
    have something to protect. Ludger will hear humming a walk off to find 
    Julius humming a song.
    According to Julius, it's a habit of his to hum this song - the "song of
    proof", it also seems to run in the family. Julius says this song made 
    someone he wanted to see, appear.
      { LEFT } "Brother, you like that song."
      Julius says, "That would be you. When you were a baby, this song would
      stop all your fuss instantly." Ludger blushes and Julius asks if he remem-
      bers that time they went camping as children.
      { RIGHT } "You knew I was coming, didn't you?"
      Julius calls it, "Brother's Intuition." But then again, this is what being
      siblings is about. 
    Milla cuts the pleasantries and Julius gets down to business. It's not even
    about the watch anymore. Now, he wants you to hand over Elle instead. Milla
    comments it as a dangerous hobby. Julius asks why you insist on fussing over
    the girl.
      { LEFT } "Because I need her."
      Julius says, "You've realized her power, but that power will-" 
      { RIGHT } "I made a promise. That'd be go to the Land of Canaan together."
      Julius says, "Stop, the results will be disastrous!" Milla asks for what
      he knows to which he replies, "Origin's Trial is dangerous!"
    Elle screams in the background before he can finish that sentence.
    The three head back and find Elle writhing on the floor with some kind of
    dark aura around her. A monster - the time factor - is in front of her.
    Musee refers to what's around Elle as JUREIJUTSU (Curse Artes).
    The time factor will then disappear. Musee further explains that the only
    way to cancel the arte, which sucks life, is to kill the monster - Kaibaku
    Genma (!). She also mentions that this monster is attracted to blood.
    BONUS SCENE: Elise
    She tries to save Elle by using artes on her. Milla tells her to stop
    exerting herself otherwise Elise will fall under the curse too. At the same
    time, Elise does not seem to care about it and tells Elle that she can't
    give up, otherwise Banish will not come to her!
    What will you do? THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "I'll lure the genma."
      Ludger cuts himself and spills blood to lure the monster back. Musee
      whispers, "She means that much to you." Julius will hand you something
      shiny and say, "Protect it if it means something to you."
      { RIGHT } "There must be a way..."
      Julius hands you the Guide to Canaan and tells you to protect her if she's
      that important to you - even at the cost of your life. Musee whispers,
      "He's that important to you." Julius will shed blood and tell you to
      prepare for battle. 
    BOSS: Kaibaku Genma      HP: 99034
    EXP: 232                 EC: 30
    WEAK: Fire               STRONG: Water
    As you fight the boss, a scene will take over where the boss tries to get
    Elle, but Ludger transforms into Corpse Shell but the form has changed. You
    will get a quick tutorial, press L1 + O and hold down O to execute a hi-ougi
    on the boss which should kill him.
    Ludger destroys the time factor and now you get another Guide to the Land of
    BONUS SCENE: Elise
    Elle gets up and thanks Elise. Elle will blush and say she's got to be a
    good girl otherwise Banish won't come to her. Heh.
      { LEFT } "I thank you, too." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise says this is nothing. Tipo says Elise is Elle's big sis after all.
      { RIGHT } "Elise is strong." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise says she gains her strength from traveling with everyone.
    Musee asks if you're worried about your brother.
      { LEFT } "Of course I am. I only have one brother."
      Musee reassures Ludger that Julius is fine.
      { RIGHT } "Brother, as he is, is fine. I'm sure he is." + MUSEE RELATION
      Musee says, "You believe in him, I envy you." As Ludger walks away.
    Elle will run towards Ludger but trip and land her face in the sand. Musee,
    watching from the side repeats that people are stronger when they have some-
    thing to protect.
    END CHAPTER 8---------------------------------------------------------------
    At this point, you will get a call from Nova saying there are a lot of
    possible new places open - namely La Corum Port, Shandu, Kan Bulk, etc, etc.
    But first, you will need to pay back some more money. But before even that,
    there are a bunch of new quests, gigantos, and episodes to do!
    NOTE: Chapter 8 and 9 can be done back to back, so these extras are placed
          here, between the two chapters. I believe it is possible to access
          these sidequests if you did do 9 before 8.
            ~ INTERMISSION ~                                        [INT]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Gold Dust x3            o  Geo Stone                o  7700 Gald
       o  Sharp Scissors x2       o  Geo Stone                o  5200 Gald
       o  Broken Nail             o  Chain Guard              o  Bird Talon x2
       o  7000 Gald
       o  Geo Stone x3            o  Mushroom Powder x4       o  3000 Gald
       o  Holy Symbol             o  Assault Rook             o  Stripe Ribbon
       o  13,000 Gald             o  Fight Mark               o  Fine Boots
       o  Dangerous Liquid x2
       o  Stamina Ring x2         o  2400 Gald                o  4100 Gald
       o  Thriving Flower x2      o  Garnet                   o  Aquamarine
       o  2700 Gald               o  Huge Carapace x3         o  Snow Pompom x3
       o  Strange Bead
       o  Opal                    o  4200 Gald                o  3700 Gald
       o  Stripe Ribbon           o  Strange Bead             o  Protect Mark
       o  8000 Gald               
       o  Geo Stone x2
       o  Mental Symbol           o  Migratory Bird Feather   o  11,000 Gald
      KUKURU Cave
       o  Snow Pompom x2          o  5300 Gald                o  Aqua Mantle
       o  Dangerous Liquid x2     o  Strong Water Absorber   
       o  9000 Gald               o  Migratory Bird Feathers x2
       o  Turtle Crest
      DEBT REPAYMENT BONUSES (19,217,855 Remaining)
       o  Friend Link S x2        o  Okaka Gel x2             o  Elise's Recall
       o  CHAR: Alvin's Business
          { LEFT } "Customs?"
          { RIGHT } "Is it pretty profitable?" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
       o  CHAR: Elle and Alt. Milla
      [KARA AUTWEI] REWARD: 3600 G, 1152 P
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 12] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Kyou in Shan Du
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 13] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Nishina in Kan Bulk
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 14] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Mao in Libelly
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 15] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Holmes in Mon Plateau
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 16] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Tarurou in Seirai Plateau
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 17] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Hikaru in Torai Plateau
        o  Defeat ICE GOLEM x1
        o  Defeat DUSK SHADE x1
        o  Get PROTOTYPE x2
        o  Defeat SILVER CRAB x3
        o  Defeat LAND GOBLIN x1
        o  Defeat FANTILE x3
      [HARPIE RESEARCH] REWARD: 3271 G, 883 P
        o  Defeat HARPIE x5
      [WANT TO ORDER GLUE] REWARD: 4063 G, 793 P
        o  Get GLUE x1
      [THAT SMOOTH THING] REWARD: 4040 G, 819 P
        o  Get LEATHER x2
        o  Get WYVERN CLAW x1
        o  Get PRAYER RUG X2
        o  Defeat FREELANCE BOAR x3
      + NEW 4-5 GIGANTOS!
            ~ ROWEN EPISODE 2: ROWEN'S SECRET ~                     [R02]
    Talk to Rowen in Kalaha Shawl to start the next episode. He wishes to visit
    Drossel, the lady of the family he served previously. Elise also wants to go
    and invited Ludger.
      { LEFT } "If Rowen's going, maybe I should too." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elise pouts, "Why did you have to say it like that."
      { RIGHT } "I can't refuse if Elise's inviting me." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Tipo says the flow is good, and he thinks Ludger's a good guy.
    Head towards Drossel's mansion (look for the red ! on the map). Rowen will
    excuse himself to take care of something.
      { LEFT } "Let's follow him." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elle's not really sure if you should, but Elise is curious about it too.
      { RIGHT } Let's go meet Drossel."
      Elise says, "This has been happening a lot lately, and he's been coming
      back with injuries."
    Elise says to go down towards Kurama Side Road. Find Rowen at the red ! on
    the map. When you arrive, he will be surrounded by fallen enemies.
      { LEFT } "What's going on?"
      Rowen explains the situation, as you can clearly see.
      { RIGHT } "Are you hurt?" + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen says he's fine. Elise asks if he was attacked.
    Rowen explains that these people are against the union of the two worlds and
    have come to attack him since he's the prime minister. 
      { LEFT } "...What a change in roles."
      Rowen says he's prepared for such things despite his age.
      { RIGHT } "Rowen, why do you assume that?"
      Rowen explains with the shell gone, it's a sign. But he's getting
      desperate in his old age.
    Rowen receives a text message from Marcia (Prime Minister of Elenpios). Tipo
    asks, "Since when have you been mail buddies?"
      { LEFT } "What's the mail say?"
      Marcia letters warn of another attack, and she's offering reinforcements.
      { RIGHT } "Way to go, Rowen." + ROWEN
      Rowen jokes that he's gotten quite fond of his bratberry.
    Rowen declines her help and halfway into explaining way, the group is
    attacked again. You have a chance to rearrange/ready your party through the
    menu. The battle is quite easy. Afterward, Marcia sends another mail and
    Elise comments that Marcia trusts Rowen and Gaius.
    He replies, "I guess so."
      { LEFT } "Of course she does." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elle and Elise agreee, Rowen thanks you all.
      { RIGHT } "Don't be a fainthearted."
      Elle says he'll die that way. But Elise says she'll help out any way she
    Go visit Drossel in front of her mansion now, and she says she wants to do
    a time capsule with Rowen and Elise.
      { LEFT } "Let me help too." + ROWEN
      Drossel says, "Of course you're helping."
      { RIGHT } "What's a time capsule?"
      Tipo teases you saying, "Despite being an adult, you don't know what it
      is." Drossel explains what a time capsule is to you.
    Talk to Drossel again by the lamp. She asks if you've decided what to put in
      { LEFT } "Yeah!"
      Choose between the three Clanspia-issued weapons: sword, hammer, or gun.
      { RIGHT } "Please wait a bit more."
    END ROWEN EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ALVIN EPISODE 2: BUSINESS PARTNER ~                   [A02]
    Head to Dovole and talk to Alvin in the alley behind the bar to start his
    next episode. Alvin greets you.
      { LEFT } "What are you up to this time?"
      Alvin says, "Of course, work. I'm waiting for someone right now."
      { RIGHT } "How's it going Alvin?" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says he's got some business in town and is supposed to meet someone
    Vel will call Ludger's GHS and tell him to go to another alternate world.
    Following this call, Alvin, wearily says, "This is the part where I join in
    and help, right?" The group just smiles at him. Heh.
    Head to alternate world NO.F4223. In the short chat, Alvin suggests looking
    for the least likely thing compared to the real world, because that's bound
    to be the time factor.
    What you need to do is go around town talking to the NPCs. You will notice
    that Isura is in the bar for some reason and everyone else is mentioning
    Yorgens, Alvin, and Isura. The trigger to ending this part of the episode is
    to talk to Isura, the bartender, and several NPCs. 
    There should then be another short chat where Leia and Alvin suggest finding
    Yorgens. Leave the station and talk to Yorgens in the market. Basically,
    Alvin says he'll take care of the rest of the work while Yorgens celebrates
    their first baby with Isura at the bar in the alley.
    For those who didn't play the first game or never did the sidequests
    involving Isura/Alvin, she is also from Elenpios. In the first game, she was
    brought to Liese Maxia 20 years prior to the first game, just like Alvin,
    and forced to work for the group Arc Noa. Then she found Yorgens and became
    his fiance, wanted to be happy with him, and had to take care of Alvin's
    mom while doing shady deeds for Arc Noa. She wanted out. Eventually she fell
    off a bridge and it damaged her brain. She was bed-ridden just like Alvin's
    But it seems she's mentally stable in this world. And they're even having a
    baby. Anyways, just wanted to share this information because she's kind of
    a sad non-playable character.
      { LEFT } "Congratulations."
      Yorgens thanks you.
      { RIGHT } "When did you..."
      Alvin says, "That's what you're surprised about?" 
    Alvin tells Yorgens to go ahead and celebrate. Yorgens says he's glad to 
    have partnered with you.
      { LEFT } "...What's wrong, Alvin?" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says he's remembering the past and says he doesn't want to trick
      { RIGHT } "That went well."
      Alvin says, "Yeah, I'm a little bit too good at this." Leia asks if he's
      okay. Alvin responds, "I've got no complaints... is what I want to say,
      but tricking him leaves me with a bad feeling." He teases Leia for
      worrying about him. 
    Back to the main objective, like Alvin suggests, head to Heliobogue. To do
    that, you need to use the train station and book it to Torigraph. From
    there, you need to get to Heliobogue by foot. Horrible, right? But first,
    Leia is curious about this world's Julius, so head to the apartment building
    and talk to Julius. He comments, "What rare guests."
      { LEFT } "We're friends." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Leia and Alvin greet Julius. He asks about Alvin's blooming business. 
      Julius goes on to say, "Lil' Crybaby Al has grown into a fine person." He
      continues to say, "You must have forgotten it, but you used to seek my
      advice all the time. And you've grown tall. Baran used to tease you 
      endlessly for being shorter than all the girls."
      Alvin continues to look a little confused. Julius says, "Baran used to run
      his mouth and you used to hate it." Alvin realizes something. But Julius
      { RIGHT } "Rare...?"
      Julius seems to know Alvin from their childhood and comments how Alvin
      used to be bullied by Baran because Alvin was the same height as all the
      other girls as children.
    Julius will walk away telling Alvin not to teach Ludger anything bad. Leia
    wants to know what's going on. 
      { LEFT } "You know each other?!"
      Alvin's pretty sure he doesn't, but then recalls a nice brotherly figure
      always looking out for him when he was younger.
      { RIGHT } "You guys get along well."
      Alvin starts muttering to himself and remembering back when he was a kid.
      There used to be a big bro that looked after Alvin a lot and also hummed
      that same tune. But Alvin won't discount that it might not really be
      the same person. 
    Anyways, head to Heliobogue by foot. Talk to the NPC in front of the gates
    to jump to the 13th floor. Head inside the room and examine the dark crystal
    in the back. Yorgens will walk in and try to stop you, but Alvin will hold
    him back. As Ludger destroys the time factor, Yorgens will call Alvin a
    Back in the real world, you are in Dovole again and Yorgens is right there,
    apologizing for thinking badly of you.
      { LEFT } "Cheer up Alvin." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says you worry too much about people older than yourself.
      { RIGHT } "You really are pathetic."
      Alvin agrees, laughs it off and says Ludger has quite the sharp tongue.
      But he says he'll treat it like business and do something about the 
    END ALVIN EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
    From here you will notice that a bunch of new places on the world map are
    listed as ???, to access these parts, you must go to a port, talk to the guy
    in the booth and choose La Colum port. From there, you'll have to hoof it to
    the first city, Shan Du. From there, you can go to a bunch of other places.
    If you're looking for some cats:
      o  Flake in the Northwest part of town, next to a dog
      o  Kyou is in the stadium, up the stairs, on the balcony-ish thing
      o  Karonyan is in Alvin's old house (southease, second floor room)
      o  Mao is in a room, on top of an oil barrel, after crossing the second
      o  Setsuna is at the very bottom, on top of a crate
      o  Nocchi can be found on the second map, in the northeast tunnel
      o  Woodnyau is on the bench near the back of the room
      o  Nonta is in front of the wyvern cage outside the castle
      o  Nishina is at the end of the rooftop trail, to get there, head to the
         Zaira Church map, and exit at the northeast to get to the rooftops
    And for reference sake, here's how the following areas look like on the 
    world map:
     BATTLE                                     > ZAIRA ----ZAIRA ----- KAN 
     GROUND------TORAI PLATEAU-----????--------/  FOREST   CHURCH       BULK
    This should help you with some quests that need to be done - mainly cat
    searches. As well as the next episode.
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 2: AIM FOR NUMBER ONE! ~                [M02]
    Milla's says it's time to head out to Noel caves and get a bear's paw. She
    needs it to make her awesome soup. But according to Jude's memory, it's
    actually a bear-type monster. That's why Milla's making you guys in a group.
      { LEFT } "Did you ask?"
      Milla says, "Of course I did, and it's been decided."
      { RIGHT } "That's a sudden invitation."
      Milla says she's testing you, since you agreed to help, right mister #2?
    Head to Noel Caves, and in the second map there will be a scene at the red !
    mark. They will spread out and look for the bear, Milla will walk towards
    Ludger and trip.
    What will you do? THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } Support her so she doesn't fall  + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Ludger moves foward to stop her fall, but his hand lands somewhere rather
      indecent, hehe. Milla whacks him for it.
      { RIGHT } Don't do anything
      Milla falls flat on her face and Jude runs over. Elle chatises you for
      not supporting Milla. Even Milla agrees with that much and calls Ludger
      a cold person. 
    Milla says you don't have to gawk at her, but it turns out they're staring
    at the beast behind her.
    BOSS: Blazing Claw      HP: 197574
    EXP: 4940               GALD: 18040       EC: 30
    WEAK: Water             RESIST: Fire
    DROPS: Broken Claw, Flare Mantle
    Milla wants you to share your secrets in cooking as an apology for earlier.
    And only then will you be forgiven.
      { LEFT } "An apology you say... That's pretty selfish."
      Milla says, "That answer... you haven't reflected on bit. It's fine, so
      tell me! Right now!"
      { RIGHT } "All right."  + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says you should just be honest.
    Jude asks if she's got everything for her recipe. Milla will says she's got
    a secret weapon.
      { LEFT } "Secret weapon?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla won't spill, otherwise it's not a secret weapon anymore, and she
      won't be number one.
      { RIGHT } "What are you using this time?"
      Milla says, "What's with those doubtful look? I'm not telling you anything
      if you make a face like that. If I tell you, I won't be number one." 
    END MILLA EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
    You will finish this episode in the caves, you can now continue on to
    Chapter 9 or continuing exploring. If you go through the rest of the caves
    to pick up treasures, you will come out to Seirai Plateau at the other end.
    In this area, you can find those Migratory Bird Feather in random shiny
    spots, you need 3 of these to complete the quest for Kara. At the same time,
    you can also pick up a cat. And, if you go through this area to the last
    map, you will find a bull-type giganto.
    From here, if you go to the next area, Faizabird Battle Ground, there's 
    another giganto, but I don't advise fighting it just yet because it totally
    killed my party real quick. So hold off until you're ready.
    Otherwise, pay the next installment and get a call from Vel saying Gaius is
    waiting outside the Clanspia building, and wanted to contact Ludger but had
    no idea how to use the GHS to do so. Elle will comment that Gaius must be
    pretty mad.
    Head to Torigraph, if you've been paying back your debt and received some
    bonuses, make sure to check for them in your mailbox. Talk to Gaius outside
    the company building when you're ready to start chapter 9.
            ~ CHAPTER 9: GAIUS' TEST ~                              [009]
       o  MAIN: Gambler Aast
          { LEFT } "Yeah, you're too carefree."
          { RIGHT } "Maybe it's necessary because you're traveling...?" + GAIUS
       o  ETC: Milla's Hair
          { LEFT } "Alt. Milla's hair?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } "So you pay attention to those kind of details."
       o  MAIN: Fauve
          { LEFT } "Generals aren't friends, they're subordinates!"
          { RIGHT } "Where are they now?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
       o  ETC: Snow country, Kan Bulk
          { LEFT } "Ah, it's kind of cold..."
          { RIGHT } "Not exactly, right, Gaius?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
    After talking to the citizens, Gaius says people from both worlds are 
      { LEFT } "Drinking money is paid as an expense?" + LEIA, GAIUS
      They mention something about Elenpios way of thinking.
      { RIGHT } "You said you needed to see me?"
      Gaius wants to see Ludger and Alt. Milla after hearing from Rowen.
    Gaius basically wants to know what you're doing to the worlds and its
      { LEFT } "That's quite the holier-than-thou attitude."
      Gaius responds, "That's not the case, as long as you know the truth and
      { RIGHT } "And if I'm not fit for it?"
      Gaius says, "I'll kill you." Milla offhandedly says, "That's obvious."
    Gaius wants you to take him to the alternate worlds with you and see your
    She tries to interview Gaius, but he says it's impossible and she'll have to
    wait until he finishes his work which could take years, before she gets a 
    Leia then mentions if Gaius wanted to see Ludger, he'd just have to reach
    Ludger by GHS. If Gaius would like, Leia is willing to give your number to
    the king. Gaius then says it's not necessary because he got it from Rowen,
    so he pulls out his GHS and tries to press a button before putting it away.
    In true Japanese humour, Leia asks, "Could it be that you're bad with
    machines?" Gaius of course tries to change the subject to the alternate 
    worlds and Leia's in delight at having gotten a "scoop" so soon.
    When the scene over, travel to alternate world F4221. You will start out at
    Mon Plateau, just outisde of Shan Du. Gaius suggests heading to Kan Bulk for
    now. So head there.
    So in this world, Gaius doesn't exist. You will notice as you talk to the
    people in the city that the current king isn't that great as Gaius. And they
    don't think they'll be able to keep living in town. The current king is
    Wingall - remember him?
