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    Gambit by MSKim

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/14/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  .,                                       .d#####P/###|Y#####b\
        d########P/                                        d####P/' ###|  Y####b\
       d##P^Y###P/'                                        ###P/'   ###|    Y##b|
      d##P/  ##P/'   Y######P/  'Y###P/      Y###P/ \Y####b\##'##|' ###|      Y#|
     d###|   #P/'     d####b\     X#X;        X#X;   ###|-Yb\. ##|  ###|       Y|
     ####|   ;/'      d#/^#b\     d#b\        db\    ###| `#b| ##|  ###|        '
     ####|           dP;' Y#b\    d##b\      d##b\   ###| .#P| ##|  ###|       
     ####| Y####P/   d#/  `#b\   d#^Y#b\    d#P^Yb\  ###| d#P/ ##|Y#####P/
     ####|  ####|   dP/'   Y#b\  d#/Y#b\    d#P/Yb\  ######<'  ##| #####/'
     Y##b\  Y###|  'd########b\ dP;' Y#b\  d#P/' Yb\ ###| Y#b\ ##| #####;
      Y##b\ Y###|  d#P----Y####V#P/   Y##V#dP;'  Yb\ ###| `Y#b|##| Y###P,
       `Y##b\`Y#|  d#/'    `Y###P;'   Y#####P/    Yb\###| .##P|##|  ###/
         `Y#####| dP/'      `Y##P/     Y###P/'    Yb\###|.d#P/'##|  ###;
           `Y###|.#b\       /d#b\       Y#P/'     .Yb#####P/' .##\  Y#P,
             `Y#|                        Y/'                         #;
               \|                                                    Y
    Version 1.1, 14/10/98
    By Min Sub Kim
    *** CONTENTS ***
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Revision history
    [3] Normal Moves
    [4] Special Moves and Hyper Combos
    [5] Combos
    [6] General Strategy
    [7] Strategy Vs. specific characters
    [8] Credits and Thanks
    ** [1] INTRODUCTION **
      It's almost the end of my final year at high school, and yet here I am 
    writing a FAQ when I really should be doing some last minute cramming.
    Anyway, since his debut in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, Gambit has become one
    of my favourite characters.  I guess he's kinda average in respects of
    strength, but he's fast, stylish, and has many weapons at his disposal.
    He hasn't really changed that much since X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, so
    people who played him then should feel right at home playing him now.
      Recently, I've noticed that Marvel Vs. Capcom is going down in popularity, 
    as people are going to Street Fighter EX2.  In fact, Street Fighter EX2 has 
    suddenly emerged as the hot game here in western Sydney.  So this is 
    probably the last revision of this FAQ.        
            The terms I use are :
    Jab - Light/Weak/Quick/Fast Punch
    Strong - Medium/Middle/Mid Punch
    Fierce - Heavy/Strong/Hard/Fierce Punch
    Short - Light/Weak/Quick/Fast Kick
    Forward - Medium/Middle/Mid Kick
    Roundhouse - Heavy/Strong/Hard/Fierce Kick
    S.Jab = Standing Jab
    C.Short = Crouching Short
    J.Strong = Jumping Strong
    SJ.Forward = Super Jumping Forward
    DS.S.Fierce = a dashing Standing Fierce
    OTG = Off the Ground - the hit preceding this notation actually hits an
          opponent off the ground whilst they are lying there, causing them
          to reel back, but still leaving them open for a juggle.
    QCF = Quarter circle forwards, otherwise known as a fireball motion.
    DP = Dragon Punch motion - forward, down, down forward quickly.
    QCB = Quarter circle backwards, otherwise known as a reverse fireball motion.
    P = any punch button.
    K = any kick button.
    PP = any 2 punch buttons.
    KK = any 2 kick buttons.
    ** [2] REVISION HISTORY **
    Version 1.1
    - Rewrote entire FAQ - I prefer to do real revisions instead of changing
      just a few lines here and there.
    - New ASCII art.  I hope it looks decent to everyone else.
    Version 1.0
    - First version of FAQ.
    ** [3] NORMAL MOVES **
      Most of Gambit's normal moves have decent range and priority, with a few 
    exceptions.  The staff is only used to attack with Strong or Fierce, unlike 
    Strider who attacks with his Cypher with any button except Jab or Short.
      Gambit's Jabs are not often used as they have little range.  The standing 
    Jab is a short ranged backhand, kinda like Dan's standing Jab.  The 
    crouching Jab is pretty much the same except lower, and the jumping Jab is 
    a jumping equivalent.  Try not to rely on these at all.
      Gambit's Short kicks have more range than his Jabs, and are more all round 
    useful.  The standing Short is a short ranged knee attack, and doesn't have 
    that many uses.  However, after jumping attacks at an opponent, the dashing 
    standing Short is a great follow up attack as Gambit's long slide on his 
    dash compensates for it's short range, and it hits crouching opponents also.  
    The crouching Short is a relatively long ranged low kick, great for straight 
    up dashing leads into combos.  The jumping Short is the preferred jumping 
    attack when you need speed and priority in the air.  It looks exactly like 
    the crouching Short, and it's range helps in taking out opponents quickly in 
    the air from afar.
      Gambit's Strong punches produce a variety of relatively fast swings with 
    his staff.  The standing Strong makes Gambit take a downward swipe with his 
    staff, and has relatively short range.  The crouching Strong is a lower
    version of the standing Strong, but tends to have a pinning down effect on
    the opponent, making it decent for ticks (although the Short kicks are
    better for this).  The jumping Strong is an upwards swing, and not that
    useful.  I guess if an opponent super jumped at you, you could try using it
    as an anti air attack, but Gambit's crouching Fierce is much better for that
      The Forward kicks are decent ranged kicks that are fairly fast, but aren't 
    major weapons in Gambit's arsenal.  The standing Forward is a mid level 
    roundhouse kick that hits crouchers, but isn't too useful.  The crouching 
    Forward is a typical low kick, not that useful either.  The jumping Forward, 
    like the jumping Strong, aims up at an angle and to be honest, I hardly ever 
    use it except in air combos.
      Gambit's Fierce punches are characterised by good range, damage, and 
    priority.  The standing Fierce is a horizontal swing, covering about half 
    the screen.  It sends opponents flying when it connects, and has great 
    priority.  Even if blocked, it pushes back fairly far, so usually it's a 
    safe ground attack, provided you can get around the split second delay on
    it.  Also be wary using it against small characters, since some characters
    can crouch under it.  The crouching Fierce is an uppercut with the staff, and 
    has great priority against jumpers, and is Gambit's only launcher.  It's got 
    relatively short range, but then again, that's typical of launchers.  In 
    fact, Gambit's crouching Fierce actually has pretty good range compared to 
    other launchers such as Ryu's crouching Fierce and Chun Li's standing 
    Roundhouse.  Finally, the jumping Fierce is a downwards swing with the staff, 
    and has great priority against grounded opponents.  Just do it slightly early 
    when jumping in, as it also has a split second delay to it.
      The Roundhouse kicks are solid hits that provide good special move and 
    super move buffers for Gambit.  The standing Roundhouse is a high hook kick 
    that stuns for a good split second, allowing various moves to combo off it.  
    I think smaller characters can crouch under this as well, so be careful.  
    The crouching Roundhouse is a long ranged sweep that sets up many of 
    Gambit's deadly OTG combos.  However, it does have some considerable
    recovery time to it, so try to cancel it into something safe most of the
    time.  The jumping Roundhouse has deceptively good range, but should not
    be used as a stand alone jump in as it doesn't have that great priority.
    It is, however, a great follow up after the jumping Fierce.
      Note that all of Gambit's chains follow the ZigZag or Hunter chain.  That 
    is, Gambit can chain from Jab to Short to Strong to Forward to Fierce to 
    Roundhouse.  He can skip several buttons, for example, just doing Jab to 
    Strong to Roundhouse, but he cannot go backwards in the series, such as
    Jab to Fierce to Short.  His chain comboing ability allows great flexibility
    in combos, but I'll get to that later.
      In short, Gambit's normal moves are used as follows :
    -Jab : Hardly ever, if only in combos.
