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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark_Cecil

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    The Guided Fate Paradox is a roguelike (think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) RPG from Nippon Ichi Software which is the spiritual successor to ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman for the PSP. The game features a completely new cast that features an angelic theme instead of a superhero theme.

    If you haven't played a game in this genre before, cheap enemies, invisible traps, and lots of dying are staples for this type of game ;)

    This will be the first formatted walkthrough I've done, so bear with me if something looks out of place. It'll be straightened out over time, I swear.


    • Renya Kagurazaka - The main character. A previously unlucky guy who somehow ends up winning the lottery of destiny, which ends in him becoming God.
    • Lilliel Saotome - The angel who witnessed Renya get chosen by the lottery of destiny. She advises Renya in his journey to fulfill God's duties.
    • Rakiel Ijuin - Blond-haired male angel. Doesn't accept Renya as the chosen God.
    • Kuroiel Ryuzaki - Green-haired angel. Said to be the weakest in battle, but best in cooking.
    • Lanael Shiratori - An angel of many aliases. Has a bit of a darker side to her.
    • Cheriel Ayanokoji - Red-haired angel with an alluring bust. A former demon who has retained her seductive nature from her previous life.
    • Galtion Himekawa - Red-haired male angel. The most level-headed of the group.
    • Neliel Tojo - A shut-in angel who never leaves her room.

    Basic Gameplay

    This section covers the basic info you'll need to get through the story mode.

    The meat of this game consists of traversing randomized dungeons with deadly traps and enemies. It basically works in a turn-based format (you make a move and all the enemies make theirs). If you happen to die in a dungeon, you lose everything you had equipped and in your inventory, as well as half of your carried money. You can also take an AI partner with you and give some very basic commands to them.

    During cutscenes

    • Triangle - Skip the cutscene. Very important if you don't want to lose your mind during future playthroughs.

    During dungeons

    SelectChanges location of minimap
    Hold [] + D-PadChange direction
    []Display grid
    OHold this while moving to speed up the walking
    Hold O + XLets turns pass as long as the two buttons are held
    L1/R1Rotate Camera
    L1 + []Zoom in or out
    Up on right analog stickLift something while facing in that direction, will throw if already holding something
    Right on right analog stickAccess Angel helper commands
    Left analog stickAccess Divine Skills


    Stat NameStat Function
    HPHow much damage you can withstand. Once it hits 0, you faint and are returned to the base. Restores a little after each turn.
    SPSkill Points. Always capped at 100. You need these to perform battle skills. 1 SP is recovered after each turn.
    ENYour stamina meter. Starts at 100% and stays that way. This slowly decreases as you move, and once it hits 0, your HP and SP will no longer regenerate, and your HP will start dropping every turn. Apples restore it a lot, and other consumables will restore at least 5%, so eat whatever you can find lying around that you won't be using to keep this stat up.
    LevelYou gain more stats as this increases. You always start off at level 1 in a dungeon and must level up by killing enemies.
    Total LevelWhenever you exit a dungeon all the levels you gained will be banked into this. As this goes up, it increases your base stats at level 1 and allows you to unlock more tiles in your Divinigram.
    ATKDetermines the damage you deal.
    DEFDetermines how much damage you take. If high enough, all attacks will do 0 to you.
    HITDetermines how often your attacks hit. You can see your chance to hit an enemy before initiating an attack. If it's not 100%, you need more of this.
    SPDYour evasion rate. The least important stat, as side and rear attacks still have a pretty good chance of hitting.
    JMPThe higher this stat, the better your ability to climb to higher ground.
    CRTYour critical hit rate. The higher this is, the better the chances of you inflicting a critical hit, which does more damage.

    Divine Skills

    Aside from the regular X attack, you have Divine Skills as another means of attacking. You can access them using the left analog stick. Every piece of equipment has its own specific Divine Skill. Most are attack based, with different attack ranges and power levels (E being the weakest and S being the strongest), while some are support based, and offer benefits such as increased EXP, reduced damage, and stealing items. All Divine Skills use SP, and the cost ranges anywhere from 10-50 SP.

    There's also a special type of Divine Skill called Double Divine Skill. A Double Divine Skill is accessible when you equip two of the same Arm weapon, or in some rare cases, when you equip two of the same weapon type (two wands, two axes, etc). These skills are usually more powerful than most Divine Skills, so it's a good idea to keep them in mind when planning your equipment sets.

    Attack Attributes and Weaknesses

    Most attacking Divine Skills each have their own attribute. There are 6 attributes: Slash, Bash, Stab, Fire, Wind, and Water. Enemies have differing strengths and weaknesses to these 6 attributes. You can see an enemy's strength/weakness to an attribute before making an attack on them. At first, it will be ?, but once you hit them with that attribute, the game will display their resistance towards it next time you attack the same enemy.

    Reading the strength/weakness chart isn't explained very well in-game, but basically, if it shows a - under that attribute, then the enemy resists it. If it shows a circle, then the enemy takes normal damage from it. If it shows a mostly filled circle, then the enemy is weak to that attribute.

    If you hit an enemy's weakness, then the damage will show up in yellow color, and the enemy has a chance of getting stunned. When stunned, the enemy will not act for one turn.

    There are also some attacks that have no attribute (like Sword of God) whose icon looks like a white circle. As far as I know, all enemies are neutral to it, so definitely try to include such skills in your arsenal.

    God Mode

    During the story, you get the ability to use God Mode. It's basically this game's version of Unlosing Mode. When using it, Renya's HP and SP are restored and he transforms into a Godly being who takes 0 damage from all attacks. His stats also rise dramatically and he gets access to Sword of God, an S power Divine skill that targets all enemies in the room. He will revert back to normal after a few turns of attacking, or immediately after using Sword of God.

    You can activate God Mode through the menu after the God Mode meter fills up by defeating enemies. The God Mode meter is the orb on the upper left of the screen, and if filled will be completely yellow and glow.

    Items and Equipment

    You'll find many items and equips scattered around the dungeon as you go through them. Enemies will also drop items sometimes. Unlike most RPGs, equipment in this game don't have direct stats, but instead have percentages attached to them. The percentage basically indicates a percent increase of your base stats.

