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    Secrets FAQ by slackerxxxpunk

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 01/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     DDDDD  RRRRR   AAAA  GGGGGG____NN    N BBBBB   AAAA  L     L              Z
     D    D R    R A    A G    /    \ N   N B    B A    A L     L         Z  Z
     D    D RRRRR  AAAAAA G  G(  *   ) N  N BBBBB  AAAAAA L     L          Z
     D    D R R    A    A G    \____/   N N B    B A    A L     L        Z  Z
     DDDDD  R   R  A    A GGGGGG    N    NN BBBBB  A    A LLLLL LLLLL  Z
                       b            d      k          i
                       b            d      k  k
                       bbbb u  u dddd oooo kk   aaaa  i
                       b  b u  u d  d o  o k k  a  a  i
                       bbbb uuuu dddd oooo k  k aaaaa i
                                  Secrets FAQ
    Dragonball Z: Budokai Secrets FAQ created by: slackerxxxpunk (Matt Cordivari)
    For the Playstation 2 console
    Email me any questions, ideas or corrections: mcordivari@yahoo.com
    Version 5.0
    Copyright 2002
    No one is to use this FAQ in any other way other than for personal use,
    in part or in whole, without my permission. Do not copy this work or
    obviously alter it and use it as your own because plagiarism is a
    punishable offense and will be treated as such.
    Sites that have permission to use this FAQ:
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.IGN.com
    ' 1 Table of Contents
    1 Table of Contents
    2 Version History
    3 Extended Story Mode
       3.1 Saiyan Saga
       3.2 Namekian Saga
       3.3 Android Saga
    4 Popo's Shop Secret
    5 Acquiring The Great Saiyaman
    6 The Dragon Balls
    7 The Legend of Hercule
    8 Secrets of the Fighting Arenas
       8.1 Secret Arena Areas
       8.2 Destroy Arenas (coming soon!)
    9 Miscellaneous Secrets
       9.1 Alternate Character Costumes
       9.2 Mess With Character in Change Caps Mode
       9.3 Taunt Your Opponent
       9.4 Different Backgrounds
       9.5 Unlocking All Characters
       9.6 Playing With the Radar
       9.7 Not the Breakthrough Capsule you wanted?
    10 Reader Submitted Secrets
    11 Thanks
    12 The End
    ' 2 Version/Update History
    12-26-02 Version 5.0
    -I Finished "Secrets of the Fighting Arenas".
    12-18-02 Version 4.75
    -I made a "Reader Submitted Secrets" section because of a nice contributor.
    -I added a brand new section, "Secrets of the Fighting Arenas".
    12-17-02 Version 4.25
    -I added "Not the Breakthrough Capsule you wanted?" in the "Miscellaneous
    Secrets" section.
    -I wrote episode summaries for the "Extended Story Mode" section.
    12-16-02 Version 4.0
    -I Changed my email address to: mcordivari@yahoo.com
    -I added "Playing With the Radar" in the "Miscellaneous Secrets" section.
    -I added subsections.
    12-15-02 Version 3.5
    -I added TWO more sections: "Popo's Shop Secret" and "Thanks".
    -I fixed the title art. The Dragon Ball was in the wrong place. I can't
    believe I didn't notice that before.
    -I flipped the version history around to start from the most recent update.
    12-13-02 Version 2.75
    -I fixed more grammatical errors, which I hope is the last of them.
    -I fixed an error in the "Different Backgrounds" part of the "Miscellaneous
    Secrets" section.
    12-12-02 Version 2.25
    -Added alternate character costumes, different backgrounds, and how to
    unlock all the characters in the "Miscellaneous Stuff" section.
    -Changed "Miscellaneous Stuff" to "Miscellaneous Secrets", which I thought
    was more appropriate for this FAQ.
    12-11-02 Version 2.0
    -I added a fighter list for "Legend of Hercule" mode.
    -I made an ASCII title. Hope you like it.
    -Fixed more grammatical errors and did very minor things.
    12-10-02 Version 1.5
    -Well, I said that my first update might be my last on this FAQ, but
    I was wrong. I just finished adding the "Miscellaneous Stuff" section.
    -I fixed the layout.
    12-9-02 Version 1.0
    -This may be the first and last version of this FAQ, but I'm not sure.
    If I come up with more secrets I will add them. Enjoy!
    -I re read the FAQ and fixed any gramatical errors that I could find.
