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    Frieza by bothersome

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    FAQ:        Frieza Strategy Guide.
    Game:       DBZ Budokai
    System:     PS2
    Version:    1.10
    Copyright:  2003 Jacob Lindy
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    I    Version History
    II   Introduction
    III  Frieza, Master of the Universe.
    IV   Command
    V    Capsule List
              5.1 Ability
              5.2 Physical
              5.3 Support
    VI   Capsule Suggestions
              6.1 Defensive
              6.2 Offensive
              6.3 Balanced
    VII  Combos
              7.1 Juggle starters
              7.2 Ground Combos
    VIII Frieza in Battle
              8.1 vs. Frieza
              8.2 Using Frieza
    IX   Thanks
    X    End
    1.00-first creation
    1.10-added using Frieza, 2 balanced set ups(thanks to a groove balrog) and made 
    good old grammatical changes to make more convenient to the reader.
    This guide will explain the basics of how to use Frieza.  It will give move 
    analysis and advanced combos both for style and getting the job done.  It is my 
    goal, that by the end of the guide, the reader (you) will have a complete 
    understanding of how Frieza should be played.  If you have any questions, 
    criticism, or ideas I could add to make this guide easier and better you can e-
    mail me, my e-mail is longshot0086@aol.com.  Just make sure you title your e-
    mail FRIEZA.  Otherwise I delete e-mails from unknown people.
    Frieza is an alien who wishes to control the universe.  He is the most powerful 
    being at the time but knows that saiyans possess the potential to become 
    stronger than him.  Thus, he destroys the Planet Vegeta to eliminate the threat.  
    Only a handful of saiyans remains, Goku included, who eventually beats Frieza by 
    turning super saiyan.  This happens on the Planet Namek, where Frieza was 
    attempting to collect the dragon balls for eternal life.  Later, he goes to 
    Earth for revenge and is killed by future Trunks.  Oh well he is better fated in 
    In Budokai Frieza is a very well rounded character.  He has two transformations 
    and an arena destroying ultimate move.  He has very good ground combos and 
    plenty of juggles.  His moves are pretty fast and have decent priority with very 
    little lag.  He also has Frieza's Spaceship, a capsule giving replenished life 
    and ki and additional damage.  Another interesting bonus is his ability to 
    teleport instead of sidestep.  For these reasons, it is well worth learning to 
    be Frieza.
    There doesn't seem to be any set command standards so I'll post what 
    mine mean.
    P = punch
    K = kick
    G = guard
    E = energy
    F = forward
    B = back
    U = up
    D = down
    + = simultaneously
    , = in sequence
    []= follow specified action
    ()= note
    5.1) Ability Capsules
    Final Form- it is his first transformation and prerequisite to 100% final form 
    and death ball
    100% Final Form- Second transformation
    Death Beam- basic death move, 1 ki gauge.  Very bad death move because there is 
    a slow start up time allowing them to hit you beforehand and lag afterwards 
    since it does not knock opponents on the ground.  Can be juggled into so it is 
    Death Ball- Arena destroying ultimate move, 3 ki gauges.  A very bad ultimate 
    move because in the middle of the combo opponent can block.  Although, it can be 
    comboed into, and if you see they can block you can replace the energy with a 
    final kick so energy is not wasted.
    5.2) Physical Capsules
    Frieza Nightmare-1 Ki gauge, useless really.  Don't bother with this one.
    Killer Ball-2 ki gauges, easy to connect.  Shoots repeated ki waves.
    Meteor Crash-Throw. Useful if its your style.
    Evil Dance-3 ki gauges.  If in AIR then you can hold e(charge kick)
    5.3) Support Capsules
    I'm only going to list the useful ones, some aren't worth it.
    Frieza's Space Ship-If you are going to use a restoratives use this.  It also 
    gives you a transformation, which you can not be knocked out of, some people 
    will probable only look at Frieza because of this.  You can use this with a 
    bean, don't, your not a cat, you shouldn't need nine bars.
    The Armors-Not worth a second glance.  First one outdone by super holy water and 
    1/3 bean.  Second one outdone by potential.  Third one out done by senzu bean.  
    Fourth one outdone by space ship.  I only mention to tell you my opinion that 
    these are worthless.
    Dr. Gero's Deflect Back R&D-If you have extra space and your not good at 
    blocking energy this can solve your problem, it will make sure the ki blast is 
    shot back as long as you are blocking.  No worrying about timing now, but you 
    can still be hit by energy if you are not blocking.
    Viral Heart Disease-Does the work for you, good if you chip at em, but chipping 
    is not Frieza's best game.
