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    Team FAQ by Fluffy

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    The Marvel VS. Capcom Team FAQ
    version 1.1
    by Fluffy
    This FAQ is dedicated to a subject that is seldom discussed in most faqs,
    teamwork.  I think that it is something of interest though.
    WHAT'S NEW for version 1.1
    Damn near everything.
    In Marvel vs. Capcom, teamwork is as important as combos.  Good teamwork can
    improve your playing and keep you on the machine longer.  Some different
    aspects of teamwork are:
    It allows your character a good amount of energy.  The more energy
    that you have, the harder you are too kill.  It also gives you better odds of
    winning when time runs out.  This is a great thing for charcters with high
    stamina, ex. Hulk, Ryu, Venom, etc. because they don't have to spend such a
    long amount of time recovering.
    Tagging serves as a main function for switching characters.  When you tag,
    your teammate comes in attacking and taunts for a brief second upon arrival.
    When to tag - I make it a point to tag whenever I've taken a good amount of
    damage.  There are some times when it is good to tag and some that are not so
    good time.  If your opponent has just missed a move with lots of recovery
    time, it's a good time.  If your opponent is turtling in the corner with a
    level 3 super meter charged, it's not a good time.  There are certain times
    when it is safe to tag.  Most obvious is when your opponent is open, like
    after a special.  You can also combo a tag after a launcher.  You partner will
    come in hit your opponent, land and his taunt before your opponent has
    recovered fully.  If you are in the corner, then you can combo it off of a
    sweep.  These combos work for everyone but Zangief because he does his flying
    body press when he comes in.  Tagging can also be used as an offensive weapon
    when your window of opportunity is very short and you are all the way across
    the screen.  It can hit your opponent out of a super that has a slight
    recovery, like the Crawler Assault, Royal Flush, Proton Cannon, etc.  Tagging
    out is a great defensive tactic.  Your other character coming in will take out
    almost any move, with a few exceptions.  It can be used to halt an overly
    aggressive opponent and make them think twice about attacking you constantly.
    The thing to remember about tagging is to keep a cool head if you're about to
    die.  You know you want to tag, but it usually isn't worth it to tag if that
    means you incoming character is going to suck major damage.  Sometimes, it's
    better to just let that character die and make a comeback with the next one.
    This also works the other way too.  People get paranoid when they are about to
    die, so they get desperate and tag at the wrong time.  If you have someone to
    that point, don't be so aggresive if you think they are going to tag.  Wait
    for the incoming character and destroy them when they get in.
    Crossover Counter - The counter is a great way to tag in.  Not only do you get
    to tag, but you also will take out your opponent in the process.  Once again,
    highly useful against overly aggressive opponents and is worth the level of
    super meter needed.  Here is a list of which moves characters will come in
    doing and there usefullness.   Most of these moves are useless against beam
    supers and you shouldn't try to do a Crossover counter when blocking one.
    CHUN LI - Kikoken  Rank: C-
    Chun Li's counter is ok.  There isn't anything special about it and it will
    hit most people out of their moves.  It isn't the best to use against multi-
    hitting moves like beams or supers.  It's also very slow compared to others.
    RYU - Hadoken  Rank: B-
    Ryu's works about the same as Chun Li's, except it has more range and is
    faster too.  Same problem with the beams though.
    KEN/AKUMA MODE - Shoryuken  Rank: B
    In Ken/Akuma mode, Ryu does a Shoryuken.  It works great on close-in attacks.
    It will even interrupt some supers, like the Crawler Assault.
    ZANGIEF/MEGA ZANGIEF - Flying Powerbomb Rank: B+
    Lots of damage when done close and it has a little bit of range.  It will
    suprise the heck out of most people.  Mega Zangief will go right through some
    moves to grab you.
    MORRIGAN - Soul Fist  Rank: B
    Same as Ryu's, only a little slower.
    CAPTAIN COMMANDO - Captain Corridor Rank: B+
    Lots of damage and will send your opponent flying across the screen.  Works
    best on close-in moves and supers.
    MEGAMAN - Mega Upper  Rank: B
    Same as Ken's.
    STRIDER - Ame No Murakamo  Rank: B+
    It has ok range, speed, and damage.  It just isn't that great at anything in
    SPIDERMAN - Spider Sting  Rank: B
    Same as Ken's.
    Jin is slightly invincible for a split second while this move is going off.
    That window can be used to keep him from getting hit by short beams, like War
    Machine's, and it will hit a close opponent.
    CAPTAIN AMERICA - Stars 'n Stripes  Rank: B
    Same as Ken's.