    There are 4 types of equipment: Head, Arm, Leg, and Misc. You can equip up to two Arm equips, but can only equip one of everything else. Each equipment type mainly specializes in raising certain stats, so it's important to be aware of this and adjust your equipment to fit your needs.

    Burst Mode

    When you kill an enemy, your equipment will get charged up by a certain amount, depending on the difference between you and the enemy's level (max 10% per kill). This also increases the percentage values of the item and makes it stronger. Once the charging meter reaches a certain threshold, the equipment will "burst". This basically resets the item back to a weaker version of its original state.

    While this might seem frustrating, there are benefits to Bursting, which include acquiring a Holy Icon for each equipment Burst, and being able to strengthen that Bursted equipment. To take advantage of this, keep different equipment with you at all times and switch to them once your current equipment has Bursted.

    At other places in the guide, I'll refer to what I call 'near-Burst'. This basically refers to an item that's very close to Bursting. You basically gain the most stats from an item when it's in this state, so it's a good idea to get all your gear to near-Burst status before facing tough bosses, or keep near-Bursted gear on reserve in case you run into harder enemies where you'll need more stats, like Dragons or Beetles.

    Strengthening Items

    When an item has Bursted, you can choose to strengthen it at the Blacksmith. This will remove the Bursted status and increase the item's level and stat percentages. You'll need to pay GP (money) to do this, and the cost increases the stronger the item you're trying to strengthen. There is a cap to how much you can strengthen an item by, and once you've reached this cap, any equipment that is Bursted can no longer be strengthened once Bursted, meaning it's effectively no longer usable. You can still Unburst a maxed out equipment, but it relies on luck and finding the right Irregular floor. See that section for more details.

    • 1 star - +9
    • 2 star - +19
    • 3 star - +29
    • 4 star - +49
    • 5 star - +69
    • 6 star - +99


    Synthesis is the key to getting stronger gear. Basically, when an item goes into Burst status, you have the option to synthesize this Bursted equipment into another one of your own equipment of the same type (Headgear must be synthed into other headgear, legs into other legs, etc). The first item you picked for synthesis will absorb the second item you pick, so keep this in mind. We'll call this the base item. The base item will then gain a percentage of the second item's Bursted stats. This is useful as Items such as Helms usually give HP and HIT, while there are a few headgears that can give ATK and DEF. By synthesizing an ATK and DEF headgear into one that gives HP and HIT, you now have a helm that gives a boost to HP, ATK, DEF, and HIT!

    You can only use a base item for synthesis a limited number of times. The limit is indicated by the number of stars an item has.

    • 1, 2 stars - 1 synthesis max
    • 3, 4 stars - 2 synthesis max
    • 5, 6 stars - 3 synthesis max


    The Shadowgram from ZHP returns in the form of the Divinigram. Those who have played ZHP will know what to expect from this. Basically, the Divinigram is used to power up your character by making modifications to a grid. Each character's Divinigram is a preset shape composed of over 200 square tiles. A majority of these tiles start out inaccessible and will need to be unlocked first before anything can be placed on them.

    Holy Icon - You'll get these by bursting equipment. They're single-square tiles that you place on the unlocked Divinigram tiles and will add to your base stats and serve as the building blocks of the whole thing. Each Holy Icon has a number that ranges from +1 to +6, and can be either red, blue, green, or yellow. This affects how much stats you'll gain when the Icon is placed on the Divinigram. What number you'll get depends on how many stars the Bursted item has and what color you get depends on what type of equipment was Bursted. ZHP players will find this more convenient, as you no longer have to sacrifice an entire item to obtain these, and they remain with you forever once you get them.

    • Yellow - Head, HIT
    • Red - Most Arms, ATK
    • Green - Leg, DEF. Shields are Arm items that give DEF.
    • Blue - Misc, SPD

    Holy Artifact - These are basically objects you place on your Divinigram that provide bonuses, like more gold, exp, damage, etc. Gray artifacts can be placed on any colored tiles, but green, red, blue, and yellow artifacts need to be placed on tiles of that specific color.

    God Energy - You'll unlock Energy Stations by unlocking tiles adjacent to the yellow objects on the Divinigram. From these energy stations, you can direct a stream of energy across the Divinigram to a Holy Artifact of your choice. The more tiles the God Energy passes through until it reaches the Holy Artifact, the stronger the effect. For some Holy Artifacts, how strong they get depends on the number of God Energy streams you direct to the artifact, regardless of the number of tiles the stream passes. You can use the Changer Holy artifact to change the direction of God Energy flow. If one stream of God Energy meets with another one, then the two will be combined for an even more potent effect. Placing a Preventer Holy Artifact at the tile where two God Energies meet will prevent them from combining.

    Angel Helper

    Unlike ZHP, in this game, you can get an AI partner to join you during your dungeon runs. You can give them some basic commands but they will mainly try to attack everything in sight, so early on your best bet is to set them to "Cover Me" so they can provide backup firepower. Partners also have Angel Commands that have a limited number of uses. The effects range from healing, to added exp, to damaging enemies. As you progress in the story you'll unlock more Angel Partners. They also have an Angel Barrier, which for a limited number of turns, creates a small area around them and provides a beneficial effect while Renya is in that area.

    List of Angel Helpers


    Angel Command: Angel Healing (5 uses)
    Description: Heals HP and status. Can be used no matter where Lilliel is.
    Angel Barrier: Healing Zone (5 uses)
    Description: HP restored while in barrier


    Angel Command: Last Supper (5 uses)
    Description: Sends a "Lunch" item to your inventory, which restores 50 EN. If you exit the dungeon with it, it turns into "Rotten Lunch", which restores 5 EN.
    Angel Barrier: Refreshing Zone (5 uses)
    Description: SP restored while in range


    Angel Command: Sacrifice (3 uses)
    Description: Takes damage for Renya for a few turns. Has to be near Renya to activate.
    Angel Barrier: DEF Up Zone (3 uses)
    Description: Take less damage from enemies in the area.