    Vaccine-Cures the disease for you only, if you use one use the other.
    Super Holy Water-I am not sure the exact ruling on this, but if you want 
    defensive and only have one slot, this seems to help me more than the level one 
    armor, its an alternative to 1/3 bean.
    Potential-After thirty seconds this is the equivalent of 4 transformations for 
    the price of two without energy drain.  If you have the room this is a MUST 
    Super Kami Water-30% attack power but life drain.  Use this if you think the 30% 
    make you do more damage than it deals to you.  I like to take my time.
    Breakthrough-Always a possibility offering 14 capsules for the price of 7.  It 
    will make Frieza a very balanced character move wise, but he would rely on 
    having a lot of Ki.
    There are others, but if you are Frieza do not use them.
    These are just suggestions.  These are the styles that I have found to be the 
    most effective.  It does not mean I like all the styles it does not mean I use 
    them all.  But these will get the job done; I separated them into groups based 
    playing styles.  You have to know how you play and then you should be able to 
    choose a set up.  If you want tweak my ideas one way or another, if I missed 
    something completely e-mail me and I may post it.
    6.1) Defensive
    A) Frieza Space Ship
       Senzu Bean
    Very simple a lot of life, nothing else.  Its very hard for someone to have 
    seven capsules make him 3 times more effective, so if you can combo well this 
    can be done.
    B) Frieza Space Ship
       1/3 senzu bean
       Death beam
       Super Holy Water
    This sacrifices some of that extra health for a throw, and a way of using 
    energy.  Always try to juggle into death beam or do it towards their back.  The 
    p,p,p,p is not the best set up for it.  Use f+k,p,p,p,e to get them into a 
    C) Frieza Space Ship
       Viral Heart Disease
    There is one thing that makes this set up better on Frieza than anyone else.  
    His teleport, if you use this, all you should do is continually teleport 
    backwards and sideways to avoid everything until he is in mid orange.  Finish up 
    from there.
    6.2) Offensive
    A) Potential
       Super Kami Water
       Final Form
       100% Final Form
       Death ball
    Unfortunately if you do death ball to their front they get a chance to block it.  
    Unfortunately Frieza can not do over 3000 damage in one hit.  Fortunately I have 
    created combos, though difficult solve both of these problems all starting with 
    k.  You can also add to the combo, making it more difficult but generating more 
    Ki, and damage to exceed 3000.
    B) Potential
       Viral Heart Disease
       Meteor Break
       Evil Dance
    Do k,k,k,k[hold],g[repeat].  By pushing guard as the fourth kick begins to 
    charge you remove all recovery time.  If they are blocking they will have no 
    chance to do anything but block, your ki will quickly reach max, and theirs 0.  
    Once the heart disease no longer works throw immediately after you push guard 
    and they won't be able to stop you in time.  Or if you are in the air do evil 
    dance, and if they block then hold energy, this will make it unblockable killing 
    the opponent.
    6.3) Balanced
    A) Frieza Spaceship
       Final form
       Death ball
       Super holy water or super kami water
    Do plenty of poke combos and go for a death ball combo; the space ship off sets 
    the aggressiveness.  The water you choose depend on the damage you want to do 
    and the damage you want to receive.
    B) Frieza Spaceship
       Final form
       Death ballx2
    Very similar to the previous one this is just more centered towards getting a 
    death ball off.
    C) Final form
       Death beam
       Death ball
       Meteor break
       Super holy water/old style armor
    Final form ups attack power, making his B&B combos stronger and his throw and 
    super also do more damage.  Death beam, despite not having any chip uses because 
    its so punishable, is safe in combos and juggles because it causes a fair amount 
    of hit stun, meaning you cant be punished.  The easiest way of comboing into 
    this is f+k,p,p,p,e.  Juggling into it should not be a problem, because any 
    method keeps them up long enough.  The throw is used to make up for the lack of 
    chipping methods with some mind games(my personal favorite, also the computers).  
    Death ball adds emergency beef, with capability of eating bars in seconds.
    D) Death beam
       Meteor break
       Evil Dance/death beam
       Super holy water/old style armor
       Gero's perpetual energy
    You have perpetual energy to punish all mistakes with a super.  Evil dance is 
    available if you want more options, and or death beam X2 for more chip damage. 
    Meteor break can chip, and it's necessary to have an extra cushion.
    E) Breakthrough
    Last but not least the breakthrough.  With this you will be able to combine 
    almost everything you did in the above strategies and still be effective.  You 
    will most likely chip a lot to gain much-needed ki.  Any move you do will do 
    decent damage because they are all x2.  I do not think that his breakthrough is 
    the best for him, but if you have it try it out, a broad playing style is not 
    cheap or unimaginative but actually takes more discipline and quick thinking.