    VENOM - Venom Fang   Rank: B+
    This works like his normal Venom Fang.  Great anti-air move and will stop most
    if not all ground attacks.  It works against some supers, but most beams will
    still hit unless you are really close.
    HULK - Gamma Charge  Rank: A
    This is in my opinion, the best counter in the game.  Hulk does the Gamma
    Charge, which has speed, range, priority, and super armor.  What else can you
    ask for?  Nothing really.  Like most counters, this isn't too effective on
    beam supers, unless it is done really close to your opponent.
    GAMBIT - Cajun Slash  Rank: A-
    Gambit performs his jab Cajun Slash and as usual, he does it with style.
    Works very good as a counter and has some decent range.  It's best to use to
    counter a ground attack.
    WAR MACHINE - Rupulsar Blast  Rank: B-
    This is a pretty good counter.  It works well as both a ground and an air
    counter.  Its only drawback is in the speed department.
    WOLVERINE - Berserker Barrage  Rank: B+
    Wolverine does his jab Berserker Barrage.  Good for a ground counter, but not
    so much as an air counter.
    While the damage on both supers is toned down, it is still worth doing if you
    want to do mega damage.  Some of these supers are great for damage, but only
    in the right circumstances.
    This is a list of the Top Ten Crossover Combination supers in the game as well
    as a list of honorable mentions.  These achieve their ranks by more than just
    the amount of damage they do.  I also count versatility, comboablity, and
    coolness factor.  Here we go, tonight's top tep list:
    1.)  Captain Eraser-CapCom with Morrigan
         This double team is one of the most damaging in the game.  It also combos
         off of Captain's launcher.  When CapCom starts the Captain Sword, it will
         push the opponent down and right at the point where it gets horizantal,
         the Soul Eraser goes off.  This super is so wicked that the screen often
         will look funny.
    2.)  Berserker Assault or Crawler Barrage X-Spiderman and Wolverine
         Wolverine does the Berserker Barrage X and Spiderman does the Crawler
         Assault.  This comes in at number two for a couple of reasons.  It does
         very good damage.  It also can be initialed by either teammate and it
         still looks cool.  The best thing is that both teammates can do a ground
         combo with it which makes it very versatile.
    3.)  Double Final Atomic Buster-Zangief with Hulk
         When Zangief is close and you initiate the Double Team Super, he and his
         teammate run at the opponent and grab.  They both jump into the air and
         do a tandem piledriver to the helpless victim.  This move is easy to set
         up and does a lot of damage.  The damage it does depends on the partner
         you have.  Since Hulk is the strongest, it will do more than anyone else.
    4.)  Death Wave or Gamma Bite-Venom and Hulk
         Venom sends his symbiot across the floor and Hulk rips up the floor with
         his Gamma Wave.  The soon to be dead victim rides a wave of rock and, uh,
         something.  These two supers work great together.  They travel at the same
         speed and do a good amount of damage.  Plus, either character can combo
         it relatively easily.  And the names are cool too.
    5.)  Soul Cannon or Proton Eraser-War Machine and Morrigan
         Morrigan shoots her Soul Eraser and War Machine shoots his Proton Cannon.
         This one is up here for one reason-INSANE DAMAGE!  This is by far the
         most damaging Double Team Super in the game.  The only problem is that
         you can't combo it without a helper character.  But, it still looks cool.
    6.)  Star Reppa-Captain America with Ryu (in Ken Mode)
         This is another damaging super that combos well and looks cool.  Cap and
         Ryu follow each other with Shoryukens and Stars and Stripes.
    7.)  Blodia Lariat-Jin with Zangief
         Jin start out by hitting with his fist, followed by the giant robot
         hitting with its fist, and then Zangief jumps in and starts hitting with
         his fists and spinning.  The number of fists that connect make this one
         hilarious.  It also does decent damage and is easy to combo.  I've seen
         it do up to 80% damage when you start it in the corner.
    8.)  Hyper Legion or Legion Megaman-Stryder and Megaman
         Stryder summons his legion of robotic tigers and birds and Megaman shoots
         a beam and fires off little glowing robots.  The pure number of things on
         the screen at once make this one look really cool.  No combo potential
    9.)  Royal Kyaku-Gambit with Chun Li
         Gambit does the Royal Flush and Chun Li does the Senretsu Kyaku.  This
         one should probably be higher up, but it lacks the coolness factor that
         the others have.  It is pretty easy to combo and does a good chunk of
    10.) Shinku Roll-Ryu and Roll
         Ryu execute the Shinku Hadoken and Roll does the Hyper Roll.  Against the
         bigger characters, the Hadoken will knock them into the lighting beam of
         Rolls.  This one doesn't do much damage, but it looks cool and it has
         Roll in it.
