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    Roll by RpM

    Updated: 03/07/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: [MvC] A Guide to Roll
    From: RpM - acct 5/5 <cscc1k@Bayou.UH.EDU>
    Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 16:33:19 -0600
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2
    Marvel Vs. Capcom
    Guide to using Roll
    1) Who is Roll?
    2) How do you select Roll?
    3) Moves List
    4) General Strategy
    1) Who is Roll?
       She's Megaman's kid sister from the Megaman series.
       Short section, eh?
    2) How do you select Roll?
    Thanks to the Marvel Vs. Capcom site
    for this info.
     - Start a game
     - Move the select box to Zangief
     - Move the box in the following sequence:
       L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, R, U, U, R, R
       A bit odd, huh?  Well, it's easier than it reads.
       Just think of it as making an 'S' shape over the
       select boxes, then going over all the boxes not
       gone over before with the exception of the middle
    3) Moves List
       Roll has most of the moves that Megaman has,
       except there's subtle differences that make hers
       different enough for you to need to use it in
       different ways.
       Oh yeah, one more thing: her fierce punch
       is a fierce punch, not a fireball.
       - Flower Toss (ground + air)
           F, DF, D, DB, B + punch
           The only move Roll has that Megaman doesn't.
           She reaches in her pocket and tosses out
           a flower bouquet that explodes on impact.
           The flowers fly in an arch.  Distance of
           the arch depends on the strength of the
           button you used.  It's a tad too slow
           to be used as a reliable anti-air, but
           FROM the air it makes for a nifty way
           to chip away at the enemy because when
           the flower toss is done in the air, Roll's
           fall is slowed down a _LOT_.  You can probably
           toss out 10-20 flowers or more if you superjump 
           and go nuts with this move.
       - Mega Buster (ground + air)
           D, DF, F + punch
           Roll raises her skirt a bit, reaches in her shoe,
           and pulls out a gun.  It fires off a fireball
           like megaman's Mega Buster, but the recovery
           afterwards is LONG (mainly because she actually
           takes the time to tuck the thing back in her shoe
           carefully after every shot).  Be very careful how you
           use it.
       - Item/Weapon Change
           D, DB, B + kick
           The same as Megaman, essentially, with choice
           of megaball (short), tornado (forward), or 
           leaf shield (roundhouse).
       - Item/Weapon Use
           D, DF, F + kick
           NOTE: Roll has a _slightly_ longer lag on using
           this move than Megaman does.  However, the lag on
           activating her leaf shield is VERY bad.  
     Hyper Roll
       D, DF, F + 2 punches
         Roll transforms into a super version of herelf, then
         launches a narrow beam of lightning, a large particle
         beam, and misc. projectiles.  The startup lag on this
         move is terrible, and your enemy has plenty of
         opportunity to counter-super before she launches
         her projectiles.
     Rush Drill
         Roll hops on to Megaman's dog Rush, which then
         transforms into a drill.  It's fully controllable
         and seems to be the same as Megaman's version.
     Beat Plane
         Roll hops on to Megaman's bird helper, which then
         turns into a plane.  She can launch bombs by
         pressing kick or blasts by pressing punch.
         This move is about as safe as Megaman's version.
    4) General Strategy
    Roll is NOT easy to use, primarily because her limbs are 
    unbelievably stumpy.  She has almost no range, with the
    exception of her slide.
    Primarily, what you'll need to do is mix up jumping
    Mega Busters with ground mega-busters/tornados
    at medium/long range.  And from close range, you'll be
    relying on Roll's slide to get your hits in.
    Attack with the slide and interrupt it with a
    fireball or tornado.  Do this constantly.  The
    primary goal with her is to get that chip-away
    Every now and then, superjump and go nuts with
    the flower toss.  It's not a beat-all tactic
    but it is annoying to the enemy and it's a
    marginally safe way to get some free
    block damage on them.
    Roll's throw range is surprisingly long, so take advantage
    of that.
    As far as combos go, she seems to be able to
    chain just like Megaman.
    Whatever you do, try NOT to use the Hyper Roll.

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