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    Weapon FAQ by wowitsyugi

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/16/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Weapon FAQ

    Author: wowitsyugi

    Version 1.4 (9/16/13)


    Hi, welcome to my Weapon FAQ for Dynasty Warriors. This guide is meant to help answer many of the frequently asked questions about weapons (hence a "Weapon FAQ"). If you're like me and you love collecting every single weapon in a Warriors game, then this guide will provide you with instructions and tips to achieve your goal.

    5th weapon requirements for every character are now available. I've also included strategies to help you obtain each 5th weapon.

    DLC Weapons have their own section.

    Version History

    Version 1.4 (9/16/13)

    • Information on DLC Weapons added.
      • Weapon System Pack 1 (Flame Blade, Revolving Crossbow)
    • Fixed description of "Thunder" attribute.
      • Thunder deals % damage (like Slash/Cyclone) and activates by chance on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string.
      • Induction is a damage multiplier and activates by chance on every normal and charge attack.


    Version 1.3 (9/6/13)

    • Completed the Weapon Database.
    • Added additional strategies for the 5th Swallow Swords and 5th Harp.
    • Fixed tip for farming rare weapons. The rare weapon drop rate is dependent on stage difficulty only.
      • This means that playing a late stage on Beginner is the most effective way to farm rare weapons.


    Version 1.2 (8/13/13)

    • 5th weapon strategies for Wu, Jin, and Others complete.
      • In other words, 5th weapon strategies for every character now complete


    Version 1.1 (8/6/13)

    • 5th weapon requirements for EVERY character complete.
    • 5th weapon strategies for Wei characters complete.
    • Added optional tips for acquiring 5th weapons.


    Version 1.0 (8/1/13)

    • Weapon FAQ is created.


    What to expect in future updates (if any)?

    • Information on DLC weapons when they're released outside of Asia.

    Weapon Tiers

    In Dynasty Warriors 8, there are 5 tiers for every type of weapon. These are commonly referred to as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th weapons. The weapon's attack power increases from one tier to the next. Therefore, within a specific weapon class, 1st weapons have the lowest attack stat, while 5th weapons have the highest attack stat. When viewing your weapons in-game, 1st weapons will have one dot next to their name. 2nd weapons have two dots, and so on.

    I'll go into more detail regarding this subject in the section, How to Obtain Weapons.

    Choosing Weapons

    Like Dynasty Warriors 7, characters in this game have the ability to bring any two weapons to battle. This time around, even the males can use the Chain Whip, and the females can wield the Great Sword! It's the weapon itself that determines the moveset and not the character. It's worth noting, though, that characters are still unique in that they have their own Musou and EX attacks.

    Once you have chosen your two weapons and started the battle, you can NOT change them mid-battle. However, you can still view all the weapons in your collection (Start -> Officer Info -> Confirm Weapons -> Weapon 1 or 2). To view any new ones that you picked up in battle, bring up your weapon list and press L1/R1 to switch to the "Recently Obtained" category.


    The affinity system is new to Dynasty Warriors 8 (relative to past titles). Every weapon in the game takes on one of three affinities: Heaven, Earth, and Man. These affinities are also present on weapons of enemy officers and are used to determine who has the advantage when the two of you clash:

    Heaven (blue) > Earth (green) > Man (red) > Heaven

    For example, if the weapon you're carrying is of Earth affinity, then you'll have the advantage when facing officers carrying weapons of Man affinity. At the same time, you'll be at a disadvantage when facing officers with weapons of Heaven affinity. If you both have the same affinity, then no one has the advantage (neutral state).

    When you have the advantage in battle, this means:

    - There is a blue crystal above the officer's head.
    - Increased attack and defense against the officer. In other words, you will do more damage to that officer and take less (relative to "normal" values).
    - You gain the ability to perform a Storm Rush (series of repeated attacks, followed by a finisher).
    - To activate a Storm Rush, you must attack an officer until the blue crystal on their head disappears. Even if the attack is blocked, it will contribute towards the Storm Rush.
    - Attacks to airborne officers contribute more towards dissipating the blue crystal.
    - Storm Rush activates automatically, breaks guard, and cannot be canceled out of. Exception: The final hit of a Storm Rush can be canceled with a Musou attack.
    - You can speed up the attack animation of a Storm Rush by repeatedly pressing the attack button.
    - You are invincible during the Storm Rush.

    When you are at disadvantage in battle, this means:

    - There is a red triangle with an exclamation mark above the officer's head.
    - Officer has increased attack and defense against you. In other words, you will deal less damage to that officer and take more (relative to "normal" values).
    - Officer is completely resistant to your attack. He/She will not be stunned by your attacks at all (exceptions: grab, Musou, Storm Rush).
    - Officer can instantly perform a Storm Rush out of the blue. This usually happens once they've accumulated enough damage (their "retaliation" attack).
    - You can perform a Switch Counter (a counter attack which ends with your character switching to their alternate weapon).
    - To execute a Switch Counter, press R1 when the officer is performing a charge attack (or a reflex R1 just before a Storm Rush). A green glow on the officer's weapon will indicate a charge attack.
    - You can cancel your attacks into a Switch Counter.
    - After a Switch Counter, your stats will be temporarily raised. You get increased attack, defense, and attack speed, and you become resistant to attacks.
    - Unfortunately, this buff only lasts for a few seconds.
    - A Switch Counter will significantly raise your Rage bar.

