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Resistance 2 Cheats


  • Competitive Unlockables

    Upon reaching the level, various accessories, backpack, chest armor, heads, berserks, etc. Leveling only comes from Ranked competitive by selecting Play.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ammo clips, Hip pack 3, Backpack 6Reach level 06
    Backpack 1, Heatstack 3, Heatstack 4Reach level 05
    Backpack 4, Heatstack 9, Arm accesoryReach level 11
    Backpack 5, LAARK, Snake EyesReach level 15
    Belt Accessory 1, Belt Accessory 2, Ring of LifeReach level 04
    Black ops helmet, Heatstack 6, InvisibilityReach level 12
    Black ops suit, Hybrid variant, Hybrid variant 2Reach level 10
    Capelli, Armor 2; Heatstack 1Reach level 18
    Chest armor 1, OverloadReach level 08
    Chest Armor, Heatstack 10, Backpack 9Reach level 21
    Civilian 1, Helmet 2, Helmet 4Reach level 26
    Civilian Skin 2; Blue Hat; Steelhead ArmorReach level 27
    Clank backpackReach level 29
    Clank Backpack; Civilian 4 SkinReach level 29
    Decayed Head, Corpse HeadReach level 25
    Grenade Vest, Infected Hale Head, Helmet 1Reach level 22
    Heatstack 5, Heatstack 7, Hose techReach level 07
    Helmet 3, Helmet 5Reach level 24
    Hip Pack 1, Hip Pack, Adrenaline BoostReach level 02
    Hose attachment, Radio, Backpack 2Reach level 09
    Hybrid 3 head, Hybrid 3 bodyReach level 14
    Hybrid 3 Variant Head; Hybrid 3 Variant Body; Heatstack 8Reach level 17
    Hybrid, Hybrid 2Reach level 03
    Leech Skin, DeminsionaterReach level 30
    Nathan Hale Converted HeadReach level 24
    Nathan Hale Head, Nathan Hale Body, Backpack 7Reach level 19
    Scientist Skin, Scientist Head, Doctor Head, WrenchReach level 28
    Sentinel Suit, Armor 1, and Heatstack 2Reach level 13
    Steelhead Head, Steelhead Body, Backpack 8Reach level 20
    Steelhead Variant Body, Backpack 10, Steelhead Variant HeadReach level 23
    Warner, Hawthorne, Backpack 3Reach level 16

    Contributed By: DrAGo_RifLE, craildo, and DemonGamerX.

  • Cooperative Medic Unlockables

    When you reach a set level, a new weapon, gear, or berserk becomes available. The weapons and berserks are unlocked upon reaching that level but the gear requires enough gray tech to purchase once you hit that level.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Fuel GrenadesLevel 12
    Assault PackLevel 16
    Bio-amp ScopeLevel 22
    Bioplasm Tracking TechLevel 14
    Chloroform (Berserk)Level 04
    HE .44 Magnum (Weapon)Level 18
    High Density Bioplasm ChamberLevel 08
    Kinetic GlovesLevel 06
    Leech BarrelLevel 26
    M5A2 Carbine (Weapon)Level 02
    Phoenix (Weapon)Level 01
    Phoenix Ash (Berserk)Level 12
    Psychokinetic HelmetLevel 30
    Ring of Life (Berserk)Level 01
    Rossmore 238 (Weapon)Level 10
    V7 Splicer (Weapon)Level 28
    Voltaic Body ArmorLevel 24

    Contributed By: gohanrice and schicker324.

  • Cooperative Soldier Unlockables

    When you reach a set level, a new weapon, gear, or berserk becomes available. The weapons and berserks are unlocked upon reaching that level but the gear requires enough gray tech to purchase once you hit that level.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Advanced Timing MotorLevel 14
    Air Fuel Grenades (Weapon: Grenades)Level 12
    Assault PackLevel 16
    Auger (Weapon)Level 10
    Backlash (Berserk)Level 12
    Bullseye (Weapon)Level 18
    High Capacity Ammo BeltLevel 08
    HVAP Wraith (Weapon)Level 01
    Ironheart (Berserk)Level 01
    Kinetic GlovesLevel 06
    Laark (Weapon)Level 28
    Overload (Berserk)Level 04
    Precision ScopeLevel 26
    Psychokinetic HelmetLevel 30
    Rossmore 238 (Weapon)Level 02
    Sheild Area x2 and 55 energyLevel 10
    Sheild Area x3 and 75 energyLevel 20
    Titanium BarrelsLevel 22
    Voltaic Body ArmorLevel 24

    Contributed By: gohanrice, Sigfriedsfriend, and AshyLarry.

