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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Light_Jak

    Version: 0.15 | Updated: 12/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Okami (PlayStation 2) FAQ/Walkthrough
    by Larry Imgrund (Light_Jak)
    Version - 0.15
    Created: 10/22/06
    This document is the property of Larry Imgrund
    Sites with Permission to post this guide:
    Please don't contact me to host my guide, please. Thanks. 
    Hello again, right here is my walkthrough for Okami for PS2. There are many
    people that I have seen on various forums and I am writing a guide based on
    the US version of Okami to hopefully solve some of your problems with the
    First off, I would appreciate it if you would not contact me regarding
    questions about the game. I don't really check my email often and even
    if you did contact, you probably wouldn't get an answer. So bring your
    questions onto the GameFAQ's message boards or on the PlayStation Forums.
    Version History
    10/22/06 - Started guide; planned layout (0.00)
    10/23/06 - Guide Contents and started Walkthrough (0.05)
    11/3 - finished Tsuta Ruins (0.10)
    Table of Contents
    To Use: Press Ctrl+F and search for the Letter(s) in the parentheses as shown
            below. Thanks.
    A. Controls
     B. Act 1: The Road to Orochi
    A. Controls (Thanks to JDplasma11)
    Triangle- Dig
    Circle- Bark (Check stats)
    X- Jump, twice for double jump (before you get the ability, press X near a
       wall during your jump)
    Square- Ram/press down brush while in brush mode
    Left analog- Move
    Right analog- Move camera
    L1- Change camera views, from overhead to 3rd person
    L2- Hold down to see map
    R1- Enter Brush mode
    R2- Leap back, or do a circle if walking
    Start- Access Menu
    Select- Access Options
    Act 1: The Road to Orochi
    Kamiki Village
    After the big cutscene, you have just watched, you will now be in control. 
    Walk into the light ahead to continue on to the River of the Heavens.
    River of the Heavens
    Use the Origin Mirror (basically a save point) to save and then run straight
    across the bridge. You may ram (Square button) the jars ahead to get a few
    Yen and continue on and up the ledge using the double jump (which you press
    X while in midair near a ledge to push off the ledge to go a bit higher).
    Once you get to the next bridge, you will learn your first Celestial Brush
    technique: Rejuvenation where you will be able to replace certain broken
    things and Issun shows you an example by redrawing the broken bridge. Anyway,
    take the path that you see and first, take a right up the hill, run up to
    the top and you will encounter your first Constellation where you redraw the
    stars and get a brush technique. Now, after this cutscene, you can finally
    use your Rejuvenation technique.
    Run down the hill and take a right to where you see a small river. Now, hold
    R1 and redraw the river with using the Square button to draw thin lines or the
    Triangle to draw even thicker lines (which is easier to use when rejunenating
    something in the game). Take note that while you're swimming in this river, 
    your health doesn't go down, while in other rivers or water areas in the game,
    your health will go down. Continue to the other side of the river and walk
    through the light across the small plain. 
    Cave of Nagi
    Run up the path until you reach the statue of Nagi. Then walk up to the 
    statue, hold R1 to enter brush mode and draw a vertical line from the tip of 
    his broken sword to fix it. Now redraw that new constellation you see and 
    acquire the Power Slash technique!
    Cut the logs to get out of the cave and follow the arrow back to Kamiki
    Village. You will encounter your first battle on the way back so show the
    monsters what you've got by ramming into them or using your new Power Slash
    technique. Further in the game, battles will get more complex. Just use what 
    you have right now and you will be fine in battles for now. 
    Kamiki Village
    When you get back, cut the fruit hanging from the tree with Power Slash and
    head down to the village. Explore around a bit and try to talk to a few 
    people in the village. When an arrow appears follow it until you reach a 
    cutscene. Now, open brush mode and paint a circle in the sky to create a sun.
    The reason why you can create a sun without having to learn how is because
    you are playing as Amaterasu, the Sun God (just so you don't get confused).
    After the second little cutscene, you will engage in a battle which should
    be fairly easy to conquer. Now head down to the village and do a few little
    tasks down in the village:
    Mrs. Orange's Drying Pole
    Talk to Mrs. Orange down by the river and keep talking to her each time until
    she mentions that her drying pole is missing. Now you will see the drying
    rack to the right of Mrs. Orange so go into Brush Mode and draw a line from
    the top of one pole to the top of the other pole to recreate Mrs. Orange's
    drying pole.
