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    Capt. Commando/Strider Team by CBayquen

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 03/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Legion Sword" Fighter's Guide
    For the game "Marvel vs. Capcom" by Capcom
    ( rev 2.1 )
    Author: Christopher Robin Bayquen
    COPYRIGHT 1999 by Author
    Email: user01@email.com
    rev 1.0 ( 04/19/99 )
       - First one. Pardon the mess.
    rev 1.5 ( 07/07/99 )
       - Finally finished it.
    rev 2.0 ( 12/07/99 )
       - *Finally* added a background for both Strider and Capt. Commando
         I got tons of e-mail but unfortunately had to post 1 version.
    rev 2.1 ( 12/12/99 )
       - Quick and small change in the infinity section with a very long
         "almost an infinity" combo for Strider.
    *Where to get the latest rev:*
       - http://www.gamefaqs.com ( Arcade/Fighting/M - Marvel vs. Capcom )
                *also applicable ( Dreamcast/Fighting/M - Marvel vs. Capcom )
    Legal Crap :
    Captain Commando/Strider Hiryu "Legion Sword" Fighter's Guide FAQ is
    Copyright (C) 1999 by Author Christopher Robin Bayquen. You may freely give
    this FAQ away to anyone you see fit. As long as the original content stays
    intact. This guide may not be used commercially, including but not limited
    to: published magazines, guide books, magazine incorporation ( guide
    included as additional content ), etc, without consent of author. You may
    post this FAQ on a website as a link freely. If you wish to actually showcase
    it, please email me to let me know.
    Marvel vs. Capcom is owned by CAPCOM (C). Comic book characters are owned by
    Marvel (C). All other copyrights and trademarks not mentioned here are
    ackonowledged and respected.
    Sorry 'bout that. Now on to the FAQ.
    Hello and welcome to my guide for Marvel vs. Capcom. This FAQ serves up info
    on how to master the semi-cheap/very powerful team up of Strider Hiryu and
    Captain Commando. Since I'm not the "best" MvsC player out there, I still
    resort to tactics most veterans would deem "cheap". Hell picking Strider
    seems to implant dillusions of cheapness for anyone whose well versed at the
    game. But if its in the game, it ain't cheap ( except infinite combos, but I
    doubt that CAPCOM intentionally put infinity combos present in Xmen vs.
    Street Fighter ).
    Why CC and Strider? Well in the previous "vs" games, I always played Nash
    ( Charlie/Shadow ). When I first got my sweaty palms on MvsC, I was a bit put
    off by Shadow's absence. Sure he's a helper character, but he's a pretty BAD
    helper IMHO. So anyway, I started searching for my replacement for Nash.
    While there were alot of good potential characters ( like Jin ), none had the
    same coolness of being slow, yet very powerful and having the best balance of
    super moves. "Captain Commando?" I said, sure he looked cool. With glasses he
    put on that activated his "suit". What most caught me to this fighter was his
    arsenal of Special moves, coupled with the best pairing of super moves in the
    With my first character chosen, I had to fill a void that seemed to hurt me
    in a fight. My 2nd character always seemed to get his/her butt kicked faster
    than CC could regenerate outside the fight. At first I chose Shadow Lady alot,
    but her supers sucked. Then Ryu, but I usually found myself switching modes
    more often than I was fighting. So after much humiliation at the hands of
    throw happy Chun-Li players, I finally tried Strider Hiryu ( who I had heard
    alot about as being one of the cheapest in the game ). His normal magic
    series attacks are awfully powerful, his throw priority is up there with
    Chun-Li, plus his reach is absolutely long. He's not cheap, he's just too
    powerful, like Cyclops in XvsSF ( another of my favorites ).
    Now if you're still reading this, then you really must want to learn how to
    use these 2 characters so efficiently as to go 10 wins on a single credit.
    Just remember that with practice, anything is possible. And that there is
    always someone better than you out there.
    This guide will be broken up into sections as follows:
    I.    CC/Strider's background and history.
    II.   Regular Moves & Throws
    III.  Special Moves with descriptions
    IV.   Hyper Moves
    V.    Helper Selection/Team Assist Moves
    VI.   Combo Basics
    VII.  Team-up Tactics ( w/ Helper Guide )
    VIII. Sick Tactics
    IX.   Acknowledgements
    I. Background and History
    * Captain Commando
    Unlike what MvC shows before the fight, Captain Commando's power is based on
    the 'Power Glove' he wears. His three friends, Ginzu the Ninja, Baby Head,
    and Mack the Knife teamed up to defeat Scumocide, who was creating
    genetically enhanced super-villians. The game says that he is very smart and
    strong. Captain Commando was a side scrollng beat'em up ala Final Fight. It
    was the first beat'em up that employed running attacks. Up to 4 players
    could play at once.