    To continue, talk to the guards outside the castle. The king has ordered
    them not to allow anyone into the castle.
      { LEFT } Enter castle by force + LEIA RELATIONSHIP 
      The guards say they will lose their lives if they disobey orders, so you
      will have to fight to get through.
      { RIGHT } Go back
      The guards say it's for the better, meeting the king is pointless.
    Enter the throne room and Wingall, or Lin as Gaius calls him, says he'll
    make you regret coming here.
      { LEFT } Transform and fight!
      Ludger transforms but Gaius will step in his way and ask for some time.
      Ludger will lose the transformation and watch. Gaius talks to Wingall in
      his native tongue. 
      { RIGHT } "I want to be able to talk to him..." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius thinks the same and talks to Wingall in his native language.
    He changes back and starts explaining what happened. Gaius's sister, Kara,
    died trying to stop Gaius from doing something. Her death caused Gaius to
    disappear. Or something along those lines.
    However, Wingall realizes that Gaius is not from this world, and attacks,
    claiming Gaius threw away both him and the country.
    BOSS: Wingall (Factor)       HP: 204309
    EXP: 7144                    GALD: 220                   EC: 40
    WEAK: Sword                  RESIST: Fire, Wind, Gun
    DROPS: Gaius Manjuu, Fight Mark
    When his HP is low, he might use overlimit and then a hi-ougi.
    Gaius says one last thing to Wingall before leaving the rest to Ludger.
      { LEFT } Destroy the time factor. + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Ludger transforms running forward and destroys the time factor. Gaius
      commends you. 
      { RIGHT } "Is it okay like this, Gaius?"
      Gaius says, "Don't forget, your actions are what I came to see for myself"
    Gaius says goodbye to his friend and Elle picks up the Canaan's Guide. He
    commends you and then asks if you know why he chose to be king in this
      { LEFT } "Because you're strong?"
      Gaius says if anything, the Fauve made him strong.
      { RIGHT } "Because you liked the work that came with being king?" + GAIUS
      Gaius says perhaps the Elenpios way of thinking isn't wrong. By listening
      he has learned a lot. Gaois says it is a problem for Ludger to overcome.
    Leia says it's good to have a lot of support. Gaius says you can call on him
    anytime and walks away. She congratulates Ludger on winning his approval, to
    which Ludger blushes.
    She wants to write an article about Gaius, but it's going to take a while.
      { LEFT } "Are you okay with that?" + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      She says, "Gaius seldom speaks, but he has a lot of thoughts. I have to
      mature a bit more before I'm able to understand his thoughts."
      { RIGHT } "Why not write about it secretly?"
      Leia says, "Let me warn you Ludger. Gaius might seem nice on the outside,
      but if you mess with him, it's a whole 'nother level!"
    END CHAPTER 9---------------------------------------------------------------
    Nova calls and says you now have access to Rurondo and Deel areas. If you
    didn't get this call, you'll need to repay some more debt.
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Mysterious Liquid x2    o  Light/Fire/Wind Absorber o  Cowboy Hat
       o  Migratory Bird Feather x2
       o  5300 Gald               o  Honeycomb x2             o  Timber Square
       o  Medou Crystal           o  Gothic Cardigan          o  11,000 Gald
       o  Mushroom Powder x4      o  Medou Crystal            o  5900 Gald
       o  Battle Guard            o  Silver Ore x10           o  Magical Ribbon
       o  12,000 Gald             o  Insect Leg x2            o  Earth Absorber
       o  ETC: Elle's Hat
       o  ETC: Their Homeland
          { LEFT } "I'm sure it's made with lots of love."
          { RIGHT } "Jude's is pretty good too." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
        o Get THRIVING FLOWER x3
        o Get STRANGE BEAD x3
      [HEALING INN, ROLAND] REWARD: 3800 G, 1216 P
        o Go to Roland Inn
      [ENCOUNTER WITH JULIUS] REWARD: 2400 G, 768 P, Hair Pin x1
        o Find Julius Nyanstein the Third
      [POKER FACE] REWARD: 7500 G, 2400 P
        o Get TENGU MASK x1
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 18] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Monte in Bordea Path
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 19] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Croquette in Felgana Mines
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 20] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Gnome in Rurondo
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 21] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Nene in Catamarca
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 22] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Tartarus in Deel
        o Get DIAMOND x1
        o Get SALMON x5
        o Get FRUIT YAKISOBA (MED) x1
        o Get TORIBRAN JADE x5
        o Get GAIUS MANJUU x7
        o Get AQUA RIBBON x1
      [PLEASE!] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, SEAL XILLIA x1
        o Get HARPIER x1
      [JOU'S REQUEST 5] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, ROUGE x1
        o Defeat BUTTERFLY x1
      [BRING IT RIGHT NOW] REWARD: 5939 G, 1159 P
        o Get CANTARELLA x1
        o Defeat PALOUSE CHUNCHUN x13
        o Defeat COCKATRICE x12
        o Defeat GENTLEMAN x13
      [ARTISAN'S SKILL] REWARD: 6299 G, 1229 P
        o Get NATURAL DRIFTWOOD x2
      [THE FANG...] REWARD: 5963 G, 1210 P
        o Get BROKEN FANG x2
        o Defeat WATER SPIRIT x13
      [HANDSHAKE WITH ME!] REWARD: 5928 G, 1156 P
        o Get GELATIN x1
        o Defeat GRAND BOAR x9
            ~ GAIUS EPISODE 1: ENCOUNTER WITH GAIUS ~               [G01]
       o  CHAR: Gaius
          { LEFT } "Sorry, it's the same."
          { RIGHT } "Or maybe just during secret missions?"
    Talk to him by the vendor cart outside Clanspia Company. He will notice a
    suspicious group of people.
      { LEFT } "Are you curious?"
      Gaius says he's not concerned about social status, but he doesn't want to
      get involved in anything troublesome. 
      { RIGHT } "They look like they're from the underground."
      Gaius doesn't want to be involved in anything suspicious.
    Either way you get caught up and have to run. The guy, Krack, tells you to
    head to the inn at the port. Talk to the leader in the corner. He will walk
    away and tell you to meet him at the park.
    Head there, it's in front of the condo building. This guy just doesn't
    trust you.
      { LEFT } "Krack doesn't seem to think so." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      The guy calls his friend an idiot and says he knows your identity.
      { RIGHT } "Are you worried about your place as leader?"
      He says he knows who you are and hates you.
    Apparently there are lots of people who hate Liese Maxians, you'll have to
    fight through a bunch of civilians before you get to fight the leader. It's
    effortless, I think.
    END GAIUS EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ELISE EPISODE 2: STRATEGY TO GET BANISH ~             [E02]
    Talk to her outside the station in Maxbard. She says there's contest going
    on in where the prize is the Banish doll. The idea is to clear a goal, the
    quickest is the winner. However, Liese Maxians cannot participate on their
    own because of their abilities to use spirit artes - it's a fair rule. She'd
    like your help.
      { LEFT } "I understand, I'll go with you." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise thanks you.
      { RIGHT } "Don't like at me like that..."
      Elise amps up her pleading face and Rowen says they're both serious and
      would like his help. 
    Talk to the guy in the shopping arcade for a scene, then go to the quest
    board and accept the top quest - it's the one to defeat 5 axebeaks in
    Rusale. Complete the request, check in with the board, then talk to the guy
    in the arcade again.
    You end up getting the doll, but if you paid attention to the subtitles,
    it's clearly not the doll you were looking for.
      { LEFT } "It's obviously a fake."
      Tipo says it's pretty ugly for a fake. Rowen clarifies the prize for the
      quest. The guy explains the prize.
      { RIGHT } "...maybe they made a mistake?" + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      The guy explains that it's popular plush, Nisshe's special version,
      appropriately named Version Nisshe, or in this case Ver. Nisshe. The guy
      says there's no way a popular plush like Banish would still be left to
      sell or give away.
    Her friend mails her and Elise asks if she should mail back saying it was a
      { LEFT } "There must be some real ones still available for sale somewhere"
      Elise wonders if that's so. Rowen agrees and tells her not to give up. 
      Another mail comes in and Elise says her friend said the same thing as
      { RIGHT } "But your feelings are real." + ELISE
      Rowen agrees, and so does her friend.
    END ELISE EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
    As mentioned before, you have various new areas you can access. This
    includes Rurondo, if you remember from the first game, Jude and Leia are
    from here. It's also the point in the first game where Leia joins the party.
    Another entirely new area open is called Deel. If you check the full map, it
    is the area north of Torigraph that can only be accessed by train. If you'd
    like, you can head out to Deel to do Alvin's episode.
    Before that, if you explore the city and area, you can find some cats:
      o  IENYA - between food shop and quest board, on a crate, he holds the
                 Tengu Mask need to complete Poker Face quest.
      o  TARTARUS - inside the inn by the shelves.
      o  NENE - between boulders in the north point of the northeast map.
            ~ ALVIN EPISODE 3: THE PRICE OF BETRAYAL ~              [A03]
    Walk in on Leia and Alvin's conversation.
      { LEFT } "What's wrong?"
      Alvin says it's not an important conversation. Leia doesn't agree though.
      { RIGHT } "Hey, don't fight."
      Alvin says, "Like you could." Leia responds, "Considering the circum-
      stances, we probably can. After all, it's an important matter."
    It turns out they're talking about consuming food.
    Baran calls Alvin and says Yorgens is at Clanspia, and you should probably
    go to his rescue. Alvin asks you to come along.
    Head to the front desk of the company and talk to the receptionist. The
    manager will come out.
      { LEFT } Forcibly break through. + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      They rush by, Leia apologizes. Alvin says they're in a rush. 
      { RIGHT } Explain and have them let us through.
      Alvin convinces them that since Ludger is an agent, he should be allowed
      through. While the manager places a call to the higher ups to confirm, the
      group slips through.
    Head to the 10th floor and talk to Yorgens. He is pissed that this other guy
    stole his business plan and is denying it. The Elenpian makes an offer to
    Alvin, but Alvin wants it to benefit Liese Maxia and to include Yorgens.
    However, Yorgens says if that's the case, Alvin can do it alone and walks
      { LEFT } "Let's calm down a bit." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Yorgens says, "I am calm" and will walk away. The other guy tells Alvin
      to think carefully about who to pair up with for business.
      { RIGHT } "Indeed, you have a point..."
      Leia says, "Wait, that's strange! Right, Alvin?"
    Find Yorgens by the building exit to continue. Alvin asks how much of what
    he said was true. Apparently, all of it was. Alvin says it isn't rare for
    Elenpians to use this kind of tactic.
    Yorgen says it really is impossible for the two countries to do business
    after all. Alvin tells him he can do as he pleases.
      { LEFT } "Is it okay like this?"
      Alvin says, "What do you mean okay? It's what he wants." 
      { RIGHT } "Let's go after him!" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says, "Pass."
    END ALVIN EPISODE 3---------------------------------------------------------
    When you're ready, head to Rulondo Port by taking a boat through any of the
    other ports. To complete "Healing Inn Rulond" head inside the inn at the
    end of the city, across from the save sphere. This inn is owned by Leia's
    For some more cat searches:
      o  GNOME - in the inn, first room up the stairs.
      o  MONTE - in the second map through a tunnel in the southeast bend of
                 Bordea Forest Path.
      o  TORIS - at the dead end of the first map by the broken barrels of
                 Bicarl caves.
      o  MUKKU - second map entrance behind crates of Felgana Mines.
      o  CROQUETTE - at the end of second map next to save sphere of Felgana
      o  SUTASUTA - located in Rulondo Port behind Alvin.
            ~ LEIA EPISODE 3: LEIA REPORT ~                         [L03]
    Talk to her at Rulondo Port to start. 
      { LEFT } "What's up Leia?" + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Leia's chief wants to know if she's found the answer to his question yet.
      { RIGHT } "How rare, you're in such deep thought."
      Leia says, "Saying that all of a sudden, isn't that kind of mean? Even I
      can do that much." Alvin says, "Her chief just asked her if she understood
      her homework yet."
    Leia asks what you thought about that meeting with Aguria.
      { LEFT } "It didn't feel right."
      Leia agrees and says it was a little harsh. 
      { RIGHT } "There are parts I can't deny."
      Alvin says it's because we're involved in both sides that we end up
      thinking like that.
    Leia says she gives up thinking about it and decides to do the interview
      { LEFT } "Is the subject no good?"
      Leia agrees. She says she wants to know his true thoughts and words.
      { RIGHT } "I'll help with the coverage." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      She says it's something that she's got to gather bit by bit.
    END LEIA EPISODE 3----------------------------------------------------------
    Quests labelled "Leia Report" will now be available. When you've had your
    fill exploring, pay the next installment and Nova will call saying she wants
    your help. Head to Deel.
    Talking to Nova by the fountain starts the next chapter.
            ~ CHAPTER 10: RUINS OF THUNDER ~                        [010]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Insect Leg x3           o  Medou Crystal x2
       o  Garnet                  o  Aquamarine               o  Ruby
       o  Opal                    o  Secret Fruit             o  Glowing Fruit
       o  Moonstone               o  Gum                      o  Gelatin
       o  High Grade Fur          o  King of Ramsi            o  Pretty Bug Wing
       o  Crystal Shell           o  Conch                    o  Fish Fin
       o  Vegetable Set           o  Chicken Roll             o  Fish Set
       o  9200 Gald               o  Hard Crystal             o  Holy Crystal
       o  Hard Core               o  Fortune Helm             o  Telapia
       o  Dual Edge               o  Hanuman Shaft            o  Mix Gel x3
       o  Navy Bead               o  Side of Rice             o  Yellow Bead
       o  Rare Metal x2
       o  MAIN: Elle's House
          { LEFT } "I'm the same Elise, I don't even know their faces" + ELISE
          { RIGHT } "It means that Mama and Papa aren't there, Elle."
       o  ETC: Alternate World Structure
          { LEFT } "What a strange conversation."
          { RIGHT } "If that's so, then it's kind of sad." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
    Nova wants your help in collecting money from someone super scary.
      { LEFT } "Youre' not asking for help are you?"
      Nova apologize but you're right on the mark. She wants you to help her.
      { RIGHT } "But collecting is your job right?"
      Nova says, "Even if it's a job, there's a limit to certain things that can
      and cannot be done!"
    The conversation will turn towards Elle's home when she recognizes having
    been in Deel before. Everyone asks where it may be, but she can't remember.
    Ludger will get another call from Vel to head to an alternate world. At the
    same time, Nova exposes a bit of Vel's personal secrets like how she can't
    keep a boyfriend for more than a month.
    The group splits up, the boys (minus you) will stay behind to help Nova,
    while you get to travel with the girls (minus Musee).
    Head to Alt. World No. F4224.
    From here, you need to go to Ubsara, which is on the other side of
    Catamarca. There will be a scene there. Milla will watch the girls run off,
    helping Elle's fear of thunder.
      { LEFT } "Do you want to meet the other Milla?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      She doesn't know there Milla Maxwell is, but if they meet, then they meet.
      { RIGHT } "Are you jealous?"
      Milla says there's no way she's jealous. She's just confirming the truth.
    Head down and inside for a scene. Tipo says you can't hear the thunder from
    in here, which is good, but Elle proclaims that she's not a coward.
      { LEFT } "I know, you don't cry after all."
      Elle says, "It's fine if you understand." But the other girls let him know
      that Elle is enduring so much and might be crying when no one's looking.
      { RIGHT } "It's fine if you're a coward."
      Elle says, "It's not fine. If I'm a coward and I don't do well, I'll never
      get to the Land of Canaan." Milla says, "That's called having guts." Elle
      says, "Even if you use adult words, I won't understand!"
    Elle will notice Lulu's not with you.
      { LEFT } "He was definitely here!"
      Milla says, "What a strong affirmation." Elise says, "If Ludger says so,
      it must be true... right?"
      { RIGHT } "I wonder..."
      Elle lectures you on the proper care of your cat.
    Lulu will appear regardless. (Huh, I remember him running away after another
    cat before they transported though...)
    The walls will suddenly interrupt and start talking. The voice refers to
    itself as Odin and Milla says it's a guide. It warns you not to come any
    further, but your Milla will press ahead regardless.
    When in control, you will be able to explore the dungeon. It's pretty
    straight forward. As you walk along the hall, parts of the wall will become
    transparent, these are doors into the rooms.
    In these rooms, if you find floating boxes on an angle - they are treasure
    chests. If they are empty, then that's too bad. You will come across a room
    with a monster - in the short chat your characters will say this monster is
    different than the rest.
    That's because it is. It will attack you regardless if you have a Holy
    Bottle in effect. They are weak against nothing and resist everything,
    unfortunately. However, pounding away does kill them and you will get an
    "energy unit" from them at the end.
    These energy units need to be used to power the warp portals - seen as a 
    pedestal on either the east or west end of a room. There is one monster in a
    part of the big room that can only be reach by going through the tunnels.
    You have to kill it before you can activate the final warp. 
    Every new room you end, make sure you check your map very carefully. As you
    are underground, there are entrances into tunnels at the corners of these
    big rooms. Out of these tunnels:
      o  1 is a DEAD END - southwest large room, bottom left corner entrance
      o  1 leads to the next room, but cannot backtrack - northwest room leads
         to east room.
      o  1 leads to the other side of the room that cannot be accessed
         otherwise - eastern room (the monster and weapons are on the other
    Anyways, make sure you have all energy units before continuing. What you
    need to do is play with the warps until you land in the western room - the
    one with two warps. The room is tinted yellow.
    Save at the point if you must and if you have all the energy units necessary
    Odin will warn you again not to go any further. But you will. Use the last
    energy unit and warp again to a new area. Head forward and meet Odin.
    After the scene, examine the 5 holograms to continue. Odin requests you not
    destroy the hopes they left behind here.
      { LEFT } "...Destroying it is my job."
      Milla says, "There's no choice to begin with, since this world is a fake
      anyways." Odin says he wanted to avoid an unnecessary sacrifice, but it
      seems there's no other choice. 
      { RIGHT } "I don't want to but..."
      Odin says he will convert you to data and look over you, but Milla says
      they can't return to their own world if they don't destroy this one.
    Odin will try to convert Elle, and Ludger will attack.
    BOSS: Odin       HP: 170340
    EXP: 6042        EC: 40
    WEAK: Light      RESIST: Everything else
    It'll help a lot if you managed to synthesize light-based weapons. Otherwise
    between Ludger and Milla, you've got a few Light-based artes to work with.
    Ludger will destroy Odin and rush to Elle. Back in your own world, she'll
    wake and ask what you're doing.
      { LEFT } "It's not scary like this, right?"
      Elle says it wans't scary to begin with.
      { RIGHT } "I don't like thunder either. My brother used to do this for me"
      Elle says, "Hmm, so the uncle with glasses is pretty kind too." Just like
      how Ludger's holding her face, She'll bring her hands up to hold his face
      (or head) and says something but Ludger can't hear it. Then Elle will
      blush (a confession!?). 
    BONUS SCENE: Elise
    She comments that Ludger and Elle are like family.
      { LEFT } "If I had a sister, would it be like this?"
      Elle says, "What would it be like?" Elise tells her to ask Julius. Elle
      says she'll ask her father when she sees him again because her father also
      has a brother (DUN DUN DUN).
      { RIGHT } "Elise's like family with her friends, right?" + ELISE
      She blushes and says yes, she considers the girls to be like her family.
      But she says the guys like Alvin and Jude are -just- friends though.
    Two Lulus appear and the Alternate World one disappears. Milla sees this and
    alarmingly comes to the conclusion that the same thing will happen to her
    when she meets the real Milla.
    END CHAPTER 10--------------------------------------------------------------
    Another chapter done. You should get another call from the twin saying you
    now have access to Il Fan (capital of La Shugarl from the first game) and
    its surrounding areas. If you didn't get this call, time to pay back some
    more money. Either way, from where you currently stand, make sure you pick
    up the stone charm from behind the boulders if you haven't done so already.
    ITEM CHECKLIST--------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Rowen's 1 Damage
       o  Okakagumi x1
       o  Rowen's High Guard
       o  Friend Link S
       o  ETC: Vel's Failure
       o  ETC: Beasts and Humans
       o  ETC: CPR Role
          { LEFT }
       o  ETC: Deel's Well-known Products
       o  ETC: Nova's Secret
          { LEFT }
       o  ETC: GIGANTO
          { LEFT } "Stop it. It's our teamwork that defeated the giganto."
          { RIGHT } "Musee, don't call your comrades disgusting!"
