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    Yamcha by Omega Cosmo

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    Yamcha FAQ V 1.01
    For Dragonball Z: Budokai, console Playstation 2.
    By Omega Cosmo (Andreas "Andy" Borgelind / Andersen)
    This FAQ is copyright 2002/2003 Omega Cosmo
    Character Yamcha and game Dragonball Z are copyrights of Toei Animation,
    Bird Studio and originally creations by Akira Toriyama.
    Mail: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Website: Not anylonger.
    KMegura's official copyright protection follows:
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    in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
    it away as a gift. This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
    anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
    my express written permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by
    me, Omega Cosmo. All copyrights and trademarks are
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    This FAQ should only be existing at:
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    If you want to use my FAQ, you must have my written permission.
    Adress: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction
       - Information
       - Controls
    2. About Yamcha
       - Biography
    3. Melee Attacks & Combinations
       - Punch
       - Kick
       - Punch & Kick
       - Special [NOT YET]
    4. Move Lists
       - Quick Move List
       - Advanced Move List [UPDATED]
    5. Capsules
       - Ability (Red)
       - Physical (Blue)
       - Support (Green)
       - Breakthrough [NOT YET]
    6. Strategy/Tactics [NEW]
       - Ki Bliss [NEW]
    7. Customizing
       - My Yamcha
       - World Tournament Yamcha
    8. Miscellaneous
       - Costumes
         - X (Cross)
         - Square
    9. Closing
       - Version Information
       - And Soon To Come...
       - Credits & Thanks
    1. Introduction
    Greetings, my name is Andreas. I'm a guy from Sweden which enjoys life.
    Well it's not like you care about that so nevermind!
    For Christmas I got a Playstation 2 and this very game, which I happen to enjoy
    VERY much. Partly because it's so fun, and partly because one of my favorite
    characters (guess who!) is finally in. He is not as good as I had hoped, but my tribute
    to him just being there is this FAQ. I hope you'll learn some stuff and enjoy this.
    I used to have a website but lately RL takes more of my time so I can't be arsed to keep it up.
    I use the default set, which looks like this:
    Directional Buttons/Analog - Movement
    Cross (X) = Block
    Square = Punch
    Circle = Ki Blast (Energy)
    Triangle = Kick
    L1 = Guard
    R1 = P+G (Grab)
    L2 = P+K+G (Transform)
    R2 = P+K+G+E (Taunt)
    I might accidently say Square/Triangle etc throughout the course of this FAQ, so
    this little chart will hopefully keep things clear.
    Other tricks I'll be using are the following:
    Sidestepping = Up/Down + Cross (X)
    Charging Ki = Hold Cross (X) and hit Back twice, holding it in the second time
    Other tricks (most of which I never use) are pointed out in the game's manual.
    2. About Yamcha
    Aaah, Yamcha. One of the most changed characters from Dragonball to Z.
    You people who never saw or know nothing of Dragonball would be surprised on the way he used to be,
    along with a surprised look on your face as you saw him do the Wolf Fang Fist for the
    first time in this game.
    The first time he appeared was in the very first Dragonball volume (The Secret of
    the Dragonballs), chapter 7 (Yamcha and Puar) page 102, panel 1.
    In the anime, that would be around ep 5-7.
    He was originally a desert bandit, and one of the strongest fighters around.
    The first time he met Goku he defeated him with the Wolf Fang Fist, but had to retire
    early since he saw Bulma. (At the time, Yamcha was VERY afraid of women)
    Later Goku got him back though since it showed that when Yamcha defeated him, he was hungry.
    Yamcha hears of the dragonballs and causes some mischief for Goku & his party, but later
    they all become friends and Yamcha begins to train under Kame-sennin.
    (That is how Yamcha also knows the Kame Hame Ha!) Yamcha never really had any luck in the
    tournaments either, best scoring place number 3, I think? (Been a while since I read it all!)
    In the end of Dragonball, Yamcha also received his trademark scar. Throughout almost all DB
    and half of DBZ, Yamcha is Bulma's boyfriend.
    In Dragonball Z, Yamcha becomes the weakest of all the Z senshi (not counting Chao-Zu) but he
    is still a very exceptional fighter when compared to normal human beings.