    * Strider Hiryu
    (This is based off of the NES version of Strider)
    The STRIDERS were like a super-SWAT team. They excel in arts such as
    espionage, explosives, kidnapping, etc. Hiryu was the youngest strider, and had
    to fight the mind controlling machine Zain, and then eventualy, the World Tree..
    The Mind Machine Zain had possessed his sister and his friend Cain. Strider was
    an action adventure game, and was VERY fun, although the control was bad. There
    was an arcade version of strider, which was simply side scrolling action. It was
    VERY hard.
    II. Regular Moves & Throws
    * In this guide, the assigned number will designate punch/kick reference.
    * Joystick motions assume player is facing right.
    JP - Jab Punch  ( 1 )  SP - Strong Punch ( 2 )    FP - Fierce Punch    ( 3 )
    SK - Short Kick ( 4 )  FK - Forward Kick ( 5 )    RK - Roundhouse Kick ( 6 )
    Character Switch / Tag
    - Tap ( 3 ) and ( 6 ) together while on the ground
    - Your current character poses ( current character becomes invulnerable at
      this point ) and your 2nd character flies in with a kick. Your 2nd
      character, upon landing, will perform his/her taunt, leaving you
      vulnerable for a complete 1 1/2 seconds
    - As you take damage, your health gauge will leave a red "shadow" just behind
      the green bar. This is the amount your character can regenerate if he/she
      is resting out of the fight.
    Helper Attack
    - Tab ( 2 ) and ( 5 ) together while on the ground
    - All Helpers have a limit as to how many times you can call them.
    - After selecting 2 characters from the portrait screen, a 3rd screen comes
      up that seems to pick a third character out of random. Here in fact you can
      choose the helper you prefer with the right button pressed. I wont get into
      the technicalities of how this system works ( it's explained in another
      FAQ ).
    Super jump
    - Tap D-pad ( Down ) ( Up ) or press 3 kicks together
    - When launching your opponent ( C - < 3 > ), pressing ( Up ) will
      automatically cancel the fierce punch animation into a super jump.
    - tap D-pad ( Forward ) twice, or press 3 punch together
    Advance guard
    - While Blocking, ram 3 punches repeatedly
    - Be careful on multi-hitting super moves when using the advancing guard.
      Usually when you're slamming on the buttons, you inadvertantly miss a
      button and throw a move out while your opponent is hammering you. Ouch !
    Tech. Hit
    - While being thrown, hit ( Toward ) + ( 2 ) or ( 3 )
    - In other words, throw your enemy the moment he throws you, also keep
      trying to tech hit as you fly across the screen when thrown for a "safe
    - Tech. hitting becomes increasingly difficult when the game is set [TURBO].
    - Counter a block, either you set yourself free before your opponent throws
      you ( no damage )
    - Or you perform a "safe land", where your character is thrown, but before
      you hit the ground your character lands normally, able to block and avoid
      OTG combos.( damage is lessened )
    Ground Roll
    - After a sweep or knock down move, motion ( Down ) and either ( Back or
      Forward ) + any punch
    - I cant stress on how important rolling is, many people that I have gone up
      against use some kind of OTG into Hyper Move combo. One reason is because
      its easy for some nice free hits. But I cant count the times I've beaten a
      better player because I was able to roll behind them while they were still
      stuck in the Hyper move animation ( time for a hurtin' team up super ).
      Also many corner traps are set up with OTG combo's, so being alert and
      rolling out of these situations will save you the humiliation of watching
      those nice 15+ hit combos done on you.
    - Perform a Throw by being next to your opponent, then pressing
      ( Toward ) + Appropriate Attack.
    - In Marvel vs. Capcom, all characters share the same throw buttons(I think).
    ( 2 ) Medium Punch
    ( 3 ) Fierce Punch
    ( 5 ) Medium Kick
    ( 6 ) Roundhouse Kick
    - All of these are throws regardless of the character. Since I don't throw
      that much I can't tell these buttons apart.