    Angel Command: Mystic Breath (3 uses)
    Description: Slows enemies who enter area of effect
    Angel Barrier: ATK Up Zone (3 uses)
    Description: Increases ATK while in area


    Angel Command: Apocalypse (3 uses)
    Description: Instant-kills all enemies in the room in 2 turns. Can only be used once per floor
    Angel Barrier: Burst Zone (3 uses)
    Description: Equipment Bursts faster while in area.


    Angel Command: Heaven's Wrath
    Description: Renya can perform an addition attack for a while.
    Angel Barrier: Damaging Zone (3 uses)
    Description: Damages any enemy in the area each turn.


    Angel Command: Swiftness (5 uses)
    Description: For a while, Neliel can move twice as fast.
    Angel Barrier: Evasion Zone (5 uses)
    Description: Raises evasion rate while within range.
    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    You unlock her during New Game+.
    Angel Command: Divine Teleport (5 uses)
    Description: Switch places with Renya
    Angel Barrier: EXP Up Zone (5 uses)
    Description: Gain more EXP while in area.
    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    You unlock her by clearing at least 30F of the Survival dungeon.
    Angel Command: None!
    Angel Barrier: None!
    What sets her apart from the other helpers is she gets 6 God Energies, the most out of all the helpers.

    Divine Summon

    If you don't like the idea of dying and losing your equipment, then this option is for you. This will allow you to set up an equipment set which you can then summon while running dungeons. Any equipment set to a Divine Summoning will not be lost upon death, but will also Burst quicker. It only lasts for 30 turns, and can only be used up to 9 times for every 10 floors, so only use it when in tight situations or if you wish to Burst things quicker.

    There are also Holy Artifacts that extend the number of turns each Divine Summon use lasts, up to 99 turns, and there's also one that prevents any Divine Summoned equipment from Bursting, so this feature shouldn't be overlooked during post-game.


    This section goes over the useful NPCs you can unlock as you play the game, as well as what they do.

    Music Store

    Available from the beginning.

    You can purchase music you've heard and can set them as the BGM for the base or for certain dungeons.

    Record Hut

    Available from the beginning.

    You can view play data such as play time, # of enemies killed, and # of times you were killed. You can also view the cumulative records of other people who have played the game and have uploaded their stats.

    General Store

    Available from the beginning.

    You can buy generic equipments and healing items here. The most useful thing it sells is the Exit item, which allows you to leave the dungeon without penalty.


    Unlocks after clearing the first part of Lesson 1.

    The option to synthesize unlocks at Lesson 5.

    Here you can strengthen your items' levels for a price, as well as synthesize them. Pales in comparison to the Martial Dungeon smith, but it's enough to get you through the story.

    Enemy Boost Shop

    Unlocks when reaching floor 30 of MA: Beginner.

    This NPC allows you to increase the levels of enemies, as well as weaken them. Lowest is +0, highest is +10. At +10, the enemy levels are (base level x3) + 20

    Increasing the enemy levels allows them to drop more money and experience, as well as provide more of a challenge.

    Coloring Shop

    Unlocks during Lesson 7.

    You can use this to change your equipment's color into that of a different rank (item star number). You'll need to have unlocked that item's tier first in your Item Data before you can change to that color, however. For example, if you wanted to change a 3* Mushroom Hat into the color of a 2* Mushroom Hat, you'll need to have picked up a 2* Mushroom Hat at one point first.


    Die once to unlock.

    Stores your money. Max is 999,999,999. Stored money will never be lost when you die.

    Total Level King

    Die twice to unlock.

    Here you can use the Total Levels you've accumulated as currency to purchase powerful items. You don't have to worry about actually losing any stats from doing this, as the Total Levels that affect your base stats are separate from the Total Levels used as currency for this shop.

    The most useful things you can buy are the Dive (lets you skip to the next floor) and the Revive Gem (automatically revives you at full health if HP drops to 0).

    Renaming Store

    Unlocks after clearing the first part of Lesson 1.

    You can rename your items here.

    Item Transfer

    Unlocks during Lesson 5.

    This allows you to use Divine Summon. See the section on Divine Summoning for more details.


    First things first, watch the intro and thou shalt receive your first trophy at the loading screen.

    Once you start a new game, you're treated to a narration of the main character and his unfortunate luck. He then comes across a girl in a maid outfit, who probes him to spin a lottery wheel. He ends up winning, with the prize being an ascension to Godhood. The girl clobbers him unconscious, and thus setting the events of the game into motion.

    Lesson 1 - "The Open String Intermedio"

    Watch the very lengthy introduction, you can now move freely. You can take a warp to the Hushed Corridor for some dialog, as well as get a glimpse of some of the units you'll be meeting in the game. Most of them don't seem very angelic... Once done, speak to Lilliel to advance the plot.

    You'll be introduced to the Fate Revolution Circuit, a machine that chooses wishes that God must fulfill. You can choose to go through a tutorial before doing the real thing. I highly suggest doing so, especially if you're new to this type of game.

    After the tutorial, the general store opens up. You won't be able to buy much, so just talk to Lilliel to move on. She then reveals that she is also new to all of this stuff. The chapter officially begins once Renya and Lilliel head out.

    Basically, there's the Original World and the Copy World. As God, your job is to do stuff in the Copy World which will affect the Original World somehow.

    The first client is Cinderella, who starts to question the purpose of her story.

    Because the dungeon layouts are random, I will just have a summary of what to expect from the dungeon.

    Also, be prepared to watch a LOT of cutscenes. You'll be seeing one after every floor. After. Every. Floor. No exceptions. In fact, your first time through, about 90% of your playtime will probably be spent on these scenes alone!

    Dungeon Summary


    • Chibi Bat - Very basic
    • Spiny - Cactus enemy. Heals a little HP every turn.
    • Kobold - Very basic.
    • Blader - Knight with a sword. Hits a bit harder than the other enemies, but still nothing to worry about.

    It's a fairly straightforward dungeon. Nothing hard about it.

    After clearing the first 5 floors, You return to the base. Lilliel explains Total Level to you. You'll then have to return to the machine and go through another 5 floors.