      [LEIA REPORT 1] REWARD: 5000 G, 1600 P
        o Get MINESTRONE MED x1
      [LEIA REPORT 2] REWARD: 5000 G, 1600 P
        o Find Merchant at Liese Maxia's harbor in Maxbard
        o Find Veteran in Norr Cave (entrance from Zaira forest entrance)
        o Return to Kan Bulk and talk to Veteran
      [BROTHER'S PATH 2] REWARD: 7600 G, 2432 P
        o Get J CODE 2 x1
        o Get Rokke Inquiry Record from Order Castle
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 23] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Canon in Barnaul Highway
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 24] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Walnya in Il Fan
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 25] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, KARIKARI x1
        o Find Noel in Faizabird Marsh
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 26] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Nanally in La Forte Research Facility
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 27] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Karonya in Arcand Wetlands
        o Get Obsidian x1
        o Defeat La Shugarl Mercenary x1
      [ONE FOR THE ALL] REWARD: 8320 G, 1623 P
        o Get Whiskey x4
        o Get Rabbit Doll x3
      [ONE FOR THE ALL] REWARD: 8160 G, 1592 P
        o Get Brandy x4
      [PLEASE!] REWARD: 8600 G, 1677 P
        o Get Pink Emerald x5
        o Get Venture Wind Close, Ventura Wind Eye's Suppression x1
      [BURNED OUT] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, SILVER DICE x1
        o Get Strange Bead x1
            ~ JUDE EPISODE 3: JUDE'S RESPONSIBILITY ~               [J03]
       o  CHAR: Jude and Origin
          { LEFT } "It's okay, it's important, right?" + JUDE
          { RIGHT } "Whatever you say, it's really a love letter right?"
    Talk to Jude in Shan Du. He says he can't quite understand why everyone's so
    hyped up about the colosseum. 
      { LEFT } "It's fine right, that's more like you." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      He's happy you'd say that.
      { RIGHT } "If you're a guy, be more fired up!"
      Jude says, "Ludger, you're unexpectedly the type to get fired up. You and
      Leia would get along really well."
    Nova calls and says a monster-related request has come in and suggests that
    you go and check it out since it's nearby. Or rather, you don't have much
    choice. Jude asks if he should come with you.
      { LEFT } "What about the Celsius case?" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says they haven't gotten enough evidence or facts yet, and would
      rather move than wait for information.
      { RIGHT } "That would be a great help."
      Jude says, "Think nothing of it, we're helping each other out."
    Milla decides to help out after saying Jude shouldn't use his brain too
    Head to Libelly Rock Hole. As you cross the first bridge, Jude will point
    out a person further down below. Cross the second bridge and enter one of
    the rooms and out the other end and face against a group of plants. It's an
    easy fight. Then the lady you rescued will thank you.
    Apparently she was looking for a heart herb, but Jude says she's entirely in
    the wrong place. She recognizes Jude and says her husband is volunteering in
    the research. She wonders if Jude's sudden decision to stop the use of the
    device was a good idea. She asks, "You're not delivering something we can't
    use, right?"
      { LEFT } "Calm down, Ma'am" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      The lady says, "How rude, I am calm!" Jude says it's not Ludger's fault,
      but his own responsibility and asks for a bit more time. The lady agrees
      but reminds him that a lot of people are expecting things from him.
      { RIGHT } "You have a point."
      The lady says, "Right? So you agree with me?" Jude apologizes very
      politely and asks for more patience. The lady says she'll try to wait a
      little longer. 
    She'll leave after that.
      { LEFT } "What misfortune." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says the lady's pretty powerful in her own way. He says there's
      something that he can do with Celsius's help, so he won't give up.
      { RIGHT } "You didn't have to bow your head."
      Jude disagrees and says he needs their support and help. Milla doesn't
      think he had to bow that low though.
    Jude wants to get information if he can meet Celsius again and says he's
    definitely not giving up. 
    END JUDE EPISODE 3----------------------------------------------------------
    ITEM CHECKLIST--------------------------------------------------------------
      IL FAN
       o  Sage                    o  Feather                  o  Croquette Bun
       o  Yellow Bead             o  Leather                  
       o  Strange Bead            o  Obsidian
       o  Silver Mail             o  Battle Guard             o  Exceed
       o  Iron Sword - Doudenkan  o  Gaius Manjuu             o  Tour Byon
       o  Black Egg               o  Mysterious Liquid x2     o  Rare Metal
       o  Fish Fin                o  6300 Gald                o  12,000 Gald
       o  Dangerous Liquid        o  Amethyst                 o  8100 Gald
       o  Black Egg x2            o  Evil Ice Absorber (Dark, Water, Earth)
       o  Big Horn                o  Silver Guard
       o  Okakagumi x2            o  Alvin's Shibaruri Skill  o  Friend Link S
       o  Leia's Recall Skill
       o  ETC: Mabo Curry for Everyone?
          { LEFT } "Okay, next time I'll make a version for adults."
          { RIGHT } "Actually, I'll just keep it as Elle's version."
       o  TSUMIRE - IL FAN Harbour, eastern side under lamp
       o  WALNYA - IL FAN Hotel, bar
       o  SUZUKI - IL FAN Shopping Center, back of the middle circle
       o  NANALLY - LA FORTE RESEARCH FACILITY, first map, second floor, room 8
       o  KEEL - ORDER PALACE, third floor, room 2 (northwest)
       o  RUUCHI - BARNAUL HIGHWAY, north part of first map between three trees
       o  CANON - north of ledge in southwest map in tunnel (next to 12,000 G)
       o  KARONYA - ARCAND WETLANDS, north part of middle map
       o  NOEL - FAIZABIRD CAMP, two leaps down path, under leafy plant
            ~ MUSEE EPISODE 1: SPIRIT COMMUNICATION ~               [MU1]
    Musee asks why you wanted to talk with her.
      { LEFT } "Did you travel with Jude and the others before?
      Musee says, "You're better off not knowing, but I'll tell you anyways. I
      tried to kill Jude and the others in the past." She jokingly adds, "Maybe
      I should try to kill Elle too."
      Gaius comes in and tells her not to scare the kids.
      { RIGHT } "I was just thinking you're cute." + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee says, "I wonder if you're trying to use me." Elle says she hates
      this woman. Musee replies, "Elle's a 'woman' too, maybe we should both be
      used." She call's Elle's reaction to that, "cute."
      Gaius comes in and tells her not to be so mean.
    Gaius says he wants to confirm something with Musee, about the truth and how
    she came to this world from the spirit world. Baran will show up and ask for
    your help in another professor's research in spirit communication. He says
    Jude might be happy about it. So Musee agrees to go. Gaius tags along too,
    and in the short chat he laments how Musee's ability is to cut dimensions.
    Anyhow, head to La Forte Research Facility and into the second hallway, and
    up into the room with the save sphere. Talk to the guy inside. He's quite
    unco-operative, saying he's got research to do, but Musee's having none of
    She asks for Professor Nayuru's location and says, "If you tell me where he
    is, I'll let you research me as much as you want," and advances on him. Elle
    seems pretty excited but Ludger blocks her vision. 
    Musee says, "The solid form of a spirit's body, aren't you interested?"
      { LEFT } "H-hey... what are you doing, Musee?"
      The screen blacks out while Musee giggles and says, "Where do you want to
      see?" The guy says, "Like here..." And Musee replies, "Humans are kind of
      { RIGHT } (Musee's...weird...)
      The screen blacks out and Musee says, "Humans like things like this? How
      daring." The guy says, "This is purely for reseach." Musee responds, "Then
      you should look more carefully."
    The screen comes back to life and Musee says Nayuru is in Arcand Wetlands
    doing field research and floats away. Gaius asks if you're surprised by her
      { LEFT } "It's kind of... Hard to follow."
      Gaius says, "It's hard to see what she's really like, but if you take a
      good look, she's really pure-hearted and honest."
      { RIGHT } "Has her personality always been like this?"
      Gaius says, "Compared to before, she's a lot better now."
    Head to Arcand Wetlands, you can find Nayuru at the southwest corner of the
    last map, you can head there from the Faizabird entrance to make your life a
    bit easier. 
    Talk to the guy with the bird face over his head. He says it's to help him
    communicate with monsters. He seems to be pretty excited that Musee's a 
    spirit and willing to help. He'll head back to his lab and tell you to meet
    him there.
    So head back to the same room in La Forte and talk to Nayuru again. He holds
    out a device and says it was originally used for monster communication, but
    it works on spirits instead.
      { LEFT } "I'll try wear that 'I want to talk to spirits charm'." + MUSEE
      Gaius says, "Are you sure? It might explode?"
      { RIGHT } "Gaius... you do it. Please." GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius nods, "I understand." But the professor suggests against it cause it
      uses Jintex and doesn't know if it's safe for Liese Maxians to use.
    Ludger slips it on and concentrates. And he does hear something - Musee's
    inner/real thoughts to be exact. Inner Musee is like a teenage girl with a
    crush on Milla, saying if the device works, she's going to use it to work
    harder to make Milla call her "sister."
    Ludger seems a bit freaked out. Musee asks if he heard anything.
      { LEFT } "I did hear it, but..."
      Musee says his words aren't very helpful.
      { RIGHT } (The description be damned... just stay silent.)
      Ludger doesn't say anything.
    Nayuru guesses it must be a failure after all. Oh well. Then he suddenly
    remembers something important, it's dangerous to start it up randomly
    because it might explode.
    Musee says she's sorry she made you wear something that could kill you, but
    on the inside she's thinking, "Getting killed by a such a device is making
    too big a deal."
    Ludger, scared from hearing without her knowledge back away. Gaius says it's
    better to give up trying to communicate with spirits.
    END MUSEE EPISODE 1---------------------------------------------------------
    When you've had enough running around, head to the lobby of Clanspia Company
    to talk to Vel. This starts the next main chapter. 
            ~ CHAPTER 11: MILLA MAXWELL ~                           [011]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Diamond                 o  Paralyze Charm           o  Peach Pie
       o  Pearl                   o  Pineapple Gel x2         o  Fruit Cheese
       o  Nightmare Helm          o  Fair Sword               o  13,000 Gald
       o  Wind Crest              o  Reverse Doll
    * items mentioned above are found in chests collect in the ship
       o  Mix Gel x2              o  Protect Mark             o  Specific
       o  Purin Bun (BIG) x1      o  Intelligence Ring        o  20,000 Gald
       o  Iron Leggings           o  Highest Grade Fur        o  Ruin Mail
    * items mentioned above are received from saving passengers in the ship
       o  MAIN: Milla's Secret
       o  MAIN: Previous Spirit King
          { LEFT } "It's fine to be human."
          { RIGHT } "Elle likes you."    
    Elle wants to hurry and collect the last Canaan's Guide but Vel says it's
    impossible because something or rather, someone is blocking it. They believe
    a spirit of Maxwell's caliber has entered an Alternate World. Jude, Musee,
    and Gaius appear and Elle relays the news.
    Head up to Bisley's office to continue. Milla and Jude are concerned about
    Maxwell and Gaius and Bisley finally meet. Turns out Milla Maxwell and her
    Four Spirits have become a wall between you and the last Guide. Jude reasons
    it as Chronos' doing.
    The group will talk about a way to bring Milla Maxwell back into this world,
    but Milla already knows how and then she'll walk away. Find her at the 
    She asks if you've realized it yet.
      { LEFT } "What are you talking about?"
      Milla says, "If you haven't realized it then you're dense, and if you have
      then you're cruel." Milla confirms Jude's suspicion about why the real
      Milla Maxwell can't come back yet.
      { RIGHT } "You mean how to revive Maxwell?"
      Milla says she is needed to bring her back. She should just be killed for
      Maxwell to return.
    Alvin who follows after you will let you know that Arc Noa is attacking
    again. Jude says he'll go help.
      { LEFT } "I'll go too." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude thanks Ludger and asks for Milla to come as well.
      { RIGHT } "Let's all go help." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla's surprised she's being included.
    Alvin says to hurry and head to Maxbard. Ridou hears all this and says over
    the phone to connect him to Arc Noa. Shocking.
    Meet Gaius outside Maxbard station, he'll ask what happened with your group.
      { LEFT } "Nothing, she's always like this."
      Milla will respond, "Yeah, I'm different from your Milla."
      { RIGHT } "Just... something."
      Milla says, "That about sums it up, compared to the world being erased, I
      am I small matter." Elle says, "Don't fight!"
    Alvin will see a guy Marco, and will chase after him. Find him by the crates
    (same place you found Leia). Alvin will coerce Marco into spilling the
    beans. Apparently the current attack is a distraction. The main target is
    the ship Premier Marcia is on.
    Jude says he won't let anything happen.
      { LEFT } "I'll go too." + JUDE and ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says Ludger's very willing and Alvin agrees. 
      { RIGHT } "Milla is special to you isn't she?" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude agrees without pausing.
    Alvin says the two countries already have a boatload of problems, shouldn't
    they considering withdrawing from this?
      { LEFT } "...Are you serious?" + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says, "Honestly, there's that feeling that tells me to run away
      crying." Elle will scold him for being childish.
      { RIGHT } "Yes... that's an option too."
      Alvin retorts, "There's no way we'd actually go for it!" Elle says, "Even
      though you're the one who said it." Ludger smirks. Alvin fell for the
      trick and says, "Ludger, you're bad with people too."
    Alvin orders Marco around, to which the poor guy comments that Alvin's more
    manipulative than Arc Noa. Elle pats him saying, "You're not imagining it."
    You're basically not allowed to leave the town, so just talk to Marco when
    you're ready to continue.
    On the ship (this place looks oddly familiar...!), Marco will talk to the
    guards, but they don't trust him. Marco says to just listen, but this makes
    Alvin worried for his safety. 
    What will you do? THIS IS TIMED!
      { LEFT } Change strategy! + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Ludger will rush out and charge the enemy. Milla will step in to take over
      one guy but then she gets a gun pointed in her face. Ludger transforms and
      knocks the guy over. Alvin will tell her not to hesitate, or she'll die. 
      Milla retorts with "Wouldn't it have been better if I did." Which upsets
      Jude and he lectures her. 
      { RIGHT } Wait and see a little more.
      Milla will jump out and attack, forcing the guys to join in. After, Jude
      reprimands her for being so reckless.
    Head inside the ship and talk to the couple of the ground. They will give
    you MIX GEL x2
    The game will then give you some notices:
      o You have 30 minutes to reach the root of the problem
      o Some passengers can be saved, some cannot
      o Saving them will give you items
      o Due to time limit, it's best not to waste you're time searching for them
      o The time will not run when accessing skits, scenes, and the map
    But really, you have me. So I'll just tell you. Besides, you can finish this
    place in 20 minutes. And also as a rule of thumb, there's usually a chest in
    the room near the injured passenger. But there are rooms not near saveable
    people that have chests too. Right then.
    In the hallway where you start, the guy at the northwest end gives you
    Head east through this room to the next hallway east. The guy at the north-
    east gives you SPECIFIC.
    Go southeast for a scene and Milla asks why Jude calls her with an honorific
    of "san."
      { LEFT } "Fight later." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says it's important though.
      { RIGHT } "I want to know too." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says, "It's not about whether you're real or fake, the point is that
      Milla Maxwell and you are two different people." When the boys continuing
      walking, Milla says, "I understand it very well." Elle says, "Elle's Milla
      is the Milla, you know. Since I've never met the Spirit Milla."
      Milla says, "Are you comforting me?" Elle says, "Not really, I'm just
      telling you cause I like your soup." 
    Save if you have to and continue to the next hallway room. In the southwest,
    the mother and son will give you PURIN BUN (BIG).
    Take the southwest exit and fight a terrorist whose out for revenge. Alvin
    and Jude will talk about Arc Noa's hatred for Milla. And Jude will say he's
    glad though otherwise his father, a previous member, wouldn't have found his
    mom and had him. Milla thinks she's responsible for killing Alt. Jude's dad
    and Alt. Jude because he never existed in her world.
    Take the northeast exit in this room to a blocked off hallway. The pair of
    guys here give you 20,000 GALD.
    Head west, the lady in the southwest end gives you INTELLIGENCE RING.
    Take the northwest exit into the next room. Up the stairs to the west side,
    the main hands over IRON LEGGINGS.
    Take the southeast exit. The lady at the south gives you HIGHEST GRADE FUR.
    The pair of guys up the stairs give RUIN MAIL.
    Go out the door at the top to end the timer. And because you may miss it,
    there are two chests on the north from where you enter. Make sure to pick
    those up at least before heading to the other end.
    On the other side you will find some collapsed soldiers. I suggest saving
    before entering.
    Inside the room is Premier Marcia and... Ridou! He attacks you saying that
    he was hoping to help summon Milla Maxwell. He mentions that his family has
    that power. Then he transforms into something like the corpse shell. Okay,
    Either way, watch the lengthy scene and then you have to choose between 
    Milla or Elle. THIS IS TIMED!
      { LEFT } Let go of Milla's hand.
      Ludger will let go and Milla will fall back and down gasping. Ludger will
      jump up and throw the spear/javelin at Ridou only to have him dodge it.
      Jude warns Ludger of the Jin, but it's already too late. The portal bursts
      and the real Milla Maxwell jumps out of the portal and lands with the four
      great spirits behind her. What an entrance. 
      { RIGHT } Don't let go of Milla's hand" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Elle tells Milla not to give up. THIS IS TIMED!
        { LEFT } "Pull yourself together, who's going to make soup for Elle!?"
                 + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
        BONUS MILLA SCENE: She apologizes and tells you to make it for her. She
        says something no one can hear and forces him to let go, then begs you
        to save Elle.
        As she sinks the real Milla Maxwell floats up. Watch her awesome return
        and get ready the fight the boss.
        { RIGHT } Let go of her hand
    BOSS: RIDOU             HP: 222,554
    EXP: 12480              GALD: 275          EC: 40
    WEAK: All except Dark   RESIST: Dark, Hammer, Gun
    After the fight (I can't believe he lives), he'll back away wishing you luck
    in getting the last guide.
      { LEFT } "How dare you!"
      Ridou says "You're one to talk."
      { RIGHT } "Like I'll let you run away!"
      Ridou says, "You're letting me run away."
    Ridou smoke bombs out of there. Marcia thanks you but Ludger remembers the
    old Milla when Marcia holds out her hand.
    The whole group reunites on land, and while the old gang is happy to see
    Milla, Elle is super upset because the one she's worried about is the other
      { LEFT } Hug Elle.
      Ludger hugs her and Elle says, "Milla said she'd make soup for me."
      { RIGHT } Cover Elle's mouth.
      Ludger tries to cover her mouth and gets bit. Elle says, "Even you're her
      ally?! I feel bad for Milla!"
    Marcia thanks Rowen and Gaius for their aid and suggests making an alliance
    right here and now.
    BONUS SCENE: Gaius
    Gaius says one wall has been knocked down, but the road to the goal is still
      { LEFT } "But if you don't walk, you'll never start." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      { RIGHT } "You can be anxious too?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius says, "Of course, I'm human just like you. I too can be anxious."
    Marcia says her goodbyes and Gaius and Milla want to discuss what's been
    happening. However, Elle is still upset and doesn't want Milla to be called
    Milla. Then she runs away. Find her at Liese Port.
    Elle asks, "Why didn't you save Milla?
      { LEFT } "There was no other choice in order to protect you."
      Elle says, "Because of me, Milla is... I don't want that." Milla Maxwell
      will come up from behind and say, "Milla wanted to protect you."
      { RIGHT } "Milla wish for it."
      Elle whispers, "Knowing she'd disappear."
    Everybody else joins back and Milla says Alt. Milla wanted to save Elle. She
    says she won't let Alt. Milla's life go to waste, and promises to take Elle
    to the Land of Canaan in the Alternate's place. After a long chat, Vel will
    call. Apparently she isn't aware of Ridou's... hobbies.
    Noel will also call after.
      { LEFT } "...An acquaintance of mine died."
      Nova apologizes for not reading the mood. 
      { RIGHT } "It's nothing. A debt is a debt."
      Nova will say it's fine then.
    Rowen suggests preparing well while waiting for the next call.
    END CHAPTER 11--------------------------------------------------------------
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      DEBT REMAINING: 17,566,646
       o  Gaius's 1 Damage        o  Alvin's Jacket Off      o  Okakagumi x2
       o  Alvin's Jacket Off Hair o  Alvin's Hat             o  Friend Link S x2
       o  Gaius's High Guard      o  Musee's 1 Damage
       o  MAIN: Milla's Revival
          { LEFT } "Tell me about Chronos' power."
          { RIGHT } "Did you know about the other Milla?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
       o  ETC: Elise's Song
          { LEFT } "Let's leave it alone."
          { RIGHT } "Elise's hobby maybe?"
       o  ETC: Tide of Battle
          { LEFT } "So who won in the end?"
          { RIGHT } "Don't play with top grade shrimp!"
       o  ETC: Elle and King
          { LEFT } "Of course it is. Consult me next time."
          { RIGHT } "I'm sure you weren't an inconvenience."