    -Short : S.Short and C.Short for dashing, J.Short for air to air priority.
    -Strong : Standard combo moves.
    -Forward : Standard combo moves.
    -Fierce : S.Fierce for range, C.Fierce for anti air defence, J.Fierce for
      priority jumping in - use these the most.
    -Roundhouse : S.Roundhouse to set up some buffers, C.Roundhouse to set up
      Basically, Gambit should combo away repeatedly as not many of his moves
    stand up well by themselves.  The Fierce and Roundhouse attacks are very
    useful since they have speed and priority, but you really need to combo
    them in after something else to compensate for their lag times.
      Tap forward or backwards twice quickly, or hold forward or backward and 
    tap 2 punch buttons, or just tap all 3 punch buttons.
      Gambit's forward dash is a long ranged hop that comes out quickly and 
    allows him to slide forward far if he starts attacking during the dash.
    It's kinda like Ryu's dash, but unlike Ryu's dash, Gambit's dash comes out
    faster and allows him to attack earlier during the dash, and on top of that,
    it has longer range.
      The backward dash can be used from time to time to get out of trouble, but 
    the super jump is better for that anyway.
    *Super Jumping
      Flick the joystick from crouch to any jumping position quickly, or tap all 
    3 kick buttons.
      The super jump should be used when trying to escape from ground assaults 
    or to disrupt the positioning and set up of keep away games.
      The super jump has several important distinguishing differences from a 
    normal jump, besides just being higher.  Firstly, you can control yourself
    to an extent during the jump, but then again, this makes it difficult to
    move forwards whilst holding an air block since that causes you to go
    backwards.  Secondly, the super jump allows you to do several air special
    moves whilst staying up there.  More specifically, after an air special move
    during the super jump, with the exception of certain moves, you can block or
    attack afterwards.  Thirdly, you can change the direction you are facing
    during a super jump.  That is, you can super jump over your opponent, and
    come down from the other side.  Kinda predictable and not terribly useful,
    but hey, not every character has a cross up neck kick.
      Note that to super jump after a launcher to continue into an air combo, 
    you only have to tap in any upwards direction.  In other words, just do your 
    character's launcher, and hold up - it isn't necessary to do the super jump 
    *Advancing Guard
      Tap all 3 punches whilst blocking.
      Slightly toned down compared to other games in the Marvel series, but still 
    very useful.  This pushes away an opponent whilst blocking, giving it many 
    uses.  It also lessens the block damage on multi hit moves.  Note, however, 
    that it now has some recovery time, unless you repeatedly do it whilst 
      Uses for this move include :
    [A] Stopping tick throw attempts - just push away the tick lead and they'd
        be stupid to try to walk up and throw from their new position.
    [B] Avoiding jump in chains - When Spiderman/Wolverine/any other jumping
        chain combo character gets deadly with their jump in chains, just push
        back the first hit and avoid the rest.  That way, you don't have to
        guess how many times they are going to attack before landing.
    [C] Reducing super combo block damage - just keep on tapping all 3 punch
        buttons whilst blocking a multi hit super (mainly beam supers) to
        reduce the damage.  It doesn't work well against Ryu's Super Hurricane
        Kick any more though - back in other games, this was suicide for Ryu
        since it could be pushed away, leading to a free Mega Optic Blast.
    [D] Pushing away ground assaults - at some time or other, you will just get
        plain tired of Wolverine/Strider/Spiderman staying close in your face
        and chaining away.  Push them away and try to disrupt their trapping
    *Recovery Rolls
      Roll the joystick from back to down and press any punch button when 
    falling.  This works in almost all cases after being knocked down, except
    after flying screen and other certain moves.
      This can save you plenty of energy if you do it at the right time.  It's 
    main use is avoiding OTG supers, usually combo'd off a crouching Roundhouse.  
    However, you should not just do it all the time - for example, after your 
    opponent has just thrown you.  Doing this can be plain suicide since they 
    can usually just throw you again as you roll into them - particularly 
    Zangief, who can Final Atomic Buster anyone who tries this.
    *Team Counter
      Whilst blocking, roll the joystick from back to down and press Fierce and 
    Roundhouse simultaneously.  If Gambit is your current character, his partner 
    will come in, perform an attack, and Gambit will jump out.  If Gambit was 
    not your current character, he will jump in and perform a Jab Cajun Slash, 
    and your other character will jump out.  This requires 1 level of your super 
      This is a safe way to switch when you really need to.  Use it when your 
    opponent is reading your switch attempts and getting free supers.
    *Team Up Super
      Quarter circle forwards plus Fierce and Roundhouse simultaneously.  Gambit 
    will throw out a Royal Flush whilst his partner performs their super,
    regardless of whether he was your current character or not, with the
    exception of Zangief and his Double Final Atomic Buster.  This requires 2
    levels of your super meter, and will also swap your characters.
      This switches characters out, but isn't always safe since Gambit has some 
    recovery time on the Royal Flush.  Try using it with Wolverine or any other 
    character who can easily combo in the Dual Super for massive damage.
    *Helper Call
      Press Strong and Forward simultaneously.  A selected helper will come in 
    and perform an attack.  But this is a Gambit FAQ, so I won't get into this 
    *Double Team Super
      Quarter circle backwards (or was it half circle backwards?) plus Fierce 
    and Roundhouse simultaneously.  Both of your characters come on screen and 
    have infinite supers for a limited time.  Requires 2 levels of your super 
    meter, but can also be done at level 3, in which case the double team period 
    lasts longer.
      I really never use this since all it seems to me is a button mashing thing.
    People say they can get 99+ hits with this when Gambit is on their side,
    but seriously, I ask the question "why?"  You'd probably have to be darn
    stupid to get hit by this.
      Note also that when most people use this move, they usually just go into
    button mashing mode and have no idea of exactly what they are doing.  If
    all their supers seem to go low, you can try performing a Cajun Explosion
    over them to nail them both.
      Gambit has got pretty good throw range and priority, so you should by all 
    means try to use them frequently.
      The Strong/Fierce throw is probably Gambit's most useful throw - Gambit 
    holds his opponent, charging them with kinetic energy, causing them to 
    pulsate in a purple-pink colour.  He then kicks them off as they explode,
    and they hit the floor, unable to recovery roll.  This easily leads to a
    free OTG combo into huge damage.  Despite appearances, this is not a hold,
    and like normal throws, you can direct which way Gambit throws his
      The Forward/Roundhouse throw makes Gambit trip his opponent, and then
    step up on them and stab at their face with his staff.  It's a hold, so
    quickly mash the buttons for easy and plentiful damage.  This cannot be
    recovery rolled from either.
      Gambit's air throw is performed with Forward or Roundhouse.  He catches 
    them and then kicks them off with both feet, sending them quickly to the 
    ground.  I hardly ever go for Gambit's air throw, nor do I ever get it 
    accidentally since I'm always jumping in with Fierce.
    *Kinetic Card - QCF + P
      Gambit draws a couple of cards, charges them with kinetic energy, and 
    throws them forward.  They fly across the screen instantly.  If it connects, 
    the cards explode on the opponent and they fall down, unable to recovery 
      The strength of the punch button pressed determines the lag time coming 
    out and the stun time it causes.  The Jab version comes out fairly quickly 
    but doesn't stun for very long at all, whilst on the other hand, the Fierce 
    version seems to take Gambit forever to charge up, but if it connects, the 
    victim is helplessly stunned there for a good second.  For this reason, the 
    Jab version is almost always used over the other 2 versions, since the delay 
    time makes them almost useless.  Thankfully, the Jab version can be combo'd 
    in, and can also be followed up with an OTG combo for a long and stylish 
    combo that leaves opponents frustrated.  What's worse for the opponent is 
    that the OTG is not escapable, and is 100% guaranteed (provided you are fast 
    enough with a follow up), even though Flying Screen hasn't been initiated.
      The aerial version of the Kinetic Card comes down at about 30 to 45 
    degrees.  The resulting explosions cover some decent ground, so try super 
    jumping and throwing it to try and catch opponents with their guard down.  
