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    Captain America by Daemon23

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    Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 17:31:52 EDT
    Updated the Captain America FAQ for Marvel vs. Capcom.
    Captain America Strategy Guide 
    E-mail: Daemon23@aol.com- Please mail me to tell me about mistakes or
    * This FAQ assumes you know at least a little on the game engine, so if you
    don't, check out one of the many Faqs out there that deal with it. I know
    there are a few at Gamefaqs.
    6.What To Do When You Lose The Shield
    Copyright Info
    Don't use this guide for any commercial purpose.
    Always credit people you take info from, like I do.
    =Last Update 4\25\98=
    -Found a nice little history for Cap in Captain America #5
    -Added a "What To Do When You lose Your Shield" section
    -Updated the Morrigan and Onslaught strats in the Vs. Section and added 
    Red Venom
    -The Foreigner sent me some more Onslaught busting stuff, mainly for Venom
    and Chun-Li. Get down there and check it out!
    -Added some more Strategies
    -Added a few combos
    -Rewrote the Forward kick information
    -Added info for the Strong Shield Slash
    =Update 4\1\98=
    - Corrected about a million spelling & punctuation mistakes
    - Miguel Raya sent me a list of supers that work on Onslaught that is really 
    worth checking out
    - K.M. sent me corrections and sent info on the Cartwheel and US Agent
    - Added to the Moves Strategy and Versus sections
    - Forgot to include one of Cap's jumpkicks. Oops.
    1. Intro
    	I've liked Captain America for a while, so when I saw him in 
    Marvel Super Heroes, I immediately chose him. He was great in that game! When
    MSH vs. SF came about, I was kinda disapointed he wasn't as good. Now, in 
    Marvel vs. Capcom, Cap regained speed and now he has more priority! I was 
    very happy he made it into the game! But, in the arcade, I see people using 
    him poorly, and people on the internet writing him off as an "underdog". 
    Captain America is one of the great fighters Capcom has made without
    overpowering him like they did with Omega Red or Strider! So use him with 
    Cap's history as stated in Captain America #5.
            Eager to serve his country during World War 2, Steve Rogers was 
    transformed into the physically perfect man by the governments Super Soldier 
    program, becoming the United States' Sentinel of Liberty!
    	Armed with an indestructible shield and the physical prowess of an
    Olympic athlete, Rogers fought valiantly to uphold the ideals and principals
    of democracy. At the end of the war, he was accidentally frozen in a block
    of ice and was perserved for decades until he was discovered and revived by
    the Avengers. Now a man out of time, he is ever vigilant in his battle to
    protect the innocent and uphold the beliefs upon which America was founded.
    Willing to sacrafice his own life for the greater good, Steve Rogers is the
    physical of truth, justice and honor. He is... Captain America!
    2. Moves
    =Normal Moves=
    Jab- Not unlike many other jabs, it is quick and should basically be used to
    start ground or air combos.
    Strong- This used to be Cap's all around launcher, but now it is only an air 
    launcher. It has okay priority and can launch most jumpkicks, but remember it
    does not launch if your opponent is on the ground. This actually helps him in
    some ways, because now he can work it into a combo! In the air, 
    he puts his fist out. Nothing to write home about. While crouching, Cap will 
    perform a punch that has pretty good priority, so use it to stop other normal
    Fierce- An excellent move! It has range! It does great damage! It takes 
    priority over most normal attacks! Use this!! In the air, Cap makes an arc 
    with the shield that covers his entire front! Excellent for air combat! If 
    your opponent gets too close to you in the air and you use this, Cap will 
    perform is air throw! Cool,eh? His crouching version is his ground launcher, 
    so combo it in! (For example: crouching Short into crouching Fierce!) 
    Short- Cap delivers a weak kick. It is a weak air attack, so only use to 
    start combos. 
    Forward- Cap does a high kick, good for stopping jump-ins or bigger 
    characters. If you press Forward again, Cap will do a gut-kick.
    It is a quick crouching attack, so use it after you block someone's 
    Roundhouse sweep. 
    Roundhouse- He puts his hand on the ground and does a big high kick. Good for
    stoping jumpins, if the person jumping in is coming down in front of you. The
    crouching version is his knockdown, and in the air there are two versions. 
    Normally, he will do a his "L" kick and if you press down and roundhouse, he 
    will do come down with one leg extended . This is his best jump-in! If you
    press forward+roundhouse, Cap will kick straight forward.