    If you're both in a neutral state (same weapon affinity), then nothing happens. All damage values will be at their normal values, and there won't be any symbols above the officer's head. In general, you should always bring two weapons of different affinities to battle. This ensures that you will never be in a disadvantageous position, provided that you switch weapons whenever you're at a disadvantage.


    Attributes are modifiers that can appear or be manually placed on weapons to change their properties. Examples of weapon attributes are Slash, Awe, Triumph, and Velocity. These various attributes can improve not only the weapon's damage output but affect it in many other ways as well. A weapon can carry up to 6 attributes. Most attributes are stackable, meaning that they can be upgraded through the game's tempering option to improve their effects. Some are non-stackable (e.g. Desperation, Greed, etc.), and their effects cannot be upgraded.

    I've dedicated a whole section to this topic, Weapon Attributes.

    Rare Weapons

    Rare weapons (aka star or gold weapons) are special versions of normal weapons. A rare weapon has a gold background on its artwork and is distinguished by a gold star next to its name instead of a dot. A "rare" 1st weapon (or 1-star weapon) has one star next to its name. A "rare" 2nd weapon (or 2-star weapon) has two stars and so on. Not every weapon has a rare counterpart. For most weapon types, two weapons from the first three tiers (1st, 2nd, 3rd weapons) have a rare counterpart. For example, in the Podao class, there's a rare 1st weapon and a rare 2nd weapon but not a rare 3rd weapon. In the Dragon Spear class, there's a rare 1st weapon and a rare 3rd weapon but not a rare 2nd weapon. You get the picture.

    Rare weapons come with fixed attack stat, affinity, and attributes. They cannot be reforged or tempered, although they can be sold at a Blacksmith or discarded anytime.

    Note: I may sometimes refer to a normal 1st weapon as a 1-dot weapon to differentiate it from a 1-star weapon (rare 1st weapon).


    - When you have unlocked every character in the game, the maximum weapon capacity is exactly 1,000. This means that you can carry up to 1,000 weapons at any time. If you have not unlocked every character, then the maximum cap is lower. This is because every time you unlock a character, 3 weapons are given to you and added to the total cap.

    - There are 540 different weapons in the game (pre-DLC).

      • There are 77 types of weapon, and each type has 7 weapons (1st-5th, two rares). Exception: The Sword class has 8 weapons (three rares).
      • 77 x 7 + 1 = 540

    - Weapons and their stats carry over to every mode (Story, Free, Ambition). For example, if you obtain a weapon in Story Mode, it can be used in Free Mode or Ambition Mode. If you temper a weapon in Ambition Mode, its stats will carry over to every mode.

    EX Weapons

    In Dynasty Warriors 8, every character in the game has a unique EX weapon, which is a weapon that allows them to perform their EX attack. There are 77 characters in the game and 77 types of weapon (pre-DLC). Therefore, if you assign one weapon to each character, there are no clones! Below is a list of every character in the game and their EX weapon:

    Shu (21 characters)
    Zhao YunDragon SpearWei YanDouble VoulgeMa DaiBrush
    Guan YuCrescent BladeGuan PingGreat SwordGuan SuoNunchaku
    Zhang FeiDouble PikePang TongShadow FanBao SanniangSpinner
    Zhuge LiangWar FanYueyingDagger-axeXu ShuSword & Hook
    Liu BeiTwin SwordsJiang WeiDouble-edge TridentGuan XingWingblades
    Ma ChaoSpearLiu ShanRapierZhang BaoFlail Sword
    Huang ZhongBowXingcaiSword & ShieldGuan YinpingDual-headed Mace
    Wu (18 characters)
    Zhou YuStaffLu MengPikeXiaoqiaoIron Fan
    Lu XunSwallow SwordsHuang GaiArm BladeDaqiaoPugil Stick
    Sun ShangxiangWheelsZhou TaiCurved SwordDing FengCircle Blade
    Gan NingFlailLing TongThree Sectional StaffLianshiCrossbow
    Sun JianNine Rings BladeSun CeTonfaLu SuRake
    Taishi CiTwin RodsSun QuanSwordHan DangShort Pike
    Wei (18 characters)
    Xiahou DunPodaoXu HuangGreat AxeJia XuChain & Sickle
    Dian WeiAxeZhang HeClawsPang DeMace
    Zhang LiaoTwin AxesCao RenSpike ShieldWang YiTrishula
    Cao CaoGeneral's SwordCao PiDual BladeGuo JiaOrb & Scepter
    Xu ZhuClubZhenjiFluteYue JinDual Hookblades
    Xiahou YuanBow & RodCai WenjiHarpLi DianWheeled Halberd
    Jin (12 characters)
    Sima YiHorsehair WhipZhuge DanShort Rods
    Sima ShiLightning SwordXiahou BaSiege Spear
    Sima ZhaoStriking SwordGuo HuaiArm Cannon
    Deng AiLanceJia ChongThrowing Axes
    Wang YuanjiThrowing KnivesWen YangJavelin
    Zhong HuiFlying SwordsZhang ChunhuaWired Gloves
    Others (8 characters)
    DiaochanChain Whip
    Lu BuHalberd
    Dong ZhuoBomb
    Yuan ShaoExtension Blade
    Zhang JiaoShaman Rod
    Meng HuoGloves
    Zuo CiTalisman Cards
    DLC (no EX owners)
    Flame Blade
    Revolving Crossbow

    Here is a term that I will throw out quite a bit:

    EX owner - The EX owner of a weapon is the character that can perform an EX attack when wielding that weapon (i.e. the person that the weapon "belongs" to). For example, Zhao Yun is the EX owner of Dragon Spear because he can perform his EX attack when wielding Dragon Spear weapons.


