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    Great Saiyaman by bothersome

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ:        Great Saiyaman Strategy Guide.
    Game:       DBZ Budokai
    System:     PS2
    Version:    1.01
    Copyright:  2003 Jacob Lindy
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    I    Version History
    II   Introduction
    III  Great Saiyaman, Defender of Justice
    IV   Command
    V    Capsule List
              5.1 Ability
              5.2 Physical
              5.3 Support
    VI   Capsule Suggestions
              6.1 Defensive
              6.2 Offensive
              6.3 Balanced
    VII  Combos
              7.1 Juggle starters
              7.2 Ground Combos
    VIII Saiyaman in Battle
              8.1 vs. Saiyaman
              8.2 Using Saiyaman
    IX   Thanks
    X    End
    1.00-first creation
    1.01-embarrassing error fixing, and how to get Saiyaman in section 3
    This guide will explain the basics of how to use Saiyaman.  It will give move 
    analysis and advanced combos both for style and getting the job done.  It is my 
    goal, that by the end of the guide, the reader (you) will have a complete 
    understanding of how Frieza should be played.  If you have any questions, 
    criticism, or ideas I could add to make this guide easier and better you can e-
    mail me, my e-mail is longshot0086@aol.com.  Just make sure you title your e-
    mail SAIYAMAN.  Otherwise I delete e-mails from unknown people.
    The Great Saiyaman is Gohan as a teenager in high school.  He is like a typical 
    super hero, wants to help people with special powers/equipment and creates a 
    ridiculous outfit to do so; keeping his true identity a secret.  So he runs 
    around cities saving people in his outfit and bringing bad guys to justice.  
    Initially he wears a helmet, but eliminates it for the World Martial Arts 
    Tournament, because armor is not allowed.  After saving people, he does foolish 
    trademark dances and poses which have become his calling card.
    In Budokai Saiyaman is a very fun character.  He has no transformations and no 
    arena destroying ultimate move.  He has two ground combo setups and plenty of 
    juggles.  His moves are pretty fast and have decent priority with very little 
    lag.  He has almost no support capsules, and sacrifices all his saiyan related 
    capsules.  Another disadvantage is his sidestep, he does a slow summersault.  
    But even he knows it would look stupid to do a summersault in the air, so in 
    stead he teleports like Frieza, which is a plus.  Whether it is for fun, or for 
    finesse you might want to look into using Saiyaman.  Saiyaman is the last 
    character you can get.  To properly get him, and avoid any form of error or 
    mishap, first beat all forms of story mode, then beat advanced tournament mode.  
    This will get him, to pick him select Gohan and move to Great Saiyaman.  I 
    include this because I have received several e-mails only worrying about this, 
    cutting corners and using cheats has been known to make it so you do not receive 
    him.  If you use gameshark or do your own thing, then tough luck because I do 
    not know how to solve that because when it comes to video games I do not cheat.  
    If you know how to solve such predicaments do not bother e-mailing me because I 
    do not support cheating, especially in such an amateur friendly game.
    There doesn't seem to be any set command standards so I'll post what 
    mine mean.
    P = punch
    K = kick
    G = guard
    E = energy
    F = forward
    B = back
    U = up
    D = down
    + = simultaneously
    , = in sequence
    []= follow specified action
    ()= note
    5.1) Ability Capsules
    Justice Punch-1 ki gauge, somewhat difficult to connect.  In this move, Saiyaman 
    does an uppercut; jumps up and a downward charging punch.  It is his basic death 
    move, does not combo well alone but goes very well at the end of a juggle.
    Justice Kick-1 Ki gauge, very easy to connect.  Doing this move, he will kick 
    and then do a drill kick forward.  It is GODLY for chipping because if they 
    block then his drill kick will send him a safe distance away.  Unfortunately, 
    juggling into it is very awkward.
    5.2) Physical Capsules
    Justice Finisher-1 Ki gauge, not too hard to connect.  Useless move.
    Justice Flash-2 ki gauge.  Repeated ki blast, can not be combod into but can 
    charge e.  Very useful.
    Justice Dynamite- 0 ki, the throw.  Not bad leaves opponent on ground very close 
    to Saiyaman.  A good throw.
    Justice Carnival-3 ki gauges, can have problems connecting.  Can be juggled into 
    with good timing, and can be charged to be unblockable.