    Cap's strong and fierce throws remain unaltered! He will grab the opponents 
    head, and smash their skull into the pavement! They do great damage (as far 
    as throw go, anyway) and you can use a jab Shield Slash after it! His air 
    throw is also the same, too! He will grab the opponent, punch them in the 
    face and they will go crashing into the ground! Looks extremely painful!
    You can then proceed with an OTG combo!  
    Cap's forward and roundhouse throws, on the other hand, have been weakened 
    noticeably! Because people can block while falling now, you can't connect 
    with any special moves after it! Now its only practical application is to 
    get someone out of your face if they go on the over offensive! I've also 
    heard this can be used as a launcher, but I have yet to see this happen. 
    =Special Moves=
    Shield Slash- D,DF,F any punch
    Cap chucks his shield at his opponent! A well timed attack can knock the 
    shield away, but thats rare. Cap can recover from this move before the shield
    comes back to him, so you can block, but try to catch it on its return trip.
    If you miss, you have to walk over the shield to pick it up.  
    He can throw the shield in 3 directions: 
    Shoulder Level- D,DF,F Strong Punch
    The one you should use least often. It can be ducked under, and it is easily 
    countered. So if your opponent has a low hitting Special Move (Like another 
    Cap's Jab Shield Slash, War Machine's ducking Shoulder Cannon,) they can fire
    under your shield and hit your legs. On the plus side, it can destroy 
    fireballs like Morrigan's or Ryu's quite easily.
    Foot Level- D,DF,F Jab Punch
    One you should move most often! Try and follow up a sweep with this, because
    it OTGs nicely. If they are good at rolling, though, keep your shield to 
    yourself, cause you need it. It can actually travel under some moves, and it 
    is the easiest one to hit shorter characters (Megaman, Roll) with.
    Upward- D,DF,F Fierce Punch
    This is another move that you should be totally dependant on, but it will hit
    slow jump ins! Also use it on people in the air who can't see Cap! 
    *In the air, Cap can still throw his shield in 3 directions: Jab will make 
    him throw at a downward angle, Strong he will throw it straight, Fierce he 
    will throw it at an upward angle!
    Stars n' Stripes- F,D,DF  any punch
    Cap does a dragon punch that does very good damage and goes very high! It is 
    invincible going up if he has his shield, but is completely blockable. If you
    miss with the fierce version, prepare to die, cause the recovery is 
    sickening! Use the jab version on jump ins, it makes it much harder for 
    them to get you if they block. Only use the fierce version in combos!
    Charging Star- D,DF,F any kick
    Use this on fireballers, but make sure you have the shield, cause you need it
    to kill the fireballs. The button used will determine how far and how fast 
    he charges. Use this only if you are positive it will connect because the 
    recovery is terrible. It is still a great combo move, so try to use it after 
    you connect with a Roundhouse.
    Cartwheel- F,DF,D,BF,B any punch
    Cap does a cartwheel. Wow. It is invunerable to normal moves, but not throws!
    Cheap players and Zangief might play on this, so be careful... The Cartwheel 
    will also go through your opponents!  A sneaky tactic with this is to start a
    combo on your opponent, cancel into the Cartwheel, then do a short combo from
    the back and cancel into a supermove.  They won't expect it, for sure!  
    (Of course, it's also useful for simply moving behind a guy and attacking as
    well).  You may want to mention that the strength of the button used for the
    Cartwheel determines how far Cap'n America moves.
    Final Justice- D,DF,F 3 punches 
    Still one of the most visually impressive supers in the game! Cap runs 
    forward and if he connects, delivers a beatdown on his opponent then throws 
    them up into the air and suplexes them! It goes through fireballs, so learn 
    the timing. It also has a pretty good recovery time, so don't think your 
    finished if it is blocked. This can also launch jumpkicks, so if the opponent
    uses an early jumpkick, use it! Can be comboed off of his roundhouse again! 
    Hyper Stars n' Stripes- F,D,DF 3 punches
    Cap does the Shoryuu Reppa! It does less damage than his other 2 supers, and 
    has a bad recovery time, but is easily comboed. Remember to use this after 
    you block someone's sweep! This is also his Primary Team Super attack! An 
    excellent one because you can combo this into the Team Super! Groovy! 
