How exactly do I beat (King Vendrick) ????

  1. OK, so after looking around online... I still can't quite figure out what people are talking about. First one site said to use the Giant's Souls to get stronger. Well I only had only so I used it and got weaker. Then I read you weren't suppose to. Now I'm very upset with the dark souls community for false information to postpone me getting a platinum trophy. With that said, someone please tell me with a detailed description of what I'm suppose to do to get stronger to kill this boss. Please, and thank you.

    And also, side question. Why do I keep seeing "bump" everywhere? I don't get that either.

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  1. You have to acquire Souls of Giants. There are five to be had per playthrough, and for each one of the five that you don't have, his defence will double. Thus with no Souls of Giants, Vendrick will have 32x his normal defence, and you'll be dealing single digit damage. If you have 2 or less souls, then give it up, unless you're willing to put up with a 40 minute fight (at the very least). If you have 3, he is manageable; four makes him a semi-durable, but extremely beatable boss, and five makes him cake. These are the locations of the Souls of Giants:
    1. Defeat the Ancient Dragon (a difficult and tedious fight)
    2. Complete the Memory of Jeigh (you have to do this to complete the game anyway)
    3. Complete the Memory of Orro (engage with the fallen giant near the Pursuer's boss room)
    4. Complete the Memory of Vammar (engage with the fallen giant near the location of Pate's first appearance)
    5. Defeat the two giants in the Black Gulch. They are located in a cave that is reached by dropping down from a specific point (near where the second poisonous snake emerges from a small hole in the wall)

    Just a few notes regarding Vendrick: he is a simple boss, but the smallest stuff-up can be lethal. His greatsword's attacks are predictable and telegraphed ahead of time; they are easy to dodge. They are also deadly. Without enough vigor and without good enough armour, they can (and very possibly will) one hit kill you. The strategy is to simply circle around him and attack BUT when he jumps back and uses his horizontal swipe DO NOT BLOCK IT unless you can afford to block 3 consecutive attacks from him (you'd need reasonable stamina and an excellent, end-game shield). You need to dodge it, becuase when he jumps back he will ALWAYS chain attacks: the first stuns you, the second kills you. As his health meter approaches half he'll start chaining horizontal attacks even when he doesn't jump back. It's safest to simply dodge all of his horizontal attacks (he also chains vertical, but you can avoid them by smply circling around him, you need to roll for the horizontal swipes), or get a shield with at least 80-82 stability and just block them (Vendrick's longest chain consists of 3 attacks; if you can block 3, you're good to go, even if the 3rd breaks your guard).

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  1. Well I can tell you that "bump" means that the person would also like to know, but as for the other question I am sorry i do not know at this time.

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  2. Okay so you want to have 5 Souls of a Giant in your inventory when you go to fight King Vendrick. 1 is found is Black Gulch, 3 are obtained by entering the Giant memory realms and are found on the corpses of giants. The fifth is obtained by killing the Great Dragon. When you have all 5 of these in your inventory and you fight King Vendrick his defence is severely reduced. (To clarify DO NOT USE THE SOULS OF A GIANT. Merely leave them in your inventory) I hope that helps :)

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  3. correction. One of the souls of a giant is obtained by killing the King Giant.

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  4. Also to put vendricks defense into perspective it is at x32 with none and is halved which each one so with 5 he is at x2 defense.

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  5. Oops at 5 he is at x1 defense dang typos

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  6. I was able to defeat him VERY easily using a gimmick. If you are a caster (or even have pyromancies I assume) you can wedge yourself between and behind his legs. Stand behind his left (your right when facing him) leg and basically hold the movement stick/input in a counterclockwise circle-strafing direction while casting. He will track you, but when doing so, his leg will nudge you to safety every time. You must be right up against his leg in order for this to work, obviously, and try to stay closer to the left leg than the middle.

    Pay attention just in case he fails to nudge you before an attack, although I was able to maintain the safe spot indefinitely the second I discovered it, so I don't think it's too rough.

    (In case this only works with the spell I was using, I will note it was sunlight spear/great lightning spear.)

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  7. ^ To clarify my above strat, you won't actually be circle strafing, you'll be jamming yourself into his left thigh. He will be the one circle strafing you with his nudges of love.

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  8. Alright I found the fifth soul there are in fact Four giant trees.
    One is near the ballistae trap that you first find Pate.
    The second is past the fog wall fight with the pursuer, near the nest that sends you to lost bastille.
    The third requires the soldier key, its the one that leads to a bunch of those turtle knights and the hidden bonfire which seemed to serve no purpose...the tree is in the room next to the bonfire room that one turtle knight was standing in front of (when you first enter this open area he's standing near you but cant reach you because of the cracks in the earth).
    The last one, of course, is behind the kings seal door

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  9. you do "use" the giant souls to beat him you just dont consume the giant souls leave them in the inventory and his defense will drop by half for eack SoG (you have 5 total if u got them all) till hes fightable and if it wasnt for the dark souls community you wouldnt know how to finish the game

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  10. Nevermind my last post there is only three. I can say with full certainty the ancient dragon holds the final soul. After getting serious about taking him on I have to admit, he wasn't that bad....the worst part is just figuring out how to path his flying breath attack of instant death. His move sets appear to be quite limited (at least in your first playthrough) but he spams that one move constantly.

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  11. You can also use a bonfire aesthetic on the first bonfire in black gulch (NOT the hidden one that has lucatiel summon) and it will respawn the giants there. They are easily dealt with by using some form of poison, just hide in one of the two smaller caves in that area and poison them. That's if you don't want to go the normal route of getting them singularly by the means everyone else outlined.
    Also Vendrick is pretty "easy" in terms of strategy. He only has about 3-4 attacks and it's advised to dodge them all and not block (as blocking will staggery you). Just get close and try to stay behind him, his over head can be missed purely by doing this, his side to side just dodge in the opposite direction of the swing. He can one hit kill you if you have a low enough life so just take your time, be careful and have 5 Giants souls and he should go down pretty quick.

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  12. Circling around him! 60% of the time it works every time... No really his attacks are slow and usually right in front of the space he's looking. To make it really easy, get light gear and just keep circling, dodging and stabbing. Occasionally he will jump back and do a single slice attack which is easy to dodge.

    And the other question: When you post a new forum topic it goes to the top of the board. Every new topic or reply to a topic will go to the top and push the others down. So people just enter bump to get it back to the top of the boards.

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