    ' 3 Extended Story Mode
    After you complete Story Mode the first time all the way through more
    Episodes become available. Once you have completed Story Mode re-enter
    Story Mode and instead of starting immediately you'll go to the Story
    Menu. There you can choose which Episode you want to play. There will be
    Episodes that have "New" next to them and others that are grayed out.
    Choose the "New" Episodes and after you finish one you will go to the
    grayed out Episode(s) underneath it or back to the Story mode menu
    to find more "New" Episodes. Here is a list of the rest of the Episodes:
    |3.1 Saiyan Saga|
    Episode 2: A Mutually Deadly Foe
    - You get to fight as Piccolo against Raditz and show him a thing or
    Episode 3: Saiyan Attack!!
    - You get to fight as Piccolo against six Saibaimen.
    Episode 7: Vegeta, Saiyan Prince
    - You get to fight as Vegeta against Goku and see what would have happened
    if Vegeta actually won.
    |3.2 Namekian Saga|
    Episode 2: Vegeta's Attack!
    - You get to fight as Vegeta against Zarbon.
    Episode 4: The Road to Super Saiyan
    - You get to fight as Vegeta against Frieza.
    Episode 5: Frieza? Or Vegeta?
    - Once again you get to fight as Vegeta against Frieza, but this time it's
    a bit tougher due to the fact that Frieza transforms.
    Episode 9: Raging Frieza
    - This episode provides another twist on the original DBZ story. You get
    to fight as Frieza in this first of two episodes where you get to see what
    would have happened if Frieza won against Goku on Namek.
    Episode 10: The True Ruler
    - This is the second episode in which you see what would have happened if
    Frieza got his way.
    |3.3 Android Saga|
    Episode 2: Super Saiyan Vegeta
    - Fight as Vegeta as he goes Super Saiyan against the Androids.
    Episode 5: Vegeta's Confidence!
    - The battle against Cell begins and you fight as Vegeta to try and stop him.
    Episode 6: Perfect Form Cell Complete!!
    - After Vegeta lets Cell attain his perfect form you get to fight him as
    Episode 11: Aim For Perfect Form!
    - You get to fight as Cell as he battles the Androids and attains his perfect
    Episode 12: A Cold-Blooded Assassin
    - Hands down the funniest episode in the game. You'll have play it to find
    out why because it's just too good to spoil.
    ' 4 Popo's Shop Secret
    Looking for a certain Capsule? Then you'll like this secret. It has to
    do with the recommended Capsules in Popo's Shop. I'm sure we have all
    found ourselves, at one time or another, buying Capsule after Capsule
    looking for that certain one. So next time instead of doing that just
    do this:
    Go into Popo's shop and make sure you don't want the recommended Capsule
    that is there aleady (you can check to see if a recommended Capsule
    is new or if you already have it by pressing square on it to get the
    details. It will have "New" next to it if you need it.) If you don't
    want it then press triangle to exit the shop. Now go back into the shop
    and the recommended Capsule will be different. Everytime you do this
    the recommended Capsule will change. So you can find the one you want
    without spending any Zenie.
    *Note: Lots of patience is needed to use this secret. You will spend alot
    of time going in and out of the shop, but you'll save money and get what
    you want.
    ' 5 Acquiring The Great Saiyaman
    To be able to play as the Great Saiyaman in Duel, World Tournament, and
    Practice modes you have to beat World Tournament mode on Advanced. In
    order to do that you must first beat World Tournament mode on Novice.
    After you beat it on Novice go to Popo's shop and buy the recommended
    Capsule, which will be Adept mode for the World Tournament. Beat Adept
    and go to Popo's shop again and purchase the recommended Capsule, which
    will be Advanced mode for the World Tournament. Beat Advanced mode and
    the Great Saiyaman will be available. To choose the Great Saiyaman pick
    Gohan and one of the choices will now be the Great Saiyaman.
    The Great Saiyaman isn't a huge character in this game, but he is the
    hardest to unlock (hence his own section). I think he is just there as a
    sequel tease since it is almost a sure thing that there will be a sequel.
    In my opinion the makers just wanted to keep everybody waiting eagerly
    for Budokai 2. Besides that, Saiyaman is an alright fighter.
    ' 6 The Dragon Balls
    If you go to the Edit Skills section in the game and then to the
    Skills list you'll find a Dragon Ball section. After you acquire all
    seven Dragon Balls by either purchasing them from Popo's shop or being
    lucky enough to get them through story mode after a while, you can
    then summon Shenron. To summon him go to the Dragon Balls in their
    respective menu and say yes when a mini popup asks you "Yes" or "No".
