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    FAQ by War Doc

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                                    | J O U S T |
                  GAME:  JOUST
              PLATFORM:  ARCADE
               CREATOR:  WILLIAMS 1982
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.01
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1.  Legal Stuff
    2.  Version Information
    3.  Acknowledgements
    4.  Welcome
    5.  Overview
    6.  The Game
        6.1  The Controls
        6.2  The Playing Field
        6.3  Scoring
        6.4  Wave Setup
    7.  Playing the Game
    8.  Conclusion
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    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web sit or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2003 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have Joust as the subject so I know it isn't another kooky
    vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me I have new
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0   8/28/03:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01  8/29/03:  Fixed some formatting errors.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    Williams for making a great arcade game
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for Joust.  Since the game is just an action game that goes
    until all your men are killed, there is no walkthrough per se.  Instead it will
    be broken up into the game itself, strategies for survival, and some in-
    teresting quirks in the game.  Input is appreciated along with constructive
    criticism.  If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better ways of doing
    things, other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put Joust in the
    subject line.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    Well "Buzzard Bait", are you ready to test your bravery and skill against other
    jousters?  You won't be fighting for the hand of a fair maiden, but you will be
    fighting for your life.  Instead of horses and armor, you get an ostrich and
    your opponents get buzzards as steeds.  Both of you, though, will use a lance
    to attempt to knock the other off of their steed.  Following on the successful
    wave of games such as Defender and Robotron 2084, Williams was proving itself
    to be a force to be reckoned with in the video game world.  Controls are easier
    on this game but the usual theme of being put into "peril" immediately as you
    start the game holds true.  This is a true game of skill, strategy, and some-
    times just blind luck.  Good luck as you go forth to prove yourself a worthy
    opponent for the enemy jousters.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE GAME |===============================================================
    Joust is a two-dimensional action game.  You control your man and ostrich to
    topple the enemies from their buzzard mounts.  It is definitely the survival of
    the fittest in this fast-paced game.
    / 6.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    In order to become a master of this game, you must be familiar with the
    controls.  The controls are a little complicated just due to the fact that you
    have to learn how to not only flap your ostrich's wings, but also to move
    around the game screen.
    -  One 2 way joystick that controls your man's movements left and right.
    -  One button that flaps your ostrich's wings.
    / 6.2  The Playing Field /_____________________________________________________
    The playing field consists of your man and ostrich and a whole lot of buzzards
    with their riders.  In addition to the enemy riders, you will also have to deal
    with prehistoric birds and trolls.  I have included an example of what the
    playing field look like (a little larger then normal):
        |                                                                   |
        |                                                                   |
        |----------                     ENTRY POINT               ----------|
        |-- 4 --                           V                         -- 6 --|
        |                       -------+-----+------                        |
        |                          ------ 5 ----                            |
        |                                                                   |
        |                                                 /      --+---+-   |
        |--+-----+----                          ENEMY->( )/      \__ 3 _/---|
        |     2     /                                                   ----|
        |----------+                                                        |
        |                          ------------------                       |
        |                            ------ 1 -----                         |
        |                                                                   |
        |                                                          LAVA     |
        |                    |                                     TROLL    |
        |                    +( )<-YOUR OSTRICH                      |      |
        |                     / \                                    V      |
        |             --------------+-------+------------------     |||     |
        |               ---+   SCORE|MEN LEFT              +--     ||||/    |
        |                   \                             /         \ /     |
        |--------------------|                           |------------------|
        |                   /                             \                 |
        |                  /                               \                |
        NOTE:  I have put the numbers for the above platforms.  These numbers do
               not appear in the game.
    You control the ostrich and rider to avoid the enemy riders, pterodactyl, and
    the lava troll.
    / 6.3  Scoring /_______________________________________________________________
    Scoring in this game is pretty easy.  You basically get points for everything
    (even for dying).
    Knocking an enemy off their buzzard                    :   500 points
    Bounder (Red Enemy)                                    :   500 points
    Hunter (Silver/Gray Enemy)                             :   750 points
    Shadow Lord (Blue Enemy)                               :  1000 points
    Getting killed                                         :    50 points
    Pterodactyl                                            :  1000 points
    Not getting killed during a Survival Wave              :  3000 points
    (Two player only) Not knocking each other off his mount:  3000 points
    Eggs:  A progression that goes 250, 500, 750, and 1000 points for the next egg
           and every egg thereafter.  The progression starts again if you get
           killed or you go to the next wave.
