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    Wolverine by ice-cube

    Version: 1.98 | Updated: 04/01/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wolverine updated FAQ v1.98 (Marvel VS Capcom)
    by ice-cube (icicle@mbox2.singnet.com.sg)                       01/04/1998
    JP = jab punch     MP = strong punch     FP = Fierce punch
    SK = short kick    MK = forward kick     RK = Roundhouse kick
    b = back         d = down         u = up         f = forward
    QCF = quarter circle forward (d,df,f)   QCB = quarter circle back (d,db,b)
    HCF = half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f) HCB = half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)
    DP  = Dragon punch motion (f,d,df)
    A = only can be done in the air
    G = only can be done on the ground
    A/G = can be done in the air or on the ground
               Again, not much of a change from the his previous version in Marvel
    Super Heroes vs Streetfighter, however weakened. A new Special move and some
    changes in normal moves.
    Standing Jab/Standing Short
    Combo starters. Always dash in with Standing Jab/Standing Short to start a
    well-linked combo.
    Standing Strong
    Wolverine's Standing Strong has good range, but toned down from the previous
    version, paused between two hits.
    Standing Forward
    Wolverine does a knee bash. It has short range, but is very quick.
    If you press Forward again, he will do a kick with his other leg,
    doing two hits. Connects well with Berserker Barrage X after the two
    Standing Fierce
    Great move! Wolverine does a huge slash with both of his claws
    that covers his entire front. This move is
    great for defense and also assaults when you dash
    in with this. This has great range and doesn't have that much lag
    Standing Roundhouse
    Wolverine sticks his claws in to the floor and does a hand stand
    kick with both of his legs. This move is an air launcher, and it is a great
    air counter. Although it has short range, it is pretty useful when
    inserted in a combo or when used as an air counter. It has some delay,
    but not much.
    Ducking Jab/Ducking Short
    Swift and good to chain when opponent is not duck blocking.
    Ducking Strong
    When he does his Ducking Strong, he twists and does an upwards slash
    while on the floor. This hits them into the air a bit towards Wolvie,
    which is excellent to chain in a launcher or a Super move. It acts
    sort of like a mini-launcher. It is a useful air counter and can
    also be used in a combo. There isn't much pause here.
    Ducking Forward
    Wolverine does a decent ranged sweep. Unlike in previous versions, this does 
    not trip the opponent, instead, link it with it with ducking FP or with a 
    Ducking Fierce
    Wolverine scoots forward a little and slashes outwards with both
    of his claws. It has a bit of a pause at the end, but not much.
    You can do this to keep foes away or to suprise hit them. Connected with 
    Ducking Roundhouse, and launcher, if you dash in or very near to the 
    opponent Ducking Roundhouse. Connects better now with Berserker Barrage X.
    Ducking Roundhouse
    Wolverine pauses for a bit and then launches himself forward
    with his claws, and does a kick. It is like a slide, but he
    isn't on the ground and is a bit above the ground. This can
    catch the opponent off guard, because of its speed. Cancel this
    move with a Berserker Barrage X and this will nail the opponent if he
    tries the counter you. Connects well with Fatal Claw if at the corner.
    Air Jab/Air Short
    Medium rage, aims down at opponents on the ground. Can connect now up to three
    hits with JP-SK-MP in the air before landing.
    Air Strong
    Wolverine's Jumping Strong is similar to his Standing Strong,
    where he does a side swipe. The range is good and there is hardly any lag time.
    Can only link up to 2 hits now. End the combo with Jumping Forward
    and then Drill Claw, or grab the opponent after about a couple of slashes.
    Jumping Forward
    This move has a short range, and it seems like it hardly hits, but
    it can be used for defense in air attacks. This moves kicks the foe in
    the air slightly a bit higher.
    Jumping Fierce
    Wolverine throws both of his claws downward while doing a flip.
    This has great range, and doesn't have much pause. You
    aren't very susceptible to attacks because of the sheer range
    and the slash waves. Now you can connect with RK in the air, this could not in
    be MSHvsSF.
    Jumping Roundhouse
    Wolverine spins around while doing kicks. This has pretty good
    range. Use this to trick the opponent by jumping over him with the
    Roundhouse, he should block the other way and get hit by the move. Flys the
    opponent across the screen if he's hit in the air.
    Berserker Barrage: [QCF + punch] <G> (Buttons determine the number of hits,
    distance and duration, keep tapping punch for more hits.)
    Wolvie charges opponent slashing wildly 4 to 8 times depending on the button.
