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    Hulk by Fluffy

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    Hulk FAQ version 1.4
    "The Ultimate Guide to Whooping Ass with the Hulk"
    by Fluffy
    4/12/99 WHAT's NEW FOR Version 1.4
    Geez, I haven't updated in almost a year.  Well, fresh off of California MVC
    Championships and now I feel motivated to update.  Enjoy!
    Let's face it.  He's big.  He's mean.  He's green.  What else do you need?
    Well, there's small, but high damage basic ground and air combos, the ability
    to clear the entire screen with a dashing jump, supers that do good damage
    and are easy to combo into, and he has super armour.  Still, he's not the
    same Hulk that he was in Marver Superheros.  Gone are the days when one combo
    could take off close to 3/4 of your opponents life.  But, that was the old,
    fast, powerhouse Hulk.  Now, the Hulk has super armour and is way slow.  He
    also takes the least amount of damage of any character and deals the most
    damage per hit.  He also does chipping damage with his Heavy Strikes.
    So overall, I would say that the Hulk is still a force to be reckoned with.
    For those of you who don't know, the Incredible Hulk is the result of Doctor
    Bruce Banner being bombarded by gamma radiation in an experiment.  It allowed
    him to become the Hulk whenever he got angry.  Somewhere along the line,
    Hulk's personalities were mixed into one and he became an intellegent Hulk
    with the mind of Dr. Banner and the body of the Green Hulk.  But, because of
    Onslaught, his mind was split back to the way it was before.
    Gamma Charge    charge B, F+K or charge D, U+K
    The Gamma Charge is one of Hulk's most important special moves.  It does good
    damage, has decent speed, range, and priority, and he has super armor while
    doing it.  It can also be aimed another direction after the first hit for a
    second.  A useful tactic is to charge DB, that way you can either Gamma
    Charge forward , up/forward, and up.  Mastering the Gamma Charge will make
    your Hulk awesome.  He has super armor while doing this move, so if someone is
    pressuring you with ground attacks, you can use it to suprise them.  Also, if
    someone is doing a move that leaves them open, but you are too far away to hit
    them with anything else, Gamma Charge.
    Gamma Tornado   D, DB, B+P
    This move has a severe delay before he actually grabs his opponent.  Use this
    to your advantage.  It also has some devasting combo potential.  But, 
    otherwise, don't use it much.
    Gamma Slam      D, DF, F+P
    This is a move I tend to use when I am fighting a fireball happy character
    like Ryu.  If you start this move and your opponent throws a fireball, the
    Slam will go through the fireball and hit your opponent.  It will even knock
    an opponent out of a beam super, like the Shinku Hadoken.  It is also useful
    to get an opponent out of your face if they are right next to you.  However,
    it can be jumped over which usually leads to an ugly combo.  It has another
    use which will be explained later in the Combo section.
    Super Armor
    I consider this to be a special move for Hulk now.  It acts just like any
    other special move because it is incorporated into his strategy.  It allows
    one of Hulks most important tactics, trading hits.  Face it, we all know that
    Hulk isn't the fastest character in the game.  Faster characters like
    Spiderman would destroy Hulk if it wasn't for the super armor.  Because you
    have the super armor, when someone sticks out an attack, if you attack at the
    same time, you will get hit and continue to attack.  You won't get knocked out
    of your animation, but when your hit connects, your opponent will.  But, you
    have to remember, Hulk will still reel from heavy attacks and can be swept.
    However, he has to be hit by a two hit combo with a medium or heavy attack
    before he will reel or be launched.  This makes it very hard to attack Hulk
    without risking being the victim of a combo.  He even can absorb one-hit
    specials too.  Also, if you are hit by the first hit of a multi-hit move and
    you are just standing there, your super armor will absorb the first hit and
    you can block the rest.  Here's a quick list of moves that will make Hulk
    1.  A Medium or Heavy attack as the second hit of a ground combo
    2.  Jumping Heavy attacks
    3.  Certain specials, like the Dragon Punch, Captain Corridor, Cajun Slash, 
    Stars 'n' Stripes, etc...
    Gamma Crush     D, DB, B+PPP (Level 1)
    The original Hulk super move.  It just rules.  He jumps up, grabs a meteor
    from outer space and comes back down to earth to drop it on his opponent.
    It can also be used for air defense as it hits on the way up.  If it does, it
    will still hit your now grounded opponent.  You can also combo it using Hulks
    launcher.  What isn't cool about this move?
    Gamma Wave      D, DF, F+PPP (Level 1)
    This is just a super version of the Gamma Rip.  It will trade hits with beam
    supers if you initiate yours first.  It is also best when you are in the
    corner because you get the maximum amount of hits and damage.  And yes, you
    can do this in a combo for some huge damage.
    Gamma Quake     D, DF, F+KKK (Level 1)
    This is Hulks new super.  At first, I didn't use it much because of the
    limited range.  But, after experimenting with it, I found out that you can
    chain it into a ground combo.  This makes it a very valuable super.  It also
    does very good damage.
    Crossover Counter       B, DB, D+HP+HK when you block (Level 1)
    When Hulk is tagged out, he jumps in and executes a gamma charge.  Works just
    like the normal Gamma Charge because you can do aim it for a second hit.
    More on this later.