    - Air throws can also be done to end an Air Combo.
    III. Special Moves
    A.  Captain Commando
    Captain Fire
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any punch
    - Strength determines damage/delay time ( hard/slow recover+more damage )
    - Can also be used as a combo finisher ( ground/air/super jumping combo )
    - This projectile attack is extremely fast and goes the whole length of the
      screen. It is cancelled by other projectiles, unlike Cyclops' optic blast
      which cancels out and goes through any projectile. Lag time is really long
      when fierce is used, it is recommended to rely more on the jab Captain Fire
      for pelting.
    Captain Corridor
    - Motion ( Down )  - ( Away ) + any punch
    - Strength determines damage/delay/range ( hard/more dmg + slow recov. )
    - Can be chained at the end of a ground chain combo.
    - Captain Commando slams the ground and produces a massive column of blue-ish
      energy. Punch strength determines damage, but more importantly it also
      determines reach. Fierce (3) can reach far enough to OTG an opponent after
      a long reached sweep, while a weaker strength corridor may only hit when
      done up close and personal.
    - The Corridor also hits infinitely upwards, meaning that the column of
      energy will hit anyone that super jumps up no matter how high they are
      ( given that they dont block it ).
    Captain Kick
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Back ) + any kick
    - Kick strength determines height of his trajectory
    - Capt. Commando does a flying kick at his opponent which hits a few times.
      His legs also light on fire, which enflame enemies ( use : looks cool )
    - Very long lag time no matter which kick you use. Best as a counter if your
      opponent really leaves himself open.
    Commando Strike
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any kick
    - The Capt. calls one of his friends ( the guys that help him in a Capt.
      Storm ) to attack his opponent.
    - Kick strength determines which friend to call. Which are appropriately
      assigned to the buttons in regards to how much damage they inflict and how
      fast their attacks initiate.
      * Short kick ( 4 )
        Calls a Ninja that slashes from the air to the ground with his katana
        blade. Very fast but not very damaging. Most useful one of the Strikes,
        tack this on for ending ground combos or as a counter attack.
      * Forward kick ( 5 )
        A flying Mummy flies in the air and across the screen, spinning blades
        like a Helicopter. Mostly used as an anti-air attack, or tack it on after
        a launcher.
      * Roundhouse kick ( 6 )
        Captain Commando calls on a robot with a baby rider that fires a large
        slow missile across the screen like a regular projectile. This move is so
        slow that your opponent can fire a projectile super as they see this move
        coming out ( given the game is not set on TURBO ). The missiles speed is
        balanced by its power, massive damage if it does hit.
    B. Strider Hiryu
    Ame No Murakamo
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any punch
    - Strider rushes forward with shadows following his trail. After a few
      strides ( no pun intended ) he makes a big slashing arc with his sword.
    - Punch Strength determines distance before he slashes. This in turn gives
      considerable pre-slash lag time the harder the punch you use.
    - Never use this move except for finish a ground chain combo that ends with a
      sweep. This move has terrible lag time if blocked leaving Strider wide open
      for your opponents sick combo mind.
    Ame No Murakamo ( air )
    - While in air, motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any attack
    - Strider rushes forward slashing at his opponent. Unlike the ground version
      this comes out pretty fast. Plus it pushes opponent far away if blocked.
      Can be used as his air dash.
    - More popular use of this is an Air Combo Finisher. Get more hits in than
      the standard magic series. But damage seems to be the same as doing a chain
    - Button designates the direction of Striders attack:
      * jab ( 1 ) and short ( 4 ) = Forward
      * strong ( 2 ) = Up Diagonal Forward
      * forward ( 5 ) = Down Diagonal Forward
      * fierce ( 3 ) = Up
      * roundhouse ( 6 ) = Down
    - Motion ( Forward ) - ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any button
    - Strider winds up and slashes his sword. Which seems to slash the entire
      length of the screen.
    - Can also be done in the air and as an Air combo finisher.
    - Punches slash HIGH while Kicks slash LOW
    - Consider this his projectile. Sorta.
    Formation A
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any kick
    - Strider motions and a white tiger runs the full length of the screen.
    - Used like a projectile, although a little slow in initiation time. Plus the
      tiger can be easily cancelled by a counter attack/fireball. I seldom use
    Formation B
    - Charge ( Away ) 1 sec. - ( Forward ) + any kick
    - Strider motions and one of his birds ( Hawk, Eagle, Vulture? ) flies across
      the screen and drops a big bomb with a parachute that floats down slowly.
