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  1. What( if any) old DLCs are included in this set?

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    MrE6669420 - 5 years ago

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  1. Mass Effect Trilogy for the PS3 contains these DLCs:

    Mass Effect 1 Bring Down the Sky mission, which is already inside the disc/digital version so you don't have to enter any code whatsoever.

    Mass Effect 2 contains the same contents from the original PS3 version release, in which includes in the disc:

    Blood Dragon Armor, Kasumi character and her Stolen Memory, Project Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker. Also includes the Cerberus Network code that unlocks: Normandy Crash Site, Zaeed character and his The Price of Revenge, Cerberus Weapon and Armor. Arc Projector weapon, Firewalker Pack, Mass Effect: Genesis. Mass Effect Genesis comic, in which it tells the tale of some events from ME1, is only accessed if you did not bother playing and beating ME1 and went straight to play ME2 instead.

    Mass Effect 3 contains the Online Pass. The free DLC contents can be downloaded from the PSN store which are: The Extended Cut and all Multiplayer Maps.

    The rest of the paid DLCs for ME2 and 3 are available at the PSN store.

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