    The angle is kinda steep, so for opponents a full screen away, you have to 
    super jump about 2/3 of the whole way up before throwing, or about 1/2 a 
    full super jump up for opponents just over 1/2 a screen away.  Stick to the 
    Jab version here as well.
    *Trick Card - QCB + P
      Gambit draws a couple of cards, pauses for a lengthy while, and throws 
    them at a steep upwards angle.  If it connects, the victim will get stunned, 
    like the Kinetic Card, before falling to the ground, unable to recovery roll.
      The delay time on this move makes it almost useless.  It's only use seem 
    to be to catch people who feel safe super jumping all the time.  You could 
    also try using it as a fake out if people try to avoid Kinetic Cards from 
    full screen range by super jumping - the Trick Card should catch them out of 
    the air, and you should be setting up a nasty combo follow up.  It's 
    sometimes useful when Chun Li players super jump and mash on the kick buttons
    to tempt you into challenging the priority of her Lightning Kicks - just
    Trick Card her out of the air and follow up.  Also good against Strider
    players who do the Wall Cling and don't know how to get back down.
    *Cajun Slash - DP + P
      The button pressed determines the type of attack Gambit performs with his 
    JAB - A single hit, quick counter strike with great range, almost no delay
     and recovery time.  A great all round move in general.  It's like the
     normal S.Fierce, but since it also nails all crouching opponents, it's more
     useful.  It also knocks opponents down, but is also great to stick at the
     end of blocked combos for free block damage.  If your opponent feels safe
     poking at you with long ranged pokes (eg. Chun Li's C.Forward, Spiderman's
     C.Short, etc.), nail them with this early to keep them back.
    STRONG - A 3 hit hopping attack, where Gambit firstly hops forward with a
     downward slash (which looks similar to the J.Fierce), and then follows up
     with an uppercut slash and a finishing downwards slamming slash.  It also
     has pretty good recovery time, and is great used as an OTG follow up after
     the C.Roundhouse.  The hop also allows Gambit to get over sweeps and cleanly
     nail opponents, so this also has many uses.
    FIERCE - A 3 hit dashing attack, where Gambit slides forward far with a
     horizontal slash, followed by an uppercut slash, and a push off type hit
     with the other end of his staff to finish.  Like the Jab and Strong
     counterparts, this also has decent recovery time, but it seems to be
     retaliated against easier than the other 2 versions.  It's basically a 3
     hit ground combo finisher that combos in well when not using too many
     ground attacks.  It can also OTG, but only for 2 hits.
     So overall, learn which Cajun Slash to use at specific times.  In short :
    JAB - Retaliation after blocking, keep away.
    STRONG - OTGs, hopping over sweeps.
    FIERCE - Ground combo finisher.
    *Cajun Strike - charge down, then up + P, then P or K
      Gambit hops up to a side of the screen.  When finishing the motion by 
    going to up, you can go to either diagonal up and forward or diagonal up and
    backward to choose which side you wish to jump to first.  You can then
    control him by moving him side to side, and come down and attack with a
    punch button for a staff attack or a kick button for a dive kick.  Gambit
    can jump between sides multiple times when doing this move.
      Gambit can't block whilst doing this move, making it not so useful.  The 
    attack coming down tends to have pretty good priority, so try it against
    opponents who don't have solid anti airs (but watch out for helpers as well).
    Try jumping from side to side repeatedly to confuse them.
    *Cajun Escape - charge down, then up + K, then K
      Similar to the Cajun Strike, but Gambit jumps up a shorter height, and can 
    only switch sides once.  However, it is faster, so you can try to quickly 
    surprise opponents with it by coming down with the kick as soon as you touch 
    the side first.
    *Royal Flush - QCF + PP
      Gambit throws his staff up into the air, draws many cards in both hands, 
    [animation pause] and then he throws out a whole lot of Kinetic Cards 
    straight, and then turns around, catches his staff, and says "See ya, chere."
      The delay time and recovery time on this has been greatly shortened since 
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, but it's still a factor.  It still does the same 
    old ridiculous damage though, so try to find openings in which you can get 
    it.  It still OTGs, so try surprising opponents by comboing it after a
    C.Roundhouse - or otherwise set it up with a helper character.  The other
    way to combo it is after a C.Fierce - after the uppercut sends them up, the
    staff of the Royal Flush can pick them off and send them flying back down
    into the cards.  However, this doesn't get too many hits and not much damage
    either, and you have to hit with the C.Fierce from pretty close then since
    the staff doesn't have much horizontal range in the air.  Try hitting
    opponents out of the air with the staff as they are just above you and
    unable to block.  It might sound like a rare occasion, but believe me, it's
    not.  Consider these examples - missed/blocked Dragon Punch or Dragon Punch
    variation, Ryu throwing a Shinkuu Hadouken above you (probably from a failed
    attempt at comboing it in an air combo), Strider player who accidentally
    done the Wall Cling and is frantically mashing on the buttons trying to get
    down, or Chun Li player who feels safe doing an Air Lightning Kick above you,
    trying to tempt you into sticking a limb into the barrage of kicks.  One 
    other note - mashing the buttons, contrary to popular belief, seems to do 
    nothing for me.  I get 37 hits when I've set it up correctly, regardless of 
    whether I mash the buttons or not.
      Overall, I'd say it should be used the same as it always has been - very 
    carefully, or only after blocking a character switch.  I don't care if it 
    looks cool or does 37 hits - it's not a safe super to use.  In short, it's
    not a super you can throw out in desperation - like most Ryu players do with
    his Shinkuu Hadouken, which is rather predictable and stupid against Gambit 
    because of his other Hyper combo, detailed below.
    *Cajun Explosion - QCF or QCB + KK
      Gambit jumps up to a side of the screen, designated by the direction of 
    the quarter circle motion.  He then draws several cards [animation pause],
    and then throws them to the ground, causing very high explosions, like 
    Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave at a 30 to 45 degree angle up to the top of the
    stage.  Gambit then hops straight down from whichever side he was at.
      A new super, and a great one.  Firstly, most other guides on the net will 
    probably say it's useless because of it's lag time coming out, and that it'll 
    never connect.  Well, I guess for the most part, that's correct.  But 
    consider the strengths of the super - great damage, and unlike the Royal
    Flush, pretty good recovery time.  And it's also generally unavoidable, and
    causes pretty good block damage anyway.  The trick to using this super
    effectively is to bait your opponent into throwing out moves with massive
    recovery time.  And I mean massive recovery time, since this takes a fair
    while to come out.  The best example is a ground super beam move.  Consider
    this - it's come down to a match between Ryu and Gambit, and they are a
    full screen apart.  When it comes down to these pressure moments, most
    people are probably going to turtle up - if they have sufficient energy to
    withstand the block damage of this, then it doesn't mean much.  Or does it?
    Try throwing a couple of Kinetic Cards - or even taunting, to try to get
    your opponent to open up.  Once you've thrown a couple of Kinetic Cards,
    your opponent will probably think that you've settled into a pattern, and
    try and nail you with a Shinkuu Hadouken in between.  But there's the 
    opening - after throwing a couple of Kinetic Cards, do this forwards.  Ryu
    will uselessly throw his super into thin air, whilst you hop over it and
    behind him, and then annihilate him with a huge explosion of Kinetic energy
    that will do huge damage, and on top of that, he's also wasted a level of
    super energy there as well.  Of course, so that it's not a total beam killer,
    Capcom had to make the jump of this move relatively low, so you have to
    time it pretty early to get over nasty beam supers.
      By the way, if you think that using this in a Double Team is a good idea, 
    well, it's not really.  The basic myth going around goes like this : you do 
    a Double Team with Gambit, and say, Captain America.  If you then do a QCF 
    motion with 2 kicks, Captain America will perform a Hyper Charging Star 
    whilst Gambit jumps behind them with a Cajun Explosion - this should equal 
    free supers, since you can't block both sides at once, right?  Well, no, it 
    doesn't work that way.  As soon as the defending player is holding guard, 
    all that player needs to do is hold on to that direction, and they'll block 
    everything, regardless of which side it comes from.
