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    Jin by Strafefire

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/14/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ####Jin.......version 1.5  5/14/2000  <comments: Strafefire@Netzero.net>
    (c)2000. All Rights Reserved. Please, no copy thing from me site. All
    things on this site that are not mine are property of thier original 
    authors. Marvel character names and Capcom names belong to these 
    companies. Okay, let's begin.
        The sweaty smell of the arcade has been getting to you.  You 
    perspire, you hallucinate, but you continue onward.  You must win!!! But 
    your opponent has you down one man--both of his warriors at near full 
    energy.  You slowly begin to panic, until you realize who your second 
    partner is: JIN!!!
    The ultimate equalizer, the mini-hulk, the mecha-pilot known as:  JIN!!!
    The main man known as: JIN!!!!
    Okay. Enough is enough.  Lets dive into the world of the mini-hulk.
                                (Strong or Medium Punch) 
    (Jab or Light Punch)-------( ) ( ) ( )--------(Roundhouse or Heavy Kick)
    (Short or Light Kick)------( ) ( ) ( )---------(Fierce or Heavy Punch)
                                (Forward or Medium Kick)
       1. Why Jin?
       2. Jin Basics
       3. Jin as the Combo Machine?
       4. Jin as the Great Equalizer
       5. Jin as the Cheap-a$$ Mutha@#@#@!!!!
       6. Jin as the new "joke" Character.
       7. One Hellova Combo 
      Well, it may not in the contents, but every FAQ needs one, right?
    Now,  How can I sell you on playing with JIN!!! Well, I really won't 
    have to, seeing how you licked on this faq.  Well...there's nothing to 
    say here, so....onward....yep...uh-huh...
       Ok.  Let's take the above scenario.  With Jin as your second person, 
    beating your opposition is a virtual cinch! He has power, and i mean 
    power, He is the Third strongest person in the game!!(Hulk is first, 
    followed by Zangief, with Capt. America in a distant 4rd).  He may not 
    be a dialer ike Spiderman, or Morrigan, or the granddaddy of anything in 
    a Capcom game that's cheap,  Wolverine. Jin, in essence, is the "anti-" 
    cheapo, unless you look at the "advanced" section.
         <_______Jin Basics______>  
       Ok.  Let's start with the basics.  To play as Jin, you must become 
    Jin. Think like you've got a guy who can knock the hell outta the 
    competition. When playing as Jin, you must remember that all of his 
    moves have lag time. His jab and his short behaves just like a medium 
    punch or medium kick. His Forward Kick could be a special move in its 
    own right.  So would his Strong, Fierce, and his Roundhouse. Know how to 
    control; these moves.  Why? 'Cause you's gonna need 'em. I won't go in 
    too deep with his normal attacks, seeing how you can find them on any 
    other faq. However, what i will talk about are the key moves for 
    	        ---His jumping strong
                    ---His Crouching Roundhouse
                    ---His Standing and Crouching Forward
                    ---His Crouching Strong
                    ---His (normal) Jumping Roundhouse
                    ---His Standing Strong
                    ---His Crouching Fierce (the most powerful normal attack                                                                                                                       
    in Jin's arsenal)
                    ---His Jumping and Standing Fierce
                    ---His Saotome Dynamite
                    ---His Blodia Punch!!!!!
    You will need to know these, for they make up the basic parts of Jin's 
          <________Jin as a combo machine? (basics continued)________>
    Now, if you have played as Jin, you know that he is very light on 
    combos. You see, the key to winning with him is to apply his brute 
    force,  just like the Hulk.  He has no projaectiles, so if the opponent 
    is very prolific in keep away tactics or turtling,  then you are kinda 
    messed up.....sorta.
       Jin's comboes consist of quick, but hard hitting moves. Example:
                    ---Jump in with a Deep Roundhouse,  followed by a                                 
    Standing Forward. (4 hits)
       Here's another example. This combo here should become second nature     
        to you:
                    ---Crouching Roundhouse, Soatome Dynamite. (5-11 hits)
       Or another combo, which should become second nature to you:
                    ---Crouching Strong, Blodia Punch.  (5-11 hits)
    From what you have read,  you should come to the conclusion that Jin is 
    only a brute force type of person.  Well, you are very, very, right!!!  