      It then makes a huge explosion which deals out big damage.
    - Kick strength determines how far the bomb will be dropped from Striders
      current position. The weaker the kick the closer it is to Strider
      ( Roundhouse drops it all the way at other side )
    - A very sick tactic here is to drop the bomb then dash in to attack. Most of
      the time your opponent will go into block stance, just before the bomb hits
      attack with a low attack. If opponent blocks low, he'll fend the low attack
      but eat the bomb. If he anticipates the bomb he wont be able to block the
      low attack, time for a launcher xx air combo.
    Formation C
    - Charge ( Back ) 1 sec. - ( Forward ) + any punch
    - Strider pauses and a satellite thing rotates around him.
    - Do the motion again to fire the satellite like a big ass fireball.
    - Can use this as a Air Combo finisher.
    Wall Grapple
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Away ) + any punch
    - Strider jumps back in retreat then sticks to the wall. The same way
      Wolverine or Chun-Li can jump off the wall, Strider can hang there.
    - While grappled, you can swing your sword with any punch attack. Or
      you can jump down with a flying kick with any kick attack. Doing a
      ( Back ) - ( Forward ) motion makes Strider jump and switch sides
      ( of the wall ).
    - Nice move for avoiding nasty chip damaging supers.
    - Motion ( Down ) - ( Away ) + any kick
    - Strider splits into multiple silhouettes and then teleports across the
      screen. Upon reappearing all the images converge onto one spot where he
      then attacks. Very cool !
    - Surprise and attack. When opponent does the turtle mode and you need to
      bring on the pressure.
    - Motion ( Back ) - ( Down ) - ( Back ) + any button
    - Strider disappears and reappears someplace else depending on button press:
      * ( 1 ) jab/short ( 4 ) = left
      * ( 2 ) strong/forward ( 5 ) = middle-ish
      * ( 3 ) fierce/roundhouse ( 6 ) = right
    - Sick tactic: Fire off an Ouroborous and then teleport behind opponent.
      Good chances are you will teleport behind them and automatically hit them
      upon reappearing. There is a small window that your opponent can block
      this, that is if they anticipate it coming.
    IV. Hyper Moves
    A. Captain Commando
    i. Captain Sword
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + any 2 punch
    - Level 1 Hyper Combo, Ground only.
    - Captain Commando raises both his arms as his friends jump in. CC and his
      friends then swing a large beam sword downwards. Does excellent damage
      after a standing Roundhouse Kick (6) launch but does near zero chip damage
      when blocked.
    - Most useful after a launch, or if your opponent misses a super move
      (like Ken's Shinryuken).
    ii. Captain Storm
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + any 2 kick
    - Level 1 Super Move, Ground only.
    - Captain Commando rushes forward with an uppercut, trailing the full screen
      length. If he lands it, launches opponent high while his friends each take
      a whack at opponent. Then *after* that opponent free falls into CC's loving
      hands, as he proceeds to nail them with a very painful looking Captain
      Corridor. After the hits are served up, Captain Commando and his friends
      then pose as the flailing body of battered opponent comes crashing down.
    - One of the most visually appealing Hyper in the game, only second to
      Morrigan's Eternal Slumber (grin). This move is hard to land on its own,
      which is why you must chain it into something inorder to guarantee some
      punishement. One example of this is to use Colossus as your helper. Then
      as you nail someone with Colossus, while their being dragged across the
      screen, pull out the Captain Storm and you'll nail them for some serious
    B. Strider Hiryu
    i. Ourobouros
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + any 2 punch
    - Level 1 Hyper Combo, Ground only.
    - Strider calls upon two orbs which rotate around him for a limited amount of
      time. The orbs hit your opponent with each rotation.
    - Strider throws out energy "discs" in Ourobouros mode if you cycle the
      punch/kick buttons. Much like the infinity gem "Space" in Marvel Super
      Heroes(well I think it was space).
    - Strider can call out Helper ( MP+MK ) character while doing this.
    - Strider's best Hyper move. Your opponent can counter this attack several
      ways, but if you plan ahead and prevent them from countering before you
      pull it out, the effects can be devastating.
      - An opponent may fire a beam super as they see you Ourobouros from across
        the screen.