    The compatibility system in Dynasty Warriors 8 is like a hybrid of the ones in Dynasty Warriors 7 and Warriors Orochi 3. Okay, that didn't help at all? Let me clarify.

    Every character's compatibility with a weapon in the game can range from 1-star to 4-star. When a character levels up, their compatibility with EVERY weapon will gradually increase simultaneously. Compatibility determines two things: bonus attack boost (like WO3) and ability to perform a special action (like DW7).

    CompatibilityCharacter Level RequiredMax. Attack BoostSpecial Action?
    1 star1+2No
    2 star10+5No
    3 star18+7No
    4 star26+10Yes

    Special Actions

    There are four special actions in the game: Dash, Dive, Shadow Sprint, and Whirlwind.

    Dash - You can perform an air-dash by pressing the jump button (X, A for X360) while in the air (not when being juggled, though). Also, you can cancel your normal and charge attacks with an air-dash (i.e. jump cancel) by pressing X/A.

    Dive - Press X/A when hit by an attack to perform a back-dash (not when being juggled). You are completely invincible during this maneuver. This is a defensive tactic and can be used to prevent further damage from combos.

    Shadow Sprint - Press Square (X for X360) during or after a charge attack to perform a forward rush attack. This can be used to cancel your charge attacks and continue your combo. The specific attack depends on the weapon being used. For example, Gan Ning's Shadow Sprint with the Flail barely moves him forward, while Jiang Wei's Shadow Sprint with the Double-edge Trident propels him forward a few meters.

    Whirlwind - A small whirlwind appears in front of your normal attacks. This adds extra damage and range to your normals.

    Every weapon in the game falls into ONE of these 4 categories. As you can see from the previous chart, a character must reach 4-star compatibility with a weapon to be able to perform ONE of these special actions. EX owners of a weapon are guaranteed to have 4-star compatibility with that weapon. Below is a list of every weapon in the game and their special action.

    Note: EX owners are listed in parentheses, but any other character that achieves 4-star compatibility with the particular weapon can perform the special action as well.

    Dash (34 weapons)
    Claws (Zhang He)Flute (Zhenji)Harp (Cai Wenji)Chain & Sickle (Jia Xu)
    Trishula (Wang Yi)Orb & Scepter (Guo Jia)Dual Hookblades (Yue Jin)Staff (Zhou Yu)
    Swallow Swords (Lu Xun)Wheels (Sun Shangxiang)Curved Sword (Zhou Tai)Three Sectional Staff (Ling Tong)
    Sword (Sun Quan)Iron Fan (Xiaoqiao)Pugil Stick (Daqiao)War Fan (Zhuge Liang)
    Twin Swords (Liu Bei)Bow (Huang Zhong)Shadow Fan (Pang Tong)Rapier (Liu Shan)
    Sword & ShieldNunchaku (Guan Suo)Spinner (Bao Sanniang)Sword & Hook (Xu Shu)
    Wingblades (Guan Xing)Lightning Sword (Sima Shi)Throwing Knives (Wang Yuanji)Flying Swords (Zhong Hui)
    Throwing Axes (Jia Chong)Wired Gloves (Zhang Chunhua)Chain Whip (Diaochan)Extension Blade (Yuan Shao)
    Shaman Rod (Zhang Jiao)Boomerang (Zhu Rong)
    Dive (7 weapons)
    Dual Blade (Cao Pi)
    Dragon Spear (Zhao Yun)
    Crescent Blade (Guan Yu)
    Flail Sword (Zhang Bao)
    Horsehair Whip (Sima Yi)
    Striking Sword (Sima Zhao)
    Talisman Cards (Zuo Ci)
    Shadow Sprint (9 weapons)
    Podao (Xiahou Dun)
    General's Sword (Cao Cao)
    Flail (Gan Ning)
    Nine Rings Blade (Sun Jian)
    Double Pike (Zhang Fei)
    Double-edge Trident (Jiang Wei)
    Short Rods (Zhuge Dan)
    Javelin (Wen Yang)
    Flame Blade (DLC)
    Whirlwind (29 weapons)
    Axe (Dian Wei)Twin Axes (Zhang Liao)Club (Xu Zhu)Bow & Rod (Xiahou Yuan)
    Great Axe (Xu Huang)Spiked Shield (Cao Ren)Mace (Pang De)Wheeled Halberd (Li Dian)
    Twin Rods (Taishi Ci)Pike (Lu Meng)Arm Blade (Huang Gai)Tonfa (Sun Ce)
    Circle Blade (Ding Feng)Crossbow (Lianshi)Rake (Lu Su)Short Pike (Han Dang)
    Spear (Ma Chao)Double Voulge (Wei Yan)Great Sword (Guan Ping)Dagger-Axe (Yueying)
    Brush (Ma Dai)Dual-headed Mace (Guan Yinping)Lance (Deng Ai)Siege Spear (Xiahou Ba)
    Arm Cannon (Guo Huai)Halberd (Lu Bu)Bomb (Dong Zhuo)Gloves (Meng Huo)
    Revolving Crossbow (DLC)

    How to Interpret Compatibility Stats

    To check a character's compatibility stat, press "Start" and choose "Officer Info" (or view them in the Gallery under "Characters"). Now, let's use Xiahou Dun's compatibility stat as an example.