    He chunks power like a mutha!!!!  If he were a dailer like Spidey, or 
    Morrigan, or Hulk to some extent, he would be the cheapest bastard to 
    ever grace a Capcom video fighting game. (That title is currently held 
    by The MvC2's Cable.)
    <<Sigh>>Well, we shall talk some more combo basics with Jin.  First off, 
    let's talk basics.  Jin can not, I repeat CANNOT just run up on an 
    opponent and try to get lucky with a combo.  His attacks are just too 
    damn slow!!! With Jin, you have to learn a poking strategy with Jin, to 
    get your opponent to get himself open. One basic way to accomplish this 
    is with a Fierce or Jab Typhoon.  It may sound stupid, but if your opponent 
    blocks this move,  when it is completed, walk up, and toss them.  
    This ACTUALLY works!!!!!!! But don't do this too often, because your 
    opponent may get smart, and will try to toss you.  This works 90% of the 
    time, because some smart opponents will push block you, and hit with a 
    Shinku Hadoken.
    Another poking strategy is his crouching Roundhouse. If you do the 
    roundhouse, do not instantly do the Soatome Dynamite!! wait until the 
    opponent is dumb enough to try to counter you with an attack, then 
    <<DINO-MITE-TO>>!!!! (or, try charging down-backwards, and mixing up 
    between Jab Dynamite, or a Fierce Typhoon poking strategy.) Or better yet,
    Do nothing at all (unless you see the opponent stop blocking, then 
    Use his Dashing Crouching JAB a lot to keep up the pressure.  If it 
    connects, then go for a crouching Strong -> Blodia Punch (or Crounching 
    Fierce to blatantly take power from your opponent, into a Blodia Vulcan.
    One final, and wierd poking strategy is to use his standing forward.  It 
    resembles a flying kick, and  it takes Jin off the ground, and can cruise over 
    specific helpers, and projectiles. Warning!!!!! This will set you up for 
    some trouble if you miss with this move.  ^_^
         <_____Jin as the Great Equalizer____>
    For Jin to be effective, he must almost always be close to his 
    opponents.  Do not try to do the Blodia Vulcan out of nowhere.  I've 
    learned from experience. Doing so will set you up for some hell (Shinku-
    Hadokens, Final Justices, and the F***ing Captain Sword...Oh god, this 
    is a cheap ass move).  Jin has very high throw priority,  try using it 
    to end his air comboes.  
    A jumping Forward->Standing Forward is a very nice combo too, only if it 
    Jin must not be caught in a game of keep away.  If he does, he will be 
    If your opponnent does begin Keep away, try seeing if thereis a pattern.  
    If they got Morrigan, they will try to throw her Soul Fist at every 
    moment, and air dash away to the other side of the screen to continue.  
    If you see this, try timing a Blodia Vulcan when she is about to fire.  
    Capt. Commando may try the Corrider-Fire keep away.  This is one the 
    hardest keep away tactics for Jin to deal with.  If the opponent is in 
    the corner, this adds to the cheapness.  your only defense is your 
    second best friend,  LOU!!
    I should have Said this at the beginning,  but you need to learn Jin,  
    before you can help Jin. The code for Lou is <<Hold start and press 
    Strong Punch at the helper (random) select screen.>>
    Now, back to the Capt. Commando Thingy. The Corrider-Fire Keep away can 
    be easily stopped by <<LOU>>.  When your opponent begins this pattern, 
    send <<LOU>> in, and be ready to Blodia Vulcan the Captian if he is 
    caught in his stunn animation from the  _fire/corrider_, or <<LOU>> will 
    get 'em.
    Megaman keepaway tactics are not too much of a worry.  If he is charging 
    his megabuster, then try to keep away from him!!!! Jin may have some 
    defense, but a Fifty-hit Hypermegaman-Rush drill-while still getting hit 
    by his original Buster-shot aint a pretty site.  It's the type of thing 
    that'll make you leave the arcade in shame.  So, focus on the Crounching 
    Strong->Blodia Punch combo and the Typhoon poking strategy.  The 
    roundhouse poking strategy is only useful when you he him call in eddie 
    to get the leaf shield.  When he is about to put it on, go for the 
    Crouching Roundhouse to knock off the shield, then Soatome Dynamite to 
    hit the little blue punk.  Try throwing him too.