  • Cooperative Spec. Ops. Unlockables

    When you reach a set level, a new weapon, gear, or berserk becomes available. The weapons and berserks are unlocked upon reaching that level but the gear requires enough gray tech to purchase once you hit that level.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault PackLevel 16
    Auger (Weapon)Level 18
    Bellock (Weapon)Level 28
    Bullseye (Weapon)Level 02
    Hawkeye ScopeLevel 22
    High Density Ammo ChamberLevel 08
    Invisiblity (Berserk)Level 04
    Kinetic GlovesLevel 06
    L23 Fareye (Weapon)Level 12
    Mag-Propulsion BarrelLevel 26
    Marksmen (Weapon)Level 01
    Prototype Ammo (Berserk)Level 01
    Proximity Mines (Weapon: Alternate to Ammo)Level 10
    Psychokinetic HelmetLevel 30
    Shock SuppressorLevel 14
    Snake Eyes (Berserk)Level 12
    Voltaic Body ArmorLevel 24

    Contributed By: gohanrice.

  • More Difficulty Settings

    To unlock Arcade Mode, beat the game on any Difficulty. To unlock Superhuman Difficulty, beat the game on Difficult difficulty.

    Contributed By: Celph_Tiled.

  • Unlockable

    Obtain "x" amount of trophies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mirror LevelsObtain 3 silver trophies
    Super Hybrid WeaponsObtain 5 silver trophies

    Contributed By: dragonleader33 and BIGGESTPS3FAN.

  • Unlockables after you completed the Campaign mode

    Motion blur makes the screen blurry Depth of field makes the screen more colorful Screen tint allows you to make the screen black and white, yellow, or blue.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Arcade ModeCompleting Campaign Mode
    Chapter Concept ArtCompleting Campaign Mode
    Depth Of FieldCompleting Campaign Mode
    Level Concept ArtCompleting Campaign Mode
    Motion BlurCompleting Campaign Mode
    Screen TintCompleting Campaign Mode
    Vehicle & Weapon Concept ArtCompleting Campaign Mode

    Contributed By: CheekoStick52.

Easter Eggs

  • Actual Easter Egg

    In the Garfield park level there is an actual easter egg laying under the broken off bridge. If you walk out on the lone beam in the middle, turn around and look to the bottom left of the screen, you will see the easter egg.

    Contributed By: famousxzero.

Resistance 3 Cheats


  • Cheats

    You can purchase these cheats by earning points in the Campaign and spending them in the Extras Menu.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All Weapons (Get all weapons)Costs 300 points
    Bloody Hell! (Enemies explode. Unlocked by playing the Facebook game.)Costs 10 points
    Enemy Secondary Fire (Enemies use their secondary fire function)Costs 45 points
    Enemy Super Weapons (Some enemies have better weapons)Costs 45 points
    Health Regen (Health automatically refills)Costs 120 points
    Immersive (No health and ammo on screen)Costs 45 points
    Infinite Ammo (Ammo for all weapons)Costs 400 points
    Mirror Mode (Flips game left to right)Costs 30 points

    Contributed By: VanillaVilla.

  • Superhuman Difficulty

    Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Superhuman.

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats


  • Black Ops with Skull head Costume

    To get this outfit for Multiplayer mode:
    Beat the game on Superhuman and acquire all Skillpoints.

    Contributed By: noasarc.

  • Harder difficulty

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Superhuman difficulty levelBeat the game on Hard

    Contributed By: Mr_Socks.