    Xiahou Dun
    Dash1 star
    Dive1 star
    Shadow Sprint4 stars
    Whirlwind3 stars

    The number of stars represents his maximum compatibility with that weapon category. This means that:

    - When wielding Dash-type weapons (Claws, Bow, etc.), his compatibility maxes out at 1 star. He receives +2 attack boost but can NOT air-dash or jump-cancel.
    - When wielding Dive-type weapons (Dragon Spear, Horsehair Whip, etc.), his compatibility maxes out at 1 star. He receives +2 attack boost but can NOT perform a dive back-dash.
    - When wielding Shadow Sprint-type weapons (Podao, Flail, etc.), his compatibility maxes out at 4 stars. He receives +10 attack boost (max) and can perform a Shadow Sprint.
    - When wielding Whirlwind-type weapons (Axe, Pike, etc.), his compatibility maxes out at 3 stars. He receives +7 attack boost but does NOT get whirlwinds in front of his normal attacks.

    However, this does not mean that Xiahou Dun can never "dash", "dive", or have "whirlwind" attacks. Every weapon in the game comes with a mastery skill that automatically gives its user 4-star compatibility. To unlock a specific mastery skill, you must level up the EX owner of that weapon to 50. For example, if I level up Zhang He to 50, I'll unlock "Claws" mastery skill. Equipping "Claws" on Xiahou Dun gives him 4-star compatibility with Claws weapons (dash-type), and he'll be able to air-dash and jump-cancel when using Claws.

    0. Unlock Characters

    When you unlock a character, you are given three copies of their EX weapon for free. Each one is a 1st weapon and comes with a different affinity (Heaven, Earth, Man) and no attributes.

    1. Random drops from defeated officers, unit commanders, assassins, and brigadier generals

    When you defeat an officer, he/she will drop a weapon box (almost) every time. There's a time limit within which you must defeat the officer to obtain a weapon box. It's a reward for quickly ending the fight. However, you must also be the one to deal the final blow to that officer. If your allies steal the kill, then no weapon box will drop. Also, when playing on Hard or above, you may end up with an animal instead on rare occasions.

    When you pick up a weapon box dropped by a generic (i.e. non-playable) officer, you'll receive a random weapon that "belongs" to one of your unlocked characters. If you're interested in the specific details:

    - Characters unlocked via Story Mode are playable in Free Mode but not in Ambition Mode.
    - Characters unlocked via Ambition Mode are playable in Ambition Mode only.
    - Unlocking a character via either method will allow their EX weapon to appear from random drops in every mode (Story, Free, Ambition).
    - For example, if you have Huang Zhong unlocked, then you may get a Bow (his EX weapon) from a random drop.
    - On the other hand, if you don't have Xu Huang unlocked in any mode, then you will never get Great Axe weapons (his EX) from killing a generic officer until he is unlocked.

    When you pick up a weapon dropped by a playable officer, you will get their EX weapon even if they're not currently unlocked. If you're lucky, you may even obtain a "rare" weapon!

    Normal (non-rare) weapons obtained through a random drop come with random affinity and attributes. The quality of weapons received depends on the game's difficulty AND stage difficulty. To determine stage difficulty:

    - Story Mode: As you progress further into Story Mode, the stages become increasingly difficult. Thus, early stages have lower stage difficulties than late stages.
    - Free Mode: Stages in Free Mode come from Story Mode. Therefore, you can use Story Mode to determine stage difficulties for Free Mode.
    - Ambition Mode: When selecting a stage, the number of stars (min: 1, max: 8) determines the stage difficulty. Stages rise in difficulty after consecutive battles.

    If the overall difficulty is low, then the weapons will be of low quality (i.e. low-tier weapons with few attributes and low attribute levels). On the contrary, playing on harder difficulties yields greater rewards (i.e. higher-tier weapons with lots of attributes). Also, the Fortune Hunter skill increases your luck, which equates to better chances of receiving high-quality weapons.

    4th weapons: To get 4th weapons from random drops in Story/Free, you need to play late stages on Hard Mode or middle-late stages on Chaos. On Normal mode, you need to play really late stages like Zhurong's or Meng Huo's story stages. Supposedly, you can also earn 4th weapons by playing on Easy or Beginner, but this is unconfirmed at the moment. Stick with the harder difficulties if you really want 4th weapons from random drops.

    In Ambition Mode, the stage difficulty is the major determining factor for weapon quality. For example, you can play an 8-star (max) stage on Beginner difficulty and STILL get 4th weapons! It's true!

    2. The Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith can be found in both Story Mode and Ambition Mode and allows you to buy/sell weapons for gold. The Blacksmith only sells weapons that "belong" to your unlocked characters.

    - If you unlock a character through Story Mode, the Blacksmith will sell his/her EX weapon in both Story and Ambition Modes.
    - If you unlock a character through Ambition Mode but NOT through Story, the Blacksmith will sell his/her EX weapon in Ambition Mode only.

    The weapons that he sells come with random affinity and attributes. You can see everything on a weapon before purchasing it, so the Blacksmith allows you to choose what you want, as opposed to a random drop.

    In Story Mode, the Blacksmith can be found in the pre-battle camps and is marked with a sword symbol on the mini-map. He sells 4 of each weapon type. The quality of weapons sold is, once again, dependent on the overall difficulty of the stage (game difficulty + stage difficulty).

    Note: Not all stages have a pre-battle camp and thus, a Blacksmith.