    Now once she has her clothes on the drying pole, talk to her again until the
    green marker on the top of her head disappears then draw the sun to dry her
    You will earn 7+ praise for doing this little sidequest.
    Turnip Digging Contest
    Talk to Mushi, the little kid with the dog named Hayabusa to compete with his
    dog to dig up 10 turnips to beat the record of 9 turnips dug up. If you want
    to do this contest read here for a strategy, if not, just skip to the next
    When you are digging, make sure that lady doesn't smack you so what you do is
    you pull out that brush of yours and give her a nice whack with the Power
    Slash technique. Dig fast so you don't waste to much ink so quickly. Getting
    the contest finished is hard work and fun but isn't required.
    Now lets get back to the main quest for now.
    Kamiki Village (continued)
    Talk to Kushi (that woman in the rice fields) and she will tell you to go talk
    to Susano. Head over to that big hut across the river from Kushi's house and
    head to the basement where you will see Susano sleeping like a rock. You can't
    wake him up now so go outside of the hut and head up the path to the huge
    boulder that is blocking the way to the Shinshu Field. Talk to the Merchant
    who is trying to move the boulder and a battle will start between you and a
    few monsters that appear out of nowhere. Once he talks to you about getting
    Susano, go get Susano by going back to his hut and tackleing him with the
    Square button to wake him up.
    Once he is up on your back, take him to the Merchant. He'll say he will have
    to go train so follow him to the back of his hut where he'll be sleeping on 
    the job... again. Talk to him and he says he wants sake to drink to start
    his training. Head back to Kushi and talk to her. Her mill is broken so she 
    can't polish anymore rice until it is fixed. Use the Rejuvenation power to fix
    it and talk to her again to get the sake for Susano. You have to press 
    Triangle near the sake to bite it and hold it in your jaw, now run to Susano
    to start his training.
    Susano Training
    After you have given him the sake, talk to him again to start the training
    session. Now when he starts slashing through the mannequins, you have to cut
    them right after he "supposedly" cuts them in half. So open your brush screen 
    and use power slash on the two mannequins and the rock (right after Susano
    hits them). Now, he will run to the boulder so after he slashes it, you slash
    it to clear the boulder out of the way.
    Now after the cutscene, if you want to save, save at the Origin Mirror right 
    next to the bridge. Then continue on to Shinshu Field when you are ready.
    Shinshu Field: Rejuvenating Sakuya's Roots
    Now you are finally past Kamiki Village, congrats, however you are still not
    done there and will have to return a few times in the near future. Now head
    out onto the field and you will see dark blotches invading the area. Don't
    enter these areas at anytime until you have cleared them by rejuvenating one
    of Sakuya's trees. You will see a green floating scroll ahead which is 
    basically a fight with some monsters if you run into it. For future reference,
    Shinshu Field is a good place to collect Demon Fangs by running into these
    battles and using Power Slash on the monsters after you kill them and as they
    are falling to the ground. Anyway, lets continue on.
    What you will want to do is head up the path and take the first left you see
    and then heading into the cave ahead. 
    Hana Valley
    There is an Origin Mirror right in front of you now, so save your game if you
    please. Head up the path and break the chest to get a Travelers Charm. 
    You will see a few Imps dancing around a campfire, run up to them, finish
    the fight and head further up the path. Once you see a rogue tree that will
    try to attack you by throwing fruit at you, make sure you Power Slash and hit
    that fruit back at the tree to make it stunned for a while. While it is 
    stunned, move past it and continue on ahead. Once you have reached another
    battle with the Imp's, there will be a new Imp to face off, just try your
    best to attack him and use Power Slash a lot. Jump to dodge his attacks as
    Once you finish the battle, you will meet Susano again. After you talk to him,
    head over to the wall painting and draw a sun in the blank spot to open a new
    path. Head up the newly opened path and into a new room where you will see
    a tree bud in the center of the room. You will see a path to the left side
    of the room blocked by a few logs, Power Slash them and run along that path
    for now. You will see an Origin Mirror on the ledge so save if you please. Now
    move along ahead to meet Susano yet again. You will go yet again on a Power
    Slash training session with Susano, now when the cutscene ends, you will see
    that the ball the bear was standing on was a little Crystal Ball. Move the 
    crystal ball into that room where you saw the tree bud. Now move it up onto
    the placement at the front of the room and now the water should be bumping
    it up in the air. Look carefully at the wall painting that Issun shows you. 