      - They will super jump and try to stay there until the Ourobouros runs out.
      - They will turtle in the corner and block until it runs out.
      * Bearing these in mind, it's best to Ourobouros near opponent. Since it
        comes out fast and starts hitting immediately. You can also teleport
        behind them with it on, most people fall for this and *whine whine whine*
        about it. Another sick tactic if they block it (and you know their fairly
        good at blocking), is to stick next to them without attacking as the orbs
        rotate. As soon as it ends, throw them. You can't throw while the orbs
        are rotating, so do it after.
        * Don't Ourobouros while your opponent's character is jumping in, after
          losing his/her first character. The reason being the orbs will hit them
          on their way in, specifically in the air. All your opponent has to do
          is block low, out living the whole Hyper move. It's best to wait for
          them to land on the ground before doing it.
    ii. Legion
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + any 2 kick
    - Level 1 Hyper combo, Ground only.
    - Strider points forward much like the Formation A special. Then a *legion*
      of hawks and sabretooths pour out from off the screen towards opponent.
    - This move has a long start-up delay. So you can't use it in any normal
      combos. It's best use is to catch opponents off guard: after a switch out,
      missed Hyper, or if they're hit with a charging helper (Colossus, Psylocke,
      U.S. Agent, Juggernaut).
    iii. Ragnarok
    - Motion ( Forward ) - ( Down ) - ( Forward ) + any 2 punch
    - Level 1 Hyper combo, Ground only.
    - Strider paushes before rushing forward a little bit. If he catches opponent,
      brings them to the sky, then slices them up with multiple images 3 times,
      before dropping them to the ground.
    - This move is blockable, so it's best not to whip it out at random. One way
      that you can use it is: Fire up an Ourobouros and if you hit your opponent
      on the ground with the orbs, you can then cancel the orbs into the Ragnarok.
      Although doing this will trim off some damage, it's still nice for the
      extra damage and for showing off.
    V. Team Assist Moves
    Helper Character
    - Tap ( 2 ) and ( 5 ) at same time. Ground only.
    - Your helper character moves in and attacks your opponent
    - This move is very dependent on which Helper character you choose. Here are
      my recommended helpers for Strider/Captain Commando:
      * Pick your 1st character, then pick your 2nd character with the helper's
      * In between bouts you get to choose your helper yet again. Simply hold
        down the button combinations before the helper menu appears.
      ( start ) + ( 1 ) + ( 2 ) + ( 5 ) - Colossus  [ use 5x ]
      ( start ) + ( 5 )                 - Psylocke  [ use 5x ]
      ( start ) + ( 2 )                 - Lou       [ use 8x ]
      ( start ) + ( 2 ) + ( 3 ) + ( 5 ) - Sentinel  [ use 4x ]
      ( start ) + ( 1 ) + ( 5 ) + ( 3 ) - Shadow    [ Use 3x ]
    Variable Counter
    - While blocking, motion ( Away ) - to - ( Down ) + ( 3 + 6 )
    - Level 1 Super Meter required
    - Partner must still be active ( meaning, hasn't been defeated yet )
    - When performed, current character pauses before 2nd character jumps in and
      performs a designated special move.
    - Very useful for character switch outs without the threat of opponents
      hitting you while you taunt. If your character needs to get out of the
      fight ( low health ), don't risk it by switching out in front of them.
      Instead, wait for them to attack close enough, or within range of your
      partners counter move so that they get hit, and you switch characters
    * Captain Commando does a jab (1) Captain Corridor when called.
    * Strider does his jab/short (1/4) Ame No Murakamo when countering.
    Variable/Team Assist
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Forward ) + ( 3 + 6 ) while on the ground
    - Level 2 Super Meter required
    - Partner must still be active ( meaning, hasn't been defeated )
    - Much like the Variable Counter, only this time your current character
      fires his/her designated Hyper move, then about 1 1/2 seconds later your
      partner jumps in and performs their own assigned Hyper move.
    - This is like having 2 Hyper moves done together, only the 2nd is delayed a
      little in initiation time. Different partners yield different combinations,
      only by experimenting will you find the best most damaging combo.
    - This is also useful for safely switching characters out, but beware that if
      your opponent manages to hit the character who is coming in, that one will
      jump out leaving whoever wasn't hit still fighting, even if that was the
      same character who initiated the Team Assist.
    * Captain Commando fires a Captain Sword, while Strider performs the Legion.