    Yamcha died from Saibamen in the Saiya-jin saga, almost got killed again from android #20
    in the beginning of the Cell saga and so on. Yamcha's glory on the battlefield is practically
    non-existant, which is a shame. Hence, he retired for good when the Buu saga began.
    Finally, I must say that I preferred good ol' Yamcha... back when he was among the greatest...
    back when he was afraid of women... yeah, those were the days. He'll always be the best, though!
    3. Melee Attacks & Combinations
    Attacks were tested against a normal Goku, which takes default damage.
    Having a full life bar equals 3000 hit points.
    1. P
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 68
    Notes: Quick punch. Nothing to note other than it does below average damage,
    and is good to poke with.
    2. P,P
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 68 + 63 = 131
    Notes: Like the above, except with a second punch using his right arm.
    Why stop there?
    3. P,P,P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 67 = 198
    Notes: Good little poking combo, but personally I never stop at this.
    The third punch is so fast that the fourth one seems to come naturally.
    4. P,P,P,P
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 67 + 53 = 251
    Notes: More damage and all that, but using this combo without adding the
    Wolf Fang Fist at the end (hey, that's what it's here for!) looks rather stupid
    and IS stupid too since it leaves you open.
    5. P,P,P,Forward P
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 67 + 88 = 286
    Notes: Works just about the same as the previous combo, but the F+P finisher
    has Yamcha using his palm to strike the enemy away. Good enough damage and great
    for ring outs, but watch for the recovery time afterwards. Make sure your foe
    doesn't block it.
    6. P,Forward P,P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 54 = 185
    Notes: Decent only. Has slow recovery time and isn't very strong. Sends opponent
    flying for a VERY small amount of time.
    7. Forward P
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 68
    Notes: Identical to punching normally, but slower. Avoid.
    8. Forward P,P
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 68 + 63 = 131
    Notes: Same as combo #2 but slower. Why does it exist?
    9. Forward P,P,P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 62 = 193
    Notes: Nothing to note. You should really keep going instead of stopping like this.
    10. Forward P,P,P,P
    Hits: 5
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 62 + 46 + 42 = 281
    Notes: It's better than the previous, but really... just don't stop!
    Unless the foe blocks and you need to run away, that is. It has next to no
    recovery time, so it makes a good move for moments like that.
    11. Forward P,P,P,P,P
    Hits: 6
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 62 + 46 + 42 + 47 = 328
    Notes: The finisher doesn't give much. It makes the foe fall over, but you'd
    rather want to do a Wolf Fang Fist after combo #10 instead, don't you?
    12. Backwards P
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 59 + 54 = 113
    Notes: Pretty fast on starting up, and gives two fast punches for the price
    and speed of one. Rather nice poke move but watch out for the recovery time!
    13. Backwards P,Forward P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 59 + 54 + 75 = 188
    Notes: This one is a personal favorite. Not only does it give you the speed
    and two punches for one that combo #12 gave you, it also ends with the
    great palm strike. Great for making your foe fly, free ringouts and alike!
    14. Backwards P,P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 59 + 54 + 62 = 175
    Notes: Yamcha will end the first two quick punches with another tiny one which
    will make your foe fall over, open for some kind of continuation attack.
    Do this if you want to play safe, but go for combo #15 if you want the damage.
    15. Backwards P,Backwards P
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 59 + 54 + 88 = 201
    Notes: Actually this doesn't quite connect, but when performing the second B+P,
    Yamcha will do a uppercut. (Think Dragon Punch from Street Fighter) It looks
    pretty cool and is damaging aswell, but as mentioned, it doesn't quite connect.
    Still seems to me like my foes have troubles blocking it, though...
    16. Dashing P
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 83
    Notes: Most characters' D+P looks like this. Yamcha jumps forth while 'slicing',
    often causing guard break. Hell, practically always. It's not very damaging and
    it's also obvious when it's coming out, but always good to use when your foe blocks.
    (Although the D+K is a bit better for that)
    1. K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 78
    Notes: A swift kick. Nothing to it. Keep going!
    2. K,K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 78 + 72 = 150
    Notes: Yamcha follows up the first kick with another one, a lower.