      [VEL'S PARCEL] REWARD: 7000 G, 2240 P, DENGARON HAT x1
        o Get WHISKEY x1
        o Get FRUIT CHEESE x1
        o Get NAPPLE x1
        o Defeat SNOW DRAGON x1
        o Get WINDMILL MODEL x1
      [] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, MIRAGE CLOAK x1
        o Defeat GENTLEMAN x1
      [WANT TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE?] REWARD: 8528 G, 2381 P
        o Defeat EVIL VONT x4
        o Get SALMON x2
      [ORDER FOR COPPER MASS] REWARD: 11845 G, 2310 P
        o Get COPPER MASS x1
      [BRING IT NOW] REWARD: 11894 G, 2412 P
        o Get CANTARELLA x2
      [THAT FRAGILE THING] REWARD: 11868 G, 2315 P
        o Get BROKEN BONE x1
        o Defeat PUCHIN DIINE x12
        o Multiple quests to defeat this monster but in different colours
      [PROTECT THE SECRET] REWARD: 8493 G, 2372 P
        o Defeat LA SHUGARL MAGICIAN x4 
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 3: THE MILLA HERE NOW ~                 [M03]
    Talk to Milla in a hut in Ny Akeria to start the next episode. Elle's
    decided not to call her Milla, and it seems she's okay with that. Elle calls
    her cold, but Milla wants to try being friends. Elle says, "it's too sudden"
    and runs away.
      { LEFT } "You're not going after her?"
      Milla wants to get along but Elle won't be so quickly swayed.
      { RIGHT } "You could have gotten angry." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says she's not really concerned about the name. Jude says she wants
      to get along with Elle. Milla says she wants to look forward. 
    Jude suggests being more honest next time.
      { LEFT } "It can't be rushed."
      Milla agrees but at the same time, she doesn't have much time left. She's
      using up a lot of mana so she needs to solve the problem quick and return
      to her realm. 
      { RIGHT } "I'll try to help out in any way I can." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla thanks you.
    She says she doesn't have much time left in this world before she has to
    END MILLA EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ROWEN EPISODE 3: OATH OF PRICELESS FRIENDS ~          [R03]
    Talk to Rowen in Shan Du to start his next episode. Some people will come
    up and throw a rock at you but Rowen will take the hit. He asks if you're
      { LEFT } "Speak for yourself!" + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elle says, "Rowen's the one who's hurt."
      { RIGHT } "I'm fine but..."
      Elise wonders who these people are. Rowen says, "This much is nothing."
    The guys tell all of you to get the hell out! THIS IS TIMED!
      { LEFT } Protect Rowen + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Ludger takes the blow and Rowen gets pretty mad about them. 
      { RIGHT } Protect Elise + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise thanks you.
    Elise asks if Rowen always faces things like this.
    Vel will call and tell you head to the alternate world F4229. You will start
    out in Il Fan. Talk to the people and Rowen will tell you to head to Order
    Castle in the short chat.
    In the castle you will find two chests with a GOTHIC RIBBON and GRAND CEPTOR
    (sorry, too lazy to make a checklist!). Head to the top and talk to
    Nachtigal. If you didn't play the first game, he is the king of La Shugarl,
    and was one of the bad guys. He and Rowen have known each other for decades.
    Nachtigal's sister was Rowen's love interest.
    Anyways, after some talk, you will find out that it's the pendant he's hold-
    ing that is the Factor. Rowen will ask him to hand it over, but only if he
    BOSS: Nachtigal     HP: 143856
    EXP: 12480          GALD: 275            EC: 40
    WEAK: Water         RESIST: Earth, Dark
    Rowen will hand you the factor to destroy.
      { LEFT } "...You sure?" + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen says, "It's a world to be destroyed, and a world I've already lost. 
      But it's still sad."
      { RIGHT } "Okay."
      Rowen says, "It's fine like this. Goodbye Nachtigal. I won't run away
      ever again." Ludger destroys the factor. 
    Back in Shan Du, Rowen will receive a call and Elise says to head to the inn
    while Rowen's busy. Talk to Drossel in the inn and she will hand over a
    letter to Elise. Apparently it's Rowen's parting/will letter to her. Yikes!
    And Drossel's found letters for the others too. 
      { LEFT } "Let's ask Rowen what he's planning."
      Elise's scared to think of the reason why he should have to write these.
      { RIGHT } "He plans on dying for the two countries?"
      The girls can't believe it but Elise recalls Rowen's words.
    Drossel wants Ludger and Elise to keep an eye on Rowen. She doesn't want to
    lose another precious person. If you didn't play the first game, Drossel's
    brother was killed by La Shugarl soldiers.
    END ROWEN EPISODE 3---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ GAIUS EPISODE 2: THINGS THAT BIND US ~                [G02]
    Talk to Gaius in the inn at Torigraph port. Krack will want to hear why 
    Tarnet hasn't shown his face recently. After relaying what happened last
    time, Krack will punch Gaius, and slightly regret it. Although he doesn't 
    following Tarnet's thinking, they are childhood friends.
    You will get called to go to an alternate world. When you're ready, head to
    Alt. World No. F422D.
    You start off at Mon Plateau again. Gaius will suggest heading to Kan Bulk.
    Halfway through the second map, a scene will take over and you'll run into
    four familiar characters. For those who don't know - these four are known as
    Fauve from the first game. They were Gaius's immediate subordinates.
    Gaius will make you hide behind a boulder while he talks to the Fauve. Musee
    will try to leave from behind the rock but Wingall will notice and attack.
    Gaius deflects the thrown dagger and Fauve will attack realizing you aren't
    the real Gaius.
    BOSS: WINGALL (Alternate)         HP: 64602
    EXP: 3216                         GALD: 275           EC: 40
    WEAK: Earth                       RESIST: Wind
    DROPS: Fight Mark
    BOSS: JIAO (Alternate)            HP: 82062
    EXP: 3216                         GALD: 275           EC: 40
    WEAK: Wind                        RESIST: EARTH
    DROPS: Protect Mark
    BOSS: AGURIA (Alternate)          HP: 59364
    EXP: 3216                         GALD: 275           EC: 40
    WEAK: Water                       RESIST: Fire
    DROPS: Resist Mark
    BOSS: PRESA (Alternate)           HP: 48887
    EXP: 3216                         GALD: 275           EC: 40
    DROPS: Magic Mark
    Obviously, you are fighting all four at once. For my battle, Wingall and
    Jiao will link, Aguria and Presa will link. What you want to do is take down
    Presa first because she can heal the others. Then slowly pick them off one
    by one.
    Unfortunately, none of them are the factor, so continue to Kan Bulk and
    outside the city entrance you will be attacked by the real factor. 
    BOSS: GAINEA PIJIS (Factor)       HP: 216897
    EXP: 13005                        EC: 40
    WEAK: Light, Sword                RESIST: Water, Dark
    DROPS: Strange Bead
    Return to your own world and Gaius will say he understands something now and
    wants to find Tarnet. Will you help him?
      { LEFT } "Of course I'll help." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius thanks you and is happy to have your help.
      { RIGHT } "Just use the powers of a king."
    Head to Torigraph and find Tarnet at the playground again. Watch the scene
    that unfolds.
    END GAIUS EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
    When you're ready, head outside of Clanspia Company and talk to Bisley to
    start the next chapter. Fair warning though, this chapter's pretty heavy.
            ~ CHAPTER 12: "ME" AND ELLE ~                           [012]
       o  MAIN: Mistress Drossel
          { LEFT } "Butlers wear apron dresses and say, 'welcome back~'."
          { RIGHT } "Ojou-samas, men have a fancy for them."
       o  MAIN: Ideal and Reality
          { LEFT } "Please, Milla."
          { RIGHT } "Get Jude's attention."
       o  MAIN: Papa's Meals are Number One
       o  MAIN: Time Factor Effect
    Bisley says he only recalls calling Ludger and Maxwell, but Rowen and Jude
    came along too because they can't trust Clanspia. After some harsh exchange,
    they get down to business. Bisley remarks that Kresnik's Key (Ludger) is
    the last hope to overcome Origin's Trial.
    When you're ready, head to F41DB.
    You start out in Kalaha Shawl, in this world, Rowen's been dead for the last
    8 years!
      { LEFT } "To say he was killed"
      The merchant will say, "Everyone knows, King Gaius released the news to
      the whole country."
      { RIGHT } "You've got the wrong person."
      The merchant will say, "Drossel's holed herself up in the mansion from
    When the group asks about the murderer the merchant will say, "All I know is
    something big happened in Elenpios' Uppsala Lake."
    With this information, they deduce that they're in an alternate world of the
    future where everyone knows Elenpios.
    BONUS SCENE: Rowen
    In a short chat, Elle suggests digging up the time capsule if this really is
    the future. Head to Drossel's mansion where the star is marked. Milla asks
    if you want to dig it out.
      { LEFT } "Just mine, Rowen, and Elise's share." + ELISE AND ROWEN
      Elle says she wants to wait to open it with Elise, so the guys only take
      out their share. You get Iron Blade for Rowen and an upgraded weapon (mine
      was the Clan D sword set) with a new element attached (mine was earth).
      { RIGHT } "Let's take it all out."
      Opening it nets you Iron Blade (Rowen), Pink Emerald, High Reverse Doll,
      Clan D (Ludger), Dull Jewel.
     NOTE: I'm assuming that you'll get back an upgraded version of whatever
     Clanspia starter weapon you threw in there. It might even be a different
     element, I'm not sure.
    Head to Samangan Port and board the ferry to Maxbard. Then head through the
    shopping arcade for another scene. You will come across a funny looking 
      { LEFT } Poke it.
      The animal retaliates with a fire blast. 
      { RIGHT } Pet it.
      The animal will do something and Jude will exclaim, "This is... Origin!?"
    The girl runs up and with this conversation, you learn that Origin Research
    has succeeded. They ask where they can find this world's Jude, but the girl
    says, recalling that name, Jude Mathis died 8 years ago in Uppsala Lake. It
    was a big murder case too. Hm...
    When in control, head to Deel through the train station. Outside in Deel's
    main square, there is a difference in scenery. Origin's success has made the
    surrounding land slowly come back to life. Jude and Milla share a look.
      { LEFT } "Jude and Milla understand each other." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      { RIGHT } "Milla's happy for Jude's success." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says, "What makes me happy is this future for people that's been 
    The scene will continue as the group walk to the exit. They will overhear a
    group of people talking quietly about fishing something out of Uppsala Lake.
    It's a doll, and apparently one Drossel has been sending requests for, for
    a very long time. They will hold it up to reveal a really beat up Tipo. 
    The group comes to the conclusion that Elise is dead too in this world. 
    Out in Catamarca, I don't usually look for treasures in Alternate Worlds,
    but you can find chests containing: 7300 Gald, Lavender, and Black Egg x2.
    When you reach Uppsala Lake, there's another scene and Elle will realize 
    something. Milla wonders why there's a house, and if anyone's living here.
      { LEFT } "Actually it's my holiday villa."
      Milla says, "Oh, a joke. I was supposed to laugh, wasn't I. Sorry."
      { RIGHT } "This didn't exist in our world, right?"
      Rowen says they should investigate, but Elle says there's no need, this is
      her home.
    Elle will run towards her house as somebody walks out from it. Head towards
    her house to continue. She will reunite with her father...!
    Ludger will notice something when Lulu rubs himself against Elle's dad.
    Milla says, "So, this is her father."
      { LEFT } "Don't ask me."
      Rowen says, "It kind of makes you jealous." Milla responds with, "This is
      what is called a 'desire to monopolize' then." Ludger looks away and Jude
      reminds him, "Don't forget that this is an alternate world." 
      { RIGHT } "From an alternate world."
      Rowen says they mustn't forget that fact. Milla recites that this place 
      doesn't exist in their world. Jude comes to a conclusion. But the father 
      will interrupt by introducing himself.
    His name is Victor. And he wants to invite the group to a meal. He also
    seems to know Ludger's name.
    Elle will ask if her dad's cooking was good.
      { LEFT } "Mine is better, right?"
      Jude says, "It's similar in texture and taste, but it feels like Victor's
      recipe has more depth." Rowen comments, "Made by a pro with years of
      experience." Elle suggests Ludger receive training from her dad. 
      { RIGHT } "I lose to him."
      Victor says, "You can be this good too... in about 10 years." Elle
      praises Ludger's soup and Mabo Curry though. 
    After Elle falls asleep, Milla gets down to business. She doesn't care about
    his mask, and he'll ask what you want to know.
      { LEFT } "What do you know?"
      Victor cares about Elle's happiness as she is his only daughter. And he
      also knows that he's a person in an alternate world. 
      { RIGHT } "Who are you?"
      Victor says, "I am Elle's dad. Even if I'm from an Alternate World." This
      part shocks everyone (alternates aren't aware that they're alternates). 
      However, Victor says, "But I am definitely -this- Elle's father."
    He explains that Elle's a part of the Kresnik family with a powerful role.
    She is the "key" that the real world has lost. He says, "Ludger, more than
    anyone realizes that Ludger's not the key." Victor says Ludger is omnipotent
    and in the way. He suggests continuing their business outside otherwise they
    risk waking up Elle.
    When in control, check the photos on the dresser. Elle's mother is in the
    photos. Her name is Lala Elle Marta. Check the space behind the bookshelves
    for a Regime Ring.
    Outside, you might want to save before walking up to Victor. He reveals that
    Jude completed his Origin Research 8 years ago. But then, Victor killed him.
    And not just Jude, he killed everyone else too: Leia, Alvin, Elise. Because
    they stood in his way of killing Bisley, by grouping with Julius. Because
    Bisley tried to steal Elle from him.
    Milla asks Victor what he's planning. Victor wants to be with the real Elle,
    but can't because Ludger is in the way. Then he'll attack. Don't worry, this
    is a scene fight. When Ludger and Victor fight, Milla and Jude will surmise
    that Victor is the Alternate World version of Ludger.
    Victor says he is the FUTURE Ludger and will become Ludger by killing the
    "real" Ludger. Elle stops them just in time, but then whatever's behind his
    mask acts up and he pushes Elle away. 
    Victor says, if she went to the Land of Canaan, he wouldn't have this form
    anymore. He can live happily with Elle. THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "Don't come any closer, Elle!"
      Victor will push Ludger down and tell him not to give orders. Victor
      claims, "She will go to the Land of Canaan, and origin will grant his wish
      to restart his life. Of course, with his daughter who will be reborn in
      the real world."
      { RIGHT } "Can you really make it happen?"
      Victor pushes Ludger down with his foot and says, "Yes it's possible, no
      I'll make it happen. I'll ask Origin and redo my life! Of course, with 
      Elle too. As my daughter you will be reborn in the real world."
    Jude says, "But then, that means Elle will be another person entirely." 
    However, Victor refutes, "She and I won't change!"
    Victor tells Elle to come over and this time they can be with their mother,
    too. But Elle doesn't want that and pushes him away. Ludger uses this chance
    to pull Elle away and behind him. Victor says Elle is his, and then he
    attacks. The others will join in on the fight. Milla accuses Victor of
    purposely luring Ludger here by using Elle. Victor knew she would return
    with Ludger to this world because he is the last Guide to Canaan. 
    Ludger will transform and attack him, but then Victor transforms too, with
    a power he obtained from killing his brother and father. (Father...!?)
    BOSS: VICTOR (Factor)     HP: 296640
    EXP: 17184                EC: 100
    DROP: Exceed
    After the battle, Elle tries to go up to Victor and he notices the mark at
    the back of her neck. He tells Ludger, "I didn't make it in time. That is
    the price for using Kresnik's power - turning into a time factor." He'll
    transform again and attack.
      { LEFT } Kill Victor
      His parting words are, "Please look after her. Open the Land of Canaan and
      overcome Origin's Trial."
      { RIGHT } "I can't kill myself."
      Victor will grab Ludger's spear and jab it into himself. He says, "Can
      you protect Elle with that kind of resolve? I...am...you."
    Victor will hum the tune he shares with Elle before dying. Back in the real
    world, Rowen will approach Elle and notice something at the back of her
    neck. This is the Time Factor Effect. Return to the inn at Deel for now.
    BONUS SCENE: Milla
    She's worried about Elle, for sure, but she's also worried about you.
      { LEFT } "I'm fine." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      She says you're strong. Realizing such a thing must have been a shock. 
      { RIGHT } "Honestly, I'm confused..."
      Milla says she understand what you're going through, having lived 
      believing she was Maxwell when she really wasn't.
    Ludger's GHS will ring and the orders are to meet up in Maxbard. But for 
    tonight, they will remain at the inn. The scene continues where soup is
    being served. Elle will freak out saying it's all wrong, she doesn't want to
    eat her Papa's soup.
    She'll trip the chair and knock the pot over towards herself. Ludger will
    burn his arm protecting her. She wants to say something, but can't. He'll
    pick up the pot afterwards and Jude asks if Ludger plans to make soup again.
      { LEFT } "I want to, for Elle."
      Milla says to do what you want to do.
      { RIGHT } "Cooking helps me keep calm."
      Rowen says he understands. Milla says you should do whatever you need to
    Jude says he'll help since your arm isn't fully healed yet. In the kitchen,
    he apologize for not being of much help.
      { LEFT } "It's my fault too. I destroyed a world where Origin flourished."
               + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says it's enough knowing it will flourish, achieving the results is
      something he has to do on his own.
      { RIGHT } "...will you taste it?"
      Jude says, "It tastes good. Ludger, in the event that Victor's contract
      went well, that wouldn't have made Elle happy. I'm sure she understands
      that too."
    Jude is sure that Elle understands what happened tonight, and gives Ludger a
    pat on the back.
    Elle will come down later again and Ludger will invite her to the table with
    a bowl of soup. Drinking his soup, Elle understands that she can no longer
    have her father's soup.
      { LEFT } "...That's right."
      Elle says, "Papa's soup... Milla's soup..." And then she cries. 
      { RIGHT } "Sorry."
      Elle says you don't have to be, because you protected her... from her
      father. She'll cry tears into her soup.
    In the morning, Nova will call again for the usual payment.
      { LEFT } "Now's not the time to talk about money after killing myself!"
      Nova doesn't understand and asks if you're planning on commiting suicide.
      { RIGHT } "...Ah, I understand."
      Nova says, "I'm always sorry, but this is my job..."
    Milla asks Rowen if there's a safe place to hide Elle. She asks if they're
    leaving her behind because she's a "fake".
      { LEFT } "That's not it."
      Elle says, "It's because I am that you are! Papa too. The one he wants to
      be with too, is the real Elle."
      { RIGHT } "It's because we're worried about you."
      Elle says, "But you're another Elle's dad, right?"
    Milla says they'll go together.
    END CHAPTER 12--------------------------------------------------------------
    See, heavy stuff. Anyways, more episodes, quests and such are open now.
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      DEBT REMAINING: 17,230,000
       o  Gaius's Pain Reflect    o  Musee's Recall          o  Matatabi
       o  MAIN: Ludger and Elle
          { LEFT } "Forget about me. Elle, she..."
          { RIGHT } "It's okay, the same thing's happened with my brother."
       o  ETC: Truth about Musee
          { LEFT } "Actually, my corpse shell is the same too." + JUDE AND GAIUS
          { RIGHT } "It's only significant because it's hidden!"
       o  ETC: Change in Il Fan
       o  CHAR: Alvin's Past
          { LEFT } "Those two are friends from the past?"
          { RIGHT } "There's no reason to be worried."
          { LEFT } "That's..."
          { RIGHT } "It must have been hard for you too." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
       o  ETC: Such an Alternate World
       o  ETC: Come on Sweetness
          { LEFT } "It can't be just sweet."
          { RIGHT } "I think sweet is fine." + ELISE AND LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      [ ] REWARD: 8000 G, 2560 P
        o Get GAIUS MANJUU x4
      [ ] REWARD: 6900 P, 2208 P
        o Get MABO CURRY (BIG) x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, ABSORBER x1
        o Defeat SILVER CRAB x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, ABSORBER x1
        o Get DESERT GOLD DUST x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, ABSORBER x1
        o Get LIGHT CLOVER x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, PRISM RIBBON x1
        o Defeat GENTLE HEE HEE FU~ x1
      [ ] REWARD: 15779 G, 3077 P
        o Get FOSSIL CHAFF x1
      [ ] REWARD: 16988 G, 3313 P
    * For those who are curious, there is a quest that shows up asking for dust
      from Gandora Fortress. You can only get this with the cat search. Gandora
      Fortress won't show up on the list until you go INSIDE the fortress
      though. Before when you only had access to one side, I don't think they
      let you in. But since you gained access from the Il Fan side, you can 
      probably go in now. You can also find the cat NONKI in a room, entered
      from south of the middle hallway of the fortress.
            ~ ALVIN EPISODE 4: DECISION AND DEPARTURE ~             [A04]
    Talk to Alvin in Il Fan, he's in the hotel. Right of the bat, he asks what's
      { LEFT } "Just came to see your face." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin thanks you, but says, "Don't you have something else better to do?"
      { RIGHT } "...You look tired."
      Alvin lies and says, "Me, I'm always like this." Leia catches his lie. 
    Right on time, Vel will interrupt with a call for work. Alvin will comment
    that Vel is unable to read the atmosphere. Anyways, when you're ready head
    to world F4235. 