    That is how you do the little puzzle, make a sun right above the crystal where
    you can and the tree bud will grow into a tree. Another constellation will
    appear and draw it to make Sakigami, the first of the triumvirate of flora
    gods appears and Sakigami will teach you Bloom, which makes trees bloom and
    a few other things like Clovers when you find them. After the cutscene, 
    draw a circle on the Guardian Sapling to make it bloom and cure the evil that
    was placed upon Hana Valley.
    Head back out of Hana Valley while testing out that Bloom technique on a few
    things such as those rogue trees, the withered grass and the black, withered
    trees. Save your game when you reach the Origin Mirror and Continue on.
    Shinshu Field
    Head over to the Guardian Sapling in Shinshu Field and Bloom it to rid the
    field of the cursed zones. Break the box in front of the tree to get a 
    technique scroll and break the one behind the tree to collect a Travelers
    Charm. Explore around Shinshu Field a bit to get a few treasures or clear a 
    few devil gates around the area which are basically small gates with a curse
    around it. You can get to the Dojo by running up the hill and turning around.
    You will see a house and a Devil Gate by it. Clear the Devil Gate first and
    then go into the house. The Dojo is a place where you can learn new moves for
    battle, make sure you have a good amount of Yen with you when you go so you
    can buy the moves.
    Go up even further up the hill and past the bridge ahead and go down the hill
    on the other side of the bridge. If you try to go into the house during the
    day, it will say come back at nightfall. So wait for nightfall which should
    take a few minutes and when it is night, go into the house. While you're
    waiting for nightfall, head back up the hill, across the bridge and go back 
    down the hill to the left and go into the house at the end and talk to Mika,
    the man inside the house. Here is yet a new sidequest for you to explore.
    Mika's Monster Notebook
    After you talk to Mika, he will give you a list with 5 Monster's names on it.
    What you have to do is: DURING THE NIGHT, engage in battles and fight each
    of the 5 monsters at Shinshu Field. You have to walk into the floating 
    scrolls to engage in battles and you won't get all 5 monsters by just going 
    into 5 battles, you actually have to go and engage in battles until each one
    of the monsters shows up.
    When the battle background has a red hue to it instead of a blue hue, that 
    indicates that you have found one of the 5 monsters that you have to take out
    and then cross them off the list. When you have defeated all 5, go back to 
    Mika and talk to him to collect a reward.
    Shinshu Field (main quest continued)
    If you chose to do the Mika's Monster Notebook sidequest, then after you
    walk out of the house, it will turn nightfall and you will engage in a battle
    with one of the monsters from his list immediately. Once you finish it, first
    thing you should do is head back to that house you couldn't go into during the
    day and talk to the guy inside. He will ask you to help him with his fireworks
    display and look at the formula he posted on the wall. Take a look at it
    and see how it looks like a brush stroke? When he lights all of the fireworks
    bring up brush mode and do that brush stroke on the fireworks to initiate a
    cutscene. A constellation will appear so fill in the stars and get a new
    brush technique: CHERRY BOMB. You make a cherry bomb by drawing the same
    stroke that you did for Tama's Fireworks. The use of this technique is to
    blow up walls that have a crack in them and you can even use it in battle to
    damage your enemies.
    Explore the opening that you just laid a cherry bomb to and get a RAT STATUE.
    Now, head back to Kamiki Village, if you want to continue the main quest.
    Kamiki Village
    When you get back to the village, head back up to where you learned the Sun
    technique and talk to Mr. Orange. Engage in conversation with him until he
    says that all of the withered trees need to be restored for him to do his
    Konohana Shuffle and have it have an effect. Explore the village and use bloom
    to restore any of the black, withered trees and when you got all of them, 
    return to Mr. Orange for a cutscene. He will do his Konohana Shuffle and you
    get to help him blossom a few buds on the tree. Afterward, Sakuya will have
    a brief conversation with you and a new constellation will appear giving
    you the new power of Water Lily where you can now create water lilys on
    the water by drawing a circle on the water. Test it out, collect the
    Sun Fragment from the treasure chest and head out of Kamiki Village.
    Shinshu Field
    Head back up the hill and take a right and run until you reach the Agata 
    Forest port where you will try your new Water Lily power and continue
    on into the Agata Forest.