    Boss: lvl 5 Cinderella

    Difficulty: 1/10

    Get the Sleep Orbs if you have room. Take out the Kobolds in the way, then pick up the debris lying around and throw them at Cinderella until she gets in range. Use the Sleep Orbs lying around to sleep her, then unleash your divine skills on her while she's asleep for guaranteed criticals. If she wakes up, just toss another Sleep Orb at her. You should beat her by the 2nd Sleep Orb use.

    Lesson 2 - "Lord of the Dead"

    You can now access God Mode.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Cinder (Zombie) - When killed, they become a pile of bones and automatically revive after a few turns.
    • Batrio - These guys can inflict Blind when they hit you, which narrows your field of vision.
    • Chibi Bat - Still the same as in the earlier chapter.
    • Death Mage - They're invisible and can attack two spaces away. The minimap will give away their location however.
    • Death Necro - They can disguise themselves as other enemies.
    • Poisom - Poisons anything next to it when killed, friend or foe alike.

    Another straightforward dungeon. Watch out for Battrios and Death Mages, as they hit harder than the other enemies. Poisoms are also mildly annoying, but not that big of a threat.

    At 2F you'll have to fight 4 Zombies.

    After the first 5 floors, you'll return and get introduced to Holy Artifacts, and get a free Capacity Up: S for your troubles. Yay for more inventory space!

    Then, another 5 floors await.

    Boss: lvl 10 Huge Zombie

    Difficulty: 4/10

    If you happened to get a Pistol while running the dungeon, now's a good time to equip it. The zombies are weak to its Divine Skill and it has a good range, so don't hesitate to use it. Basically you need to disable all the regular zombies on the field, then when the boss is getting ready to attack, it's weak point will be revealed. Just keep hitting it until it falls. Try to hit the weak point from a distance because the boss can sometimes fall on the ground after getting hit, which will damage you if you were next to it. If any zombies revive you'll need to kill them again to expose the boss's weak point. You can throw the gravestones lying around at the zombies to permanently remove them from the field. You'll want to start this immediately as the boss's fist attacks can destroy the gravestones.

    Lesson 3 - "The Mermaids Will Sing"

    You'll gain the ability to unlock tiles in your Divinigram.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Plumpy Manta - Gobbles up any items it stands on and turns them into Apple Cores.
    • Shield Snail - Can block skills. Don't use any when these guys are around.
    • Mermaid - Can warp nearby enemies to its side
    • Mellow - Pretty much like the Mermaid, except it can't call for allies
    • Kobold - You've seen these before.
    • Crab Bomb - Lights a fuse, then self-destructs after a few turns.
    • Magurtle - They take 2 turns to act, and when they do, will summon some comets in a + shape that land 2 turns later.

    This time the maps are wide open sandboxes so you'll have to do some wandering around. Heading to the boundary of the map will warp you to the opposite end.

    After the first 5 floors, you'll get introduced to God Energy and how to use it. Then one last set of 5 floors.

    Boss: lvl 11 Thelma

    Difficulty: 2/10

    I was lvl 8 when I faced the boss. She summons this poison meteor shower every now and then which leaves behind residue that hurts you if you step on it. Other than this gimmick, it's not really that difficult of a fight. Just get her to approach you then when she's close enough, attack her and use God Mode if your HP gets low enough. You'll want to get a regular attack in before using Sword of God to clear the other enemies.

    Lesson 4 - "Hill of Chevalier"

    You can now customize Lilliel's Divinigram.

    Before entering the next dungeon, I advise bringing any Gem items you have and a few Sleep Orbs if you have some. Sleep Gems are especially helpful. You can get some by unlocking tiles with gems on Renya's Divinigram. From now on, You'll have to go through 10 consecutive floors without any breaks in between.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Spearizard - Can attack 2 tiles away in a straight line
    • Kobold - These guys haven't changed a bit.
    • Kobolder - Like Kobold, but with a 2 range attack
    • Paryme - Paralysis version of the Poisom
    • Harpy - Will usually jump away from you and attack.
    • Minotaur - Can only attack when next to you, and attack pushes you back 5 spaces if it hits.
    • Halberder - Like Spearizard, but hits harder.
    • Gold Crab - Harmless crabs that carry a golden chest. They move two spaces every turn and they will try to flee from you if they spot you. If you see one, throw a Sleep Orb at it and hit it with a ranged skill. If you don't have any Sleep Orbs, you can go back and forth chasing them and they will wind up next to you during one of those laps. It takes 4 hits to kill one. You'll want to kill these if you see them, as they give you a level up upon defeat.

    Lilliel will give you a +5 Dagger in the beginning, so I suggest holding onto it and using it on stronger enemies.

    For this dungeon you start on some rooftops, and must jump down to the lowest area, where the gate will be. You can rotate the camera before jumping down to the lowest area to see which one has the gate. If you reach the wrong area, get into the cannon to return to the starting point.

    You may also find an Irregular Floor here, which looks like a normal gate except green in color. These send you to a usually beneficial room. You'll have to redo the floor you were on once you exit.

    Before entering 10F, you'll want to make sure to get God Mode ready to use and make sure your equipment is versatile as far as Divine Skill ranges go. The Minotaurs are good to gain exp from, as they can only attack when next to you. Just hit them with a ranged skill (preferably fire), and throw them if they get too close. I recommend being about level 15 for the boss.

    Boss: A lot of enemies

    Difficulty: 6/10

    Widely regarded as one of the harder fights in the game, you need to defend the NPC from about 50-60 advancing enemies. Fortunately the layout of the map gives you quite a few tools to use. You have ladders, which the enemies will use to try and reach the NPC, and cannons, which you can fire to hurt the enemies below. It takes three enemies to put a ladder up. If that happens, you can attack the ladder and it'll fall, hurting the enemies it fell on.

    For this you'll want to stay in the area where the NPC is and take your stand up there. There are three ladders the enemies can use so keep an eye out on all three sides so you know which ladder to attack. If multiple sides are close to putting up ladders, use a Sleep Gem to disable them for a bit, then blast them with the cannons. If the enemies end up reaching your area and you get overrun, that's the time to use God Mode and clear the field.