    Team-up Attack
    - Motion ( Down ) - to - ( Away ) + ( 3 + 6 ) while on the ground
    - Level 2 Super Meter required
    - Partner must still be active
    - This move is new to Marvel vs. Capcom. Upon initiation a cool graphic of
      both your characters' portraits come together to form a "two-face" like
      head. Then your second character jumps in and both characters are active
      together onscreen ( you control both at the same time! ).
    - During this move, your Hyper meter is set on infinity, so you can fire as
      many Hyper's as you want. There is no limit except the time span in which
      the actual Team-Up attack spans.
    - I recommend jamming the ( Down - Toward + 2 punch ) super motion. Since
      this initiates the Captain Sword and Ouroborous. Just do this and walk up
      to enemy with Strider, if you hit then go into either Ragnarok or Captain
      Storm ( or do the Legion motion and try to nail a Legion with a Captain
      Storm ! ).
    - Another very sick tactic I learned from a friend: Since most of the time
      your opponent will stay in block during the whole move, have one of your
      characters (namely:Strider) fire the Legion. Then while the Legion is
      pelting your opponent, walk up to blocking opponent and throw them with
      Captain Commando.
    - *WARNING* Both characters can be hit simultaneously while in the phase.
      Be very careful when doing this while your opponent has a couple levels
    VI. Combo Basics
    Legend:         S - standing    DS - dash standing      J - jumping
                    C - crouching   DC - dash crouching     SJ - super jumping	
                    xx - cancel into
    Magic Series and combos
    * If in doubt, I strongly recommend referring to "MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: CLASH
      OF SUPER HEROES MINI-FAQ v0.9" by Kao Megura. He explains in great detail
      all aspects of the combo system. Most importantly the Magic Series ( chain
      combo ). His website: http://i.am/kao
    * Magic Series
    [ Stronger ]
    - Weaker Punch/kick can cancel into any stronger punch/kick.
    - Weak buttons ( 1 & 4 ) can skip the middle buttons ( 2 & 5 ) and cancel
      into ( 3 & 6 ) directly
    [ Zig Zag ]
    - Weaker punch/kick can cancel into any stronger punch/kick
    - Same strength punch can cancel into same strength kick
    - You may skip a button in the series, as long as you still follow the
      ascending order:
      - ( 1 )( 2 )( 5 )( 6 ) - Skipped ( 4 ) and ( 3 )
    - Examples of Zigzag in general:
      - ( 1 ) ( 4 ) ( 2 ) ( 5 ) ( 3 ) ( 6 ) - Full Zigzag Magic series.
      - ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )                   - Punch only Zigzag
      - DC ( 1 ) ( 5 ) C ( 3 )              - Dashing jab into forward sweep
                                              cancelled into launcher
    A. Captain Commando
    - Captain Commando follows the [stronger] rule with Ground Combos.
    - Captain Commando utilizes the [zigzag] rule in the air and super jumps.
    B. Strider Hiryu
    - Strider follows [zigzag] rule both on ground and in air.
    * "Air Combo Finishers" are both the strongest punch & kick attacks, that
      initiate the flying screen when done. Simply put, when you do an air combo
      and end it with a  roundhouse kick( 6 ) or fierce punch ( 3 ), the opponent
      is knocked away ( either across the screen or directly to the floor ) fast
      with the screen following their flying body.
    * Remember than any button in the magic series can cancel into a special
      move. So it is possible to cancel Captain Commando from a standing fierce
      ( 3 ) into a Captain Corridor. Although the fierce ( 3 ) is a flying screen
      move, the Captain Corridor will still cancel regardless. Also it is
      possible to hit with the Captain Corridor after the fierce, but you need to
      be in the corner.
    VII. Combos & Corner Traps
    * I will only list a few practical combos that one needs to know and use
    * Since the combo system in MvsC is very adaptable, you can create your own
      combinations, below are just some possibilities and tips of how to concoct
      your own wild and long combos.
    i. Character switch combos
    - Any ground combo ending with a launch can combo into a character switch.
    - Strider: C ( 4 ) - C ( 5 ) - C ( 3 ) xx ( 3 + 6 )
    - Captain Commando: S ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) xx ( 3 + 6 )
                        S ( 1 ) - C ( 2 ) xx ( 3 + 6 )
    ii. Launch set-ups
    - A launch can cancel into a Super jump by simply tapping up after the launch
    - Strider: C ( 4 ) - C ( 3 ) xx SJ combo ...