    5.3) Support Capsules
    I'm only going to list the useful ones, some aren't worth it.
    (1/3) Senzu Bean-Restorative capsule.
    Dr. Gero's Deflect Back R&D-If you have extra space and your not good at 
    blocking energy this can solve your problem, it will make sure the ki blast is 
    shot back as long as you are blocking.  No worrying about timing now, but you 
    can still be hit by energy if you are not blocking.
    Viral Heart Disease-Does the work for you, good if you chip at em, and may be 
    extra useful since Saiyaman has so few capsules.
    Vaccine-Cures the disease for you only, if you use one use the other.
    Super Holy Water-Without any armors, this and the beans becomes the only usable 
    Potential-After thirty seconds this is the equivalent of 4 transformations for 
    the price of two without energy drain.  If you have the room this is a MUST 
    Super Kami Water-30% attack power but life drain.  Use this if you think the 30% 
    make you do more damage than it deals to you.  I like to take my time.
    Dr. Gero Perpetual R&D-Infinite ki without a downside.  A great choice.
    Serious!/!!/!!!-Not very good, but Saiyaman does not have many options.
    Breakthrough-Always a possibility offering 11 capsules for the price of 7.  For 
    Saiyaman, I suggest shying away from this.
    There are others, but do not use them.
    These are just suggestions.  These are the styles that I have found to be the 
    most effective.  It does not mean I like all the styles it does not mean I use 
    them all.  But these will get the job done; I separated them into groups based 
    playing styles.  You have to know how you play and then you should be able to 
    choose a set up.  If you want tweak my ideas one way or another, if I missed 
    something completely e-mail me and I may post it.
    6.1) Defensive
    A) Senzu bean
       Super holy Water
       Deflect back R&D
       Justice kick
       Justice dynamite
    Extra life, extra defense, and easy ki blocking.  The moves do not leave you 
    open so that's a plus as well.
    B) Senzu bean
       Viral heart disease
       Justice kick
    Dodge a lot of stuff.  So it's much better to be in the air with this set up.  
    Teleport a lot, and if they come near you do a justice kick and end up far away.
    6.2) Offensive
    A) Potential
       Super kami water
       Justice carnival
       Justice carnival
    Just about the highest that Saiyaman can get damage wise.  Avoid getting hit a 
    lot since you have super kami water on, and pummel them when you hit them.  
    Should be easy to kill them in two hits.
    B) Potential
       Viral heart disease
       Justice carnival
       Justice dynamite
    Just keep the opponent on the defensive or in the air with juggles and finish 
    them off after the disease has run its affect.
    6.3) Balanced
    A) Potential
       Super holy water
       Super kami water
       1/3 senzu bean
       Justice punch
    Do a lot of poking.  Everything balances out; good extra damage and defense.  
    Justice Punch is a very good way of closing distance.  Because of his path a 
    justice punch and normal px4 combo at the same time from afar, justice punch 
    will dodge then strike.  But it is possible for them to kick you in justice 
    punch since it does not have the best priority.
    B) Potential
       Deflect Back R&D
       Perpetual energy R&D
       Justice flash
    It has come to my attention that a normal ki wave can beat out a kick at mid 
    range.  If you are trigger happy, use this to continually shoot ki blasts 
    keeping them grounded.  They will either shoot one back, using energy or enter a 
    "tennis" match that they cannot win.  For close range though, use lots of 
    charged justice flashes.
    There are two main ways of doing combos.  The first is by doing a juggle then 
    follow with a basic combo ending in either something to knock them away or 
    ability.  The second way is a ground combo.  I am not referring to the basic 
    combos, which practically do themselves.  Some combos end with a move that lets 
    you hold it to charge.  One of these, is a double ax kick.  Frieza raises his 
    leg in crescent, charges up, then swings down in a similar crescent.  You can 
    stop the charge at any time by pushing guard.  With this kick you will kick 
    start to charge then stop instantly.  You will be able to attack them again 
    before they can recover.  So the double axe kick is used for basic ground 
    combos.  Saiyaman has decent juggle potential because of his speed but also look 
    into ground combos.
    7.1) Juggle Starters
    combos into itself(infinite) but damage reduces as combo continues.