    Eventually the enemy numbers will dwindle, giving you some breathing room to defeat whatever's left with the cannons. If one side is unable to put the ladder up just ignore them and take care of the others first, then go for them last. You'll win once all enemy forces go down.

    Lesson 5 - "Biblio Psycho-Maniacs"

    Synthesis unlocks at the blacksmith, and the Item Transfer (Divine Summon) option is now available.

    Dungeon Summary
    • No map
    • Can't bring angel partners


    • Xiao - Side or rear attacks ignore DEF
    • Mellow - Mermaid with range of 3
    • Trickster - Disguises themselves as items
    • Ignite - Flaming sprite thing. Can attack with a fire attack 2 spaces away.
    • Gold Crab - Yummy levels
    • Death Necro - Disguises themselves as other enemies
    • RZ-99 - They'll run away when low on HP.
    • Secure - Fairly standard robot enemy with a 2 panel attack.

    The dungeon always has the same layout: a cube. You basically just move around the cube until you find the exit. You can't cross any of the purple barriers. If you're unable to reach the gate, then look for a black hole, which will teleport you to another section of the cube, which you can definitely access the gate from. Sometimes, the hole will not be visible until you actually step on it, like a trap, so if you cant reach the area where the gate is, just step on every tile until you find it. You can also use skills that move you to bypass the barriers like that of the Long Sword or Tank mk2.

    Watch out when approaching items, as some of them are actually enemies in disguise.

    Boss: lvl 30 Librarian

    Difficulty: 3/10

    After that last chapter, this one is cake. Stay at the center of the side of the cube you're on, and wait for a set of books to emerge. You need to find the book that has an HP bar and attack it. If you can't hit it after a couple of turns, the books will retreat and the area you're in will fill with damaging lava, meaning you'll need to move to another side of the cube. When the boss's HP is low enough, it'll stick to one area and occasionally summon Secures and do a beam attack that will damage everything around the book. At this point, it's completely vulnerable and virtually harmless so just stay out of the beam's range and use ranged attacks to finish it off.

    Lesson 6 - "For the Sake of the Departed Future"

    You can now bring angels other than Lilliel with you. "New Partner Please" trophy also unlocks.

    The Martial Dungeon (Beginner) unlocks as well, but you'll be forced into the next area so to access it you need to either die or use an Exit.

    If you have any Gem items, bring them with you, as they'll be useful for the upcoming boss.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Kobold - Still as basic as ever.
    • Harpoonizard - Like Spearizard, but with a 3 range attack
    • Cannon Manta - Still eats your items
    • Paryme - Paralyzes you.
    • Breezicite - Attacks push you back a couple spaces.
    • Stag Beetle - Slows you if it hits.
    • Triceranom - Charges at you in a straight line. Can attack from a long range, up to 6-7 panels away.
    • RD-01 - Explodes when killed
    • Marine Harpy - Will automatically jump to where you are and attack if they spot you. Fairly annoying.

    This dungeon features a fog that moves forward every two turns, and you simply have to make it to the other end of the area. If the fog touches you, you lose 5% HP and are sent flying a couple spaces. There are arrow panels scattered about that will automatically move you forward a couple spaces should you step on them. Enemies that touch the fog will gain a level, so I advise killing most of the enemies you see, especially the Marine Harpies as they will absolutely refuse to leave you alone.

    You'll also start seeing your first 2* items in here. Make sure to get a few, as the enemies can hit fairly hard, especially those beetles.

    Boss: lvl 35 Evil Summoning Book of Doom (or Grimoire)

    Difficulty: 5/10

    There are two ways to win this. You can either kill the book, or kill all enemies. Keep an eye out on the NPC as she is constantly being sucked closer to the book. You fail if she gets within 2 spaces of the book, so pick her up and toss her away every now and then.

    Your first time through, I recommend killing the enemies. They are not that much harder than the enemies you fought in the earlier floors. You may want to use God Mode in the beginning to wipe out the initial wave first and gain a couple levels, then if you get swarmed use a Sleep Gem to disable all enemies. The Marine Harpies are annoying as usual, but you really want to kill the Stag Beetles first if they show up. Getting Slowed is not fun. After you kill all the enemies on the map. About 3-4 more will suddenly appear. This will continue for about 5-6 waves, then the battle will finally be won.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Koboldest - Can attack 3 panels away.
    • Cloudy - If your attack doesn't kill it, it will create another copy of itself.
    • Thorny - If using a regular attack to hurt it, you'll receive 5% of the damage you dealt.
    • Nursael - Sacrifices itself to protect an enemy from 1 attack.
    • Shield Snail - Still the same as in Lesson 3.
    • Petite Dragon - Uses a fireball attack 2 panels away.
    • Demon - They have a 2 range attack.
    • Platanus - Summons up to 4 buds to attack you. Attacking the buds will hurt the enemy and doing enough damage to the buds will kill the plant and the buds.
    • Triceramunch - Can make your items fall on the ground if it hits. Watch your feet when around these guys.
    • Medusa - Attack has a chance of putting a counter on you. If this happens, you'll turn to stone after 4 turns. When stoned, you can't move and enemies will deal more damage to you, for some strange reason.
    • Rhino Beetle - Attack warps you to another part of the map.

    This dungeon's quirk is quite fun. Trees in the area will randomly scatter fruit in the room. Stepping on them while ripe will give a positive effect.

    Apple - HP restored
    Grape - +DEF
    Lemon - +ATK

    Eventually, the fruit will spoil and stepping on their area will damage you.

    The dungeon itself is rather straightforward and you should have no problems getting through it, especially if you utilize the fruit effects. You'll want to be around level 35 and have a decent stockpile of about 4-5 healing items before you reach the boss, as he's a fairly hard hitter.

    Boss: lvl 40 Varael

    Difficulty: 4/10

    The borders of the area are surrounded with rotten fruit. If you have anything that will move Renya, such as an Accelerator, Jump Device, or Long Sword, now would be a good time to put it to good use. You'll want to get behind Varael, otherwise, his attack will push you back to the the rotten fruit area, slowly draining your HP each turn. Don't worry too much about it though, as this battle is very short. Basically, just use any boosting items you have before he reaches you, then trade hits with him. If your HP gets low, use God Mode to get more hits in. Hopefully he'll die by then.