    Everyone else in the game has limited keep away strategy. Find that 
    pattern, and answer it with a powerful combo, and use <<LOU>>
          <____Jin as a CHeap a$$ Mutha_____>
    Now, using the above strategies, most opponents will notice that you 
    are....well...predictable.  Here's where you can do some things that 
    will cause your opponents to say, "What the hell happenned", as they 
    watch thier player fall in battle.  
    ---Dashing, Crouching Short->Crouching Fierce
    This combo blatantly takes a lot of power from your opponent!!!
    Try this a few times to keep up the pressure.
    ---Dashing, Standing Fierce->Blodia Punch
    The Fierce must be cancelled quickly into the Blodia Punch, or you will 
    be left open.  However, this combo done 3x will kill Megaman(sometimes), 
    Strider(always), and Capt. Commando(sometimes, depending on your Blodia 
    Timing). Also , try replacing the Blodia Punch with a vulcan for this combo.
    ---Dashing, Crouching Strong->Blodia Punch
    The combo that all Jin Players should learn.
    ---Standing Strong, Blodia Vulcan
    It's nice, it works, and it looks cool.
    I think you can use the Great Cyclone instead, but i haven't tested it 
    ---Dashing, Crouching Roundhouse->Blodia Punch
    It can cross up rolling opponents, and is one of the safest Blodia Punch 
    comboes out there.
    One more cheap thing to do is, if you go into the "RAGE" mode (where you 
    can't be launched, and you have super armor, comes when you are the last 
    man on your team, and you have low power), wait until your opponent does 
    a jump in combo, and when they hit you, and your armor is on, do Blodia 
    Punch, or Vulcan. You may have been hit, but jabs or launchers do not 
    effect you, so you can just hit your opponents with anything with 
    multiple hits.  His Super armor is leap and bounds better than that Hulk 
    or Zangief.
           <_________Jin as the new "joke" character________>
    By now, you have destroyed the opposition.  Now, how do you deal with 
    them.  You could just stand there and do nothing.  Or, you can press the 
    start button, then rapidly press the punch buttons....
                And strip naked and rub your ass!!!!
    Fighting a scrub?
    Try Jin's Soatome Crush!!! Watch in humor as your opponent is rolled 
    around the screen like an idiot!!!!
    Cool, huh?
    Now, to close. Jin is a very great character to play as.  He can dish 
    out the pain, and he can dish more pain.
    	<__________One Hellova combo__________________>
    Here is the longest combo string that I have done with Jin (Thank you 
    ---Call a Shooting Helper (Lou, Arthur, Jubilee, Cyclops etc.)(optional) while 
    the opponent is in the corner.  Jump in with a normal Roundhouse kick.  Land,  
    then do a Standing Short into a Strong punch.  Jump, then do <Slowly> Jab, 
    Short, Then Roundhouse...wait...Roundhouse...land...crounching short (depending 
    on when you land or just do the next step)-> Standing Strong...Repeat until The 
    game engine stops you.  This combo can also be done outside the corner, but it 
    will be very hard. alson,one could replace the second air combo with standing 
    strong with a blodia Vulcan, or couching roundhouse Blodia Punch!!!
    ---A variation of this combo is a Jumping Short, into a Jumping (while holding 
    down) Forward kick. Then continue on with the combo.
    ---Great Cyclone, Wait until done, Crouching Strong->Blodia Punch!!!!
    I've have listed this combo for one reason, and one reason only: This in theory 
    should work.  After the Great Cyclone, I have connected with a crouching 
    Strong...So it is only in theory one could stick in a Blodia Punch
    Kao Megura for his FAQ and Jin's moves.
    Migs Rustia-The keeper of MvC the site...Which is now sadly defunct.
    Shoryuken.com -> Love those movies...                                 

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