      Also try some fake outs with the Cajun Explosion - try the Cajun Escape 
    and coming down with a kick quickly.  If you're very fast with this, your 
    opponent may do an anti air move in expectation of your assault (ie. a 
    Captain Collider in most cases), leaving them wide open.  One final note -
    there is a slight gap in the screen in which the opponent can avoid this
    super - it is basically where Gambit throws the super from.  Although if
    they don't jump, they get taken with the wave, it is possible to jump from
    directly below Gambit to avoid the super and nail him with an air chain.
    ** [5] COMBOS **
      As usual, Gambit has a variety of stylish combos at his disposal - some 
    which are difficult to perform but nevertheless stylish, whilst some are 
    long and allegedly "cheap".
      All of Gambit's chains are in the ZigZag or Hunter series.  This allows 
    for great flexibility, but rarely is he able to actually pull off all the 
    hits.  Gambit's air combo finishers are his SJ.Fierce and SJ.Roundhouse.  
    Both of these will cause Flying Screen.
      A note on Gambit's air combos - Gambit's launcher sends opponents way up 
    into the air.  He basically has to super jump for a short while before you 
    can actually start attacking.  Start slightly earlier than in X-Men Vs. 
    Street Fighter, but still, wait just a little while.  This matter is further 
    complicated with the fact that when he uses the C.Fierce as an anti air 
    defence (which it is pretty darn useful as), the extra height in the launch 
    can make it impossible to land all 5 hits in the air.  Take out hits as 
    necessary - usually just SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce should be fine.
    *Beginner Combos
    1. C.Roundhouse [cancel] Royal Flush (OTG)
     Simple 38 hitter.  Well, not always 38 hits.  Sometimes it does 15 or so, 
     sometimes it does 8 or so, sometimes it does the full 38.  Since this combo 
     can be escaped from with a recovery roll, you might not wish to rely upon 
     it so much, since Gambit is left wide open if that occurs.  Also, this 
     combo doesn't work against an opponent right in the corner for some reason.
    2. J.Fierce, S.Roundhouse [cancel] Fierce Cajun Slash
     5 hits for easy and solid damage.
    3. C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse [cancel] Strong Cajun Slash (OTG)
     A simple and effective combo used by beginners and experts alike.  6 solid 
    4. DS.C.Short, C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce
     An easy air combo for 5 hits.  Try to get the timing down on Gambit's air 
     combos - they are slower than Wolverine's or Spiderman's, but still fairly 
    *Intermediate Combos
    5. Strong/Fierce throw opponent into corner, then C.Short (OTG), C.Fierce,
       SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce
     A simple yet very powerful 6 hitter in the corner.  The OTG can't even be 
     escaped here, making it safe as well (and also attracting allegations of 
     being "cheap").  This combo is also possible outside the corner, but then 
     you have to do a DS.C.Short instead of just a C.Short.
    6. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse [cancel] Jab Kinetic Card, Jab Cajun 
     The Jab Cajun Slash will catch the opponent before they even hit the floor 
     after the Jab Kinetic Card.  To get the Jab Kinetic Card to connect after 
     the S.Roundhouse, you have to cancel it fast, and be right up next to your 
     opponent.  Remove the J.Roundhouse if necessary.
    7. J.Fierce, C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.Fierce
     Easy air combo for 7 hits.  Kinda risky since the C.Fierce might miss after 
     the J.Fierce due to it's short range.
    8. Strong/Fierce throw, Royal Flush (OTG)
     First found in James Chen's X-Men Vs. Street Fighter combo FAQ, and still 
     in Marvel Vs. Capcom.  The OTG Royal Flush isn't even escapable - but the 
     timing is decently hard (although James has it listed in his beginner's 
     combo section... odd).
    9. DS.C.Forward, S.Fierce [cancel] Jab Cajun Slash
     Thanks to E.J. for this combo from his Gambit FAQ.  The S.Fierce sends them 
     flying, and the Jab Cajun Slash follows it up for another hit that sends 
     them flying.  Stylish, but rather difficult.
    *Harder Combos
    10. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Short, C.Fierce [cancel] Royal Flush
     The staff will catch the opponent out of the air, but not for many hits.  
     Stylish nevertheless.
    11. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Short, S.Strong, C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short,
        SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.Fierce
     The bread and butter Gambit 10 hitter.  You have to omit the S.Strong 
     against smaller characters, but against larger characters, you can add a 
     S.Jab at the start of the dashing sequence.
    12. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, S.Fierce
     A dashing 7 hit dialer type combo, but it looks odd seeing Gambit do it.  
     The S.Fierce sends them flying at the end, making a pretty stylish combo 
     finisher.  Also try using a Jab Cajun Slash at the end.
    13. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Short, S.Roundhouse [cancel] Jab Kinetic
        Card, DS.C.Short (OTG), C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce
     A 10 hitter that's rather difficult to do, and long winded.  Basically, get 
     as close to your opponent as you can with the dash, and make sure you 
     cancel the S.Roundhouse as quickly as possible.  Then follow up with the 
     DS.C.Short as quickly as possible - they don't lie on the ground for very 
     long.  Then finish off the combo with an air combo.  This is actually a 
     variation on a similar combo in James Chen's X-Men Vs. Street Fighter FAQ, 
     which, for the record, goes like this :
        J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse /\ DS.S.Short -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab Kinetic
        Card, DS.C.Short (OTG) -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> C.Fierce \/ SJ.Jab ->
        SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS).
     In other words, I've taken out a couple of hits, although I'll have to try 
     the fuller combo with those 3 extra hits some day.
    *Other Combos
    1. C.Roundhouse [cancel] Character Switch (OTG)
     Quite possibly the most useful and practical combo of all time.  Thanks 
     again to James Chen for this combo in his X-Men Vs. Street Fighter FAQ.  
     For the most part, even if your opponent does escape the 2nd hit with a 
     recovery roll, your character coming in will be safe anyway.  You can also 
     try leading with a longer combo to begin with, like :
       J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Short, C.Strong, C.Roundhouse [cancel]
       Character Switch (OTG)
    2. Helper Call, follow up combo.
     It all comes down to the helper you have selected.  I think the best helper 
     would have to be Colossus - he comes down from above you, so he can be used 
     as an anti air, plus he juggles so well and easily sets up free Royal 
     Flushes, or if you dash after him, a simple juggle with a C.Fierce into an 
     air combo.  I guess you could also try going for the Fierce Kinetic Card to 
     set up a follow up Royal Flush whilst Colossus is juggling the opponent.  
     Other good helpers to set up the Royal Flush include Psylocke, U.S. Agent, 
     Sentinel, and Juggernaut.  Also try using other helpers to their full 
     potential - for example, with Cyclops, follow up his optic blast with a
     DS.C.Short.  The optic blast doesn't knock down, so if you're fast enough, 
     you can lead it into a combo.  King Arthur and Thor have attacks that can 
     be crouched under - try following up with a jump in.  I've also been told 
     that Lou sets up a Cajun Explosion - haven't tried it yet though.
    3. C.Roundhouse [cancel] Dual Super (OTG)
     Coupled with another beam super (Ryu, War Machine, etc.), this results in a 
     huge beam that should easily get 50+ hits.  More effective than this, 
     however, is using a character with a super that's easily combo'd in, and 
     having Gambit coming in.  For example, with a Wolverine/Gambit team with 
     Wolverine on screen, try this :
       J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, DS.C.Jab, C.Short, C.Forward [cancel] Dual
     Basically, Wolverine will pummel them with 6 hits, before setting up the 
     Dual Super.  Since his Dual Super, the Berserker Barrage X, comes out 
     instantly, the opponent will get hit by that for a while, before Gambit 
     comes in and finishes off the combo in style with a Royal Flush.  Stylish 
     and very easy.  However, Dual Supers that come off instantly are rare 
     nowadays - Captain America and Ken seem to be the only other remaining 
     instant Dual Super setups.  Most importantly, however, is that this combo 
     switches your characters, and is very useful when you need to switch and 
     your opponent is turtling up, and waiting for you to switch so they can 
     nail you with a super, since the jump in chain will almost certainly trick 
    *Trick Combos
      These aren't real combos, but sequences you use to trick your opponent 
    into getting hit.  They are very useful when your opponent turtles up.