    Lesson 8 - "Farewell to the Past"

    Lilliel will not be available for this chapter.

    Dungeon Summary


    • RD-01
    • Guardian
    • Defenser
    • Protector
    • RN-77
    • Secure
    • RZ-99

    This dungeon features platforms that randomly move every 10 turns, so this will take a while to get through. You can use this to your advantage to limit how many enemies you can fight. Enemy levels seem to sharply rise as you go deeper, so I suggest playing it safe and checking their levels before deciding to engage anything. All the enemies here are fairly standard and don't have any cheap gimmicks, thankfully.


    You'll have to fight 8 robot enemies.


    You'll fight somebody you know here. Just walk up to him and destroy him. He has a huge attack range but only hits for about 100, so his damage isn't anything to worry about.

    Boss: Cloning Machines

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Compared to the rest of the dungeon, this boss fight is quite a refresher, but be prepared for a rather lengthy fight. You'll need to use your regular attack on the machines in the center of the platforms to destroy them. Like the previous floors, the platforms will move every few turns, and every time they do, clones will be created for every active machine on the map. The clones start out at level 35, and their level will be higher the more machines are destroyed, up to lvl 60.

    Fortunately, the clones can only attack you if you're next to them, which means if you can kill one, you should be able to clear this battle eventually. If you need to engage any clones, just back off into a corner so you won't have more than two attacking you at all times. Kill the clones until your levels are high enough to take on the tougher versions. That's all there really is to this fight. You'll want to make sure to beat this the first time, just because the fight takes forever due to the moving platforms.

    Lesson 9 - "Dusk Grand Guignol"

    Bring some EN restoring items with you, as this dungeon can take a while to get through.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Tiamat - Big dragons that will do a charge-up attack, followed by an elemental breath attack. These are the hardest-hitting regular enemies in the game, so you'll want to kill them ASAP if you see them.
    • Mellow - Mermaid variant
    • Marine Harpy - Still annoying
    • Cannon Manta - Still loves to turn stuff into Apple Cores
    • Teen Dragon - 2 range wind attack
    • Lavurtle - Will jump in the air and land 2 turns later.

    This dungeon is another open area like in Lesson 3, and follows the same mechanics. The biggest difference here are 3 levels of elevation, and the water levels. Basically there's blue (lowest), pink (middle), and white (highest) elevations, and there's a switch in one of the pink and white areas that will raise or lower the water level if hit. There are also rafts in the pink and white areas that you can use to cross the water to reach the higher elevations. Occasionally there will be a dark brown raft you can use, which moves 2 spaces instead of 1.

    My recommendation is just to survey the area to find out where the gate is, then adjust the water levels as needed.

    Boss: lvl 60-70 Frunetti

    Difficulty: 4/10

    The fight is divided into 3 phases. The boss starts at level 60 but gains 5 levels as it changes phases.

    1st phase

    You'll face some Mantas, and the boss will do a whipping attack occasionally that will throw you back if it hits. To hurt the boss, you'll need to go up to its very visible weak point and just attack it until it falls. Start doing this after the boss has finished with one of its whipping attacks.

    2nd phase

    Pretty much the same deal as the first phase except you're dealing with Mermaids instead of Mantas.

    3rd phase

    You'll have Turtles and Dragons in front of you. If you still have your God Mode, activate it and Sword of God those stupid Dragons. In this phase, she'll summon mini-Dragons and flowers which occasionally release a sleeping powder. She'll also charge up a huge laser and fire it after several turns. After she fires the laser, move up and hit her weak spot, then retreat after a couple hits. Keep doing this until she falls for good.

    All in all, this fight is rather easy as there's a very huge delay in the actual boss's attacks and the game shows you what tiles they hit, so there's plenty of time to get away.

    Lesson 10 - "World's Last Order"

    Before taking on this dungeon, bring an Exit with you, then when you get automatically thrown into the dungeon, use the Exit to escape. Alternatively, you can just die. You'll want to run the Martial Dungeon a couple times for better equipments before taking this one on. A full set of 2* gear will suffice.

    Dungeon Summary


    • Thorn Snail - Blocks all frontal attacks, and skills as well. Highly annoying enemy.
    • Demon - Has a 2 range attack
    • Harpy - Same enemy as before
    • Triceramunch - Still loves removing your equipped items.
    • Triceracrunch - Has a chance of making you drop inventory items when it hits you.
    • Koboldest - Has a 3 range attack
    • Claymore - Has a 2 range attack
    • Treasure Crab - Can drop a lot of money and some decent loot
    • Platanus - Still easy
    • Gatekeeper - Purple dots in the map

    For the last dungeon, this has a fairly standard layout. The only catch is, you'll need to defeat a Gatekeeper to reveal the gate to the next floor. The Gatekeeper shows up as a purple dot on the map, and is always visible. They're higher level than the rest of the enemies on the map and count as Strong Enemies for the "Kill the toughies" trophy. The purple dots are visible no matter where you are, so you can take your time and just level up a bit before killing the Gatekeeper.

    Boss: lvl 100 Satanael

    Difficulty: 7/10 (Only because you probably have to do a bit of farming to prepare for him)

    The only advice I have for this fight is to equip as much DEF equipment as you can. Once your DEF reaches over 10,000, the only thing that can hurt you is Satanael's special move, which should do only about 1000 damage. The boss will charge a huge AoE attack and after a few turns it will activate, and he'll warp somewhere and summon more minions. If you've got the recommended DEF, there shouldn't be much to worry about. Just keep attacking him until he falls.

    You can also stay in the lower area and just kill minions until you've leveled up enough to withstand the boss's attacks.


    After beating the game for the first time, you're immediately thrown into New Game+. Mysiel is now available as a partner. You can now use any Angel helper in the story dungeons (except the last one, you always get Lilliel). The Survival Dungeon also opens up. I suggest doing that first, to increase your supply of 3* items and +3 Holy Icons. Build up those 3* items, then start taking on the EX dungeons if you think you're ready for them. See their respective sections as to what I recommend.