    A very decent move that ends most Wolvie ground combos and chips away
    large amounts of life if the opponent is blocking. This will leave you
    open to attack if you are using the FP.
    Tornado Claw: [DP + punch] <G> (Buttons determine the number of hits, distance
    and duration, keep tapping punch for more hits.)
    This is a good staple move in combos, and as an anti-air defense.
    Of course if the incoming guy is blocking, you'll just push them away from
    you.  If you Tornado Claw someone on the ground and they block, Wolverine
    will fall from the sky with one of his arms hanging lazily above
    his head.  This is generally not an effective way to win.
    Drill Claw: [Any direction + MP + SK] <A/G> (Without hold the direction
                will cause Logan drill forward.)
    This move can be done in the air. However, if Wolverine is on the ground
    he cannot Drill Claw away from his opponent.
    When Wolverine drills into walls or the ground, he can rebound by holding
    the the buttons and any direction. Usually confuses the opponent.
    Berserker Slash: [QCB + punch] <G> (Buttons determine the Distance.)
    Wolvie rushed forward as fast as Weapon X and does a FP slash. This one slash
    move can be useful at times, but the distance is quite hard to determine. Its
    kind of a projectile, but wolvie can cross the screen without hiting the
    opponent, you can even end up infront of the opponent without hitting him,
    well.. which let you open for attacks. So its important to know the distance
    which will hit the oppponent. It recover quite fast so its not easy to counter
    this move, but not impossible. Connects with HP, ducking HP and RK. When
    opponent is hit with this in the mid-air, he can recover amazingly quick to
    counter you, so be careful. Can be used for teleporting.
    Overhead boot: [d + RK] <A>
    Wolverine will defy the laws of gravity and suddenly drop straight down.
    This move replaced the Diving Kick from X-men VS Streetfighter,
    making the moves less useful, because it cannot be linked with
    other moves. However it can be link with RK if you do it during Super Jump. It
    can be linked with Drill Claw to do suprise
    attack. It can also use for quick landing.
    Sliding claw: [df + FP] <G>
    Wolverine will slide along the ground with his claws extended. Will trip
    opponent. This can be used to go under most projectile weapons and beams. Quite
    with bit of damage done.
    Note - All Supers of Wolverine are done with one level meter.
    Fatal Claw :  [DP + 2 kicks] <A/G>
    Wolverine leaps into  mid-air releasing energy from his body in the
    pattern of a X. Anything within range gets sucked in. This looks like
    the ending part of Weapon X.
    This super can be use in an air-combo, errr?... sort of. End
    an air-combo with a jumping foward and then with this super.
    Note that the super doesn't actually connects, because of the
    delay. But it can sometimes confuse your opponents and
    they will not block , and even if they do, they will suffer heavy block damage.
    Heavier and bigger opponents have a higher possibility of getting hit. End an
    air-combo with a foward kick and then the Fatal Claw, this gives a higher
    possibility of hitting, becase the opponent is kicked higher. This super can be
    chained after the
    launcher and Ducking RK.
    Berzerker Rage : [QCB + 2 punches] <G>
    Wolverine's original level one from X-Men.  He slashes once in the air
    and then shadow images of himself appear and making
    him really fast for a few seconds.
    Short delay after moves, even special moves.
    * Hit the opponent by pressing ducking fierce punch repeatedly until
      the Berzerker Rage ends. This will act sort of like an infinity combo.
      After about 18-20 hits, the foe will stun. A bonus! Must be done quickly,
      right after Berzerker Rage is executed.
    Berserker Barrage X : [QCF + 2 punches] <G>
    Wolverine charges at you slashing rapidly for 18 hits.
    Use wisely on this super, using it on a blocking foe will usually
    leave you open for attacks (SUPERS!). This super is great for countering.
    Weapon X : [DP + 2 punches] <G>
    Wolverine dashes at the opponent and this can go through most projectiles.
    After connecting he does a 12 hit combo and finishes with a X-slash. Nail
    with this, opponents who try to "fireball" you.
    Wall jump : If you are near a wall, jump to it and move the opposite
    direction to do a wall jump.
    Healing factor : When you put wolvie out he will recover more and
    faster than others.
    Ground - ZigZag
    Air - ZigZag
    Megaman, or whoever uses a projectile Super during their teamed-up Super.
    Psylocke (FK+start)
    Wall jump : If you are near a wall, jump to it and move the opposite
    direction to do a wall jump.
    Healing factor : When you put wolvie out he will recover more and
    faster than others.
    Done by:
    icecube (icicle@mbox2.singnet.com.sg)
    Email me for comments or quries.

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