  • Rewards

    You get these after getting a certain amount of skill points or doing other tasks.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Clank BackpacksGet 100 skill points
    Concept Art Pack 1Get 10 skill points
    Concept Art Pack 2Get 20 skill points
    Flip LevelsGet 70 skill points
    Movie PlayerBeat the game
    MP Mechanic SkinGet 126 skill points
    MP Soldier SkinBeat the game on superhuman

    Contributed By: Shadow..

  • Skill Points

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    20th SentryDon't get hit by a laser mine
    A New Kind of SourdoughKill every enemy in the cafeteria using the Sapper in Bristol Mission, Evacuation.
    Acupuncture Is CheaperKill 3 enemies at once with the hedgehog
    Break'in The LawDestory the Reactor in the Tower level without using the L209 LAARK
    Chicks Dig Eyestrain20 Intelligence reports
    Chimera PateRun over 10 enemies with the tank in York
    Don't Worry, Insurance Has It CoveredBreak Chimeran Box in level 30
    Fast Like The TortoiseTake no damage from Slipskulls in the outskirts of London.
    FetchKill a Howler with a grenade
    Gasping for AirKill 2 Hybrids in a level only after severing all of their hoses
    Homing Beacons Tag 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye
    I Believe This Is YoursUse only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies in level 72.
    I Can See My House From Here!Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge
    In 1 Ear, Out the OtherGet 5 headshots with L23Fareye in Nottingham
    In For a PennyKill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade
    Karma's a BitchKill every Chimera in Bracknell with their native weapon.
    Le ParkourBeat battlefields and rooftops in Thames within 5 minutes.
    Leapin’ LizardsTake no damage from Rollers in the outskirts of London.
    LightfootTake no damage from the mines in Manchester
    Lovely Parting GiftsSquat over 15 dead hybrids
    Mechanical ThumbsBeat the game on hard
    Mirror, MirrorDestroy all glass objects in all 3 sections of the level
    Misplaced AggressionBlow up all cars in town section of Somerset
    Next Speed Trap, 50 milesBeat Somerset in 7 minutes 45 seconds or less
    Nowhere to HideKill 5 enemies in a level by shooting them through a wall with the Auger
    One Eye Dog!Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye
    Passive AggressiveKill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage
    Personal Space BubbleDon't let any menial grab you during level 30
    Pint in One Hand, Darts in the OtherShoot the center of the 4 dartboards using the Fareye in Bristol Mission, Evacuation.
    Reading Is Fun!10 Intelligence reports
    Return to SenderShoot 5 objects thrown at you by an Angel before they reach you in the Tower Missions.
    Supersonic Meat CubesKill 3 Leapers with a Frag grenade
    Tag, You're ItKill 5 enemies with the Bullseye in 30 seconds
    They Came From BehindRun over 3 hybrids while driving in reverse
    This Is My HouseDon't let Chimera stand on the mining platform for more than 10 seconds in Bracknell.
    This is My Rifle, This is My GunKill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2
    Too Many SecretsCollect all Intelligence reports
    TurretsUse the Chimeran Sentry gun to kill 6 enemies
    Twirly-WhirlyKill 5 menials with bullseye trap
    Vanilla Only, PleaseComplete Tower Mission, Last Hope, without using alternate fire or grenades.
    We've Lost the Security Deposit AnywayBreak 10 medical lamps
    What Would Hale Do?Kill an Angel using only the Shotgun in the Tower Missions.
    Why Are These Candles Screaming?Kill 8 hybrids with fire in 20 seconds