    Hyper Charging Star- D,DF,F 3 kicks 
    Cap charges forward with a huge amount of energy covering his shield! It can 
    take a Shinkuu Hadoken or other beam supers! But right after taking the beam,
    the Hyper Charging Star will end, but Cap will come out unscathed! It will 
    also pass right through Hulk's Gamma Wave super, and hit him! The startup 
    time is terrible but it does marvelous block-damage, and the recovery time 
    is great! The super I use the most! It is also the Team Super he does if he 
    is off the screen! Try to pick someone who can combo right into their team 
    super, and while the primary character is hitting your opponent with their 
    super, Cap will come crashing in with this!
    3.  Strategies
    -You might want to pick up the shield when you loose it! Without the shield, 
    Captain America's range and damage is weakened considerably. Use the cartwheel 
    to get to it, and if they throw, try to double jump past them! If the shield 
    is off the screen for about a minute, it will automatically drop from the top 
    of the screen for easy catching.
    -Don't play the complete offensive! Use him as a mix of defense/offense. The 
    Hyper Stars and Stripes is a great counter attack, so always keep it in 
    consideration as a counter. As always, Cap's  fierces and roundhouses have 
    priority on  the ground and in the air! Use them and because almost no one 
    can stop these!
    -The double jump is very important! Use it often to confuse opponents, and to 
    escape from certain moves and\or characters! It also gives Cap the edge in 
    air battles.
    -Always use a jab Shield Slash when you opponent is on the ground! It will 
    hit him right off the ground. If they're close, you can always run up and do
    an OTG combo into the Shield Slash.
    -The 2 on 1 mode makes it easier for Cap to connect with his Hyper Charging 
    Star or Final Justice! Lets just say Ryu is your partner. Position it so Cap 
    is on one side of your opponent and Ryu on the other. Use Ryu's Crouching 
    Roundhouse and if you knock them down, cancel into the Super Hurricane 
    Kick(D,DB,B 3 Kicks) Since Cap is on the other side, the motion will be 
    reversed and he will use his Hyper Charging Star!
    Excellent damage, although its kinda cheap...
    -If you have US Agent as your helper character (you know, the Captain America
    clone), his team attack is a Charging Star that will also reflect projectiles.
    You can always use US Agent to snuff a thrown fireball, allowing your 
    character to run forward and combo.
    -On smaller characters, you might want to skip Forward while doing your air
    combos. Sometimes it whiffs.
    -Sometimes when you sweep the opponent when they're close and you try
    to follow up with Shield Slash, it will pass through. This is especially true
    in Spiderman's and Megaman's case. For maximum safety, only use the Shield
    Slash when you sweep someone from Cap's knee up, or in a combo.
    -Try to remedy Cap's slow walking speed by dashing and Cartwheeling!
    -Cap needs his combos! They all do a load of damage and he really isn't very
    hard to combo with! Use them often. 
    -The best Helpers are the ones that hit multiple times and doesn't move the
    opponent back too far, like Psylocke's. While they are hitting, you can dash
    up and do a combo, or use the dreaded Hyper Charging Star! Juggernaut, Agent,
    Cyclops, Magneto, and Thor are also very good.
    -If Thor is your partner, use him. Your opponent should duck to avoid the
    laser he shoots. While they are ducking, hit them with a jump-in attack,
    cuz you can't low-block an air attack! 
    ============================================================================  4. Combos
    4. Combos
    	Captain America basically uses the same combos he always used, but 
    are faster here because he regained some speed. So if you knew Cap's old 
    combos, they all work here.
    -Cap's Combo Info-
    Mini Launcher: None
    Air Launcher: S.Strong
    Ground Magic Series: Stronger
    Air Magic Series: ZigZag
    Super Jumping Magic Series: Hunte
    AC Finishers: Fierce, Roundhouse, Jab Shield Slash
    -=Easy Combos=-
    Jab, Forward(2 hits,) Fierce
    D.Short, Forward(2 hits,) Roundhouse, Charging Star   
    D.Jab, Strong, Fierce, strong Shield Slash
    Jab, Strong, fierce Stars n' Stripes
    C.Short, C.Forward, Hyper Stars and Stripes
    -=Harder combos=-
    J.Fierce, J.down+roundhouse, C.Short, c.Roundhouse, jab Shield Slash
    Jumping Fierce, down+roundhouse, land, dash in and press crouching 
    short, crouching fierce, super jump, SJ Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce.