    These are the most reliable juggle starters that I saw.  If I am missing one 
    please tell me and I'll update it.  How you end the juggle is entirely up to 
    you.  But the longer a juggle combo is, the less damage the later attacks do, so 
    longer does not equal better, the combo WILL eventually do 0 damage.  Moves like 
    justice carnival restart the combo meter when it connects so that is good.
    7.2) Ground Combos.  I won't list them all but I will list some.  He has two 
    starters either can be used to start a ground combo. 
      A) Easy combos
       A/B,g,(any move but px4 justice punch)
       A/B,g,b+p+k(repeat as much as you can)
      B) Intermediate combos
       A/B,g+d/u,f+p,p,p,p,e(any move)
      C) Advanced combos
    There is no real point listing all the combination of moves because there is 
    just so many variations the best advanced way is probably ground combo, dodge, 
    round combo, juggle starter, finisher.
    The Great Saiyaman is somewhat a master of finesse.  His combos are not really 
    special in any way, but when doing them you can get some stares of astonishment.  
    I would not however, count on him being my tournament choice.
    8.1) Vs. Saiyaman
    He should not be too hard of an opponent.  He can make some big combos, and can 
    do ground combos.  But he does not have an ultimate move, and misses out on a 
    lot of support capsules.  So the hardest part of fighting him will probably be 
    against justice kick and punch.  As strange as these moves are, they are great 
    ways of closing the distance, you could side step or try to get in front of 
    where he will land, but do not try to rely on a ki wave.
    8.2) Using Saiyaman
    The characters of this game can sort of be grouped into certain categories.  
    Some of them fall into more then one category.  It all depends on the capsule 
    set up.
    Big Guys- these guys will hit you from farther then you can hit them.  The 
    easiest way to solve this is justice kick or punch, and their added height only 
    makes them easier targets.  Do what you can to outprioritize them because a 
    trade off is to their advantage since you have less power ups.  If you use a 
    charge move use justice flash because that is harder to be knocked out of 
    charging than carnival.  A pretty easy opponent.
    Powerhouses- The best way to win this is with ability and physical capsules, 
    since support capsules help them more.  Do not get caught up in trading hits, 
    make yours count.  A difficult opponent.
    Little people- If you utilize teleport well this fight can go well.  Some 
    juggling will be unusable but many will still work.  His ground combos are also 
    still in tact.  Just don't try justice punch because your hit range is cut in 
    half.  Also justice kick will be harder to do.  An average opponent.
    Speed demons- These guys are the bane of Saiyaman's existence.  He just does not 
    have what is needed to win, and whiffed moves end up in too much pain.  Try to 
    chip a lot because that will make it so he cannot block, and will take risks.  
    Risks lead to opportunities, opportunities lead to punishment, punishment leads 
    to victories.  One of toughest opponents.
    One hit wonders- Usually these guys can easily be succumbed by continual 
    beating.  Saiyaman needs to use more on taunting them.  That means try and end 
    combos with something that knocks them far.  Otherwise they will gain their 
    needed energy and pummel you down and quickly.  Without armors, do not think 
    Saiyaman can make a mistake.  Tough opponent.
    Pokers- these guys are not bad.  You can avoid giving them the opportunity, and 
    they will have trouble stopping you mid move.  Just use your ability capsules, 
    and should not be anything to fear.  A somewhat easy opponent.
    First and foremost, I would like to thank Gamefaqs for hosting my guide.  I 
    would also like to give credit to where it is due.  The people of Prima, for 
    making their guide.
    X END
    That is pretty much everything.  So now I'll just regurgitate the important info 
    if you wish to contact me.  My e-mail is www.longshot0086@aol.com I do not check 
    it daily but do frequently enough.  If you e-mail me make sure you title it 
    SAIYAMAN.  If you wish to contact me on Gamefaqs my account is bothersome.  I'm 
    at the Budokai message board daily.  If you wish for this FAQ to be posted on 
    your web site then feel free to contact me.  If you e-mail me to offer an 
    opinion, support your opinion, I don't want to read hundreds of e-mails saying I 
    suck, but I do want to know why I suck.  Or, if you feel I should add a whole 
    new section then tell me.  And finally, I thank you for your time and hope this 
    guide made you the best Saiyaman player in your area.  

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