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    Ryu by PSahye

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    Welcome the Unoffical
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       Version 1.5
       Ryu is one of the best characters in Marvel vs. Capcom, simply because
       HE'S EASY TO USE!!! Ryu has got a large power up sense Marvel Super
       Heroes Vs. Street fighter. He can now change into Ken or Akuma! This
       gives the Shotokan vets all the best supers and combos in one
       character. The only problem is that it takes one level off of his
       super bar.
         Updates in this version
         Ryu's Story
         Ryu's Moves
         Ryu's Combos
         Upcoming Games and Rumors(like what I know about the next "vs." game
       Darkstalkers Vs. Street Fighter!)
         In this version I have changed the Extra Stuff section into the
         Upcoming Games and Rumors section, I have also added a description
         on how to play in each of Ryu's modes.
      Ryu's Story
       Ryu was trained by Gouken in the art of Shotokan karate. Ryu trained
       with a young boy by the name of Ken Masters. The two of them trained
       to become the greatest fighters in the world. Ken left to America
       shortly after, and Ryu kept up with his training. Now, Ryu searchs the
       World for great fighters to perfect his skills.
      Ryu's Moves
    Ryu has a large set of moves that are easy to learn.
    Here is the button set up:
    (jab)    (strong)   (fierce)
    (short)  (foward)   (roundhouse)
    And here is the moves legend.
    DB=down back
    DF=down foward
    SJ=super jump
       Overhead Punch F + Strong
       Description: Ryu cocks his hand back and punchs his opponent in the
       face. This moves is unblockable from a crouching block,but it can only
       connect to for 2-Hits.
       Spin Kick F + Foward kick
       Description: Ryu does a small hop kick at his opponent. I think it is
       very usless but you can use it if you want!
       Hadouken D,DF,F + any pucnh
       Description: If you don't know what this is you must be readin' the
       wrong FAQ! Anyway this is Ryu's fireball, it is fast and will change
       if you swicth modes (from Ken to Akuma). As Ken the Hadouken will be
       large, and will head downward when it is thrown from the air, but will
       still only travel half screen. As Akuma, your Hadouken will travel
       full screen. In the air, the Hadouken will travel full screen, but
       will srink in size.
       Shoryuken F,D,DF + Any punch
       Description:Ryu does a large uppercut that does large damage! In Ken
       mode Ryu's hand will be on fire. In Akuma Mode his hand will be charge
       with electricity. Both of these versions stun the opponent.
       Tatsumaki-Senpuukyaku D,DB,B + Any kick
       Description: Ryu's hurricane kick. It is slow and powerful. It only
       hits once,
       but can be a air combo finisher.
       Super Moves
       Shinku Hadouken D,DF,F + 2 punches (In Akuma mode do D,DB,B to do the
       Messatsu Gou Hado witch is a variant of the Shinku Hadouken)
       Description: A souped-up version of Ryu's Hadouken. It is a beam super
       and comes out pertty fast there is no delay and it does very good
       damage. Use it whenever you see an opening!
       Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
       Description: D,DB,B + 2 kicks A souped-up version of Ryu's Tatsumaki
       Senpukyaku. This move does massive damage!! Use it if an opponent
       get's to close.
       Shin Shoryuken F,D,DF + 2 punch
       Description: Ryu does a wierd Shoryuken that hits 3 times on the
       ground and seven in the air. It does incredible damage.
       Shotokan Switch
       Description: Ryu turns his back and changes identities. Doing it with
       strong will get you Ken, and fierce will get you Akuma.
       The following supers are done in Ken and Akuma Modes.
       (ken and akuma)Shoryu Reppa/Messatsu Gou Shoryu D,DF,F + Any punch 
       Description: Ryu does three flaming/electrocuting Shoryukens. Does
       okay damage don't use it unless your sure it will connect.
       (ken)Shinn-Ryuken D,DF,F + any kick
       Description:ryu does a long flaming Shoryuken that heads upward. Use
       it on opponents that like to do jump in attacks.
       (akuma)Tenma Gou Zankyu D,DF,F + any punch(in air)
       Description: Akuma throws 30 plus air Hadoukens at the opponet. It
       hits thy opponent of the ground. Don't use it to often.
       Ryu's Combos
       Ryu has a large set of combos that are easy to use, because of the
       fact that Ryu can now change modes(i.e. he can now do combos that
       Akuma and ken could do in X-men Vs. Street fighter and Marvel Super
       Heroes Vs. Street Fighter). Here is the Legend of abbreviations that i
       will use in the combos section
    , is used to indicate normal move chaining
    S. stands for standing
    C. stands for crouching
    DN. stands for holding down on the controller while attacking
    T. stands for holding towards on the controller (direction you are facing)
    J. stands for jumping
    SJ. stands for Super Jumping
    D. stands for Dashing before performing the move
    AD. stands for Air Dashing
    F. stands for Flying
    (OTG) means this will hit opponent off the ground
    AC - Air Combo
    AC Finisher - A move that will end an air combo by initiating the FS
       Combos for all modes(These combos work in Ryu, Ken, and Akuma modes)
        1. S.Jab,S.Strong,S.Fierce
        2. D.S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse
        3. J.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Forward,Hadoken
        4. C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Forward, SJ.Strong,
       These combos work in Ken mode only
        1. C.fierce, SJ, SJ.Short, SJ.Foward, SJ.Roundhouse
        2. S.Jab, S.Foward, S.Roundhouse
        3. S.Jab, S.Foward, S.Strong, Tatsumaki-Senpukyaku(sometimes just
           skip the foward and go straight to the S.Strong)
        4. S.Short, S.Forward, C.Short, C.Forward, Shoryu Reppa
       These combos are for Akuma only
        1. S.Short, S.Fierce, Chop (to do the chop jsut preform ryu's
           overhead punch)
        2. J.Short, J.Forward ,.C.Short, C.Forward ,Messatsu Gou Shoryu
           (Sorry about the lack of Akuma combos, I just don't use that mode
           that much)
      Upcoming Games and Rumors
           Here I'll post the latest information on Upcoming capcom games and
           The largest rumor so far is that of the next "VS" game. There are
           two theories as of now. Please do not sell this faq it is ment to
           help out the few people that want to master Ryu in Marvel Vs.
           Capcom, not to make money.
           © Pierre Sahye & Asif Masroor,
           Marvel ® Marvel entertiment,Capcom ® Capcom ,Marvel Vs.
           Capcom:Clash of the heroes
           All rights reserved

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