    Crossover Combonation   D, DF, F+HP+HK (Level 2)
    Hulk will initiate the Gamma Wave.  I know now how powerful Hulk can be.  It
    can get very ugly if you can get this to connect.  I don't use this that much
    because I don't like to use two levels of super meter at once.  I like to use
    them one at a time.
    Duo Team Attack         D, DB, B, HP+HK (Level 2+)
    Go for broke!!!  You have an infinite super meter and both partners to join
    in the mayhem.  More on this later.
    Ground series           Weaker
    Air series              Stronger
    Super jump series       ZigZag
    Aerial Rave finishers   MP, HP, HK
    Hulks combos can get pretty confusing.  On the ground, he can only link a
    Light strike with a medium or heavy one.  Then again, he doesn't need any
    more.  His jumping combos can link one button of each strength.  His superjump
    combos can zigzag, but there is a problem.  Hulk's air combos are more like
    the stronger series.   Hulk also combos some characters differently.  Also, if
    you zigzag, you have to skip the medium punch because it will end the combo
    with a knockdown.  A couple more combos will be discussed in the Stratagy
    section so don't think that this is it.  Another note, if you see a D+, it
    means that when you land from the jump, dash really quick to get closer to
    your opponent.  They should still be reeling, from the hit and you have to
    time the dash and strike perfectly.  An OTG is an On The Ground combo that
    will hit your opponent off of the ground.
    J.LK, MK \/ ground combo
    Pretty self explanitory.  This is the jumping combo I use the most to attack
    my opponents.
    J.LK, HK \/ground combo
    This combo doesn't work on small characters and will send your opponent back
    further than the MK.  You have to follow it up with a dash to get a decent
    combo in.  It requires lots of timing and practice to be able to do this
    S. LP, HP
    This combo is easy to do and it hurts.  It's best to use the ground part when
    you haven't charged for the Gamma Charged.  Hulk has a huge recovery off of
    the heavy punch so if they block, cancel it with a Gamma Rip to get them away
    from you and to do block damage.  Or, you can switch to a Gamma Tornado to
    throw off or if he starts jumping the Gamma Rip.  You can actually grab him
    out of mid-air if he doesn't block.
    D.C. LK, C. HP /\ aerial rave
    This combo doesn't work on every character.  The LK to the launcher doesn't
    work on small characters.  But, there is an alternative for those little
    D.C. LK, C.HP (first hit only), Gamma Tornado
    This is good to use on small characters because it will only the first hit of
    the launcher will hit them anyway.  If you are close to the corner, you can
    use this combo to set up another combo.
    Be in the corner, Gamma Throw, OTG
    This combo only works if you are in or almost in the corner.  It isn't
    reliable to pull off because the Gamma Throw is slow and blockable, but it
    looks really ugly if you hit it.  If you're in the corner, the Gamma Tornado
    will throw your opponent behind you and into the corner.  As they land, you
    can OTG them.  But you have to take into account the flying screen rule, so
    you are limited to your options on an OTG.
    C. LK, MK, Gamma Charge (HK), Gamma Charge
    This along with the first are Hulk's bread and butter combos.  This does
    solid damage and is easy to do.  You have to aim the second hit of the Gamma
    Charge to hit your opponent.  The HK version does the most damage.  You can 
    use the super armor to take a hit when your opponent dashes into you and get
    this combo off.  Very effective against pitbulls.
    C.HP, Gamma Crush
    When timed right, your opponent can't even block the Gamma Crush.  They also
    can't roll when you hit them on the way up.  You can do the Gamma Crush in
    any combo after the launcher.
    C.LK, Gamma Quake
    Another ugly chain that will really make your opponent look bad.  Another
    note, remember you start with a Level 1 charged.  It's a really disheartning
    to have the first thing to hit you be a super combo that takes almost half of
    your life.  If you've ever been hit by one from the start, then you know what
    I mean.
    Have opponent near corner, HP, Gamma Quake
    Another good use of the Gamma Quake.  Use this whenever you can.  This comes
    from my Malaysian friend Khai.  (It's bad that the only other person I know
    that plays Hulk is half-way across the world.)
    D.C.LK, HP (first hit only), Gamma Wave or Team Super
    This combo is best when used while you are in the corner.  It will send them
    across half of the stage and will do massive damage to them.  You can also do
    the Team Super too, so you can really dish out the punishment.
    Have opponent in the corner, C.HP, Gamma Charge (HK), Gamma Charge (HK),\/
    This combo is just ugly.  It's part of an old combo from Marvel Superheros
    that still works.  You have to Gamma Charge upwards twice.  It requires a lot
    of timing and practice.  You should land before your opponent and you can hit
    them off of the ground.  It is very hard to hit this combo because most
    people don't like to be in the corner, but it does massive damage if you do.
    I don't know how much damage it does because no one has ever survived it.
    S.J. LP, MK, HP
    This will work on pretty much all of the characters.  I haven't found a
    character that it doesn't work on yet.
    Have opponent near the corner, S.J. LP, LK, MP, HK
    Now, I know what you are going to ask, "How can you have two finishers in one
    combo?"  Well, if you are near the corner, the MP will knock them down, but
    the HK has enough range to tag them on the way down.
    Have opponent near the corner, S.J. LP, LK, MP, slight delay, HK, land, 
    J. LP (FS), MK, HP
    This one comes from the combo wizards of Concord, Andy and JoJo (not to be 
    mistaken with K-C and JoJo.)  It's more of a flash combo, but if you're 
    opponent will roll out of the launcher into the double Gamma Charge OTG 
    combo, then this is a good alternative.  
