How do you inflict Status Ailments and what is the max level for Skills?

  1. To get more Quick Learner skills, you need to defeat officers with status ailments. How do you inflict them? What's a nice easy way? And what is the max level for Quick Learner?

    User Info: Allen_Blade

    Allen_Blade - 4 years ago

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  1. There are a variety of ways to inflict status affects. Look for weapon properties that inflict a condition on an enemy as opposed to just adding damage. Venom is a good example. Freeze is another one, which freezes an enemy. Morass slows enemies, Fear makes them afraid, etc...

    In addition, some officers have attacks that naturally have these elements attached. For instance Cao Cao's Ex and Mousu attacks have the Freeze element built in. Zhen Ji's Ex attack causes slow (same as Morass.) She is my favorite for this, since her Ex automatically imparts slow every time, where as with some one like Cao Cao who has Freeze, it's only a percentage chance to freeze an enemy.

    If you defeat an enemy officer while they are suffering from these affects, then you may learn the Quick Learner Skill. Note that this is NOT automatic. Whenever you satisfy the conditions of learning a skill, there is a behind-the-curtain percentage change that you will actually learn/upgrade the skill. According to the Game Manual this percentage chance is better the higher you set the difficulty level. Also, I'm fairly certain that the higher the Skill Level already is, the harder it is to get an upgrade for it.

    Max skill level is 20. When you get a skill to 20th level, its upgrade condition will change to: "This skill is already at its maximum level."

    User Info: Genesplicer38

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  1. Use a weapon with VENOM on it. I think it also works with INFERNO but unsure about that.
    I have read skills level to 20, but I can be wrong.

    User Info: DarkWedge666

    DarkWedge666 - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. I have also gotten Quick Learner skill from Cao Cao's freezing attacks. Just saying....

    User Info: Andrew_Wiggin

    Andrew_Wiggin - 4 years ago 0 0

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