    Quick little poker but still, why stop there?
    3. K,K,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 67 = 217
    Notes: Adds yet another low kick to the fray. This third kick has pretty
    bad range, which can be irritating. So I must really advice you to keep going.
    (Since the next K will end the combo)
    4. K,K,K,K
    Hits: 5
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 67 + 61 + 56 = 334
    Notes: Love this one. Yamcha finishes the kick combo with two flying ones,
    showing off his speed in a nice manner. Last kick makes your foe flies
    like crazy, and it looks great to boot. Always a great combination as long
    as you are certain that it will connect!
    7. K,Backwards K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 75 = 225
    Notes: Doing the usual fast kick and then a B+K adds a axe kick to the combination.
    It ends instantly after this, but it's strong enough and fast too. Also the B+K
    gives you two kicks for the price of one, something which seems to be sort of a gimmick
    for many of Yamcha's moves.
    8. K,K,Backwards K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 79 = 229
    Notes: Ending combo #2 with a B+K has Yamcha kneeing your foe up in the air, allowing
    some sort of a follow up. Good move to keep your enemy on distance, and also great as a
    set-up. However, it comes out a bit slow.
    9. K,Forward K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 78 + 81 = 159
    Notes: After the basic kick, Yamcha sends the enemy flying. Not very fast,
    not very strong; but GREAT for ring outs and alike.
    10. K,K,Forward K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 75 = 225
    Notes: Though it has the same finishing animation as #9, this version doesn't send
    the enemy flying. Actually this combo really sucks. It leaves you waaaay to open
    and the damage isn't worth it at all.
    11. K,K,Forward K,K
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 78 + 72 + 75 + 73 = 298
    Notes: Good enough damage, and certainly way better than #10, but I still don't really
    like this one. If your foe blocks, say farewell. But if it happens to connect, it is
    decent at best. Well it is a pretty fast move, but still not particularly useful.
    12. Forward K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 88
    Notes: Yamcha knees his foe in the face. Comes out fast, does mediocre damage.
    Fun because of what it is, and pretty good too because of it's speed.
    Usually though, I follow it up.
    13. Forward K,K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 88 + 72 = 160
    Notes: After the knee, Yamcha performs a fast kick directed against the foe's
    mid section. Very, very fast. You could stop here (and you should if your foe
    is anticipating it) but by all means, keep going for the real damage.
    14. Forward K,K,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 88 + 72 + 67 = 227
    Notes: Slow range on this one. Either stop or keep going, that's all the advice
    you'll be needing.
    15. Forward K,K,K,K
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 88 + 72 + 67 + 69 = 296
    Notes: You'll think the combo is over here, but no! If this connects,
    there is no reason to not press your kick button one final time.
    16. Forward K,K,K,K,K
    Hits: 5
    Damage: 88 + 72 + 67 + 69 + 91 = 387
    Notes: The mighty finisher. After the last kick conceived by #15, Yamcha
    will do his D+K to end it all. Great damage on the final move, and sends your
    opponent flying too. One of the best combos all in all.
    17. Backwards K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 83
    Notes: Slow when it starts, but has decent damage and good range.
    Use with caution.
    18. Backwards K,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 83 + 72 + 75 = 230
    Notes: The same axe kick as in #8 is used to finish this one off. I feel it's
    pretty good, especially when you want your opponent down.
    19. Backwards K, Forward K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 83 + 81 = 164
    Notes: #18 is better in every sense, but this one has to be the fastest way to
    make your enemy fly. If aerial fighting is where you shine, I recommend this one.
    Otherwise, just stick with #18. (The combo! Not the android!)
    20. Backwards K, Backwards K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 83 + 86 = 169
    Notes: It does make your enemy fly for a short while, but what you can do with
    them during that time is practically nothing. I don't like this one for
    understandable reasons.
    21. Dashing K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 88
    Notes: I like this move. Faster than the punch counterpart, and also has better
    range and speed. Almost a guaranteed guard break aswell. Abuse it, and love it.
    Another bonus! Makes your enemy fly away! Great knock out move!