    S.HP, Gamma Quake
    A pretty good OTG.  This is good to use because it's easy and it does a lot
    of damage.
    C.HP, /\ aerial rave
    You can only use this one so long as you haven't already launched your
    opponent once already.  This just means that you can't do it after the corner
    OTG setup with the launch to Gamma Charge
    I'm still working on more OTGs.  There are more out there, but I still need to
    test the damage and experiment more.  So, these aren't it for OTGs.
    If you basically understand the way combos work in the Vs. games, then you
    should understand this section.  If you don't, go get another faq with that
    kind of information in it.  I'm to lazy to put it in.
    This is what you will spend the most time trying to master in any fighting
    game.  The Hulk is best played as a pitbull/turtler combo.  I play him as a
    mixture of a pitbull and an offensive turtler, with some throws mixed in.
    Another aspect of strategic playing is to adapt to your opponents style of
    play.  Unless their stupid, your opponent isn't going to just stand there and
    let you pummel them.  They will be trying to defeat you too.  The key is to
    know your opponents style and how to deal with it.  There are some basic play
    styles that are common in Marvel vs. Capcom.  This doesn't mean that your
    opponent will use this style, but it usually is the most effective way to play
    certain characters.  I first heard these terms in a Tekken 3 strategy guide
    published by Versus Books.  Since then, they have sort of stuck with me.  One
    note of interest, I make a distinction between player and character.  A player
    can play a character with almost any style, but I associate certain styles
    with certain characters because it is the most effective way I've seen them
    Hulk has some things going for him that no other characters have.  First, he
    has the super armor.  Use this to trade hits with your opponent.  Since you do
    more damage with a single hit than all other characters, you will continue to
    win.  Beware of characters that have nasty super combos, ie Captain Commando,
    Ryu, Gambit, etc.  If you base all of your strategy on trading hits, you could
    end up dead really fast.  I don't know about you, but if one of my characters
    dies and my opponent has a character with full life and another that's about
    dead, it usually means that I'm going to lose unless I am exceptional with my
    partner or my opponent really sucks.  Another point of interest is that Hulk
    does block damage with his heavy attacks.  This allows you to pressure your
    opponent without endangering yourself.  The first combo mentioned doing a
    Gamma Rip after the Hp.  This will usually put your opponent far enough away
    from you that it will be hard to counterattack.   You can keep doing this
    until your opponent does something.  After a couple, they will usually try to
    jump or something.  Which leads to the next point, air defense.
    Air Defense-Air defense is as important as blocking.  If you don't have any
    good air defense, your opponent can keep jumping in on you and comboing you
    into the corner, which isn't necassarily a bad thing if you know what you're
    doing.  But, you can pressure your opponent with good air defense tactics.
    There are three basic ranges for air attacks; far, normal and close.  Far
    range is an attack that will barely hit you, usually executed from a dashing
    jump.  I usually take these out with a standing Medium Punch.  You have to
    time it right and it will knock your opponent back across the screen and out
    of your face.  Normal air attacks come in at about a 45-degree angle.  They
    are executed off of a normal jump.  Take these out with a crouching Heavy
    Punch to launch your opponent into the air and combo him.  Close attack are
    ones that you opponent will do off of a super jump.  As you opponent attacks,
    his momentum will be coming down more than arcross.  You could stop these with
    a well timed crouching Heavy Punch, but my personal favorite is the Standing
    Heavy Kick.  It will launch your opponent across the screen and it looks
    really painful.  It goes up more than out, so it is perfect for close in
    jumps and cross-up attempts.
    Range-Hulk has probably the best range in the game.  He can hit enemies from
    about 1/2 of the screen away.  The best range to play Hulk is just outside of
    your opponents range.  If you can hit your opponent and they can't hit you,
    you will win.  Knowing your opponents range goes back to what character they
    use and their style of play.
    Throwing-Most people don't like this idea, but I think that if you aren't
    throwing with the Hulk, you are at a major disadvantage.  His throw priority
    isn't the greatest in the game, but it has to be the most damaging regular
    throw in the game.  His air throw isn't too bad either.  You can use it when
    your character is being pressured close and you have an opening.  I especially
    use it when my opponent has mistimed a jumping combo.  If you get the
    opportunity and you know your opponent will be able to block a combo attempt,
    throw them.
    When to use the super meter-Whenever you can.  I don't rely on team supers, so
    I use my super bar one level at a time.  That way, I don't waste much.  Hulk
    can chain all of his supers into combos.  If you have the meter and have the
    opportunity, take it.  It could be the only one you get.  If you have one
    level and you launch your opponent, do a Gamma Crush.  Not only does it do a
    lot of damage, but getting hit by a super chained into a combo will show your
    opponent that you mean business.  Especially if you do it at the beginning.
    Remember that you start with one level charged.  If you open up with a super
    combo, it will definitely have some kind of psychological affect on your
    opponent.  The first time I was hit by a super like that, I thought I might as
    well leave the machine.  I felt the same way as when I was the victim of an
    infinite combo in X-men vs. Street Fighter.  It really sucks.  I don't
    recommend it.