    Presa, Alvin, and Aguria will walk in to Ny Akeria after you appear. Once
    they walk away, Leia will notice Presa's ring.
      { LEFT } "It's the time factor."
      Alvin says there's no doubt that it is.
      { RIGHT } "I wonder if it's an engagement ring..."
      Leia says she doesn't really know about that, but as long as they destroy
      the factor, it's all good.
    However, Leia doesn't understand why Alt. Alvin is with them. Alvin reveals
    that this is an alternate world of the past, right before they head up to
    the Spirit Mountain to attack Jude's group. That's where Presa and Aguria
    fall. In the first game anyways. 
    And if Presa falls, the ring is lost, and they can't return to their own
    world. Alvin says he'll go ahead and find a way to get Presa away from her
    group. Wait for him at Milla's house. Then he leaves the group.
    Head to Milla's house by foot. In the sideroad, you can find chests contain-
    ing Gothic Guard and Beast Mane. 
    Outside of Milla's house, there will be a scene. Presa will show up and
    Alvins asks for the ring back. Shocked, Presa will ask if his words that
    came with the ring were a lie too. She throws it to the ground and Alvin
    tried to say something but Alt. Alvin will appear.
    He will fire his gun at Alvin, but Presa will get in the way and get shot
    instead. Alt. Alvin will fire a second time, but the third time gets blocked
    by Ludger. Aguria, agitated, says they should just fight already.
    BOSS: ALVIN (Alternate)      HP: 147378
    EXP: 9352                    GALD: 275        EC: 50
    WEAK: Water, Gun             RESIST: Fire
    DROPS: Peach Pie (MED)
    BOSS: AGURIA (Alternate)     HP: 112056
    EXP: 9352                    GALD: 275        EC: 50
    WEAK: Water, Hammer          RESIST: Fire
    DROPS: Burning Charm
    After the fight she asks if Alvin regrets saying they'd be together. Presa
    says she doesn't regret it. Alvin will say he doesn't either, but she'll say
    he's gotten worse at lying. Ludger will pick up the ring.
      { LEFT } Give it to Alvin. + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says not to worry about him and go for it. He says he's already
      found his place to belong.
      { RIGHT } Destroy it.
      Leia says, "Already? But Alvin..." Alvin will say not to worry about him. 
    Back in the real world, Alvin says he needs some time alone, because he's
    figured out what he needs to do. 
      { LEFT } "...I hope it goes well for you." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      He says he'll share the good news.
      { RIGHT } "Was she important to you?"
      Alvin says, "That's a tough question, but she did take care of me in the
    END ALVIN EPISODE 4---------------------------------------------------------
    Talk to Milla outside La Forte Research Facility to do her episode next.
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 3: MILLA, THE NAME OF BETRAYAL ~        [M03]
    Walk in on her and Jude's conversation. They're talking about something that
    happened in the past. During that time, Jude thought Milla had died and was
    really worried about her.
      { LEFT } "...Sounds like a dangerous topic."
      Milla says it's more of a nostalgic topic since Il Fan is where they first
      { RIGHT } "Are you fighting?"
      Jude says they're not. However, Milla says they never have but is
      interested in the idea of doing so. Seeing as that's how human
      communicate to reach an understanding/compromise. Jude doesn't know where
      to interrupt.
    Vel will call. Head to world F422F when you're ready.
    Talk to the people in the city until you get a short chat. Asuka is caught
    in this world too, so head to La Forte Research Facility.
    Inside, you can find two chests containing: 8300 gald and Combo Charm.
    Head into the room with the marker and watch a scene. This Asuka... is
    different than the one you met before. He seems to be very much in love with
    Jude. Milla suggests Jude try to speak normally to gather information.
    Asuka thinks Jude is being overworked or undermined by Haus and offers to
    teach the old man a lesson, but Jude thinks that's too much.
      { LEFT } "Shouldn't we stop this?"
      Milla says there's no need to worry, and to just leave it up to Jude. 
      { RIGHT } "Jude's popular."
      Milla says Jude's good with things with different hair colours. (Or maybe
      good with the abnormal?)
    Asuka asks if Jude wants to try binding (literal translation: enslaving) him
    again to the device, and that shocks Jude. He says that kind of relationship
    is impossible.
    Misunderstanding the situation, Asuka gets upset and attacks Milla saying
    Jude's had a change of heart to this woman!
      { LEFT } "This guy's so gloomy." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla thanks you for your feelings, and Asuka thinks she's two-timing with
      Jude and Ludger.
      { RIGHT } "Calm down, you're totally misunderstanding."
      Jude asks Asuka to listen to him but Asuka responds with, "I won't. I like
      pretty men but I hate beautiful people (literally: a person beautiful from
      all angles)!" 
      Milla replies with, "That sentiment is irrelevant. Jude talked to you
      because of the kind of being that you are on the inside. That's how he is,
      don't you understand at least that much?" Of course, this just really
      pisses Asuka off.  
    BOSS: ASUKA (Alternate)    HP: 207647
    EXP: 19690                 EC: 50
    WEAK: Dark, Gun            RESIST: Light
    DROPS: Confuse Charm
    Milla introduces herself as the new Maxwell. Asuka says that she and Jude,
    their relationship will only bring about destruction. Just like the last
    time Maxwell became involved with a human. But Milla says it's different.
    Jude wants to know what happened with the last couple. Asuka says Maxwell
    was betrayed by a woman named Milla Kresnik.
      { LEFT } "The same name as Milla!?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says, "The person with the same name as we betrayed the previous
      { RIGHT } "Kresnik..."
      Milla says, "That's what you're focused on?"
    After connecting the dots, Jude will conclude that this Milla Kresnik is the
    founding sage, "Kresnik" mentioned in history. Since then, Chronos and old
    man Maxwell have constantly fought, according to Asuka.
      { LEFT } "Chronos hates humans?"
      Asuka says, "Not quite, instead of saying he hated humans, it was more
      like he loved spirits. He's like that one of a kind friend."
      { RIGHT } "Exorbitant woman?"
      Asuka doesn't know how to explain it but Milla figures it's something like
      her and Jude's current relationship.
    All Asuka knows is Maxwell was really mad when Milla (Kresnik) betrayed him,
    but he never forgot.
    Haus will walk in and try to rescue his research, thinking Jude is here to
    steal it. It turns out the research is the factor though. With Asuka's help,
    Ludger manages to destroy it with little fuss. 
    Asuka's parting farewel to Jude, "Jude, please enslave me again."
    Milla comments that Asuka was stranger than usual.
      { LEFT } "Even among spirits there are those like that."
      Milla says, "Actual spirits have a lot of peculiarities... but the
      possibility of alternate spirits was surprising."
      { RIGHT } "Can't say I disliked him." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says she thinks the same, if they had more time, she would have
      liked to chat more with Asuka.
    She says you have to move forward not to repeat mistakes that happened in
    the past. Again, Milla hopes to work with you in the coming events.
    END MILLA EPISODE 3--------------------------------------------------------- 
    Talk to the agents outside Liese Port's inn at Maxbard to continue the next
            ~ CHAPTER 13: ARRIVAL, AND THEN... ~                    [013]
       o  MAIN: Traveling without Elle
          { LEFT } "Is it because I killed Victor?"
          { RIGHT } "Exactly, she's just being selfishly childish."
    (I always freak out thinking the next main chapter is going to be the last
    one, but I'm not even close.)
    Your group gathers and you will get a mail telling you to line up the Guide
    to Canaan. Milla leaves it to you since it's yours and Elle's path to take.
      { LEFT } "5 guides, so in the shape of a star."
      Elle says, "Like a star...?" And the Ludger will lay down the guides. And
      she will place down the last one. She looks excited to tell Ludger, "A
      star..!" But stops mid-sentence. 
      { RIGHT } "I'll leave it to Elle."
      Elle makes the shape but she doesn't look to happy about it.
    Elle says Ludger and her dad are the same, she asks if you'll say you don't
    need the fake Elle.
    Watch the awesome anime cutscene followed by another scene. Chronos will
    appear with Julius. When the group accuse him of the Time Factor Effect,
    Chronos will say he only handed over the Corpse Shell ability to the Kresnik
    family. The Time Factor Effect is their own undoing.
    Ludger will look at Julius and remember these things. What will you do? THIS
      { LEFT } Transform and fight.
      Ludger will transform and attack but Chronos knocks him back. Chronos then
      says, "So you're the Kresnik's Key that's gathered all the guides?" Then,
      the thing on the back of Elle's neck will act up. Julius will then step
      { RIGHT } Fight without transforming.
      Ludger will fight without Corpse Shell but doesn't stand a chance. Julius
      will transform and fight Chronos.
    BONUS SCENE: Milla
    She'll charge at Chronos and tell him to reveal the way to the Land of Canaan
    but Chronos calls her foolish, just like when Shell was put into place.
    BONUS SCENE: Musee
    Musee will fly high and hearing her inner thoughts, Ludger will look up.
    Inside, Musee thinks, "It's a bit big but I'm sure everyone will forgive me"
    and then she casts a big Dark spell (negative gate?). But Chronos comes out
    uninjured. Inner Musee is peeved.
    Okay, time for the actual fight. You don't have to win. Just try to stay
    alive for the next scene to take place.
    BOSS: Chronos        HP: 186636
    EXP: 19690          EC: 250
    RESIST: Dark, Gun
    Chronos PIT          HP: 7916
    WEAK: Gun
    A scene will take place where Chronos sustains damage but heals almost 
    instantly, but he says he's just turning back time. Gaius can't believe it,
    but Chronos will introduce himself as Chronos, the Grand Spirit of Time and
    Anyways, the fight restarts. You can't win this one either. Every time he
    reaches 50% HP, he'll rewind the time (the background goes monochrome with
    gears spinning). He'll do this two times before another scene takes place.
    He comments that your group at least has the power to reach the Land of
    Canaan. Elle will try to protect Ludger last minute, and before she can
    finish talking, Bisley will flash in front of her and tell Chronos to back
    Bisley says he already knows the way into the Land of Canaan. But the group,
    save for Elle, won't be able to hear it. Also note that Bisley is capable of
    using Corpse Shell, even if you only get a glimpse of it.
    He'll ask if Chronos wants to take him and Kresnik's Key on in a fight.
    Chronos says he'll settle for taking out just the key but Julius will push
    him away and they both disappear.
    Elle will realize something and vehemently insist that they don't have to go
    to the Land of Canaan anymore. She wants them to leave Ludger and her out of
    it. Ludger reminds her of the promise they made, but she says she doesn't
    care anymore.
      { LEFT } "...What do you mean?"
      She pushes away the watch saying, "Papa's promise was a lie too!"
      { RIGHT } "Do you have a good reason why!"
      Elle says, "Yes, yes there is! Because I said it was fine!"
    Elle will run away.
    Bisley says there's no need for Ludger to use Corpse Shell anymore, and that
    he's proud of you.
      { LEFT } Accept the handshake.
      Bisley congratulates you on a job well done and says there's a reward
      waiting for you back at the company. He says not to worry about Elle, his
      underlings will take care of her. 
      { RIGHT } "I have to go after Elle!"
      Bisley says Ludger's just like Julius. He says, "What do you plan to do? 
      Being with her will only turn her into a Time Factor faster."
    Head back to Torigraph for now by train station. A scene with Bisley and
    Elle will take place after. She asks Bisley to do something so Ludger
    doesn't disappear. Bisley can make it happen, but Elle has to obediently do
    as he says. 
    Head to Clanspia Company and watch Nova plead her boss to cancel Ludger's
    debt. The boss won't allow it and tells Nova to give up before she loses her
      { LEFT } "Sorry, just forget about it."
      Nova says, "More so than that, it's really hard hearing those things being
      said about you and Julius." Jude and Musee suggest they pay back the debt
      while waiting for Elle.
      { RIGHT } "Again with the debt..."
      Nova says she's sorry.
    END CHAPTER 13--------------------------------------------------------------
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      DEBT REMAINING: 16, 830,000
       o Friend Link S            o  Milla's 1 Damage        o  Matatabi
       o  CHAR: Elenpios and Liese Maxia
       o  CHAR: Idolized Gaius
          { LEFT } "I want to know about the public state of affairs." + GAIUS
          { RIGHT } "I want to know all the delicious specialties."
       o  MAIN: Land of Canaan's Appearance
      [ ] REWARD: 12000 G, 3000 P
        o Defeat BLADE BEAK x8
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, Blindfold x1
        o Get WILD BIRD EGG x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, Book of Unusual Skill x1
        o Defeat GENTLE MANDEEN x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, Book of Unusual Skill x1
        o Defeat GENTLE IPRIT x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, Absorber x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, Absorber x1
        o Get PRAYER MAT x1
      [ ] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, Absorber x1
        o Defeat KING COCKATRICE x1
    Talk to Jude in Kan Bulk outside the castle to start his next episode.
            ~ JUDE EPISODE 4: CELSIUS'S WISH ~                      [J04]
    Jude was just about to call you. Something's happened in Kukuru Caves, and
    Milla senses a move in mana. Jude believes it to be Celsius. Although it's
    very selfish of him, he wants to go and asks if Ludger would join him.
      { LEFT } "Of course I'll help." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude thanks Ludger and says he had a feeling Ludger would help. He feels
      like they understand each other. 
      { RIGHT } "Hmm, what shall I do..."
      Milla says, "Don't tease him like that. Jude's asking you earnestly, which
      is rare." Jude says, "Hey, Milla!" and she responds with, "It's the truth,
      there's no need to be embarrassed." 
    Head to Kukuru Caves through the Zaira Forest entrance. Talk to Celsius at
    the red ! marker. Jude will try to explain himself but she will have none of
    it. Milla says they're going to have to use force. THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "It can't be helped, we'll have to use force to calm her down."
      Milla says that seems to be the only way.
      { RIGHT } "I don't want to fight though..."
      Milla says, "But at this rate you'll be overthrown, you have to firm your
    BOSS: CELSIUS        HP: 185592
    EXP: 20845           GALD: 300            EC: 50
    WEAK: Fire, Sword    RESIST: Water, Earth, Hammer, Gun
    DROPS: Snow Pompom, Absorber
    After the fight, Jude will say he wanted to talk without fighting because he
    knew she was still weak in power from what happened last year.
      { LEFT } "Celsius is obstinate."
      Milla laughs and says, "Humans are strange."
      { RIGHT } "You rely solely on mana?"
      Milla says, "Origin's spirit rely on mana, but her body is already at it's
    Celsius will say there used to be a small village around here a long time
    ago, and she's looking for things from this village. But things have
      { LEFT } "But there are things that haven't changed." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude agrees that some momentos must be left behind and offers to help look
      for it in exchange for her ear.
      { RIGHT } "Have you looked everywhere else already?"
      Jude achieves some revelation from hearing Ludger's words and agrees that
      there's got to be places that have what Celsius is looking for. 
    Celsius says you might not find it, but Jude says it's not the shape that
    matters. Celsius will give you a list of locations and tells you to call on
    her when you find something. Jude thanks you for coming with him today.
    END JUDE EPISODE 4----------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ELISE EPISODE 3: UNREACHABLE HEART ~                  [E03]
    Head to Rulond Port and talk to Elise. Apparently, there is a merchant from
    Elenpios, Elise and Rowen guess that they must be looking into Liese Maxia
    either for business or leisure. 
      { LEFT } "Really?"
      Rowen says he was surprised too. 
      { RIGHT } "Why here?"
      Rowen says maybe they came to visit and explore. 
    Leia's father will come up to you guys and say Prime Minister Marcia's been
    kidnapped. If only his wife was here, she could have prevented it. Either
    way, you'll be asked to go rescue her. 
    Head to Bycarl Caves and head down the path. You will run into Marcia, who
    was able to get away, but her subordinate is still further in. Rowen says to
    leave everything else to them, and Marcia asks why there's a child with
      { LEFT } "She's my comrade." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Marcia says, "Comrade? You don't plan to participate, do you?" Elise will
      refute that she's not a child. Rowen will back Elise up, saying she's a
      master at using artes.
      { RIGHT } "Do you have a problem with that?"
      Marcia says, "Of course I do, in such a dangerous place! You don't mean to
      tell me you plan to participate in this rescue operation?" Elise says she
      is not a child. 
    Marcia will recognize Elise's name and tell her to be careful. Marcia's
    phone will go off with a familiar tune. Elise recognizes Marcia as her pen-
    pal. Anyways, head to the next map and go west for a scene.
    Fight a quick battle. The party will talk after and these so-called
    terrorists will co-operate with your plan. Turns out their friend is being
    held hostage by the higher ups too and they only want to save him. 
      { LEFT } "You okay, Elise?" + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise says they're the same people, being worried about their friends. 
      She's sure that Marcia will understand.
      { RIGHT } "Is this okay, Rowen?" + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen says, "No, it's most likely..." but he suggests you return to Marcia
      for now. 
    Exit the cave and the scene will continue outside. Marcia will send the
    soldiers in to take care of the terrorists. She says, this is her job as the
    Prime Minister. The group can't interfere otherwise it'd turn into an
    international problem.
    Marcia calls what Elise did a childish decision. Elise wonders why Marcia
    wouldn't listen to her request, and calls her cold. 
      { LEFT } "I understand what the Prime Minister is saying."
      Elise says, "Ludger is an adult then. I don't understand. I thought we
      were friends. Luna..." 
      { RIGHT } "I understand your feelings." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise wonders if she's wrong, even though she thought they were friends
      (with "Luna"/Marcia).
    END ELISE EPISODE 3---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ GAIUS EPISODE 3: LIESE MAXIA SIGHTSEEING ~            [G03]
    Talk to Gaius at Torigraph Port's inn. He will be glad you showed up, and
    Musee wants to join in as well. The guys from before will come too and Krack
    will announce a field trip to Liese Maxia; he's always wanted to go to Il
    Fan. Gaius says he'll pass though.
    Krack will be super disappointed and Musee comments that Gaius hates crowded
    places. They want Gaius to be their guide, and he won't get much say in the
    Head to Samangan Forest for a scene. Head further into the forest. You'll
    have to reach the red marker by foot. When the scene takes place, the guys
    will decide to take a break here.
      { LEFT } "Gaius, I had the wrong impression of you." + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius says this might be the feeling of having friends, despite the age
      { RIGHT } "You won't join in on the fun?"
      Gaius says, "Just let me say this, when I was a kid I was known as 'A
      Jule's Monkey.' I used to throw cherries from the top of the tries down at
      my sister Kara." 
    Musee will sense beasts, so get ready for a fight.
    SILVER WOLF x3     HP: 23199
    EXP: 1895          GALD: 750        EC: 25
    WEAK: Earth        RESIST: Wind
    SILVER TRENT       HP: 66462
    EXP: 3790          GALD: 1500       EC: 50
    WEAK: Fire         RESIST: Earth
    The group of guys will thank Gaius/Aast for bringing them along on this trip
    and presents him with a camera. They also start calling him Aa-san. When
    they take a group photo, Tarent will say they're friends now.
    Head back to Maxbard to continue the story. Krack will run off to purchase
    the latest GHS and asks for you to wait for him outside the train station.
    He will return late, and Musee will note Gaius's expression.
      { LEFT } "Shouldn't we have gone with him?"
      Gaius agrees.
      { RIGHT } "I expected something like this to happen."
      Gaius says, "Indeed, it is my responsibility." Then he'll "tsk" and turn
      away as the soldiers rush past. 
    A group of soldiers will rush by and Krack will return saying nothing's
    wrong, and that they should hurry and go back to Torigraph.
    The scene continues where the group overhears others talking about a murder
    that happened in Maxbard, the death of a Liese Maxian at the hands of a
    young Elenpios man. The sheriff looking character from Episode 1 will show
    up and is pretty determined that the murderer is Krack. However, he has no
    evidence to prove it, but says he will find it.
    After the guy leaves, Gaius asks Krack if it really wasn't him. Krack is
    surprised that Gaius would doubt him too. The guys decide to hurry and
    return to Torigraph. Once they're gone, the sheriff guy (Imai, I believe)
    will confirm Gaius's identity as King of Liese Maxia with a soldier.
    END GAIUS EPISODE 3---------------------------------------------------------
    Tie up whatever loose ends and head to Clanspia Company's lobby to talk to
    Vel, this starts the next main chapter.
            ~ CHAPTER 14: LUDGER, MISSION COMPLETE ~                [014]
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
       o  Gaius Manjuu            o  Sleeveless Mantle       o  Sephira
       o  Platina Cloak           o  500 Gald                o  Mix Gel
       o  Orange Gel x3           o  Mythril Plate           o  Life Bottle
       o  MAIN: Power over Time and Space
          { LEFT } "I have no intention of using Corpse Shell anymore"
          { RIGHT } "I know... but if we don't hurry, Elle will be in danger!"
    Vel is in the lobby, Ridou is with her. He says outsiders should stay out.
      { LEFT } "I'll be fine alone."
      Milla says, "We'll have you tell us the way into the Land of Canaan as
      well. Sorry, but we'll follow regardless." 