    1. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Short, Strong/Fierce throw, OTG combo
     Basically, the DS.S.Short will bring you close enough to your opponent to 
     easily set up a throw.  People call me "cheap" all the time for using this, 
     but who cares?  It is very effective and will get you free hits everywhere.  
     Once your opponent wises up to this, try just jumping in blocking, or just 
     jumping back with an air block after the DS.S.Short - your opponent 
     probably either wants to nail you with a super or throw you back.
    2. Corner opponent, then Jab Kinetic Card, Jab Cajun Slash
     The Jab Kinetic Card recovers fast enough to nail any counterattack attempts 
     with a Jab Cajun Slash.  Also try the Strong Cajun Slash against trip happy 
     opponents - it will hop right over their sweep and nail them for 3 clean 
    3. Jab Cajun Slash, Jab Cajun Slash
     Similar to the above sequence, and very effective.  Hold block after the 
     first Cajun Slash if you think your opponent thinks you've settled into a 
    4. J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse, DS.S.Jab, Strong/Fierce throw, OTG combo
     Against everyone but Hulk, Venom, and possibly Zangief, this is a free 
     combo.  It's a tick, but then it's not.  Basically, the S.Jab is used 
     because it whiffs crouching opponents.  This means you can throw them 
     faster than if you tick them with a S.Short.  Then follow up with an OTG 
     combo as usual.  The S.Jab can be said to be used to basically just stop 
     the dash, since you can't throw opponents whilst dashing.
    ** [6] General Strategy **
      Gambit's main strengths are his speed and fast combos.  You should go for 
    them whenever you can, and keep up the pressure on your opponent.
      Gambit's best jump in chain is by far the J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse chain.  
    The J.Fierce has great priority and range, and since it hits from so high, 
    it easily chains into the J.Roundhouse.  This chain tends to be very 
    deceptive, since the lag time between the 2 hits is actually quite
    significant.  Opponents will go into a crouch block after blocking the
    J.Fierce from fear of following low ground attacks - that's when the
    J.Roundhouse nails them, setting up a free combo.  However, you shouldn't
    get too confident with the J.Fierce, since there are still many nasty anti
    airs that will take it out - the good old Dragon Punch, the Captain Collider,
    and of course the usual anti air supers.
      On that note, you really have to learn to be able to dash after jump ins.  
    The J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse chain tends to push the opponent back a little 
    bit, making it nearly impossible to land the C.Fierce afterwards.  By being 
    able to dash after the jump in, you make your combo longer, more damaging, 
    and in the event that your opponent blocks it, safer, since you have more 
    time to recognise that your opponent has blocked it, and then you can 
    finish it off in something that recovers quickly, like a Jab Cajun Slash.
      Of course, that doesn't mean you should be jumping in all the time - any 
    fast character can walk under Gambit's jump and throw him from behind as
    he lands.  Against these guys, the DS.C.Short becomes very important.  It
    has great range and priority over most grounded normal attacks, so dash in
    with it frequently, and keep up close and maintain the pressure.  That
    doesn't necessarily mean that you never block though - there are the usual
    nasty supers waiting for you if you're careless - the Beserker Barrage X
    and Shoryureppa variations are particularly nasty and usually can set up
    major Dual Supers.  So dash in, and then just block every now and then once
    you've got them frustrated from your dashing assaults.  Remember to throw in
    the occasional tick in your ground assaults - it'll leave opponents more
    open as they grow weary of throws, and try to go for major counters (usually
    in the form of Hyper combos) that may leave them open for a free Royal Flush.
    This is true for any character, but especially true for Gambit, because it
    annoys opponents more when you not only get a throw, but if you used the
    Strong/Fierce throw, you also get a free follow up OTG combo that can't be 
      On that topic, Gambit's throws should be used frequently to open up holes 
    in your opponent's defence.  The Strong/Fierce throw is probably your best 
    throw since it sets up major combos, but the Forward/Roundhouse throw is 
    your best friend when you want to cheese someone off.  Just look at it - 
    Gambit just mashes their face into a pulp with the staff.
      A neat little trap worth learning is the Kinetic Card trap.  Basically, 
    you just get a full screen between you and your opponent, and then start 
    throwing out Jab Kinetic Cards.  If your opponent jumps forward, you just 
    use the range of your S.Fierce to hit them and send them flying back to
    where they came from - then cancel into a Jab Kinetic Card and repeat.  Even
    if the S.Fierce is blocked, it pushes your opponent back far anyway, and the
    Kinetic Card block damage is unavoidable.  If your opponent super jumps,
    either wait and C.Fierce them out of the air or just dash under them and
    set it up from the other side.  Keeping out of reach with Gambit will
    probably frustrate most opponents and entice them into charging at you -
    this will leave a lot of openings in their defence, meaning a lot of free
    combos.  However, during the trap, you should watch out for the usual beam
    super counters.  Gambit now has the Cajun Explosion to get over these for
    easy damage from behind your opponent, so just watch carefully.  Usually
    they'll try throwing a beam super after 2 blocked Jab Kinetic Cards - 
    especially if they've been hit back by a S.Fierce when trying to jump over
    your Kinetic Cards.  However, if their beam super cannot be countered with
    a Cajun Explosion, your only option then is to super jump.  This is
    necessary against MegaMan and I think possibly War Machine as well.  Also
    watch for other counters like Spider-man's Maximum Spider.
      Gambit's combos are largely reliant on OTGs.  An opponent who is quick to 
    react to his OTG combos would probably be able to avoid several nasty 
    combos, or at least certainly the good old C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse 
    [cancel] Strong Cajun Slash (OTG) combo.  However, this does not mean 
    Gambit's offense has fallen apart - his other OTG setups, the Strong/Fierce 
    throw and Kinetic Card, are not escapable by rolling.  Use these the most 
    when you need guaranteed combos.
      Just play cool, calm, and stylish.  That's the basic key to playing a 
    solid Gambit - using pressure tactics, doing long combos, tricking your 
    opponent, and doing it all in fine style.
    ** [7] Strategy Vs. Specific Characters **
      OK, I'll be honest - there is a dire lack of variety in my local area.  
    Almost everyone can be classified in one of these 3 groups :
    *Shotokan types - they pick Ryu and Captain Commando/Morrigan/MegaMan, and
     rely on their fireballs like crazy.  Sometimes they also play Chun Li,
     probably because they only know those 2 characters' moves.
    *Exclusive throw players - the usual annoying opponents, usually playing
     Chun Li and some other character good with throws.
    *"Experts" - the guys who pick Wolverine/Spider-man/Strider and go button
     mashing like crazy.
       So basically, this section is not going to be very detailed.  My
    apologies, but it's not really my fault either.  Everyone picks out of this
    group of characters :
    -Chun Li
    -Captain Commando
      And that doesn't necessarily mean they know how to play those characters 
    effectively anyway.
    *Captain America
      Cap's main strengths are his Fierce punches and all round strength.
    Fortunately, in most cases, Gambit's Fierce punches outprioritise Captain
    America.  Try jumping in with J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse frequently to
    outprioritise his C.Fierce and S.Strong.  Once you've got him on that, just
    jump in and hold block from time to time for the Stars and Stripes, and
    try to follow up and attack him as he recovers.
      The ground battle against Cap is a little bit more balanced, since he has 
    the S.Fierce to rely on.  Try nailing him from just outside his range
    with a Jab Cajun Slash.
      The other main note against Captain America is that he's got some fairly 
    all purpose Hyper combos.  The Hyper Charging Star, despite being slow to 
    come out, recovers quickly and does good block damage - not much you can 
    really do against that one.  The Hyper Stars and Stripes comes out instantly 
    and goes well in ground combos.  The Final Justice has a bit of delay time 
    to come out, but it does some pretty good damage.  Just watch for those and 
    you should be fine.
      By the way, Cap's double jump makes the Kinetic Card trap almost useless 
    against him.