    Mind Games-This is a general strategy that you can use with any character.  I
    like to mess with my opponents sometimes.  I throw them whenever they aren't
    doing anything.  I especially like to make them block the same ground combo
    a couple of times and then do the first hit, walk up and through them.  With
    fast characters like Ryu and Chun Li, some people think that this is cheap.
    But, throws do almost no damage.  If you are ever the victim of this attack,
    remember that.  If you notice that your opponent gets mad when you do this,
    do it again.  Most people don't play well when they are mad.  Just make sure
    that your opponent doesn't have big and mean friends that will try to kick
    your butt.  I had that happen to be once.  This next one won't win you a lot
    of friends, but if you have a couple of wins, start laughing at people.  I
    love to do this.  Laugh every time they make a mistake.  Laugh as your super
    combo hits.  Once again though, make sure that you don't piss this person off
    so much that they will try to kill you.  I usually only do this to people I
    don't like and my friends.  It sounds funny, but my friends do it back to me
    and we don't get mad at each other.  I'm not saying that you should run out
    and hurt everyone's feelings, but if you hate this person, go for it.  You
    wouldn't want to know them anyway.  And if someone tries these mind games on
    you, don't be fooled.  Don't let him manipulate you.  Just play as you would
    normally.  And if you really want to get the crap beat out of you, remember
    that you can taunt.  More importantly, remember that your opponent can taunt.
    If you hit their start button... well, you get the point.
    Best Ground/Air Attacks
    S.LP-fast and will knock most characters out of combos
    S.MP-good for long range air attacks and to pressure your opponent safely
    S.HP-knocks opponent across the screen and good all-purpose air defense
    C.LK-fast and good combo potential
    S.HK-close range air defense
    J.LP-meet your opponent in the air with a LP to start a combo
    J.MP-good range for a jumping attack, hit your opponent before he gets to you
    J.LK-hit your opponent while coming down to start a jump-in
    J.MK-good for when your opponent is above you in the air
    J.HP-great as an aerial rave ender or air to air combat.
    Teamwork is a very important part of Marvel vs. Capcom.  You have to remember
    that you have a partner and a helper character to aid you in your fight.
    Proper use of these often are the difference between winning and losing.  If
    you use all of the resouces you have at your disposal, then you are being
    efficient.  Most people that play Marvel vs. Capcom don't know how to use a
    helper character or when it is the right time to switch out.  It mostly
    depends on your playing style and that of your opponents.  Most people also
    don't know that there are codes that you do on the helper character screen so
    you can choose which helper you get.  For more info, check out Marvel vs.
    Capcom: The Site! at www.geocities.com/area51/vault/5027/index.html.  If you
    didn't find this faq there, you should check it out.  It's an excellent site.
    When to tag in-Because your partner taunts every time he jumps in the match,
    you have to switch when you feel it is safe.  You don't want to tag in when
    your opponent is turtling in the corner and has his super meter charged to
    Level 3.  It's just not smart.  Depending on how you play, you may want to
    tag a lot or hardly ever.  Switching causes your partner to jump in with an
    attack that causes a knockdown and has a high priority.  It can be used for
    air defense or when your opponent is pressuring you in the corner and you
    think he is going to attack.  Another tactic I picked up from one of my
    friends is to do a combo where you launch your opponent and instead of
    following him up, bring in your partner.  He will come in and nail the
    airborn opponent.  It will knock him down and it's part of the combo so you
    won't have any trouble with getting thrashed for tagging.  I've also seen tag
    combos that start with a sweep.  You do a combo that ends in a sweep and then
    bring in your partner.  Your partner will come in and nail your opponent on
    the grounp.  Another thing to remember is that when your partner is tagged
    out, he gains health back and when you tag back in, your red meter disappears
    so you can't ever gain the health back.  If you tag a lot, this can affect
    you if you've just been hit by a damaging combo.  The best time to tag is
    when you can, without to great of a penalty.  If your opponent doesn't have
    any super meter stored, then it is safer to tag then if he has some.  Also, I
    see some people panic when they hear DANGER.  They take the first opportunity
    to tag out and usually set themselves up for a major combo.  I try to do it
    when my opponent will least expect it.
    The other way to get your partner in is to use the Team Counter.  This is
    relatively safe because your partner comes in doing a special move and won't
    take the time to taunt when he comes in.  Hulks' good to use on an opponent
    that is trying to combo you up close.  However, don't use this on beam moves
    because you will end up taking a hit or two.
    Hulk also has another interesting ability with the super armor.  When he tags
    out, he doesn't take any more hits.  So, if someone is attacking you and they
    get a hit in on you, you could tag out really quick and your partner can come
    in and hit him.  This is one of the most effective techniques to take out a
    pitbull.  Wait until they get to the medium attacks in their ground chain,
    take a hit, which will get absorbed by the super armor, in order to switch
    and nail your opponent with a tag in.  Works great on Strider and Wolverine.
    When to use your helper character-It all really depends on who you get.  If
    you want to choose your own, it can majorly help you out.  Each character can
    be used in different ways.  For instance, a lot of people use Colossus
    because he comes in at an angle and will hit an opponent whose jumping in on
    you.  He can also hit an opponent who has just tagged in and is still in the
    taunt animation.  This makes is easier to do super moves that required a
    initial hit to connect in order to make it work (ie. Captain Storm, Final
    Justice, Blodia Vulcan, etc).  If you want your opponent to block, it is good
    to have someone that comes out sort of slow and shoots a beam or throws
    things, like Magneto, Cyclops, Lou, King Arthur, etc.  When your opponent
    sees them come out, he will usually block.  This allows you to roam around
    freely as your helper pounds the guy.  This tactic is mostly useful for
    characters that kill you with block damage or throws.  Who I choose mostly
    depends on who my partner is.  If I'm using Captain Commando or Jin, I'll use
    Colossus.  If I'm using War Machine or especially Zangief, I'll use Lou.