      { RIGHT } "Will you guys come with me?" + JUDE AND MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says, "Of course. I'd go even if you said no."
    Vel announces that Ludger is now the Vice President of Clanspia since having
    completed his mission. And while Bisley is away on business, Ludger is to
    oversee his tasks until Bisley returns.
    Head to Bisley's office to continue the scene. Vel says there's a video
    message from Bisley. In the video, he explains that he intends to head to
    the Land of Canaan and settle Origin's Trial. He explains that the whole
    thing was originally a game betweent the three great spirits: Maxwell,
    Origin, and Chronos. A game to see if humans could make Jin work, this was
    before the shell came into place when Maxwell still trusted others.
    Ridou says that there's a trap in the Trial though. The first person to
    reach Origin for the wish is the trap. Bisley says you can consider the debt
    unnecessary - you no longer have to pay it since you've completed your job
    for him. Nova will call to confirm it.
    Jude and Milla ask about Bisley and Elle but Vel will offer nothing. Ridou
    says Bisley's probably planning to use Elle to kill Chronos. Ridou will have
    Jude and Milla removed, leaving Ludger alone.
    When in control, check Bisley's desk for a Gaius Manjuu. Head down to the
    30th Floor to find Ridou. All of a sudden, he's polite and formal in
    addressing Ludger.
      { LEFT } "What does Bisley plan to do with Elle?"
      Ridou says it's top secret though.
      { RIGHT } "Let's continue where you left off."
      Ridou says, "What conversation, oh the one where Elle's the Kresnik's Key?
    Ridou says Elle is Kresnik's Key. The key itself is a power necessary to
    overcome Origin's Trial. One is born into the family every generation, and
    that's something they have to dela with. Bisley's wife, whom Bisley killed
    was a Key too, but not ones like the vice president's. 
      { LEFT } "Bisley's wife was Kresnik's Key!?"
      Ridou says, "Yes, the real world's Key. It seems she died when the he
      decided to fight Chronos last time. And with that as the reason, Bisley's
      eldest son left the house and started a new family life, or something
      like that."
      { RIGHT } "What do you mean not someone like me?"
      Ridou says, "It's just as it means. Do you even know your own family
      circumstances? Even though you're the vice president."
    Basically, to reach Origin, one needs to defeat Chronos. To defeat Chronos,
    you need Kresnik Key's power of "nothing."
    But with the amount of power needed to defeat Chronos, the Key will
    definitely become a Time Factor.
    Ludger will call Bisley and he will apologize for tricking him. But Bisley
    says, "This sacrifice is necessary to make a world for humans."
      { LEFT } "Make a world for humans...?"
      Bisley says, "Once I overcome Origin's Trial, I will make a wish to erase
      the spirit's essence, turning them into tools."
      { RIGHT } "Sacrifice, you mean Elle!?"
      Bisley says, "Our family has been burdened with this for over 2000 years. 
      But this is the last time. With Origin's wish, I will erase all spirits
      and turn them into the human's tools (slaves)."
    The phone switches to Elle. She will wish for something so that no one has
    to disappear, and says she'll try her best. Ludger doesn't have to come
    anymore, she says. She apologizes for breaking the promise. Then the phone
    Ridou says they're just going to have to leave it to the president. Making a
    move will cause them to be used, like Elle.
    Head to the first floor to find Jude and Milla. After learning Bisley's real
    goal, she says they'll stop Bisley. They'll go to the Land of Canaan. But
    they're going to have to find Julius first, since he should know the way in.
      { LEFT } "..." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says, "Do you think you already can't achieve what needs to be done?
      In that case, Jude, just the two of us will go." When he tries to stop her
      she says, "There's no need to sacrifice Ludger's life to save the world.
      Even Elle told him not to go."
      Jude says they're both mistaken, "There's no way that's Elle speaking
      honestly!" Milla understands and Jude decided to open Ludger's eyes, with
      a fight.
      BOSS: JUDE        HP: 71595
      EXP: 23430        GALD: 300        EC: 50
      WEAK: Fire        RESIST: Wind, Earth
      DROPS: Link Long
      { RIGHT } "Yes, let's go!" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Vel will insist on keeping Ludger here. But Milla will cut her off, and
      says first, she needs to test Ludger's resolve.
      BOSS: MILLA       HP: 66435
      EXP: 23430        GALD: 300        EC: 50
      WEAK: Dark        RESIST: Light
      DROPS: Link Long
    The fight isn't too terribly hard and actually easy to win. When you get
    close enough to get some hits, they will use her hi-ougi but it doesn't do
    a lot of damage. Ludger will transform in Corpse Shell, so beat up them and
    Ludger will (automatically?) use his hi-ougi to end the fight.
    Despite not having Elle around, Ludger can still use Corpse Shell powers.
    Milla says that is because Elle is calling him. 
    BONUS SCENE: Jude (if you fought Jude)
    Jude says Ludger really is obstinate just like a certain somebody.
      { LEFT } "Jude, you really are a meddlesome." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says, "You finally understand me."
      { RIGHT } "Like who?"
      Jude says, "There's a saying that 'daughters are a lot like their fathers'
      isn't there?"
    BONUS SCENE: Milla (if you fought Milla)
    She apologize for being pushy. Jude will help her up. Milla says, "However,
    I am sure the Land of Canaan will be much more forceful. But if you don't go
    the world you hold in your hands will be lost."
      { LEFT } "That's fine. There's something more important to me." + MILLA
      Milla says she will lend her power to that cause.
      { RIGHT } "It's too late to be so distant."
    The group will be surrounded by Clanspia agents headed by Ridou and Ivar.
    Ridou says it's kind of late, but they still need to protect Bisley's life.
    Musee will interrupt Ridou's speech by saying he's disgusting. Gaius will
    cut down a foe and say, "We came to pick you up. Are we meddling?"
    The agents will break out this new weapon, a portable copy of Kresnik's 
    Spear when Musee tries to use her artes to attack. Gaius asks Ludger what to
    do, and he will recall his examination. THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "We should be able to exit from the underground." + GAIUS, MUSEE
      Milla says they'll need a decoy.
      { RIGHT } "Force our way through."
      Musee says, "That's fine but there might be a lot of pointless deaths."
      Gaius says, "Can't we use that elevator?"
    Jude wants Ludger to give them instructions. THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "Please, Jude." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius tells Jude not to die, not that he plans on it.
      { RIGHT } "Could you, Milla?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla understands, Musee wants to be with her, but Milla tells her that
      her powers are needed with the group.    
    When in control, purchase items from the vending machine if you need to and
    save if you'd like. Head through the door and fight a quick battle. Access
    the panel to use the lift, exit out of this room and check the green panel,
    choosing the first option before heading down stairs. The machines should
    Defeat the machines in each room to open the door to the next room. In the
    last room with four monsters, there are two doors. Once you've opened them
    up, head back up the stairs and into the room with five machines. Defeating
    them will open the door to a dead end containing to chests - one which is
    the SEPHIRA, letting you earn 1.5x the amount of gald. Finally.
    Exit out the previous room and enter the underground training facility.
    Here, you can save and head straight to the exit. OR, you can go around
    the entire place collecting treasures and finding the cat ESUESU. You can
    find this cat in the same space where the chest for MIX GEL is.
    Save before heading to the exit if you'd like because there's a boss fight
    coming up. Ridou and Ivar will be in front of the exit.
    BONUS SCENE: Musee
    Outer will say, "How troublesome." But on the inside, she's thinking about
    killing Ridou and Ivar.
      { LEFT } "Milla will be sad." + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee agrees since Ivar is Milla's miko.
      { RIGHT } "That's going overboard, Musee." + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee says, "You're kind, Ludger. Or maybe you're just naive."
    When Gaius says they cannot destroy the party with just the two of them,
    Ridou reveals that his body is running on Jin. He's also tweaked it to
    make himself much stronger. However, his body cannot handle the stress.
    Before his body gives out, he's going to beat you all to a pulp.
    BOSS: IVAR      HP: 84588
    EXP: 10854      GALD: 300      EC: 50
    WEAK: Wind      RESIST: Earth
    DROPS: Winner's Stick, Soul Ring
    BOSS: RIDOU     HP: 207690
    EXP: 11928      GALD: 300      EC: 50
    WEAK: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light
    RESIST: Dark, Sword, Hammer, Gun
    DROPS: Toughness Ring, Book of Unusual Skill
    Take out the agents first, then Ivar, and finally Ridou. After the battle:
    If Milla is in your party: she will thank Ivar for his service in the past
    ten years despite his failure. Ivar will bow and walk away limping.
    BONUS SCENE: Gaius
    Ridou says, "If you don't make the final blow, I will."
      { LEFT } "Wait, he did save my life at one point."
      Ridou calls Ludger naive, the president ordered him to heal Ludger.
      Gaius punches Ridou.
      { RIGHT } "I'll do it."
      Ridou baits him with, "What a nice expression, I'm sure Julius would be
      proud of your growth. Gaiu tells Ludger, "Don't listen to him, he wants
      to drag you down with him." Ludger puts away his weapons.    
    Ridou says Ludger will regret it. After, agents will come to collect Ridou
    based on separate orders from Bisley. However, he doesn't want to go and
    transforms again but the agents deactivate his transformation and drag him
    away. Ridou figures Bisley plans to use him as a "brdige" and curses him.
    You will surface in Toribran field. The group will wonder if Milla/Jude 
    got away all right. Julius will call Ludger and asks if he's safe.
      { LEFT } "Speak for yourself, where are you?"
      Julius says he's in Torigraph with Jude/Milla.
      { RIGHT } "Yeah, I won't die till I get to the Land of Canaan."
      Julius says, "You'll go no matter what then? I can't change your mind.
      I'm in Torigraph right now with Jude/Milla."
    Meet up with Jude/Milla outside Ludger's apartment complex. When you get
    their, your last member is alone - Julius is no where to be seen. S/he
    will tell you what Julius has told them, to enter the Land of Canaan, one
    must bridge their soul. To do so, someone holding power in the Kresnik
    family must offer up their life. In short, either Julius or Ludger has to
    They will tell Ludger that Julius has left a letter on the dining table
    and Ludger will run straight into the apartment. Afterward, s/he will
    say Julius has a message for them as well. 
    END CHAPTER 14--------------------------------------------------------------
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      ALT. WORLD No.F4237
       o  Silver Leggings         o  Deadly Poison Needle x2 o  Ruin Wrist
      ALT. WORLD No. F4231
       o  Irong Leggings          o  8400 Gald               o  Treat
      DEBT REMAINING: 15,922,891; BONUSES:
       o  Jude's Stamina 3        o  Milla's High Guard      o  Matatabi x3
       o  Friend Link S x3        o  Leia's Jacket-Off       o  Elise's Mind 3
       o  MAIN: Musee and Ridou
          { LEFT } "I wonder if Ridou's all alone too?"
          { RIGHT } "The Musee I know is the Musee here now." + MUSEE
       o  MAIN: Miko Ivar
          { LEFT } "It suits you, right, Gaius?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } "You have a lot of memories with Ivar, don't you?"
       o  CHAR: Ludger's GHS
          { LEFT } "...It's not my fault."
          { RIGHT } "Sorry, it's quite rude of me isn't it?"
       o  CHAR: The Voice of Musee's Heart
          { LEFT } "If you're okay with me, I'll help."
          { RIGHT } "Don't say such heartless things, Gaius." + MUSEE
      * PLEASE NOTE: You may have noticed a lot of quests are repeats or simple
        to understand without my help. That being said, I'm getting
        progressively lazy and tired when it comes to translating names for
        these quests - not that it really matters. I'll probably continue
        writing the walkthrough and come back to all these quest names when I
        get a chance. If you need help, just send me a message on GameFaqs with
        a screenshot and I'll try to help. Thanks!
        o Get Princesia x2
      [CAT EYE-WITNESS! 28] REWARD: 800 G, 500 P, OKAKAGUMI x1
        o Find Esuesu in Clanspia Company's Agent Examination Field
      [] REWARD: 800 G, 100 P, ABSORBER x1
        o Get Water Lily x1
    Checking the letter in Ludger's apartment starts the next chapter, but first
    there are some episodes and quests you'd might like to do. If you look at 
    the world map there are red markers on just about every city name. But, let
    me burst your bubble before you get excited: most of them are Leia's prompts
    for the same episode. So let's get that out of the way first.
            ~ LEIA EPISODE 4: ANSWER TO THE HOMEWORK ~              [L04]
    Talk to Leia from just about anywhere, I chose Maxbard. She wants to do an
    article and wants to ask the conductor guy from before for his permission.
    The guy wants to know what he'll merit from it.
      { LEFT } "That answer is rude."
      The conductor says, "You can say what you want, but my decision remains
      the same."
      { RIGHT } "Is it really impossible?" + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      The conductor says, "That's what a job is all about."
    Leia says she can't really pay him, but she'll help out by cleaning here day
    and night. He tells her to go ahead and write what she wants, but he doesn't
    want her help because then it would really make him look like the bad guy.
    He tells her to write a good article.
      { LEFT } "Was his approval necessary?"
      Leia wanted him to understand and acknowledge the article.
      { RIGHT } "It's good you got him to understand." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Leia says it'll be interesting from a Liese Maxian perspective.
    Leia wants to stay at your house to finish the article tonight. Head to
    Ludger's house to continue. After hearing the door open and close, Alvin 
    says she must have gone to deliver the script.
      { LEFT } "We should catch up." + LEIA RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says he's curious too. Head to the port and the chief will choose to
      publish her article. She realizes that what she wrote before wasn't good
      enough to piblish. She's found the answer to her homework. The chief will
      walk away and say good things about her to Ludger and Alvin.
        { LEFT } "You should tell her directly."
        He waves it off as he continues walking away.
        { RIGHT } "We'll let her know."
        The chief says not to let her get too full of herself.
      Leia says she wants to work hard and see things for herself. And then she
      will find the best way to inform the public.
      { RIGHT } "Let's wait for her to come back."
      Alvin says there's nothing they can help her with anymore. Leia will
      return after deliver her scripting, getting the okay. She wants your help
      next time too.
    END LEIA EPISODE 4----------------------------------------------------------
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 5: MAXWELL'S MIKO ~                     [M05]
    Talk to Milla in Ny Akeria.
      { LEFT } "Have you found anything about Kresnik?"
      Milla says she's asked the villagers to look around, but nothing's come
      { RIGHT } "I just came to see how you're doing." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says, "Basically, you're interested in me right? Jude was the same
      back then, too." Jude says it's different.
    Milla says she can't get much information despite the village being built by
    the founding sage, Kresnik. But the conversation will be interrupted by a
    call from Vel. 
    Head to work F4237 when you're ready. Walk up to Ivar, sitting in front of
    the alter by the entrance. The kids here will say Ivar's the only one who
    believes in Maxwell and the four great spirits; everyone else knows it's a
    fairytale. Huh.
    Milla calls out to Ivar, asking him about the Kresnik person.
      { LEFT } "We're not suspicious people."
      { RIGHT } "We asked a question first."
      Ivar says, "Is that the attitude you take when asking someone for some-
    Milla says they're doing research and would like to hear about Milla
    Kresnik. Ivar will share his knowledge. He says Milla Kresnik was the first
    to summon Maxwell. She is also referred to as the Singing Priestess. He says
    she passed away at a young age before Ny Akeria was built. A relative of
    hers built this place after. Ivar's pretty serious about protecting
    Maxwell's legacy and wished to succeed the position of Miko.
    A guy will show up asking for Ivar's helping saying the kids got into the
    mountain and need to be rescued from some monster.
    Head to the Spirit Mountain behind Milla's hut, and pick up some treasures
    along the way. Head to the top for a scene and boss fight.
    BOSS: MERANDICATE        HP: 301665
    EXP: 26345               EC: 50
    WEAK: Light, Sword       RESIST: Everything else
    DROPS: Broken Bone       STEAL: Strange Bead
    After returning to your world...
      { LEFT } "...You all right?" + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      She says she's prepared for things like this.
      { RIGHT } "Sorry, I had to do it."
    Milla says it's nothing you should be worried about. What they do know is
    Milla Kresnik and the previous Maxwell had a relationship/binding contract
    before the falling out. Jude wishes he could ask Maxwell directly, but that
    is kind of impossible. 
    END MILLA EPISODE 5---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ MUSEE EPISODE 2: MUSEE'S PRESENT ~                    [MU2]
    Talk to Musee in Deel. She seems to be deep in thought, swaying and giggling
    to herself. On the inside, she wants to make the others (who like Milla) to
    like her (Musee) more, that way (in conclusion) Milla will like Musee even
    She's thinking about maybe getting them a present.
      { LEFT } "Would you like some help, Musee?" + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      She's surprised but says she wants to get something for Jude and the
      others as it's her duty as Milla's older sister.
      { RIGHT } (...it's wiser not to get involved)
      Ludger will try to leave but Musee will start talking to him.
    But she wonders what to give them.
      { LEFT } "How about something they'd usually wear?" + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee says an accessory might be good.
      { RIGHT } "How about making it yourself?" + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Musee says to make something, and incorporate her feelings into it.
    Gaius says Ny Akeria is offering a workshop to make a unique accessory, said
    to bring it's wearer positive effects. It can be made by the person themself
    but requires harpie feathers. The group will suggest going to Baamia Lab,
    Vel will call and tell them to go to an Alternate World, start location:
    Baamia Lab.
    Head to F4231 when you're ready.
    Collect items from inside the lab area before advancing up and over all the
    rocks. Head to the marker to find just what you're looking for: a harpie and
    Time Factor all-in-one. (Who else saw this coming?)
    BOSS: VIOPLOOM         HP: 190848
    EC: 27949              EC: 50
    WEAK: Earth, Sword     RESIST: Wind, Hammer
    DROPS: Clown Feather   STEAL: Opal
    The fight should end quickly if you have the Clan D. Musee will take the
    wing out, but on the inside she's saying, "This is so gross, why can't the
    guys be the first to say they'll take the wing out!?"
    Back in the real world, she'll head out to Ny Akeria first and ask the rest
    to come. When you get there, everyone is present except Milla. She will
    present the gifts to everyone, but the reactions aren't what she expected.
    Elise thinks it's gross, Alvin doesn't know what to do with it, and Tipo
    says Musee's trying to curse them. Upset, Musee will glare at Gaius, who
    tries to explain things.
    He says it's a special item and attaches it to his hair. Jude and the others
    say he doesn't have to force himself. Musee says it's a shame it's
    unpopular. But Jude will take one anyways.
    Afterward, Musee will sit quietly on top of the gates, but Ludger will hear
    her on the inside. She's pretty frustrated and determined to do better next
    END MUSEE EPISODE 2---------------------------------------------------------
    If you wish to resume your debt for the sake of the bonus stuff, talk to
    Nova outside Clanspia Company.
    Tie up your loose ends and examine that letter in Ludger's apartment to do
    the next chapter.
            ~ CHAPTER 15: A BROTHER'S WISH, A BROTHER'S WILL ~      [015]
    (The actual title reads An Older Brother's Wish, A Younger Brother's Wish,
    but I had space constraints in the Table of Contents.)
    Julis letter is as follows:
    Bisley has obtained Elle, the power of the "key." With this I'm left with no
    choice. To enter the Land of Canaan, the life of a Kresnik family member,
    with power is necessary. The last test is exchanging one's life to form the
    "soul's bridge." I will be waiting at Maxbard's Liese Port. Come when you've
    made your choice.
    Musee suggests Elle already knew a life had to be offered to gain entrance.
    Milla says Elle went to save Ludger. Gaius wants to confirm something, can
    Ludger sacrifice his brother's life?
      { LEFT } "...Ther's no other way."
      Gaius understands and will go with you. Nova will knock on the door and
      say she came to celebrate your debt-no-more with a party. She even bought
      a bunch of tomatoes after hearing Julius is back. At this, Ludger will run
      past her, the rest will follow. Nova says she got the atmosphere wrong
      Meet Julius in Maxbard, a purple line will extend to the Land of Canaan,
      and Julius confirms that Bisley must have used Ridou's life for the Soul's
      { RIGHT } "As if I could!"
      Milla says she understands. The party goes on ahead without you. Musee
      apologizes as she leaves. Nova will knock on the door and say she wanted
      to celebrate his debt-no-more but overheard Jude and the others talking
      about him on their way out. This prompts Ludger to run out.
      Head to Maxbard's Liese Port for a scene. Julius will ask why Ludger did
      not come, Jude will say Ludger couldn't steal his brother's life away.
      Gaius will ask if Julius can take his own life, and of course he will
      because he does not wish to cause them trouble. Julius has one last favour
      for Gaius, he asks, "Please tell him when this is all over, 'sorry your
      brother likes to do as he pleases.'" Ludger will run in and stop Julius
      from killing himself.
    Here's the next choice to make:
      { LEFT } "Why does it have to be this horrible method?"