    Going through the story chapters will also unlock some cosplay equipment, which are some of the best equipments in the game in their 6* versions.

    Lesson 1 - Fool's Ball Set, Fairy Tale items
    Lesson 2 - Zombie set
    Lesson 3 - Mermaiden Set, includes Mermaid Legs, Tiara, Fluffy Hat
    Lesson 4 - Fort Chivalry set, includes Princess gear
    Lesson 7 - False Utopia set, includes Young Man Arms and Young Man Duds

    You can also unlock Minamo's costume for all the female Angels as you clear story chapters in NG+. Not that good of a reward, but it's something.

    At this point, you can choose to tackle the postgame content however you wish. My recommended order is:

    1. Survival Dungeon (3* equips, Mass Production, and +3 tiles)
    2. Martial Arts Beginner (defeat boss, gain more +3 tiles, unlock MA: Intermediate and EX dungeons)
    3. EX-7
    4. EX-1 (Unlock EX-2)
    5. EX-2 (Unlock EX-3)
    6. Martial Arts Intermediate (Get 4* equipment and +4 tiles, defeat boss and unlock MA: Advanced)
    7. EX-3 (unlock EX-4)
    8. Martial Arts Advanced (5* equips and +5 tiles, unlock MA: EX Advanced)
    9. EX-4
    10. EX-5
    11. EX-6 (May want to do a few MA: Advanced runs before doing this)
    12. Martial Arts EX-Advanced

    You don't have to follow this order strictly, but definitely do the Survival dungeon first, and definitely try the Martial dungeons as soon as possible.

    Introduction to the EX Dungeons

    The first set of EX dungeons open up when you defeat the boss of the MA Beginner dungeon. These dungeons all have 10 floors each, and at the last floor you'll fight a cameo character from one of NIS's games (and in one case, Compile Heart). None of these characters will join you or give you costumes, but what you do get is a trophy for beating each boss, and a Holy Artifact after the battle. The next EX dungeon in the sequence also unlocks.

    A note for all EX-dungeons: You can pretty much skip right to the boss if you bring 9 Dives with you and just use one each floor. Of course, you'll probably want to kill some enemies to gain a few levels first before doing so, as the jump in enemy strength will be quite noticeable from one floor to the next. If you really want to cheese them, do the infinite EN glitch and have Deep Thinker powered with 6 God Energies. Enter the dungeon and just hold O + X until your stats/levels are high enough. This will work for most EX dungeons except EX 3,4, and 7.

    In addition, you can refight the bosses again even after beating them, but if you want to get a second Holy Artifact from the EX dungeon, you'll need to do another NG+ and defeat the boss again, as the artifact is awarded after the post-battle scene plays.

    When I recommend a certain rank of equipments, it should be understood that the equipments should be strengthened to their maximum level. You'll also want to get them to near-burst status before the boss. Synthesis is not necessary at all unless I say so, but it definitely helps.

    Ex-1 Dungeon

    I'm not sure what the exact unlock requirements are, but for me it unlocked during NG+ after going through floor 50 of the Martial Arts Beginner dungeon.


    • Power Lifter artifact installed, or a lot of apples
    • Rank 2+ equipment
    • Dive
    Dungeon Features

    The dungeon layout is basically the cube from Lesson 5. You'll need to pick up all the blocks lying around and throw them into the holes. Once all the holes are filled, the gate to the next floor is revealed. Watch out for the Jacks (has a skull face) wandering the area, as they can steal your stuff. You'll want to make a Suspend Save once you reach the 9th floor, in case the glitch below occurs.

    Glitch warning: Some users have reported their game locking up when you reach the 10th floor. As if the boss wasn't annoying enough (from a character perspective), he just had to set up a mechanism that will freeze your game when you reach him. You can get around this freezing issue by skipping the cutscene, or if it doesn't work, use a Dive on the 9th floor to reach him.

    Boss: lvl 25 Axel

    Difficulty: 2/10

    Axel's attack range


    I really don't get NIS's obsession with this guy. He's not that popular from what I can tell, and almost every appearance he makes is just to annoy you. Just once I'd like to see a future NIS game where he doesn't cameo.

    There's not really much to say about this fight. The arena is still the cube, and Axel is just wandering around it. Just walk around until you see Axel, then use any buffing items/skills you have, and destroy him. He only has about 5K HP, so he'll go down quickly.

    You get the "Adversity Soul" Holy Artifact for winning, and EX-2 unlocks.

    Ex-2 Dungeon


    • Rank 3+ equipments
    Dungeon Features

    You can skip almost the entire dungeon by jumping off the edges. You'll probably want to level up a bit first though. Level 20+ with about 6K attack is a good bet.

    Boss: lvl 30 Pirohiko

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Pirohiko's attack range


    Here you'll get a sample of some of the awesome music from ZHP. This guy has about 12000 HP and can attack 3 panels away in a straight line. If you have about 10K DEF he will do 0 damage to you. Just head up to his face and activate God Mode and he should be dead in a couple of attacks.

    You get the 'Heroic Soul' Artifact for winning, and EX-3 unlocks.

    Ex-3 Dungeon


    • Rank 3+ equipments
    • Accelerator
    • 10+ EN restoring items, preferably 100% EN restore
    Dungeon Features

    Ugh, remember that story level with the fog? Now you have to deal with it again, only this time, it's much worse. The fog moves at a much faster pace this time, and it can envelop you now. When enveloped by the fog, you steadily lose SP and EN, which means, you're vulnerable to traps, and enemies are no longer visible, but they still show up on the minimap.

    On top of that, the enemies are about 10x stronger than their story counterparts, although they still have the same tier and levels.

    The hardest part about this dungeon is getting the initial levels. Once you'll get the first level up, everything should go a lot smoother. You'll want to kill stuff as much as possible for the levels, so you'll just have to deal with the fog. I recommend having at least 15000 DEF before you reach 10F.