    22. Guard+Kick
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 158
    Notes: Damaging overhead which is pretty intriguating. Yamcha will jump up in
    the air and come down striking his foe's head. Sometimes he'll accidently jump
    over the foe but try to learn how to use it effectively. It's another one of
    those moves that are deadly in the hands of a good Yamcha player.
    Punch & Kick
    NOTE: P+K means to hit both buttons at the same time. Not to be confused with
    the aforementioned D+P and etc.
    1. P+K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 98
    Notes: A move that will send your opponent flying some distance, as well as
    pretty often launch him/her into the air. You can hold P+K to charge it longer,
    until it becomes unblockable. In the air this will act as the so called
    'DBZ hammer move' which is used very often in the series to strike people down
    from the air. You'll know what I mean.
    2. Forward P+K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 93
    Notes: A one-hit wonder that once again has your enemy flying a nice distance.
    Unlike #1, it cannot be charged. It's also rather slow. But at least it's pretty
    damaging together with the fact that it helps you keep the distance from your foe
    in case you need that.
    3. Backwards P+K
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 83
    Notes: Lesser uppercut which has your opponent flying a short while. Not
    really very effective but you can insert something afterwards.
    (I recommend the G+K, kick combo #22)
    4. P,K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 68 + 81 = 149
    Notes: Fast punch, damaging kick which makes your enemy fly away.
    Useful for... well I'll just let you guess by yourself.
    5. P,P,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 75 = 206
    Notes: 2 swift punches, ending the same way as #4 except that the kick
    won't make your foe fly.
    6. P,P,K,K
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 75 + 73 = 279
    Notes: Fast one this. The finisher isn't very satisfying, but the
    damage is good and so is the speed. Recommended, especially for
    short melee sessions.
    7. P,P,K,K,K
    Hits: 6
    Damage: 68 + 63 + 75 + 73 + 56 + 50 = 385
    Notes: Another one of those combos which you must love. The finisher
    is the great flying two kicker. Damaging, fast, makes your enemy fly, knocks
    him/her away... great! Go practice it right this instant.
    8. Forward P,K
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 68 + 86 = 154
    Notes: A punch followed by a knee that makes your opponent fly for a very
    short while. Not very useful, so keep going unless your foe blocks.
    9. Forward P,K,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 68 + 86 + 75 = 229
    Notes: I actually like this one pretty much. Damaging enough, and makes
    your opponent fly both up and away. Great for ring/knock outs and just for overall
    annoyment from your rival.
    10. Forward P,P,P,K,K
    Hits: 5
    Damage: 85 + 78 + 77 + 91 + 63 = 329
    Notes: Great little combination aswell. Fast and damaging.
    Note that the final kick can be charged up before hitting, which is entirely
    useful as long as the combo connects since the damage won't go up or anything.
    11. Backwards P,K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 58 + 54 + 88 = 191
    Notes: Two kick punches from the B+P, and then a kick which makes your foe
    fly away. It is a decent combo I guess, but there are too many others which
    are better for both damage and speed.
    12. Backwards P,Forward K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 58 + 54 + 127 = 230
    Notes: A better alternative to #11, ending with the dreaded D+K.
    It's another one of those fast, damaging and useful combinations.
    13. Backwards P,Backwards K
    Hits: 3
    Damage: 59 + 54 + 79 = 192
    Notes: Two fast punches into a knee. Nothing noteworthy really.
    The knee makes your opponent fly for a little while so add something
    afterwards. With proper training you can get long and nice combos out of
    this one.
    14. P,Forward P,P,K
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 68 + 73 + 54 + 109 = 271
    Notes: This one is useful, although the F+P doesn't always want to connect.
    I like this combo though, seems to be one of Yamcha's most useful ones so far.
    Use it and see what you think.
    15. Forward K,P
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 88 + 73 = 161
    Notes: Quick knee into a quick punch. Quick combo! Not the best available
    but good for poking.
    16. Backwards K,P
    Hits: 2
    Damage: 83 + 73 = 156
    Notes: Axe kick lite into a punch. Another one of those quick and easy
    poking combos.
