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  1. Can somebody list the name and location of all quests. ?

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  1. Quests and requests will pop up over time. For example, you wil eventually meet the mizukage at the leaf gate, you will have to eventually hunt down white zetsus, by the stone faces just outside the stairs is a toad that will ask you for chakra fragments (eventually you will get the timeline fragment of Etl Mangekyo Sasuke), outside Ichiraku you will have the one with Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji. You will find a lot just outside the leaf village and in the training field.

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  2. Where do you find the blueprints for the tool shop clerk in the hidden leaf village?

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  3. -----Special mission Events
    --Building Birdhouses
    Go to Hidden Leaf Gate on instructions from Izumo and Kotetsu and build a birdhouse.
    --Residual Chakra Collection
    Gather residual chakra that's lying around and bring it to Gekomatsu, a Frog in Hidden Leaf, near the Hokage Masion.
    --Battle Champion
    Find Choza and Inoichi in The Hidden Leaf to get a mission to fight in the Ninja Battle Tournament, which is being held in different places. They'll tell you where to look.
    --The White Zetsu Subjugation
    Talk to Tsunade. White Zetsu has disguised himself as many people. Find all of the imposters and defeat them.
    --Complete Timeline
    Collect all Ninja World Timeline Pages and complete the Ninja World Timeline.
    --Those Who Walk with Heroes
    After gaining 99999 Hero points and having all the "love-bar's" at max. Find Sakura and go with her to the Hidden Sand to help her on her mission.
    --Those Who Walk with Legends
    After gaining 99999 Legend points and having all the "love-bar's" at max. Find Hinata and go with her to the Hidden Cloud to help her on her mission.

    -----Request Events
    --The Problem Kid Brigade
    --Master Jiraiya
    --To Each His Own
    --The Ino-Ino Fight
    --Gaara's Gatekeeper
    --Hot-Blooded Chojuro
    --The Mizukage's Hidden Leaf Travelogue
    --Training Expedition to the Land of Iron
    --Coastline Samurai
    --Treasured Comb
    --Back Pain Cure
    --Forced Out Choji
    --Memory of a Certain Day
    --Friendship Ramen
    --Those Who Blend In
    --Super Maiden Showdown
    --Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    --The Hero's Back
    --Sai Battles
    --Youth Full Power Camp
    --Warm Up
    --Spoiled Tool Shop Staff
    --The Five Kage Challenge

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