    Boss: lvl 40 Nisa

    Difficulty: 5/10

    Nisa's attack range


    She has about 25K hp and can attack you if you're 1-3 panels away from her. With about 13000 DEF she does about 3,000 damage, so using a +DEF pill or the Shell/Wooden Shield's Divine Skill will make it easier to get next to her. After that just keep attacking her and activate God Mode if your HP gets too low and she'll be finished.

    You get the 'A. Command Boost' Artifact for winning, and EX-4 unlocks.

    Ex-4 Dungeon


    • Rank 4+ equipments
    • Paralysis Defense installed.


    • Board Snail
    • Harpy
    • Paryme
    • Dragon
    • Platunus
    • Thorny
    • Bomb Crab
    Dungeon Features

    The dungeon must be completed in 1500 turns. Fortunately this isn't as big a deal as it sounds. The biggest problem in this dungeon are the enemies. Board Snails are rampant and will render your angel partner ineffective. Because of this, don't even bother equipping your partner and just let them get killed. Parymes are everywhere and will also try to paralyze you to stall your 1500 turns away, so have some Bash-type skills like the Tank mk2 to dispose of them easily.

    Boss: lvl 50 Asagi

    Difficulty: 6/10

    Asagi's attack range

     X X X
     X X X

    She has around 55K HP. You probably just want to use an Accelerator to move right next to her, then just activate God Mode and pound her. With 40K DEF, her +0 version can't even touch you.

    You get the Holy Artifact 'EXP booster' for winning, and EX-5 unlocks

    Ex-5 Dungeon


    • Rank 5+ equipment
    • Angel Halo/Yummy Carrot
    • Hover Cloud
    • 10+ Healing items
    Dungeon Features

    The dungeon features one of those open areas, but with lava-filled floors. There are rockets you can pick up that will allow you to jump 3 spaces each move. You'll want to kill the enemies around and use the rockets to move around the area to avoid getting killed by the lava. If there are no rockets in the area, you can use a Hover Cloud to warp somewhere and hope you get lucky, you can also just tough it out in the lava, or if you REALLY hate this stage layout, just bring 9 Dives and skip all this.

    Boss: lvl 60 Valvatorez

    Difficulty: 7/10

    Boss HP: +0: About 100K

    +10: 344,000 (I actually spent 10 minutes on this one doing around 1-8K damage each turn, and this is as close as I got to an exact number)

    Recommended stats: About 90K ATK

    Val's attack range


    He's actually pretty easy, it's just getting to his fight that's a pain. Move left once and up 3 times and you'll end up right next to him. Equip your highest ATK and HIT items, enter God Mode, and he should fall before God Mode wears off.

    You get the Holy Artifact 'Godly Lengthener', and EX-6 unlocks.

    Ex-6 Dungeon


    • Rank 5+ Equipment, Synthesized
    • Yoshitsuna
    • Accelerator
    • 3-4 EN Restoring items
    • 1-2 Revive Gems


    • HIT Pedometer
    • ATK Pedometer
    • Practice Swings (God Energies directed to it)
    • Full Power
    • Violent Hunger
    Dungeon Features

    Get ready for one annoying dungeon. This one features the moving platforms from Lesson 8. The catch is, you'll need to turn all the platforms from red to blue before the gate will reveal itself. To do this, just walk over from one platform to another and the color will change. Defeating an enemy will also change the color of the platform it was on. Luckily, once the gate is revealed, it stays there, so you can take your time and get some levels on the current floor before moving on to the next one.

    You could also just bring Dives and skip doing all of that, but make sure to kill some enemies before doing so, as you'll definitely need those levels for the boss.

    Boss: lvl 80 Laharl and two lvl 70 Claymore 6's

    Difficulty: 9/10

    Recommended stats for boss: 300K ATK and HIT. You can get away with 200K HIT, but you'll need the HIT Pedometer boost to have a decent chance of hitting. Full Power + Violent Hunger will also shorten this fight considerably.

    Boss HP:

    Laharl +0 : 2.5-3 million
    Minions +0: 200K
    Laharl +10 : 8.5-9 million
    Minions +10: About 700K

    Laharl's attack range (know this, and know this well)


    An interesting note, the two minions in this fight are tier 6 and can drop a 6* Great Sword, so hopefully you'll get lucky.

    This boss is quite a huge leap in power compared to the other EX bosses. Odds are you'll be around level 60-70 for this, which usually means he'll kill you in one hit, so DON'T LET HIM HIT YOU. You could come to this fight with fully synthesized 6* equipment and crush him, but where's the fun in that?

    Fortunately, you can win this with only 5* equipment, but it will take a while. You'll definitely want to bring the recommended items with you and have the recommended Holy Artifacts for the fight. What you'll want to do is to focus on killing the minions first. With the Yoshitsuna equipped, just stay out of Laharl's attack range and wait for the first Claymore to approach you, then blast him with Ship Cannon once he's in range. It should kill him nicely. Now, retreat to the bottom of the area and wait for the other enemies to get close to you.

    Once Laharl has reached the bottom, equip your Accelerator and dash to the other end. They'll attempt to chase you now. Align yourself with the other Claymore, equip Yoshitsuna, and blast it with Ship Cannon when it gets in range. That leaves just Laharl.

    Now, what you'll want to do is retreat into a corner and wait for Laharl to move right next to you. You'll want it to look like this:

    CC   C= open space, R=Renya, L=Laharl

    Now just keep moving around that corner area and Laharl will keep following you, but won't attack at all. You can do this in any area as long as you don't walk into Laharl's attack range, but I recommend a corner because it's so easy to accidentally mess up and make a wrong move, ending up in Laharl's attack range. When your SP is restored and the Pedometer bonus is at +99%, equip Accelerator and dash to the other side. Laharl will follow you again. Equip Yoshitsuna and wait for him to be one space diagonally from you, then use Ship Cannon. He'll walk right next to you now, so let him chase you around the corner again until your SP is filled up, then repeat the process of Accelerating out of the way and blasting him with Ship Cannon. Hopefully he'll fall before you die from starvation. If Practice Swings is charged up high enough, you should be able to one-shot him in one Ship Cannon with the Pedometer boosts.

    Remember, stay out of Laharl's attack range or you're most likely dead.

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