    [NOT YET]
    4. Move Lists
    Quick Move List
    Kamehameha              P,Forward P,P,E or Forward K,P,P,P,E
    Wolf Fang Fist          P,P,P,P,E
    Wolf Slice Fist         K,K,Forward K,K,E
    Wolf Fang Blast         Forward P,P,P,K,E
    Tiger Jackhammer        P+G (Throw)
    Advanced Move List
    Kamehameha - P,Forward P,P,E or Forward K,P,P,P,E
    Ki Gauges: 1
    Hits: 1
    Damage: 280 (Complete Combo: 325 or 426)
    Quote: "Ka Me Ha Me Haaaa!"
    Notes: Trademark attack of the turtle school, the mighty projectile
    Kamehameha. Let me start by saying that this is the best version
    of the Kamehameha in this game. And why is this?
    Does it come out faster? Is it more damaging? Well sir, no!
    But it makes your opponent fly like CRAZY. Seriously I did this one
    once in the world tournament as an opening move, and my foe flew off the screen.
    Instant ring out! It's mad I tell you. This is definately Yamcha's best move,
    and I must admit that he would almost be unplayable without it.
    It can be used in many, many combos for maddening results. Especially when
    you get 2x capsules of it, in which the damage is vastly increased.
    Wolf Fang Fist - P,P,P,P,E
    Ki Gauges: 1
    Hits: 1-9 (Depends on amount of button presses)
    Damage: 100-510 (Complete Combo: 351 - 761)
    Quote: "Rouga Fuu Fuu Ken!"
    Notes: Yamcha's Dragonball trademark move is back in action, and it's ever
    so sexy. It's great to add in combos and it gives great damage for it's cost.
    It's a curious move in the manner that each time you press the energy button
    after it's unleashed, it adds up to a total of 8 hits + the finisher.
    (After the finisher, listen to him screaming at your foe)
    Note that the scream might not be in the US version of the game.
    (I have the European version, with the Japanese voices which I prefer)
    In any case, the bad thing with this move has to be that it's SO easily blocked.
    Actually it's pretty much impossible to even get one hit with this on a living
    foe. You'd do it, and then your foe will either guard or step away.
    Ah well. Also, you cannot upgrade it by having the same capsule twice.
    Ah well x 2. And where is the Souki Dan? *Cries*
    Wolf Slice Fist - K,K,Forward K,K,E
    Ki Gauges: 1
    Hits: 4
    Damage: 300 (Complete Combo: 514)
    Notes: Your basic Ki using throw. Move itself isn't terribly damaging
    but when used in combos, it can be very useful.
    Actually I find myself removing this move first when I use my custom
    Yamcha, but it's all up to you. Overall I most say there is nothing special
    with it. But if it fits your playing style (physical), give it a go.
    Wolf Fang Blast - Forward P,P,P,K,E
    Ki Gauges: 2
    Hits: 8 (Only blasts) 10 (Blasts + opening)
    Damage: 400 (Only blasts) 500 (Blasts + opening)
    Notes: Almost every character has this one, first two fast attacks
    and then 8 blasts. (16 blasts if you have 2x capsules) Nothing special
    to say here either, use it when you feel like starting some mayhem.
    Still, stick with Kamehameha or Wolf Fang Fist for longer combos.
    The risk is though, if you add this move to your tray, you might
    disrupt one of the positive aspects with Yamcha.
    (Check 'Ki Bliss' in the Strategy/Tactics section)
    Tiger Jackhammer - P+G (Throw)
    Ki Gauges: None
    Hits: 13
    Damage: 250
    Notes: The basic throw. I find myself using only this when I feel
    like having a physical attack. Why? It's easy to do, it's damaging
    for it's free Ki cost, it only takes up one custom slot...
    Overall, it's great and simple. Just like throws are supposed to be!
    5. Capsules
    You'll probably spend most of your time in the Skill Edit mode, because
    that's where you can customize your characters and buy capsules etc.
    This is the reason why this game is so much better than any other previously
    released DBZ game. Enjoy the list and information.
    Ability (Red)
    1. Kamehameha (Yamcha)
    Notes: Yamcha's projectile and best move. Uses 1 Ki gauge. (Read more above)
    2. Wolf Fang Fist
    Notes: Yamcha's trademark combo attack. Uses 1 Ki gauge. (Read more above)
    Physical (Blue)
    1. Wolf Slice Fist
    Notes: Physical attack used in combinations, 4 hits.