    Honorable Mentions
         Death Star-Venom with Captain America
         Hyper Flush-Megaman with Gambit
         Royal Roll-Gambit with Roll (all hail Queen Roll!)
    There are certain things that I should explain before I go any further.  First
    of all, there are two ways to win in MVC.  Either kill you opponent or run
    down the clock until time expires and you're ahead on energy.  Some characters
    do one method better than the other.  Some can do them both almost equally.
    While these seem like rather obvious things, sometimes we forget the small
    stuff.  These are also some terms that I use in this FAQ
    Heavy hitter - This is the member of the team that you use to does the most
    damage.  Usually the one who starts the match, but not necessarily.  Heavy
    hitters are good combo characters and can usually chain supers.  Sometimes I
    also refer to heavy hitters as hitmen.  Same idea.
    Stallers - Stallers rely on their keep-away abilities to stay away from you
    and use their chipping abilities to chip away until time runs out and they're
    ahead.  Stallers tend to try to zone you often or fight from as far away as
    possible to avoid close quarters combat.
    Bar Chargers - Characters that can charge the super meter relatively quickly.
    They can be used with heavy hitters that use a lot of super combos for a very
    deadly team.
    This section is more or less a discussion of advantages that certain
    characters have.  Right now, it's rather small as I don't play every single
    character and some not at all.  But, given time, it will be complete.
    CHUN LI - Chun Li works great as a heavy hitter.  She can combo 3 of her 4
    supers with relative easy, including the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku which does
    incredible damage.  Her stalling skills aren't the best in the game, but she
    can jump around for what seems like forever.  She can be the slipperiest
    character sometimes.  She has moderate bar charging abilities too.  She works
    good as a starting character.  She can do her damage and build up the bar for
    the other teammate and do her super combos if she gets an opening.  Only flaw
    is that she can't combo her Crossover Combination.  Then again, with the
    Shichisei, who needs to?
    Good Partners:  Ryu, Venom, Zangief, Captain America, Captain Commando
    RYU - Ryu is the ultimate street fighter.  He's such a great fighter, he can
    change his wardrobe in the middle of a fight.  His Shoto-Switch makes him a
    versatile character and a versatile partner.  Ryu has decent stalling
    abilities and comboing abilities.  Ken can combo better, but can't keep away.
    Akuma can keep away and combo, but doesn't do as much damage as Ken and Ryu.
    In all three modes, he can combo his Crossover Combination, which means he
    plays well with a character the has a powerful, but uncomboable team super.
    Overall, Ryu can do just about anything.  He generally works well with just
    about anybody.
    Good Partners:  War Machine, Morrigan, Captain America, Captain Commando,
    ZANGIEF - Zangief is a decent heavy hitter, but his real strength lies in his
    ability to charge the super meter like crazy.  He can charge up to level three
    fast, do a DFAB, and still leave one bar left over for his partner.  And all
    of this before your opponent can get a level 2 charge if done right.  While
    Zangief is a heavy hitter himself, he also plays well with other heavy hitters
    that can combo supers easily.
    Good Partners:  Wolverine, Hulk, Chun Li, Jin, Ryu
    MORRIGAN - Morrigan has some great stalling abilities.  She also is no slouch
    at charging the meter too.  She plays great as a second character.  First,
    you use your heavy hitter, my favorite is Hulk, switch when your hitter has
    taken a lot of damage.  Now, slow it down and super jump while raining Soul
    Fists down.  When your opponent gets close, air dash past and start again.
    Eventually, you will have to get in close to them, but by then your other
    character will be healthy and ready for battle.
    Good Partners:  Hulk, Zangief, Venom, Ryu, Captain Commando
    CAPTAIN COMMANDO - He's another well balanced character.  He has decent speed,
    strength, stamina, and he can combo his supers, including his Crossover
    Combination.  Combine that with the fact that he brings his army to fight with
    him, and you've got yourself one of the best characters in the game.  He works
    good as a heavy hitter and can stall, but he's just not to great at it.  He
    can keep you away enough to make you walk into one of his powerful moves.  The
    only thing he's lacking is faster bar charging abilities.
    Good Partners:  Chun Li, Ryu, Morrigan, Strider, War Machine
    MEGAMAN - A staller to the core.  He has some of the best keep-away tactics in
    the game.  He can throw two mega buster blasts out at the same time and still
    get his item out too.  Just too many fireballs and stuff on the screen at
    once.  It's hard to get near him.  And if you mess up, he can punish you and
    put you further back than you were before.  He's just a great stall character.