    Dash in and press Short, Roundhouse, Final Justice!
    J.Fierce, J.Down+Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Forward, Hyper Stars and Stripes
    Have the opponent in the corner: Fierce Throw, C.Short, C.Fierce, /\, SJ.Jab,
    SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, Jab Shield Slash
    5. Versus
    VS. Ryu 
    Ryu mode- Most likely he'll fireballing up a storm. Use the Charging Star or 
    Final Justice to punish those fireballs! If he misses a DP, hit him with a 
    super, if you don't have power, use the Stars n' Stripes. In the air Cap will
    dominate so you really don't have to worry up there. You really don't have to
    fear being launched as much because he can't air combo his Shinkuu Hadoken 
    anymore. Just make sure to jump in with a fierce or down+roundhouse when you 
    attempt a jump in combo. 
    Ken mode- The same as in Ryu mode, punish the missed DPs and fireballs. If he
    uses the Ken Super Hurricane Kick, block and do the Hyper Stars and Stripes. 
    Never sweep him outside of a combo, cuz he can use a Shoryuu Reppa. Most Ryu 
    players try to fake out a dash with a Dragon Punch, so don't try to blindly 
    attack a dashing Ryu. Don't use the Hyper Charging Star or Final Justice
    unless you are possitive it will connect, because he can use that ShoryuuReppa
    Evil Ryu- Probably the Ryu who will give you the most trouble. As is 
    Ken mode, never sweep him when he has a super charged, in fear of his 
    Shoryuu Reppa. You shouln't let this guy launch you, because he can still air
    combo his super. In this mode Ryu's defense is crap, so keep close and never 
    let any pressure off. He can still use his Raging  Demon, so hit him out of 
    it when you see it. It is unblockable, so don't try. If he tries to pull it 
    off while you are close, keep ramming short kick and hope knock him out of 
    VS. Captain Commando(CapCom)
    He's a pretty powerful newcomer, so take him seriously. Never jump at him 
    attacking, because he can use his Captain Corridor or Captain Sword. It 
    reaches the top of thee screen, so make sure you're blocking whenever your 
    directly over his head. Try and fake him out with your dash by quickly 
    dashing then holding back! Wait for him to attack then counter! He has 
    special moves where he calls out certain members of his team, so use your 
    helper characters to fend them off! Juggernaut and Thor work nicely for this 
    purpose! The Hyper Charging Star works fine, even if he blocks it. Be careful
    of his launcher, because he can combo the Captain Sword in, and that does WAY
    too much damage.
    VS. Hulk 
    There are 2 types of Hulk players, people who sit there and use the Standing 
    Fierce, and people who know how to use him. The S. Fiercers are easy, merely 
    use a Stars n' Stripes or a super. People who know how to use him can be VERY
    tough. Don't try and trade hits because he is stronger, and lay off the Hyper
    Charging Stars for damage cause he can S. Fierce you right after he blocks 
    it. Try and use his bigness as an advantage, because he is the tallest and 
    widest character in the game, so you can use huge combos on him and it is 
    easier to hit than most characters. The Gamma Charge has terrible recovery, 
    so hit him when you block it!  The Hyper Charging Star goes through the Gamma
    Wave super. Jumping in is OK, just make sure he doesn't have super power, 
    and you jump in with fierce or roundhouse. Use only stronger attacks on him, 
    so start with strong or forward to start ground combos. 
    VS. Chun Li 
    Don't get lauched because she can use her new super on you as an AC finisher.
    Ugh. Jump in on her with fierce and follow up with a combo to sap her energy.
    If you see her fireball, Charging Star or Final Justice through it. Use the 
    Hyper Stars and Stripes if you block her Thousand Burst Kick, and the Hyper 
    Charging Star works fine for block damage. Her Kikosho still has a bad 
    recovery time, so if you have a super, Final Justice her. If not, Charging 
    Star time! Always make sure that you guard low, cuz her C.Forward comes out
    almost immediatly and has pretty good range.
    VS. Gambit 
    He is the only one in the game whose jumping fierce can compete with Cap's! 
    Use your double jump to get the edge when you are both in the air and on the 
    ground hit him with your fierce. That dang staff if a very versatile tool, so
    never underestimate it. His jab Cajun Staff moves incredibly quick, and does
    good damage, so Gambit is someone you want to play on the defensive against! 