    There are two main ways of doing combos.  The first is by doing a juggle then 
    follow with a basic combo ending in either something to knock them away or 
    ability.  The second way is a ground combo.  I am not referring to the basic 
    combos, which practically do themselves.  Some combos end with a move that lets 
    you hold it to charge.  One of these, is a double ax kick.  Frieza raises his 
    leg in crescent, charges up, then swings down in a similar crescent.  You can 
    stop the charge at any time by pushing guard.  With this kick you will kick 
    start to charge then stop instantly.  You will be able to attack them again 
    before they can recover.  So the double axe kick is used for basic ground 
    combos.  Frieza is not very good at juggling, but he is the best in the game at 
    ground combos.
    7.1) Juggle Starters
    These are the only reliable juggle starters that I saw.  If I am missing one 
    please tell me and I'll update it.  How you end the juggle is entirely up to 
    you.  But the longer a juggle combo is, the less damage the later attacks do, so 
    longer does not equal better.  Moves like death ball restart the combo meter 
    when it connects so that is good.
    7.2) Ground Combos.  I won't list them all but I will list some
      A) Easy combos
       k,k,k,k[hold],g,f+p,p,p,p,e (killer ball)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g,p+g (meteor crash)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g,k,k,f+k,k,e (Frieza Nightmare)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g,f+k,k,k,e (evil dance)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g,f+k,p,p,p,e (death beam)
      B) Intermediate combos
       k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u(teleport so facing opponents back),b+p,b+p
       k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u,p,p,p,p,e (death beam)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u,f+p,p,p,k,e (death ball)
       k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u,b+p,p...(finish with a juggle)
      C) Advanced combos
      *k,k,k,k[hold][pause],g[repeat](if timed right they will recover but not be 
    able to block, if they don't recover then second set knocks them into the air)
    ***k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u,fp,p,p,k,k[hold],g,fp,p,p,k,e (deathball)***
    This combo will do 3000 damage with the set up meant to do so.
       k,k,k,k[hold],g+d/u,fp,k,k[hold],g,fp,p,p,k,k[hold],g, fk,p,p,p,e (death 
    *The timing to do this infinite must be perfect, the most I have been able to 
    get out of this is 4 repetitions, if you want you can teleport instead of just 
    guard.  Another advantage is not only do they not get knocked in the air, the 
    combo meter resets so you can do infinite damage.  I call it a guard cancel 
    VIII Frieza in Battle
    8.1) Vs. Frieza
    If you are fighting against Frieza if you watch out for some key things you 
    should be able to beat him.  If he uses death ball do not charge.  Because, with 
    his teleport he would end up with your back to him every time.  His death ball 
    is too slow to do it too your face, and way too slow for him to juggle into it.  
    If you are on the ground then just stay down and it won't hit.  If you aren't 
    you need to break fall.  If in the air and you see him charge an ax kick but not 
    guard cancel it, then he is doing one of two things.  One, he is drawing you in, 
    and will cancel it to get you off guard, two he is making his evil dance 
    unblockable.  Despite your instincts the easiest way to avoid both is back step 
    do it enough so you're confident you're out of range.  Or throw a ki blast; just 
    do not approach him.  End every combo with a ki beam or a charge up move.  If 
    not his retaliation will be one of those combos on advanced or intermediate.  If 
    he teleports a lot then you need to get in his face.  If he blocks a lot then 
    you need to guard break him.  Use the kick, because that has best range and 
    lowest recovery time.  Just make sure you kick early so your back is not made 
    visible and you don't charge from far away, otherwise he can easily teleport.  
    The computer should not be a problem because it does not do any of the ground 
    combos except the cancel into the throw.  So you do not have to worry about 
    death ball, but he will teleport a lot and teleport well.  If you are taller, 
    then use your long limbs as an advantage.  Keep at a distance, so that your 
    punches barely hit him.  If your small, use that as an advantage and stay on the 
    ground, in the air your body is centralized better, but on the ground you can 
    hope for a whiffed kick.
    8.2) Using Frieza
    The characters of this game can sort of be grouped into certain categories.  
    Some of them fall into more then one category.  It all depends on the capsule 
    set up.