    Plus, he has the most damaging crossover combination in the game.  And, he can
    combo the Dou Team Attack off of his mega buster.
    Good Partners:  Hulk, Chun Li, Captain America, Gambit, War Machine
    STRIDER - Mr. combo man.  Major heavy hitter with one small difference.  He
    can't chain his supers.  But, he can still dish out some massive damage
    without them.  Which means he works great with characters that can chain
    supers.  He also has a great Crossover Combination in terms of damage.
    Strider can be downright cheap when teamed with the right character.  Start
    with him, build up meter and dish out some damage.  Change characters, do
    super combos and chain a Crossover Combination to get Strider back in.  Cheap.
    Pure cheese.
    Good Partners:  Chun Li, Wolverine, Hulk, Ryu, Captain Commando
    SPIDERMAN - Spiderman is another one of those good, solid characters.  He can
    be a good hitman at times and can stall when needed too.  He just can do it
    all.  The only problem is that he can't do it great.  He's can do anything
    with the right player.  He's a good overall character, just not great at
    Good Partners:  Ryu, Gambit, Chun Li, Venom, Wolverine
    JIN - I don't have a very high opinion of Jin.  That's just my view.  He can
    dish out some massive damage, but he's just too damn slow.  But, he can chain
    his Crossover Combination and it does massive damage.  Overall, he's a good
    hitman, not a great one.
    Good Partners:  Zangief, War Machine, Mega Man, Morrigan, Ryu
    CAPTAIN AMERICA - He's another one of those good all around characters.  He
    doesn't stall very well, so me is mainly a hitman.  He has the benefit of a
    comboable crossover combination, so he can team with another character that
    has one that does lots of damage.
    Good Partners:  Ryu, Morrigan, War Machine, Mega Man, Venom
    VENOM - Venom is an unusual character.  He's one of the most well balanced
    characters in the game.  He's a good hitman.  He can combo his Crossover
    Combination off of a throw.  He's also a decent staller.  He can zone you with
    jabs and Venom Fangs until time runs down, or you make a mistake and eat a
    Good Partners:  Hulk, Captain America, Captain Commando, Mega Man, War Machine
    HULK - Hulk is a heavy hitter period.  He can't stall for crap.  There's no
    way to evade that much with Hulk.  He's just so big.  Hulk has one major
    advantage for a character his size.  He can combo all of his supers, including
    the Crossover Combination.  Although it's difficult to do, it is a great asset
    for him.
    Good Partners:  Zangief, Strider, War Machine, Morrigan, Gambit
    GAMBIT - The Ragin Cajun is a all around good character.  He can be a very
    evasive character and at the same time, build up the super bar.  He can even
    combo one of his supers and the Crossover Combination and on top of that, he
    can combo the Duo Team Attack.  Gambit is just a great character and can go
    good with just about anyone.
    Good Partners:  Strider, War Machine, Mega Man, Captain America, Venom
    War Machine - War Machine is a powerhouse of a character.  He can dish out
    some serious damage with air combos and his supers are down right lethal upon
    impact.  However, his speed leaves something to be desired, but he has his
    high and low beams to keep your opponent away.  He can use those to chip away
    at his opponent while pinning them down and passing time.  This makes him a
    great teammate for other staller characters.  If you master his air combos,
    then you don't need to rely on your super meter and will actually build it up
    rather fast.
    Good Partners:  Mega Man, Ryu, Wolverine, Strider, Hulk
    Wolverine - For as much complaining about him as people do, he's a great
    offensive character.  He can easily (here's the complaint) combo his Berserker
    Barrage X which does way too much damage.  He can also combo his Crossover
    Combination, which makes him a great partner for characters with a powerful
    one.  He's not quite as fast on building up the super meter as he was, but
    he's still no slouch.
    Good Partners:  Strider, War Machine, Zangief, Gambit, Captain America
    If you have any comments to say about the Team FAQ, please send E-mails to
    fluffmistr@AOL.com.  All suggestions and comments are welcome, even stupid
    ones.  I plan on putting a list of the top teams, but I think that I need more
    than just my opinion to do it.  If you have a favorite team, send it in and
    tell why it's so great.  Again, all comments are welcome.
    Thanks Ross.
    Thanks to everyone who's responded.
    I wrote this, not you.  Give credit where credit is due.  (Hey, that rhymes.)
    All characters are tradmarks of Marvel or Capcom, you figure it out.

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