    *Captain Commando
      Most Captain Commando players play keep away.  If that's the case, you 
    should either try to get in and pound him, or lure him out.
      To get through CapCom's barrage of long distance attacks, the best method 
    is probably super jumping.  In most cases, just come down blocking - he'll 
    probably go for a Captain Collider, which then translates into an easy
    combo for you after you air block it.  Another good way to get through is
    the dash and then jump forward quickly.  This is pretty fast and gets
    across the screen quickly, so you'll probably surprise him.  Try throwing
    out an appropriate helper if necessary to get through.
      If you have difficulty getting through, another great tactic is to lure 
    Captain Commando out to you.  Try the Kinetic Card trap from a full screen 
    away - most CapCom players, upon seeing you settle into a Kinetic Card 
    pattern, will probably try to get in close to you.  Notice how easily the 
    tables were turned - now you're keeping him away, and he's trying to get in 
    through your defense.  If they persist, well, try super jumping and quickly 
    throwing a Jab Kinetic Card to hit from from out of screen, or maybe even 
    taunting - the idea is to get CapCom out if you have difficulty against his 
    keep away game.
      The other, much more uncommon type of Captain Commando is the aggressive 
    combo crazy type.  In this case, he's much more deadly, as he can combo in 
    supers with ease, and has pretty powerful combos even without supers 
    (DS.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Fierce, Captain Fire - nasty).  Try keeping him 
    out with S.Fierces, Jab Cajun Slashes, and C.Fierce any jumpers.  Try not to 
    engage in air to air battles with anything but the J.Short as a lead -
    usually, CapCom's superior air throw range will prevail.  Use those helpers
    to set up combos when necessary - Colossus is probably the best here as he
    comes down from above you, taking out any jumping assaults.
    *Chun Li
      Most Chun Li players are throw happy types, so just keep your distance 
    with Jab Cajun Slashes and S.Fierce punches.  You have to be very careful in 
    the ground battle as her Thousand Burst Kick combos in easily now.  Recovery 
    roll to avoid the usual C.Roundhouse, Lightning Kicks (OTG) combo.
      The DS.C.Short is probably going to be your best weapon here.  It's fast 
    and will usually take out most of Chun Li's ground based attacks.  Try
    leading this into Gambit's Strong/Fierce throw, and following it up with an
    OTG.  Then try this sequence - DS.C.Short, pause, Jab Cajun Slash - after
    being ticked a couple of times, most players will either try to sweep you
    or throw you back - that's when the Jab Cajun Slash will hammer them
    straight back.
      When jumping in at Chun Li, you either have to go for the J.Fierce from 
    further away, or just block.  Her S.Roundhouse still has insane priority and 
    can now lead into her air super, and she also has the Ha San Tenshou Kyaku 
    to nail jumpers.
      I've also been told that you should try walking under Chun Li's jump and 
    launching her with a C.Fierce from behind.  I don't know, it doesn't sound 
    right to me - Gambit is a fairly tall character, making him an easy target 
    for a Head Stomp.
      Most Gambit players try playing keep away with the Kinetic Cards, so
    just jump in and combo away, but remember to jump in blocking from time to
    time in case he's going to set up a Royal Flush with a helper.
      From what I've seen, most Gambit players don't utilise his superior
    abilities in close combat.  Just dash in at him and combo away.  Throw in
    the occasional tick and nail anti counter attack attempts with the Jab Cajun
    Slash.  And finally, recovery roll whenever possible - there are many nasty
    OTG's to watch out for.
      I think the Kinetic Card trap works effectively against him for the most 
    part - his slow speed should make it difficult for him to get in without at 
    least taking some block damage, unless he just super jumps anyway.
      Try jumping in at Hulk with the J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse chain frequently.  
    Be sure to start the J.Fierce early though - because of his size, some of 
    Hulk's anti airs reach very high.  However, when Hulk has his super meter 
    charged, you have to jump in blocking from time to time, in case he goes for 
    the Gamma Crush.
      Another good tactic is to lead combos against Hulk with the C.Roundhouse - 
    they still knock him down, and you have a variety of OTG follow ups at your 
    disposal, but this tactic kinda grows useless once he recovery rolls all the 
    time.  Dash in with a C.Short, then throw - that is another good way to get 
    around his super armor.
      You should take advantage of any opportunities that arise with the 
    recovery time of Hulk's moves - for example, if they keep on trying to
    launch you with the C.Fierce, just quickly dash in and attack after blocking
      A lot of Jin's moves, despite their lag time or recovery time, tend to 
    have great priority - the Drill Kick, for instance, will otuprioritise
    your C.Fierce.  You should rather try to rely on your speed to get around
    Jin's assault to find hits.
      Most Jin players like to follow up a C.Roundhouse with a Jin Dynamite - 
    just block and follow up with a Jab Cajun Slash.  Also try the keep away 
    Kinetic Card trap against Jin.
      Finally, dealing with Jin's Hyper combos - the Great Cyclone reaches up to 
    the top of the stage - watch for this, even when you're super jumping.
    The Blodia Fist is quite deadly from the right range, and combos in fairly
    easily as well.  The Blodia Vulcan has a little bit of delay time to it,
    but does very good damage.  For the Blodia supers, just watch for the opening
    animation, and try to super jump on reaction.
      MegaMan's main weapons are the Mega Buster and his Item weapons.
      The Mega Buster, being a one button fireball move, will probably be
    completely abused by your opponent.  Most MegaMan players like to jump, fire
    a Mega Buster, land, and fire another one.  This basically results in 2 Mega
    Busters (albeit small) coming at you, making it necessary to super jump to
    avoid them.  Since Gambit is a fairly tall target, this doesn't make it much
    easier either.  The solutions, however, are simple - since MegaMan players
    get VERY predictable with the Mega Buster, you can easily get a free Royal
    Flush.  You can also just super jump and throw out a couple of Kinetic Cards
    to get him to stop his monotonous pattern.
      The other style of Mega Buster play tends to be to charge it for a long 
    time, and use it in some nasty combos.  You can't do much to stop him from 
    charging it up, but you should just try to play keep away yourself, since 
    most MegaMan players just turtle up when they are charging up the Mega 
    Buster.  Just throw out a couple of Kinetic Cards to lure him out, and
    super jump away when he comes at you - this should keep him away and make it
    harder for him to find a situation in which to effectively use the Mega
      Also, MegaMan's S.Roundhouse launches, has good anti air priority, and can 
    combo into the Hyper MegaMan - so be careful jumping in, and watch the range 
    you jump in from.  Try dashing in with a C.Short instead - MegaMan has very 
    little close combat priority, making him an easy target for dashing combos.
      Finally, dealing with MegaMan's supers - well, not very difficult at
    all, really.  The Hyper MegaMan, despite appearing to be very deadly and all,
    will basically never connect unless he gets it in an air combo, since the
    delay time before it comes out is just way too long.  It also has some
    recovery time to it, so try nailing him with a Royal Flush after you block
    it.  The Drill super (I can't remember it's real name) also has recovery
    time, and isn't that deadly either - just super jump when you see him do it.
    The Beat Plane is also not that dangerous - when MegaMan finishes, he can't
    block as he falls down from wherever he finished the super - this equals
    free C.Fierces into air combos and Royal Flushes.  Just super jump away from
    the Beat Plane, and see if he follows you up - if he doesn't, then he's just 
    wasted a super; if he does, then he risks giving away a free combo due to the
    added landing recovery time.
      The Kinetic Card trap should work against Morrigan easily.  Just watch for 
    the Soul Razor, and Cajun Explosion behind her for when she's caught 
    throwing the super fireball.
      Otherwise, just dash in and combo away.  Don't forget to lead the 
    DS.C.Short into ticks to annoy her.
      I'm not sure if jumping in is safe against Morrigan or not - the C.Fierce 
    seems to have decent anti air priority, but then again, Gambit's J.Fierce 
    outprioritises a lot of normal anti airs.
    Ryu Mode
      Most Ryu players just play in Ryu mode and don't ever bother changing to 
    the other modes.
