Getting S rank in final battle?

  1. Is there a way to fight Choumei (seven tails) and Son Goku (4 tails) without loosing majority of health? You can't start with Goku, because Choumei will spam projectiles at you. And to hit Choumei, you have to stay in the air, BUT when you are in the air, there's no way to move fast (other than chakra dash, which you can only do towards the enemy and back.) and dodge the attacks. Biju rarely stagger, meaning you are essentially trading hits. 4 subs can only carry you so far.

    It's just so frustrating to get S ranks for every other part of the battle, but get C for this one and end up with A as total score.

    User Info: laskal

    laskal - 4 years ago

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  1. Easy S Rank. Eat the protein bento you get from the 2 sun mission in chapter 8. U get it from beating raikage with ninjitsu. It boost your atk and def to mega. Go in to battle with that and the tailed beast (human and beast battles) do little to no damage. One combo from you should take off almost a bar or more. I kept sun goku plus all other tailed beast staggered. Use up combo and immediately go into air combo. As kurama just abuse tailed beast bomb. Block. Charge. Tailed beast bomb. Easy S...

    User Info: ryue20

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  1. Well, what I did was focus on Son Goku first, since the projectiles from Choumei barely do any damage. he only doe it to disrupt your combos on Son Goku, so just focus on dodging Son Gokus hits. After you finish Son Goku, just keep spamming Naruto's windmill shurikens while standing far from Choumei, this will cut through his wind blast and do decent damage to him while you wait for Octopops support bar to fill so you can use him to do significant damage.

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  2. you don't have to jump to hurt Choumei, us the combo that slams a a four armed rasengan straight up from the ground while staying under her will take her down easy. for the S rank easily, what the others said, MAX ATK bento.

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  3. My advice, use the "Thunder Lunch" buyable at the cloud village, chakra shuriken 4 tails first and when you see him frozen by the shuriken keep on doing it so even the 7 tails' shock wave is eliminated then quickly use 8 tails support to finish 4 tails then finish off 7 tails, least keep your health over 50 to get an A, an S you'll need over 60 %

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  4. To let you know, I got 3 S's and 1 C. So I think you at least need a B on the second part.

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  5. ryue20 Is right it is much easier to do with that bento

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  6. I just used Thunder Lunch and spammed the Fuuma Shurikens (Triangle+Square)

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  7. 1:Get Protien Lunch bento.
    2:Take ointments on the hero pallette just in case and take the hero path.
    3:Before beating the 3rd Jinchuriki heal all your health if any was lost.
    4:Destroy the Tailed Beasts with your Mega attack and Defense(plus full health).
    5:AgainstSon and Choumei tne sound of Choumei projectile is easy to recognize so guard whe you hear it.Quickly take out Son and spam them fuuma Shurikens.
    6:With Kuram,spam Tailed beast bomb.For Choumei keep doing the air howl attack if tailed beast bomb misses.Then take Tobi out with whatevers skills you got and you should end up with an easy S.

    User Info: fahademon

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