what is the best way to get tier 3 Bitterblack Isle gear and Tier 3 skill rings?

  1. Im trying to find the best way to get the rarest items on bitter black island ive done alot of loot runs but they often end up with the same items and rarely is a new item among them also I was wondering if staying the same vocation has anything to do with it any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Accepted Answer

  1. For weapons and armor, yes Vocation effects what you get. When you purify a Weapon or Armor you are very likely to get equipment that can be used by either your vocation or your pawn's. Basically look at the colors in the vocation's emblem. Red leaves a chance to get a weapon or armor piece usable by Fighters, Warriors, Assassins, or Mystic Knights. Yellow gives a chance for Strider, Ranger, Assassin, or Magick Archer equipment. Blue gives a chance for Mage, Sorceror, Mystic Knight, or Magick Archer equipment.

    As for the best places to find them, try the latter third of the dungeon (for me that usually means Bloodless Stockade and The Fallen City). You could also simply farm Daimon. You're guaranteed to get at least one Lv. 3 Bitterblack item, either from Daimon himself as a drop or from one of the four chests (the middle chest on the left always has a Moonbeam Gem though). What you could do, is save before opening each chest and if you don't get a Lv.3 Bitterblack item just use Godsbane to kill yourself and reload the save (or quit without saving and then reload, though that method takes a bit longer).

    The Skill Rings are from Bitterblack Gear items. Bitterblack Novelties tend to give you either curatives or tools (like the Elite Lantern, which is a Lv.3 Bitterblack Novelty) or a scroll for a Secret Augment.

    If you want to farm Daimon for them, look up the Youtube videos from "ManufacturedOpinionn" for guides on how best to go about doing so. After seeing his strategy, I can usually kill Daimon's first form in about 1-2 minutes and his 2nd form in about 5 minutes as an Assassin using Deadly Gouge + Conqueror's Periapt & the Opportunist secret augment & a maxed out Devilsbane sword.

    My pawn on Xbox Live is generally very useful (especially if you put a Wyrmking's Ring in her inventory) for Bitterblack Isle as a whole (Level 173 Sorceror with some of the best equipment in the game). My XBL GT is "AbandonedHalo" if you want to check out my pawn.

    If you want to 'manipulate' what you get from purifying Bitterblack Weapons or Armor, save before purifying. If you don't get something you want to keep, use Godsbane or reload your save, change your vocation and that of your main pawn and try again. That way you are bound to get what you want before long (using that trick I got the "Devilsbane" sword which has a Strength stat of over 1800 when fully upgraded to a gold-tier dragonforged item).

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