    Uses 1 Ki gauge. (Read more above)
    2. Wolf Fang Blast
    Notes: Physical attack used in combinations, attack and
    blast your foe from above. Uses 2 Ki gauges. (Read more above)
    3. Tiger Jackhammer
    Notes: Yamcha's throw. Easy to perform and damaging for
    it's free cost of 0 Ki gauges. (Read more above)
    Support (Green)
    1. 1/3 Senzu Bean - 1 slot
    Activated when you're defeated, it restores one life bar and three Ki gauges.
    Only taking up one slot, it might prove a worthwhile item to use but personally
    I like to put my tiny little slots on other things. Experiment to reach
    2. Senzu Bean - 3 slots
    Just, nah. It works like the 1/3 Senzu Bean except it gives you full life bar
    and Ki gauge back. Not bad, but takes up way too much space to be really useful.
    I tend to not use this at all.
    3. General Vest - 1 slot
    Gives you a 10% bonus to your defense. Not a bad deal for it's slot usage,
    taking in consideration that Yamcha has below average defense + no
    transformations. If you want to use a defense bonus item, this is the one to
    go for mainly since the others take up so much space.
    4. Training Vest - 2 slots
    Like the General Vest, except it gives you a 20% defense bonus instead.
    If you really need defense bonuses, stick to the General Vest due to it's
    much lower slot usage. This just isn't worth it.
    5. Sturdy Vest - 3 slots
    Same thing applies here. 30% defense bonus, 3 slots. Read above for more
    6. Mysterious Vest - 4 slots
    40% defense bonus, 4 slots. Need I say more?
    7. Gero's Energy R&D - 1 slot
    Though this capsule, giving you energy for each Ki blast you reflect,
    is not really a bad choice; you shouldn't use it. Why? Simply because
    there aren't that many Ki blasts in a fight AT ALL. When fighting the CPU,
    forget it. When fighting a living foe, then maybe. Only maybe. And only then.
    8. Gero's Deflection R&D - 1 slot
    This auto deflects Ki blasts. And yes, it is as extremely useless as it sounds.
    9. ??? - ???
    Don't have this one yet. Must keep searching.
    10. Viral Heart Disease - 2 slots
    Without using the Vaccine combo, this is probably the most useless
    capsule ever. Not only does it reduce the fun of a fight by making it
    extremely short, but it also well... kills you off, quite literally.
    Only time I use this is in a Vaccine combo (World Tournament).
    Other than that, nah.
    11. Vaccine - 1 slot
    Used together with the Viral Heart Disease to conjure the dreaded
    World Tournament combination. When you have this equipped together
    with the Viral Heart Disease, your enemy's life will slowly be
    depleted but yours will not. So for easy money, set the timer to 30 and
    equip this + the Viral Heart Disease. Then block/evade for the whole
    match. Easy as pie!
    12. Super Holy Water - 1 slot
    Ehh actually I don't understand what this is supposed to do.
    13. Serious! - 1 slot
    When you're down on your last life bar, you'll get a 10% attack bonus.
    Well it's not THAT bad, but there's just so much else you can spend your
    slots on.
    14. Serious!! - 2 slots
    Same as Serious!, although it initiates when you've lost half of your life
    and gives you a 20% bonus instead. A bit better than Serious!, but too costly
    to really interest me.
    15. Serious!!! - 3 slots
    Starts at 2/3 life instead of the earlier incarnations, and gives you a 30% bonus
    to your strength. Actually, that is quite the great bonus but still... 3 slots!
    There is just so much else you can do with that. It's all up to your personal
    fighting style.
    16. Rage! - 1 slot
    10% attack bonus. That's good. Only works for the first 10 seconds of the battle.
    ...eh? You can win battles in 10 seconds? Well I guess if you can, this capsule
    is for you!
    17. Rage!! - 2 slots
    As above, but 20% for 15 seconds instead. Same as above applies. I could never
    win a real fight in 15 seconds personally, though.