      Milla apologizes even though humans and spirits are supposed to trust each
      { RIGHT } "Brother, is this really the only way?"
      Julius says it's the only way, either of them have to die; it's the role
      Kresnik members play.
    Julius will remove his glove to show his hand has the Time Factor Effect. He
    will die soon and wishes to use his life up if there is meaning behind it. 
    He wants you to turn his life into the Soul's Bridge.
      { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
      Julius says, "You've made your choice. But stick with me a little longer,
      I won't be at ease leaving everything to a crybaby like you."
      BOSS: JULIUS       HP: 57318
      EXP: 32615         GALD: 300       EC: 50
      WEAK: Wind, Sword  RESIST: Earth, Light, Dark, Hammer
      After you defeat him, the brothers will use corpse shell and its hi-ougis
      and Ludger will find himself in another world's Torigraph Station. Find
      Julius by heading to your apartment. When you reach the door, Ludger will
      hide when he hears himself (!) rushing out the door with his brother close
      behind. (And this Ludger talks!!)
      After the scene, head inside and watch the anime cutscene. When in control
      talk to your party members.
      BONUS SCENE: Alvin, Elise
      Alvin, ever upbeat, tells Ludger not to make that face, they're going to
      save Elle. Elise and Tipo will tell Alvin to be more sensitive. But he
      says it's best to stay positive in situations like this. Elise agrees and
      says they should all go to save Elle.
      BONUS SCENE: Rowen, Gaius
      Gaius commends you for following through. Rowen says the burder of
      destroying worlds and what you just went through must be unimaginable. He
      can relate, being a general that took many soldiers' lives on the field. 
      But he believes with one thing gone, a new thing takes place. A responsib-
      ility they all share. Gaius says they will help Ludger make the possibili-
      ty (he opened by killing Julius) in a reality.
      BONUS SCENE: Jude, Milla
      Milla says they made you take on a tough role. Jude apologizes for not
      being strong enough to help. She asks what Julius's last words were to
        { LEFT } "He said to make my own world."
        Jude says, "A world of Ludger's will, it's definitely a world with Elle
        in it." Milla says she wants to believe in humans like Ludger and Jude.
        { RIGHT } "It's a secret."
      A path to the Land of Canaan will open. 
      { RIGHT } "There has to be another way!"
      The group agrees that there must be, they just have to look for it. But,
      Julius's hand will react and Milla says there is no more time left.
        { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
        * refer to above section *
        { RIGHT } "There has to be another way! Anything!?"
        Rowen and Musee can't do anything with their magic.
      If you keep choosing the RIGHT option from here:
        { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
        { RIGHT } "I won't let him die...!"
        Julius wants Ludger to let go, if he doesn't, Ludger will have to be
        sacrificed. Alvin asks Ludger to try and understand, this is what Julius
        wants. Leia doesn't agree though.
      What will you do? (if you chose RIGHT)
        { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
        { RIGHT } "No...NO...!"
        Gaius scolds you, "Are you going to avert your eyes now after coming
        this far? After destroying all those worlds to get to this point."
      What will you do? (if you chose RIGHT)
        { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
        { RIGHT } "No, no, no, NO!"
        Jude is speecless, and Ludger will push their hand away. Milla asks if
        this is your choice.
      What will you do? (if you chose RIGHT)
        { LEFT } "I'll turn your life into the Soul's Bridge."
        { RIGHT } "I... can't do it!"
        Julius tells Ludger to go home, he knew his brother was hopeless after
        all. Gaius says he'll finish the job.
      What will you do? (if you chose RIGHT)
        { LEFT & RIGHT } "Stop it, stop!"
        Gaius says he can't forgive that. They must go to the Land of Canaan for
        the sake of this world.
        { LEFT & RIGHT } "I'll protect him."
        Ludger will scream in rage and take Julius' pocket watch. And then, he
        will turn on the others.
        BOSS: ROWEN         HP: 31050
        WEAK: Fire, Wind    RESIST: Earth, Water
        BOSS: MILLA         HP: 33810
        WEAK: Dark          RESIST: Light
        BOSS: LEIA          HP: 34500
        WEAK: Gun           RESIST: Wind, Earth
        BOSS: JUDE          HP: 35190
        WEAK: Fire          RESIST: Wind, Earth
        BOSS: ALVIN         HP: 51750
        WEAK: Water         RESIST: Fire
        BOSS: ELISE         HP:
        WEAK:               RESIST:
        BOSS: MUSEE         HP:
        WEAK:               RESIST:
        BOSS: GAIUS         HP:
        WEAK:               RESIST:
        Start off the battle against Rowen, Milla, Leia, and Jude. Every time 
        you take down one person, the next will take their place. If you can
        beat them, go right ahead. I gave up after the third try. I'm pretty
        sure going down this path affects the kind of ending you'll get when 
        you beat the game, but I'm not absolutely sure. I also don't know what
        happens after you win this fight, so.
    END CHAPTER 15--------------------------------------------------------------
    Another chapter down. What you can do from here is either head straight to
    the Land of Canaan OR do all the wonderful extra episode stuff first.
    ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
      ALT. WORLD No.F423A
       o  Dangerous Liquid        o  Vegetable Stick ( MED)  o  Savory
      DEBT REMAINING: 15,111,612
       o  Rowen's Dexterity 3     o  Friend Link S x3        o  Leia's Agility 3
       o  Gaius's Strength 3      o  Matatabi
       o  CHAR: Otherwordly Applications
          { LEFT } "...What?"
          { RIGHT } "...Jude, please translate" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
       o  CHAR: A Happy Elise
          { LEFT } "Some people are happier not knowing."
          { RIGHT } "By the way, what kind of person is Jiao?"
       o  CHAR: Jude and Milla's Secret
          { LEFT } "So, what did you two do?"
          { RIGHT } "Well, I won't press for details..." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
       o  CHAR: Musee's Inner Thoughts 2
          { LEFT } Agree             + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
          { RIGHT } ...Think longer
       o  CHAR: Concerned about Rowen
          { LEFT } "Yes, because we're here."
          { RIGHT } "There's also the power of language." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
            ~ MILLA EPISODE 6: DESIRE, PERSISTENTLY ~               [M06]
    Talk to Milla in Ha Mil, she will listen to a pair of children sing a song
    about pearanges. Speaking of songs, Jude wonders what that song Victor was
    humming, was?
      { LEFT } "'Song of Proof,' a nursery song my brother used to sing to me."
      Jude says for Victor it must have been a song filled with memories.
      { RIGHT } "An old song handed down in my family, apparently it's called
                the "Song of Proof."
      Milla says Victor probably wanted to hand it down to Elle, too.
    Jude will hum it and Milla says it has a nostalgic feel. Vel will call to
    report an alternate world, but they're uncertain of the entry point. Head to
    F423D when you're ready.
    You will appear in Uruskala. For those who are unfamiliar with this place,
    it is...the dimension between Liese Maxia and the Spirit World, maybe?
    Anyways, follow the path.
    RED = LIFT
    At the end of the dungeon, there will be three glowing spheres. These will
    replenish your life bottles, apple gels, and orange gels. When ready, drop
    down the blue portal.
    Find yourself face with "old man" Maxwell. In this world, Milla no longer
    exists. He says he will deliver punishment to those who stray from their
      { LEFT } "Milla hasn't strayed from her path." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Maxwell says, "That's rich, coming from people who fooled her off that
      { RIGHT } "Calm down, Spirit King."
    Milla says there's no choice but to fight.
    BOSS: MAXWELL (Alternate)     HP: 350898
    EXP: 32615                    EC: 50
    WEAK: Water                   RESIST: Fire
    DROPS: Emerald Ring
    At some point, his weakness and resist will swap.
    Afterward, Milla wants to know about Milla Kresnik. Like Milla, Kresnik also
    had a lot of curiosity and questions. Maxwell says she brought humans and
    spirits together. But Chronos didn't think too well of Milla, hence Origin's
    Trial began.
      { LEFT } "What happened to Milla Kresnik?"
      Maxwell says Milla died at the hands of a Kresnik family member, but Max-
      well couldn't do a thing about it. Within the family, one wanted control
      over spirits. He offered Milla a place with him when he created the Shell,
      but she decided to remain in her world, fighting her kin.
      { RIGHT } "She had a disagreement with Chronos?"
    Musee will show up with the four great spirits, and she will attack as the
    time factor.
    BOSS: MUSEE (Factor)    HP: 212400
    EXP: 33935              GALD: 300       EC: 50
    WEAK: Light             RESIST: Dark
    DROPS: Regime Ring
    After the fight, Maxwell tells Milla to go ahead and do what she wants. 
    Before the world gets destroyed, she hums the Song of Proof, and Maxwell
    seems to know the melody too.
    Jude says Milla Kresnik and Maxwell definitely wanted to make a world where
    everyone could live. And although Jude and Milla share that same goal, she
    can see Jude's already walking ahead of her on that road.
      { LEFT } "...Are you lonely?
      { RIGHT } "You're both walking the same path." + MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      She says, "That's for sure, but I'll have no choice but to watch him walk
    END MILLA EPISODE 6---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ELISE EPISODE 4: BEFORE IT REACHES THE HEART ~        [E04]
    Talk to Elise in Kalaha Shawl. She will ask for your advice.
      { LEFT } "Be brave and send a mail." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen says what's important is what she wants to do.
      { RIGHT } "...Just leave it be."
    Vel will call, head to F423A when you're ready. From where you start, head
    to Drossel's mansion for a scene. Here you will meet Elise's father, who is
    in fact, Jiao in this alternate reality. Jiao seems to really love Elise as
    a daughter and is proud of her. He will apologize for not getting a gift as
    he promised, and says he will get you anything you want now.
      { LEFT } "Why not ask for that stuff doll?" + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise will ask for the Banish doll.
      { RIGHT } "How about an accessory?"
    Before much else can happen, Yorgens will interrupt and then men will excuse
    themselves. When in control, follow after them to continue.
    Jiao will ask Yorgens if he's been betraying their clan. Yorgens says he 
    needed the money from them to buy the good medicine for Isura. Elise will
    intervene and save Yorgens from getting killed. Jiao will tell him to lead
    him to the enemy. As he walks out, the rest will notice the Time Factor.
    Follow after them to Samangan Forest. Exit Kalaha Shawl, and on the field,
    take the southeast exit into the forest. Walk your way to the red marker.
    Jiao will slay the enemy and then he will reveal that he also killed Yorgens
    because in the end, he should have followed to clan's rules. He will then
    turn on your party. THIS IS TIMED:
      { LEFT } "You think we'll let you?"
      Ludger and Rowen will ready their weapons, and Elise doesn't really want
      to fight against Jiao, but she will fight too.
      { RIGHT } "Elise, get away!"
    BOSS: JIAO (Factor)    HP: 261960
    EXP: 33935             GALD: 300      EC: 50
    WEAK: Wind, Gun        RESIST: Earth, Hammer
    DROPS: Break Charm
    Afterward, he apologizes for not being able to get the Banish Doll, but it's
    a doll made from monsters. However, he says Elise truly is his treasure and
    sun. Elise will call him "Father" before the world breaks.
      { LEFT } "Try telling those feeligns now." + ELISE RELATIONSHIP
      Elise wonders if Luna will listen since she's been ignoring her.
      { RIGHT } "Don't worry about it, children should be selfish."
    Rowen will call Marcia, and Elise will talk to her, admitting she was child-
    ish. Marcia says it's okay, and even though she made an adult decision, 
    whether that decision was right or wrong is a different matter. Elise says
    she will search for another doll for Elle.
    END ELISE EPISODE 4---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ALVIN EPISODE 5: WISH FOR A CERTAIN FUTURE ~          [A05]
    Talk to Alvin in Shan Du. Ludger will get a call from Nova, but Leia will
    hang up on her. Alvin gets off the phone and wants you to join him for a
      { LEFT } "So it went well."
      Alvin says at least they overcame one hurtle.
      { RIGHT } "In other words, an invitation to drink, right?" + ALVIN
      Alvin says you understood what he meant.
    Head to the bar in Dovole and talk to Yorgens and Baran. Apparently they 
    started without you guys and Baran's been telling some of Alvin's more
    embarrassing stories. The bartender will come by and ask for your drink
      { LEFT } "I'll have the same sake as Alvin." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
      Alvin says you've realized the way of society.
      { RIGHT } "I'll have tomato juice."
    Alvin says he turned down the scout since his business venture started with
    Yorgens. His partner is glad to have teamed with Alvin.
      { LEFT } "I hope for our individual successes...cheers!"
      Alvin thanks you for helping out.
      { RIGHT } "Thanks for your hard work! Cheers!"
    END ALVIN EPISODE 5---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ JUDE EPISODE 5: A WORLD SELFISHLY DREAMED OF ~        [J05]
    Talk to Jude in Kan Bulk, it's time to help Celcius out. Head to Kijil Beach
    first, and enter from the Ny Akeria entrance. Head to the waterfall area for
    a scene.
      { LEFT } "Invited, by a human?"
      Celcius says delcining so many times started becoming a pain.
      { RIGHT } "Did you do it too?"
    Jude and Milla would like to try jumping down the waterfall too. Milla says
    she won't let Jude die as long as she uses Udine's power. When they walk
    away, Celsius asks if they're always like that.
      { LEFT } "They get along well, right?"
      Celsius says it feels just like yesterday she had that talk with "him."
      { RIGHT } "Like what?"
    Head to Il Fan next and walk towards Order Castle for another scene. Milla
    and Ludger will stand in the back while Jude and Celsius talk.
      { LEFT } "You won't join their conversation?"
      Milla says Jude's trying to thaw Celsius' heart, joining the conversation
      would make that effort pointless.
      { RIGHT } "Those two have the right atmosphere."
    The last place to go is Gandra Fortress, enter immediately for a scene. She
    remembers this place as where she first met "him," a man named Hao. Jude
    and Milla recognize the name as Professor Hao, the man who revolutionized
    spirit artes. 
    Apparently Celsius and Hao also lived together under a roof for a while.
      { LEFT } "Spirits and humans living together..."
      Jude and Milla realize this might be a big scoop!
      { RIGHT } "Who's Hao?"
    Hao has basically tried to seduce Celsius, taking her everywhere and such.
    She called him a pervert too. Anyways, Jude vows to make spirit and human
    relations better, and Celsius wishes to test that vow.
    BOSS: CELSIUS        HP: 102120
    EXP: 18810           GALD: 300           EC: 50
    WEAK: Fire, Sword    RESIST: Water, Earth, Gun, Hammer
    BOSS: AQUA DRAGON    HP: 139380
    EXP: 12549           EC: 50
    WEAK: Fire           RESIST: Water
    A bit of a pushover battle, but. At the end, Jude will protect Milla from a
    point-blank attack. Celsius says he resembles Hao in that way. And then she
    will return to stone form after believing she can entrust their (her and
    Hao's) vision of a harmonized world to Jude and Milla.
      { LEFT } "Are you two okay?"
      { RIGHT } "You showed her, Jude." + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      Jude says he hadn't intended on that to be the display though.
    Head to Drossel's mansion to continue the scene. Jude will tell Baran,
    spirits have hearts and they should be requestion for the spirits co-operat-
    ion. But how?
      { LEFT } "Could the key be spirit artes?"
      Jude says Ludger's realized it too.
      { RIGHT } "You've found the way, Jude."
    Either way, this hint has become a really big clue, and Baran is super
    END JUDE EPISODE 5----------------------------------------------------------
            ~ MUSEE EPISODE 3: MARCHING CO-OP CORPS ~               [MU3]
    Talk to Musee in Rulond, agents from Clanspia will request you to deal with
    a monster problem in Felgana Mines. Joining on this request is Mina from
    Elenpios and Elisa from Liese Maxia. An operation between two countries,
    Musee sees it as a chance to get along better with everyone.
    Head in to the mines and go further in for a scene. On the inside, Musee is
    rooting for Elisa because she's cute in character, but on the outside she
    asks if Elisa is a dunce.
    Head into the last room for a fight against some bats. Afterward when you
    return to Rulond, Mina and Elisa's relationship will make Musee remember
    last year's events.
    END MUSEE EPISODE 3---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ ROWEN EPISODE 4: FROM ME TO YOU ~                     [R04]
    Talk to Rowen in Deel. This town's famous for it's fish cuisine and alcohol,
    so he invites you to have a drink with him.
      { LEFT } "Yes, but not just a glass - a whole bottle" + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Rowen laughs and says he'll teach Ludger the adult way to drink.
      { RIGHT } "Actually, I don't drink..."
    Rowen will receive a call, something's come up and he will excuse himself
    from the dinner plan. Before he leaves, he will land Ludger something.
      { LEFT } "What's this?"
      Rowen says it's something of a protective charm.
      { RIGHT } "An apology gift for not being able to come with us?"
    Vel will call saying Marcia has requested aid in rescuing Rowen, who has
    been kidnapped! Talk to Vel in Clanspia's lobby to continue. The stone you
    got from Rowen will glow and Milla will send out her four spirits to track
    the matching one. 
      { LEFT } "Are you saying Rowen would use his death as a catalyst...?"
      { RIGHT } "There's no way Rowen would let that happen." + ROWEN AND ELISE
      Elise agrees.
    Head to Libelly Rock Hole to continue. Head down until you find a guy stand-
    ing outside a door. Defeat him and head inside to find Rowen unconscious on
    the floor. The terrorist will tell the party to step down for Rowen's
      { LEFT } Disregard and attack.
      { RIGHT } Rowen's safety comes first.  + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Milla will use Sylph when the terrorist lets his guard down. Fight these
    Rowen predicted such an event would happen and gave the stone to Ludger just
    in case. Elise will mention the wills he wrote. They are in fact, letters
    wishing for each person to continue on specific tasks in his place should he
    die. He claims to be so busy that he has no time to die, but, his is getting
    old and knows he won't live forever. 
      { LEFT } "I'll protect you, Rowen." + ROWEN RELATIONSHIP
      Elise agrees and will do the same.
      { RIGHT } "Elise and Drossel worry about you, too."
    END ROWEN EPISODE 4---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ GAIUS EPISODE 4: DECISION, AS A KING ~                [G04]
    Talk to Gaius in Torigraph, outside the port's inn. Watch the scene that
    unfolds. Krack ends up choosing to go with the Elenpios sheriff over Gaius.
    Damn. Head to Maxbard's inn to continue.
    Gaius asks what Ludger thinks of the sin Krack committed.
      { LEFT } "It's fact that he killed someone, he should be tried."
      { RIGHT } "I don't understand the difficult stuff, but I want to help him"
      Gaius says you're honest and should remember those feelings.
    After Gaius comes out from the hearing.
      { LEFT } "What about the victim's family?"
      { RIGHT } "Did you really agree to this?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius says, in his position it's not a matter of whether he accepts it or
    Gaius will pull out his camera and ask the front desk to destroy it for him.
      { LEFT } "Don't throw it out, wasn't it a present?" + GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      Gaius says, "This was a gift for Aast, it's not something I should hold."
      But Musee convinces him otherwise.
      { RIGHT } "...Ah, that might be a good idea."
    END GAIUS EPISODE 4---------------------------------------------------------
            ~ MUSEE EPISODE 4: MUSEE'S SECRET STRATEGY ~            [MU4]
    Talk to Musee in Maxbard, next to the warp portal for Land of Canaan. She
    will have the professor set something up. Then, she asks you to call
    everyone here, now.
      { LEFT } (Seems a bit suspicious)
      Musee asks you to make the call.
      { RIGHT } "Okay, give me a minute."
    When everyone is gathered, Musee says that monsters will appear in town
    tonight. She doesn't know how, but the information is very reliable although
    from a secret source.
    The group will decide to split and patrol the town at night. Musee says she
    and Milla will have to be on separate teams since they're the only spirits.
    Choose one more person for your party, and they will join you along with
    Gaius and Musee.
    When in control, go across the arcade to the Elenpios side for a scene. The
    other group will destroy the monster, and when they let their guard down,
    the monster malfunctions back to life and attacks. Your group will step in
    to take it down.
    BOSS: GENTLE DROID     HP: 233045
    EXP: 36685             EC: 50
    RESIST: Light
    After the fight:
      { LEFT } (I'll explain.) + MUSEE RELATIONSHIP
      Milla says she should be the one to apologize after Musee does. And that
      seems to make Musee happy.
      { RIGHT } "It's all Musee's fault."
    The bracelet will fall (or I think Gaius cuts it off?) and Gaius will say he
    doesn't want to do this weird stuff anymore, being led along by Musee's
    crazy thoughts and such. But Ludger will turn and see Musee's (inner?) face
    and he will sigh.
    END MUSEE EPISODE 4---------------------------------------------------------
    Once you've gotten that out of the way. There are certain things you can do
    before fighting the final boss. Such as:
      o  Completing Cat Dispatch Quest
      o  Poker Game
      o  Clear remaining debt
      o  Coliseum Tag/Team mode
      o  Complete Quests
    CAT DISPATCH QUEST----------------------------------------------------------
    There are 100 cats in total. The last two are in the Land of Canaan. You can
    find one, ViruViru inside, next to the save point. That allows you to access
    the Land of Canaan in your dispatch. Use the dispatch service to find the
    last cat, Hiro.