      Ryu is now quite slow.  This leaves him open to many fast combos and
    tricks that Gambit has.  Dash in with the C.Short frequently, but be
    cautious in case he's going to try to nail you with the Super Hurricane Kick.
    In fact, you should just watch out from close range for his supers, since the
    Shinshoryuken also does very good damage.  Personally, I miss the good old 
    days when you could just push back Ryu's Super Hurricane Kick and toast him 
    with a Mega Optic Blast.
      Try using the Kinetic Card trap against Ryu, and you should easily be able 
    to pick his Shinkuu Hadouken and get a free Cajun Explosion.
      If Ryu throws fireballs off a normal jump, just dash in under it and
    C.Fierce him as he comes down, because he can't block then.  If he has thrown
    it low to the ground, just super jump and throw a couple of Kinetic Cards.
    Ken Mode
      In Ken mode, Ryu is considerably faster than in Ryu mode, but now he has a 
    lot of moves that are basically suicidal.
      In this mode, Ryu basically has no counters for the Kinetic Card trap - 
    all he can do is super jump to avoid.  In fact, the only dangers he poses in 
    Ken mode are his instantly initiating, very-easy-to-combo supers.  The 
    Shoryureppa remains the great ground combo counter, having good range and 
    doing considerable damage.  The Shinryuken is an all purpose anti air - be 
    sure to jump in blocking for that.  The Shippu Jinrai Kyaku - well, I've
    never seen anyone use it, so I don't know.  Hopefully it has the same
    massive recovery time it has in SF3.  Just play keep away and you should
    beat him easily.
      It kinda annoys me that getting in close and comboing Ken just doesn't 
    work as effectively since he's got those nasty Hyper combos.  The Shinryuken 
    will take out jumpers, and the Shoryureppa can nullify your dashing assaults 
    since it can be done so instantly.  Both of them leave him wide open, so 
    just be sure to be cautious when in short range.
    Akuma Mode
      In Akuma mode, Ryu gains the speed and power of Akuma, but also has to put 
    up with the damage handicap - use this to your full advantage, and punish 
    him with combos whenever you can.
      Ryu is again susceptible to the Kinetic Card trap in Akuma mode, except 
    that now he has a diagonal air fireball to counter from long range.  Most 
    Akuma players will throw it from just a standard jump, so it's possible to 
    just super jump and throw a Jab Kinetic Card early during the super jump.  
    If timed right, this should catch him.  Once you've got him frustrated
    from long range, he's probably going to try to counter your ground Kinetic
    Cards with a Messatsu Gouhadou - free Cajun Explosion.
      Up close, Akuma has the same old Messatsu Goushoryuu to rely on to
    instantly counter ground assaults.  Just watch for it when you dash in.
      Now, most of the time in Akuma mode, the big favourite move seems to be 
    the Dive Kick.  I'm not sure yet, but I think Gambit's C.Fierce, if timed
    right, should be able to beat it cleanly.  Otherwise, just super jump back
    and throw a couple of aerial Kinetic Cards, or just block and push it back.
      It is best to play up close and combo away at Spider-man.  If you play a 
    defensive game, it is still possible to win, but then you are allowing him 
    to control the pace of the match, and his constant barrage of attacks can 
    become difficult to defend against.
      Spider-man's J.Roundhouse can outprioritise your C.Fierce - this makes for 
    some major problems.  You're basically going to have to keep up at him and 
    keep him on the defensive, since Spider-man can find his way through 
    defences easily.  Jump in with the J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse chain, but be sure 
    to start it early.  You'll have to be ready to block backwards though, since 
    some Spider-man players like to walk under Gambit's high jump, and set up an 
    air combo from behind with a C.Forward into S.Roundhouse.
      Dashing is another good way to keep Spider-man pinned - keep on dashing 
    and attacking with a short sequence like DS.C.Short, C.Strong, C.Forward, 
    and repeat.  Add in the throw here and there and counter any counter attack 
    attempts with a Jab Cajun Slash, and it should be all over in a hurry.  
    Basically, if Spider-man is keeping you blocking, he's got many weapons to 
    get through your guard; but if you keep Spider-man on the defensive, you can 
    easily take away his main strength - he's not going to be very agile when 
    he's just sitting there blocking your attacks.
      Now then, dealing with the supers - the Maximum Spider is not at all
    useful to Spidey unless he can properly set it up with a good helper or
    Fierce Web Ball - you should never get hit by the latter, but be careful for
    the helper.  The Crawler Assault often comes in an OTG combo, so be ready
    to roll from that one.  The Hyper Web Throw is only deadly when you're
    doing a move with long lag time - that shouldn't occur, since you really
    shouldn't be throwing any Kinetic Cards when you're trying to constantly
    combo away.
      Of course, all this information is irrelevant if they play Spidey like 
    another fireball character.  I've seen many Spider-man players just sitting 
    back and throwing Fierce Web Balls until one connects, and following up with 
    a Maximum Spider.  In this case, just jump over and hammer him with the 
    combo of your choice.
      Strider will most likely keep up in your face with those usual 6 hit
    chains and nasty long combos.  The key here, again, as with Spider-man, is
    to keep Strider on the defensive.
      Strider's C.Fierce provides almost impenetrable anti air defense, so
    you're probably going to have to rely on the DS.C.Short as your main combo
    lead.  Besides, if you jump in too much, Strider can easily air throw you
    because of his great air throw priority.
      So anyway, as with Spider-man, keep dashing in and keeping him pinned.  
    Mix in the occasional throw - this will get the message across that just 
    sitting there and holding block does not translate into safety.  This will 
    then cause him to open up more holes in his defence - he may start trying to 
    dial combo you as soon as he sees you pause and look like you're walking in 
    for a throw.  Try a Jab Cajun Slash here to hit him back, or a Strong Cajun 
    Slash if you think he'll go for sweeps.
      Eventually, when he's tired of defending, he'll call up the Ourobolos.  
    The best thing to do is probably to super jump away, and throw a couple of 
    aerial Kinetic Cards.  Also try using the Cajun Explosion into your own 
    corner if you just need to keep him at bay.  If all else fails, just sit 
    there and block it - it doesn't do that much block damage anyway, and 
    there's no danger of him throwing you at that time - all he can really
    do is just go through his 6 hit chain.
      His other supers shouldn't pose a threat at all.  The Legion is just way 
    too slow to come out, giving you ages to just super jump.  A couple of birds 
    will still hit you though, so just super jump back and hold air block.  The 
    Ragnarok similarly has great lag time to it, so you shouldn't ever really 
    get hit by that either.
      Oh, and when Strider players accidentally do the Wall Cling, they tend to 
    panic.  They start mashing buttons like crazy to try to get down, and all 
    that happens is that Strider hangs there slashing away.  Just get him down 
    with a Cajun Explosion or set up a Royal Flush with a Trick Card.  Or
    you could even dash under him, and throw the Royal Flush such that the staff
    will hit him down, and he'll get hammered by the cards.
      Venom's main weapons are his Venom Fang, his air combo, and his Strong 
      Venom can defend against Gambit's J.Fierce with a S.Roundhouse - watch the 
    range, and try to jump in from further out.  This leaves dashing as your 
    safest combo lead, but you should still be careful since if he sees it 
    coming, he can hit you from half a screen away with the C.Fierce.
      Venom is most effective when he's on the offensive, so yet again, you 
    should work to keep him on the defensive.  The Venom Fang has very good
    recovery time and outprioritises most attacks, and you'll probably find
    yourself blocking that all the time.  However, most Venom players will just
    hold block afterwards from fear of a counter attack, so just block it, and
    walk up and throw.  Venom uses his air combo very frequently, but the
    S.Strong isn't going to be outprioritising Gambit's J.Fierce much, so don't
    worry about that.  However, Venom can easily set it up with his Strong
    throw.  This has got to be one of the best throws in the game, because it
    even sets up the Death Bite (Strong throw, C.Strong, C.Forward [cancel]
    Death Bite).  You'll have to watch for his throw from in close since it is
    just so versatile in being able to set up so many nasty combos.