    4th weapons: To get 4th weapons from the Blacksmith in Story Mode, you need to play late stages on Chaos only. The first stage where he sells 4th weapons is the one where the story branches into historical and hypothetical routes (e.g. "Battle of Chibi" for Wei's story). This is one of the easiest ways to obtain 4th weapons for your characters early on:

    1. Choose a late stage on Chaos difficulty with a pre-battle camp.
    2. Choose "Play All". This allows you to save during the pre-battle camp.
    3. Visit the Blacksmith, and browse through his selection to find 4th weapons.
    4. Buy what you want, save, and quit. If you didn't like the selection, press "Start" and choose "Change Officer". This refreshes the Blacksmith's selection of weapons.

    In Ambition Mode, the Blacksmith is more versatile and provides you with more options. He can be found in the camp and is marked with a sword symbol on the mini-map. He starts off selling only 4 of each weapon type; however, once he reaches rank 20, he can sell 8 of each weapon type.

    The quality of weapons sold is dependent on the Blacksmith's rank. As you increase the Blacksmith's rank (max. 50), he will begin to sell better weapons with more attributes.

    Weapon TierRank
    1st Weapon~1-29
    2nd Weapon~5-49
    3rd Weapon30-50
    4th Weapon45-50

    4th weapons: As you can see, once you have maxed out the Blacksmith, he will only sell 3rd and 4th weapons. This is another effective way to get 4th weapons. Getting the Blacksmith to rank 50 also enables you to buy "Special Weapons". Unlike a normal purchase, you can't see the weapon before buying it. You can only choose the weapon type (e.g. Podao, Spear, Bow, etc.) This means that you'll just have to take a risk and see what you get. "Special Weapons" are usually 4th weapons with a random number of attributes. You may get a 4th weapon with 6 attributes or one with 0. If you're lucky, you may end up with a rare weapon! Special weapons are very expensive and cost in the 30-60K gold range.

    Reforging: At rank 10, the Blacksmith gains the ability to reforge weapons. This allows you to sacrifice three of your weapons in return for two new ones. The quality of the returned weapons is the "average" of the three traded in. For example, if you trade in a 4th weapon with two 2nd weapons, you will likely end up with two 3rd weapons. The new weapons come with random affinity and attributes. Forging always costs 2 weapon materials, regardless of which weapons are being traded in. Rare and 5th weapons cannot be reforged.

    3. Barracks

    The Barracks is a facility in Ambition Mode where you can dispatch troops to various areas. When they come back (i.e. when you complete at least one battle), you can talk to the soldier to receive a random weapon (EX weapon of any unlocked officer) among many other things. Increasing the Barracks' rank increases the quality of weapons received. Also, spending more gold to dispatch your troops (max. 10,000) improves your chances of receiving higher-quality rewards.

    Initially, you can only obtain 1st weapons through this method. When the Barracks reaches rank 10, you have a chance to earn 2nd weapons. 3rd weapons can only be obtained once you reach rank 30.

    4th weapons: When the Barracks is at max rank (50), you can earn 4th weapons, although this is somewhat rare.

    4. Stables

    The Stables is a facility in Ambition Mode where you can feed your unlocked animals (by buying food with gold) to "satisfy" them. If one is fully satisfied, you may receive a random weapon (EX weapon of any unlocked officer). Sometimes, you'll get a random animal though instead of a weapon.

    You must keep feeding your animals until one is fully satisfied. If you back out before then, you won't be able to re-feed until you complete another battle. Increasing the rank of the Stables increases the quality of weapons obtained. It's similar to the Barracks (see above). In addition, if you can satisfy multiple animals simultaneously, you will receive greater rewards.

    5. Five consecutive battles in Ambition Mode

    As the title suggests, completing 5 battles in a row in Ambition Mode will award you with a random weapon for one of your unlocked characters (their EX weapon). The quality of weapons obtained depends on your streak. Initially, you'll receive 1st and 2nd weapons, but when your streak hits 20, you'll be awarded 3rd weapons. You may even get rare weapons through this method, but it's a long shot.

    4th weapons: Fighting in 30 consecutive battles or more will earn you random 4th weapons every 5 battles.

    6. Rare Weapons

    There are only a few ways to obtain rare weapons, and as the name suggests, you will need a lot of luck.

    1. Random drop from playable officer.

    - When you defeat a playable officer, you will get their EX weapon. If you're lucky, you may end up with the rare version of their EX weapon!
    - The rare weapon drop rate is dependent on stage difficulty only.
    - Late stages (i.e. more difficult) offer better chances at receiving rare weapons.
    - Playing on Beginner is no different from playing on Chaos when it comes to the rare weapon drop rate.
    - You can only own one copy of each rare weapon at a time. Therefore, if you keep all of your rare weapons, you will never get a duplicate.
    - If you defeat a playable officer and you already have both of their rare EX weapons, you have a chance of getting a random rare weapon that belongs to someone else.

    2. "Special Weapons" from Blacksmith

    - Nothing much to say here, other than it's very rare XD. You'll end up with 4th weapons most of the time when buying "Special Weapons".

    3. 5 consecutive battles in Ambition

    - Once again, it's a small chance.

    4. Emperor's Blade

    - The Emperor's Blade requires a special method to unlock. When you bring the Tongquetai to 100% completion, the Emperor will come to town and reward you with the Emperor's Sword.
    - To complete the Tongquetai, you must get the following facilities to level 50: Blacksmith, Teahouse, Barracks, and Merchant.

    For tips on how to farm rare weapons, see the "Weapon Collector" Trophy.

    7. Fifth Weapons

    Unlike 1st to 4th weapons, 5th weapons require you to complete specific tasks in specific stages to earn them.