    18. Rage!!! - 3 slots
    This downright sucks. You guessed it, 30% for 20 seconds. YOU DON'T WIN
    BATTLES IN 20 SECONDS EITHER! And for 3 slots too! A real ripoff in my
    opinion. But then again, if you wish to use half of your tray for something
    that lasts in 20 seconds... it is your friend.
    19. Potential - 2 slots
    Potential rocks. It starts the fight by giving you a 10% attack bonus,
    and then every 8 seconds you'll be getting 10% more. After about 30 seconds
    that means 140% attack. Simply great. It lasts the entire battle, too!
    I always use this one in my tray.
    20. Super Kami Water - 1 slot
    This capsule gives you an incredible attack bonus of 30%, in exchange
    for your life being slowly drained throughout the match. For 1 slot,
    30% is very good. But if you face someone who likes to play the turtle,
    I advice not using it. Try around and see, use it with caution.
    (Note: The damage you can provoke using this and Potential is pretty
    darn astonishing!)
    23. Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D - 3 slots
    Given unlimited Ki, this capsule can easily be dreamy for many.
    There is however a downside, you cannot transform.
    And with the fact that Yamcha cannot transform anyway, this is a favorite
    for many. The bad thing would be that it takes up 3 slots,
    killing off many fun combinations. However, if you wish to spend
    a battle without charging anything at all; this capsule is for you.
    (Remember though, that with the hits you'll be getting in with Yamcha
    when you play him correctly will give you more than enough Ki if you
    do like me and settle for ability capsules)
    24. Breakthrough (Yamcha) - 7 slots
    When you have all 7 dragonballs, you can wish your way to this
    capsule which gives you all of Yamcha's ability and physical
    attacks with 2x damage. Actually I don't have this capsule with
    Yamcha yet so the in-depth info will have to wait, but given
    the sad fact that Yamcha doesn't have all that many attacks as
    it is; you'll have to experiment for yourself.
    [NOT YET]
    6. Strategy/Tactics
    This is the Strategy & Tactics section of the FAQ.
    I am intending to make this the largest part of the guide.
    Basically, I'll type down various Strategies, Tactics, Tips & Tricks
    etc both by me and by other people. (Submit away!)
    The point is for players to learn how to fully use Yamcha and
    utilize his good points, aswell as dealing with the bad ones.
    Again, if you have any strategies and etc to contribute, send them in!
    E-mail: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    You'll receive full credit, of course.
    Ki Bliss
    One of the good aspects with Yamcha is the so called Ki Bliss, which
    I shall now display in detail for you.
    Some of the readers will think: "Bleh, he's just making up this nonsense
    since Yamcha doesn't have many moves." Maybe I am, but deny the fact
    that the following is truth and I do not trust that you have even
    tried this game out.
    Ki Bliss. What I mean with this term is that Yamcha has just that.
    If you use him correctly, you shouldn't need to charge up your Ki gauge
    with him ever. Yeah, ever. AT ALL. And it's really easy, too.
    Let me show the ways which you can gain and lose Ki.
    - Simply hitting your enemy in any way possible.
    - Wolf Fang Fist technique. Read further down for more.
    - By blocking.
    (Note: It is always possible to decrease your foe's Ki gauge
    one level by taunting)
    The things above should be known to you already, but what do I
    mean with the Wolf Fang Fist technique pointer?
    Face it, the Wolf Fang Fist is not a good move. When it hits, it
    does great damage (especially for it's Ki cost) but remember WHEN it hits.
    Or should I say... IF it hits. For this move is practically impossible
    to hit with, especially when dealing with a live foe.
    You see, when Yamcha does this move; he'll lean back as the wolf
    image behind him screams out. This naturally takes a while, and
    regardless of what your foe has been doing he has loads of time to block
    it. "Damn it." You'll think, and that's justified. That's just how impossible
    it is to connect this darn move. But here comes the good part for the Ki.
    Ever looked at your Ki gauge while hitting your foe with a fully blocked
    Wolf Fang Fist? Yep, it's up a level. This is exactly what I mean.
    And if that wasn't enough, your foe's Ki gauge has DECREASED by the same value.