    Once you've collected all 100, you will get a skit.
      { LEFT } "The spirit master wins!"
      { RIGHT } "The cat king wins!"
    Afterward, head to the cat room in the apartment building and watch the
    scene with the girl. She tells you that there is a secret behind all their
    names. If you pull up the list of cats using R3 in the Dispatch screen, the
    first letter of every name forms sentences/phrases that are clues to the
    cat-related attachments.
    FIRST ATTACHMENT: Iyashineko, check Gaius' chair in Kan Bulk's throne room.
    SECOND ATTACHMENT: Cat Collar, Barnaul field, southwest map, first glowing
                       tree in the northern exit.
    THIRD ATTACHMENT: Neko Cap, Tataaru Mines B3, turn right at the entrance and
                      go through a hole in the corner for a chest.
    If you collect all the items in the Dispatch, you will receive a trophy.
      * NOTE: I've realized that I'm actually missing some cats/places. Namely,
        the harbours and one/two dungeons and fields. I've found them but forgot
        to take note when I did. I will be placing a section on the cat dispatch
        after the walkthrough and will update the file again with it soon.
    POKER GAME------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you've played Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version has it, not sure about xbox)
    then this game might be a bit nostalgic for you. To play this game, you must
    have completed the POKERFACE quest (where you hunt down a cat in Deel and
    return the mask to this guy in Dovole's bar).
    Talk to the guy with the Tengu mask, sitting at the table to start playing.
    But to play, you need to have chips. Talk to the bartender to buy chips.
    The exchange rate is 10 gald = 1 chip. To bet, you need at least 10 chips.
    The maximum you can bet is 100 chips.
    Talk to the guy when you want to play. The controls are:
      o  CIRCLE for holding/discarding cards
      o  SQUARE to confirm that hand
      o  TRIANGLE for discarding/holding your whole hand
    The menu options are:
      o  BET
      o  USE ITEM
            o GOLD DICE
            o SILVER DICE
      o  RULES
      o  QUIT GAME
    Of course, when you have a certain hand that's more than one pair,  you get
    the choice of doubling your bet. A card will appear and you must decide
    whether the next card the dealer shows is HIGHer or LOWer than the one on
    the screen. It's obviously a lot of guessing, and sometimes the system will
    throw out an EVEN. So be prepared to play this for a while if you're
    interested in the prizes.
    The quickest way to earn chips is to use GOLD DICE which guarantees FLUSH
    for 5 turns. This nets you 700 chips, and then you can double up from there.
    SILVER DICE guarantees a JOKER in your hand for 5 turns.
    Obviously, you're going to want to save before using these items.
    As for prizes, the most noteable ones are Ludger's Dealer Costume and Hair-
    style on the first page. Also on the first page is Milla's Schoolgirl 
    costume and Alvin's Cool Guy costume from the first game.
    You can also redeem GOLD DICE and SILVER DICE once in the prizes. As well as
    a FRIEND LINK S potion for 20,000 chips. BUT, the most note-worthy of them
    all, is the last item on the last page. This rock (if you can read Kanji),
    worth 5000 chips, sells for 20,000 gald a piece. If you keep exchanging 
    chips for those and then selling them, you'll earn a lot of gald that way.
    After playing a game or two, you'll get some skits.
    ETC: Poker Face
    ETC: Our Gambler
      { LEFT } "No, I'm going to build my era."
      { RIGHT } "It's as Alvin says." + ALVIN RELATIONSHIP
    If you've noticed a while back there were quests you could complete for
    certain SEAL (insert Tales name) items. These are FELL ARM weapons in the
    form of CAMEO weapons (I believe). A certain set of weapons is gained
    through quests, the rest are gained through TAG (HIGHER LEVEL) battles.
    Talk to the girl at the desk in Shan Du's coliseum to start.
    The menu options are
      o  Participate
      o  Don't Participate
    If you choose to participate
      o  Tag Battle
      o  Team Battle
    You must fight a tag battle before Vel calls and says the Team Battle has
    been unlocked.
    For tag battle:
      o  Low Level (1000 Gald fee)
      o  High Level (2000 Gald fee)
    For team battle:
      o  Low Level (10,000 Gald)
      o  High Level (20,000 Gald)
    You must fight Tag battles (low level) with more than one character combo to
    unlock High Level.
    Afterward, you get to choose your party members. I always used Ludger as the
    first choice, the second one can be whoever else.
    Pairing Ludger with each character at least once on Low Level will net you
    some RED HERBS (Lavender, Basil, etc.) Which boosts certain starts by the
    Pairing characters on the High Level tag mode will net you more SEALED
    weapons, one for each character. Also, the machine enemy in the High Level
    round also drops GOLD DICE occasionally.
    At this point, the badge your currently have should be in the Golds. As you
    complete more quests, you should be able to get the Master Badge. 
    At some point the board will stop giving out quests once you've finished a
    lot. I find that, once you run out, if you do a Tag battle in the coliseum
    (high and low), the board will refill itself.
    So the pattern was Quests, Poker, Coliseum, rinse, wash, repeat. 
    But eventually, the board will run dry again.
    CLEARING DEBT---------------------------------------------------------------
    If you really want to clear your remaining, what, 15 million gald debt, you
    can talk to Nova in Torigraph to get the debt back. Afterwards, you can pay
    back whenever you want without having Nova interrupt you mid-walk for it.
    There are benefits you clearing the debt.
      o 14.5 MIL: Musee's Spirit 3, Friend Link S, Milla's Intelligence 3,
      o 14 MIL: Friend Link S x2, Ludger's Super Guard, Omocha
      o 13 MIL: Rowen's Jacket Off, Jude's High Guard, Friend Link S x2, Omocha,
                Alvin's Vitality 3, Elise's High Guard
      o 12 MIL: Friend Link S, Omocha, Rowen's Recall, Ludger's Super Resist
      o 11.5 MIL: Friend Link S x2, Omocha, Ludger's High Guard
      o 11 MIL: Leia's High Guard, Elise's Jacket Off
      o 10.5 MIL: Omocha, Friend Link S, Gaius's Recall
      o 10 MIL: Friend Link S, Omocha, Musee's High Guard
      o 9.5 MIL: Friend Link S, Milla's Recall
      o 9 MIL: Omocha, Hammer Agria, Friend Link S
      o 8.5 MIL: Alvin's Recall, Friend Link S
      o 8 MIL: Royal Cat Food, Milla's Element Armor, Friend Link S
      o 7.5 MIL: Gaius's Jacket Off, Royal Cat Food
      o 7 MIL: Ludger's All Guard, Friend Link S, Musee's Spell Boost
      o 6 MIL: Friend Link S x2, Royal Cat Food, Ludger's Perfect Guard
      o 5 MIL: Elise's Aerial Spell, Royal Cat Food, Rowen's Splendid Time
      o 4 MIL, Friend Link S x2, Musee's Jacket Off
      o 3 MIL: Royal Cat Food, Friend Link S, Leia's Item Everyone
      o 2 MIL: Friend Link S x2, Royal Cat Food, Jude's Jacket Off
      o 1 MIL: Friend Link S, Royal Cat Food
      o 100 Gald: Friend Link S, Milla's Jacket Off
    Once you're down to the last 100 Gald, Nova says she'll collect that in
    front of Clanspia Company. Talk to her and she will reward you with a trip
    to the hot springs. An animated cut scene will take over, watch it for it's
    humour value. And then the ending credits will play. Afterward, you will be
    able to make a save file for the point before you talked to Nova.
    LAND OF CANAAN--------------------------------------------------------------
    Whenever you are ready, use the portal in Maxbard and go to the Land of
    Canaan. The place will have a lot of black stuff covering it, as part of
    Chronos' doing. 
      { LEFT } "I'll transform an break through!"
      Musee tells you to calm down.
      { RIGHT } Observe calmly.
      Musee and Milla will say you've noticed it too.
    Milla can use her four spirits to help, but that means only four people can
    continue from here. When in control, talk to any character to form your
    When in control, you can find the cat VIRUVIRU by the save point. From here,
    you can exit any time you want by going south. Or using the WORLD MAP.
    Entering here opens up the EXTRA episode that you can do in Maxbard. It also
    opens up a couple of monster hunt requests.
    In this dungeon, the paths might get very confusing. And it doesn't help 
    that certains paths are dead-ends, the glowing panel will fade and not let
    you through. Damn. But it's not impossible to reach the next screen and the
    last save point.
    When you do reach the last save point, the white sphere beyond it starts the
    next main chapter and ultimately, the end of the game. If you want to save
    and back out, to do some extra stuff, now would be a good time. 
            ~ EXTRA EPISODE: SEEKING THAT "PROOF" ~                 [EXT]
       o  ETC: Present for Elle
       o  ETC: I've wanted to try that
       o  CHAR: To create the future
    Return to Maxbard and talk to Ivar. He's been fired from Clanspia and has
    decided to return to Ny Akeria to care for the animals and such.
      { LEFT } "It's out fault, sorry."
      Ivar says it was just orders from the top.
      { RIGHT } "Take care."
      Ivar says to worry about yourself, the Land of Canaan is more dangerous.
    Ivar says Jude might have found his path before him, but that's it. Milla
    entrusts Ny Akeria to Ivar until then. Rowen will get a call, and he tells
    everyone that the Golems from Gandora Fortress have gone out of control.
    They're also heading towards Kalaha Shawl. Jude says they should go help,
      They thank you.
      { RIGHT } "What's a golem?"
      Rowen explains it's something the La Shugarl army created for protection,
      Jude says the only way to defeat it is to use a booster.  
    Talk to Drossel in her mansion to continue. The golems are new versions,
    built with the four elements and super strong. The only one capable of 
    defeating them might be Milla. Yikes. Apparently, making them is technically
    illegal, but Rowen did it in secret and Gaius gave the okay.
      { LEFT } "It's because of things like this that conflict never ends"
      Rowen says it's as Ludger says, but Alvin says it's necessary. 
      { RIGHT } "I guess power is necessary for diplomacy..." + GAIUS AND ROWEN
      Alvin says Elenpios has technology and such, Musee says Liese Maxia would
      need the power to match that.
    Leave the mansion and Ivar will call Jude. Head out to Tarasu Field towards
    Gandora for a scene.
    BOSS: FOUR ELEMENT GOLEM       HP: 309171
    EXP: 44660                     EC: 50
    WEAK: WATER                    RESIST: EARTH
    Fight until it changes form, and then another scene will take place. Ivar
    will drop down with Baran and Maxwell's Stone. Time to make an Origin
    Maxwell. But Baran needs help to decode a message.
      { LEFT } "Anyways, just try it Jude!" + JUDE RELATIONSHIP
      He says there's not time to hesitate.
      { RIGHT } "Don't push it if you don't understand."
      Jude says it's not impossible, Origin can be of help.
    BOSS: FOUR ELEMENT GOLEM x2   HP: 154585/309171
    EXP: 44660                    EC: 50
    WEAK: NONE                    RESIST: EVERYTHING
    Before starting this battle, you will have access to the menu. Jude now has
    a new arte called "Maxwell." It's similar to Milla's Element Shot. You can
    use both.
    Use this skill on the golems to switch their Resist/Weakness. You will know
    when they stop glowly brightly. However, it doesn't last the whole round,
    so you'll have to make Jude use it more than once. 
    Afterward, Maxwell will appear and ask for proof. Ludger will recall a bunch
    of stuff between his family, Milla Kresnik, and the Song of Proof.
      { LEFT } "It's the song of proof, Jude!" + JUDE AND MILLA RELATIONSHIP
      Jude can't believe it, but Milla can. 
      { RIGHT } "By proof, you don't mean the song of proof, right?"
      Milla and Baran can't believe it, but Rowen can. 
    Jude and Milla hum the song together. Maxwell says the song remained with
    humans. He says it's just a song that Milla Kresnik liked to sing. He says
    the songstress is long gone, but the song was passed down. 
    Jude tells Maxwell that he wishes for a world between humans and spirits.
    Maxwell says Milla Kresnik was a bit more boisterous and demanding than him.
    She would call him over and over and promised to pull out his beard it he
    didn't show himself. But when he did, she offered him all the mana she had.
    Milla asks what the proof is, Maxwell says she should know it better than
    anyone; it's the hearts of people. 
    Head back to Drossel's mansion to continue. Jude thinks each spirit requires
    their own proof, and Musee says Origin is troublesome.
      { LEFT } "Yeah, just like people." + MUSEE, MILLA, GAIUS RELATIONSHIP
      They say, "Well said."
      { RIGHT } "Yes, it really is."
      Elise says people who talk like that won't be able to use Origin. Tipo
      tells him to reflect properly!
    END EXTRA EPISODE-----------------------------------------------------------
    A new quest should be available on the board, called Brother's Path 3. If
    you accept, talk to the vendor in Kalaha Shawl to receive J Code 3 and take
    it to Vel in Clanspia's lobby. She will tell you that it's the code for
    Julius's room, so head to Ludger's home and open up the door. 
    On Julius's table is his farewell letter to Ludger, along with his pair of
    swords. You will also get Julius's glasses.
    Check the corner of the bookshelf to get: Omocha, Royal Cat Food, and Okaka-
    Check Julius's closet door to get Rare Boots.
    Check the chest outside Julius's room to get Ludger's Second Artes, Second
    Artes 4, and Second Artes 5. 
    And if you're feeling gutsy, there will be another quest labelled in red
    that asks for all of your party to meet up at the temple between Zaira
    Forest and Kan Bulk. You WILL WANT TO SAVE before accepting or even going in
    because there is a big boss fight waiting.
    If you've played the first game and did the sidequest for this, you will
    remember these two girls opening up a portal and letting out twin boss
    demons. This time around, the girls will merge to form the demon's boss,
    Make sure you're well stocked with the right party before going for it.
    When you're super ready and done whatever it is you wanted to do, head back
    to the Land of Canaan. Find your way to the white sphere to start the last
            ~ FINAL CHAPTER: AT THE JUDGE'S GATE ~                  [FIN]
    Bisley will confront Chronos, but the door hasn't opened yet. Your party will
    run in and Chronos will trap Bisley and Elle in another space, calling it a
      { LEFT } "What did you do to Elle!"
      Chronos says, "I trapped her in a space pocket." Musee says Chronos is like
      the old her.
      { RIGHT } "Why do you insist on getting in our way!"
      Chronos says he wants to save his friend on the other side of that door.
    Chronos wants to make a world for just spirits it seems.
    BOSS: Chronos       HP: 234,000
    EXP: 46420         EC: 150
    RESIST: Dark
    To defeat Chronos, use Corpse Shell when he tries to turn back time, that
    cancels it, allowing you to keep fighting him.
    Bisley will break out and injure Chronos badly enough to remove his trap on
    the place. Elle will ask Ludger why he came.
      { LEFT } "Speak for yourself, why'd you just disappear like that?"
      Elle thought he would disappear and so went by herself to prevent that,
      despite being scared.
      { RIGHT } "Because... I promised."
      Elle starts tearing up and they hold hands.
    Bisley used Elle and her fondness for Ludger. Origin's Trial, according to
    him, is like a summoning contract between the Kresnik family and Origin. He
    says Elle can't be saved unless Ludger uses his wish for it, but Elle wants
    the alternate worlds to be erased instead so Ludger won't have to disappear.
      { LEFT } "I'll ask Origin to save Elle!"
      Your friends are surprised, and Bisley asks you to think calmly, since
      Elle can be reborn as Ludger's daughter eventually. Elle agrees since she
      is a fake anyways. But Ludger doesn't care, and he'll walk towards the
      { RIGHT } "Bisley, I can't let your wish be fulfilled!"
      Bisley asks if you're serious.
    Time to take on Bisley. Watch his magical girl-like transformation. Hehe.
    BOSS: BISLEY        HP: 335160
    STEAL: Whiskey
    Beat him down until he uses his hi-ougi on Ludger and a scene takes over.
    Combining Julius's watch with Elle's, Ludger will transform to the complete
    Corpse Shell.
    The battle will restart with Ludger in Corpse Shell. If you don't defeat him
    within that time limit, you revert back to the party vs Bisley. Fight until
    Ludger transforms on his own again. To end the battle, you must use Ludger's
    Hi-Ougi (R2 + O)
    Bisley will try to land a blow from behind on Ludger and fails. He tells 
    Ludger not to use that form anymore or he'll risk turning into a time
    factor. Bisley uses the last of his life and strength to get the door to
    open before dying.
    Elle will see everyone behind Ludger and is glad they came.
    BONUS SCENE: Milla
    She's even glad Milla came.
    Together, Ludger and Elle will open the door. Origin will appear, seeming to
    know who everyone is. Chronos will stand, saying the humans are just using
    Origin (again) for their own selfish desires. Origin will heal Chronos and
    say that personality of his is just like Origin's most beloved humans. This
    renders Chronos speechless. (He might be blushing too but I couldn't tell.
    Gray skin an all.)
    Origin says Elle can be saved too with the wish, and then asks Ludger what
    his wish is.
      { LEFT } "Please save Elle."
      Elle can't believe it. Origin says, "You'd rather save a girl than the
      world? Is it okay to leave the alternate worlds alone?"
      { RIGHT } "Erase all the alternate worlds."
    This next part is a bit lengthy. IF YOU CHOSE LEFT:
      { LEFT } "I'll erase all the alternate worlds!"
      Gaius asks if Ludger and the remaining agents can destroy them all.
      { RIGHT } "...I guess I'll have to use my wish to erase all the alternate
                worlds. As for Elle..."
      Elle will look at Ludger.
        { LEFT } "I'll figure something out."
        Gaius says he recognizes your determination. Milla says in the end,
        there's no way to save everyone. Elle asks Origin to erase all the
        alternate worlds. She'll look at you and say, "Don't make that face, you
        can meet the real one again." The door closes and Elle disappears, and
        Ludger's watch will move again.
        After the ending credits, Ludger is seen as president of Clanspia, and
        Vel will say his first appointment is with a woman named Lalu Elle
        Marta (Elle's mom in the alternate world). Ludger will rush to his
        office and cry at the sight of this woman.
        You will receive the title/trophy Fate Repeater.
        { RIGHT } "...I guess I'll have to use my wish to erase all the 
                  alternate worlds. As for Elle..."
      IF YOU CHOSE RIGHT: (As for Elle...)
        { LEFT } "I can't save you..."
        { RIGHT } "I'll save her with my life!"
        This decision shocks everyone. He will walk up to Origin and transform,
        forcing the Time Factor effect to hasten.
        BONUS SCENE: Jude
        Jude wants to stop Ludger, but Milla holds him back.
        Origin asks if Ludger's afraid of disappearing.
          { LEFT } "Of course I am... I don't want to disappear."
          { RIGHT } "There's something I'm more afraid of than disappearing."
          Ludger looks to Elle. Origin understands and grants your request. 
          Ludger loops the pocket watch around Elle.
        BONUS SCENE: Jude and Milla
        They both agree that Ludger's surpassed a wall that couldn't be easily
        overcome, with his life. 
        BONUS SCENE: Elise and Rowen
        Tipo wants Elle to understand Ludger's actions. Elise tells her Ludger
        chose Elle over everything.
        Ludger and Elle will share a hug.
        BONUS SCENE: Leia and Alvin
        Leia says she's discovered a very sad scoop. Alvin wants her to
        recognize it though, as it's Ludger's choice to protect the world and a
        BONUS SCENE: Gaius and Musee
        Gaius and Musee will make sure Chronos won't be needed for a long time to
        Origin will grant Ludger's wish by erasing the alternate worlds, then
        he'll get his final farewells with everyone. Elle says she'll stop lying
        and she'll start eating tomatoes. And most of all, she'll never forget.
        Ludger hums the Song of Proof before disappearing, leaving the last
        notes in the air. Elle, back to normal, thanks Ludger.
        After the credits, and older version of Elle is seen looking through
        her GHS, and she's clearly kept in touch with everyone. She walks away
        with mini Lulu, humming the Song of Proof.
    END FINAL CHAPTER-----------------------------------------------------------
    For finishing the game. You will get Ludger's Colour Variation Costume,
    Ludger's Victor Costume, 1 million gald, and a chance to save a Clear Data
    file that starts before the final chapter. 
    You can now start the EX New Game. Congratulations on finishing!
    IV.	EX Dungeon						[exd]
    V.	History							[hist]
    November 12, 2012 - Got the game.
    December 3 - On Chapter 7, uploaded to GameFAQs.
    December 30 - Done Chapter 8
    January 6, 2013 - Getting some more episodes done.
    February 21 - My life was taken over by the dogs. And work. But I'm back!
    April 8 - Finall finished the game!
    VI.	Copyright						[ex]
    This file is copyright 2013 Lillian Yeung.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    violation of copyright.
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