    I've included the requirements and added my own strategies in a separate section, 5th Weapons.

    8. DLC

    Finally, you can obtain weapons by buying them as DLC. For more information, see DLC Weapons.

    The chart below summarizes "how to obtain weapons".

    Weapon TierRandom Drop?Blacksmith?Barracks?Stables?5 Consec. Battles?Special Requirements?
    1st WeaponYesYesYesYesYesNo
    2nd WeaponYesYesYesYesYesNo
    3rd WeaponYesYesYesYesYesNo
    4th WeaponYesYesYesYesYesNo
    Rare WeaponYes (from playable officers)Yes ("Special Weapons")NoNoYesNo
    5th WeaponNoNoNoNoNoYes

    Weapon Attributes

    • Every (non-rare) weapon can carry up to 6 attributes.
    • Stackable attributes (e.g. Cyclone, Awe, Venom) have 10 different levels. Increasing the level improves the effect of that attribute.
    • Non-stackable attributes (e.g. Resolve, Awareness) have only 1 level.


    Note: For every attribute below, I have provided the in-game description. I may then include my own comments to clarify if I feel that the in-game description is either vague, ambiguous, or straight-up lacks information.

    v1.4: If there isn't a comment, it's because the description is clear or I haven't had time to fully test that attribute yet.

    Stackable Attributes

    Aggression (A) - Attack increases when both of your weapons have same affinity.

    I don't recommend using two weapons with the same affinity because you'll be at a disadvantage when facing certain officers.

    Aggression (B) - Increases the damage inflicted by your Musou attack.

    Awe - Your attacks may stun the enemy.

    Stunned enemies will be stationary with a few stars over their head. If you really need to stun enemies, you can always perform a C3 attack instead with most weapons.

    Barricade - Your defense increases greatly, but your attack decreases.

    Chain - Increases the amount of time that chains can be linked together.

    This increases the duration of time in between attacks before you lose a combo. A higher combo allows you to build up your Musou and Rage meters faster.

    Cyclone - Inflict some damage on even enemies that are guarding.

    Yeah, that description fails to mention a ton of things. Cyclone is the "Wind" element of past Warriors games. For one, it hits enemies even when they're guarding (actual damage, not chip damage). It's equivalent to the enemy never blocking. Cyclone activates on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. Next, it deals % damage based on the enemy's max health. This means that on higher difficulties where the enemies have more health, Cyclone will inflict more damage. Regardless of your attack stat, it'll take a certain % off of the enemy's health. Attacks that proc elements multiple times with Cyclone equipped are absolutely devastating on Chaos.

    Enlightenment - Your Rage Gauge will recover somewhat with each successful attack.

    Explosive - A powerful shockwave may be unleashed following a successful attack.

    This is a damage multiplier with chance activation on every normal and charge attack. The proc rate is also very high. At level 10, it multiplies your damage by 1.5.

    Fear - Your attacks may frighten enemies.

    Enemies that are scared will have a few blue circles over their head and make frightened gestures. They're completely vulnerable to attacks while in this status. It's basically a longer version of a stun. However, proc rate is too low for this to be any useful.

    Flash - Cause enemies that have accumulated damage to explode.

    This activates on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. There's no visual explosion or anything, but it does deal extra damage. At the moment, I'm not sure whether it's a damage multiplier or simply direct damage. Either way, this attribute is great for attacks that proc elements multiple times.

    Flurry - Increases the damage inflicted by consecutive attacks.

    You'll do more damage as long as you can keep the combo going. This is a good attribute to use if you have a Musou-based setup.

    Frenzy - Your attack increases greatly, but your defense decreases.

    Frost - Your attacks may freeze the enemy, rendering them immobile.

    This activates by chance on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. This time, enemies can even be frozen in midair!

    Induction - Lightning may strike the enemy following a successful attack.

    This is a damage multiplier with chance activation on every normal and charge attack. The proc rate is also very high. At level 10, it multiplies your damage by 2!

    Inferno - Adds additional fire damage to your attacks.

    This activates on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. Fire will burn enemies in the air and slowly drain their health.

    Jolt - Lightning may be emitted when you take damage from the enemy.

    This is basically the opposite of Induction in terms of effect and usefulness. The proc rate is too low for it to be used as a defensive attribute.

    Jubilation - Recover a portion of your Health Gauge when you defeat an enemy.

    This is one of the best attributes to use on Chaos Mode. It works during Musou and Rage attacks too to quickly refill your health (aside: Recovery doesn't).

    Morass - Your attacks may decrease the enemy's speed and attack speed.

    Pretty self-explanatory, but it's worth noting that their movement speed in the air also decreases, making it look like they're floating.

    Protection - Defense increases when both of your weapons have the same affinity.

    I don't recommend ever using two weapons with the same affinity. This is because you'll end up at a disadvantage when facing certain officers. If you really need defense, go with the Defense Boost skill and/or Barricade attribute instead.

    Recovery - Your Health Gauge will recover somewhat with each successful attack.

    The healing rate is inferior to Jubilation's, but the two can be stacked if you really need the health. Unlike Jubilation, this does not activate during Musou attacks or True Rage.

    Roar - Recover a portion of your Musou Gauge when you defeat an enemy.

    This is much better than it seems because it works to refill your Musou gauge even during Musou attacks! At high levels, if you perform a crowd-clearing Musou in a large crowd, you will earn back most of what you used. The thing that makes Roar shine, though, is that it can prolong your True Rage attack as long as you keep killing enemies (try it with Yueying).