    Utilizing this, the blocked Wolf Fang Fist technique, might result in you
    getting hurt but that is the way of the Ki Bliss. In a heated battle,
    you'll almost never have time to recharge your Ki. So remember this,
    you can "trade" some of your life for Ki; which can later be used for a
    Kamehameha... or perhaps a Wolf Fang Fist that actually connects.
    Always be offensive though, as just hitting your foe will increase your Ki.
    Remember that the Wolf Fang Blast move might disturb this, being Yamcha's
    most "expensive" move for the cost of 2 Ki gauges. Play around, and
    realize why Yamcha is a great character even though he lacks moves.
    7. Customizing
    Here are a few nice combinations for a good Yamcha that I'll show you.
    My Yamcha
    1. Wolf Fang Fist
    2. Kamehameha (Yamcha)
    3. Kamehameha (Yamcha)
    4. Potential
    5. Serious!
    6. Tiger Jackhammer
    I realize that my customization could be a lot better, but I like this
    setup since it works for almost all situations. Wolf Fang Fist for the
    offense of course, and I can only equip it once.
    Two of the Kamehameha for more damage, which is a must since it's
    Yamcha's only great move. Potential for the great attack bonuses.
    So far, that's what I always use.
    As for 5 & 6, these are good allround. Serious! gives a great attack bonus
    when my fighting goes really bad (which it does too often!) and Tiger
    Jackhammer is just really good to use when you're close to your foe due
    to it's simple and free nature.
    At times, I like switching Serious! for Super Kami Water or 1/3 Senzu Bean.
    But in my case, it depends on who I'm fighting out of my many competing
    friends. Try around, and find the setup which you like the most
    yourself. And have fun while doing so.
    World Tournament Yamcha
    1. Wolf Fang Fist
    2. Kamehameha (Yamcha)
    3. Kamehameha (Yamcha)
    4. Viral Heart Disease
    5. Vaccine
    6. Tiger Jackhammer
    The best setup for World Tournament. But first, set the time limit to 30.
    Now, 1-3 are naturally the great offensive moves which will keep your foe
    away from you until time runs out. 4-5 is part of the strategy that slowly
    kills your enemy. As for 6, it's because one slot is still left. Why not
    spend it on a great move to use when you're in a pinch?
    With this, World Tournament is easy as... something very easy.
    The money will roll in like crazy.
    An even easier way to win it is by giving Viral Heart Disease and Vaccine
    to Kid Gohan and then block/evade away.
    But since this is a Yamcha FAQ...
    8. Miscellaneous
    X (Cross)
    Yamcha in his turtle school uniform and a short haircut.
    He looked like this throughout the entire Android/Cell saga.
    It's a decent costume but far from the best he wore in DB/Z.
    This is the better costume in my opinion. Casual clothing,
    involving jeans and a white shirt. Also one of his best haircuts.
    He wore this throughout the short part of Dragonball Z that was the
    Trunks saga.
    9. Closing
    Version Information
    V 1.00 - 2002/12/30 (YYYY/MM/DD)
    - First version.
    V 1.01 - 2002/01/02 (YYYY/MM/DD)
    - Added tidbits that makes the FAQ look more pleasant.
    - Changed some terms.
    - Updated the Advanced Movelist.
    - Added Strategy/Tactics section.
    - Added sub-section Ki Bliss under Strategy/Tactics.
    - Happy new year!
    And Soon To Come...
    1. Missing information to be revealed, hopefully.
    2. More combos + Special combos section opening.
    3. Breakthrough section.
    4. VS Guide.
    Credits & Thanks
    - Family & Friends etc
    For putting up with my sorry arse.
    - KD0084
    Where all my online buds hang out. All great people!
    - My Economy
    For allowing me to buy this damn game!
    - Bandai/Dimps/Infogrames
    For finally creating and releasing a GOOD DBZ game.
    - DBZ: Budokai Pal Version
    For having the japanese voices intact. THANKS!!!
    - CloudMS7
    For writing a great Trunks FAQ which inspired the layout of
    this one.
    - GameFAQs
    For hosting this FAQ and my other stuff.
    The End - Contacting: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Thanks for reading, hoped you had a blast and learned a thing
    or two. // Omega Cosmo 2002-2003
    "Let us all waste precious time."

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