    Most of his moves do have recovery so take advantage with your fierce, or 
    Hyper Stars and Stripes! He has an excellent launcher, so he either breaks 
    through or you trade hits, so keep jump-ins to a minimum. Be careful when 
    directly above him, because when he uses the Royal Flush, he throws his 
    staff in the air and it could whack you into the cards!! And never let him 
    sweep you, he can follow up with the Royal Flush. If he jumps at you with a 
    fierce, or one of his bounce off the walls moves,  use a jab Stars n' Stripes
    . It's a hard fight, but be patient and wait for him to screw up!
    VS. Megaman 
    I got a little bit on him now! Make sure to stay close to him, Cap will simply
    rule in close! If he slides at you, use the  Hyper Stars n' Stripes!  Try and
    tempt him into fireballing at you(this  shouldn't be too hard) then do either
    of 3 things:
    1) Jump over the first fireball(if he shoots 2 double jump) and strike him
    with down+roundhouse into a combo.
    2) Avoid everthing and try to make him go offensive on you. Cap has utter
    domination of those stubby little limbs of his! You can aggrivate most 
    players by using Cap's taunt! And always taunt when ypu knock Mega over!
    3) Try and quickly pull off a Final Justice!
    VS. War Machine
    He is actually a lot better than I originally thought he was. Don't jump at 
    War Machine attacking, cause he can do his repulsor blast. Instead jump in  
    blocking. Block the repulsor blast, land and hit him with a quick combo. 
    Never jump at him when he has a super because the Proton Cannon will hit out
    of the air if timed correctly! If he manages to hit you with this, you can 
    roll after it. When he rears back to do the Shoulder Cannon, , double jump 
    over it and whack him from above! If he does a Proton Cannon, block it, then 
    dash in when he's done and do and a combo, or use the Final Justice! He is
    strong and can combo pretty well, but you can use your fierce to keep him 
    VS. Strider 
    A little on the overpowered side, but I like him anyway. Your shield can take
    priority over his sword , so get in close attacking, but try not to miss, 
    cause if you do, he can hit you with one of  his massive combos. If he uses 
    his Legion super, try and super jump, when you see the birds, double jump. 
    You won't dodge them all but you'll come close! Just block the rest. If he 
    uses his Uroburos just block or keep the heck away from him! Try not to let 
    his speed overwhelm you, instead try and overwhelm him by not letting of any 
    pressure from the air or the ground. Alot of Strider players like to end their
    air combos with a throw, so if he has you in an air combo, keep slamming
    strong and fierce to tech hit! 
    VS. Spiderman 
    You can jump in attacking, but chances are he won't be in any particular spot
    very long. When he jumps in on you, hit him with a jab Stars and Stripes, or
    try and launch him. The Hyper Charging Star still works for block damage and
    if you block his Crawler Assualt, hit him with a  Hyper  Stars and Stripes, 
    if he attacks with with a Maximum Spider, counter with a Final Justice!
    VS Zangief 
    Zangief isn't nearly as tough as he used to be, but still pretty damn tough! 
    Just make sure to aim for his head when you jump in on his lariat because his
    arms are invincible. Try and keep away from him because his SPD range has 
    been increased, so use your shield to kill from a distance. On his Mega 
    Zangief form, hit him with your shield the double jump away when he gets to 
    close. He can interrupt you supers with a SPD or FAB, so don't use them! 
    VS. Jin 
    He shouldn't give you too much trouble because not many know how to use him. 
    Just block and smash him in the recovery time of his moves. One thing you 
    should watch out for is his Blodia Punch super. So if he has super power and 
    starts advancing, double jump or cartwheel away! 
    VS. Wolverine 
    Try and block his normal attacks when he dashes at you, although your feet 
    should be guarded cause most Wolvie players like to slide. Build your super 
    meter by jumping up and using your SJ strong a couple of times, and wait for 
    him to slide or do a fierce Beserker Barrage then counter with a Hyper Stars 
    and Stripes. You must now keep your guard up at long range because now he is 
    equipped with the Beserker Claw, whitch instantly travels across the screen. 
    Try to fend him off until he makes a mistake.