    Slash - Inflict additional damage against the enemy or even defeat them in a single blow.

    This activates by chance on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. Slash deals % damage based on the enemy's max health. Thus, on the harder difficulties where the enemies have more health, Slash does more damage. You also have a chance at killing peons in one blow but not officers.

    Spurt - Defeated enemies will drop Winged Boots.

    By "will", the game means "may". Winged Boots are the items on the field that grant you temporary 2x running speed for 30 seconds.

    Survival - The lower your health is, the more your attack increases.

    Thorns - Returns a portion of damage suffered to the enemy.

    At level 10, Thorns will flinch any enemy that attacks you. This prevents you from ever being combo'd, making it great on Chaos for non-Dive characters.

    Thunder - Lightning will shoot out from enemies you attack.

    This activates by chance on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. It deals % damage based on enemy's max health (like Cyclone and Slash). It also flinches grounded enemies and creates a small area of effect that can damage nearby enemies.

    Triumph - Recover a portion of your Rage Gauge when you defeat an enemy.

    Uplift - Your Musou Gauge will recover somewhat with each successful attack.

    This is inferior to Roar because it does not activate during Musou attacks and True Rages. The only reason to ever use this is to stack it with Roar when building a Musou-based weapon.

    Velocity - Increases your attack speed.

    Venom - Inflict poison damage on enemies.

    This activates by chance on charge attacks and the final hit of the normal string. The proc rate is decent. Enemies poisoned will turn green and have their defense stat lowered. The effect will eventually wear off over time.

    Vigor - A shockwave may be emitted when you take damage from the enemy.

    This is like the opposite of Explosive in terms of effect and usefulness. The proc rate isn't as high as it needs to be to protect you.

    Whirlwind - Enemies knocked back by your attack will suffer additional damage.

    Non-stackable Attributes

    Agility - Unleash your fighting spirit when successfully executing a somersault.

    When you perform a backflip while being juggled in the air (L1), your character will damage the ground below. This attack has terrible range and damage, making this attribute a waste of a slot.

    Awareness - Able to guard attacks from behind.

    Desperation - Attack doubles when near death and getting up from the ground.

    Attack doubles for 30 seconds and "near death" means red health.

    Fury - Able to use a True Musou attack at any time.

    A True Musou attack normally occurs when your health is in the red. Your characters will get fire element on their Musou attacks (including Rage Musou). A True Musou attack is NOT the same as a True Rage attack, which happens when you perform a Musou attack in Rage mode and kill enough peons to activate stronger hits.

    Greed - Obtain Gold when landing an attack on enemies who are guarding.

    Once you have a few of your hits blocked, you'll gain either 5 gold or 100 gold. If you really need the gold, then I suggest selling your weapons instead.

    Resolve - Defense doubles when near death and getting up from the ground.

    Your defense doubles for 30 seconds, and "near death" means red health.

    Rigidity - Your guard will become unbreakable.

    Swiftness - Speed doubles when near death and getting up from the ground.

    Your speed doubles for 30 seconds, and "near death" means red health.


    When the Blacksmith reaches rank 30 in Ambition Mode, you'll unlock the ability to temper your weapons. This enables you to transfer attributes from one weapon to another, albeit with several restrictions.

    Rules of Tempering

    1. Every weapon can carry a maximum of 6 attributes.

    2. Stackable attributes max out at level 10.

    3. You can use any two types of weapon for tempering. For example, if you wish to transfer attributes from a Dragon Spear to a Rake, you can do so.

    4. When tempering, the first weapon (base) is kept, while the second one is lost.

    - Every attribute from the second weapon is transferred to the first weapon. Unlike the system in the Warriors Orochi series, you can NOT select specific attributes to transfer.
    - The only exception is when there are more attributes on weapon 2 than there are free slots left on weapon 1. When this happens, some attributes from weapon 2 are chosen at random and transferred to weapon 1 until weapon 1 has 6 attributes.
    - For example, if weapon 1 (base) has 4 attributes and weapon 2 has 3 attributes, then 2 attributes from weapon 2 will be chosen at random and transferred to weapon 1. This is because a weapon can only carry 6 attributes at max (rule 1).

    5. You can NOT delete (or replace) any attribute that is currently on the weapon. Once it's on the weapon, it's there for good.

    6. If both weapons have the same stackable attribute, then the final result is the sum of the two attribute levels. For example, if weapon 1 has [Jubilation 4] and weapon 2 has [Jubilation 2], then the result after tempering will be weapon 1 with [Jubilation 6]. If the sum exceeds 10, then the value will be reduced to 10 (rule 2).

    7. Once a weapon has acquired the maximum number of attributes (6), then:

    - You can temper any 2nd weapon to it to increase the values of the 6 attributes on weapon 1. The attributes do NOT have to match.
    - If the attributes don't match, then random attributes on weapon 1 will have their values raised.
    - If they do match, then rule 6 applies.

    8. When you temper two weapons, the base weapon may have its base attack stat increased. This is very rare though, and the causes are unknown at the moment.

    9. Weapon tempering costs weapon materials. The amount is based on the weapon's tier (higher tiers, like 4th weapons, cost more) and the amount of attributes on that weapon (more attributes = greater cost). The total cost is the cost of both weapons used in tempering. For example, if weapon 1 costs 4 weapon materials and weapon 2 costs 6 weapon materials, then it'll cost you 10 weapon materials to temper them.

    10. Finally, you can temper 1st-4th weapons. Rare weapons and 5th weapons cannot be used in tempering, and their stats are permanently fixed.