    Agata Forest
    Head down the slope and then run along the path until you can see a cave 
    entrance along the beach. Go into the cave and into the house in the cave.
    Talk to the fortune teller and pay her to tell a fortune. Your fortune 
    should be:
    In the dense and leafy forest...
    Inside a cave sealed by a rock...
    A part of the wood sprite waits to be revived.
    It waits for a holy bomb to break the cracked rock!
    Head out of the house and the cave and while exiting to the cave, keep to the
    left and instead of walking up the ramp, go further and then follow the path
    you find. Now, go inside the cave behind the waterfall and bomb the wall to 
    get through. Now Blossem the Guardian Sapling to revive it and the Agata
    Forest. Open the chest in front of you to obtain the Devout Beads and head
    out of the Waterfall Cave. Now you can go out onto the little landmasses out
    in front of the waterfall cave. A prophet named "Waka" will confront you
    and battle you so be prepared.
    Mini-Boss Waka
    Waka is pretty easy to defeat, all you really have to do is watch out for his
    sword attacks. There is one special attack that he does by throwing an arrow
    at you but it alone is easy to dodge as well as the rest of his attacks. The
    only think about the battle is that it takes a while to beat Waka but other
    than that you should be set with what you know about battles so far.
    Don't forget Waka's prophecy at the end:
    I foresee a log and big thrills!
    Agata Forest
    Now, head back onto the main path and talk to the guy in the bear mask. He
    will tell you that he wants his son to rebuild the bridge which was destroyed
    in a flood but his son won't do it because he is already spending too much
    time with his dog. Go find his son who is nearby on a little island in the
    forest. You can see him from where the man in the bear mask is just look out
    to the lake and you'll see his son out on the lake.
    Key in the Lake - mission
    Here is a little mission for you to do, you have to help fish out a couple
    fish to get the key to Tsuta Ruins. Read the instructions on how to catch a
    fish and get to work. Basically, draw a line to a fish, try hooking it in
    by using the analog stick and moving it in the opposite direction that the
    fish is moving. When the sign of a certain button on the controller appears
    on-screen, press the selected button to throw the fish out of the water. Now,
    while the fish is in mid-air, use the Power Slash to cut it and reel in it.
    Repeat this a few times until you get the key from the big fish at the end.
    Remember that you can sell these fish to any dealers in the land and you 
    might even get a pretty big profit from each.
    Agata Forest
    Now that you have the key, head over to the Tsuta Ruins (location is marked
    on your map, so use L2 and follow the red circle on the map of Agata Forest
    to find the ruins.). When you are ready, head into the Tsuta Ruins.
    Tsuta Ruins - dungeon
    Save your game using the Mirror on your left. Now, take a right and follow
    the path and walk through the doors. Use the ledge to double jump and get on
    top of it and continue along. Use your lilypad power on the water then get
    onto the ledge and climb up. Now, run down the path and get into a battle
    with a new monster that looks like a plant bud. Attack him a few times and 
    then when the red circle appears on him, circle him with your brush and attack
    the monster until it is dead. That stone circle at the top of the path will
    now turn into a crystal ball. Push it to the end of the path and onto the
    switch to open a new path. In this room, two more monsters will appear. Defeat
    them and move on.
    Examine the log in the room you are in and Issun will mention that sunshine
    will perk up those mushrooms. Well, point your camera up and paint a sun in
    the sky to enlarge the mushrooms. Use the mushrooms to get up onto the high
    ledge and use the cherry bomb technique to blast away the wall nearby. Move
    along until you get to the room where Issun will sneeze. When he sneezes, the
    ledge holding you up will start to collapse. Run as fast as you can to the 
    other side of the ledge to avoid falling to your death. In the next room with
    a bridge, jump down (since you can't progress any further with that Devil
    Lock in the way for now) and talk to the stone slab that is guarding the
    entrance to the next room.
    Tackle him and watch carefully because his weak points will show up. What you
    have to do is hit Blockhead at those weak points in the correct sequence in
    which they came up. Once you get it correct, a Devil Key for that Devil Lock
    will appear in the middle of the room. Press Triangle to bite the key and
    climb back up to the bridge using the logs that just appeared between each
    ledge allowing you to get back on the bridge a lot easier. Unlock that Devil
    Lock and move on.