    - Captain Commando: S ( 4 ) - S ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) xx SJ Combo ...
                        DC ( 4 ) - C ( 2 ) xx SJ Combo
    iii. Combos into Super Team assist ( Level 2 super meter required )
    - Strider: Helper ( 2+5 ) xx Team assist
    - Captain Commando: Jump in deep with ( 6 ) - DS ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) xx Team
    iv. Jump-ins
    Captain Commando:
    - Jump-in with  ( 6 ) -=land=- DS ( 4 ) - S ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) xx SJ ( 1 )( 4 )
      ( 2 ) ( 5 ) xx Captain Fire
    - Jump-in with ( 3 ) -=land=- DS ( 1 ) - S ( 2 ) xx Captain Corridor
    - Jump-in with ( 3 ) -=land=- S ( 4 ) - S ( 5 ) - S ( 6 ) xx Captain Corridor
    - Jump-in deep with ( 3 ) -=land=- S ( 1 ) - S ( 4 ) - S ( 2 ) - S ( 5 ) -
      S ( 3 ) xx Crounching Ghram ( use any one kick: 4/5/6 )
    - Jump-in with ( 6 ) -=land=- C ( 4 ) - C ( 5 ) - C ( 3 ) [launch] xx
      super jump - ( 1 ) - ( 4 ) - ( 2 ) - ( 5 ) xx (air) Ame No Murakamo
      [use either 1/2/3 punch]
    - Jump-in with ( 3 ) -=land=- DS ( 1 ) - S ( 4 ) - S ( 2 ) - S ( 5 ) - S
      ( 3 ) - S ( 6 ) xx (ground) Ame No Murakamo
      [ use jab if near corner, be careful when you use (2) and (3) ]
    v. Infinite Combos
    - Okay well I got ALOT of e-mail just in the past month from people saying
      that infinity combos ARE in Marvel vs. Capcom. Thanks to everyone who
      e-mailed ( there are too many of you to mention,unfortunately ).
    - The next combo *Eric Chou* sent in is "not really an infinite" in that it
      lasts as long as your super meter is charged. But the sender claims that
      by the time the actual combo ends, the meter is charged up anyway and
      ready for another round. E-mail excerpt from Eric Chou :
      *If you've read other strider faqs, people have mentioned a 99 hit combo
       with strider in the corner.
       - jab -> short -> strong -> forward -> fierce -> cancel really fast into
         uroburos super -> as super ends send colossus, repeat.
       *It's effectively an infinite because by the time you need to do another
        super most of your meter is charged.
    - Also *Juan Jackson* else had e-mailed me the webaddress for a website
      devoted to "Longass Combos". The site's name says everything about its
      URL : http://www.striderrod.com/combo/
    VIII. Team Tactics ( w/ Helper Guide )
    Captain Commando and Strider both augment each other by patching up the
    others weakness as they take turns. Whereas Captain Commando relies heavily
    on power moves to put the hurt on any mistakes your opponent might pull off,
    Strider has the speed and damage potential to shine off any character without
    skipping breakfast.
    i. Advantages
    - Captain Commando can hold his ground against any foe. His 2nd launcher
      ( crouching - 2 ) is excellent against those who like to jump in. His
      fierce punch ( 3 ) stuns a long time and can easily be comboed into any
      combo. Captain Commando can also utilize his 3 friends, which act like
      extra Helper characters, so its like having 4 helpers, 3 of which are
      unlimited. And his Captain Corridor is one damaging SOB, use it to punish
      over aggressive foes.
    - Strider relies on speed and reach. All of his attacks involve the sword
      ( aka Cipher ), which gives him added range. Strider can double jump, which
      is sometimes vital to get your arse out of a bad situation. Strider can
      chain all of his normal attacks on the ground easily, and if you manage to
      link all of these, put big damage on opponent. His Ourobouros is also
      excellent, especially if they cant block it when you teleport behind them.