    You start with three ostriches and get a free one every 20,000 points.
    / 6.4  Wave Setup /____________________________________________________________
    The waves (or levels) in Joust are set up in somewhat definite pattern.  There
    are certain waves that specific events occur.  I will list these events along
    with the first 20 waves.  Use the game screen to refer to platforms I am
    talking about.
    As the name implies, you must not get knocked off your ostrich during these
    waves.  If you succeed, you will get the points.  These occur every 4-6 waves.
    | EGG WAVE |
    Instead of enemy riders, you are presented with 12 eggs distributed among the
    different platforms.  The eggs will hatch after a time to give you enemy riders
    to deal with.  These occur every fifth wave.
    In addition to the enemy riders, you will have to deal with a pesky pterodactyl
    or pterodactyls.  There are specific ways you can eliminate them.  This is
    discussed in Chapter 7.  Occurs every 4-6 waves.  You start with one and it
    progressively moves up to four.
    | FIRST 20 WAVES |
     1.  Beginning wave, good for training.
     2.  Survival Wave.
     3.  Regular Wave, bridge burns out.
     4.  Hunters appear.  Lava Troll appears.
     5.  Egg Wave.
     6.  Platform five disappears.
     7.  Platforms four and six disappear.  Survival Wave.
     8.  Pterodactyl Wave (One Pterodactyl).
     9.  Platform one disappears.
    10.  Egg Wave, all platforms restored.
    11.  Survival Wave, platform 1 disappears.
    12.  Pterodactyl Wave.  Platforms four, five, and six disappear.
    13.  Regular Wave.
    14.  Regular Wave.
    15.  Egg Wave, all platforms restored.
    16.  Shadow Lords appear.
    17.  Survival Wave.
    18.  Pterodactyl Wave (two Pterodactyls).
    19.  Regular Wave.
    20.  Egg Wave.
    -  The above progression occurs roughly along the line although the platforms
       don't follow a pattern as to when they disappear.  The things that change
       are the enemies get faster and more Pterodactyls appear.  After wave 22,
       it's all Shadow Lords.
    -  These progressions will continue until you hit wave 255.  After that, the
       waves roll back over to wave 1 and you start the cycle again.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  PLAYING THE GAME |=======================================================
    When you start the game, your man will be at the entry point at the bottom of
    the playing field.  From the other entry points, enemy riders will appear.  It
    will then be up to you to successfully defeat them.
    -  Learning to flap your ostrich's wings is the most vital aspect of this game.
       How fast or slow you flap the wings determines speed and maneuverability.
       Once you get good, you will be able to glide around and only flap for either
       altitude or to hit an enemy rider.
    -  The name of the game is height.  Whoever is the higher rider during a joust
       is the winner.  If you and an enemy collide on the same level, the impact
       will knock you both backwards a little and turn you both around.  This can
       prove to be dangerous if more then one enemy is coming for you since the
       first one turns you around and the second knocks you off your mount.
    -  You need to pay particular attention to the screen setup on each wave.
       Different platforms may collapse forcing you to readjust your strategy
       accordingly.  Using the 20 wave example from Chapter 6.4, I will give you
       some basic strategies.
       -  During the non-pterodactyl waves and platform one is intact, your best
          bet is to hang out under the right side of platform one.  The enemy
          riders have to drop to get to you.  Just a quick press of the flap button
          should give you altitude over them and the easy kill.
       -  If you lose platform one, the next best place is platform five.  This
          forces the enemy riders to rise up to you.  If you hover over the left or
          right edge, you can drop on enemy riders trying to rise up from the areas
          of platforms two and three.  Of course, if any make it to your level,
          just sit on that entry point.  When an enemy rider gets near, rapidly
          climb and move over toward the enemy to knock them off their mount.
       -  When you only have platforms two and three, you will use a modified
          strategy from the one above.  You will hover around the area that plat-
          form five was at.  This forces the enemy riders to rise up to you, there-
          by exposing themselves to you dropping down on them.
       -  If any of the above have Shadow Lords in them, you will have to be pre-
          pared to move around quickly since Shadow Lords are very fast and they
          tend to bounce off the top of the game screen.