    VS. Morrigan
    Cancel her fireball out using you strong Shield Slash. Her Dragon Punch move 
    has priority, so block coming in. Hit her with fierce whenever you can and 
    try to keep her in the air, because Cap will dominate there. When you see she
    is right on top of you, just block in case she does a Shell Drop(or whatever
    it's called.) When you block a Shell Drop, quickly pull of the Final Justice
    for some quick damage. Her Soul Eraser can be confusing, so when she has 
    super power keep an eye on her head. Bats will start flying about and that's 
    how you know it's coming.
    Vs. Venom 
    Venom is a tough cookie! Unlike most large characters, Venom does not have to
    use a furious offensive, he can stay in one spot and cream you from there. 
    He has a fierce punch that coves almost the half of the screen, comes out 
    fast and recovers fast! He won't move too much, but you do the opposite! Try 
    and dodge his attacks and counter! Move constantly and never stop long enough
    to get you with any of his long range moves. Jumping in with fierce and 
    executing painful combos is the only way to take down this monstrous 
    Vs. Gold War Machine
    He has the same kind of super armour as Mega Zangief, so combos, your supers,
    and the almighty fierce can all be absorbed. You want to keep your distance 
    from him, because of that armour. If he uses his Proton Cannon, try to get to
    the other side of him! You can hit him with about 2 Hyper Charging Stars
    because he will absorb it and keep firing the cannon! Or you can do what I do
    and just throw his @$$!
    Vs. Red Venom
    Don't let him near you! He combos like Strider on steroids! If he tries to 
    dash in and start a combo, use a jab Stars n' Stripes on the dash. He takes
    hits worse than Akuma, so it only takes about three combos to totally 
    devastate him. Jump in with Fierce if your feeling brave, his Launcher has
    great priority and you don't wany him to Air Combo you!
    Vs Onslaught!
    Onslaught is one of Capcom's toughest boss characters! He is big, strong, has
    infinite super power and he has a powerful hit-buffer! His first form was 
    made to target scrubs, turtlers, or people stupid enough to think they can 
    switch against him! His second form is kind of like Apocalypse, but he guards
    his head and can move around, very quickly!   
    Here are some things to do while fighting him:
    First Form- Onslaught might seem intimidating when you first see him, but 
    don't worry, he's not unstoppable. Because of his hit buffer, don't use 
    special moves(except the cartwheel) or he will absorb the hit, then hit you 
    with one of his supers! The Final Justice is ineffective on him and don't 
    use the Hyper Stars and Stripes. The Hyper Charging Star is okay, because it 
    is one of the few moves I've seen that make him reel! Beware his HyperGravs, 
    they are unblockable and will leave you completely at his mercy if he gets 
    you with these! Double Jump over them! When you see that he is trying to beat
    you into a corner, cartwheel through him! What he likes to do lock you in a 
    corner and use his Magnetic Tempest, which does more chip damage than the 
    Hyper Charging Star!! He will then expect a switch and if you do, he will 
    use his Mega Optic Blast on your partner! To beat him, you want to either 
    jump in with fierce then double jump away before he can do anything, or try 
    and cartwheel through him and hit him from the back when he is doing a move! 
    Second Form- He retains the unblockable HyperGravs, and avoiding them should 
    be your first priority! When he uses his drill, get out of its way! It does 
    almost 50% block damage! He also has an eye beam that moves incredibly fast 
    and does tons of damage! He will usually move out of the screen before doing
    this, so when you see him step out prepare to super jump! You can't do any 
    big combos to his head like you could to Apocalypse, because he will create 
    an energy column beneath you that will send you flying! To beat him, just 
    jump at his head with fierce, then jump away blocking! 
    Onslaught likes to hide in a corner with his hand out of the screen, so move 
    to the other side until he finally moves to about the center(of the screen.) 
    Now you have room to work your magic! Build up momentum by dashing, 
    super jumping at his head, pressing Fierce as you sail through, land on the 
    other side. Make sure you have a fair amount of room in front to get a decent 
    dash going, and leave enough room alloted so you have a place to safely land.
    Repeat until he dies(or moves out of the screen and comes in with his Drill.
    The Hyper Charging Star will block his Drill, but you have to start WHILE
    Onslaught is out of the screen, or you will be hit at startup. Pretty hard to
    do but since Onslaught Drills so much you'll have plenty o' practice.  