      Don't forget his Ghram attack, it has long range, fast recovery and
      excellent damage. Use it to end ground and air combos.
    ii. Disadvantages
    - Captain Commando's supers are fairly limited if your opponent knows how to
      avoid it's use. They may try extra hard not to get hit with a launcher, or
      keep a lookout for your Helper. His special moves also have long delays. I
      strongly suggest you never use the Captain Kick. Capt. Commando also takes
      hits rather badly, so don't risk it when your opponent has a couple meters
    - Strider also takes hits badly. In fact it seems just 2 Hyper combos from
      Hulk can put Strider to the grave in a hurry. His ground Ame No Murakamo
      has terrible lag after the Cipher hits, so don't use unless absolutely sure
      of a hit. Since Strider has so many special moves, its easy to mistakenly
      wall cling at the worse possible moment. Just remember to not rely heavily
      on Strider's special moves.
    iii. Helper Guide
    * Helpers are there to set up attacks that would be otherwise impossible to
      connect. And they also help in countering an opponents aggressive attack.
      Here are some tips when using Helpers:
    Colossus ( start - 1 - 2 - 5 ):
              He starts out high and then "floats" to ground level. Taking his
              time and dragging your opponent for big damage. Very useful for
              the Captain Storm and Legion Hypers.
    Psylocke ( start - 5 ):
              Rushes forward, ground level only. Much like Colossus but goes
              about the screen faster. Use her if Colossus is too slow for your
    Lou ( start - 2 ):
              Walks in and shoots a bunch of arrows low, then breathes fire from
              his mouth. This Helper is highly underrated in my arcade, so he
              tends to get them all the time. Since you can use him 8 times, you
              can go crazy and tick the opponent to submission.
    Sentinel ( start - 2 - 3 - 5 ):
              Moves forward filling the whole screen. Not as useful since he can
              be stopped if hit by anything and you can only use him 4 times.
    VIII. Sick Tactics
    *Try these combos out
    - Ourobouros ( when you connect on the ground ) -> call helper ( 2+5 ) ->
      (1)(4)(2)(5)(3)(6) xx Ragnarok
    - Ourobouros ( when you connect on the ground ) -> (1)(4)(2)(5)(3)(6) ->
      call helper (2+5) xx Legion
     - Basically call your helper as the Ourobouros is wearing off. Preferabely
       Colossus. Please confirm this since I was only told this would work, we
       tried it a couple times but always did it too soon (couldnt do a Legion)
       or too late (opponent knocked on ground).
    - Ourobouros xx teleport (behind) - (1)(4)(2)(5)(3)(6) xx Ragnarok
      - Depending on how fast your are, trim the attacks shorter before the
    - Any Launch xx SJ (1)(4)(2)(5) xx Strong Air throw ( 2 )
    Captain Commando:
    - Helper attack ( 2+5 ) xx Captain Storm xx C ( 4 ) [OTG] - S ( 6 ) xx
      Captain Sword
      - Ouch.
    - Any Launch xx SJ (1)(4)(2)(5) xx Strong Air throw ( 2 )
    X. Acknowledgements
    Thanks goes out to the following, whether you contributed stuff or I borrowed
    something from your FAQ. If I forgot to give credit to you, please forgive me
    and send me e-mail.
    * Capcom
    - Arcade leader of fighting games.
    * Kao Megura
    - His Mini MvsC FAQ helped me alot.
    * James Chen
    - For making an awesome FAQ for XvsSF. Your guide helped me get to my
      current level of fighting. Also, I would like to thank him for letting me
      use terminologies from his FAQ, such as magic series and OTG combos.
    * Muzzy Roberto
    - For the Strider/CC background and history. Thanks! Now I'm semi-clueless
      as to how the hell they got mixxed up with Spiderman and the Street Fighters.
    * Eric Chou
    - I havent tested out your "practically an infinite" combo out. But now its
      there for everyone to see and hopefully everyone will play test.
    * Juan Jackson
    - The web address for "Longass Combos". The combos on that site are crazy.
    * Tink
    - For being such a nice guy and beating the crud outta me everytime.
    * Michael and everyone from Alladin's Castle arcade; Lynnhaven Mall
    - For showing me how fun [throwing] can be.
    * Gamefaqs.com
    - Most complete and up to date FAQ database on the Net
    * Sega
    - For the Dreamcast and a home version of Marvel vs. Capcom
    * Thanks to you, especially for taking the time to read this guide. If you
      have any insight, comments, suggestions, complaints or if you think I have
      not given credit to where it is due. Please feel free to email me and I
      will do anything in my power to accommodate you.
    "We have defeated Onslaught. Now some peace will be restored to the world."
    	- Capt. Commando ( MvsC )

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