    Run along ahead to the broken bridge, rejuvenate it and continue on. Save
    at the mirror on your left and go through the door. In this room, just clear
    all of the devil gates and draw another sun in the sky after you are done
    with the gates. Use the mushrooms to get onto the ledge and then destroy the
    pots at the end to restore the water to normal. Now, head back to the entrance
    of Tsuta Ruins and head through the newly opened door which is easily visible
    seeing as there is a sun right in the center of the door and it is shining.
    Anyway, head into the light to go into another room.
    Go around the room and clear up each infected spot by stroking each spot with
    the brush and it will Bloom that spot. Bloom each spot and a constellation 
    will appear. Test out your new Vine ability and use the Konohana Blossems
    to get to the top of the room and through the door. Head up the path to your
    right, and use the first Blossem you see to fly to it using vines. Now use
    the other blossems to get to the top of this room and once you are on the top
    of the platform with four hooks on it, use your vine power from a blossem to
    one of the hooks to hook the blossems to the platform. Repeat this with the
    other 3 blossems and hooks and then drop down into the room after the platform
    has lifted. Save at the mirror right behind you and continue on to the boss
    Boss: Spider Queen
    Run through the Golden Gate and then continue ahead to start your boss battle
    with the Spider Queen!
    First off, lets start with how to dodge the Queen's attacks. The first attack
    that she'll most likely use is the one where you will see white strands spew
    from her mouth and she'll try to suck you in with them. Just run out of the 
    way for those, they are easy to dodge. With her second attack, she'll lunge
    at you and try to stomp you with her spider legs. Just jump and run out of the
    way for this attack. With her third attack, she will summon a few hands and
    throw little power balls at you which you can dodge by just jumping over them.
    With her next attack, she'll climb up a strand of web and then try to body
    slam down on you. Your best bet is just to jump out of the way so she doesn't
    hit you.
    Now, when she finally summons an egg, it will pop out right over her head so
    Power Slash it to cut it and spill the poison down onto the queen. Now, use
    the blossems to attach vines to the hooks on the back of the spider since its
    bottom is facing up now briefly. Once the bottom of the spider opens, go in
    and attack the eyeballs which are now visible. Repeat this a couple times 
    until you slay the spider queen.
    Agata Forest
    After you talk with the boy and his dog, take a look at your map. On the 
    bottom left side is where you need to go since it will show two paths blocked
    by a river and that is where Kokari needs to build the bridge. Talk to Kokari
    there and before you know it, you'll be on a log heading down the stream at
    a quick pace. What you need to do is hook the hooks on the log using the
    blossems you see on both sides of the river. This is a hard challenge but 
    each couple times you fail, the time limit will go up a little making it
    a bit easier to complete. Once you can hook all 6 hooks, you'll come to a
    stop and the log will pose as a bridge from one side of the river to the other
    Now, run across the new bridge and head into Taka Pass.
    Taka Pass
    First things first, lets try and revive that Guardian Sapling which is in
    the area. There is an Origin Mirror near the entrance of Taka Pass so save
    there if you will. Run up the path a little and you will see a cracked
    wall. Cherry Bomb it and run inside the tunnel. A littler further inside
    and you will meet that "half-baked prophet" Waka again. Battle him again
    using the same tactics you did the last time you fought him. Also, pay
    attention to his new prophecy:
    "I foresee a DOG-gone difficult quest.."
    Head up on the ramp and through the rest of the tunnel. Now, when you get
    back onto the plain, head down the path to the right. You will see a new
    guardian sapling ahead so go to it, fix the bridge to get across to it, and
    then Bloom it to revive the area. Now head back to the entrance of Taka Pass
    and talk to the Tea Lady near the entrance. she will say that she needs her
    teacup to continue business and those moles took it from her.
    The Mischevious Moles and the Teacup - sidequest
    The moles are on the hill to the right of the house at the bottom of Taka
    Pass. Once you get to them, the boss in the blue dress up, will talk to you
    and a game will start much like Whack-a-Mole. Just whack the boss in the blue
    shirt 3 times by tackling and then he will drop something that you need to 
    pick up and bring it back to the Tea Lady to obtain a Golden Mushroom.
    Kusa Village
    Head up Taka Pass and go up the hill to get to Kusa Village. The village is
    cursed and your ink power will be drained completely eventually while you
    are in this village. Head into the village and go north to talk to Princess
    Fuse. A battle will engage and it is pretty easy since you don't have any
    more ink left in you. The Princess will tell you that you need to summon the
    Satomi Canine Warriors which is pretty simple, there are 5 warriors in the 
    village and a few more scattered out through Nippon so you'll have to travel
    quite a ways to get the remaining few.