    Who to pick as a partner-There is no real answer to this one.  It mostly
    depends on how well you use other characters.  It also depends on who your
    opponent picks.  But, if you are going to be playing against multiple
    opponents, then it boils down to how good you are with the other character.
    However, you have to remember that Hulks power is in close.  You spend a lot
    of time going to your opponent.  If you choose a partner whose basic strategy
    is to run away, then your opponent will mostly have to come and get you.  If
    they get used to this and then you bring in the Hulk, they will still be in
    the mentality of "Go. Kill." and will often walk into you.  It's like in those
    old Loony Toons cartoons with Sylvester, the mouse, and the kangaroo.  When
    Sylvester would chase the mouse, the mouse would lead Sylvester to the
    kangaroo who would beat the tar out of him.  The same principle applies here.
    The opposite also applies too.  Another stategy is to pick a small, fast
    character to go with the big and slow Hulk.  This is works okay to throw off
    your opponents timing.  My personal favorite team with the Hulk is what me
    and my friends call Team Whoop Ass.  It consists of Zangief and Hulk.  They
    are the two most powerful characters in the game and they require the least
    amount of hits to kill an opponent, but also require tremendous skill and
    timing to get those hits in.  Their attacks also look brutal and painful,
    thus the team name.  Another character I like to play with Hulk is War
    Machine.  He is a powerful keep away character.  But, the main reason I pick
    these guys is because I played them in other Capcom games and I'm already
    familiar with them.  I've also started playing Captain Cheap, I mean Commando
    with Hulk.  But, it comes down to who you play well and who you know well.
    I've also seen people play Ryu, Megaman, and Jin with the Hulk.
    I've also started playing Morrigan with the Hulk.  Morrigan has great keep-
    away abilities.  First, you start out with the Hulk.  Get your hits in and tag
    out when it's safe.  Morrigan comes in and slows down the match.  She allows
    Hulk time to recover and builds up the super meter with all of the fireballs
    and specials she can do. When Hulk has recovered, switch back in and repeat.
    This works with other characters besides Morrigan, but I like to put these two
    together because they are sorta like the odd couple.  I call them Beauty and
    the Beast.
    Another consideration is how well your characters do team combos together.
    As I said earlier, I don't use it that much.  With the ability to combo his
    Gamma Wave, you can do team up supers with another character that are slow,
    like War Machine.  Also, if you happen do use Zangief, he has the Double Final
    Atomic Buster.  The damage on it depends on the strength of your partner, and
    Hulk is the strongest character in the game.  Also remember the duo team
    attack.  This is where you can deal and receive the most amount of damage.
    I've seen huge 63-hit combos done in this mode and also seen both characters
    getting majorly spanked because they were both in at the same time.
    Basically, it's your decision whether or not to waste all three levels of your
    super meter on a double team.  I would save it for the team counter and chain
    combos, but if you don't rely on your super meter that much and your opponent
    doesn't have any levels charged, it can be a devastating attack.  You may want
    to try experimenting with it.  If someone ever does the double team on you,
    then imediatley to a super, like the Gamma Wave or the Gamma Crush.  You may
    hit both opponents with the same move and burn some valuable time off of the
    clock.  You may even kill one or both of the characters.  Hey, I've seen it
    This section isn't very big because I haven't played every character in the
    hands of a skilled player.  I have the characters that have given me the most
    problems and the ones that people use the most.
    Vs. Captain Commando
    Is this guy the cheapest character in the game or what?  I mean, he brings an
    army to fight with him.  He also has some of the most damaging supers in the
    game.  CapCom is more of a basketball player than anything.  He uses his
    flame thrower to keep you away and chip away some damage.  That will force
    you to jump into a laucher/Captain Sword combo.  He also has good footgames.
    He can do a 4-hit combo that will OTG and do as much damage as a super (not
    his, everyone else's).  If you can anticipate the flame thrower, dash jump and
    combo him something nasty.  You can also take the hit and do a HK Gamma Charge
    to hit him from across the screen.  This does more damage than the flame
    thrower, but can get dangerous if you start falling behind.  Also, get used to
    rolling after being swept.  This will help prevent the nasty 4-hit combo that
    ends with the ground hit and you can get in a ground combo on him.  You might
    want to let yourself be hit by the sweep so you can roll and combo a super on
    him.  Don't do this too much though.
    Vs. Spiderman
    I hate Spiderman.  I really hate Spiderman.  I hate Spiderman almost as much
    as I hate Chun Li.  He can do fast combos that can get through your super
    armour and tear you up.  The only thing that can save you hide is timing and
    the Gamma Charge.  You have to learn timing to hit a character with your
    launcher as they jump into you.  You have to learn timing to hit your
    opponent as they dash into you.  This is the most important thing to playing
    the Hulk.  Learn to time your LP and LK hits to hit between the first three
    hits of an opponents combo.  They can pierce your armour by hitting you with
    a medium or heavy attack on the second or third hit of a combo.  Also, Spidey
    can jump into a corner and shoot Web Balls.  Your first reaction is to go get
    him, which could result to walking into an Ultimate Web Throw.  My best
    advice is to super jump close to him and block.  Don't attack because he will
    probably try to launch you.  Block and land, then go in for a throw.  That
    will teach him to try to zone you.