    A list will appear once the cutscene is over and you can pick one of
    the three choices he gives you(If the fighter you want is not on the
    list, you can always reset the game and get different choices). The
    choices all contain the Breakthrough Capsules for the different
    fighters (23 in all). After he gives you the Capsule of your choice
    go to the Change Caps section and place the Capsule in the fighter's
    ability list(The capsule is a green capsule and it is the last one on
    the list for all the fighters). The Capsule will allow you to use all
    of that fighter's skills when you use that character as custom in
    Duel, World Tournament, and Practice modes. In order to get the
    breakthrough capsules for all 23 characters you must collect the
    Dragon Balls all 23 times. Good Luck!
    ' 7 The Legend of Hercule
    In order to play The Legend of Hercule (Hercule's own story mode) you
    have to complete every episode in story mode including the ones I told
    you about in the Extended Story Mode section of this FAQ. After you do
    that beat Novice mode in the World Tournament. After that you have to
    go to Popo's shop and buy the recommended Capsule, which will be Adept
    mode for the World Tournament. Beat Adept (after you beat Adept mode
    Hercule will be available for use in Duel, World Tournament, and
    Practice modes) and go to Popo's shop again. Buy the recommended
    Capsule, which will be Advanced mode for the World Tournament.
    Immediately after buying Advanced mode buy the next recommended
    Capsule, which should be The Legend of Hercule as long as you did
    everything correctly.
    The Legend of Hercule mode is a nice addition to this already great
    game. It pits you, the extremely self-confident Hercule, in an all or
    nothing brawl against 11 fighters. One by one you need to
    systematically defeat all 11 warriors on your choice of three
    difficulty levels, Novice, Adept, or Advanced. Here is a list of the 11
    characters you have to fight:
    |  #  |    Fighter    | Time Limit | Advice                                  |
    |  1  |    Yamcha     |     99     | none                                    |
    |  2  |     Tien      |     99     | Conserve your health for the next fight |
    |  3  |    Krillin    |     99     | Health rolls over from fight with Tien  |
    |  4  |  Android #16  |     99     | none                                    |
    |  5  |    Trunks     |     99     | none                                    |
    |  6  |    Vegeta     |     60     | Only a 60 second time limit, so go fast |
    |  7  |    Piccolo    |     99     | none                                    |
    |  8  |  5 Cell Jrs   |     --     | No time limit, so take your time        |
    |  9  |   SSJ Goku    |     99     | Conserve your health for the next fight |
    |  10 |  SSJ2 Gohan   |     99     | Health rolls over from fight with Goku  |
    |  11 |     Cell      |     99     | none                                    |
    ' 8 Secrets of the Fighting Arenas
    |8.1 Secret Arena Areas|
    In certain fighting arenas there are areas where you can knock your
    opponent through the arena walls and into a different area. There are
    three different ways to find special areas, and here they are: 
    1) Hit your opponent into the air and then pummel him/her to the edge
    of the arena. Once you get close enough to the edge you can do a combo,
    or anything else that would send your opponent careening backwards.
    Your opponent will then smash through the wall and into the secret
    area. The battle will continue from there. The arenas that have this
    kind of secret area are:
    - Grassland
    - Valley Plains
    - Rock Mountain
    - Namek
    2) To find this type of secret area you have to corner your opponent
    into the mountain side. Once he/she's cornered do one last combo and
    send him/her through the mountain and into the secret area. The battle
    will continue from there. The only arena you can do this in is:
    - Islands
    3) This is the last way to send someone into a different area of an
    arena. Drive your opponent to the very edge of the arena and send
    him/her off of the edge with a final combo. Your opponent will fall
    off the side and slam onto the ground. Your character follows your
    opponent down and you continue the battle from there. The only arena
    you can do this in is:
    - Kami's Lookout
    |8.2 Destroy Arenas|
    To destroy an arena means to launch a characters ultimate move. When an
    ultimate move is launched on an arena that can be destroyed it turns
    into a crater. There are certain arenas, though, that either don't make
    a crater or do something different.
    The arenas that make regular craters when an ultimate move is launched
    - Grassland
    - Valley Plains
    - Rock Mountain
    - Islands
    - Kami's Lookout
    - Cell Games Ring
    The arenas that can't be destroyed are:
    - Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    - World Tournament
    The next arena is special when it comes to destroying it:
    - Namek (It turns into the planet right before it explodes during the
    Goku/Frieza battle. It looks cool.)