  • Soldier Medals

    Unlocked in online multiplayer mode. Medals can be viewed by pressing L1/R1 at the character stats screen.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AssassinKill 20 enemies in a row without dying
    Auger MarksmanKill 100 enemies with the auger
    Base DefenderGet 2000 defensive kills across all game modes
    BBQ ChefKill 100 enemies with the L11-2 Dragon
    Elite SoldierKill 10 enemies in a row without dying
    FanaticCompete in 1000 online matches
    Fry CookKill 100 enemies with the arc charger
    GhostGet 100 stealth kills
    Going CommandoGet 100 node or flag captures
    GrenadierKill 100 enemies with grenades
    Heavy Weapons ExpertKill 100 enemies with rockets
    Helping HandGet 100 assist kills
    HeroPlay 200 ranked matches and place first at least 60 times
    InsomniacCompete in 5000 online matches
    LegendPlay 300 ranked matches and place first at least 100 times
    MarksmanKill 100 enemies with the M5A2 Carbine
    Martial ArtistGet 30 melee kills
    Nathan HaleComplete Single player game
    NinjaGet at least 60 melee kills
    Precise ShotFinish 10 matches with an accuracy of least 85%
    ProfessionalGet 100 headshots
    ReclaimerGet 200 node or flag recaptures
    SavantPlay 100 ranked matches and place first at least 30 times
    SharpshooterKill 100 enemies with the L23 Fareye
    ShotgunnerKill 100 enemies with the rossmore 236
    TaggerKills 100 enemies with the bullseye
    Unerring AimFinish 20 matches with an accuracy of least 85%
    Up Your ArsenalGet 100 kills with every weapon

    Contributed By: MightyM03.

  • Unlockable Online Skins

    These are Unlockable skins and items used in Online mode. They are gained by leveling online.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bedroll 2, Pouches, Pouch (Fanny Pack)Achieve level 34: Captain status online
    Beret, American Camoflauge UniformAchieve level 13: Gunnery Sergeant status online
    British Brick Uniform, Grenade Pouch, Leather PacksAchieve level 07: Corporal status online
    British camoflauge uniform, knife, Head 10Achieve level 58: Supreme Commander status online
    British Goggles, Radio, BinocularsAchieve level 16: Staff Sergeant status online
    Camoflauge Helmet, Leather Backpack, Back HolsterAchieve level 43: Colonel status online
    Cartwright skin, leather pouch, CanteenAchieve level 55: General status online
    Chest Pouches, Head Pouches, Head 5Achieve level 25: Sergeant Major status online
    Commando Body, Commando Standard Uniform, Head 4Achieve level 19: 1st Class Sergeant status online
    Commando Camoflauge Uniform, Belt knife, BackpackAchieve level 22: Sergeant Major status online
    Commando Leather Uniform, Chest Radio, Shirtless SkinAchieve level 40: Lieutenant Colonel status online
    Head 6, British Desert Uniform, VTOL Pilot SkinAchieve level 31: Lieutenant status online
    Head 7, British Helmet, BackpackAchieve level 37: Major status online
    Head 8, Canteen 1, RadioAchieve level 46: Brigadier General status online
    Head 9, American Helmet, American Arctic Uniform, CanteenAchieve level 52: Lieutenant General status online
    Medic Helmet, Bedroll 1, Chute PackAchieve level 28: Sergeant Major of the Army status online
    Nathan Hale skin, belt packs, shovel, backpackAchieve level 60: Supreme Commander (3 PIPS) status online
    Pouches, Medic Helmet 2, Head 3Achieve level 10: Sergeant status online
    UK Solider Body, British Green Uniform, Canteen 2Achieve level 04: Private First Class status online
    US Solider Body, Head 1 & 2, Small Helmet, American Standard & Dirty UniformsAchieve level 01: Private status online
    Winters Skin, American Advanced Uniform,, Hip BagAchieve level 49: Major General status online

    Contributed By: mazterace.

  • Unlockable Online Skins via Campaign Achievement

    These are skins that are unlocked for Online play. They are achieved by completing certain requirements in Campaign. The exception being the Cloven skin. It is unlocked by signing up for

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Black Ops SkinComplete Campaign mode on Superhuman difficulty
    Black Ops Skin with Skeleton HeadFinish Campaign mode on Superhuman difficulty with all Skill Points
    Cloven SkinRegister for, Go to profile, the online code is provided
    Mechanic SkinGain All skill points in Campaign mode

    Contributed By: mazterace.

  • Unlockable Weapons

    These weapons are unlocked for campaign after beating the game once on any difficulty. They become available on your next play through.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Arc ChargerBeat the game once on any difficulty
    Backlash GrenadeBeat the game once on any difficulty
    L11-2 DragonBeat the game once on any difficulty
    ReaperBeat the game once on any difficulty
    SplitterBeat the game once on any difficulty

    Contributed By: lilchao66.

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