    Vs. Chun Li
    As stated before, I hate Chun Li.  She can get pretty lethal in the right
    hands.  An agressive Chun Li will combo you like there was no tomorrow.  She
    will mix up her jumping and crouching combos with throws.  A defensive
    Chun Li can run and jump away from you and make you come to her.  Be cautious
    if you do though, she can chain supers into ground or air combos and they can
    really hurt.  Try to be patient and look for an opening.  They can be hard to
    find because of the heel stomp, but they are there.  If you jump at her and
    she does a standing roundhouse, block, land, dash, and combo.  Her recovery
    time off of the launcher is horrible.  After a couple of those, your opponent
    will get smart and won't try to launch.  This leaves them open for a throw.
    It sounds cheap, but it more or less lets your opponent know that you've
    already thought ahead and will stomp them.  Good luck to you if you get hit by
    the 1000 Burst Kick.  If she does it to do ticking damage, block.  By the time
    she finishes, you should be in the corner so you can unload of her with the
    Gamma Wave.  It also helps to have good timing with your crouching HP and
    standing HK as air defense.  If she bounces on top of you with the heel stomp,
    you can try to make her jump into a Gamma Crush.  That will teach her to jump.
     If you don't have any super meter charged, try bringing in your
    partner.  You also use another tactic that has been around for a while, the
    Gamma Charge ZigZag.  Basically, when your opponent jumps, do a LK Gamma
    Charge under your opponent.  Then, angle up and back to hit your opponent from
    behind.  Most people don't see it coming and will be blocking the wrong way.
    You have to be pyschic to anticipate your opponent jumping because you have to
    charge under them without touching them.  But, if he superjumps, it isn't too
    hard.  Remember, people are creatures of habit and tend to make the same
    Vs. Ryu
    I can't understand why after 11 years of being in Street Fighter games,
    people still play Ryu religiously.  You couldn't help it in Street Fighter,
    but in Street Fighter II, there were six other characters to choose from.
    None the less, some unoriginal people out there still play with Ryu.  At least
    he has the Shotokan Switch, which no one hardly ever uses.  Anyway...
    Basically, keep away from him.  This may sound weird, but it makes sense.
    Your super armour allows you to take a fireball and still do the Gamma
    Charge or you can just do a Gamma Slam and not take the hit.  Make him come to
    you.  When he jumps, launch him and make him feel it.  Remember to roll if he
    sweeps you because he can juggle you with the super hurricane kick OTG.
    Vs. Akuma
    When Ryu morphs into Akuma, he gains a few things of interest.  He gains
    bigger combos and more juggles.  He also gains the air fireball and super air
    fireball.  He also looses stamina and take more damage than normal.  I haven't
    played against many people that use Akuma a lot, but theoretically, you could
    Gamma Charge straight until you are under him, then up.  One problem with Ryu
    is that Hulk can't duck under the Hurricane Kick.  When he becomes Akuma, he
    has a multi-hit Hurricane Kick.  If your opponent abuses this move, tag out.
    Vs. War Machine
    Iron Man gave me problems in Marvel Superheros, now War Machine plagues Hulk.
    I haven't seen anyone really use War Machine yet, except for me.  But, I
    mention it because of his past.  He is a basketball player to the core.  He
    also has a very damaging aerial rave.  His main strategy is to do block damage
    until you run into him and jump, which will prompt him to launch you and mess
    you up big time.  Your best bet is to either anticipate a shoulder cannon and
    dash-jump him or superjump into him.  Once you get near him, you can use your
    ground games to pulverise him.  This is his weakest area, up close and on the
    ground.  Remember that he can fly away and hide.  If he does, try to Gamma
    Charge him.  He may try to drop a smart bomb on you and then do the flying
    Knee Drop.  Just ZigZag him or do a push block an see if he misses the knee.
    Remember though, he can't block when he is flying, so anything you can do to
    bring him down to earth will work too (hint, hint, Gamma Quake).
    Vs. Megaman/Roll
    These tiny, little farts are hard to hit, hard to get to, and hard to air
    combo.   They're too short to even attempt the Gamma Tornado, so don't even
    try.  Watch out for Megaman's sweep.  He can hit you with the Tornado OTG if
    he sweeps you.  Also, watch out for his Mega Buster.  That can get ugly if he
    charges it long enough.  He can also do quick fireballs to zone you away from
    him, but you can Gamma Charge through them or do the Gamma Slam.  If he does a
    Rush Drill, use the same strategy that you used against the super lightning
    leg of Chun Li.  Most Megaman players will play a basketball player style, so
    you will have to go and get him.
    Vs. Zangief
    This can be a tricky fight.  Both of you are power characters who need to be
    close to inflict damage and you both have super armour on some moves.  But,
    Zangief only has super armour when he is doing a charging throw on you.