      Venom's supers are, for the most part, easy to avoid.  The Venom Web
    covers the entire screen, but the flag of him flashing white makes it easy
    to see coming.  Just don't get caught performing a move with long lag time.
    Try not to throw out Cajun Explosions either - the Venom Web can catch
    Gambit out just before the cards explode.  Venom's other super, the Death
    Bite, is also deadly because of it's execution speed.  Try and react to this
    one quickly so as to super jump and avoid it.
    *War Machine
      I think War Machine players can be classified into 2 different categories - 
    the usual keep away Shoulder Cannon happy players, and the more unusual, 
    aggressive War Machine.  The former shouldn't pose many problems at all, but 
    the latter probably will.
      Most War Machine players will just try to keep you away with Shoulder
    Cannons.  Just jump over and go for your combos, but watch out for his
    anti airs.  It is easy for him to set up a Proton Cannon with a good helper,
    so just be careful jumping in.  Dashing in, on the other hand, is quite
    safe since Gambit's DS.C.Short is just so fast and easily outprioritises
    War Machine's ground attack game.  Lead it into the combo of your choice.
      The other type, the aggressive combo crazy guys, are far more deadly.  
    They'll probably go for the usual J.Fierce aimed downwards - just hit him 
    out with a C.Fierce into an air combo.  War Machine's Knee Dive is 
    counterable with a C.Fierce, but the timing is crucial.  Watch out carefully
    when he does it off a super jump - this can lead into a combo easily.  You'll
    also have to be very quick in hitting War Machine out of flight - most good
    War Machine players will not just keep on flying and throwing out attacks
    when they can see you're going to get through and combo him insanely.
      Finally, War Machine's supers are very powerful and you have to be weary 
    of them.  The Proton Cannon, despite it's lag time, can be set up with a 
    good helper.  Watch for that, and punish him before he can recover.  The
    War Destroyer is particularly deadly in it's easy set up of a S.Roundhouse -
    watch your jump in range.
      Another combo crazy type, and arguably the "cheapest" character in the 
    game.  Wolverine has many, many weapons you'll have to learn to counter
    and avoid.
      Firstly, Wolverine's dashing assaults are fast and can easily lead into 
    supers.  The most typical dashing lead tends to be the DS.C.Jab or 
    DS.C.Short - both of these are very fast (near instant!) and should be
    watched for.  Try an keep him back with an S.Fierce from out of range, or
    a Jab Cajun Slash.  You can also try a Strong Cajun Slash to hop over his
    low level crouching attacks.  But above all, be patient - when Wolverine
    dashes in with a combo, you don't want to get hit by any one of those hits,
    since it can easily combo into a Fatal Claw or Berserker Barrage X for
    easy damage.  Couple that with Wolverine's rather long throw range and
    great throw priority, and well, you either have to patiently wait out his
    barrage and pick the moments to attack or just keep blocking altogether.
      Secondly, Wolverine's other main combo lead is the jump in.  His J.Jab, 
    J.Short, J.Strong chain, besides working on everybody, is very confusing.  
    Just try and hit him out of it with a C.Fierce quickly.  Try not to match 
    him in the air - the J.Jab has supreme air to air priority, and can easily 
    lead into a combo.  Wolverine can also super jump and go into the Head 
    Stomp, SJ.Roundhouse chain.  You'll probably have to just block this for the 
    most part, since if it's well positioned, it outprioritises your C.Fierce.  
    If he gets predictable, hit him out of it with a Royal Flush - the staff 
    should nail him during his Head Stomp and send him right into the cards.
      Finally, when you have Wolverine on the defensive, you have a variety of 
    options available.  Dashing in and comboing away is usually going to work, 
    but you will have to watch for his defenses.  His S.Roundhouse provides 
    solid anti air defense, and if you outprioritise it with your J.Fierce, he 
    may start trying to set up combos otherwise by walking under your jump and 
    hitting you from behind with a C.Strong.  This can lead to an air combo 
    (C.Strong, S.Roundhouse, etc.), or even a Fatal Claw (C.Strong, S.Fierce 
    [cancel] Fatal Claw).  So be careful.  And when going for combos on the 
    ground, you basically have to try to leave no gap at all - any gap and it's 
    an easy Berserker Barrage X for him.  Well then, having covered his 
    defensive game, he doesn't have many shortcomings, does he?  Actually,
    Wolverine is quite susceptible to the Kinetic Card trap - use it whenever
      Everyone knows Zangief is going to go for the Spinning Piledriver whenever 
    possible, so try to play a solid keep away game with the Kinetic Card trap.  
    Jump in and combo away leading with the J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse chain when 
      When (if) Zangief turns into Mega Zangief, just perform the Cajun
    Explosion into your own corner - it'll be easy damage.  If you don't have
    any super meter, just keep him away with the Kinetic Card trap (as usual).
    First Form
      It's preferable to have a good, fast, multi hitting helper selected.  I 
    usually go with Colossus or Psylocke.  Anyway, just block and back off, and
    corner yourself.  Just block and push away the Magnetic Tempest, Shockwave,
    and Mega Optic Blast, and super jump to avoid the Hyper Grav.  Once you're
    cornered, call up your helper - preferably when he's not about to attack.
    As the helper hits, start into your full 6 hit standing chain.  Once you
    reach the end, allow for a short pause after the S.Roundhouse hits, before
    calling the helper again.  The pause is there just to decrease the chances
    of him teleporting away during your combo.  Go into the chain again, and
    keep on repeating.  If you find yourself running out of helper calls, just
    go into the combo from scratch, but make sure first that he's not about to
    attack.  From time to time, you can also just super jump and throw a couple
    of Kinetic Cards if you find it difficult to set up your chain combo, but
    just be careful in case he tries to catch you out of the air with a Hyper
      Onslaught may also call a helper.  They have infinite Hyper combo energy, 
    so be weary of that.
      Finally, try not to switch, and don't throw supers.
    Second Form
      If you beat the first form by repeatedly combing him with the 6 hit chain, 
    by now you should have 3 levels.  You're going to need them.  Again, you'll 
    probably have to just block for the beams - they do a lot of damage and he 
    tends to fire a couple in succession, covering a lot of the screen.  The 
    most obvious opportunity to attack him is when he goes for the arm charge - 
    super jump over this, and when he comes back on screen, jump and hit him 
    with a full 6 hit jumping chain.  Other chances arise when Onslaught comes 
    on to the screen near the ground - if he's not close to the corner, throw a 
    Cajun Explosion for massive damage.  You want him on the screen when you 
    throw it, but be careful since he might be about to fire a beam, and the
    delay time on the Cajun Explosion will get you killed.  Onslaught also has
    the Hyper Grav in this form, so avoid that also.  Finally, if he's just 
    floating way up in the sky, don't worry about going after him - just be 
    patient and wait for him to come down.
    ** [8] CREDITS AND THANKS **
    Allen Kim - discussion about all Capcom games, and passing the Street Fighter
     Alpha FAQ on to me.
    GameFAQs - uploading this and my Street Fighter Alpha FAQ.
    NeoGrief - uploading my Street Fighter Alpha FAQ.
    James Chen - the great FAQs on Marvel Super Heroes (the original one, not
     MSH Vs. Street Fighter) and then on X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.
    All the guys I played at Galaxy World and Playland - they may not be terribly
     original in character selection, but hey, it's competition.
    Edmund Patdu and Miguel Raya - feedback on the first version on this FAQ.
    E.J. - fellow Gambit FAQ author and for a couple of combos.  He has a great
     comprehensive Gambit FAQ, so go read it if you need the fine intricacies of 
     playing Gambit.
    Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or additions, send them to :
    This FAQ is copyright 1998 by Min Sub Kim.  Gambit and all other Marvel
    characters mentioned in this guide are a trademark of Marvel Characters, INC.
    All Capcom characters mentioned throughout are property of Capcom, Co. LTD.
    The Gambit logo (ie. the ASCII art) is based on the official Gambit logo,
    which is a trademark of Marvel Characters, INC.
    This FAQ may be distributed freely but cannot be copied out of or altered
    in any way without the express written consent of the author.  Or to put
    simply, you can't just stick your name on the top and say it's your work.

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