    Constructing the Optimal Weapon

    Now that you know how tempering works, you're going to want to build the optimal weapon to tackle Chaos Mode. Wait, that IS why you're tempering weapons, isn't it? Well, regardless of the reason, I will provide tips on how to construct a weapon with the 6 attributes that you want on it.

    Step 1: Find a base weapon

    Find a blank weapon (no attributes) or one with attributes that you want only. This is because you don't want to use a weapon with unwanted attributes (rule 5). Now, if you're building an optimal 1st or 2nd weapon, then this step isn't a problem.

    Unfortunately, to build your "ultimate" weapon, you'll want a 4th weapon as your base. Finding a blank 4th weapon or one with JUST the attributes that you want is a pain in the.....rear. Unless you're patient and lucky, you may never advance beyond this step.

    The best way (and it's hardly effective) to find a 4th weapon with a low number of attributes is through the "Special Weapons" option at the Blacksmith (rank 50). First, make sure that you have a ton of gold (max is preferred). You can obtain gold quickly by selling all of your unwanted weapons. If possible, play a few stages on Chaos and sell your unwanted weapons to quickly earn a ton of gold. Next, visit the Blacksmith, and choose the "Special Weapons" option. You'll need to constantly back in and out for the Blacksmith's selection of "Special Weapons" to refresh. Once you find the weapon type that you're looking for, buy the weapon and hope for the best. Repeat this until you've found a base weapon that you're willing to stick with. If you run out of money, quit the game and reload with all of your gold intact. This might take 10 minutes if you're lucky, or it might take hours!

    An alternative is to settle. You might find a 4th weapon with one desired attribute and one unwanted one. You can settle for this weapon if you don't have the patience to buy "Special Weapons" over and over. Or you can settle for a 2nd or 3rd weapon as the base since the attack stat won't matter much once you've filled your weapon with powerful elements (e.g. Cyclone, Slash, Induction, etc.).

    Step 2: Find attributes

    Next, you want to find other weapons that have your desired attributes ONLY (rule 4). The best way to do this is to visit Story Mode and choose an early stage on Beginner difficulty. Select "Play ALL" so that you can save in the pre-battle camp. The Blacksmith will sell really crappy weapons with one or two attributes only. Browse through his entire selection, and look for any weapon with just the attribute that you want. Remember that you can temper weapons of any type together (rule 3), so look through his entire list for the attribute that you want. If you find it, then purchase it, save, and quit. You'll now have that weapon, which you can bring with you to Ambition Mode for tempering. If you couldn't find any weapon with just the attribute that you want, simply press "Start" and choose "Change Officer". This will refresh the Blacksmith's selection of weapons!

    These first two steps will be enough to add 6 attributes of your choice to your weapon.

    Step 3: Mass Tempering

    All that's left now is to repeatedly temper your base weapon until the attribute levels are all at 10. Recall from rule 7 that you can add any weapon to your base to increase the attribute levels on your base. You're going to need a lot of weapon materials though, so play a few Material Battles in Ambition. Also, don't forget to dispatch your troops from the Barracks before every battle to get more weapon materials that way. In addition, talk to the farmer's supervisor and feed your animals in the Stables for more chances at receiving weapon materials. Finally, if you have the Merchant ranked up to 50, you can trade facility materials for weapon materials at a 1-1 trade ratio.

    It usually costs around 100-150 weapon materials to convert a blank weapon into one with 6 maxed attributes (level 10). Finally, even when all 6 attributes are maxed out, you can continue to temper the weapon to increase its base attack stat. Obviously though, there's an upper limit on each weapon's attack stat.

    Tip: If you want to build an "ultimate" weapon for each of the 77 characters, you're going to need ~12,000 weapon materials! When grinding for weapon materials, do NOT raise the Merchant's rank to 50 YET.

    Grind until you have ~4,000 weapon materials, then convert all of your weapon materials into facility materials at a 1-2 ratio. You'll now have ~8,000 facility materials + additional facility materials that you obtained normally during the process (likely ~2,000) = ~10,000 facility materials total. Unfortunately, you can only carry up to 9,999 facility materials at once, so there's no point in going beyond this number.

    Now, you can raise the Merchant's level to 50. This allows you to trade facility materials for weapon materials at a 1-1 ratio, so convert every single facility material back into weapon material.

    Essentially, with this tip, you're getting 2 weapon materials for every 1 that you earn. If your Merchant was already at level 50 prior to this, then it's too late to utilize this method.

    What are the best attributes?

    Well, now that you know how to build your weapon of choice, you might be wondering what attributes you should put on your weapon.

    For a Chaos run, I recommend choosing 6 attributes from the following:

    Cyclone, Slash, Thunder, Induction, Explosive, Flash, Flurry, Velocity, Thorns, Jubilation

    Personally, my default setup is [Cyclone, Slash, Induction, Explosive, Thorns, Jubilation]. However, I may make changes depending on the weapon's moveset. For example, I'll use Velocity on weapons with really slow attacks (Great Sword, Crossbow, Spinner, Club, etc.) and remove Thorns. Velocity is also great for weapons where the best attack comes late (C5 or C6) because it provides quicker access and less chances of interruption. If I'm using a Dive-type weapon, then I can replace Thorns with something else.

    At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide what you want. The "right" attributes are usually based on your playstyle, which differs from person to person. For an "optimized" playstyle, the correct set of attributes is dependent on the weapon's moveset. It's always better to get feedback from an entire community when it comes to this topic, so ask away on the forums.

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