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  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AC/DC (Bronze)Drain 750 megawatts of power from Empire City.
    Back With Trish (Bronze)Reconciled with Trish
    Casey Jones (Bronze)Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train.
    Civic Leader (Silver)Take over all territory in the Warren.
    Clean Up Your Act (Silver)Defeat Sasha
    Community Organizer (Silver)Take over all territory in the Neon District.
    Confirmed Bachelor (Bronze)Trish hates you
    Doctor Cole (Bronze)Heal 250 pedestrians.
    Drop Everything (Bronze)Thunder Drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.
    Electric Hobo (Bronze)Ride the train for 2 kilometers.
    Evil Eats (Bronze)Bad guys never share their food.
    Evil Exposure (Bronze)Bad guys love to be seen.
    Evil Finish (Silver)Beat the game while Infamous.
    Evil Intentions (Bronze)Bad guys can’t say goodbye.
    Evil Riot (Bronze)Bad guys love starting riots.
    Evil Sphere (Bronze)Bad guys always want more power.
    Evil to the Core (Silver)Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.
    Evil Train (Bronze)Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.
    Fish in a Barrel (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies by using water.
    Frequent Flyer (Bronze)Travel 5 kilometers using Static Thrusters.
    Further Down the Rabbit Hole (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Warren.
    Get Off My Cloud (Bronze)Get 100 High Fall take downs.
    Good Eats (Bronze)Good guys feed the needy.
    Good Exposure (Bronze)Good guys are heroes to others.
    Good Finish (Silver)Beat the game as a Hero.
    Good Intentions (Bronze)Good guys work for the greater good.
    Good Riot (Bronze)Good guys stand up and take the heat.
    Good Sphere (Bronze)Good guys put a stop to the madness.
    Good Train (Bronze)Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.
    Goody Two Shoes (Silver)Reach full positive Karma.
    Hard Finish (Gold)Finish story mode on Hard, without changing the difficulty setting.
    Hotfoot (Bronze)Travel 25 kilometers while riding the rails.
    InFamous PlatinumCollect all trophies.
    Junior Geologist (Bronze)Find 25% of the Shards.
    Just Scratched the Surface (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Neon District.
    Member of the Mineral Club (Bronze)Find 50% of the Shards.
    Oh, You’ve Done This Before (Bronze)Take down 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade.
    Red Baron (Bronze)Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.
    Road Kill (Bronze)Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.
    Rockhound (Bronze)Find 100% of the Shards.
    Stunt Coordinator (Bronze)Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.
    Stunt Man (Bronze)Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.
    Stunt Master (Silver)Complete all of the stunts on the stunt list.
    Taking Out The Trash (Bronze)Defeat Alden
    The Hunger (Bronze)Bio Leech 100 enemies.
    True Hero (Silver)Purchase every positive Karma upgrade for each power.
    True Potential (Bronze)Purchase every upgrade for a single power.
    Truly Infamous (Silver)Reach full negative Karma.
    Urban Designer (Silver)Take over all territory in the Historic District.
    You’re so Sly (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Historic District.

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold and change4anickel.

inFamous 2 Cheats


  • Early access to Flood Town

    Go into your mission editor and move your marker to either bridge that connects the first half of New Marais to Flood Town. Raise the marker so that it's at least a good 50 feet higher than the raised bridge. Now exit your mission editor and Cole will instantly appear where your marker was when you exited. You should be able to use your thrusters and clear the gap between the raised bridge and into Flood Town.

    Contributed By: Soldier3rdClass.

  • Fast Travel

    Using a glitch with the User Generated Content editor, you can move Cole anywhere in the game world.

    1. Start the game and open a blank mission using the editor.
    2. You will see a circular marker on your screen. You can move around using the left stick and move up and down with L1/L2, respectively.
    3. Simply move the marker to anywhere in the game world you would like Cole to move.
    4. Press X and exit the editor (don't save); Cole will now be at the location of the editor marker.

    This is very useful if you happen to not feel like walking from one end of the city to the other. This can also be used to obtain the "Back to the Bayou" trophy as soon as the UGC becomes available to you in the game.

    Contributed By: Ronge.

  • Repeatable 100 XP

    After you use the transfer device in the story mission Storm the Fort, you'll get a bonus for 100 XP. If you kill yourself using the deep water to your left, you'll respawn at the same point and get the 100 XP. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

    Contributed By: FFaddict1313.


  • Unlock All Powers + 15K Bonus XP in Post Game.

    Complete the story twice, once with the Hero route and a second time as Infamous or vice versa. After the second play through, after the credits end, a message will come up as the post game becomes available that will say that you have completed both paths in Infamous 2 and have unlocked access to the opposite Karma powers of your current Cole along with the powers of the character you didn't transfer with, you are also granted 15,000 XP to help with paying for them for some extra post game fun.

    Contributed By: _PHOENIXZERO_.


  • Extra Blast Shards (Evil Karma Only)

    This comes in handy early in the game if you want extra blast shards. There are two mini missions that allow you to get more blast shards: Defusing the bomb and chasing down a civilian that has one. If you are on an Evil Karma run, you can get the blast shard offered from the bomb mini mission while also not doing the mission itself, so your Karma meter is unaffected. When you see the bomb icon pop up, get near the bomb and shock the policeman guarding it, when he is out of the way, tap the Drain button (L2) to drain the bomb slightly. This should defuse the bomb and allow you to get the blast shard, without actually doing the mission and getting a Good Karma rating

    Contributed By: knukleheadninja.

inFamous: Festival of Blood Cheats


  • Unlock Full Vampire Skin

    Complete 15 UGC missions

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    'Full Vampire' SkinComplete 15 UGC missions

    Contributed By: ram33y.

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