In wu chapter 5 battle of Nanjung how do i get those 2 star?

  1. They told me to free gan ning and kill li dian after when lu su and lu meng talk but everything when i leave the base while lu su and lu meng went on the separate way, some wei troop caught me n i alway fail at that point n the other start i know where is it but do i destroy the building with flame at the top or wait until yue jin to come n i kill him then i destroy the building with flame on the top please help?

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  1. If you are playing as Zhou Yu, after you save Gan Ning the Wei soldiers will drop the bridge. Defeat the 2 officers on the bridge and stay back close to the bride as you defeat the peons.

    Lu Su and Lu Meng will make their way to the east. There will be 3 group of 2 officers that will come towards you. Defeat them by staying as far back towards the gate that opened. Eventually Lu Su and Lu Meng will be in position for the decoy strategy. They will jump down and you can move in to take out Li Dian and his officers.

    After that head east to the gate that will be almost dead center of the map, then head north to the bridge. Lu Su and Lu Meng will jump down, but you don't as Zhou Yu. Enter the small base on the far side of the bridge and defeat the officer there, then head north and do the same in that base. You will go out the east side of that base then southeast. There is be a small cutaway showing you the tower, destroy it. Go into the base and defeat the officer there and stay put.

    Zhou Yu will then taunt Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan. Just wait until they both enter the base you are in, then defeat them. If you play as Lu Meng or Lu Su, you can still get the stars, you just have to play their part in the decoy strategy.

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  1. All stars
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  2. (This is assuming you are playing Zhou Yu)

    You have to move quickly once you start the second decoy attack/ "pincer attack" because it starts Yue Jin's arrival countdown and you want to stay ahead of him and have your allies stay ahead of them because him seeing them OR you counts as being spotted and you may not be notified this until you fight Zhange He and Xiahou Yuan (I suggest interim save if you moved quickly up to the point where Lu Su and Lu Meng jump down to the lower level). That caused me to fail one or two times.

    So, basically as soon as you finish off Li Dian and company and Lu Su and Lu Meng start heading down the path to the eastern side keep up with them and as soon as they jump down into the lower area, do not follow them. Instead, charge across the bridge and kill the gatekeeper in front of the fort, enter the fort, kill the officer and the base commander/captain to make the northern gate of that fort open. As soon as it opens (you are trying to stay ahead of the clock) let you out head out immediately charge north to the next fort and once again kill the gatekeeper, get inside and kill the officer and any other marked units to make the east doors open.

    Wait a tic any dialogue to catch up, but not too long because almost right away you want to ride out the east doors of that second fort which is where Lu Su's line about the guard tower being ahead is triggered and I don't think you want to jump the gun and not let him say it. You should be on your horse as much as you can manage it to speed things up.

    Ride directly up to the watchtower and kill it and then continue killing gatekeepers and officers in your path to open gates and you should eventually wind your way so you end up approaching Xhang He and Xiahou Yuan from the east. They will notice you and you will get a broadcast saying "hold off Zhange He and Xiahou Yuan!" Now, this is important:

    Make SURE you wait until Lu Su and Lu Meng arrive as well to attack Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan and you should get a message saying "The pincer attack succeeded!" BEFORE you kill Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan. I killed them instantly the first time and it failed to trigger the sequence because Lu Su and Lu Meng have to be in place and trigger the dialogue lines, but the second time I just ran around in circles maybe on my horse or something with Zhange He and Xiahou Yuan chasing me in front of the fort until Lu Su and Lu Meng arrived and joined in the fight. That made Xiahou Yuan make a unique comment on how "things just turned really ugly for us" etc. And the message about "the pincer attack succeeded!" line came right before or after Yuan made that comment.

    Finally, THAT fufilled both the stars. It SAYS ensure the decoy tactic succeeds- but it means both the decoy tactic AND the "pincer attack" that you get a message saying "begins" as you enter the NE area after Li Dian and your allies request you to be a decoy a second time and you say "My life is once again yours to do as you wish."

    I'm sorry that was so long, but I seriously failed that mission 5 or 6 times and started getting very annoyed before I finally had it play out like that and give me credit for the stars.

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