    Big Guys- The big guys are different from all the rest.  They are big.  Being 
    big makes them easier to juggle, and makes their moves slower, but more 
    powerful.  With Frieza's speed you would think it would be very simple to just 
    go in and rip them apart.  But because of their seize they are able to keep 
    Frieza at a distance, if they do you will be unable to initiate any ground 
    combos.  The easiest way to stop this is to run right next to him from the 
    beginning of the match and never let him get away.  And if he makes distance, 
    stay away and force him to close the distance with a dash.  Dodge and stick him 
    again, any time you give a big guy an opening, they will knock you at a perfect 
    distance away, allowing their attacks to hit and not yours.  This can be a 
    difficult opponent, but just use speed to your advantage and don't let him use 
    size to his.  Very hard opponent.
    Powerhouses- These guys will do a short juggle followed by a small combo.  The 
    problem with that is the small simple combo can easily eat away a whole life 
    bar.  Everything they do will do a whole lot.  But it's not much of a problem 
    because they might not have a size advantage on you.  If they don't then your 
    speed should take care of everything, just keep on throwing the blows, and when 
    you strike at the same time, you will outprioritize them and win.  Very easy 
    opponent, unless they are also a big guy.
    Little people- These guys are a pain in the ass.  All the long fancy combos you 
    have which could easily devastate anyone; they have a flaw.  They use mostly 
    kicks making key parts miss; this could give them the opportunity to block.  
    But, you can get rid of that advantage.  When you fly, you will not be on the 
    same plane, the characters waists are centered on each other.  Congratulations, 
    you just eliminated their biggest advantage.  On ground, hardest opponents, in 
    air their stubby limbs make them easiest opponents.
    Speed demons- Frieza is one of these.  So this is almost a mirror match.  But 
    Frieza has an advantage vs. every character here except Saiyaman, he can 
    teleport.  Stay on the ground and the Gt. Saiyaman lost that advantage.  Frieza 
    also has the advantage of being the best ground comboer, only one character 
    matches his ability in that area.  Raditz, and if he has saiyan spirit then you 
    can even throw out random death balls and he is hopeless.  But it is still not 
    easy, first person to mess up will be eating a huge ass ground chain, and he has 
    more starters for it, but he can't hope to get the back, so his require more 
    skill.  Faster characters, like 17, who is considered the best character in the 
    game, is actually an easy match up, by doing ground chains, you can remove his 
    one hope of pulling off crazy juggling shit against you.  But if he does, and 
    you were transformed, he will juggle you with ease until you have 0 ki gauges.  
    So count on relying off of basic combos.  In this match, using Frieza is a 
    stepping stone above the rest.
    One hit wonders- Some characters put all their eggs in one basket.  Make them 
    pay, this is the easiest match up you can hope for.  Just kick and teleport 
    until they have no energy, they will try to knock you away so they can charge, 
    don't let them, do not even let them transform.  You won't even sweat.
    Pokers-These fellows use insane priority to make EVERY move is retaliated with 
    half of a bar.  If you know how to play your cards then you can win, but you're 
    at a disadvantage.  The two hardest ones are Hercule, with continual dynamite 
    kicks, which have ungodly potency.  And, interestingly enough, Tien is a pain in 
    the ass.  His dodompa or whatever has great speed, and will always stun Frieza 
    enough so he can not retaliate.  If you see a Tien I can almost guarantee he 
    will have perpetual energy.  The best set up to use vs. him, is one with viral 
    heart disease, so that he can not toy with time.  He will try to get a far 
    distance, do long range dodompas, and basic ki blasts.  Let him, teleport away 
    from his dodompas and deflect his ki blasts, or if you see him punching air, 
    shoot a ki blast.  But he is no easy guy up close either, because his move will 
    push you far enough away to not get hurt and be able to do another one.  The 
    chipping adds up, draw him into you then strike.  Tien is not the only one with 
    this potency, but he sticks out in my mind.  Be weary, have good timing with a 
    quick finger and you should be all right.
    First and foremost, I would like to thank Gamefaqs for hosting my guide.  I 
    would also like to give credit to where it is due.The people of Prima, for 
    making their guide.
    A Groove Balrog, for offering additional balanced type set ups and for 
    strategies with Frieza against key matches.
    X END
    That is pretty much everything.  So now I'll just regurgitate the important info 
    if you wish to contact me.  My e-mail is www.longshot0086@aol.com I do not check 
    it daily but do frequently enough.  If you e-mail me make sure you title it 
    FRIEZA.  If you wish to contact me on Gamefaqs my account is bothersome.  I'm at 
    the Budokai message board daily.  If you wish for me to post this FAQ to be 
    posted on your website then feel free to contact me.  If you e-mail me to offer 
    an opinion, support your opinion, I don't want to read hundreds of e-mails 
    saying I suck, but I do want to know why I suck.  Or, if you feel I should add a 
    whole new section then tell me.  And finally, I thank you for your time and hope 
    this guide made you the best Frieza player in your area.

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