    You can beat him on the ground or in the air if you keep your distance.  Push
    block at every opportunity.  You can see his supers coming if you're looking
    and you can superjump them if he sweeps you and tries one.  Also, remember
    that you can tech hit out of his Siberian Bear Crusher.  Try not to let him
    get close enough to Spinning Piledriver you. If you get hit by a Final Atomic
    Buster of any kind, you may want to think about tagging.  If he goes into the
    Iron Body mode, start doing Gamma Slams.  He will either superjump or
    ice breath you.  If he jumps, meet him in the air and combo him.  You can
    probably get all five hits in on him.  If he breaths on you, good luck.  The
    ice breath should be renamed the Save Your Butt breath.  Jump in and do a
    chain combo that ends with the Gamma Slam.  I tried it and it is definitely not
    a good time to use the Gamma Tornado.  It doesn't work at all.
    Vs. Wolverine
    Wolverine is a tricky fight.  The odds are against you on this one.  You have 
    to use your intellegence (or your opponents stupidity) to your advantage and
    try to make him make mistakes.  You can use your super armor against dash-ins
    as the C.HP has a lot of ground speed.  Mostly, you don't want to get to 
    aggresive in this fight.  Try to catch him off guard, mixing attacking and 
    defending.  Sometimes it's best to corner yourself so he can't cross you up
    with the stomp kick combo.  
    Vs. Strider
    Another tough fight.  You really can't do too much to him.  He's got range, 
    priority, and he can run circles around you.  Hopefully, you have a partner
    that can take him out.  If not, it will be a very rough fight for you.  But,
    you're not a punching bag.  You can still get your licks in.  You have to 
    play really smart.  Super Jump a lot and try to get above him with the HK.  
    If you can keep him grounded, he can't do all that much.  The only problem is
    that he jumps higher and on top of that has a double jump.  You can't really
    fight him on the ground.  His sword has a lot more range than you do.  Also, 
    Hulk is one of the few characters that can't super jump the Legion super.  
    But, if he used the Ouroboros, you can *try* to swat him away with standing
    and crouching HPs.  Remember that the super armor will absorb one hit, so you
    have a chance, but a very slim one with a very large margin of error.
    Vs. Morrigan
    Morrigan plays a lot like Ryu, except her air fireball goes downward.  I play
    her with the same strategy that I use against Akuma.  I've seen many
    different styles used with Morrigan, from pitbull to basketball player.  She
    plays a lot like Ken did in X-men vs. Streetfigher, only without the Hurricane
    Kick.  If she starts shooting fireballs, do Gamma Slams.  If she rains air
    fireballs on to you, Gamma Charge under, then up.  You can keep her away from
    you by comboing after a super armor hit.  You don't have to worry much when
    trading hits with her because she doesn't do that much damage.  Throw whenever
    Vs. Venom
    Venom is a rather unusual character.  He's got a good offense and a great
    defense.  Venom has one weakness against Hulk though.  He can't launch Hulk.
    He has to combo his launcher because of the super armor and the only way to
    do that is with a jump-in combo.  Your best bet is to stay on the ground
    because Venom rules the air.  Your armor doesn't work in the air, so stay on
    the ground.   Don't attempt Gamma Slams too much on him because a smart Venom
    will know that you are open for a Venom Web.  Overall, Venom shouldn't give
    you too many problems.  Practice tech-hitting his throw.
    Vs. Captain America
    Thumbs down soldier.  This can be a tough fight for you.  CapAm is a versatile
    character and he has a lot of power to boot.  I hate getting hit by his
    massive aerial rave.  I don't really have much of a strategy against him.
    Pressure him into doing something stupid, like missing a launcher or a Stars n
    Stripes.  Keep him on his toes by throwing.  Don't let him intimidate you.
    Throw him if he tries to cartwheel behind you.  Gamma Charge if he's open.
    Vs. Jin
    In my opinion, Jin is a joke.  I call him a little wannabe Hulk.  His moves 
    have greatt priority and will knock you out of your super armor.  His major 
    flaw is a lack of defense.  He can't defend for squat and if he tries and 
    missed, he's left wide open.  The only thing to really worry about is his 
    jumping fierce.  It leads to a nasty super combo with the Blodia Punch.  
    However, if your opponent mis-times it, you can start a ground combo and 
    pierce his offense.
    Vs. an expert player
    This is going to sound a lot like a how to beat Hulk section, which it almost
    is.  I'm going to tell you how to use Hulk against expert players, and what 
    experts will use agianst you.  There are a few things I didn't cover earlier,
    so I'll do them now.
    1.)  The Gamma Crush can be rolled out of after you hit your opponent.  This 
    means that he can roll as you're landing and combo you before you can block.
    Once again, this is trading hits and if you can come out ahead, ie they have
    no super bar left nor any damaging normal combos, then go for it.  Or, if 
    it's for the kill, do the same.  But, really good players will know this and 
    will roll.  
    2.)  The tagging option for defense is not fool proof.  You can tag to get 
    Hulk out as he's being hit, but your opponent can do the same and will come 
    out ahead.  Then again, it's better than getting supered as you switch, so 
    it's not to bad.  Just know it's a lot safer to go for it when you're killed
    a charcter already
    3.)  You're at a major disadvantage to certain charcters.  Namely Strider, 
    Megaman, and Morrigan.  These characters just seem to rip me up.  You have to
    hunt them down because they can chip you down.  And they can keep away from 
    you easily because they are small and fast.  
    Well, this is the end of my psychotic rambling.  Remember, these are just my
    opinions and suggestions about how to play the Hulk.  You can play him any
    way you want, just don't let me see you doing it, because I'll bust out my
    Hulk and spank you.  Another thing to remember, don't feel bad if you lose.