    -  There are a couple of ways to kill off the pterodactyl during the
       pterodactyl waves:
       -  First of all, you must be facing the pterodactyl in order to kill it.
       -  If platform one still exists, then just wait for the pterodactyl and be
          ready for it to choke itself on your lance.  If there are multiple
          pterodactyls, they usually come from opposite sides so the first one
          will have you turned around to meet the second one.
       -  If platform one is gone, they use platform two to do your prehistoric
          hunting.  If there are multiple pterodactyls, then you will have to move
          around until the second and subsequent pterodactyls are coming at your
          rider head on while you sit atop platform two.
       -  If you are real good (and I mean real good), you can kill the
          pterodactyls off in the air.  You just have to make sure that your lance
          is evenly aligned with the pterodactyls mouth.
       -  Pterodactyls also show up if you take too long on a wave.  These can't be
          killed using the platform method.  The only way is either in the air or
          to lose a man.
       -  Some players take out all the enemy riders but one.  Then they lead this
          rider toward the lave so the Lava Troll can grab them.  The player then
          sits and hunts pterodactyls.  This is a long process that is definitely
          loaded with peril.
       -  If you get killed before killing the pterodactyl, it is very hard to get
          in position to kill the pterodactyl since it does involve a sort of
          rhythm.  Also keep in mind that the enemy riders will still be trying to
          dismount you as you are hunting.
    -  The Lava Troll hazard isn't too major unless you fly too close to the
       surface of the lava.  If you do happen to get grabbed, flap rapidly to
       escape.  It is also easy to hit enemies immobilized by the troll.
    -  After you hit an enemy rider, they become an egg.  After a few seconds, the
       egg will hatch to the next hardest enemy rider.  For example, a Bounder be-
       comes a Hunter; a Hunter becomes a Shadow Lord.  After that, it will always
       be a Shadow Lord.  Some players leave one egg and then hover over it.  When
       the enemy buzzard comes to pick up the rider, you knock him off the saddle
       again and collect the points.  Again, the pterodactyl will show up soon to
       end this fun.
    -  Make sure you don't knock too many enemy riders off at once or there will be
       eggs scattered all over the place.  This makes it hard to keep the enemy
       population down to a dull roar.
    -  Whenever your rider gets killed, he will appear at the entrance point all
       shimmery.  If you let the sequence go, it will take up to five seconds for
       your rider to appear.  During that time, he is immune to all attacks.  Your
       rider will enter at the point there is the least amount of enemies.  This is
       usually the very bottom platform.  Keep in mind, the enemies also enter at
       these points.
    -  The game does reach a point where there are so many enemy riders running
       around, they are constantly bumping into one another.  This, in effect,
       creates a wall which is very difficult and hazardous to navigate through.
       This means you have to split up the enemy
    -  If you die during a wave, try quickly to get your bearings so that you can
       get in position to continue depleting the enemy forces.
    -  The above tips are as valid for the two-player game as they are for the one-
       player game.  In the two-player game, though, you and the other player can
       cover each other to make it more difficult for the enemy to knock you off
       your mounts.
    ********************************  U N I T  IV *********************************
    | 8.  CONCLUSION |=============================================================
    This was a game of both strategy and frustration.  Strategy in the way that one
    had to find the best ways and positions to deal with the enemy riders.
    Frustrating due to the fact that half of the strategies you tried failed to
    work.  This game definitely could keep on busy for a long time as you tried to
    find that perfect medium of how much to flap your ostrich's wings versus just
    moving around the screen.  No two games were alike even when you knew the enemy
    rider's patterns.  The only sure thing were the pterodactyls but the enemy
    riders were there to frustrate your attempts for a clean kill.  The game
    definitely kept me occupied hours on end and the game only ended when my
    quarters did.  Unfortunately, it is very rare to find this machine anywhere.
    However, through the miracle of emulation, a whole new generation is realizing
    what we "old" folks enjoyed those many years ago.  You can also play this game
    at www.shockwave.com.  I hope this guide helps you in being able to get the
    most amount of gameplay for this game.  If you do have other ideas or thoughts,
    please e-mail me and share them.  Who knows, maybe I'll start a Q&A Chapter in
    this guide if enough people ask the same questions.  Anyway, thank you again
    for reading this guide.
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
               ~~~  No trees were harmed in the making of this FAQ ~~~

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