    The Search for the Satomi Canine Warriors
    Follow the Canine Tracker to pick up the canine warriors in the village. The
    1st one that you had to track was in a cave that you had to cherry bomb, it
    was easy to find, just follow the tracker. Feed the dog some meat and it'll
    run back to the princess automatically. The 2nd dog will be in a bamboo tree
    so cut the tree to free the dog. Feed the dog and continue. The 3rd dog
    will be in a patch that you have to bloom first to get the dog out. The 4th
    dog will be up aways so go up the ramp to the north of the village and then
    when you see a flower that you can hook up to via a vine, do that and get up
    on the wooden bridge and go through the cave to find the next dog. The
    5th dog will be where the princess was.
    The 5th dog will want to fight you so go ahead and choose "Yes" and then
    kick his butt. The dog will be a worthy opponent so be careful when you are 
    fighting him. After the fight, the princess will mark your map for the 3
    remaining canine warriors that need to be found so get to it and we'll find
    the remaining mutts so you can continue your journey.
    Head out of Kusa Village and head back to Taka Pass. Check your map and one
    of the markings that the princess put on your map will be visible. Head 
    towards that location and make sure you go through the arch so that you can
    head into Sasa Sanctuary for yet another mission to complete.
    Finding the kidnapped bird
    Once you talk to the Sparrow guards, they'll tell you that the boss' daughter
    has been kidnapped. Our first suspect will be that mysterious house owned by 
    the Cutters.
    Wait till nightfall and then go to the cutters house. Once there, go to the
    right of the house and climb the log to get on top. Cherry bomb the loose
    planks holding the roof together then drop in the house. Mrs. Cutter will
    still be awake and sharpening her knives so press and hold triangle near
    her to grab her and reveal the monster that she is by dragging her under the
    moonlight. During the fight with them, power slash them to bring them down
    and then attack them to defeat them. After the fight, you'll find the 
    kidnapped bird so bring her back to Sasa Sanctuary so you can gain access to
    the location and find that dog.
    Go into the elevator which is straight ahead when you enter the building and
    go talk to the sparrow boss. Take everything in the baskets and head 
    downstairs again to go and see if you can rescue that dog yet.
    Go the entrance of the building (don't go outside) and take a left to go into
    the hot spring place that the sparrows mentioned. You can't get through the 
    gate which is on the left so that means we can't get the dog yet but talk
    to that guy who is in the empty spring and see if you can help him.
    Hot Spring Water Troubles
    Talk to the sparrow in the empty spring and Mr. Bamboo will come along from
    Kusa Village to help and bring back the spring water. Say "Yes" when an
    option comes up about helping bring back the spring water and you will
    now start a minigame.
    The objective of this game is to rapidly dig down so Mr. Bamboo can get deep
    into the ground and make sure he is safe while traveling down under ground.
    He isn't able to avoid danger so you have to help him when he might get hurt.
    Follow the on-screen directions for the full understanding of the minigame.
    Pay attention and make sure you read the last slide of the minigame directions
    because it says to use various brush techniques to break rocks and progress
    and in the picture it shows how you can make sure Mr. Bamboo can avoid 
    trouble. If he has to cross over something, you have to have the wind pick 
    him up and take him over the jagged rock or some other rock that he can't
    cross without getting hurt. Take advantage of your brush techniques and be
    attentive to any dangers that Mr. Bamboo might run into. At the bottom of the
    stage, he'll dance around the spot that you need to dig so dig there and then
    you'll bring water back to the spring. Good job, you beat the difficult
    Lucky you, another constellation appears. Talk to Nuragami, the god of water,
    to learn a cool trick that applys to using water. Issun will teach you how
    to use your new technique and now the gate will open so you can finally
    go find that dog.
    Finding the Satomi Canine Warriors - continued
    To get the gate open, you'll need to put water in that huge bamboo tube using
    that new technique of yours. Just draw a line from the source of water to the
    tube and the gate will open. Talk to the crying bird that you find on your
    way through the gate and it will say that it lost its dog. After the 
    conversation, the canine tracker will reappear and now you can go find that
    The dog will be hiding in the bamboo trees and you will have to cut down the
    tree that has the flash on it but the flash moves so be quick about it.

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