    6. What To Do When You Lose the Shield
    Most people seem to think Cap is completely worthless without his shield
    to guard his behind! This couldn't be farther from the truth! His range is 
    diminished and he isn't as strong, but all his great kicks remain the same,
    and since most people will blindly try and smash a shieldless Cap,
    any Cap player with a little experience can put them in their place quickly!
    Here are some strats:  
    -Jump alot! Cap's J.Roundhouse is almost as good as his J.Fierce! Also 
    remember that he has different versions of it, so he has a Roundhouse for
    almost any purpose! 
    -Block alot! You can't Charging Star or Final Justice through fireballs 
    without your shield, so you must block anything you can't avoid.
    -Cap has to rely on a good Helper character to save his butt when the going 
    gets tough, use 'em.  (Example: You are fighting Ryu. You both have very 
    little energy. In typical Ryu style, he throws a fireball, hoping you'll get
    hit. Luckily for you, US Agent is your Helper! He jumps out, destroyes Ryu's 
    fireball, then kills Ryu!) Learning when to use Helpers is an integral part 
    of a shieldless Cap's defense.
    -You want the shield back, but there standing on it? This is why the Cartwheel
    was invented! Just Cartwheel through the person, (Cap grabs the shield on
    contact) stop on the other side and cross them up!
    -Captain America's S.Forward is pretty good at stopping in-your-face people
    (like Wolvie) so use it alot.
    -For his Fierce, he will do a double fisted swing, pretty good damage, but
    the range is quite bad. Use your S.Roundhouse if you want to fight from 
    mid-range and save your S.Fierce for a close fistfight or combos.
    -Use his Strong exclusively in combos! Without his shield it can launch 
    almost nothing!
    Bonus Section!
    Because fighting Onslaught is so dang tough, The Foreigner 
    (foreignermiguel@hotmail.com) me a list of things that work best against 
    WarMachine: On 2nd form get under head use War Destroyer (good damage)
    CapCom: Supers won't do crap damage on 2nd form
    Chun Li: If you want to win the easy way use Chunli get three levels in the 
    first fight and as soon as you see onslaught do 3 nonstop "bubble"
    Kikosho supers in a row(be careful as this will protect
    you from anything that Onslaught tries don't do it if he leaves
    the screen as he will drill you (the bubble stops him but
    the Drill will hit you at the end, eye lasers(bounce off 
    he can catch you with a sentinel bomber squad afterwards
    Jin: Same as CapCom
    Morrigan: Soul Eraser works pretty good on both forms
    Strider: Never tried Legion pretty sure Uroboros is all you need
    for protection and aggressive combat
    Zangief: Yeah right!!!!! Would be cool to see him dbl. final atomic
    buster him though
    Captain America: On second form Charging Star vs. the drill hand
    you will be safe and inflict damage not sure about Stars and
    Gambit: Royal Flush is pretty good and Cajun explosion if you
    need to get behind him
    Hulk: Same as CapCom or Jin think gamma quake does more damage
    than the other two though
    Spider: Crawler Assault is the only one that could possibly work
    Venom: Death bite will work well unless you are to close to him
    Ryu: Hadoken blast(Shinkuu Hadoken) works wonders especially on head of 
    second form hurricane kick super did work on Apocalypse not sure about 
    onslaught.  chain a crouch fierce into a shin shoryuken with ryu
    to take off a lot of damage (not sure this works on 2nd form).stay in ryu 
    mode as you lose the least amount of life
    Ken mode: Shinryuken should work wonders on 2nd form
    other two look doubtful
    Akuma mode: Stay with Ryu if you want to use shin hadoken
    I'm thinking that the fireball aerial super should do
    some good damage
    Basically no auto combos(Ragnarok, Final Justice) or throw combos will work 
    on him
    Thank Ed Ma for his Marvel vs. Capcom strategy guide! It was loaded with info
    and you really should check it out!
    Thank Migs Rustia cause his page was oozing with info before my arcade even 
    got the game! His page is at 
    Thank K.M. for corrections, and alot of info about the cartwheel, 
    OTG combos and U.S Agent(not to mention his excellent Dan Faq for MSHVSSF!)
    His page is at http://kao.home.ml.org
    Thank Miguel Raya for the list of supers that work on Onslaught.
    ForignerMigel for all that stuff on Onslaught!
    Thank LucasArts for their Monkey Island series, which kept me in good humour
    while writing this.
    Of course thank Capcom for creating the game, and Marvel for creating 
    Captain America and all the other Super Heroes!

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