    It doesn't mean that you suck, it means you need improvement.  You can learn
    from your loss and it can make you a better player.  And don't feel bad if
    you were beat by Captain Commando, he's a cheap bastard.  It requires lots of
    skill to take out a good CapCom period.  If you actually took the time to
    read all of this faq, I'd like to say thanks.  I worked pretty hard on it and
    have invested a lot of time and money in this game and also in playing this
    character.  You can feel safe in knowing that I have a lot of experience
    playing Capcom games and I at least think I know what I'm doing.  I let my
    win/lose record speak for itself.  If you are ever in Fremont, CA, look for
    Gamezone.  The Marvel vs. Capcom machine is only one quarter and it's on a
    big screen.  The joysticks work good too.  The only problem is the sound.
    Anyways, if anyone has any questions, commments, or suggestions, you can
    e-mail me at loyd_316@hotmail.com.  If there are any other Hulk players out
    there, contact me.  I would like to know what you think.  Believe it or not,
    there are a few of us.  This won't be the last version of this faq.  I am
    planning on big changes when Version 2 of the faq, but it may not be for some
    time. I would like to have a nicer looking title, so if anyone out there can
    do one of those typed drawing of the Hulk or of the Comic logo, I would
    appreciate it.   So, in the infamous words of Stan Lee,
    'Nuff Said.
    Ross and Rob and Chuck for going down there and playing against me.
    Chung who I haven't seen very often in the past 5 years, but spanks me on a
    regular basis when I do see him.
    Rob for defending the power of the almighty button smasher.
    My Malaysian brother Khai for the corner combo.
    Andy and JoJo for sharing their combo knowledge.
    All those who've beaten and been beaten by me.
    Those of you who actually read this far.
    This work was written by me, not you.  You can do whatever you want with
    this, but you should give credit where credit is due.  If you steal anything
    out of this without giving the proper credit, I will hunt you down myself and
    burn you at the stake you worthless piece of animal dung!
    Legend and Definitions
    LP  Light Punch
    MP  Medium Punch
    HP  Heavy Punch
    LK  Light Kick
    MK  Medium Kick
    HK  Heavy Kick
    PPP All Punches
    KKK All Kicks
    F   Forward
    B   Backward
    U   Up
    D   Down
    Dash  F, F
    D.  Dashing
    S.  Standing
    J.  Jumping
    Roll  B, DB, D+P as you are knocked down
    superjump D, U
    Dash jump  At the end of a dash, jump.  The momentum will carry you across
               the screen.
    Push block  PPP when you block an attack.
    Definitions of Play Styles
    Pitbulls-These are the characters that use close in combos to defeat you.
    They typically have high combo numbers and don't do much damage with each
    hit.  They depend on constantly pressuring you in close to make a mistake.
    Good pitbulls are often very practiced in their combos and seldom miss a hit.
    An example of a pitbulls are Wolverine and Strider.  They have high combos
    and don't do much damage per hit.  They have to get in close to do any real
    Pro Wrestlers-These are characters that rely on throws as opposed to combos.
    They have to get in close in order to throw you.  They also can incorperate
    throws into combos.  The only true example of a pro wrestler in Marvel vs.
    Capcom is Zangief, although virtually any character can be a pro wrestler.
    Turtlers-Everybody who has ever played a Street Fighter game has come across
    a turtler.  Turtles are people who sit back and defend.  They wait for the
    perfect time to strike.  When they do, it is scouted, calculated, and very
    deadly.  Another style of turtler that is more prevelent in Marvel vs. Capcom
    is the offensive turtler.  An offensive turtler will pressure you into making
    a mistake that they will capitalize on.  Classic examples of turtlers are any
    shotokan character, ie Ryu.  Actually, any character that has the
    fireball/dragonpunch special moves like Morrigan and Chun Li.  You can even
    play Hulk as an offensive turtler, which isn't a bad thing.  It adds to his
    versitle play style.
    Button smashers-Button smashers are just that.  A person who will try to do
    more damage to the controller than to you.  They are typically less than
    skilled players and you should destroy them with ease.  However, one of the
    best players I know is a button smasher.  He uses characters that have high
    priority moves and relys on suprise and chaos to throw your strategy off.  One
    of the best button smashers in Marvel vs. Capcom is Wolverine.
    Basketball players-These are the characters that try to keep you in "the
    zone."  They try to keep you at a certain distance where their attacks are
    most effective.  Basketball players usually try to fight you from as far away
    as possible.  The classic basketball player was Dhalsim.  Examples in Marvel
    vs. Capcom are War Machine and Captain Commando.  They try to defeat you by
    keeping you away with their beams.  The best way to throw off a basketball
    player is to make him fight at your range, although most basketball players
    have moves that put you back in their prefered range.
    Alleged Utopians-A utopian is someone who feels that they use all strategies
    at the time when they are most useful.  Most utopian players are full of it
    and think they are masters of the game.  The truth usually is that they
    switch between styles when one doesn't work or they only use a couple of
    styles.  I haven't seen a player yet that I would consider a true utopian.
    Utopian characters are those that have the ability to play all of the styles
    with equal effectiveness, the classic examples are Ryu and Chun Li, although
    the same can be said for Spiderman, Megaman, Captain America, and Morrigan.

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