    Here is a list of the characters and their ultimate moves(The ones that can
    destroy arenas):
    Goku - Spirit Bomb
    Teen Gohan - Super Kamehameha
    Cell - Spirit Bomb
    Android 16 - Hell Flash
    Frieza - Death Ball
    Vegeta - Big Bang Attack
    Trunks - Burning Attack
    Hercule - Present For You
    Piccolo - Hellzone Grenade
    ' 9 Miscellaneous Stuff
    |9.1 Alternate Character Costumes|
    When selecting a character in Duel, World Tournament, or practice modes
    press circle instead of X.
    |9.2 Mess With Character in Change Caps Mode|
    Go into the Edit Skills section and then go to Change Caps. When you
    press the different buttons on the controller they each do something
    to the character you have selected. Here are the buttons you can
    press and what they do:
    Left Analog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Move Character Around
    Right Analog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Move Lighting
    R1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Switch Between Player 1 and 2 Costumes
    R2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Switch Between Transformations
    L1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zoom Out
    L2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Zoom In
    |9.3 Taunt Your Opponent|
    If you press P+K+G+E your character will taunt your opponent. You can set
    P+K+G+E to one of the controller buttons to make it easier to do. Each
    time you taunt an opponent there Ki guage goes down one level.
    |9.4 Different Backgrounds|
    Once you completely finish the story mode you can now look at all the
    different backgrounds there are (Four in all). There are two ways to
    see them: 1) When you boot the game up (it's shown at the "press start
    button" screen) and 2) When you are at the screen with the Dragon Ball
    menu (the main menu in the game where you can select Story Mode, etc...)
    press triangle until you are at the main game screen (where it says
    "press start button"). Each time you do either of those things a
    different background will be shown.
    |9.5 Unlocking All Characters|
    Go through the entire story mode. That means every episode. After that
    the only two characters you won't have unlocked are Hercule and the Great
    Saiyaman. Unlocking those two is explained in detail in there respective
    sections earlier in this FAQ.
    |9.6 Playing With the Radar|
    When the loading screen comes on you can move that green radar at the
    bottom right corner by moving the left analog stick left and right.
    |9.7 Not the Breakthrough Capsule You Wanted?|
    If you summon Shenron and he gives bad choices for Breakthrough capsules
    just reset the game and summon him again. You'll get different choices
    every time.
    ' 10 Reader Submitted Secrets
    All of the secrets in this section were received, by me, from other people.
    If you have any questions about the secrets in this secton please E-Mail
    the people that sent them in. DO NOT E-Mail me because I will not respond.
    The following secret was submitted by neko1@optonline.net:
    How to acquire all the Breakthrough Capsules the easy way.
    *Note: You need three memory cards to do this secret.
    1) Collect all 7 Dragon Balls by doing the Mr. Popo shop trick
    (enter & exit until you get what you want) and save it to your first
    memory card.
    2) Start a brand new game and collect all 7 Dragon Balls again. Save it
    to your second memory card.
    3) Copy the data from the second card to the third. 
    4) On the game with the first memory card, summon the dragon and choose a
    Breakthrough Capsule.
    5) Trade the 7 Dragon Balls from memory card 2 to memory card 1 (Just use
    your unwanted capsules from memory card one's game to trade for the Dragon
    6) Repeat step 4.
    7) In the PS2 browser, delete the game on memory card 2.
    8) Copy the data from card 3 to card 2 (never trade the dragon balls from
    the 3rd card, or you'll have to find them all over again).
    Repeat steps 5-8 until you have all 23 capsules
    The following secret was submitted by ShingotenksSSJ@cs.com:
    An easier way to get the Breakthrough Capsule you want.
    Simply pull the memory card from the system before you see the Breakthrough
    Capsule choices, then if your preferred character isn't on the list, pick
    one anyway. The system will try to save your wish, but it won't recognize a
    memory card. It will tell you to save or you can not have the skill,
    so press NO. You will sit through a short "farewell" animation, then
    be taken back to the "Dragon Ball Skills List" where you will find all
    7 Balls on your list. Repeat this trick until you have the desired character
    Breakthrough Capsule.
    ' 11 Thanks
    Thanks go out to:
    My good friend Dan who told me about Popo's shop secret.
    Prima for making a great strategy guide, which helped me write the
    "Dragon Balls" section.
    GameFaqs for hosting this FAQ.
    IGN for hosting this FAQ.
    ' 12 The End
    I sure hope this FAQ has helped you out with all of the things you
    couldn't find or didn't even know about in this game.Enjoy the game
    and thank you for reading.
    Copyright 2002 slackerxxxpunk (Matt Cordivari)

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